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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial  Cape Town April 19  2020








Extending the extended lockdown in South Africa: don’t expect freedom of movement in May

5G Danger: 13 Reasons 5G Wireless Technology Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity

Farm attack during “lock down”: Woman (79) seriously injured by 3 black attackers, Vanderbiljpark

Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite (Full Investigative Documentary)

China’s super trawlers are stripping the ocean bare as its hunger for seafood grows

SAA employees maybe out of jobs by end of April.

Death of an 86-yr old airline: South African Airways to fire all employees

David Icke: They are targeting the young-it will be done by 2030

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step.

The deep dark hole that BEE has helped to dig

ANC regime can prepare themselves for huge civil actions regarding the ban on selling of food


THE ANC incompetent rat pack has showed it’s true communist underbelly and naked racism to destroy white businesses- exploiting the farce “Covid-19 “ exercise to attempt to take away our freedom of choice what we may sell, eat or drink.  Such fumbling and idiotic “laws” and  downright irrational “conditions” for stores to open  are utterly ridiculous to say the least! Now it’s all about only “certain” people are allowed to purchase goods from hardware stores and  filling in all kinds of childish forms.





South Africa must be the only country in the world where you have a better chance of ending up in jail for buying a roasted chicken from Woolies than from stealing millions in taxpayers money.


No photo description available.

Even arse sucking companies like Ancor yeast are in cahoots with the regime- no banning yeast so people cannot brew their own “moonshine!”




No photo description available.


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Businesses are now starting to hit back at the ANC oppressors..



Stores selling hardware and vehicle components can now reopen as the next phase of the national “lockdown ” begins – under” strict conditions.”  Under new monkey-like regulations, released on Thursday, only “qualified trades persons” may buy supplies needed for emergency repairs at residential homes.  Essential service providers can also buy any hardware and other supplies needed to provide their services.  Stores need to keep a register of everyone who bought goods, and buyers need to sign the following form every time they visit the store:

A spokesperson of Massmart, which owns Builders Warehouse, indicated that it will open its stores following the new regulations. “Our initial view is that we will be able to serve customers covered under the regulations. For example, (we can) serve trade customers such as plumbers and electricians.” The French hardware giant Leroy Merlin, which now has stores in South Africa, also told Business Insider that it will re-open “partially”. Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, glaziers, roof repair work as well as other trades who do emergency repair work have also now been declared essential services – as have those who provide emergency vehicle repairs for those delivering essential services. Components for these vehicles which are under-going emergency repairs can also now be sold.

South Africa allegedly now has 1654 active cases, that’s quite a bit less than yesterday, “but 2600 plus is what the media is telling us” you will say. Ah – !!- You see , but they conveniently forgot those “pesky” 903 recoveries. Despite the 99 new cases, our active caseload has DECREASED, yes DECREASED from yesterday. So our “scientific advisor” will probably tell us all that the government will extend our ” lockdown,”  ’ad infinitum’ it seems but not the whole picture. They still report 7 serious cases but I am going to go ahead and give us the global norm and guestimate us at 75 or so serious cases. Globally we note an alleged 1,488,769 Currently Infected Patients. 1,432,167 (96%) are in a mild Condition. 56,602 (4%) Serious or Critical. So folks after yesterday, we now live in a country where selling a cooked chicken in a shop is as illegal as stealing it. A pie is a contraband and we are banned from buying clothes. If I wasn’t so shocked at the overreach or saddened by the general acceptance of it, I would laugh, hysterically. No kissing, no hand-holding or hugging and no steak and kidney pies

Is “Covid-19″ ”  fake and a deliberate global crime against humanity? More and more evidence  now comes to light that seems to support that notion:
Meanwhile the population are kept locked up with all kinds of lies , deception and fake computer model simulations while the 5G towers starts to bloom across the landscape.AND the reason why you are locked- up- is they ( including the deceptive Ramaphosa and his buffoon gang of ANC conspirators) do NOT want you to see them installing this deadly towers out of fear that 1) A public back- lash- and 2) people might start taking tabs where this towers are secretly installed– and may later on start destroying this real and life threatening new “ VIRUSES.” Click on the link below and listen what is the real “Corona” virus- how it it started- and why millions of people got sick in Wuhan- and now also across Europe.

