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Radical economic transformation best for SA post-Covid-19, says Ramaphosa

Shirley De Villiers:Lockdown 2.0: We see your 2,000 cigarette submissions, and raise you 270,000

Italian leader slams Corona figures: 25 000 did not die- it is a way to impose a dictatorship

Morgan Stanley-backed fund to buy virus-hit SA firms

Ramaphosa: ” Country must be cleaned up after Covid”

Ramaphosa: Radical Transformation now needed

Discrimination: Solidarity will lay charges against the ANC at the UN.

” Virus could be transferred through sex”

Julius Malema spills the beans

Court orders filthy  Zithabeseni-quarantine camp to be closed

Food control: Stores banning seeds as “non-essential.”

SAP Arresting innocent white surfers on Blaauwberg beach

Actuaries warn Ramaphosa of a ‘humanitarian disaster to dwarf Covid-19′ if restrictive lockdown is not lifted

Is China behind Farm Murders in SA too? “Heroes”, trained by China, who “killed whites like flies”.

Lawyers reject Ramaphosa’s explanation of National Command Council

Coup rumours hit SA: Ramaphosa or the ANC to be removed from power




Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Johannesburg  May 07  2020






 “We’ve got to plan for the worst. We are informed that the worst is still coming. We are going to get more people infected!“- Cyril Ramaphosa 05 May 2020


Image may contain: outdoor


Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Monday, May 11, 2020

AND THERE GOES THE WHOLE “CORONA LOCK DOWN”  HOAX UP IN SMOKE! Why do I feel a lot of sh*t and many class action suites is on their way to the ANC?


…...”LOCKDOWN.” …. two words or terms that these days are easily the  most despised terms each by themselves ever invented or coined in post war history of our modern society by far. Add this words together or combine them as “Covid-19” – and you get an unprecedented  global disaster that have the most destructive effect on the human race since World War 11.

The impact of this terminologies  is so disastrous that it will be written down in history as the one single man-made event that had a more devastating  after effect than any previous modern  natural global catastrophe, nuclear fall-out  or global war. BUT it is not the type of destruction equal to the bloody devastation  left after a world war ,or the carnage left after a natural disaster that would put this “Covid-19” pandemic in a category of it’s own   – but rather the pre-meditated biological, psychological and social devastation of millions of people’s lives  as well as the terrible radiation after-effects planned across the world that was engineered by a small group of very deranged psychopaths in higher places that caused and followed  it. “Covid-19″ ostensibly is the biggest and most pernicious human-engineered total global collapse event that ravaged so many countries, wrecked as much world markets, displaced and teared out so many social structures, impoverished and incarcerated  so many people- ruined  our freedom and dismantled our human rights to such an extend that the Western World per se nearly ceased to exist as we know it. And all this was done in a well planned  first-phase blitzkrieg false flag operation which made the western world reel in shock and which  only took two months to execute.

Must watch before it is removed by "Them"

Posted by Willie Trix Labuschagnè on Saturday, May 9, 2020

CLICK on this link to see a special report on all the fake reports by Bill Gates and Dr.  Fauci.



As the totally stupefied Western World societies  slowly recover from the initial tidal wave of  catastrophic proportions that so suddenly came upon them- we again must brace ourselves for the multiple aftershocks and ripple effects of the second phase that still is to come- aftershocks and negative impacts generated by our own governments and scrupulous politicians  that exploit  this human engineered disaster and tragedy to their own selfish interests. In many countries across the world notorious governments and dirty politicians quickly grabbed the opportunity to push through their  own respective very evil and dark agendas which they have been hiding from the world for a very long time under the cloak of “democracy” – but were at the ready to unleash it upon the population when the time was right and the environment favorable to do just that. And “Covid-19″ was specifically created by the corporate globalist demons to present that opportunity and create  that environment for all the dirty skunk works to be implemented to destroy our freedom, our human rights and our social structures all in record time. And all was done under a cloak of a mass media deception of a fake and harmless flu virus that supposedly were engineered in a country with no freedom- China. It was a deception already planned as far back as 2013- and was geared and scheduled to hit the world in 2020 when all the different malicious components were set in place to introduce the second phase of the total inhalation of our modern societies and replace it with totalitarian tyranny.

Doctors are taking a stand

Many doctors are starting to take a stand against the coronavirus hysteria. What do you think?

Posted by Conservative Women on Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Image may contain: 4 people, possible text that says 'ADDED During slavery slaves were forced to wear masks as to symbolically mark them as not having a voice and to be owned and under the control of another person.'



Se my weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ek moet n masker dra!

Posted by Wynand Calitz on Friday, May 8, 2020




South Africa’s Idi Amins and Bob Mugabes running rampant with the show

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Listen to this. These okes think they are untouchable

Posted by Ronel Storm on Friday, May 8, 2020


SOUTH AFRICA– already with a willing, corrupt and careless regime in control- was a  suitable , unprotected  and a perfect test bed for various nefarious schemes, plundering and scandals  by the corporate mass murderers from locally and abroad since 1994 . It also  was not spared this devilish ordeal either. Factually  did the dirty regime now ruling the country not only willingly complied  with all the human rights abusive instructions they received from their masters and commanders in the international corporate Bilderberger realm- but they also had some very devious crimes against humanity and dark “revolutionary” agendas of their own hidden under the table which they plan to introduce – and took this “Covid-19” deception  to a much higher level than any other country ever dreamed of. Factually were they so brutal in applying this ” Covid” regulations that even the World Health Organization– themselves a notorious organization funded by the Rockefellers- warned that the South African regime was acting way beyond the “master plan”  and should ease their Stalinist approach.The UN and the WHO now calls for the lifting of lock downs or at least the easing of it. They KNOW they screwed up big time. They tried to push through a program that was premature. During this week, NKP also delivered notice to the presidency that the regulations in terms of COVID-19 is in fact illegal and also against the UN convention prohibiting the crime against humanity. Said notice is now also on its way to various international bodies and the UN Commission for Human Rights.

Hmmmmmm. Word wakker slapende Skape…

Posted by Willie Trix Labuschagnè on Sunday, May 10, 2020

IN typical ANC-style this communist relic again is whipping up race hatred in order to hide their own incompetent f*ck-up with their “Covid” disaster.

The DA also has demanded the minutes of all discussions held by the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC), including the decision to continue the ban on tobacco products.  The party’s interim leader, John Steenhuisen, said the DA had filed an application in terms of the Promotion to Access to Information (PAIA) Act to get access to the records that have so far been described as “classified. “ He railed against the continuation of the destructive lockdown in its current form, which turned South Africans into “subjects of an authoritarian state”. Steenhuisen was speaking on Friday in an online announcement of national importance. Steenhuisen spoke of the devastating impact of the pandemic on the economy – negative growth and job losses. “We are no longer dealing with a Covid-19 crisis. We are dealing with a lockdown crisis. An ANC lockdown crisis to be precise. “Let me be very clear about this: There is no longer a justification to keep this hard lockdown in place. The government cannot produce this justification.” Steenhuisen said it was crucial everyone knew why the government continued with the lockdown. “They cannot show us the modelling they use to decide when to ease and when to tighten restrictions. They cannot do this because they don’t seem to know for sure themselves.” He complained every decision was shrouded in secrecy and described the NCCC as “a small group of Cabinet ministers who don’t answer to Parliament or anyone else”. “When asked for their meeting minutes to clarify why they backtracked on lifting the cigarette ban, this National Command Council refused, claiming this was classified information. “I don’t buy that for a second, and neither should you.”


No photo description available.

