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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Pietermaritzburg April 06  2020





Presentation Alphabets: Red Refrigerator Magnet LOCK-DOWN!” A term that together with the word “Corona” now are sending more than just  fear down the spines of millions of people across the globe. The entire world this past month went into a total state of madness which  in the future annals of history will be known as a  time of  unparalleled global idiocracy .

IT is the first time ever in 2000 years of recorded history  that the whole world and all it’s governments act in a manner that could only be described as sheer orchestrated and unified lunacy. Logic and common sense  appeared to have became non-existent in an irrational agenda driven by greedy power-crazed corporate schizoids and a maniacal  and psychotic Main Stream Media. It appears to be a pre-planned fabrication to create a global catastrophe in order  to induce maximum economical havoc to all nations and deliver a result of mass human suffering. Such an event of the cataclysmic economical extermination of whole countries can only be contributed to powers that have the ability and financial influence  to orchestrate a global political subversion of all governments against their own peoples. The gates of hell have been flung wide-open  and all the demons of the Tartarus underworld have been unleashed in a single instance on human society with a single code-word that triggered one of the most  devastating events to bring every single society across the world to it’s knees : ” CORONA!”


Although the term” Corona” commonly refer to a virus which could be found in common colds and flu- for the planners and orchestrators of this global extermination agenda – the term carries  more significance than just being a virus- but rather more  in the direction of which it is described in terms of anatomy – iow  the upper portion or crown of a part- as of the head. The term “Corona” to them indicates a situation where a few well-placed financially powerful  “elites” will take control of the world as the “head” or “crown” – the highest point of a body-of a globally mastered system that eventually will bring the whole world to a stand-still through a massive engineered economical collapse. And the only connotation this globally  manufactured economical  apocalypse has with the virus- is the nature and characteristic it possesses to rapidly spread and negatively infect each and every country’s political, financial , psychological and social behaviors in a very short space of time. And as we have seen- it only took this menacing abomination one single month to totally and literally “infest” and put the whole world in a devastating economical “lock-down!”



Finding the source- seeking the smoking gun

China was a perfect location to “appoint” the so-called “virus” to originate from  as China is firstly a communist country– and secondly not easily accessible  for Western investigators or journalists to snoop around and find the truth behind this so-called “pandemic” due to it’s strict iron-curtain policies.  Too much snooping and too many nervous questions might result in a curious snooper finding him or herself in one of China’s lesser convenient state facilities. Thus not many “investigators” dare asking the wrong questions at the wrong time out of fear they might find themselves ending up in the wrong place . Further-more was one of thousands of Chinese street markets chosen as the alleged place where this “virus” originated from and a bat as the source. One bat literally shut down the whole world into a state of collapse- can you ever believe that? So- it was nearly impossible for any investigator to locate the true origins of this “devastating virus” that had the ability to put the whole world in a state of hysteria , force world stock markets to tumble- and create full-scale police state like  lock-downs of nearly 13 billion people across the globe. One would reason that the world immediately would react – spring into action , set up an international crisis center- and send some super top scientists into the field to investigate the origins and nature of  this sudden omen before any drastic action could be implemented to safeguard a country from falling victim to this menace. However– the world at large reacted in a very peculiar way- if not complacent- with most governments immediately taking drastic actions, shutting down their economies and incarcerate their people even before any hard evidence was gathered by any super scientist.  Up to today no scientist with all the modern technology available that could even analyze the tiniest spec or trace of alien substance in a body in the case of a murder – could precisely determine the true characteristic of this global destructive “abomination ” bar speculation. Ironic- isn’t it? The dots points to a pre-planned global orchestrated agenda as the smoking gun.

South Africa- a country destined for doom:

SOUTH-AFRICA finds itself in a very precarious position- if not down-right in a very perilous predicament. Already on the verge of a total economic collapse and down-graded credit assessments to junk-status due to years of flagrant looting , plundering and mismanagement by a corrupt and greedy regime that has neither the  competence nor the ability or knowledge to even control a enclosure full of goats- it now finds itself faced with yet another crisis and left in the hands of  a corrupt money-grubbing  racketeer as a “president” who is backed up by a bunch of rogue ex-terrorists that does not even fit the criteria to differentiate their posterior from their anterior to manage the new crisis.

