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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Tennessee USA April 16  2020




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PRESIDENT TRUMP invoked rarely used wartime powers and announced the deployment of two naval ships Wednesday as he tried to boost the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak after days of bureaucratic delays and missteps.“We’ll be invoking the Defense Production Act, just in case we need it,” Trump said Wednesday from the White House, referring to a 1950 law that could allow the federal government to compel the private sector to accelerate the development of critical medical equipment.It can do a lot of good things if we need it.”



Trump’s move signaled an effort to stand up a more robust federal operation to combat a “virus”  that has quickly spread across the country, taking hold in all 50 states and threatening to crush the economy. The flurry of announcements Wednesday marked the most concentrated campaign yet by the Trump administration to slow the advance of “covid-19, ” the disease caused by the virus. Trump, who spent weeks downplaying the risk posed by the virus before recently taking a more aggressive approach, continued his shift in tone as he compared the government’s posture to a military operation. “It’s a war,” Trump said of the effort to combat the pandemic. He likened himself to a “wartime president.”

The Defense Department said Wednesday it was preparing two Navy hospital ships for deployments, including one slated to go to New York to boost the state’s medical capacity amid fears that the virus could become overwhelming should it spread among the millions of people who live in and around New York City. The Pentagon also said this week it would be making 5 million masks and 2,000 ventilators available for use by health workers. The measures aim to ramp up what state and local officials have described as Washington’s frustratingly slow and disjointed early response to the epidemic, which they have said was plagued by inadequate testing and an ignorance about the prospect of widespread shortages in medical equipment and facilities. New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D), who had criticized the federal government earlier in the week for not being more proactive, said Wednesday that he is grateful that the Trump administration is stepping up its efforts. “The president and I agreed yesterday, look, we’re fighting the same war — and this is a war,” he said Wednesday morning. “He is fully engaged on trying to help New York. He’s being very creative and very energetic and I thank him for his partnership.”

Libs pressing Trump psychologically to invoke FEMA powers.

As Trump pushed early on to limit the economic impact of the “pandemic”  — focusing on a series of stimulus proposals and putting pressure on the Federal Reserve — critics including Cuomo said his administration was too lax in using federal powers to slow the spread of the disease at a time it might have been possible to contain it. The federal government has promised a rapid increase in available tests for coronavirusafter struggling to provide them earlier this month. Former U.S. surgeon general Vivek H. Murthy said that while the administration’s moves to provide more testing and more medical equipment are welcome, such efforts are long overdue. “People are struggling right now, they’re running out of masks and gowns and gloves, right now,” he said Wednesday on CNN. Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Trump’s decision to invoke the Defense Production Act was necessary but not enough, tweeting that “so much more is needed NOW.” “Making sure doctors and nurses have everything they need is our top priority,” he wrote. “We need masks, hospital beds, ventilators. We still need testing kits.” It remained unclear how Trump’s signing of the Defense Production Act would be implemented. The president said on Twitter that he would only be using the broad authorities granted by the act if needed in a “worst-case scenario.”

Trump announced Wednesday that the Department of Housing and Urban Development would be suspending foreclosures and evictions until the end of April, and he said he would be closing the northern border with Canadato all but essential travel. And the Trump administration is working with “several groups” to potentially overhaul the “ coronavirus”  testing regime by determining the feasibility of wide-scale self-swabbing, the president said. None of the moves were able to calm the turbulent financial markets. The Dow Jones industrial average fell another 6 percent Wednesday, shedding more than 1,300 points. The stock market’s slide during the past month has wiped out nearly all of the gains achieved since Trump was inaugurated. There are now allegedly  more than 7,800 “confirmed coronavirus”  cases throughout the country, and more than 115 have died, numbers that allegedly have been rising rapidly in recent days. Trump administration officials said that while the increase reflects additional testing capacity, the threat of a swiftly escalating crisis remained; the number of confirmed cases in the United States jumped more than 40 percent from Tuesday to Wednesday. Trump’s invocation of the Defense Production Act comes just days after he declared the global pandemic a national emergency, a move that freed up billions of dollars in aid to state and local governments. Many state and local officials have appealed to the federal government for help dealing with an unprecedented disruption to their medical and economic systems.