FOR those poor naive Rainbow Chickens that nurture any hope that this “lockdown” farce will end soon without intervention- sorry to bust your bubble- here is what your “chosen” regime planned for you- and as you clearly can see– they did not by a long shot planned for your parole from house arrest to end soon!


IF liquor and cigarettes was such a “heath risk” that it must be banned – then why allowed it for 25 years and why does the government have 23% shares in SA Distillers themselves? Why was Ramaphosa involved in Budweiser?Why did SARS collect revenue for almost 65 years on goods that supposedly poses a health risk? Why is 60% of the government ministers such as Ramaphosa and Bheki Cele – who is partly responsible for this bans- avid liquor consumers themselves? Why did it take 65 years to “realize” booze and cigs suddenly pose a “health risk?” Take your time to figure that out!

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No photo description available.No photo description available.Image may contain: outdoor

So now we know how the change to the tobacco announcement came. Bossman Cele runs the Zulus. Always have. He is the man that persuaded the AmaKhosi to order their impis to vote ANC. He is the man who has control of the police, the intelligence services and the Zulu regiments in the Gauteng hostels and the taxi industry. The Zumas are nothing in this power play. Nothing. Then comes the usual denials and lies: As the government faces an unprecedented level of legal challenges to its Covid-19 shutdown regulations, co-operative governance minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has strongly defended the state’s disputed decision to continue its cigarette ban and denied any suggestion that she and  Cyril Ramaphosa were “at odds” over it. “There is nothing sinister in a change of position following a consultative process … in fact the very nature of consultation is that change may result,” Dlamini-Zuma stated in court papers filed late on Friday, in response to the urgent challenge to the tobacco ban by the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita). Is this her dilapidated translation of a heated debate between Ramaphosa and the Zulu gangland over the cigarette ban issue? Both Dlamini-Zuma and cabinet secretary Cassius Lubisi, who has also vehemently disputed allegations that the NCCC may itself be unconstitutional, have reiterated that the minutes that record NCCC discussions about the cigarette ban are “secret”  and cannot be open to public scrutiny. Cigarette issues are now “secret???” Are we talking a cigarette ban here- or a cruise missile ban?




Image may contain: text

But the communist ANC had their own dark agendas to apply under this “Corona/Covid”  conspiracy- agendas they have been advocating for quite a long time now. And when all the bullsh*t has been wiped off the table- the bolt and nuts that remains on the ANC’s table consists mainly  of brutal racist anti-white materials and  communist manufactured  compositions. And as always with everything the ANC touches there is a wide spectrum of corruption and illegal legislation that not only were designed to  inflict the  country collateral damage to it’s free market system and promote their own racketeering business- but also the implementation of socialist policies and  Marxist  systems that would eventually  finalize their own state capturing  ideologies as well. Not since the days of apartheid have the courts had to deal with a state that is arguably riding roughshod over the constitution. For a moment, it seemed that Big Bad Tobacco would do something socially useful. It would take on Big Bad Government in a landmark court case that would define to what degree the state can interfere in our lives. Unfortunately, it then scuttled off. Or, as British American Tobacco SA put it, when it announced that it was abandoning its legal challenge to the lockdown ban on tobacco sales, it decided it would “rather pursue further negotiations with government on the formulation and application of the regulations”. Of course, if a deal can be struck, it’s always better to do…

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Devastating comment A very good friend of mine's cousin committed suicide last night, he was in recovery from years of heroine addiction, and couldn't take the fact that having a daily battle of staying clean (14 months clean) had said he couldn't face another withdrawal from cigarettes, he went into total panic yesterday| was told and early hours this morning they found him. This is such a serious problem. So thank you 2000 that voted to keep the ban of cigarettes, one life gone 19 hrs 17'


R1 000 000 000,00 to ANC by Rothschild- repayable back by giving

1) Eskom
2) SAA
3) Denel

He also said: ” Johan Rupert & Oppenheimers” are all Freemasons. Listen to the video-just repeated what he said.




Image may contain: 2 people, text

During this farce “Covid” exercise one could note various  new legislation that specifically were engineered to oppress the populace to secondary citizens and ensure  all power lies within the claws of a small clique now commonly referred to as the “National Command Council“- or NCC.  Nobody knows just who sits or controls this NCC. It is  all powerful  powerful, but also opaque: nobody knows who sits on it, how it works, how it accounts to Parliament and how it has come to dictate such a large part of our lives. This “Council” wields all the power over every aspect of the South African Society to such an extend that the general public now starts to question the legitimacy of such a council and on which foundations does it have the power to destroy our social rights and take away our freedom the way it does.  When the “State of National Disaster”  was declared on 15 March 2020 – this command council was established and  composed of  19 Cabinet ministers on it who were   joined by their directors-general, the head of the SA National Defence Force Solly Shoke, the national police commissioner Khehla Sithole (though he is completely overshadowed by the police minister Bheki Cele who behaves as if he is a police commissioner too), and a secretariat.

No photo description available.

” Covid-19″ seems to spike in the minds of those that is set to benefit the most from this “pandemic.” Follow the money-line!

Image may contain: possible text that says '"It appears the biggest spike of the "Covid-19' virus these days happens to be in the minds of the ANC's "Command Council.' -Concerned Citizen'

The Fauci/Gates/Karrim/Ramaphosa /Corona connection…BIG money talks

Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'Vytjie Mentor 2 hrs Dr. Fauci of Bill Gates, the engineer of Corona virus, and the Doctor that advices our Govt.on Covid-19. No wonder he speaks W.H.O language, principles and plans!!! Fauci Sallm Abdool Kartes'

Image may contain: 3 people, textImage may contain: 6 people, people standing and text


There you have it. Just follow the money and you will understand the fearmongering and the ridiculous lockdown regulations in South Africa.No one would even dare to question their “scientific” background, no mainstream media owned and controlled “fact-checker” would dare bring them into disrepute or try to paint them as frauds. In the real world of real science they do not compare, but they do compare with the very rich, the extremely wealthy, and they do have in common the source of their money- Bill the vaccine pusher at the Gates of his turning the World into Hell Organisation. Also keep in mind that Mark Suzman, the son of Helen Suzman, is the CEO of the B&M Gates Foundation. There is no rocket science needed here, just simple grade 3 maths and the ability to think.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Kris Jones Ive been working part time at a funeral home since march 12th and every death has been certified as covid 19. Which means in a month nobody has died of anything else no heart attacks no cancer. Nothing so if the figures are to be believed covid 19 has cured cancer and stopped heart attacks. We had a guy we all knew died from a stroke but marked as covid. No postmortems are being carried out.'

Two people here in Cape Town passed away recently. One 81 years of age due to renal failure another 50 years old, of cardiac arrest. Because they both tested positive, their death certificates stated Covid19 related and were added to the statistics of covid deaths in the Western Cape.



Christopher Pappas wrote:


” I thought we were doing this to give the health system time to prepare for the inevitable spike in cases. I remember Ramaphosa and his chief scientist Prof Karim saying that until there is a vaccine or cure the surge of cases and deaths cannot be stopped and that we need to give our healthcare system a chance to prepare.

7 weeks later….