 Ramaphosa and his ilk are busy with a very deep and dark agenda– and if you do not believe this- go out and start counting how many 5G towers suddenly sprung up in your area while YOUR freedom was rudely been taken away from you. They have NO compassion for human life and they treat you like bloody sheep for their own selfish benefit- brutally abusing the law in order to promote their devious agendas. They could care less how many people lost their jobs, how many people die of starvation- and how much they apply naked racism in the process. They are nothing less than cold blooded political tyrants.

Watch this vids above and listen what is the real “Corona” virus- how it got started- and why MILLIONS of people got sick in Wuhan- and now also across Europe- and understand why China suddenly has no more “Corona” cases. The MSM are spreading lies, government are spiking figures and taking your G-d given right to freedom and to work, purchase what you want and need away – and their security forces are abusing and killing people unnecessary in the streets that are hungry in order to hide the horrible truth from you. This is nothing but tyranny.

You unbelievers and “Covid-19” maniacs better get a very quick wake-up pill ’cause you are beginning to form part of a very huge problem for mankind that later-on will have a devastating effect on our children’s health. This is not about a “Flu” virus- but all about WORLD CONTROL” , power- and MONEY. Your so much “revered” Ramaphosa , their enforced “lock-down” and all their “prohibitions” got f*ck-all to do with “preventing” the virus from spreading- but rather about INSTALLING that virus!  It’s all an eye-blinder to deliberately take your attention away from what is really going on. BIG money is at play here- and as you know- Ramaphosa himself is up to his nostrils into this 5G game as his brother in law- Patrice Motsepe– has 26% shares  in RAIN network- and also Motsepe got the contract ( we will not speculate how)– to install 700 of this deadly 5G towers across South Africa.

They – Ramaphosa and the‘ Boggom Bende”- are deliberately ABUSING their political powers to suppress YOU and contain you effectively out of “harms way” ” from finding out the truth and tell other people as well. Thus the reason why they so quickly started pumping out “laws” preventing you from sharing any information about their so-called “Covid-19” virus and start connecting the dots between “Covid-19” and 5G. They started off their deception by pretending the “pandemic” was caused by  a Corona” virus” – a well known virus causing flu and colds- but systematically discarded the “Corona” term and now slowly are calling this new pandemic by it’s real new attributed term – “Covid-19” as there is no such a known virus as “Covid-19.”

The term “Covid-19” is a newly coined term synonymous with RADIATION SICKNESSspecifically coined that way to confuse people with the Corona virus so they could blame the Corona virus again when people REALLY become sick and die of Radiation poisoning caused by this 5G radiation towers. This is why they now only refer to this killer as “The Virus”- and NOTCorona” virus anymore. They are good at word spinning- and they are doing it again to confuse you.  The figures they feed you are false. This they do to create mass hysteria among you so you would act into their plan. These government critters are brutal beasts– sparing nobody in their quest to destroy human lives- and Ramaphosa and his ilk are deep onto the pockets of the corporate money grubbers.

People- this is a stern warning- do NOT be fooled by Ramaphosa and his devious band of mass killers pretending to be “guardians” of your health- or by the misleading propaganda they try to flush your intelligence with. All this “essential food, safe social distance, lock-down” fun and games, masks,transport issues etc are just tom foolery to brain wash you. When was the last time you saw such a barrage of new “laws” because of a simple well known virus being pumped out? They are vehemently protecting their devilish plan to prevent the real truth from being exposed. That is also why they quickly drag you before court on fake charge such as “conspiracy theorists” and “spreading of false information. ” They are vehemently protecting their devilish plan– even threatening you with jail time.

