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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria  May 21   2020





Trump threatens permanent freeze on WHO funding in 30 days

5G Health Risks; The War Between Technology and Human Beings

Infant Dies 14 Hours After Receiving 8 Vaccines

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US Navy prepare long range missiles to South China sea

Facebook say Pakistani page posting child porn doesn’t violate “community standards.”

FTC fines Facebook $5B for privacy violations







Corona is a geopolitical operation by the “global elite”- and their “depopulation agenda” is real. Isolation imprisonment makes people sick and kills them. Gun control was designed to take away your freedoms. Political correctness was designed to take away your freedom of speech. Social distancing was designed to take away your right to assemble. Your face mask was designed to be your muzzle & handcuffs. Being quarantined to your house was designed to be your jail cell. The vaccine/microchip is designed to guarantee that the things listed above remain permanent. The coronavirus was designed to distract you from these facts, while you willingly give up your freedoms.”American billionaires have gotten $280 billion richer since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.This is nothing but an exercise in mind control, the sheeple puppets are dancing in tune to the puppet masters performing most excellently.The MSM and NWO have you well under control. “-Annon



they say- are sometimes more stranger than fiction. Now we are not quite sure just WHO coined that phrase first- but in today’s modern world that phrase seems to become the norm of the day- especially when one is dealing with your government- or any “world “  or “global” organization- especially where the money grubbers are involved. Deception, lies, conspiracy theories and political bullshit nowadays are so part of our lives that sometimes one finds it hard to distinguish between fact and fiction. However– sometimes facts have this uncanny way of presenting itself in the most unexpected- and sometimes surprising  way.  It only takes a keen eye and quick wit to recognize it.

SUCH is the case again with this terrible “Corona”– or “Covid-19” virus  hoax which now is presented by the global “elite” and their spineless media shoppies as the “pandemic” of the century- next to the ice age the worst global “catastrophe”  that befell humankind so far. Out of no-where this “killer” virus appeared, (supposedly farted out by a bat) – and  without warning it took off from it’s launchpad in   Wuhan– China- zapped past 57 major cities in China (without infecting one single Chinese)– with it’s GPS set for (white) Europe- infested each and every city in Europe with a cloud of toxic potion that affected mind and soul of each and every human being that dare venture into the streets. It  then darted  across the world at supersonic speed with all afterburners on Max Q mode to drop it’s lethal cargo on each and every continent and every major city- killing “hundreds” of poor unfortunate souls and infecting “thousands” more as it merely brushed against them on it’s way to destroy the banks , small and medium businesses – and stock markets as well. (Please take note that this virus also missed ALL the retail shops.) What a terrible omen  this “Covid” virus must be indeed! Unstoppable, uncontrollable, – relentlessly speeding towards destroying our (mainly white) planet and life as we know it.  Or so it is the way the “elites” and their media fear mongers‘ book of horrors  described the ” final apocalypse.”

The whole Corona” saga “could” have been one of Hollywood’s best and ostensibly biggest smash hit drama block busters since Clark Gable and Vivienne Leigh’sGone with the Wind”- was it not for the fact that the main actors in the “Corona” saga was far more  less attractive then Gable and Leigh-  and much more inclined to be global and political pathological lairs and mass murderers than being  adorable sweethearts like the two movie stars. Tracking the origins or even the composite of this very secretive “Corona” virus also  is like trying to find the location of  a recyclable condom   the Bermuda Tri-Angle. You only are faced with mass  deception,  lies, conspiracy theories, political fear mongering and yea...met with a barrage of threats if you dare question the authenticity of this newly fabricated global holy grail. They really should have dubbed it the “Mandela-19 ” virus the way the politicians across the world simply adore and worship this newly lab created demi-god / Radiation sickness of theirs. It appears the virus affected more poor souls mentally– than it did fiscally. It left behind a world embroiled in total madness.