– Collapse the economy and place more than 7 million jobs at risk (plus the 10 million already unemployed)

– Deploy 70 000 soldiers against your own citizens

– Distribute aid/relief based on race

– Implement a curfew

– Release 19,000 prisoners

– Bypass democratic institutions of accountability through the establishment of a command council

– Impose unjustifiable restrictions on movement, trade, enterprise and activity

– Do nothing against rogue emboldened and corrupt ministers

– Hold a monopoly over information and govern through selective stats that instill fear

– Ban citizens from helping others

– Support black market trading

– Restrictions on limited exercise regimes, only allowed between 06h00 & 09h00, as winter approaches

– Sit back as hunger grips the nation and more people become dependent on the state

– Looting and civil unrest rises

With many companies now issuing retrenchment notices economists are warning salary cuts across the board are also on the horizon for South Africa’s workforce post COVID-19.

And in the mean time we are not testing the 35,000 people a day that was promised by the President and Minster of Health. Said to happen by the end of April. I don’t know about you, but at this stage I am more afraid of the SAPS, SANDF, hunger, unemployment and growing government authoritarianism than I am of the Coronavirus.”




Then comes this startling revelation we already suspected:

South Africans, we have been suckered. The government now admits that the so-called “Command Council” has no powers and is nothing more than an advisory team. That so-called “Command Council” does not have the powers to have you locked up in your home, ban cigarettes and alcohol or to close tour business. It is a non-entity with no powers, which means that all of this comes directly from the ANC regime that has been eye-blinding the citizens of this country into destroying our economy, thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. Listen carefully to this clip.

South Africans, we have been suckered. The government now admits that the so-called "Command Council" has no powers and is nothing more than an advisory team. That so-called "Command Council" does not have the powers to have tou locked up in your home, ban cigarettes and alcohol or to close tour business. It is a non-entity with no powers, which means that all of this comes directly from the ANC regime that has been eye-blinding the citizens of this country into destroying our economy, thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. Listen carefully to this clip.

Posted by Johan P Prinsloo on Saturday, May 9, 2020

THE DECISION TAKEN BY THE LEADERSHIP OF THE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE (DA) to file an application in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 (Act No. 2 of 2000) to impel Government to clarify the powers and functions of the Coronavirus National Command Council (CNCC) is both sound and appropriate in the circumstances. South Africa is a constitutional democracy. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (the Constitution) is the supreme law of our country. That means any law in our country, or conduct of any person or entity, that is inconsistent with the Constitution is unlawful and invalid.

The Constitution makes no provision for the President to ‘auction off’ his powers or functions to the CNCC or any other structure within the State. This is why this President, and many among us, bitterly complained when former President Jacob Zuma appeared to have sold his constitutional powers, including the power to hire and fire Cabinet Ministers, to the Guptas as part of their state capture project.

Section 85 (1) of the Constitution clearly stipulates that the executive authority of the Republic is vested in the President. That said, however, subsection 2 provides, without any equivocation, that the President exercises the executive authority, “together with the other members of the Cabinet.” The Constitution doesn’t grant the President the power to exercise his executive authority “alone” or with “some” members of the Cabinet. He can only exercise his constitutional executive authority “together with the other members of the Cabinet.”

So, it is absolutely correct for the DA and others to question the constitutionality of this CNCC, which seems to have usurped the executive authority of the Republic. I have quietly observed that even the “Covid Regulations” are “directing municipalities” to do or not to do certain things. This is a violation of section 151 (2) of the Constitution, which vests the executive and legislative authority of all municipalities in their respective Municipal Councils. The local sphere of government is not subordinated to the provincial or national spheres.

The COGTA Minister, or any other Minister for that matter, cannot “direct” municipalities. They can only advise them and allow the Municipal Councils to take executive decisions in terms of the Constitution. The current excitement by some Ministers who address the nation in military fatigues because they think that the country is now governed by some military-style “Command Council” must be confronted. Otherwise, our constitutional edifice will suffer an irreparable disability if this recklessness is not urgently nipped in the bud. Let’s watch and learn. Ta!

Image may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 personImage may contain: 1 person, sitting

Masehlele Mogale Maila

Last week in Parliament, more light was shed on the Natjoints, a structure of the soldiers, police and intelligence who report into the NCC. As Marianne Merten reported, this interlocking NCC with the Natjoints has significant implications for democratic practice as the state and government are now run in structures that are both opaque and without a clear legal genesis. On Freedom Day, two advocates, both with long-standing public administration experience, sent a nine-page letter to the Presidency through RHK Attorneys. In it, Nazeer Cassim and Erin-Dianne Richards posed significant questions of democratic virtue in a country that prides itself on being a constitutional democracy. In response to this letter RHK Attorneys received a very rude and








Image may contain: text

To describe the ANC rat pack as a bunch of glutenous pigs or a pack of ravenous wolves when the word “money” floats around- is a gross understatement. These greedy and mostly daft creatures is beyond  human comprehension when the term money is even mentioned. They long ago sold their worthless souls to Satan in exchange for power and riches which they normally steal. Such then is the case again when they received a R 500 Billion loan from either China or the World Bank. There is such a helluva fight going on around that money-it even threatens to tear the rat pack apart with Ace Magashule and his half-wit 2 IB Nkosazana Zuma on the one side- and Cyril Ramaphosa and his scrupulous cronie Pravin Gordhan on the other in a ferocious political battle for the top chair and a deep scoop in the money bin.


Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Prof David Bullard @l... 18h It's very difficult arguing cogently against lockdown in a country that still believes in ancestor worship, the tokolosh and witchcraft. You may as well try and teach a dog to play Scrabble.'


NOW the ANC in the Western Cape screams for a reversal of their “Level 4” back to Level 5 again- careless about how many household will face bankruptcy and starvation. ” The DA-led Western Cape government must face the fact that half of the people infected in South Africa come from this province,”  the ANC said in a statement. As the Western Cape ramps up its screenings and testing for Covid-19 as confirmed cases rise, the ANC in the province is calling for the return to level 5 lockdown to be considered. On Friday, it said the situation in the province was getting worse, with hot spots in the area needing special attention. “This province faces its biggest health challenge ever and needs to go back to the Level 5 quarantine urgently to slow down infections,” MPL Danville Smith said in a statement. The ANC added it wanted special lockdown measures implemented to lower the increasing deaths and cases. Now this comes from a creature that literally is rolling in money. He has NO sympathy for the desperately poor that has no means of an income during this farce “lockdown.” To him- as with the rest of his ANC cadres- it all revolves around politics to render the WC ungovernable – not human suffering.



Image may contain: possible text that says 'The HOME itizen COVID-19 NEWS covid-19 PRE 7 2020 06:15 am Sign In Subscribe Experts warn of 'social unrest ticking time bomb' amid economic meltdown Sipho Mabena The largest survey since the lockdown began, conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council with almost 20,000 respondents, found that almost a quarter had no money to buy food.'

This one is for Bheki Cele.

Posted by Rebone Sankara Tau on Monday, May 4, 2020


Many poor and working-class people, the lockdown has meant routine police brutality, violent and illegal evictions at the hands of the state and an inability to earn an income, which has swiftly translated into hunger. All this has rapidly destroyed consent for the alleged lockdown. Food riots are becoming increasingly common and across the country, people are quoted in the media as saying that they fear starvation more than Covid-19- others that they fear what draconian bans the ANC will come up next more than the virus. Corruption around food parcels has incensed people and escalated popular anger. For the middle classes, it has been the overweening and irrational nature of some of the regulations that have slowly undermined the legitimacy of the lockdown. For example, there is, as many have pointed out, no rational reason why outdoor exercise is only permitted between 6am and 9am, cigarettes and liquor  being banned-shops and businesses shut down  and “essential” bans applied .