With a historical track-record of messing up everything they touch because of their inability to govern- the Lethuli-House ANC  mobsters did not disappoint us when they also made a total screw up of the new crisis facing them. Being used to be more asleep and having shebeen-like brawls in parliament than being awake and tending to matters of national importance -you quickly could notice these overstuffed Nguni clan pachyderms  had no clue how to handle a crisis that needed full national co-operation between government and the populace. They truly were caught off-guard with the suddenness that the “Corona” attack surprised them with. Now one can understand their confusion as they- for 25 years in end – has totally plundered the state coffers, looted the national treasury empty, mismanaged about each and every state department, SOE, provincial treasury chest and emptied about every municipal piggy bank under their control. With essential services such as the Health Department, Defense Force and Police Services in a total mess and on the brink of financial collapse due to corruption and hell-bent racist policies such as “Affirmative Action” and “BEEE” – there was not much resources , funding and sufficient intelligence to pool from to support such a menacing threat on such a scale in such a short time.

The poor Squirrel– he was momentarily caught with his pants on his ankles. Although we suspect he knew that the orchestrated “Corona” disaster was about to hit South Africa as well- he was not prepared for the total incompetence among his own back-yard dwellers to handle such a situation. The Squirrel foresaw such an event and he did made some preparations for it: He visited New York prior to the “Corona” tempest and had a friendly “chit chat” with “ Mr. Death” himself- Bill Gates. We suspect ol’ Mr. “Doom” must have informed the Squirrel about the coming “Corona” storm and we suspect ol’ Bill offered the Squirrel a handsome “reward” if he- Billy Boy- could “introduce” his newly designed micro-chip vaccines on the South African animals for testing purposes.  Then also did the Squirrel- after his New York outing– approved a 3% salary increase for all his cadres in parliament two weeks prior to the disaster just to make sure they are well looked-after during  the ” lock-down ” period following his announcement. Very thoughtful and compassionate of him we daresay.

But when the actual lock-down started- total chaos crept in. Firstly did our Squirrel not prepare his very “important” speech and the whole nation had to linger around  in purgatory for two full hours while the Squirrel was rummaging through all his Nando’s papers, air travel tickets, hotel slips ,  bank statements, appointments and G-d knows what else in his briefcase to find the paper his scribe wrote his speech on. Eventually the “man” made his appearance and announced that the country will be in a total “lock-down” from March 26 to April 16 2020 with all the “do’s and dont’s” accompanying it. Then- after that very important announcement the Squirrel like totally disappeared from the political spotlight- leaving the rest of the management up to his les miserables to run the show. And it is here that the chaos and incompetence really began to emerge.

Clowns running the show

Now look- let’s be honest and give some deserved credit where due. If the “ Village idiot of the year” awards are due again- we strongly will support nominations for Fikile Mbalula – ANC cadre of Transport , Bheki Cele– ANC cadre of Police- and Nkosazana Dhlamini- Zuma – ANC cadre  of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs as the most likely candidates to walk away with the laurels. Between this three stooges they made a total circus out of the whole affair. The one tried to impose more irrational “laws” than the other- and on the other hand then again tried to relax more of their own “laws” where the poor “suffering ” black taxi organizations  and black vendors are concerned. Together with runner up Ibrahim Patel– cadre of Trade and Industry- a whole flurry of “ do’s and don’ts” followed the Squirrel’s important speech such as:

1. No alcohol or cigarettes may be sold by any retailer.  Now we still try to connect alcohol and cigarettes with the “Corona” virus and figure out what the hell it has to do with “curbing” this “virus” by not smoking and drinking.


AND these oafs banned smoking during the “Corona”-thing. Why? Are they scared you might survive their fake onslaught on your life?

2. Only “essential “ goods may be sold at retailers. What is supposed to be “essential” also pose a question or two as there is no  specification what the cadres deem as “essential.” What we have noticed though  is that suddenly normal commodities such as packets of crisps,  confectionery items  and seeds are not deemed “essential.” Again- how the retailers and the half-with police and traffic bozos now by themselves made a connotation between a packet of Willards chips, nails, paint, a pie , plant seeds and the spreading of this “Corona”-thing is yet another open question.

Image may contain: food

3. Then the cadres pointed out that nobody is allowed to leave their homes for the duration of this “lock-down”– an when you do have to leave your house to purchase this “essential” goods- you have to travel only two persons in a car- NOT sitting alongside each other- but one in the front(driver) and one in the back at least 1 meter apart- wearing your Donal Duck masks to prevent the “virus” from spreading. How these oafs work logic into this stupid rule of theirs simply leaves one gobsmacked. At home me and my girlfriend have a ball of a time- banging each other and humping like gorillas-but the moment we drive out of the gate we must be sitting 1 meter apart in the car and wearing friggen masks so we do not “contaminate” each other. Then further-more are black taxis allowed to operate as normal- carrying 14+ passengers without their Donald, Dewey and Daisy masks. Any logic in this?