AS ever again is the ANC dishonest and by using the media- spread lies and deception in order to bamboozle you into believing their BS about the dire health consequences when they flip that 5G switch. Bottom line is while you are kept locked up in your own house they are busy rolling out this mass killer across the country.Ramaphosa and his ilk should be dragged before a real court of law and be charged with crimes against humanity– and NOT hailed as the “saviors” of mankind  like the media portray them to be. It is time to stand up and take action- reject 5G and start to fight back the same way you opposed E-Toll against this injustice Ramaphosa and his gangsters now are busy inflicting upon our societies.

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Johnathan Wright wrote:



As South Africans we are surrounded by a bureaucratic and executive tomfoolery that many swallow by the gulp. Currently we are in “ lockdown ” due to COVID and this has brought with it its own silliness. Sale and transport of alcohol and cigarettes is illegal, as is a garden fork or board game in the aisle over from the apparently “essential ” chocolate and candies while we sit cooped up in our homes for three plus two weeks. Additionally, the chaotic implementation of the ” lockdown”  has seen even sanitary pads, condoms, and lube “prohibited ” from purchase. There is something wrong with anyone who believes this is somehow acceptable. But alas, there are many people who do think like this and invoke all sorts of arbitrary justification for it. Alcohol and cigarettes are addictions, but they are also acceptable coping mechanisms. And in this time, people certainly need their coping mechanisms as they sit idle at home for several weeks on end with no certainty of their future. Such people do not need to be told “it’s for your own good”. Retailers, including Woolworths, Shoprite and Checkers, will immediately stop selling hot food, including rotisserie chickens, pies as well as bread baked in-store, after a warning from the oppressive government.



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No photo description available.

THIS is how retailers exploit the situation….ban the one thing….

Pick & Pay Mennlin want to sell you some shares it appears by the cost of this useless R 1.00 masks. All sharks does not swim in the sea it appears eh P&P?

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Image may contain: screen


 Capitalizing on the crisis and suffocate the customer…NICE SPAR, Food Lovers Market  and Woolworths!

FIRST the lay claim on all water storage Jojo tanks-then they banned seeds-  now they move in to control all water deliveries. Slowly and systematically  these monkeys are busy taking control of all our lives- iow Food, water, energy and minerals…. all under the fake “Corona” hoax.

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Arresting people helping the poor because being a Samaritan is not “an essential” service- but hooligan taxis apparently is.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought many people out the closet on what they believe, and the results are worrisome for future liberty to say the least. What many people believe is that they will do whatever is necessary to overcome a perceived emergency at whatever the cost, including ‘snitching’ on “lockdown ” rule breakers that go for a walk alone. I have stopped counting the murders and deaths by security forces since the start of this “lockdown. ” On Good Friday, someone was allegedly beaten to death by soldiers for consuming alcohol in his front yard with his wife. He was apparently in ”  contravention”  of “lockdown ” regulations doing this.

The ANC communists is attempting to destroy our social lives by impoverishing 70% of the population. A civil revolt is imminent.


The deaths of innocent people, some of whom who were not a threat to anyone by any imaginative stretch. For what? To add insult to injury, there were again people who supported the heavy-handed humiliation tactics by the army and police because these people somehow ‘deserved it’. Even worse were the police and army members who refused to condemn their colleagues and instead actively defended them on social media. People are so high up in their ivory towers of virtue that Jordan Peterson once even called out those that believe they would have helped Anne Frank and other Jews in Nazi Germany. His reason being that people are not as brave as they think they are, not least because they do not seem to factor in the penalties should they be caught, and that it is easy to retrospectively see what was right and wrong and make a decision with no threat to being subject to forces that would have influenced such a decision at the time.


Die Oppenheimers, en die ANC moet in hul moer vlieg!!!

Posted by Francois Burger on Tuesday, March 24, 2020



However, right now in South Africa we can see that Peterson should probably have further qualified his statement; namely that to decide how you would or ought to act, you first need to perceive a need to act. To perceive a need to act, one must be able to distinguish between arbitrary and substantially justified acts. Many South African are failing miserably in this first step and swallowing literally everything that proceeds from the mouth of the “executive “ without critically considering it or the implications, all because ‘it is for the good’. Similarly when Cele said that crime is so low right now because of the alcohol ban (patently false for a variety of reasons), more came out the woodwork to support and justify Cele’s statement citing the blood soaked weekend hospital ER floors and trauma medical staff go through and that therefore ‘he is right’. Such people are vital to society and the economy, but they chose the blood-soaked ER rooms and emotional appeals to ‘do the right thing’ are never a good way to make policy.