BUT– like we said- facts sometimes are stranger than fiction. And as we also said- sometimes facts have this uncanny way of presenting itself in the most unexpected- and sometimes surprising  way.  It only takes a keen eye and quick wit to recognize it. And such a keen eye and quick wit presented itself in the form of a concerned citizen  by the name of Jeff Berwick when he was studying the 2019 Annual report of the World Health Organization in order to see what preparations must be taken against such a global pandemic. It was while he was studying the report that his eye caught a very peculiar sentence in the report- which read:


What further intrigued Jeff- was the front cover page of the report that showed the following pictures:

Did you notice? This is a September 2019 Annual report. How did the World Health Organization know a virus will hit the world 6 months later? AND not only that- they also show the virus plus people wearing masks on their front cover page too? Unless of course- this was a PLANNED event like their preventative report state: “ The United Nations (Including WHO) conducts at least TWO system training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the DELIBERATE release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.” So- what did they try to tell us? There is still ANOTHER “lock-down” on it’s way September 2020! This is the second phase of this so-called “Covid-19” exercise. It is no wonder all their plans and “models” clearly shows this bullsh*t is going to last until February 2021. So..the second “phase” will be during or end September 2020  when they (government) will let their 70 000 soldiers loose on the public to “control” you and me with force! Got that?


Interestingly did Jeff make a You Tube video about this in which he told the nation about this evil conspiracy between the United Nations and the WHO- which in any case is a Soros/Gates/Rockefeller funded organization- to launch this “Covid-19” disaster upon the nations of the world as an “exercise.” . And AS expected- did the conspirators behind this evil scheme immediately remove the video with the following explanation:

“Community Guidelines” the Jew Tube conspirators say. Is this now their new narrative for ” We do NOT want the world to know the truth?” But take a look at Jeff’s OTHER video…also WAY back before this “virus” struck the world. The NWO already were warning us way back it’s coming!



SO– there we have it: The cradle of the “Covid-19” virus- that elusive man-made disaster had it’s blue-print engineered and launched in no other location than the United Nations and World Health Organization themselves – by their OWN admission !! Those two demonic enclaves conspired together to set this “virus”-thing loose on the population of the world as an “experiment” – using China and more specific Wuhan- as the launch pad. NOW one can connect all the dots as to why that “virus” so quickly spread around the world and why all the governments act as one along the same lines and “preventative” actions- they simply followed the WHO’s “guidelines” which includes:

Travel restrictions, movement restrictions, quarantine, and social distancing.


Image may contain: 2 people, text

Image may contain: 6 people, text








MORE ” Corona” bullsh*t!



Travel restrictions refer to enforceable limitations on travel but should not be confused with travel alerts or notices, which provide information for travelers on ongoing health events. Movement restrictions are measures implemented to prevent or limit contact between infectious individuals and susceptible populations, ranging from limits on how or where an individual can travel to full quarantine. Quarantine is a separation of potentially infectious individuals from susceptible populations. It is often confused with isolation, which refers to separating individuals known to be transmissible (typically implemented in a health facility). Though isolation is routinely used in healthcare and public health practice, the use of quarantine is rare and has been controversial.Social distancing covers an array of measures aimed at reducing contact between members of the community that could potentially result in disease transmission, including closing schools, canceling mass gatherings, facilitating remote- or tele-working, and suspending mass transit operations. (WHO annual report 2019 p 56)

THE ANC in South Africa applied one if the most grueling “Lock-Downs” in the world for the alleged “Covid-19” – all because of THIS…. 


From Low Wage Government Worker To Highly Paid Internet Rockstar ...


Currently Infected Patients
2,657,796 (98%)
in Mild Condition

45,448 (2%)
Serious or Critical

Now the question is- what is the ANC aiming at- a killer lock-down for the lowest fatality rated “pandemic? ” How come there never was a “lock – down ” for say Tuberculosis called off? The ANC are playing  their own very dirty little games indeed!



Image may contain: text

No photo description available.

Image may contain: possible text that says 'Hannes Löttering mins Everybody's investments, pension and health insurance 'We will apply all the countries resources available as we phase out lockdown through radical economic transformation Once the new economy is built and radical economic transformation is complete, lockdown will end" -Cyril Ramaphosa Die wat nie geluister het nie, kyk weer, die wat nie mooi verstaan nie, begin navorsing doen. The NDR (National Democratic Revolution) was completed successfully and we start with implementation of RET(Radical Economic Transformation) Cyril Ramaphosa SONA Feb 2020'









The “New Normal?



ACROSS the globe the “controllers” and media networks now are propagating the “New Normal”– on other words they are feverishly trying to brain-wash the populace to get “accustomed ” to rigid government tyranny  over their lives- taking away all their freedom.

THIS is the “New Normal” that now is applied to innocent South Africans where police dragoons are busy with a iron crack-down on innocent citizens that do not comply with this “Post-Covid New Normal.” policies. SO- what “they” actually are trying to propagate to is is that we mist “get used” to their “new normal” of oppression, discrimination, enslavement, control , persecution , tyrannical inquests and total submissiveness to their every command.



