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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Johannesburg April 02 2020




Economic crisis caused by politicians and bankers being  blamed on Covid-19. How convenient

13 Reasons to Fear the COVID World Order

The Virus Vaccine is a scam









The coronavirus without 5G has no power. Kill 5G and save your nation”ANNON

Something to think about . The employed must stay at home while the 17 million unemployed go out to fetch their Social Grant”-Annon

The coronavirus vaccine is a scam. When this absurdity ends, millionaires will become billionaires.“- Professor Stefano Montanari

HE  whole of South Africa is in a lock-down as most of you must be quite aware of by now (we hope) . As the country now enters it’s 7th day of government enforced “house arrest”- the “Corona” hysteria seems to subdue somewhat and it appears that sanity starts to seep in as common people now really start asking questions whether this “Corona” – thing really is what it is propagated by Ramasquirrel and the Main Stream Media to be- or if there is something more sinister hidden behind this global madness after all.



Posted by Dee Visser on Monday, March 30, 2020






Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Dr.SHIVA Ayyadurai, MIT PhD. Inve... @va_shiva As an MIT PhD in Biological Engineering who studies & does research nearly every day on the Immune System, the #coronavirus fear mongering by the Deep State will go down in history as one of the biggest fraud to manipulate economies, suppress dissent, & push MANDATED Medicine!'

Image may contain: text

White Nation did warn it’s readers right from the beginning that this “Corona” -thing is one perfectly planned false flag operation by the global masters to introduce a more ominous  and much more threatening danger to the free peoples of world – and we still stick to that narrative albeit much criticism from various more “enlightened” gurus and social media “experts” and scared rabbits alike. And the majority of this idiots falls into the white Afrikaner category that does more propaganda work for the dark powers on the social sites than the Main Stream Media does. We even had some idiots like one certain Wessel Cronje that suggested people like us ” should be shot ” as we have no “sympathy” for those poor people that already died from this “Corona” virus.  It leaves one totally gobsmacked if you scan through the social media and realize that these people really are either  totally uneducated, uninformed, mass mind-f*cked by the Main Stream Media propaganda – or just too damn ignorant and lazy to start doing some research what is the true motives behind this “Corona” hysteria. And it has nothing to do with a virus after all.,- but more about exploiting this “Corona“-hing as a vehicle to introduce a much more threatening environment than this “virus” ever could pose. And to find the real perps behind the South African madness- you have to look no further than 3 very dangerous and powerful stooges: Bill Gates, Cyril Ramaphosa– and Patrice Motsepe.

No photo description available.



Let me explain:

1. Bill Gates- mass murderer that wants to track you down and slowly kill you

WE all are quite aware of the fact that Mr. Bill Gates- who is sometimes referred to a “Dr. Death–  is an advent promoter of vaccines. Through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation they push the agenda to vaccinate at least 3/4 of the world population. Who gave them the right to infringe the rights of other people that did them no harm is a question only their corrupted minds  will be able to explain. The vaccine they intend to inject into people carries more than one  deadly package. Firstly it breaks down the immune system and anti-bodies that helps the human body fighting-off  harmful bacteria and viruses. Thus this vaccine disables the body’s own natural resistance to harmful substances entering the body. It basically render the human body to  be exposed to any harmful biological threat. Secondly: The vaccine carries a very tiny micro “transponder”– that gives away the location of the carrier. Thus-once been injected with this vaccine- whoever wants to track you could track you at will by locking onto your “transponder’s” signal. Now this is really bad and deadly sh*t- as you will not be able to hide anywhere or rid yourself of this dead give-away bug inside you. You will become a permanent traceable “device” in the hands of who-ever wants to control you. And as expected- will “Corona” be the perfect “excuse” to inject this implant into you- as they will conveniently use the excuse that it is a “safety measure” to track all positive “Corona” carriers.





2. Cyril Ramaphosa- the president with all the powers to force you to submit to deadly radiation technology

AS we now also have seen happening in South Africa did Cyril Ramaphosa abused his presidential powers in a “caring” way to put a whole country into a lock-down.  Using the “Corona” as a convenient “excuse” Ramaphosa- an illegally appointed “president” ordered the whole country into a standstill and all the people of the country into “house arrest.” It doesn’t matter from which angle you look at it- but all the rights of the people were taken away in one single swoop.Ramaphosa is to make sure your freedom is taken away by new “laws” and “lock-downs.”  The “Corona”  fake propaganda is driven by mainly the Main Stream Media in a mass psi-ops exercise to tally brain-wash the populace into really believing the bullsh*t they feed them. And constantly we hear about the many “infections” and a total of 5 deaths reported. My G-d- MORE people are murdered in black townships, on roads and on farms than this “Corona”-thing  killed so far. More people die of Tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria than people dying (allegedly) of this “Corona” -thing. Yet no “safety measures” were taken against any of these other killers while “Corona” gets all the prominence in the government, parliament and the Main Stream Media.