It’s abundantly clear the policemen and the army are in the dark… They have not realized what is really, really going on. They’re all playing a small part in a wonderfully orchestrated doctrine change happening right under our noses and it will be blamed on an unseen small little thing called a virus, which came as a total blessing to the cleptomanics running this country into the ground as a perfect cover and scapegoat to justify themselves, and yet if you can smell the coffee you’ll be labeled a “racist ” and a “ conspiracy theorist! ” Don’t trust these two words from your presidents mouth “our people” – he is not talking about you if you are white. Your not included, not even excluded. You simply don’t matter!!!

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Three males were arrested in Grassy Park yesterday, after police acted on a tip off about on a shop selling cigarettes. Officers conducted a search of th... See More POLICE'

But there are two other factors that are causing serious concern across the board. One is that Level 4, which was meant to be an easing of what many had called the strictest lockdown in the world, has included a curfew and the deployment of more or less the full strength of the army on the streets. A curfew is a profound restriction of basic freedoms, one normally associated with an occupying power during a war. To make matters worse, South Africans have no reason to trust the army. During the first phase of the lockdown, the police were so abusive that the United Nations saw fit to condemn their conduct. Soldiers are not trained for policing operations, they are trained for war. The army did not stop crime when it was deployed to the Cape Flats, but it did engage in serious abuses against ordinary people. Deploying the army is a serious risk to people’s well being, and to democratic norms. Lock-downs or quarantines are to control sick  or dangerous people. To quarantine or lock down healthy law abiding citizens  is called a Tyranny. And by listening to Ramaphosa’s “4th Industrial Revolution, forging a new world order , Land Expropriation” and ” National Health Agenda” it appears the communist tyrants are not finished with summoning demons from their socialist Ouija board as yet!

Image may contain: 1 person

With the Marikana massacre and the everyday violence, and brutality of our police force fresh in our minds, there is deep concern across class, and across the political spectrum, about the imposition of a curfew and the fact that the army will be enforcing it. With food riots escalating by the day, there is a real risk of another state massacre. And as with Marikana- is Cyril Ramaphosa again the one that literally will be calling the shots .  Another factor that has generated serious concern about lockdown Level 4 across class and across the political spectrum, is the seeming rise to power of Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. South Africans have every right to be seriously concerned about this development. Dlamini Zuma fully associated herself with the kleptocracy run by her ex-husband, as well as its most nefarious backers in the form of people like the truly repulsive Carl Niehaus, and controversial businessmen like Adriano Mazzotti Then there is her own son’s involvement in the manufacturing,   sales and distribution of illegal cigarettes as well.

Image may contain: 3 people, text

No photo description available.


SPEAKING of tabacco: It’s emerged that Adriano Mazzotti is a contributor to Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s presidential campaign to succeed Jacob Zuma. The Sunday Times is reporting that Mazzotti, a controversial cigarette manufacturer, presented Dlamini-Zuma with an array of election paraphernalia, including election caps and shirts. The startling claims are made in a new book, the President’s Keepers by veteran investigative journalist Jacques Pauw. It’s understood in a 2014 affidavit, Mazzotti admitted that his company, Carnilinx, is complicit in fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Both he and his company are also said to have contributed cash to Dlamini-Zuma’s campaign. The report also says that Mazzotti, in a recording, boasted about his friendship with David Mahlobo, a former state security minister. Mahlobo, who was recently appointed as energy minister, apparently declined comment. Mazzotti has denied the claims and Dlamini-Zuma, approached through her spokesperson, has not commented. And this is the she-terror that banned cigarettes for others? Hippicracy runs thick among the cadres it appears.

Image may contain: 2 people

Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

South African Police "Protecting & Serving"👇👇👇

Posted by Ronel Storm on Sunday, May 10, 2020


Police Brutality in South Africa – Local KDM traffic officers allegedly tried to arrest a minor (child)

Local KDM traffic officers allegedly tried to arrest a minor (child) for being outside in the road from within a private residence in Ballito, South Africa. The local community is upset at the alleged disregard for due process in handling the minor and the obvious trauma plus not adhering to safety standards during lockdown. Be aware the footage may be disturbing to viewers.As posted by “I Love Ballito”Police brutality in South Africa INCREASING FAST – NOW ALSO INVOLVING MINOR CHILDREN!The trauma endured by the minor child will last FOREVER!This is the manner in which they “Protect & Serve”.WATCH – 11 May 2020 send us similar video’s, THE WORLD WILL KNOW!Submit your video’s to Project Survivor South Africa via Whatsapp (082 457 3499)DATE AND PLACE OF INCIDENT IS A PREREQUISITE!Join Project Survivor South Africa here: ;and

Posted by Project Survivor South Africa on Monday, May 11, 2020


VLOG 26: Lockdown South Africa – Cops Manhandling Kids?!

The government ought to tread very carefully, especially when it thinks it can attack people's children or families using state security forces.Shocking images of seemingly municipal police in Ballito, appearing to grab and manhandle a toddler, which leads to a scuffle between them and the child's father.How does any of this combat the Coronavirus? How is this not, instead, an assault on people's life, liberty and property-rights?

Posted by Big Daddy Liberty on Monday, May 11, 2020



Image may contain: one or more people and closeup

In Ravensmead Cape Town Police beat this boy up and forced him to walk home again.



Mazzotti, of course, is a key figure in the tobacco industry, and because the tobacco smugglers stand to profit handsomely from the lockdown, social media is awash with speculation that Dlamini Zuma was acting for the mafia when she extended the tobacco ban.. But the tobacco issue is a sideshow. The urgent issue is that somehow the person who was willing to lead the kleptocratic faction of the ANC has emerged with significant power in this crisis. South Africans, whether rich or poor, have every right to be seriously disturbed by this development. None of us knows just how badly this crisis will hit our economy, but it seems clear that millions will lose their jobs and other forms of income. Millions will experience rapid downward mobility. Retrenchments were already at crisis levels before the virus hit and are going to explode in the coming weeks. Circumstances will be dire. Hunger, which was already at crisis levels before the virus hit, will start to affect families who had thought that their lives were on a firm footing. Middle-class people will start to lose their homes and have to withdraw their children from expensive schools. We are going to face extremely tough times. But facing such tough times with a credible leadership is one thing. Facing such tough times with a deeply compromised leadership is another thing. Ramaphosa unfortunately is a billionaire with standard neo-liberal politics and no sympathy for the poor.

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THIS is how Cyril’s “piepol” treat food that is supposed to go to the hungry and needy.

The worst-case scenario for the medium-term future is that we find ourselves in an unimaginable economic crisis, with mass suffering, a reconstituted kleptocracy in government and the army remaining in the streets to control the inevitable protests and food riots. Our democratic aspirations will not survive a situation like this. If you could turn back the clocks six weeks – to the eve of our first day of lockdown – and consider what the greatest challenge to Cyril Ramaphosa’s reputation would be, few would have pictured the smoke and mirrors of an increasingly dubious cigarette ban. But the Squirrel has sparked up a blaze of controversy recently. First, our cigarettes were banned. Then they were going to be put back on sale. Then they were banned again. Eventually, a court challenge against the ‘reversal of the reversal’ was launched, making things even more difficult for the top mob. Ramaphosa’s team dug themselves an even bigger hole earlier, though.

Ramaphosa slammed for classifying cigarette meeting notes

The Squirrel’s  spokesperson confirmed that the office would not be releasing the minutes of the meeting which yanked tobacco back off the shelves last week. That has caused more outrage than one would care to imagine. Ramaphosa is facing heavy criticism from South Africans online, and his political opposition are positively enraged. Two members of the shadow cabinet and a DA MP have vented their frustrations. We’re expecting a party-wide statement on the issue later in the day, but some politicians have blasted the incompetent regime  for orchestrating a ‘disgusting cover-up’. The language used is coarse, to say the least.