AMAZING…isn’t it! They already spelled out their “Corona ” plan for us a WHILE ago…we were just too ignorant and oblivious to pay any attention in class!

NOW– in principle we do not have a problem if these world-class “scientific” psychopaths , deranged “organizations’ and dirty politicians do their “thing” and keep it on their side of he fence y’ know- like taking their own members, families , friends and colleagues for a “test drive“by  injecting them with all kinds of toxic venom, pull “lock-down” stunts on their own families and friends, quarantine their own families, zap their own families with 5 G radiation attracting mercury  and all that kinds of fun and games. But keep it in the “family” y’know? However when these despicable creatures start to involve us- the innocent public- into their dirty “fun and games”– when the reptiles start to disrupt and destroy our social lives,when the filth start to abuse our rights, invade our privacy, try to abuse their powers to enforce their draconian rules upon us and start to enforce a government of tyranny onto us –  it is then that the rules of engagement changes and civil resentment soon changes into public revolt- and eventually to civil disobedience and a forced regime change. And that is about where South Africa finds itself today- the current regime turned rogue with communist tyrants now wants to force a communist dispensation on people that already are close to a revolt because of the same regime’s incompetence, corruption, maladministration, looting, –  and abuse of human rights this past 25 years. The sheep herders turned into goat herders. South Africa now stands close to the point of a civil disobedience and a regime change.And the reason for the degree and this escalation of public repulsiveness is that the communist ANC and their evil cronies are turning  this “Covid”-thing into a personal racist vendetta against  certain groups-  and way too serious for the liking of the general public and even their WHO conspirators.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, sky and outdoorImage may contain: 1 person, text that says 'If masks work why didn't we just give masks to prisoners instead of releasing them?'Image may contain: 4 people, possible text that says 'ADDED During slavery slaves were forced to wear masks as to symbolically mark them as not having a voice and to be owned and under the control of another person.'


THE ANC and their own private “Covid-19” agendas


THE ANC communists- racists as they are – naturally added their own devious and dark personal discriminatory agendas and property/asset  grabs to this whole foul pot full of “Covid ” worms. And it is precisely these “side agendas” that questionable governments such as the ANC have- personal vendettas, political agendas  and all kinds of non-sense crap they now want to force upon the public- that is creating tension. .  There is a saying that goes that evil attracts evil- and in this case- the Covid evil attracted the ANC evil like a candle attracts a moth. Add to that the term “communism” and for a pinch of flavor add “incompetence” – and top it off with cronyism as well – and you have a perfect recipe for one very f*cked-up country ruled by a bunch of very f*cked up paranoid  and greedy morons. Now THAT spells a recipe for disaster- PERIOD! Some of this totally insane “regulations” and confusing  manure the totally misdirected incompetent   ANC cadres in their hastily concocted  “Corona Council” manufactured loosely can be translated as  :

* You can infect anyone wearing a T-Shirt or long-sleeve shirt, unless they are wearing a coat, jacket or jersey over the T-Shirt or long-sleeve shirt, in which case you may not infect them.

• You can infect people walking in the streets, except if they are walking or running between 6am and 9am, but only if they are not moving. If they stand still, you can infect them as well, because they are not officially exercising.

• You may not infect anyone at the supermarkets in aisles 1 through 13, except for aisle 9 where the toys are – you can infect those people because toys are non-essential.

• However, if the toys are being purchased online from Takealot, you may not infect the people buying or delivering those toys.

• You may infect anyone buying hot food, pies or rotisserie chicken at filling stations or supermarkets, or anyone giving cooked food away to the homeless, except for people delivering cooked foods from restaurants via accepted delivery vehicles from Mr Delivery or Uber Eats.

• You must please try to infect smokers before non-smokers, so NDZ can prove she had a valid reason for the cigarette ban.

• You can also infect anyone caught driving around between 8pm and 6am. Those people are just looking for trouble. During other hours, please only infect those who don’t wear their masks whilst driving alone or that do not possess the official stamped & certified essential business certificates – Also, if they do in fact have the correct documents, please make sure that they are the latest valid certificates for Level 3.

• If you see builders, if they are building a bridge or civil project, you may not infect them, but if they are building houses for private people, then you may infect those builders.

