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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Cape Town January 18 2017

ALSO READ: British woman coming to South Africa to spotlight farm murders 

UK TV personality Katie Hopkins – once known as “Britain’s most controversial columnist” – is heading to South Africa to report on farm murders‚ which she claims are a result of anti-white ethnic cleansing.

Soros behind the farm murders in South Africa




South Africa – Why White People?

A lot of people have asked me, why focus on South Africa's white population? Before we release the rest of the stories from this trip I just wanted to take a moment to talk about why this issue is so important.

Posted by Lauren Southern on Monday, January 22, 2018



A VIDEO CLIP that went viral on the social sites shows that black racism is alive and well in South Africa- even worse than the so-called “white racism.”  The video clip shows how members of the African National Congress, the governing party in South Africa who continuously blames whites for racism-, are throwing stones at an innocent, elderly white man passing by the site where they are staging a protest.

A videoclip shows how members of the African National Congress, the governing party in South Africa, are throwing stones at an innocent, elderly white man passing by the site where they are staging a protest.This happened in the town of Vereeniging today.The victim of this unprovoked attack had nothing to do with the protest and, as is obvious from the videoclip, merely wanted to drive his vehicle through the rubble. Unfortunately he is white, and that is sufficient reason for him to be stoned.The governing party is apparently not in the least concerned about the almost intolerable racial tension in the country, and even the official opposition in Parliament appears to be unmoved by this kind of behaviour.Let us share this as far and wide as possible. The world needs to know that Mandela’s miracle is a farce.

Posted by Front Nasionaal SA – blad on Thursday, January 18, 2018


This happened in the town of Vereeniging today- January 18 2018 in the so-called ‘democratic” South Africa.The victim of this unprovoked attack had nothing to do with the protest and, as is obvious from the video clip, merely wanted to drive his vehicle through the rubble. Unfortunately he is white, and that is sufficient reason for him to be stoned. The governing party is apparently not in the least concerned about the almost intolerable racial tension in the country they themselves create, and even the official opposition in Parliament appears to be unmoved by this kind of behavior as whites does not count for votes in elections .


If you think I m telling the truth share it PLEASE

Posted by Taahir Nixon Theletsane on Friday, January 19, 2018


While black racists were protesting against the Afrikaans language in the high school Overvaal and littered the town of Vereeniging in their wake of destruction- it again was the whites that came and cleaned up the chaos as you can see in the clip below. Not ONE black that were responsible for the mess even came forward and gave a hand.

Black racism in South Africa sticks out it’s ugly head


This is by far not the first time black racism shows it’s ugly head in South Africa against whites. There are numerous cases where blacks- especially radical black racists from the EFF- was caught in the acts of gross racist behavior towards whites. Yet this was silently covered up by the leftist liberal media. Below you again can see a clip of a  black student attacking a white student with a brick. Yet again the media ( whose majority reporters also is non-white)  fell silent and nothing was done about it. Was it a white student attacking a black “protected pet”– all hell would have been loose:

Laat ons ook hom share soos hul met ons goed maak

Posted by Shane Bailey on Thursday, January 18, 2018


Related image

Related image

Image result for FUCK WHITES

AND we want you to listen to the blatant raw racist chanting of this black hooligans below:

This was sung this morning infront of our childrens school…now i ask what must we as parents do. Who is racist?.

Posted by Noeline Venter on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Black racism in South Africa is rife- it’s brutal….and it’s naked. But because the main stream media in South Africa are mainly controlled by the Afrikaner Broederbond, Guptas and George Soros– this naked racism against whites are cleverly hidden and not exposed. Thus a silent white genocide is in the offing. With blatant lies, deception , willful and malicious covert-like clandestine discriminatory operations against whites- the world at large as yet are not quite aware of what really  is happening in South Africa.

So apparently "all white people are racist" and "demons"The radical left isn't interested in racial harmony, in case you were wondering.