We should start asking questions what precisely are these media ghouls and their masters driving at– but we already know the answer to that question. . Two of the deaths was not even by the “Corona” virus- but one patient in Durbanville WC died due to a blood clot through her heart- and the other patient had cancer. The ” Corona” virus- a common virus in all colds and flu- was only a small additional factor. The Italian government also pointed out in a report that 99% of patients that died of this suspected “Corona” virus had other more life threatening diseases- and the “Corona” virus in all it’s simplicity only added to their demise. Many experts also agrees that a “Corona”  virus cannot kill a healthy patient. It is a combination of malicious bacteria and viruses that eventually kill a person. It could well be a Malaria virus instead of a corona virus too. But the Main Stream Media are “out there” – hunting that evidence that a “Corona” virus was the smoking gun. And they cleverly use uninformed idiots in the social site realm to carry their fake and false information to the rest of the populace. The real killer from China  is not the “Corona” virus at all- but factually radiation sickness. But let us complete the puzzle for you:


Introducing Ramaphosa and  5G- The Killshot Wi-Fi

Now- we all know Cyril Ramaphosa had a tight relationship with MTN through his Shanduka group which he sold off when he became president. But the fact that he became president did not break his relationship with the cell phone industry- factually did it strengthen that relationship. And any relationship greedy Ramaphosa goes into- ends up with a million dollar tag on the end. Such was the case again with MTN. Ramaphosa broke up the small relationship with MTN just to exchange it for a bigger one. And that relationship presented itself through Patrice Motsepe.  Now for you that know  –  his wife Tshepo is the sister of South African tycoon Patrice Motsepe.  What most of you may not know- is that Motsepe very interestingly (and conveniently)  won a deal and the right build 700 5G sites in South Africa.  We just wonder just HOW Mr. Motsepe was able to “clinch” that deal. We will ask no questions. (We think you can guess the answer to that one. ) We also are aware of the close relationship Ramaphosa has with China too.


The Chinese and Motsepe bulldozing 5G unto your city

South African mobile data network operator rain, which recently launched its intelligent 5G transport network, continues to invest in its 5G network across the country. 5G promises to be much faster than the current fourth-generation 4G and LTE (Long-Term Evolution) networks, meaning that users should be able to download files, transfer data and browse the internet at much faster speeds than what telco services are capable of now.  An industry intelligence report by BIS Research titled “Global 5G Infrastructure Market – Analysis and Forecast, 2019-2025” sees the global 5G-infrastructure market growing by more than $42 billion by 2025. Rain, partly owned by Patrice Motsepe, Paul Harris and Michael Jordaan, is taking on established players such as Vox, Vumatel and Telkom’s OpenServe in the lucrative broadband space.

African Rainbow Capital revealed on Friday that the new kid on the block is making good progress with the roll-out of its strategy of establishing a data network. The investment vehicle owned by Motsepe said the key to achieving this is the contractual roaming agreement with Vodacom, which essentially is one of rain connecting its devices to a specified number of Vodacom’s towers to establish and expand its 4G network.“At the same time, Vodacom purchases data from rain which it can on-sell to Vodacom customers,” said African Rainbow Capital. “The net result of this relationship is that rain can sustainably fund its tower network roll-out.) By the end of November, rain had about 3150 active 4G roaming sites, the company said. rain has also launched a 5G network in September 2019, making South Africa one of the first countries in the world to have a 5G network. “By end of November rain rolled out 250 5G towers and aims to roll out 700 5G towers by December 2020, ultimately having 2000 5G towers in key metro areas in South Africa.” Rain Continues to Build its 5G Network. “By end of November rain rolled out 250 5G towers and aims to roll out 700 5G towers by December 2020, ultimately having 2000 5G towers in key metro areas in South Africa.”