• You may infect people where there are more than 3 people in the car, except for taxis which may have up to 7 people.

The ANC cart wheels literally came off with this “Corona”-thing. It brought out not only the deep rooted racism the ANC cuddled for minority groups- but also exposed the personal vendettas, private agendas and conflicts  of interests of most of these ANC corruptocracy.

And here is a few really personal , unnecessary and insane “side plates” some if this 6  very deranged ANC howlers on that notorious “Corona Council” dished out with the main “Corona” course:

Dhlamini Zuma and her cigarette saga:

ONE of the key issues dominating the “lock-down”  saga is the deliberate spitefulness of Dhlamini- Zuma to overturn Ramaphosa’s decision to open up cigarette and liquor  sales on April 15 2020. This stupid decision by the ban/power  insane  Dhlamini-Zuma caused a huge stir among especially South African smokers which consists of about 13 million. The decision from her side was not only totally unnecessary- but also totally uncalled for from a national safety point of view. Cigarettes and booze has got nothing to do with this so-called virus and the alleged spreading of it  per se.  But Dhlamini-Zuma – as many of her other evil and corrupt colleagues in that secretive “Command Council” do – became power mad and is running her own private side – shows and banning cigarettes therefore carries  a personal motive behind this obvious madness. She illegally enforced a “lock-down” on cigarettes in order to open up the opportunity for her own son Edward en her cigarette smuggling sidekick Adriano Mazzotti to run a contraband trade of illegal cigarette smuggling operations at easily 500% inflated prices. Dhlamini-Zuma has got this move all worked out well. She will keep the ban until end of May 2020. Then she will “lift” the ban for say two months until September to give smokers a “breather”  – and suddenly- without warning -slam another  ” lock-down “ onto cigarette sales again. The reason for this cat and mouse game is by end April most smokers already either reverted to smoking alternatives such as Cannabis, Rooibos tea, illegal black market supplies, etc – or are in the process of stop smoking altogether.

Now if she drops the ban end May- all the smokers will  grab for that much craved-for nicotine again – and not before long- they will be back to their old habit again- addicted and depending on their dosage of nicotine every day. By September all the smokers will  mostly be addicted again- and Dhlamini-Zuma- shrewd and vindictive bugger as she is (remember she is connected to Jacob Zuma) – will slam another ban on cigarette sales again without warning- driving smokers back into the arms of illegal black market traders and the 500% inflated prices of Sonny Edward again. Her son Edward under protection of mommy-dear and the ban and also  working in close co-operation with smuggler Mazotti- ostensibly will be the biggest distributor /supplier of contraband cigarettes to the black market-and as we well expected- Dhlamini-Zuma’s own private overseas  bank account also will benefit humongous from this cleverly manipulated power play.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

The other side of Dhlamini-Zuma’s ban

Economists behind an extensive survey of smokers say the lock-down ban on cigarette sales has been ‘a spectacular failure’ and should be lifted as soon as possible. More than 90% of the 12,000-plus smokers who completed an online questionnaire said they had bought cigarettes in spite of the ban. On top of its failure to stop people smoking, the ban had strengthened illicit distribution networks (can you smell  Edward Zuma’s name here?)-  that would now be difficult to dismantle, the economists said. In a report entitled “Lighting up the illicit market, “- members of the University of Cape Town’s (UCT’s) research unit on the economics of excisable products said the ban had:

* Caused nearly half of smokers to switch from multinational brands to local brands;

* Caused “hyperinflation” in which cigarette prices “skyrocketed” by 4.4% a day;

* Made a post-lock-down price war inevitable, which would “ultimately lead to increased cigarette consumption in SA”;

* Undone the progress the South African Revenue Service had made in stamping out illegal cigarettes and given illicit traders a foothold “where they previously could not compete on a quality basis”;

* Created a boom in the informal retail sector,(Do you smell sonny Edward’s name again here?)  with two-thirds of smokers now buying cigarettes from spaza shops and the like instead of from formal retailers;

* Made street vendors a key source of cigarettes for 26% of smokers; and

* Created a thriving black market that revolved around friends and family, WhatsApp groups and “essential worker” acquaintances.

* As well as plunging the market into “turmoil”, research unit head professor Corné van Walbeek said the ban had unleashed a tidal wave of anger and mental anguish.