4. No business except “essential” businesses that render humanitarian services and food suppliers may operate during this “Corona”-thing lock down to prevent people from spreading the “disease”– but on the other hand did Nkosazana Zuma allow black vendors to continue doing brisk business out of “Spaza” shops and on the pavements in black residential areas and squatter camps. Again we cannot see any logic on banning one group of business people or shops from doing business out of “fear” from spreading the “virus”- but on the other hand allow another group to blissfully continue their business as usual with the knowledge that these businesses will attract customers. You are more likely to pick up the virus from an unclean street vendor stall than from a proper shop- but somehow Nkosazana Zuma figured it out her own peculiar way that street vendors are hygienically more safer to sell any item  than acknowledged retail shops.   Then these same idiots that allowed these businesses to continue pops around and complain bitterly that people do not adhere to the “lock down” rules as the streets still is swarming  with black customers.

This “essential food” business is totally unnecessary as we feel you must decide what is essential- and what not. Ibrahim Patel went way out of his league by adding this non-sense to their “lock down” dictatorship. Many a time things such as a globe, broken water pipe, blocked sewer pipe, etc suddenly becomes essential- but because the little tin-pot dictators on top decided this items is not “essential”- you now will have to content with a blocked sewer pipe until the little gods in the Lethuli-House nest decides that items is “essential” again. This is utterly preposterous how these incompetent clucks such as Patel, Zuma, Mbalula and Cele can be allowed to play god and decide what you may or may not procure for your daily needs. Being placed under involuntary house arrest and not be able to generate an income is bad enough. To come around and add inhuman restrictions onto what you are allowed to purchase and what not borders to insanity.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and food


Brain-washing the “sheeple.”

This only is a few of the controversial “laws” that has been hastily manufactured , amended and changed by the fools in control to at least appear to be intelligent and worthy of their humongous salaries.  To the rest of the more intelligent part of the nation this boils down to an open air  circus with the clowns now dictating the show. And as ever were the distrustful and malicious Main Stream Media present to brain-wash the poor disillusioned sheep on a 24/7 basis with “Corona” misinformation and propaganda as per government orders. This was a “newby” and every miscreant in the liberal news conclaves had a good go at it to try scoring more readers points by copy and paste more dramatic lies and fabrications than the fool next door.  It does not matter which news site you open- all you notice is a mass media hysteria about “Coronavirus” page upon page. Constant massive  propaganda bombardment  and psi-ops campaigns to thoroughly  mind-f*ck the herd to accept this “Corona” fabrication are launched in each and every leftist tabloid on nearly an hourly basis . If the lie can be driven and held  alive long enough- it will eventually penetrate the subconscious minds of the “sheeple” into actually believing it – which can turn “Corona” into the “truth” and a national culture- which again in turn can lead to further “adjustments”  and   “amendments” of the constitution  and new “laws” with regard to  changing normal healthy social behavior in order to accept socialism more readily and obey their polatriat masters without any question or resistance.That is what communism is all about: Create a global disaster to unify the populace-  and then feed the masses toxic poison in the form of salvation to neutralize their resistance and  accept communist doctrines more easily. And South Africa- devastated by years of plundering and corruption- is a ripe apple to pluck for Ramaphosa and his red communist bosses in Britain.


Image may contain: text

SLOWLY they now are starting to silence the truth on social media. When the global masters think their evil agenda is about to be exposed- quickly a gag order will appear . And as always does a threat accompany their gag enforcement. They deliberately want to kill the messengers so you must only be exposed to their lies and deceptions- true NWO-style.And this is the so-called “democratic” government YOU voted into power? What the hell have you done?

Who the hell is Bill Gates to tell us whether we may gather socially or not? This thug wants to inject you with poisonous toxic and chip you like a sheep in exchange for your G-d-given rights!

ANOTHER deadly turn of the “Corona”-thing- your free speech is muzzled. The Eastern Cape Department of Health has condemned a video doing the rounds on social media where a man -Stephen  Birch- is calling on citizens to refuse being tested for Covid-19.Now because he said that- DA WC Premier Allan Winde went and laid the charge. Good man Allan- we will remember the next election to give you and your party a miss on the ballot papers!