Posted by Media Research Center on Friday, August 18, 2017

Gerade auf Facebook gefunden. Da fehlen einem echt die Worte…

Posted by Jacqueline Riedel on Thursday, January 7, 2016


Farm murders- unchallenged black racism against white farmers

South Africa's Farm Murders: Jeanines Story – January 15, 2018

South Africa's Farm Murders: Jeanines Story. Context: Lauren Southern, (born Lauren Simonson) is a Canadian political activist and internet personality. She ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election, and has worked for Rebel Media, an online media company based in Canada [Wikipedia]

Posted by Willshir Security on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

No automatic alt text available.

The devious main stream media tries their utmost to hide the horrible white farm murders.Was it a black couple that were attacked and decapitated by whites…welll- the news would quickly have move to the main page in BIG fat headings!

‎Ann Twiname Westraadt wrote on Facebook: ” Last weekend, some of our family were attacked and robbed in their home in Pretoria, South Africa. Our niece was beaten with a crowbar, her husband stabbed and shot in the head. Their two young daughters were tied up and witnessed this gruesome event. Praise God, our niece’s husband survived. The bullet came out above his eye. They need prayers for healing as they are all very traumatized. Ironically his shirt says born in Africa. This is what happens in South Africa on a daily basis, innocent people attacked, raped, robbed and murdered, family members lost and families left to grieve. Physical wounds can heal, but the psychological wounds may never heal. Wishing our loved one’s God’s Healing Hands and Comfort. God Bless.”

Image may contain: one or more people and eyeglasses

The media war against whites in South Africa- paid to promote black racism

The so-called “mainstream media “ are at the forefront again by making a big issue of people who use the “k-word ” in a moment of extreme frustration. However, it is the Alternative and Social media that expose the racial hatred against whites and on which the mainstream media keep silent.

In Vanderbijlpark, there is a complaint of crimen injuria against Mr. Ruan Meintjes after saying on social media: “Now your municipality stops at rand water. It seems to me all that a k ***r  can understand. ” The comment follows after the mayor of Emfuleni has blocked certain roads.

In Edgemead, Cape Town, a man frustrated with his neighbor also used the “k-word “ after the neighbor’s children started a fight with his children. He later apologized, but it was not accepted, and he was charged by the Equality Court and the police.

On the other hand, Makhwela Lefty Monyela responded on social media about the death of the farm worker shot dead at Fochville when he wanted to steal a tractor. He said stealing a tractor is nothing. Whites stole the ground, and therefore all of them must be killed, with their children and their descendants. No media frenzy or charges were laid against this blatant racism. 

Together with the British media and liberal tabloids in Countries such as Britain, Australia and New Zealand- the South African Broederbond/Soros/Gupta backed media participated in an all-out psy-ops war  launched against the whites in South Africa. Why precisely the whites in South Africa was and still are singled out this past sixty – or -so years to carry the brunt of the hippocratical world’s hatred and wrath- is still unclear- but what is clear is that the world at large never had any sympathy for the white South African- that the mainly British media was responsible for. Whites in South Africa was unfairly labeled by the British media hounds of hell  as the skunks of the world.


According to Connie Mulder, head of Solidarity’s Research Institute (SRI), the analysis of the results repeatedly showed that there was an inconsistency and a “certain selectivity” as far as the extent was concerned of the media attention slurs made by black people received compared to those made by white people.Beyond the public reaction and level of ‘severity’ attributed to the various remarks, Solidarity used the number of media reports as a metric to ascertain the unevenness in black vs white racism coverage in South Africa.

White case study

Case study What they said Media reports Year
Penny Sparrow “From now on I shall address the blacks of South Africa as monkeys as I see the cute little wild monkeys do the same, pick and drop litter.” 4 501 2016
Chris Hart “More than 25 years after Apartheid ended, the victims are increasing along with a sense of entitlement and hatred towards minorities.” 1 155 2016
Mabel Jansen “In their culture a woman is there to pleasure them. Period. It is seen as an absolute right and a woman’s consent is not required.” 840 2016
Matthew Theunissen He called beachgoers “animals” and the “scum of the nation”. “Go back to where you came from and take your 13 kids with you!” 553 2016
Vicki Momberg Caught on camera racially abusing black Johannesburg police officers. She used the k-word repeatedly, and called the officers arrogant, useless and clueless and threatened to run them over. 419 2016
Justin van Vuuren “So no more sporting events for South Africa. I’ve never been more proud than to say our government is a bunch of K****s. Yes I said it so go f*** yourselves you black f****** c***.” 251 2016