Activating the FEAMA state

Trump put the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at its highest level of operation Wednesday, indicating that the agency will take on an increasingly greater role managing the nonmedical elements of the government’s disaster response. “FEMA now is fully engaged at the highest levels,” Trump told reporters. “Today FEMA is activated in every region at Level 1 … the highest level.” The agency was preparing to deploy more than 50 teams across the country to support jurisdictions struggling to cope with the “coronavirus”  shutdowns and disruptions, FEMA spokesperson Lizzie Litzow said. The four-person teams “will be there to support states as they activate their emergency operations centers,” Litzow said. The Trump administration to date has used FEMA mostly in a secondary role, with the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control taking the lead among federal agencies. ” This starts to shift the operational center of gravity from HHS to FEMA,” said Dan Kaniewski, who stepped down in January as the agency’s second-in-command. The White House Task Force will continue to run the government response, but FEMA is the best-qualified to coordinate among federal agencies, deploy resources and respond to state requests for assistance, while allowing HHS and the CDC to continue to take the lead on the medical emergency response, Kaniewski added. “FEMA is the quarterback for the federal response to disasters,” he said. “This is a disaster, and it needs to be coordinated.”

FEMA Administrator Peter Gaynor briefed the White House “coronavirus ” task force about the agency’s assets and resources for the first time Wednesday, Litzow said. The agency does not have stockpiles of materials or medical supplies on hand, but its incident managers are tasked with assisting states and localities with the procurement process and by providing financial resources. The agency’s 10 regional coordinating offices are working with state governments and the emergency teams will support them, Litzow said. “Our regional administrators are in touch with all the governors and in touch with the White House Task Force,” she said. “This is the whole of government response.” Trump plans to visit FEMA’s emergency operations center in Washington on Thursday. FEMA has broad authority to coordinate among federal agencies in response to a natural disaster. Officials at the agency will continue to play a “supporting role” to federal authorities because the “coronavirus” is a public health pandemic, rather than a natural disaster like a hurricane or flood. Trump’s declaration of a national emergency last week allowed state and local officials to request direct federal assistance to respond to the pandemic, opening up more than $40 billion in disaster relief aid.



This entire over reaction to the C19 and media spin city are a perfect opportunity for the powers that be to rack up more power and diminish all of our rights. They never let a tragedy go to waste. When the door to door mandatory welfare checks, removal of family members, god forbid taking our kids away breaking up families. Anyone remember all those FEMA containers (coffins) during the last administration? Now, were those for hurricane Katrina? Border detention deaths, or now Covid 19 deaths? Makes you wonder. BUT then we already were warned of this dark powers in the Good Book: : ”  For when they say, “Peace and safety (security)!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (NKJV) Bill Cooper so far was right about all of what’s going on today, all if this was in his book: ” Behold, A Pale Horse.Agenda 21 is real and Bill Gates is one of the prime movers of such an event. The UN charter Agenda 21 is an interesting but scary document, to be implemented by 2021. In the following documentary “Out of the Shadows”– you can deduct what the “Deep State” really is up to:


This has been their plan for years. This “Corona” virus is just a cover up so they can go forward with their plans. They even have it in their very own document. REX 84. (Fema martial law plan) FEMA has all of these Executive Orders now that put them in charge over All US Citizens. FEMA are in league with the NWO United Nations agenda. The liberals have pull what is referred to as an “Event 201” – Trump  has been tricked out of his powers. Ironically JF Kennedy was the one that signed the executive orders that give FEMA absolute power. The New World Order is going to be one hundred percent implemented any day now and people will be whisked away to their local FEMA camps at 3 in the morning, etc. This may explain why the seal of the President is no longer on the podium.

It is then no wonder Nancy Pelosi just said the other day that “common people” are not allowed to be president and that she wants to show the country who’s really running the show.Now the next question comes to mind: Seeing that South Africa became the bum nugget of the world- when can we expect the Ramaphosa-regime to follow suite and also declare a state of emergency in South Africa- giving him absolute power to finally destroy our country and our societies once and for all? That “Tunisian Spring” is drawing ever so closer.  If people is anything near wise they must become aware what’s going on and start preparing for  emergency action.

BELOW listen how Obama already made hints of the Covid 19 agenda.