Image may contain: text

The 5 G deadly peril that is awaiting South Africa. 5 G In context:

Many people do not really understand what is 5G- and what deadly effect it has on the human body. Let us explain:

5G In layman’s terms-  is a powerful radio transmitting signal used in cell phones, laptops and many other transmitting devices that enables your device a much higher speed to upload, download, connect and transfer data. At the moment South Africa uses 4 G technology. 5G To 60Ghz resonates with the oxygen molecule and gives oxygen a reverse polarity that makes it much less usable for the human body. In high concentrations of 5G usage, you get the choking of humans at street level. And at lower doses, you get flu-like symptoms, which are exactly the same symptoms as flu with this reduction in oxygen consumption by the body. This is where the “Corona” virus effect comes  into play and is being used for promoting the “Corona” scare. But the way 5G kills is much more interesting.

Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms within which they feed on us, and some say they help us live by doing many useful functions. But when these bacteria, fungi and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiation, they are harmed and start to reproduce toxins in self-defense. These organisms begin to reproduce quickly to ensure their survival. And therefore, we have flu-like symptoms of these internal parasitic organisms under attack by WIFI microwave radiation that reproduce quickly and excrete toxins. This is the real disease that people get and are now advocated as a “coronavirus”- but factually it is a radiation sickness induced  with a biological weapon.

2G Has ten microwave frequencies assigned, 3G also has ten, 4G has five frequencies with some overlap, but 5G has 3000 microwave frequencies assigned by the FCC. Why so many? So 5G should really be called 297G, not 5G. So with this launch of 5G in China, Korea, Italy, Iran and cruise ships, we have the highest concentrations of 5G use and the highest concentrations of disease and death in the world. Our internal parasites are like canaries in a mine and are being killed quickly with this use of 5G.

When this happens too quickly, the body cannot get rid of the increase in toxins and the host (you) dies from toxemia. Our human cells are all united and form a much stronger bond, but our many parasitic hosts within us are much more isolated within us and much more vulnerable to these WIFI microwave radiation. They try to survive by multiplying quickly and producing toxins to protect them from damage, but it doesn’t work and they die with 5G. And with their rapid death, our bodies (at least older and less healthy humans) are overwhelmed by toxins very quickly and we die from the combined effects of reduced 5G oxygen uptake and also massive overpopulation and then died of our internal biomass of germs and parasites, which creates an overwhelming toxemia.

Image may contain: possible text that says '5g installation guy wearing a fucking hazmat radiation suit'

When the Chinese arrested people in Wuhan, they turned to their new 5G phones and Internet connections, and therefore the city was flooded with far more WIFI 5G radiation and caused many people to get sick and die. Many people even became instantly ill at street level due to oxygen deficiency that previously had no disease. A massive cloud of 5G 60Ghz microwave radiation caused oxygen in the air to fall below critical survival levels.A week ago , the whole of Asia turned off 5G and left only 3G and 4G systems to communicate, so they know that 5G is the real cause of illness. But China still hides this fact as China is one of the biggest producers of 5g equipment and cell phones through their companies such as Huawei OPPO, Vivo,Lenovo, One Plus, Xiaom, Meizu, Coolpad and many others. Thus- acknowledging that so many people died in Wuhan and other cities due to 5G radiation would certainly mean corporate suicide for China as many Western nations immediately would put a ban on the import of all Chinese electronic equipment due to hazardous health risks.  China could not afford that from a business perspective and had to act fast to divert the attention of the world away from the deadly menace they created.

Posted by Shane Jansens van Rensburg on Thursday, April 2, 2020


THIS is what this evil governments are doing: Creating mass hysteria and then the poor innocent people are the ones that must be mass murdered.


Image may contain: text

And that is where the “Corona” fake virus was born as radiation sickness in it’s lower stages show the same symptoms as someone having a flu or a cold. Dead bodies quickly were cremated at a rapid pace to prevent any snooping reporter or wiser coroner to examine the bodies and find the truth behind this “Corona”-thing. By shutting down the 5G towers people stopped getting sick and now we read in the Main Stream Media that China “miraculously” invented an antidote against the “Corona” virus. This is the crap the Main Stream Media sells you to hide the real truth from you as the West has their own little deadly surprise lined up for you: Vaccination programs! What a lot of bullshit indeed. The Chinese  simply realized what is happening and shut down the 5G radiation sources.

Over 180 scientists and doctors in almost 40 countries are warning the world about 5G health risks. These scientists’ response to “Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe” spells it out quite succinctly: “We, the undersigned scientists, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF)… and has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment.”