The township economy charges now for cigarettes as of this week R 75 for a Packet of Chicago and Pacific (Pre-lockdown price R 17.00) Rothmans R 120-R 150 from spaza outlets (Normal price R 27.00) Bells Whiskey is R 550 per bottle. (Normal price R 185.00) Vodka is R 400 per bottle. (Normal price R 128.00) Brandy also R 425.00 (Normal price R 120.00 ) All foodstuff prices in townships are spinning out of control because many factories and wholesalers are closed. These are poor people subjected to this price regime. A spiteful and revengeful government is now responsible for poor people spending food money on such products. Only criminal empires controlling the trade and benefit off the suffering of it’s people. Based on what I can see is this fallacy in this  lockdown. If you only lockdown 13% of the nation which is the wealthy and middle class with medical aid but allow 87% of the nation in poor areas, townships and informal areas to carry on with their lives with no interference, who has no medical aid, – you deserve a medal for governance. However if you do what the ANC currently is doing-  an indictment of an irresponsible and careless government will be your medal instead. 



You cannot stop the alleged “virus “ with all this macabre and brutal dictatorial rule of inquest. Example 1: Sweden and Norway are examples of controlled “lock-downs” without any bans and interference in the public’s social lives by the state. The people still have the power- and not visa-versa like the tin pot regime does in South Africa. Example 2, Khayilitsha in the WC with 1,3 million residents so far has not complied with any lockdown measures whatsoever since Day 1. But if you lump together several middle class suburbs which applied strict lockdown compliance with same amount of people as Khayelitsha, the infection rate is same with and without Lockdown. These are facts that the state is not discussing. Lockdown to my mind is a side show- a political power play to instate fear, oppression and iron rule into the people. It is not going to work as the ANC now is busy stirring a hornet’s nest it rather should have left in peace. It’s going to hit the ANC in a terrible back-lash on two the streets- and at the ballot box. IMF easy loans is the true objective of this exercise due to the junk status and overall  capital starvation. Playing the “victim” is an age-old tactic by the ANC to leech international sympathy and bank accounts dry. It worked with “Apartheid” – and it will surely work again now with “Covid.”



Meanwhile rogue and  incompetent ” ministers” use it as an internal political positioning tool of which the end game is uncertain but surely disastrous. But this much is unfortunately the truth. While the national media feebly still tries to sing their communist masters’ praises on a daily basis- the truth is there for all to see. The economy is now in tatters. The government in pieces.  The middle class will be reduced to half its size and unemployment will touch the 50% button for first time in our history. The poor will suffer even more and crime is due to escalate beyond control. The national fiscus is totally destroyed , the GDP figure hit rock bottom and markets plunge to excessive lows. The treasury, SARS and banking sector are in serious financial constrains with thousands of people /home owners that fell in arrears with their bond payments , others lost their income and also the possibility of worthless money being printed at a staggering rate to try keeping the state organs and  economy afloat- which again will spiral into the mother of all recessions a la Venezuela and Zimbabwe. 

The ANC is coming out of the closet. They no longer hide behind the lofty ideals expressed in their constitution and couldn’t be bothered to pretend any longer that they have for a second felt any obligation to the South African constitution since 1994. On SABC news (their wholly-owned mouthpiece), the ANC and its “advisors” are unabashed that economic transformation means communism in their playbook. Don’t let Judas goats lead us to slaughter, folks. We have been nicely softened up by Covid lockdown and consequent obliteration of our economic resources. The EWC draft legislation is waiting in the wings as an instrument for complete State power over our lives. If you don’t know what communism is, or look at it through rose-tinted spectacles, you’re in for a rude awakening. I think we’re all going to be shocked out of our jocks when we see what the ANC “NEC” – or “politburo ” has planned for South Africa post-Corona. Please build this into your short term plans and get ready to defend your liberty to the last drop of blood.


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In the midst of this man-made catastrophe it is the poor whites that suffers the most under the racist ANC’s policies of “Only Black Lives Matter.” Whites do not qualify for government food aid or financial assistance because of their skin color. Even benefactors that want to assist these white squatters are persecuted and food parcels confiscated, taken to goevrnment warehousesn where it will be re-distributed to blacks- or simply the parcels get  stolen by the officials themselves.

Image may contain: text that says 'Rapport Rapport @RapportSA 5h Alle kospakkies moet deur die staat nagegaan word omdat "ons moet weet die mieliemeel het nie in nie", Thabiso Hlongwane, woordvoerder van die Gautengse departement van maatskaplike ontwikkeling, aan Hanlie Retief. #SondagInRapport 46 18 Flip Buys @flip_buys Replying to @RapportSA and @piotrstijn Laat ek respekvol reageer teenoor so 'n hoge amptenaar: fok u, mnr Hlongwane.'

We said it so many times and will say it again that the ANC has this uncanny ability to f*ck up everything they touch- they even f*ck up a f*ck-up! They have this strange policy of sending in a  president that is worse than the previous one as well. But they made their gravest mistake with their last choice. The Squirrel is an opportunist- that much we must admit- but the problem with the Squirrel is that he received  almost everything he posses through the bleeding Oppenheimer and Rupert hearts . From an early age Ramaphosa was an opportunistic political  whore that always sided with the environment that could look after his best interests first. First it was National Intelligence that kept his furry back side out of the Robbin Island holiday accommodation among his compadres, then he sided with Harry Oppenheimer that literally booted him into stardom with lots of Blue Chip shares and union racketeering skills, then he again sided with Zuma to carry him on his back as his 2 IB  to the throne- and then he switched against the ol’ Mobster and sneaked behind his back to usurp him for a place on the seat. Other donators always showered him with  capitalist confetti.

Image may contain: one or more people, possible text that says 'A CORRUPT ANC WILL BE FAR WORSE THAN APARTHEID. OLIVER TAMBO'


Ramaphosa  never worked for his own piece of sunshine. And that may well be his gravest mistake yet. He became too full of himself and arrogant by that. Cyril thought running a country is much like running one of his businesses. The “clique” in top- and the (my people)  “rubble ” below. The problem is not running the country like your business- but rather the “employees”  on and NOT on your staff attendance register. Many of them did not read nor sign your companies “bilateral agreements “  and therefore are  not morally or lawfully obligated or compelled to adhere to any of your rules or regulations- especially those you quickly and secretly manufacture to destroy your company and left your staff destitute and hungry without an income – irrespective what “smart” term or abbreviation  –“4th Industrial Revolution, Expropriation without compensation,  NHI, RET,  Corona or Covid ”  you attach to your plan.  You cannot be a boss of someone that does not serve you and neither expect loyalty from those you intend to harm. “Covid-19”  which was engineered and intended to make the rich richer and the poor poorer just happens to end up with a opposite effect. It will make the populace angry and stronger-  and the ANC will either be brutally ousted or left with a minority seats in parliament after the next elections. Copvid-19 surely is a game changer.   The ANC really f*cked up in the major league this time. They just happen to create more than 50 million enemies on their own doorstep  in just over a month and a half. and I challenge anybody to dispute these facts.