Black case study

Case study What they said Media reports Year
Julius Malema “We are not calling for the slaughter of white people‚ at least for now … The rightful owners of the land are black people. No white person is a rightful owner of the land here in SA and the whole of the African continent.” 163 2016
Velaphi Khumalo “I want to clense this country of all white people. we must act as Hitler did to the Jews. I don’t believe any more that there is a large number of not so racist white people.” 136 2016
Luvuyo Menziwa “F*** white people. Just get me a bazooka or AK-47 so I can do the right thing and kill these demon-possessed humans.” 131 2016
Jacob Zuma “How can you say we told the Afrikaners to go? No, I said the problem began when Jan van Riebeeck came here.” 117 2015
Esethu Hasane “Only Western Cape still has dry dams. Please God‚ we have black people there‚
choose another way of punishing white people.”
40 2017
Tlou Molele “If it wasn’t for this generic error called mutation, the white f****s would have never existed. You are the original Mother f****s.” 16 2016
Lulu Xingwane “Young Afrikaner men are brought up in the Calvinist religion believing that they own a woman, they own a child, they own everything and therefore they can take that life because they own it.” 11 2013
Jonathan Jansen Maintained that white students in Afrikaans classes were given an unfair advantage and told Beeld newspaper that this is why Afrikaans should be abolished as a language of instruction. 10 2016
Steve Naale Captioned a photo of a lynching with “Unless we want this under a white man’s rule, AGAIN.” 7 2016
Vuyiswa Bhefile Ka Hlazo “I will with no mercy cut their (white people’s) tongue out with a machete and I will enjoy to hear them begging for forgiveness and watch them cross the boarders with their belongings. 3 2015
Benny Morota “I hate white people and must go back wherever they come from or alternatively to hell.” 2 2016

“According to our research, remarks by a person like Justin van Vuuren generated more media reports than Julius Malema’s ‘Slaughter all whites’ remark,” Mulder said. “What is alarming is that the SAHRC is clearly not fulfilling its role. Clearly, the commission is not following the guidelines to contain hate speech as set down by the UN’s Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD). “Our research shows that the SAHRC takes steps against white lightweights but that they let the black heavyweights get away unscathed,” Mulder said. (Link)


Hold on folks….you will never believe this:

Image result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directors

Esmaré Weideman         Manie Mayman          Rachel Jafta                    Debra Meyer

Image result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directors

Jo-Ann Held                     Ishmet Davidson          Eloise Wessels             Lea-Anne Moses 

Image result for media24 board of directorsImage result for media24 board of directors

  Cindy Hess              Songezo Ralarala

Related image

Related image

Black racism from regime side

But ostensibly the worst kind of black racism imposed against whites in South Africa- is the racist BEEE laws on the books of the communist ANC- compiled and tabled by none other than the commi mass murderer Rob Davis– the ANC minister of Trade and Industry. This inhuman law prohibits all whites from applying for work- persecute companies that employ whites- and already banished more than a quarter of the white population into poverty in squatter camps.

Image may contain: text


Now if you remember how the world was “at arms “ about the “Apartheid” (separate development) act on the books of the previous government- we now clearly can draw a line of an equal “apartheid” to the BEEE act on the books of the current illegal ANC regime. In the white case scenario no black were allowed to vote within the boundaries of South Africa- but still was allowed to vote in the black homelands- independent states created especially for blacks to govern themselves independently.

That immediately was called ” discrimination.” Yet today again no white is allowed to work- and NO independent state was as yet created for whites where they could rule themselves. Their taxes are much too valuable for the illegal regime to feed the millions of rioting black racists. Yes- I said “Illegal” regime – for this country was given on a platter to a bunch of no-good black bandits from Robbin Island by these two-faced white Broederbond traitors below. The ANC terrorists NEVERstruggled” for the black man. That is a big propaganda lie from the ANC bandits. That honor was stolen by the ANC from the PAC:

Ek wil net seker maak my Vriende mag nie hierdie Verraad vergeet nie.!!!!