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Wi-Fi 7:50 AM Delete All SS Scott> Cancel RF Multi wave is the key of producing faster technology speeds at the multiple frequencies the 5G requires. However, not enough trail in a wide condense deployment to determine the associated health risk e.g COVID-19 like Flu side affects, headaches, shortness of breath or can't breath, fever etc believe read where HuHa had deployed 5G in Wuhan Hospital'Image may contain: possible text that says 'Wi-Fi 7:50 AM Delete All SS Cancel Scott> believe I read where HuHa had deployed 5G in Wuhan Hospital where patients where dying and they did not think it by the virus. So they powered off the equipment in hospital and people had quit dying. So more tests must be conduct before the operators kill all of us not fully knowing what all the health risk are Today 7:47 AM'


With download speeds up to 20 to 30X faster than 4G, 5G promises a new world, including becoming the foundation for self-driving cars while also causing a long list of potential health risks.5G Cancer” is actually a thing. The cities of Brussels and Geneva have even blocked trials and banned upgrades to 5G out of this concern. The difference between 4G and 5G in terms of gigahertz, the unit of alternating current (AC) or electromagnetic (EM) waves that affect the transmission speeds of devices, is significant. 5G technology promises radio millimeter bands in the 30 to 300 GHz range, while 4G tops out at around 6GHz. When applied to video latency, this translates to speeds up to 60 to 120 times faster. Before 2G, 3G, and 4G, radio frequencies were benign. We never worried whether or not our drive-time radio shows would fry our brains. Sadly, once the concept of wireless “G” technology was initiated, we began exposing the global public to frequencies akin to microwaves at 1 billion cycles per second. Humans, animals and the environment have all been at risk for years. While 4G was bad enough, 5G takes the game to a whole new level of insanity.




OK…so- let us start connecting the proverbial “dots”:

We now have all the role-players in this “Corona” – thing that forced South Africa into a “Lock-Down.” : The Chinese, Bill Gates, Cyril Ramaphosa and Patrice Motsepe- the Inventors, the Employer, the Enforcer and the Installer. 

And the whole “Corona” conspiracy to inject the “sheeple” with microchips was sealed with a good ol’ handshake!

LOTS of smiles for the camera…lots of  lucrative “back-handers” from the Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation for the mob- and every ANC rat happily will finally pull the plug on a starving country and help to “dispose ” of  a few thousand  ” useless eaters.”



Image may contain: text




IF we take all these evident  factors together there is only one conclusion: Ramaphosa is busy with a very secret and dark agenda to introduce 5 G to South Africa and make millions out of the deal. We predict the following scenarios playing themselves off in the very near future:

Image may contain: sky, grass, tree, outdoor and nature

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Has anybody noticed the new antenna poles going up all over Dublin during the lockdown? This is in Stillorgan this morning. #COVID19 #lockdown #Quarantine #smartmeter'

WHILE you are being pinned down at home they are blissfully busy erecting 5G towers all around! The world-wide “lock-downs” are cleverly used to give the buggers time to install 5G in your countries. This is one reason why you were forced into your own house- to give these bastards time to install this menace across the country- and if they are not finished by April 16th- Ramaphosa will use the “Corona” excuse again to extend the “lock down.People- you better wake up very fast .

Japan woke up to reality. When are you going to realize what is going on here?

21 MILLION mobile phone users in China also have stopped using them. Get smart like the Chinese folks and stop using them before 5G gets to your environment.

1. Ramaphosa will call off the current “lock-down “ by the 16th of April as it only was a preliminary exercise to assess how  the public would react on such a “lock-down” and what the response would be from the security forces- if they are adequate enough to enforce such a lock-down. The “lock-down” also enable Ramaphosa and his ANC ilk to fabricate new laws around such a lock-down and get the necessary administration and legal processes in place for possible persecution and prosecution. If we look from “outside” the box we clearly note that it is only most of the white people adhered to the “lock-down” enforcement and blacks in general ignored it without too much of a fuzz from their ANC “polatriat.” But that is what Ramaphosa and the rest of the conspirators want- to keep whites locked up as they are the intelligent ones that quickly will figure out what is at play.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Ok, Patriots so I'm watching the movie UNLOCKED on Showtime and this scene pops up of coffins lined up and guess where I saw that exact picture... from our MSM telling us that this is ITALY right now because of COVID 19 virus!! This movie was made in 2017! It's on Showtime right now! This that you trust the Media!!! The on the left is from our trusted MSM and the pic on the right is the MOVIE!! FURIOUS!! Sprint Wi-Fi VPH 9:37 PM 口 CTVNews News'


2. Ramaphosa is preparing the country for a 3-month “lock-down” with the excuse that the “Corona” virus suddenly had a “back-lash” and it’s “worse”  than before- iow the time it will take Motsepe to install 5G Towers in all major cities. Keeping whites locked-up in their own homes would keep them away from starting to take photos and go onto the internet- exposing Ramaphosa and his gangsters what they are doing. This would lead to some unsavory questions being asked by some correspondents and even parliamentarians why the “lock-down.”