Image may contain: outdoor

AS-IF being the country with the highest crime rate in the world is not enough- now Ramaparra and his band of happy hooligans want to turn the whole bloody population into criminals.

In the ANC realm being corrupt thieves is a second nature and a party culture..

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and shoes

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, shoes and indoor

EVEN their so-called “Police” are bloody criminals too….while they ban us from buying liquer- the ANC enforcers  are having a ball defying their own rules.


Image may contain: food

THIS is the scraps a government that stole trillions and still enjoys Sushi and a sip of Blue Chip every night- feed it’s hungry people

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

And this is how the ANC allowed it’s white food suppliers to be treated under normal circumstances. No protection and for 25 years ignored the plea from this food suppliers to protect them against continuous attacks. The regime’s response was threats of LAND EXPROPRIATION of that same farms supplying the food. Now they are begging that same food suppliers to help the starving  killers again.

THE ANC despots once again proofed that they are nothing less but champagne poppers from Silicon  Valley – caring less even for their own people

There are many, many more people who are not earning in this time, and many people will not have a job to go back to either. But we are not to worry, because as we “sacrifice ” their livelihoods on the altar of the state, it is for their and our “ own good.”  My grandmother’s gardener called her saying how desperate he is (she withholds most of his wages at his request to head off any financial loss he may incur should he be robbed). He needed to travel from the nearby township to her to fetch some money to buy food because he had not budgeted for a two-week extension. But this movement is of course verboten. I generally dislike calling someone ‘privileged’ as part of making an argument, but I cannot help but call out the sanctimonious virtue signaling and posturing that is severe enough to break a spine. Particularly of the (seemingly mostly) well-off, insulated and ignorant middle class in their warm or otherwise well sheltered homes with well-stocked pantries, while residents in Mitchells Plain riot for lack of food.

“The unavoidable truth of our present condition is that without the country’s productive capacity – the private sector – South Africa’s bloated, mismanaged, wasteful, ineffective and corruption-prone state can go nowhere.South Africans you are not ruled by ANC politicians are ruined by them ..! ”  – Michael Morris

No photo description available.

On 14 April, we again learned that the metros are seemingly at “great risk “ of a “wave of infections,”–  to which I can only ask what five weeks of “lockdown ” achieved then. Further, it was revealed that depending on the amount of new infections per day it will be determined whether the” lockdown ” is lifted or not, but these numbers are completely arbitrary. This can be contrasted with countries that did not lock down and are experiencing similar or even lower rates of infections and “curve flattening. ” It has become apparent that economists have largely been excluded from the debate in countries that have” locked down, “-and where economy concerned leaders such as Donald Trump said “no” originally, they were heckled and lambasted to no end.

It does not matter how you explain your concerns of the supposed cure being worse than the actual disease itself (governments have been making policy in a vacuum of reliable information derived from models that are constantly adjusted downwards). Much of the time the response is mere regurgitation of that the government said or some thumb sucked rationality attempt to justify the “lockdown ” rather than actually critically interrogate the extent to which we are upending modern civilization. The effects of which are all based on poor modelling uncertainty, rather than the certain economic disaster that will follow if these measures are heeded.


Cele- a village idiot sparking civil unrest

Concerns are rising that South Africa will experience a sharp increase in crime and social unrest as desperation over food supplies spills into streets and shops around the country. According to a senior police official, who briefed the media  over concerns raised during high-level government meetings this week, it was only a matter of time before protests and looting erupted on an unmanageable scale. The official, who cannot be named as they are not authorized to speak with the media, said a warning over possible increases in social unrest as witnessed in Cape Town this week was given to police management and Police cadaver Bheki Cele.