Posted by Sakkie Claassens on Friday, January 8, 2016


Today more than 600 000 whites are languishing in squatter camps due to Rob Davis and his communist wretches. Yet this is not seen as “discrimination”– it smartly was re-dubbed ” Black Economic Empowerment”- which factually is just the same “apartheid” under a new “smart” term- but in both cases a part of the population was/were/is denied it’s rightful claim to rights as set out in the United Nations charter for human rights.

South African Squatters Camps

South Africa: Race-based laws force white farmers off their land and have driven over a million into squatters camps like this.

Posted by Mike Cernovich on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Black racism on the social media and the rife social media hippocracy

However– bar the naked racism expressed by the ANC regime in their laws, black racists in front of schools- and black vagrants in the schools- we have but millions of black racists on the social sites- nameless and “untouchable”– the main source of blatant racist attacks on whites and other minorities where the leftist media derive their news from:


Image may contain: text

No automatic alt text available.



Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Image may contain: text


No automatic alt text available.


However- while many white socialites are being “banned” from social sites such as Facebook for “improper” conduct for placing pictures of murdered farmers- the same social sites (of which Facebook is under Jewish Mark Zuckerberg control and the South African version under the Broederbond Afriforum control)– these black racism on the sites are left alone to proceed with their brutal racist assault against whites without ONE black racist ever been banned!


Blacks cannot be racist- another lie debunked

Image result for FUCK WHITES

Nowhere is the emergence of a new and revealing black racism more evident today that on social media, hot on the heels and probably as a consequence of a resurgence of race and racism experiences and debates more generally in our society since about the start of 2015.

We are all very familiar with the reality of so-called “white racism” as propagated by the main stream media  for so long – centuries in fact – that two false beliefs appeared to have taken root. One was that all white people are racists. The argument for this was that they all “benefited”  to a greater or lesser extent from the British created “apartheid “ policies. But there were many whites under apartheid who were totally innocent and poor-  and were in fact left to struggle as blacks did from day to day. many whites had to work, take out loans- and repay their debt like all blacks , Indians and colors did.  The Jews on the other hand made sure they accumulated the wealth of the country, it’s Reserve bank- and most of the loan sharking ventures. But the Jews very cleverly masqueraded themselves as ‘whites” as not to share the “apartheid” blame.  Most white Afrikaners suffered just as the blacks did- nothing came for free. Surely they could not have been regarded as racists.

Two, black people, all of whom were to varying degrees  victims of their own social, structural and institutional racism, were inherently incapable of racism towards whites or other people. Why? Often the argument ran along these lines more or less: because racism was historically always associated with power, black people, who never had political and economic power in the South African pre 1994 context (but do have in the rest of Africa) , naturally “could not be racist.” But they murdered their own kind by the millions if we take in consideration Uganda, Darfur, Rwanda and the DRC.

And what about the exploitation and abuses black workers also experiences at the hands of the black bourgeoisie? There are many stories of poor wages, hardship and social injustices there – affecting African workers specifically – but these African and black “nationalists “ hardly ever go there, interestingly.

Did you notice how cleverly (and conveniently) blacks (and white liberals) try to convince you that blacks cannot be racist? Irrespective from which angle you try to cover up your hatred for another race- that makes you a racist.  The white liberal demons even invented smart terms to hide black racism against whites- and subsequently named it “ black consciousness”– or “black nationalism.” – while black ethnic racism against other blacks now are named “xenophobia.” It basically come to the same as they shrewdly re-named reversed apartheid against whites “democracy.” They neatly fabricate a new glove to fit the evil claw depending on the occasion they want to utilize it for.