3. Ramaphosa – in co-operation with the dangerous  psychopath Bill Gates- will enforce vaccinations to be done inside your own private home– with the excuse it is to prevent you from getting the “Corona virus” and also “protect” others from getting it. He will as usual- add threats- backed by newly manufactured “laws” and security services  to it such as heavy fines and jail time if you dare refuse the deadly shot.


Image may contain: 1 person, text


4. The Main Stream Media– as expected- will also drive this exercise on a daily basis as they do now to totally brain wash the population with false information again as they do now. And it is then that you will be injected with a deadly toxic concoction that will systematically start to break down your body’s natural resistance to alien viruses and germs and especially- the 5G radiation. This will cause many people to get sick and die like in China.


5. Ramaphosa and the media will immediately start their fear mongering and blame the “Corona virus” for the deaths to-like the Chinese- hide the truth. The fact that Ramaphosa immediately introduced draconian laws , closed down companies, prohibit the sale of many items linked to  heavy fines and jail times around the lock-down and activated the security forces to start their “strong arm” tactics  clearly indicates this man is a psychopath that will go to the extremes to protect his own best interests- even turning the country into a pseudo police state.Ramaphosa’s Stassi Police even closed down and arrested a manager and his staff  on March 30 2020 in Meyerton because they were going to work and thus “breaking the rules” of the “lock-down” Ramaphosa imposed. But the same Stassi Police will not venture into black residential areas and pull the same stunt on all the illegal non-paying black businesses there that are still blissfully operating- “lock-down” or not! Neither will they arrest Ramaphosa  and his ilk for breaking the same rules they themselves manufactured.

While whites are caged up- blacks are having a ball in the streets. See link.

Now remember- this state of dictatorship NEVER were approved by parliament, never were signed into law by Ramaphosa- and never were published in  the government gazette so it could become law. This whole farce was activated on only the speech of Ramaphosa. Thus this whole friggen  chaos is illegal. Secondly does Rmaphosa and his whole ANC ilk not adhering to their own chaotic “lock down” and travel free every day while they themselves do not render essential services. But thousands of people who are dependent to go to work everyday like car guards must suffer a whole half a month without an income. But this does not bother Mr. “Rich man” Ramaphosa and his looting ANC ilk a bit. THEIR bank accounts are stuffed with stolen money from the state coffers. On the end of the day when all the rubbish is wiped off the table we see again how Ramaphosa is a devious con artist– and even will stoop so low as to sacrifice the lives of thousands of people all for the sake of his own personal enrichment.

A piece of good advice for you on the call for a second “lock down”:

1. Do like the black people do- totally ignore the next lock-down. Basically tell Ramaphosa and his NWO gangsters to f*ck-off!

2. Refuse to be tested for this fake “Corona”-thing.

3. Refuse to take a vaccination shot- it will mean a certain death for you.

4. Start a resistance movement to counter Ramaphosa and his dangerous ilk

5. Stop assisting their agenda by distributing and sharing the fake information of “many people dying” of the “Corona”-thing on the social sites.


 On The Spectator website Dr John Lee, a recently retired NHS consultant and professor of pathology said that ‘’We have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths, in any part of the world’’. To check this out, I looked at the British government’s own statistics on total deaths registered weekly across the UK. It shows that in the week ending on the 8th of March 2019, 10,898 people died in total in the UK. This year, in the week ending the 6th of March 2020, the equivalent figure was almost identical: 10,895. Make of that what you will.”