Thursday marked three weeks since the commencement of a nationwide “lockdown ” which effectively confined millions to their homes. The “lockdown ” resulted in thousands of small and medium businesses and their staff as well as informal traders and workers being cut off from their income streams overnight. On Thursday evening, Health cadaver  Zweli Mkhize said 48 people have now died after contracting the” coronavirus, ” with the majority being in KwaZulu-Natal (20), adding the number of confirmed cases now stood at 2 605 of which 903 people have recovered. The official raised concern over Cele’s consideration of the possible protests and looting, saying the cadaver  “had lost the plot”. “He [Cele] is not ignoring it,” the official said. “But if we don’t put out these fires quickly, it will get too big to control.”


The official said it appeared Cele was more concerned with alcohol and cigarette bans, and policing petty violations than tackling the real problems. “We are policing petty crimes while people are getting beaten up and murdered for going to the shops. People are broke, people are hungry. Crime is going to go through the roof. We are worried that more people will die of starvation than will die of the ” coronavirus.” The official added they were already hearing of problems with the distribution of food parcels, and disparity over who was given parcels and who were not. Phone calls to known Cele numbers, as well as an emailed request for comment went unanswered. On Thursday, Gauteng Premier David Makhura said more than 10 100 people have been arrested in the province for “lockdown ” violations. Cele announced on 8 April the number of people arrested nationally was around 3 000. President Cyril Ramaphosa announced as part of a range of measures taken by the regime  to ease the burden of millions of South Africans who have lost their incomes and did not have access to food and water, food parcels would be distributed and water tanks installed.


#CyrilRamaphosa look, listen learn!#postANCattrocities #CryBelovedSouthAfricaCry I have continuasly stipulated the following facts blatantly in open Communication directed specifically at You,#CyrilRamaphosa!Why on earth, won't you #CrosstheRubicon ?As you are aware of this #CrimeToHumanity?Why do you as the Leader of this cANCerous Government not apply Insight and Wisdom, in appointing Political Leaders?Your Ministerial Leadership in Government, Municipalities,parastatels and others of which some, still act and perform as if they are fighting the struggle, against our socalled Democracy…don't you sense , the same?Are you in the their or similar league?If so?…it's a #CrimeToHumanity!You need to realise; It's Time to …Admit the Truth regarding these #postANCattrocities and apply reconciliation ,#CrosstheRubicon and then following to #makeSouthAfricaGreatAgain Apply a #GovernmentOfNationalUnityNow!Appoint the best Intelligence , Wisdom and Leadeship with Skill and Abilities …that will enhance the best interest of South Afriva and it's people!#CyrilRamaphosa it's Time!Take cognissance of the fact that we are overburdened with a variety of Taxes, and we not getting the services that we are expected to pay for…nothing wrong with paying taxes!Everything wrong with being #TaxSlaves!Unkind Disregards.#RedGebed #HermanLombaard

Posted by Herman Lombaard on Saturday, April 18, 2020



Lockdown” officially extended

The nationwide “lockdown, ” originally due to end at midnight on Thursday, was officially extended by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs cadaver Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma on Thursday. She announced several updates to the regulations which will see mining companies return production levels to 50% capacity and exports of goods already in storage at port facilities to decongest supply chains in preparation for a gradual easing of the” lockdown.”  A nationwide ban on liquor and cigarette sales would remain in place.


  • Mining companies must ensure quarantine and screening facilities are available on site, and workers returning from their homes will be tested.
  • They are allowing a gradual ease in regulations for warehouses and support businesses which provide services directly linked to essential services – this includes vehicle repairs for essential services, but shopkeepers would need to keep registers of individuals who purchased parts or components from them.
  • Amended regulations see a halt on the transport of alcohol. The only alcohol that may be transported is supplies required for essential goods (sanitizers) and essential services.
  • Fuel refineries would be permitted to start returning production levels to higher levels in anticipation for fuel needed amid a gradual easing of the” lockdown.”
  • A ministerial directive allowing co-parents to transport their children between homes was cemented, and parents would need to present the necessary documentation such as a court order, a document from the family advocate or a birth certificate if stopped.
  • Plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, roof repair and glaziers are now allowed to carry out urgent repair work at homes.