Front Nasionaal verneem van 'n voorval van aanranding by die Hoërskool Parys vandag. In die meegaande video is dit duidelik dat die blanke seun konflik probeer vermy het, maar van agter gegryp en teen die vloer gesmyt is. Op 'n stadium is hy selfs in die gesig geskop. Die onderwyseres se poging tot ingryping is begroet met 'n weerbarstige houding deur die aanrander wat meubels rondgesmyt het. As die rolle omgeruil was, was dit teen hierdie tyd 'n enorme rasseherrie!Ons wil die kwessie opneem met die Vrystaatse Onderwysdepartement. Indien iemand meer inligting het kan u ons asb per inbus kontak.

Posted by Front Nasionaal SA – blad on Monday, August 14, 2017


From Dianne Kohler-Barnard to Chris Hart and Penny Sparrow, the rallying call has been for punitive action, namely remove them from their jobs. In addition the discovery that Sparrow is a DA member has prompted the ANC to lodge a complaint with the South African Human Rights Commission pleading the commission to investigate racism within the DA. But it is not just the ANC that felt vindicated, the black social media was set ablaze as many delighted to have caught the DA with their pants down. The apex of the outrage being the push to criminalize racism.

Below is a list of quotes from high-profile black South Africans whose racial slurs did not elicit the same mass moral outrage we’ve seen in the case of Sparrow, Hart and Justin van Vuuren. Not only was the outrage more muted when weighed against their public profiles and the trio’s relative obscurity but there was no move to beyond an apology and remove them from their posts. Secondly, most of the offenders are ANC members, yet there has been no call to investigate the ANC as a party.

Lindiwe Sisulu

What better way to showcase the illegitimacy of the recent furore over Chris Hart’s tweet than to begin with Sisulu’s own tweet about entitlement. In July 2014 speaking about plans to eradicate the 2.3 million unit housing backlog she said,

“What makes an 18-year-old think the state owes them a house? It’s a culture of entitlement … we can’t continue with a dependency culture.”

In Parliament in June of the same year she accused Mmusi Maimane of being a “hired native”. The comment was eventually ruled by parliament chairperson Thandi Modise as “unparliamentary.”  It is near improbable that a white MP could get away with calling a black member of parliament a hired native.

In November 2012 in a heated discussion with David Maynier in the National Assembly over chartered jet flights used by the minister, Sisulu retorted “Keep your flea-infested body at peace and sit down.”

Julius Malema

A look at a list of racially provocative slurs would be incomplete without Malema. The terrorist  leader of the EFF has become more demure in his racial taunts in an attempt to fashion the EFF as a party welcoming to white South Africans. Such is the amnesia that Floyd Shivambu has tweeted “unfortunately the racist statements of #PennySparrow define many white people and DA supporters in SA & the indecisive Gov is complicit”. Shivambu was seated right next to Malema in April 2010 when Malema lashed out at BBC correspondent Jonah Fisher,” This is a building of a revolutionary party, and you know nothing about the revolution … so here you behave or else you jump … chief can you get security to remove this thing here … and you don’t come here with that tendency, don’t come here with that white tendency, not here … you are a small boy, you cannot do anything.” He concludes this rant by calling him a “bastard” and a “bloody agent”.

Richard Schweid, an author who in his book The Cockroach Papers: A Compendium of History and Lore gives a thorough examination of cockroaches said “if you want to say something nasty about someone, call him a cockroach: that lowest of the low, vilest of the vile, most easily eliminated without a pang of remorse, the cheapest of all lives”. In October 2010 addressing a crowd in Stellenbosch Malema called Helen Zille a cockroach. ( Somehow we agree with Malema) If Zille had her way, she would declare the Western Cape an independent republic. You have put a cockroach in Cabinet and we need to remove that cockroach by voting the ANC into power.”

Penny Sparrow took a feather from Malema’s cap it would seem, again deriding Zille he said in April 2012, “Have you ever seen an ugly woman in a blue dress dancing like a monkey because she is looking for votes?” (Now remember the same EFF just staged one helluva destruction tour at H&M stores because a black child wore a T-Shirt saying “Coolest monkey in the Zoo”- yet here \Malema calls Sparrow a monkey? Et Tu Malema?)