#SouthAfrica the first African Country to offer its citizens for #COVID2019 Vaccine Guinea pig trials.

#SouthAfrica the first African Country to offer its citizens for #COVID2019 Vaccine Guinea pig trials.

Posted by BW News Botswana on Sunday, April 5, 2020

Ramaphosa selling Africans out as guinea pigs for Bill gates’ vaccines?





What happened since you were being  “locked-down?:


Now…how many times do you want to see the truth that this whole “Corona”-thing is one big orchestrated lie with lots of hidden agendas to take absolute control of your social lives? If this was a real virus- why would the government revert to “strong-arm” tactics by putting you in house arrest, stop all companies functioning- and come around with multiple threats?

Let us see what is really happening here since this alleged” lock-down”:

1. You immediately lost your freedom of movement– incarcerated for half a month in your own home- irrespective the fact that many people depend on day-jobs for a sustainable income such as car guards, domestic workers, etc-

2. Your privacy was infringed by “them” tracking you through your cell phones-


3. You free speech now is under threat as they will arrest you if you dare exposing their lies on social media-thus getting rid of all the “free thinkers” that may oppose their communist rule-

4. A whole army and all security forces were activated to keep you off the streets and arrest you at random if you dare “break” their rules according to their own warped definition-

5. Your are prohibited to buy certain commodities such as liquor , cigarettes, snacks, seeds, etc-

6. Like sheep they want to force you to take vaccines you do not need and on top of that- get “tagged” like sheep so they could trace you where you move for your entire life-

7. They now banned you from visiting friends, social gatherings, etc-

8. They forced companies to close down for a unknown period- thus forcing many people to loose their jobs, companies loosing revenue and on the end of the day- destroy the micro economy leaving thousands of people jobless and without an income-

9. You are bombarded with malicious propaganda from the Main Stream Media 24/7 on a daily basis-

10. Suddenly all food prices soared out of reach of many poor families-

11. Your government is threatening you on a daily basis to “toe the line or else...”- iow they use FEAR to force you to oblige to their whims of a police state-

12. People are being evacuated e-masse from their homes against their will-

12. The economy is busy collapsing and this fake “virus” from your government is creating a recession which will soon turn over into an economic melt-down- leaving millions destitute with no income.


While you are forced- and even jailed- for not wearing a mask in public the big “Kahuna” who is pumping out the threats against you himself is not wearing one either. But HE does not get jailed. Why? Two sets of rules again we take it.


Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'How does it feel to know politicians have shut down YOUR ability to earn a paycheck but they are still drawing theirs? ...AND YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT!'


A ticking time-bomb

Why all this unjust actions, social disruption ,laws, threats and lunacy for a small insignificant flu virus? This only is a few realities to show that the virus itself is not your problem- your GOVERNMENT is your problem.  Now they already are preparing you for “round two” to further impoverish you to such an  extend that a civil war will soon break out.

No photo description available.

And when it does- they will be the first ones jumping ship and flee for the “safe havens” they already created for themselves abroad- leaving you to cope with the anarchy, turmoil and chaos they created. This is the typical modus operandi of all African dictators. Greed and selfish enrichment led to many African countries suffering from poverty and  starvation due to black dictators such as the ANC that totally lost touch with the people. Like Uganda, the DRC, Zimbabwe and many African Sub-Saharan countries it is not long before a Tunisian Spring is unavoidable. And every time chaos erupts this African dictators fled their countries and went into hiding in the safety of other countries- typical cowards that do not want to take responsibility for their own actions.  The ANC schizoids are no different.Ramaphosa , Mantashe and the “elite” ilk already have transferred all their own personal assets abroad. They already have made preparations to flee the country in an event of a civil unrest. But they must not be allowed to when this happens. They must be stopped from leaving the country and reeled in to come and face their own creation and the people they want to abandon. The dog must be brought back and forced to face his own vomit. Let the people judge them then and apply Africa’s rule and judgement the way Africa did for many years.They must take responsibility as well accountability for their own actions.

Extending the “lock-down“- playing a dangerous game

Any further  extension of this “lock-down” madness is going to turn ugly with chaos, riots and anarchy . Already blacks are breaking into major retailers, plundering and stealing to survive. This is a deadly sign of what’s to come if Ramaphosa and his gang attempt any further extensions or lunatic “lock – downs.” South Africa is not prepared for this non-sense. Further attempts to ban South Africans from living their normal lives will be destructive – if not down-right a recipe for disaster. Getting a fat pay check every month from the government and get all your needs attended to by your lackeys is convenient for these government pundits we suppose. But to sit there and decide who is allowed to do what and who not is not only arrogant- but straight forward a dictatorship exercise .