A Deliberate attempt to kill white business and hand it over to black ownership- predominantly white wine farmers are targeted.

So word 'n kriminele besigheid bedryf met 'n ander man se skape.

Ventersburg en Steynsrus.Dis nie honger nie, dis kriminele sleg wesens se aktiwiteite! Bedryf van 'n besigheid met die Boer se enigste bron van inkomste.

Posted by BKA Boere Krisis Aksie on Friday, April 17, 2020


BECAUSE of criminals in government that ban people from work- plundering and stealing became the order of the day. And it  not only is desperate people that now revert to criminal activities in order to survive- but common criminals also are taking advantage of the situation by butchering animals on farms.


Now watch how 5G networks are deployed while you are “locked-down” :

Image may contain: 1 person, text


White businesses  still shy-ed from government help during “lockdown.”

Posted by Leon Coetzee on Thursday, March 14, 2019


CYRIL RAMAPHOSA’s racist hatred towards  whites is already legendary…

Racism against whites  still runs rife in Ramaphosa’s cadaver camp. White businesses are totally shy-ed from any government aid – even during this unnecessary “lockdown” theatricals.

Wrote Debbie Fendick

“I too run a small “white” business that is not being helped during the Covid-19 crisis, though it employs 14 black women so should technically be OK as far as BEE is concerned. However, I have not had a response from the SMME fund and my application was sent in on the very first day. I was rejected by the Safta fund with no reason provided (I am trying to escalate this, because it just can’t be right as we tick all the boxes) and am battling with UIF. Our business was healthy before lockdown, but as we are an empowerment company we have no funds to keep us going. We are in retail so our doors are closed so there are no revenues coming in. This means no money to pay salaries, a devastating place for a business to be. But it seems there is no help for us either.”

Debbie Fendick, Via e-mail



Image may contain: text


The ANC openly admitted their brutal racism and hidden agenda to destroy white business through the Covid-19 “lock-down” when cadaver Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane stated that NO white business will be assisted with relief aid unless being BEEE controlled.

There is a difference between the ANC’s BEEE racism and skin color?Spinning words again “Minister?”



And the hordes of morons dont even know that they are being totally controlled and manipulated like the sheeple that they are!

Posted by Barry Mellor on Saturday, April 18, 2020


Image may contain: 9 people, possible text that says 'ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS STAND UP 60 AND THEIR LITTLE GAME IS OVER! le'

Enough is enough:



We as rightful people of this country are sick and tired being locked up like monkeys by Ramaphosa and his bloody corrupt looting ANC commi “Boggom Bende” while our businesses goes bankrupt and our social livelihoods are systematically destroyed . The ANC totally f*cked up the country into “junk”- (just now look at the SAA again), plundered OUR tax resources at will -and now they want to do the same to us by treating us like their “animals” to keep us caged up – just because ” the rest of the psychopathic world do so too.” We are South Africans, NOT Americans, Brits, Chinese, Canadians or Australians!

No photo description available.

It is SCANDALOUS what the ANC looters have reduced the SAA to. This Airline was once the pride of our Nation. They have reduced it to a Beggar Institution that thinks The Treasury and The Tax Payer was there to bail it’s mismanagement out time and time again.


*  We are tired being threatened and discriminated against because of our skin color when we ask them for financial aid because of THEIRlock-down” – but we must still pay inhuman taxes so they can get exuberant salaries every month while we must figure out where we are going to get the next plate of food for our families every day without an income. .

*  We are fed up being told what to eat, what to drink , when to move,when to piss, how to breath, what we may buy- what is “essential”, facing a barrage of “bans” – and when we may one day go out and earn a living again to feed our families by the friggen deceptive media and corrupt nincompoops the likes of half-schooled and hard-line commis such as Cele , Patel and Nkosazana Zuma . We as normal people get paid by means of hard labor from the companies this idiots closed down – and not by means of the international corporate psychopaths  such as Bill Gates  like politicians do.