But Malema’s ire is not reserved only for his white political opponents, in May 2011 speaking of his refusal to debate Lindiwe Mazibuko he said, “She is a tea girl of the madame, and her role must remain there in the kitchen for making the tea for the madame. Because that’s what she chose for herself. So I am not going to be debating with servants for the madame.”

Baleka Mbete

Malema is not the only one fond of calling his opponents cockroaches. The “joke” was turned on him in February last year when the speaker of the National Assembly speaking at the Mmabatho Civic Centre in Mafikeng said, We all need to [work] … because if we don’t we will continue to have the cockroaches like the Malemas … roaming all over the place.”

Isaac Mahlangu

Speaking in Nelspruit in 2009, the Mpumalanga ANC Youth League secretary spoke of those who had defected to the Congress of the People (Cope) saying,Everyone knows that Cope was formed by insects that are hell-bent on holding  onto power”, and would be “sprayed with Doom until it perishes”. Before calling them insects he had also said “not one of those mad dogs who defected from the ANC and formed the Assembly of Polokwane Losers should get anything”.

Anele Mda

September 2009 Congress of the People youth leader Anele Mda and member of Parliament calls the Cope deputy secretary general Deidre Carter a stupid, white token bitch”. At the time Charlotte Lobe, Cope general secretary, made a statement that it was a once-off incident and speaking of the two-month suspension of Mda said, “this is not punishment, it is rehabilitation”. In 2011 Mda was welcomed back to the ANC with open arms at an announcement where Jacob Zuma was present.

Jimmy Manyi

Jimmy Manyi, the then director general at the department labour, appeared on kykNet in March 2010. He spoke of coloured people in the Western Cape saying, This over-concentration of coloured people in the Western Cape is not working for them …they are in over-supply where they are.”

Khaya Dlanga

This illustration here is added last, as an example of how black South Africans even outside of the political space can make racially dubious remarks in the name of humour. Not incidentally I have no objections to making fun of our racial insecurities, the trouble is that a white person would not get away with making the comments Dlanga does in this November 2008 YouTube video titled “I want to marry a white woman”“Black women do not like it one bit when brothers are into white women … I have noticed, especially the last few years that when a black man marry white woman they seem to create this super child. So I want to have my own little tribe of super children … this is my evidence; look at Barack Obama his father is a black man, his mother is a white woman.”

Based on the reactions to this week’s accused trio, if the proposed criminalisation of race were in place when the above comments were made many prominent black South Africans would have been charged. This is not including the many unknown black South Africans like Velaphi Khumalo, whose social media profiles are yet to be scanned. If we will not abandon the obsession with our racial identities, then at the very least perhaps we can lay bare the hypocrisy and dishonesty of contentiously treating black South Africans as the “victims.” Since the illegal ANC take over all South Africans are suffering from living in a country absolutely psychopathic  about race- especially against whites and foreigners. BUT by constantly blaming whites as “racists” and the leftist-controlled media covering up naked black racism – the international world still are left in the dark about the horrible truth now playing itself out in the country. Fortunately we now have the Alternative Media that are much more reliable than the Main Stream Media- and the truth eventually are being told.

Meet the directionless white liberal- the cancer in the bones of the white societies.

Posted by Johan Frederik Lee on Wednesday, January 17, 2018

White liberals mainly are the driving force behind the black hatred for white Afrikaners in South Africa as this directionless ANC communist advent child in the clip above clearly explains.

Unfortunately even South Africa has it’s quota of white traitors joining forces with black extremists such as the ANC and EFF in their selfish and delusional hope that they will somehow be able to gain something from it. This directionless incompetents always see themselves as “guardians” of morality that must be in a position to judge others and act as “protectioners” against especially white “racism.”  They pretend to stand on the side of the non-whites and generally “hates” their own white skin.

Image result for FUCK WHITESRelated image

A Typical example of a white liberal- an ugly specie pretending to “hate” their white skin.