For the little man on the street that do not have the luxury of  a fat government pay check every month and lackeys to jump at their every whim – but have to cope with every-day challenges such as hunger, make-do repairs at home without the necessary needed items, try to survive and pay his dues and responsibilities without an income and the freedom to go out of his house and obtain a salary  due to “lock-down” fun and games and have to scrounge for his next meal to feed his family it is a total different ball game. At some point people will have to decide between going to bed hungry or go on playing “Corona” games. It is when your children start to suffer that many a time bring that uncertainty to a conclusion.This type of government control can quickly escalate into a violent regime change.  It is something “bling-bling” government idiots such as Patel, Cele et al do not really understand and care less about. For them it is all about playing little “power-control” games.

We find it particular strange how prominently  Mr. Gates’ name pops up on a regular basis since this “Corona“-thing started- and every time Mr. Gates regurgitates- the ANC  jumps into  action to lap up whatever he produces.

Fat cats seldomly evaluate the difference between compassion and greed. People are not animals- and you cannot keep them in cages for too long- irrespective your devious motives , laws and excuses.T he problem we have with the ANC is they cannot be trusted. Nothing they do is anywhere near honorable. They are greedy moneygrubbers– and the way we see it- is that they will drive this situation as far as they can to invoke as much  international sympathy as possible by worsening the situation in the country as much as they can – playing the “victim” again as they have been doing with “apartheid” this past 25 years. Some or the other way these tricksters get a way around to pocket some more money. This again will lead to international sympathizers donating millions of dollars to “help fight the Corona virus.” But not a dime of that donations will find it’s way to it’s destination- but the lion share again as with all the previous donations- will find their way towards the pockets of the looters again. Every time people start wondering if this “Corona”-thing is real- then o dear– suddenly another poor victim died due to Corona…the figures just slowly keep on escalating without any names or facts around the case supplied. Every day another John or Jane Doe seems to “die” from this “Corona”-thing to keep the game authentic and alive.  And they will keep this on as long as possible- until a civil war erupts. It is then that they will clean up their closets and head for that “safe havens” and leave you slap bang in the middle of a terrible civil war. They realize this “Corona”-thing is a BIG money-spinner- add to that Bill Gates’ donations for the vaccines and the 5 G roll outs- and there we have it- lady luck smiles on Ramaphosa and his hoodlums again all while the populace will have to carry the brunt of all te sh*t coming in the aftermath. Ramaphosa and his ilk are playing the populace for the naive fools they are.

IT is and donations. And with every loan the country’s debt clock is ticking ever so much faster. This gangsters are truly destroying the country on a apocalyptic  scale. If you though Zuma screwed-up the country- his legacy will be a fairy tale compared to what Ramaphosa has in store .

It will not be long before the masses decide to draw the line in the sand and to wrestle power back into their own hands – and the first signs of trouble brewing is mass looting of shops. People are hungry and they must eat. Shelves gradually will become empty as shop owners will not stock up again. Lesser and lesser items will be available and food supplies will start to dwindle as one after the other shop start to close it’s doors. At this point the fat cats will still be oblivious to the danger signs and still will pay no attention because it is not them that have to suffer the losses- but the shop owners and insurance companies. Then the next level will start and  civil unrest follows followed by uncontrolled  riots and chaos that  start. After that the situation escalates into a total disregard for discipline and law and order- security forces take action on the orders of the fat cat regime to protect them- and start openly abusing the populace. It is then that a a  full civil war follows as the populace retaliates –  and soon a forced regime change- iow a koo-de-etat as soldier and civil servant alike have hungry families to feed.

This is something the ANC kleptocracy do not seem to understand.They never encountered a situation like this before and none of them- Ramaphosa included- are qualified or prepared for what they are about to ignite with their own incompetence, arrogance and a lack of understanding poverty, social resistance and civil unrest.  Most rural and poor blacks in squatter camps do not fully understand this “Corona“-thing , what it is- and all the alleged “complications”  that accompanies it- but when hunger pangs starts to creep in-  immediately their prehistoric nature to survive   kicks in.They will quickly mobilize and go into action by storming food supply depots e-masse,- breaking down doors and plunder as much as they can.