Image may contain: text

Those Afrikaners– A nation  pushing the fear factor to new heights

It appears the most fear mongering and spreading of fake information is on white Afrikaner sites. That really is pathetic and very disturbing to say the least! One should think these are supposed to be  intelligent people that would unite and at least start to investigate what is the truth behind this “Corona”-thing..but alas– they are consuming every little morsel of Main Stream Media garbage and bluff Ramaphosa excretes – post and reposed that on their Facebook pages and not that alone- but also sow unnecessary fear and “instructions” among their own people.   You have no proof that such people actually  died of the “Corona”-thing  bar fake information and Main Stream Media lies. Ever tried to figure out how a small “virus” far,far away in China could so rapidly spread across the world  destroy financial markets, kill “millions” of people, bring economies to a standstill, force millions out of their jobs, took away all your human rights and free movement, incarcerated you into your own home with Stassi Police patrolling the streets and force countries into a “lock-down?” That ever happened before in history? Does your mind not tell you something  very weird is going on here? They cannot even explain where their “virus” originated from…first a bat eaten by a hungry Chinese..than an Armadillo…then from eating dogs..then a Chinese lab..and then an American lab creation…but up to today not a soul knows where the f*ck this “virus” came from.

They now even are telling you what you may purchase and what not during this “lock-down.”  Certain food and seeds are banned from the public. Why?


6. Start buying seeds and start cultivation your own food as many retailers again will spike their prices and like some shops- put a ban on the sale of seeds.




No photo description available.


WHILE you are restricted to only TWO persons in a car during this “lock-down” – one in front and one in the rear taxis can blissfully transport FOURTEEN people at will – does this start to make any sense to you?

No photo description available.

But white business owners must stay closed and get arrested if they dare open their shops. What is wrong here?

AND while whites get locked-up like monkeys in cages  and blacks walk freely in the streets- it is blacks that will get assistance from the ANC thug government and not that alone- but the loans will be offered at 0% interest for the first year and thereafter at 2.5% per annum! Are you still with us whites??

BUT LO…this is not where all the devious political racism against whites stops...please read on…

South Africa may soon be giving away R25 billion to so-called “vulnerable people” (read blacks) who apparently suffer more than others under the current restriction. Similar proposals are usually described by economists as “helicopter money” because it amounts to notes scattered from helicopters across the population. According to a report in Rapport today, such a plan was finalized yesterday by a “task team” and “presented to  Cyril Ramaphosa’s National Command Council for the ” Covid-19 Disaster Crisis ”. The person at the head of the task team is a left-wing BRITISH libtart , dr. Kate Philip, who is affiliated with the non-governmental organization, TIPS (Trade & Industrial Policy Strategies). Her NGO has in the past attempted and failed to establish “socialist strategies” in the South African countryside.

SOUNDS logic to me- radiation sickness cannot be transferred person-to-person! This is more evidence that Ramaphosa has another more deadly agenda up his sleeve with this “lock-down! Look at 5G for that answer.



Everything so far is pure speculation and you are too lazy or ignorant to start doing some investigations yourself.  The best you do is posting more crap on Facebook without doing a bit of research. Now THAT is where the core  of the problem lies with whites in South Africa and why they are locked-up like monkeys!! They call it COMPLACENCY!  Where is the action, the fight against this injustice and discrimination against you? Further-more- did you ever pause for a moment and try to figure out while the ANC ”  imported” MILLIONS of Chinese into South Africa as “honorary blacks”- not ONE case of a Chinese having this “Corona”-thing  ever was reported – all while these yellow gremlins flock our cities in their thousands and the infection figure and death toll should already be in the THOUSANDS as they travel up and  down to China on a monthly basis. Yet not ONE incident was reported of the virus spreading among the hundreds of “China Towns”- all while NONE of these yellow critters wear any protective masks? If this “virus ” was so real then the mortuaries already would have been STACKED with dead Chinese! But not ONE Chinese so far has remarkably attracted this alleged “virus?” Does that not sound uncanny to you taken in consideration that this shit started in their back-yard?  Only FIVE people “ALLEGEDLY” have died from this virus.

No photo description available.

THIS is your ” statistics” the government want you to believe. Like the Chinese they are fabricating a lot of bullsh*t, And for this YOU are being caged like an animal and your freedom taken away from you???? It’s time for a regime chance SERIOUSLY!

People are being arrested for “breaking the rules”  of the ” Lock-Down”– all while Ramaphosa and his ilk break their own rules on a daily basis by not wearing masks, walk and sit right next to each other, leaving their own houses etc.