The poor sods obviously did not study their history well- or do not know the black man good enough. The black simply man despises traitors and weaklings such as themselves. White liberals in any case does not care for black people the way they pretend- but factually exploit blacks for their own personal gain. Liberalism (as you can see in the picture below) – is an incurable  certified genetically transferable  mental condition bordering to schizophrenia.(For example this white liberal below  joins a black movement against her own language – but her weird friend still is Lilly white.)

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, closeup

That is the cut-through liberal for you. They don’t know where they belong. They generally and simply are ethnic harlots that would jump in bed with any political environment as long as they can personally gain from it. They have no patriotism or moral values at all. In most cases these poor wretches are miserable failures in their own social and ethnic structures too.

Image result for white eff membersImage result for white eff membersImage result for white eff membersImage result for white anc members

Image result for white anc membersImage may contain: one or more people, people standing and text



This is your average liberal mind-set..contorted and disgusting- against each and every command of the Bible.



LGBTQQIAAPP?? Asexual? Non-binary? Gobbledygook! Gender insanity! This is out of hand! 😡Like + Share + Follow Page + #GenderInsanity

Posted by The Activist Mommy on Friday, May 19, 2017



Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

The black power struggle- racism among the tribes

Black tribes in general hate each other. The African history is littered with black genocides against each other. That also was the main reason for the black migration from North Africa Southwards. The bigger tribes attacked and obliterated the smaller tribes in order to gain land and expand their tribe’s territory and take slaves from these smaller tribes they conquered. South Africa also has it’s history of black genocides if we can take Tsjaka Zulu and the more recent tribal wars between the Zulu and the Xhosa in the Natal Midlands and hostel wars for examples.

Even in their current power struggle for the top seats in the South African government these tribal wars continues- shifting the power from the Xhosa to the Zulu to the Venda. Each tribe want to rule. In doing so they murder and kill each other- sometimes on a genocidal scale like the Tsjaka Zulu, Idi Amin– or Rwandan genocides between the Hutus and Tsutsis. That is called black racism– no matter what “smart term” you want to invent to cover this evil deed. The only extra additive is that the greedy British Jew, their churches and  and their secret services  are instigating the black to also hate and murder the white Christian too. The EFF is one such  terrorist organization- like ISIS and Al Quaida-  especially created by the British intelligence-  to attack all white interests. And behind the EFF is their handlers- none other than the British Jews.


Image result for malema lord renwickRelated image

Evidence that Malema and the EFF was created and is bank-rolled by the British Jewry to attack the white interests in South Africa. Farm murders also are funded and orchestrated by the same British Jewry.

Image result for malema lord renwick

The British Jewry for a long time has been cavorting with their black pets:  Abel Muzorewa signs the Lancaster House Agreement seated next to British Foreign Secretary Lord Carrington

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

BUT it’s not only the British and liberal whites that are fraternizing with the terrorists. Here  we have the top bras of the two-headed penny NG Kerk meeting with the EFF at their headquarters. Will Church services also going to be double medium now ?

BLACK racism in South Africa is rife. The media is bias and choose to protect this evil from the world. The media forms part of a very bigger conspiracy. South Africa is being played like a rag doll by powers much greater than South Africa itself- powers that play white against black- powers that push for world domination. This powers used race division as a perfect vehicle to divide and conquer. South Africa is the test bed for multiple hidden agendas that is to be implemented in the world against all white countries. The blacks are the guinea pigs- and the whites the lab rats.

To these powers human life means nothing- for these powers are the seed of the reptilian gods- seed that control our banks, our economies, our corporate businesses- and our lives. We fight and scream like ants in our little wars against each other- all while these powers sit aside- laughing and watching what results they get from each experiment.  We are missing just who is controlling our elections, we miss just who is the instigators in this game of death- we are too busy fighting each other to see who is the real enemy. They are the creators of chaos. They are the masters of destruction. They are the “controllers.” They control the media. They create “democracies.” They create communism and liberation movements. They instigate and fund race wars and disable healthy governments. The destabilize economies and bring about ressessions. They are the “elite.” They are the banking fraternity. They are the Caballa. They are the invisible gods behind the black racist drive in South Africa. They are the ILLUMINATI.

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SOURCE: White Nation