Cyril Ramaphosa’s authority has come in for some serious questioning since the beginning of Level 4 restrictions. Political gossip over the past few weeks has been rife, with some media in South Africa claiming that either Cyril Ramaphosa or the ANC itself will be removed from power. Critics are upset with the amount of power held by the National Command Center – a group effectively illegally given the authority to establish lockdown laws and how they are governed. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma leads the NCC, and as the person who went head to head with Cyril to replace Jacob Zuma, the struggle for power has seemingly continued. The noises coming from inside the ANC camp suggest that all is not well behind closed doors, and the blood has been bad for months. It’s a perfect storm of conspiracy, rumour, and political intrigue. The murmurs of discontent are being heard through cracks in the wall. Never mind keeping the country together during the global health crisis, the ANC – and its leadership – are having all on with keeping themselves in-line. Claims resurfaced in the past week, after initially being made in December- of a planned coup within the party . Sunday Independent reported that stakeholders including the Oppenheimers and Ruperts want to ‘elevate’ Ramaphosa above the ANC, so that if the party lost support, he could emerge as the undisputed leader of a centre-right coalition of opposition parties. The trap the ANC prepared for the nation under the “Covid-19” hoax now will become their own grave. Covid-19 will soon announce the ANC’s swan song.

No photo description available.

While the ANC rat pack is killing local tobacco companies with their “bans”- the Chinese is moving in to capture the market with their own brands.


Political opponents smoke-out the president

Leon Schreiber, shadow public service minister: “Disgusting cover-up underway by Cyril Ramaphosa… His NCC is out of control and must be stopped.”

Ashor Sarupen, DA MP: “Constitutional delinquents… Classified decision-making is completely unrelated to national security.”

Dean Macpherson, shadow trade minister: “They won’t show us the data they rely on to make decisions, they won’t give us the rationale for regulations they dictate and now refuse this under the excuse it’s ‘classified’. You get the impression there’s something being hidden from the public by Cyril’s government.”

Lockdown: How cigarettes became the most contentious issue

The cigarette fiasco has certainly sewn seeds of discontent among the public. It hasn’t been a PR victory Ramaphosa and the ANC, who were widely acclaimed at first for their rapid response to the alleged “global health crisis.”  But, as the weeks went on, patience with misbehaving and arrogant  ministers wore a little thinner. Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, Fikile Mbalula and Bheki Cele all faced legal cases for various misdemeanors over the past 42 days of lockdown. When Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma then extended the ban on tobacco products, much of the fake “goodwill ” carefully crafted by this country’s bad  leadership went up in smoke. The Squirrel is standing firmly by Dlamini-Zuma and the “National Command Council ” that she leads. Ramaphosa has since revealed that NDZ only makes decisions based on the input of all Cabinet ministers – all except Tito Mboweni, perhaps, who claimed he was in favour of selling cigarettes during lockdown Level 4. Indeed, that disdain has made its way rapidly across to the opposition benches.

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The Police Buffoons and their Stalinist crack down on innocent people.

So, today, the local police in Clarens, Free State, visits the shops that are trading. They are now, authorized to decide which garments in a particular shop is “wintery” enough to be sold. Going through the stock and the display, they decide what can stay, and what must be taken off. For example, a knee length velvet dress with long sleeves, is not “wintery “ enough..or a check blouse with long sleeves and a long skirt, “are not wintery enough “.. How did this happen – ??  We are being told where we may go, how we may exercise, where we may exercise, how long we may exercise, what we may read, which hair products we may use, which clothes we may, how are we going to make this stop?


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Police , the Army and Traffic cops parking on the beach at Blueberg….waiting to pounce that mischievous lone presumably white jogger or surfer again?


There is no question people are desperate for food, but attacking a Qumbu homestead with an AK-47 assault rifle for the sake of lone chicken seems a bit excessive. The siege, allegedly by four armed men on the Qotira homestead in the early hours of Sunday, has now landed them behind bars. According to Eastern Cape police spokesperson captain Dineo Koena, the AK-47 and two shotguns were seized during an operation conducted by Qumbu police at Kalankomo locality on Wednesday morning. “On May 3 there was a shooting at the homestead at about 5.45am. A chicken was stolen by the suspects. No-one was injured,” Koena said.

No photo description available.

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I am now ONE HUNDRED PERCENT convinced that the 5G/Vaccine/Crypto combo is The Mark of The Beast. I have no more doubt. It’s in the bag…. No one has ever explained it to me in this fashion. We are going to have bible study today with my Pastor whom I highly respect so much. Also, the mainstream media and the Pentagon has now introduced UFOs to the masses. Perhaps they’re going to use UFOs to cover up the rapture when The Saved suddenly disappear..

Posted by Sarah Sage on Sunday, May 3, 2020



Let us now unpack what is really happening here;


Firstly- let us quickly recap what the ANC achieved since 1994:

1. Corruption on a grand scale-

2. Totally destroyed the economy-

3. Totally destroyed all functioning state departments and SOE’s-

4. Destroyed once fully functioning provinces and City Councils-

5. Captured the country as their own piggy bank-

6. Introduced racist and discriminating laws-

7. Brought about a white genocide and excessive farm murders-

8. Discrimination against minority groups-

9. Plundered the state coffers empty-

10. In-debt South Africa with over R 3 Trillion rand-

11. Impoverished more than 30% of the population-

12. Introduced a communist ideology where only a small clique in Lethuli-House keep the populace captured through oppressive laws and witch hunts-

13.Render the country bankrupt and into Junk Status-

14. Disregarded the constitution totally-

15. Used lies, deception , bribery and voter rigging in each election-

16. Enforced Stalinist policies onto the populace to keep the people suppressed-

17. Treated the people like animals through political power plays-

18. Sold all South Africa’s oil reserves for personal gain-

19. Sell off pieces of our country to foreigners (Chinese) against loans-

20. Brutal suppression of free speech-

21. Crack-down on anyone opposing their tyrannical rule-

22. Self enrichment and scandals-

23. Capture of the media, armed forces, security forces  and judiciary-

24. Destruction of South Africa’s National Defense Force, Education, Health Services, Broadcaster, National Revenue Service, National Airline, Railways, Postal Services, Telecommunications,  Electricity supplier, Arms Manufacturer, Steel manufacturers, Mining Sector, Nature Conservation, Food Suppliers, Currency and Water Resources-

25. Totalitarian rule and destruction of all middle class businesses-

26. Exuberant taxes, service escalations and soaring petrol prices-

27. Tender fraud, tax theft and personal shares in national resources especiallly mining-

28. Creation and maintenance  of private armies on tax payers money-

29. Persecution of political opponents and activists-

30. Putting more than 20 million people out of jobs and  on State grants-

31. Handed South Africa’s resources on a platter to the Ruperts, Rothschilds, Oppenheimers , Mandelas, Guptas and Zumas-

32. Created division between classes, races and political lines-

33. Wasted billions of rands on personal ventures-

34. Witch hunts on trumped-up charges against especially white Afrikaner people-

35. Exploited the security forces to protect their own devious agendas while oppressing the citizens-

36. Brutal fascist and totalitarian crack-down , persecution, house arrest , infringement of private rights and freedom ,  denial of human rights , psychological war ,   destruction of thousands of businesses , impoverishment of thousands and police brutality against many   innocent people, destruction of our social lives and gross abuse of our human rights  during the “Covid-19″ operation.