Already the black South African have the notorious honor  as the most violent nation in Africa. South African blacks are not like other African blacks. They are totally different and disturbing their daily life is fooling around with a hornet’s nest. But being from alien descendant themselves most of these ANC les incompetents  will not understand what they are about to unleash if they continue in this foolish direction. South African blacks have a history of violent retaliation. This we saw time and again by the  everyday riots, plundering and destruction we saw under normal circumstances.Under extreme circumstances created by the regime such as this the violent proned  South African black populace become a ticking time bomb  that soon will explode with disastrous consequences. Already we see the tell-tale signs of the start of this deadly scenario beginning to play itself off as black rioters now organize themselves and start to break down shops and start looting at will in order to feed their families. Ramaphosa and his greedy pig sty better take note of this ominous signs and stop their little power play games or soon they will have much more to content with than mere little “Corona” games.


Belhar Spar being vandalized… This is not right, no man!!!

Posted by Celeste April on Thursday, April 9, 2020


Another retailer plundered. A liquor store- Liquor City- was plundered and robbed this morning in Brackenfell Center, City of Cape Town, Western Cape Province


Just WHO is dictating our policies- Mr.Gates it seems is the dictator in this game.


Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says '17:58 Search Facebook 20 minutes ago LIMPOPO DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (BOPHELONG) 50 minutes ago To protect healthcare workers in Limpopo against the influenza virus and the scenario of a COVID-19 infection superimposed with the influenza infection the MEC Phophi Ramathuba aquired the Tamiflu vaccine to vaccinate healthcare workers in Limpopo. Today Letaba Regional Hospital launched the vaccination campaign for the hospital and clinics in Greater Tzaneen municipality.'

It’s starting!! Who is the “conspiracy theorists” now? Forced vaccination is on the cards!


NOW– we assume extending this draconian “lock down” will not bother the ANC “elite” at all. I mean- they get humongous salaries averaged at R 2.4 million a year– that is average of R 200.000.00 per month plus perks. And that to host their own private WW-RAW shows and getting sleep therapy in parliament! So why would they worry about you and me? Why would they worry where the poor will get their next meal? Why would they worry how many small businesses will have to close down because of their “extended” theatricals? Why would they bother about thousands of people that would become jobless if they keep this facade on for an uncertain period? It is not their problem how many people will pay their rent, bonds , municipal responsibilities or debt without an income. They care less whether you start loosing your homes, cars  or start selling your goods in order to survive. To these dictators the poor car guard or domestic worker that relies on a daily income doesn’t matter. Their bank accounts are stuffed with looted tender and tax money- their freedom of movement or speech  is not in jeopardy…they are not placed under house arrest like you and neither will they be jailed if they brake the rules. They already have locked you inside your house- taking your freedom of movement away. Next they will come and “test” you- then inject you- then control you. Do you not see what is happening here? This “Corona”-thing is blown out of proportion as it is a smoke-screen for worse abominations to follow. They are exploiting you for their own dark and selfish agendas. This “Corona”-thing was planned way back already. Many other plagues already hit the world before-much more people perished during the Bubonic plague, black plague, cancer, etc-  but none received so much prominence as this “Corona”-thing. Why? You re being herded and treated like animals under a fake agenda of a global epidemic in order to force a  One World Order system  upon you.


South Africa soon will share the stage with other failed countries such as Venezuela, Sudan and Zimbabwe. This is the “democracy” that is now much “worse” than “apartheid” that you have voted for.And worst of all- ALL the political parties in parliament see and hear this- but none so far has objected- which makes all South Africa’s politicians co-conspirators and guilty of high treason against the people.

Corona ….Corona what???And you got locked up for 12 Corona deaths? This is political Lunacy!

People- the time has come to start taking stock- start looking serious at the situation this government has put you in- the way they are treating you. It’s time to wake up from this “Corona” trance-like state the governnment and  Main Stream Media put you in. Ramaphosa already showed the signs that he is moving towards full communism– that much you should have noticed with all the “expropriation” bullshit and the  discrimination against your G-d given human rights he now is taking away from you.

The warnings already is sounding for quite a while . The time to act is now. Do NOT let this man and his communist party or mass murderers like Bill Gates  – who will exploit  this “Corona“-thing to sway South Africa into a full communist state and a test bed for harmful vaccines and 5G radiation experiments -get away with it. It is time your voice must be heard. It is time for each and every free citizen that still values the freedom and rights G-d gave us and to our children to stand up and say “Enough is enough!” If we do not start fighting this evil dispensation- our children too will become slaves in the hands of scrupulous corporate thugs and dirty politicians.










White Nation