VERY strangely- but not unexpectedly- does Cyril again hint that the chaos in this land and poverty again must be blamed on “Apartheid.” : “There can be no greater injustice than a society where some live in comfort and plenty, while others struggle at the margins to survive with little or nothing at all. Yes, these are the residual effects of a fractured and ” unequal past.”  But they are also a symptom of a fundamental failing in our post-apartheid society. The nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus has gravely exacerbated a long-standing problem.” – the poor con artist said. BUT Cyril did not say a WORD about the R 1.5 TRILLION his cadavers looted this past 25 years as well as the R 780 BILLION his ANC “elite allowed to “disappear” and stashed away in overseas accounts. Cyril is a very big hippocrate and blame shifter – that we already know.

Image may contain: text

BRUTAL communism imposed- we are tired to be treated like common criminals and our freedom of movement destroyed by a bunch of ex-Robbin Island hoodlums

  • We are”gavol” being harassed , abused and murdered by their half-wit security force idiots – led by an ex terrorist who could not even attack an unarmed building, has outstanding murder and attempted murder charges against him, that have never been prosecuted, even though he was denied amnesty by the TRC, because his botched grenade attack on Trust Bank in Kimberley. While money bags are being carried out of Lethuli-House- body bags are being carried out of Mitchell’s Plain.
  • We are tired being arrested ,in the streets on mediocre “offenses” such as tending to your outside garden, driving or visiting the mall without looking like a Hazmat freak-show- or go to buy a bread at the corner cafe without being jumped by one or the other disillusioned overloaded testosterone police maggot and dragged before a “Bundu” court on hastily manufactured stupid ” Covid-19” charges, ,etc – all while they (ANC gang bangers) are laughing their heads off how they f*ck us around!

Image may contain: one or more people and people standingImage may contain: 2 people, people standingNo photo description available.

STUPIDITY and abuse of powers reached a new level during the “Covid-19” time among policemen. This two innocent white  people from Brits were locked up for 10 hours because…..they went to fetch fresh water from a dam.

No photo description available.

ANOTHER fined for fetching prescription medicine..


Second truck looted on Robert Sobukwe Drive


Image may contain: outdoor


Food parcels looted 😱

Food parcels were due to be given out in Cape Town, however, looters didn't play nice and decided to take them all

Posted by South Africa NOW on Monday, April 20, 2020


ALL while blacks are running amok across country- looting shops and trucks!

Waarom is ons nog in lockdown mr #CyrilRamaphosa?

Posted by Ronel Storm on Monday, April 20, 2020



  •  We are tired of hearing “mandatory” here- and “mandatory” there- ” compulsory Covid-19 testing – and the media bombarding us how Bill Gates is going to “vaccinate” us, “tag” us- and “ chip ” us. We are NOT the ANC’s animals – and neither Bill Gates’ lab rats either just because the ANC is getting lots of back-handers if they sacrifice us to Bill Gates’ “Dr. Frankenstein” experiments. If you want to stick needles in someone’s arses- then feel free to take all the Lethuli HouseNEC inmates- and stuck up some 5 G towers in their arses if you need useless lab-experiments.
  • We had enough of the gross human right abuse and the  brutal and naked racism displayed by the ANC misfits by a) Refusing to assist white businesses in financial distress that is not 51% black owned but was put into that position by a disaster that was 100% black created.– and b) The refusal of the ANC racists to assist poor white people with food parcels.
  • Whites per se– are totally fed up to be alienated , treated as 2nd class citizens – and permanently being accused as “racists” by the black communists and  foul media alike  for all the woes and bugger-ups the ANC created.

We are NOT naughty children and definitely NOT their friggen slaves so the “fat cats” can do whatever they want , get humongous salaries while our children are starving without food – and ignore their own bloody stupid “laws” as they wish but keep us in pens “in stages” month after month like sheep by fear mongering and ludicrous “laws” while they roll out their 5G trash and we are kept like animals in cages.

ROLLING out 5G towers and trying to hide it from the public while we are kept “indoors” like f*ckin naughty children! .