“Coved-19” is no biological virus at all- but rather a a cryptic code for the activation of a totalitarian world control by the “elite”  through the process of grabbing absolute power by the various governments of the world in order to substantiate one singular  brutal global dictatorship upon the free peoples of the world- which will include:

  • The total control of free speech-
  • Enforced vaccination (tagging) of all citizens for tracking purposes and curbing social freedom-
  • Total control over all food, water , mineral and energy resources-
  • Control over free movement-
  • Bringing an end to all different religions into one world religion-
  • Destroying all economies and adapt a one world currency-
  • Installation of thousands of 5 G networks across the globe-
  • Destroying all governments and bring about one world government with one set of laws and rules for all-
  • Enslaving normal citizens by the use of military suppression  and dehumanize them all to become 2nd class minions-
  • Destruction of the labor market and instate a global ” social grant” system to manipulate the masses-
  • Elimination  of all  “free thinkers” that pose a threat to their agenda-
  • Disarming of all normal people as to ensure no rebellion will develop among the citizens-
  • Disowning all property owners to force them to become obedient slaves to the New World Order-
  • Destruction of all social classes to create only two global social classes- the “rulers ” and the” slaves “
  • Elimination of all the “useless eaters”– iow the terminally  sick, elderly, paraplegic and deformed-
  • Controlling the birth rates-
  • Persecution of all “unwanted” individuals deemed either a threat to the “plan”, independent thinkers, religious believers-  or anyone that attempts to break away from their oppressive system.

For this reason the “Corona” plan is so widely “accepted” and advocated by so many governments at precisely the same instant and precisely the same “ prevention” actions were taken with regard to “lock-downs”, essential food regulations, wearing of silly masks, traveling procedures, social distance rules, bans on gatherings to prevent the organizing of rebellions,  etc.  It clearly indicates “someone” central is in control of this “Covid” agenda.The Main Stream Media  is used extensively to promote the “plan” by sowing disinformation , advocating fictitious figures about “infections” and “deaths” – and to create a deliberate  mass hysteria among the citizens of the world. Now  all the free peoples of the Western world are in a state of house arrest and many in a state of poverty , distress and starvation.

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Interview w Hidden Truth and Fraud of the Mainstream Media.

Dr. SHIVA LIVE: Interview w Hidden Truth and Fraud of the Mainstream Media.

Posted by V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai on Tuesday, April 14, 2020


For this reason multiple new technology, “laws” and repercussions were introduced to protect their “plan”– such as a ban on asking questions about the validity of the statistics, questions around the testing and vaccination credibility, exposing the truth about this “Corona”-thing- or merely question the testing or the denial that such a virus as “Covet-19″ truly exists.In South Africa we find an interesting fact in that the very corporations who are busy rolling out 5G, including Icasa, form part of the new “special Ministerial Task Team”  appointed by Cyril Ramaphosa-who are now in charge of what is “particularly in relation to Covid-19 and related actions such as the national lockdown .” Strange co-incidence? Up to today not ONE single evidence was produced just HOW this very strange and secretive “virus” developed. Lots of misleading answers were given such as bats, Armadillos, secret Chinese labs that made a f*ck-up and created a “super virus, ”  secret American labs, German labs and much more- but the true origin of this alleged “virus” still eludes the curious.

BUT governments and institutions across the especially Western  world is up in arms and money flies around like confetti on a wedding day to “curb” the “mass extinction” of human kind- but not ONE can truly tell where this “virus” originated from, why it suddenly came and destroy our social world as we know it in as little as TWO months- how did it spread so “rapidly” across the world but did remarkably passed by all the big Chinese cities such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing or Beijing with all of about 130 million people in it? Not even to speak how this “virus” also forgot to pay a visit to any of the other 65 major Chinese cities as well. It’s GPS was set for Europe– and nothing seems to have deterred the “virus” from reaching it’s destination on time to start sowing havoc among the poor (white) Westerners. Strange isn’t it?  Then lastly the question as to why so little people died so far due to  this global “destroyer” compared to other pandemics such as Cancer, Tuberculous, Ebola, AIDS, etc? It is time we re-activate the rest of our dormant brain cells and start looking past the Main Stream Media psy-ops propaganda –  and start to  investigate just how deep our own “state” really is into this “One World “ government agenda.





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