Posted by Leonie Lenie Maritz Booysen on Sunday, May 10, 2020


A more complete list – ( maybe only the ears of the hippopotamus as well) of most of  the ANC thievery, corruption and scandals could be viewed HERE. It is breathtaking and jaw dropping all the racketeering, money laundering, plundering and corruption  involving BILLIONS! And up to today not ONE ANC rat or co-conspirator has been caged for the billions upon billions  that disappeared into private bank accounts and overseas “safe houses.” One can only gasp for breath and ask “How on G-d’s earth is this possible?”  To get an answer to that question you must reverse history right back to the days of John Vorster , Anton Rupert, Henry Kissinger Harry Oppenheimer and NASPERS.  To get the answer as to why this hoodlums still are in the pound seats you again could look at the Ruperts, Oppenheimers, Zumas, Mandelas, Guptas, George Soros,  Bilderbergers, Free Masons, Afrikaner Broederbond and a whole lot of “secret” notorious “organizations” and glutenous tribal chiefs. All the political parties in South Africa are in some or the other way linked to and controlled by one of these powerful demonic entities. From the far right to the extreme left wings they all belongs to the same vultures. 

Looking at the list above one really must start to do some serious damage assessments and ask yourself whether this bunch of ex-bandits from Robbin Island  really are tried to govern the country and it’s  people- or have  they and their corporate cronies been waging an brutal economic  guerilla warfare against the country and it’s people for their own selfish benefits this past 25 years? The ANC is a curse to the country , an abomination- and cannot, must not be allowed to govern this country any longer. Their latest “Covid-19”  fiasco  is turning into this country a  major economic catastrophe. Much, much more people are going to suffer and perish in the aftermath of the ANC’s  Covid-19 holocaust than people that allegedly “died” from the “virus”itself. This is what happens if you trust power crazy gangsters to  rule a country.


” Don’t say I didn’t tell you. They are busy unseating Ramaphosa, holding virtual meetings to escalate his stepping down. We must pray for South Africa hard and fast!” –Vytjie Mentor


SOME senior ANC rats  have accused President Cyril Ramaphosa of working with external parties to collapse the governing party and replace it with a centre-right coalition led by him after the 2024 general elections.The question now is what type of miscreants and on what level of  psychopathy these economical terrorists are operating and running South Africa into the abyss today- and what are their intentions for the future? Looking at which circus clowns  are  wielding the hammer these days- ineptocrats such as  Dhlamini Zuma, Mbalula and Cele-  then South Africa finds itself in  deep, deep trouble indeed! The wheels of the commi cart already start falling off when Mbeki took the reigns…then the axles also came loose when Zuma captured the throne- and with Ramaphosa…well…the poor cart is so f*cked up today –  even the bloody horses ran away! What ever constructive  project did the ANC build or create this past 25 years? The answer: SWEET BLUE F*CK-ALL! They arrived on our shores as thieves , racists, pathological lairs, blame shifters and leeches- and they also will leave our shores as such. ..thieves,racists,  pathological lairs, blame shifters – and blood sucking  leeches. They are the human locusts that destroy and consume everything wherever they land. The “pandemic” South Africa experience today is not a biological pandemic- it is an ANC communist pandemic. And the collateral damage inflicted upon the country and it’s people by this very destructive Sith lords and their ANC card waving creatures will by far be much  worse than the “Covid-19” hoax ever will.

BUT with hind-sight one might tend to think that this “Corona” operation was needed to expose the rot and deep racist boroughs  of the ANC to the world. And speaking of the ANC the rabbit hole goes very deep indeed! Because of their infighting the ANC truly screwed-up even this international hoax badly. Unfortunately for them it also served as an eye-opener to the world with what type of incompetent nit-wits we are dealing here. Now the ANC created for themselves  a very hot potato which  they will not easily be able to shift the blame of onto “apartheid” again. The world at large shy them. Money-shooters shy them. Credit houses downgraded them. Investors turn their backs on them. The UN and WHO warned them. Law firms are gearing up to sue them. The populace now despise them. Their own cadres now turns against them. The world powers like America now discard them. The time for the ANC and all their devious  agendas, racist undertones, witch hunts on whites, land grab agendas , Marxist ideologies and deceptions came to their final chapter. Their time is up and it is not a matter of “if”– but rather “when” we will see their ivory castles tumble. The time for extreme leftist liberal ideologies is past- and so also the era of long-forgotten vintage policies such as “socialism” and “communism.” We live in a modern world that has no place for the out-dated agendas from the Castro, Mao , Stalin and Pol Pot era . As we observe their own kind will be responsible for their downfall. Tribalism and greed will be their own worst enemy at the end of the day. And even a more challenging threat from the North faces the ANC and their ability to protect South Africa :

No photo description available.

Let us hope for the ANC’s sake they will be able to stop this very dangerous omen with their cadre-filled SANDF. If not…all hell is going to break loose on the borders of South Africa again.



A full list of all the ANC’s Polatriat members can be viewed HERE.

SORRY mate- you had your 3 weeks PLUS another month and a half to have your “fun and games.”Another year for you to install your 5 G contraptions and force down your socialist “4 th revolution” onto us?  Allow another year for  psychopaths such as Bill  Gates to run amok with his little neeldes and pins?  No way bozo- from on May 13 2020 we – the people- take our country which YOU have totally f*cked up- back and if you send in your Rottweilers to “arrest “ us- all hell will brake loose. We suppose you heard this whole “Corona” lockdown was one big farce? You corrupt lot each get your fat pay check ( funded by the tax payer ,  “do gooders” abroad, corrupt corporations and loansfrom China which you in return guarantee with pieces of OUR land and OUR minerals)  of around R 100 k each every month ON TIME’ You lot care a sh*t and can play this filthy game for another ten years as long as we – the tax payer- can get milked to support your exuberant life styles. We on the other hand do not have that royalty- and thousands of our people are suffering hunger because they cannot earn an income anymore because of YOU! Hundreds of businesses closed down and thousands are left jobless because of YOUR little “Corona” games.

Hundreds of businesses closed down and thousands are left jobless because of YOUR little “Corona” games. Many white businesses will not be able to recover and still YOU apply your racist BEEE on financial aid given to you by WHITE people? Lots of people lost their jobs, their income and were thrown out of their houses with creditors pouncing them like vultures because of YOUR little “corona” bullsh*t games. Many whites go hungry tonight because of YOUR racist policies of not allowing food parcels to poor white families.Many people now face starvation because of YOUR incompetence and careless attitude towards our people.


Image may contain: one or more people and crowd, possible text that says 'People in lines for food. Pls explain your hysteria over a 0.2 % mortality rate to me very slowly so can explain that to the mother with her 3 hungry kids. Or the granny who can barely walk.. May be they can wait another 3 months before they eat. (Olievenhoutbosch this morning)'


A dramatic morning trying to ensure the elderly are not injured while a truck is looted for its maize outside Bulwer, after having overturned this morning.

Posted by Berg Protection Services Drakensberg on Monday, May 11, 2020

THIS is what the ANC are doing to the people while the Fat Cats enjoy Sushi downed with a sip of Blue Chip every night.

Many people suffer psychological stress because of YOUR police minister and his abusive police trolls.  Meanwhile you allow thousands if Chinese soldiers  and thousands of convicted criminals which is a direct threat to our national security to come into our country without consulting us – the people as well? But your bozo police arrest law abiding citizens for surfing and jogging? You allow foreign  Cuban nationals that has been tested positive for this “Corona” virus to enter our country – work in our hospitals and treat us without again consulting our own doctors ?

No photo description available.