Meanwhile there were 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders this past month of March- more dead than their “Covid-19” BS …but lo…not ONE  friggen police officer was around to prevent it (too busy “Covid-ing” in the city streets and “confiscating” (stealing ) liquor from businesses and getting sozzled ) – not a word of WORD of condemnation was uttered except this corrupt regime still wants those farmers to feed the starving killers – that after Ramaphosa threatened to “expropriate” their land as well! How arrogantly quaint indeed!

This is not a “democracy” – it is flippen TYRANNY hidden behind a fictitious “virus” excuse. They feed us bullshit through their lying media in order to keep us suppressed to their evil agendas. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! South Africa SERIOUSLY needs a regime change! We are close to a civil revolt- but the greedy ANC and their SACP and COSATU cronies has a long history of not paying any attention to public opinion. And that will be their greatest mistake this time. Don’t let a incompetent government ruin you,TAKE ACTION!!Start fighting back against the ANC’s  deliberate destruction of our economy, the brutal racism against minority groups- and the naked oppression. Time to start activating the underground supply market to our own people.

The supreme law of South Africa, the SA Constitution, is clear on the circumstances in which a state of emergency is feasible as a regulatory response. A state of emergency may be declared only in terms of an Act of Parliament and only when the life of the nation is threatened by war, invasion, general insurrection, disorder, natural disaster or other public emergency AND the declaration is necessary to restore peace and order.

The threat posed by the virus is not one that threatens peace and order; it threatens the lives of individuals who are susceptible to the infection for medical reasons which are not well known. These victims are usually elderly, ill or appear to have compromised immune systems which allow the virus to strike them down with horrible and sometimes deadly symptoms.
States of emergency may only be declared prospectively and then only for 21 days. Any extension has to be by way of a resolution of the National Assembly for no more than three months at a time following public debate in the Assembly. Subsequent extensions require a 60% majority.

When an emergency is declared it is feasible to derogate from the rights guaranteed to all in the Bill of Rights to the extent that the derogation is strictly required by the emergency. No law may permit or authorize indemnification in respect of unlawful acts, nor may any derogation of the non-derogable rights mentioned in the Bill of Rights be affected. This summary of the relevant provisions shows why no steps to declare a state of emergency have been attempted. Instead, the executive branch of government, not parliament, looked to the legislation in respect of the declaration of a state of disaster and produced the regulations currently in force, in their amended form, in the hope that they would see off the threat to the lives and health of those vulnerable to infection by the virus. There is also the threat of available healthcare facilities becoming swamped by the sheer volume of patients.

A state of disaster does not permit a derogation of any of the rights in the Bill of Rights; not just those set out in the Table of Non-Derogable Rights in section 37 of the Bill of Rights.
A virus cannot be used as the pretext for seizing hegemonic control of all the levers of power in a democratic society bound by the rule of law. A state which has the constitutional obligation to respect, protect, promote and fulfill the human rights of all cannot lapse into authoritarianism due to its manhandling and misuses of its responses to a pandemic.


Meanwhile there were 35 farm attacks and 6 farm murders this past month of March- more dead farmers than their “Covid-19” BS figures …but lo…not ONE friggen police officer was around to prevent it (too busy “Covid-ing” in the city streets and “confiscating” (stealing ) liquor from businesses and getting sozzled ) – not a WORD of condemnation was uttered except this corrupt regime still wants those farmers to feed the starving killers – that after Ramaphosa threatened to “expropriate” their land as well! How arrogantly quaint indeed!



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Shall we rather reserve judgement?


This is not a “democracy” – it is flippen TYRANNY hidden behind a fictitious “virus” excuse. They feed us bullshit through their lying media in order to keep us suppressed to their evil agendas. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! South Africa SERIOUSLY needs a regime change! We are close to a civil revolt- but the greedy ANC and their SACP and COSATU cronies has a long history of not paying any attention to public opinion. And that will be their greatest mistake this time. Don’t let a incompetent government ruin you, – TAKE ACTION!!








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