FIVE people out of a total of around 60 MILLION– and the whole country goes bananas and in a lock down? G-d- there are more murders among white farmers and in gang related wars on the Cape Flats than that- yet not ONE area was “locked-down” because of that. During the month of March 2020 there were six farm murders and thirty five farm attacks in South Africa, whilst five farm attacks were successfully averted. During the month of February 2020 there were eight farm murders and 31 farm attacks in South Africa, whilst one farm attack was successfully averted. Did Ramaphosa call for a lock down of all black squatter camps around farms because of this higher than the “Corona” death rate  against farmers? Did the emdia made a hysterical chaos about the dead farmers like they do with the “Corona” – thing? FOURTEEN dead farmers  versus 5 Corona deaths- but the country get locked-down because of 5 alleged deaths from the “Corona”-thing. F*ck the fourteen dead  white farmers?! No the bugger Ramaphosa  did NOT lock down any black squatter camp and neither does the lousy Main Stream Media care a shit about dead white  farmers either ! Simply because Ramaphosa  is a selfish greedy black racist and a hippocrate- and the MSM are a bunch of loathsome bastards. Until the food start running dry on the shelves then all of a sudden will everybody start paying attention to that 14 dead farmers. Have you ever seen Ramaphosa or one of his ANC gangsters wearing a face mask on national TV or in public? Have you ever seen them walking or maintaining  1 meter from each other during media briefings? And this is their OWN “laws” they are ready to arrest you for if YOU dare “break the rules.”  You better start paying attention what is going on here whitey! What is wrong with this picture? What is wrong with your logic? Did you just take “stupid” to the next level?


South Africa now has 150 confirmed coronavirus cases - Ramaphosa

SA's six new virus cases 'imported' from Europe


Ramaphosa's COVID-19 battleplan widely welcomed • Spotlight


AND here they are- the Lords of the Flies during their public media briefings and in their “Oval” offices….note NO face masks and NO 1 meter distance between them. And this is their own rules THEY fabricated for the alleged “lock down” farce. Yet YOU get locked up for “breaking” that same rule. WHY? Who is bullshitting WHO? 

Image may contain: one or more people, people walking, crowd and outdoor


Posted by Ronel Fivaz on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

While whites are sitting locked-up like chimps in their cages blacks have a ball of a time in the streets without being harassed by Ramaphosa’s Stassi gangs. Why?

AS expected will retailers exploit the “lock-down” to make huge profits by spiking prices exuberantly- like Pick & Pay and SPAR.

And you are so damn naive and brain-washed you cannot even add 2 and 2 together-  but happily shit your pants and sing along with this bullsh*t tune? Ramaphosa is blissfully making monkeys out of all of you- and caged monkeys at that as well while the rest of South Africa’s “majority” walks free in the streets, loot shops, having parties, go shopping while  you poor naive whites are sitting like chimps in your cages! Where is all those “Boere fighters and “Legions” we hear so much about- talking war stories and threatening the ANC with “Boer” actions? Also sitting in their little cages like the rest of the chimps we suppose- to damn scared to utter a word unless they want to be transferred from their private cage to a government cage we take it. Your minute mind force you to believe all the bullsh*t rammed down your throat by tyrants such as Ramaphosa and the global Main Stream Media? Wake up for f*ck-sake!!! Stop your stupid naive culture and start thinking for yourself. Stop your fear mongering on social sites. You are unnecessarily putting other people’s lives at risk. Stop insulting other people as “conspiracy theorists” that must “be shot” that tries to tell you the truth behind this “Corona”-thing.  You are the “conspiracy theorist” that is spreading fake information and on top of that an idiot who is  forming part of their plan to destroy our healthy societies.

Posted by Leon Cronje on Thursday, April 2, 2020

While the black communist regime will be dishing out billions of rands to black “vulnerable” people…white vulnerable people will get absolutely NOTHING!


Posted by Willie De Lange on Thursday, March 15, 2018

AND they are the ones that authorized you to be held captive in your own home!!



What can you do when Motsepe’s radiation towers start going up and people start getting sick?

Turn off your smartphones or put them in an aluminum pouch until you need to use them to decrease radiation exposure for you and everyone else. This is the real thing you should be doing instead of washing your hands to protect others. And if you cure your elderly and grandparents, put them in a Faraday cage, where they will not be constantly irradiated by WIFI signals around us, especially in hospitals. Then their sick bodies can heal in time, as the toxemia disappears from their bodies.




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White Nation Network



Share en save dit voor FB die video gaan delete…….

Posted by Leon van Veenhuyzen on Thursday, April 2, 2020