Image may contain: one or more people

Banning liquor and cigarettes and then declare the reason for this idiotic move it as “Classified.  ?”  Are you out of your f*ckin mind or what?Have you lot lost your last bloody marble or what? This is nothing less than friggen INTIMIDATION tactics. But we will remember your stunts and theatricals at the election booths.  We about had enough of your deception and brutal oppression.If you want to share your little “virus” among your own ANC cronies for another year- please feel free to do so and inform us how many ANC rats have been poisoned by the “virus” so we can celebrate each one with lots of booze, joy and laughter. You lot incompetent fools have caused enough collateral damage to our country, our finances, our social lives- and our livelihood! Get the hell out of our lives – you have overstayed your welcome and overplayed your hand. We have an idiea you lot are going to be quite busy fending offv all the class action suits that will soon be delivered on your doorstep. Time for all the ANC thieves and their corrupt co-conspirators  to be brought to justice ,  the party disbanded and banned again! THE PARTY’S OVER!!


1. Everyone has the right to freedom of movement. (Thanks. I’ll use mine and go for a stroll around our gated complex.)

Everyone has the right a) to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being. (Thanks. I’ll use mine and go for a stroll for some fresh air and some exercise around our gated complex. My swollen ankles and ever-widening girth due to no outside exercise are a by-product of your violation of this right. It’s not healthy)

1.Persons belonging to a religious community may not be denied the right with other members of that community a) to practice their religion (Thanks. I’ll use mine and go for a stroll for some fresh air and exercise around our gated complex while quietly thanking God in my prayers for guiding me in the Bible that anyone instructing me to do anything that violates my body as a temple shall be deemed to be a Heathen sent by purveyors of evil and ignored always in my obeying of His commands. )

3. The state may not unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds, including race, gender, sex, pregnancy, marital status, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, conscience, BELIEF, culture, language and birth.

4. No person may unfairly discriminate directly or indirectly against anyone on one or more grounds in terms of sub-section (3) (Thanks for this. I hold and swear by a BELIEF that a good jaunty stroll each day at 10 am and 4 pm while huffing huge lungs full of fresh air and chanting prayers of thanks is essential to my health. Even though these hours fall outside of the current exercise curfews, Mr. President. It’s just that these are my BELIEFS as enshrined in the Bill of Rights)


Everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected. There is some fundamental human rights issues Ramaphosa and his “Corona”-ilk seems to either have forgotten, deliberately trying to forget- or simply brutally ignoring. We humbly want to point out TWO examples of this:




“Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves.Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world. Let freedom reign!” Nelson Mandela- Thursday May 10 1994.

Shall we again remind the “Corona” mobsters of this?

(Ouch! My dignity has been disrespected and left unprotected by 44 days to date of virtual imprisonment while being made a victim of rules being made up willy-nilly by bodies corporate, a feeling of malaise, depression and unsettling weight gain due to my banishment from freely using the open areas I pay for each month in our estate, as well as the parks my taxes pay for.
My dignity has not been protected because the only time I see your leadership team, they stand before the cameras empty handed – uttering statements that I cannot generally understand in my mother tongue of English so poor is their message construction and delivery. These statements and policies instill ZERO confidence in these ” leaders'” abilities and show me no proof that the path you’ve chosen to date will lead us anywhere but hurtling into a deeper chasm of personal impoverishment, re-inflamed racial disunity and national financial implosion that threaten to decapitate in a matter of months every ONE of the last 25+ years of relative progress made in the New South Africa.  This makes me feel undignified, sad and helpless because I’m not even allowed to walk around freely at hours of the day chosen by myself and chat about my feelings with my neighbors.

Image may contain: outdoor

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

We take it because the real “Covid-19” criminals are hanging out on the beach everyday having a “jol”– Cyril had to release 19 000 MORE to come and do the job. Soon our beaches will be overcrowded with criminals!



3. Any competent court may decide on the validity of a) a declaration of a state of emergency. So, if I -South African Citizen- think that the State of Disaster-enforced lockdown which resulted in the Constitution effectively being shredded by the above Body Corporate instruction is WRONG-I can take the government to court? If I truly believe that herding together into our townships millions with varying degrees of Covid-19 susceptibility and having the army and police effectively imprisoning them is an invalid excuse for a State Of Disaster, then please Mr. President confirm that I can take the government to court ( as is my RIGHT under the Constitution)and get an immediate injunction in the Constitutional Courts tomorrow forcing you to “stand-down” until you’ve at least listened to some clever, creative and fast-thinking people who may have better solutions to the ones you and your almighty team keep coming up with?

Oh, I forgot – you have declared a State of DISASTER.
(…/f…/gcis_document/202003/43096gon313.pdf )

Which sits OUTSIDE of the constitution. And clearly OVER-RIDES the Constitution, doesn’t it Mr. President? And was enshrined into law in 2002 by Minister of Co-Operative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. It allows you effectively to make and change laws as you choose to in order to “protect the people and the economy that supports them” for as long as you keep the State of Disaster IN FORCE. Including passing a “Wealth Tax” – for example – to mandate that anyone with more than, say, R 500 000 equity in their property and having an access bond, shall surrender 10% of said available cash to SARS within a week. Failing which you shall have the right to take the money out of their access bond. We all know what amazing growth we experienced in SA the year AFTER the last time this happened. It was called” Amnesty on Offshore Assets.”  And Uncle Trevor Manuel ran that program. With GREAT success. Is this the current direction of your thinking, Sir? Any thoughts on the above violations of my rights, Mr. President?


This is a communist war being waged against millions of people’s livelihoods – of EVERY color and creed. All businesses must stand together and open up for business on Monday, 12 May 2020. If you have a BUSINESS or are an EMPLOYEE of a business that is currently closed, it is your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to save your own livelihood – and that of your employees and families* (* According to the Constitution of the Republic of South-African Chapter 3 Fundamental Rights section 26 (1) Every person shall have the right freely to engage in economic activity and to pursue a livelihood anywhere in the national territory* According to law experts: Lockdown regulations do not and should not OVERRIDE the constitution.) Out 59 million people in South-Africa only 7220 people are infected with Corona (Covid-19) virus. That is only 0.012 % of people who have the virus (on 4 May 2020). Of which only 187 have died. That is a death percentage of 2,59 % OF THOSE INFECTED. That means that 97,41 % OF THE SMALL NUMBER INFECTED have survived the virus. The average age of the people who have died is 75!

As long as you follow the same safety regulations that all shops and businesses are currently open follow, you are within your right to protect and pursue your livelihood. So, do so! If you have followed what is being said by our president, and have dug a little further, you will have noticed that the reason for keeping certain businesses closed is based on  Ramaphosa’s own words: “to forge a new world order founded on equality” and “to bring about Radical Economic Empowerment”. The government is using the fear for contracting a virus for their own evil agenda.The same government who have yet to bring to justice a single perpetrator of state capture or outright theft from the taxpayers by way of their corruption and plundering of government revenues through tender rigging and cronyism.

But this is not only directed at white people, this is about ALL the people. Millions of black, brown, white, etc, are going hungry due to businesses being closed. The government doesn’t appear to care about any of the people that are starving. We cannot sit still while the power elite destroy our lives. Take back yor power people opf South Africa. The ANC captured your country, your opportunities, freedom and sovereignty. They treat you like criminals and are busy impoverish you. If we stand together, we will win. If every business in every town in every province opens up. PUT ON your mask on Monday, go out into the world and support all the open businesses. If you see police trying to intimate a business owner, go stand around them and support them so that the police can’t wrongfully and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY bully or arrest them. Film with your phone any transgressions of the Constitution and keep the footage. Take the names of the policemen who try and arrest the “transgressors” – as they will be hauled into court eventually. And settlements will be paid. Blind faith in your government will get you killed. By starvation- or by other means….like for instance an  Arab Spring.

AND LASTLY….Here is South Africa’s biggest circus in action! Please meet the royal clowns that is writing your laws and deciding YOUR future:




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