All in-all it doesn’t matter which way you look at it- the Zumas are scoring BIG time out of this so-called ” ban!” Sonny Zuma’s one big warehouse was raided by SARS after an anonymous “tip-off” was received – but believe you me – sonny Zuma Jr’s  arse will NEVER smell a jail mattress or courthouse bunk. The whole affair will die a quiet death as most cases against “connected ” ANC cadres do. And sonny Edward is “connected” BIG time both ways! So what’s the chances of HIM ever being arrested or dragged to court like me and you are when we do a bit of “trespassing?” 


No photo description available.


Image may contain: 3 people, text

Image may contain: text



Jacques Pauw, the veteran South African investigative journalist, has raised the possibility that the continued prohibition on the sale of tobacco products during lockdown could be due to nefarious forces.  On Wednesday, minister of co-operate governance Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said tobacco products could not be sold during the level four lockdown, despite  Cyril Ramaphosa having announced that the ban would be lifted on 1 May. Pauw was speaking to Kieno Kammies on CapeTalk radio. He said that there was no rational basis for the continued ban on tobacco products. Said Pauw: ‘We have to look at politics… We all know in which camp Dlamini-Zuma is. There is a nexus between her and Ace Magashule (African National Congress [ANC] Secretary-General) and even the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters).’ According to Pauw, the continued ban could be due to links between Dlamini-Zuma and Adrian Mazzotti, described as an ‘alleged illicit tobacco kingpin’ by CapeTalk. Mazzotti allegedly funded some of Dlamini-Zuma’s campaign to become leader of the ANC in 2017, and photos have emerged of Dlamini-Zuma and Mazzotti together.

The EFF, which came out in strong support for the continued tobacco ban, have also allegedly been funded by Mazzotti. Said Pauw: ‘I can assure you that lots of Mazzotti’s cigarettes are being sold around at the moment… We’re talking about organised crime here. In the meantime, South Africa is losing tax revenue at a time when the government urgently needs money.’ Pauw is the author of The President’s Keepers, published in 2017, which exposed the links between former President Jacob Zuma (Dlamini-Zuma’s ex-husband) and organised crime. Under her guard local cigarette distribution are banned by Dhlamini-Zuma while international smuggling got the “Go-Ahead!” It happened in plain sight and nobody objected!

“Respondents do not understand the economic or health rationale for the sales ban,” said Van Walbeek and his colleagues Samantha Filby and Kirsten van der Zee. “While most acknowledged that smoking is bad for their health, they felt that the sudden imposition of the sales ban, without any cessation support, caused them mental health problems because they were unable to smoke.” “Many indicated increased anxiety, feelings of depression, being less focused, and physical withdrawal symptoms.” One smoker told the researchers: “The continuation of the ban is illogical. Everyone is still smoking, just doing it illegally and at great cost while the government loses tax income and criminals make a fortune.” An earlier survey, conducted by the pro-government  Human Sciences Research Council in the third week of lock-down between April 9 and 16, found that only 12% of smokers had bought cigarettes in defiance of the ban.

Bat….Armadillo…Monkeys in SA….Mink..good lord- the way these liberal idiots carry on we soon will hear their pet “virus ” landed with Noah’s friggen ARK, was carried by a monkey to Africa- then transported by Donkey to Egypt- then transported by Camel to Israel- where it was transported by Goat to Britain, then a bat to China- and now it completed the full circle and landed back between the stupid monkeys in SOUTH AFRICA again!

The UCT team collected responses between April 29 and May 11 and said this probably accounted for the different result. “Our results indicate that 90% of smokers had stocked up on cigarettes before the start of the lock-down,” said Van Walbeek. “The initial expectation was that the ban on the sales of cigarettes would last for three weeks, so presumably most smokers would have enough stock to last them through that period.” Cigarette consumption increased from an average of 10 a day to 11 in the first two weeks of lock-down, then went down to nine. “This suggests that most people did not stock up sufficiently for the [lock-down] extension and were forced to ration the remainder of their cigarettes,” said Van Walbeek. Two smokers in five had tried to quit but most had failed and they were now paying almost 90% more for their habit. “Smokers are desperate and are willing to pay exorbitant prices,” said Van Walbeek. Price increases varied substantially around the country but local brands went up the most at the same time as they leapt to the top of the sales charts. “Half of the brands that are in the top 10 during the lock-down did not feature at all for the pre-lock-down period. These brands [Sharp, Caesar, JFK, Remington Gold and Savannah] are all produced by local (Edward Zumas’s Amalgamated Tobacco  ) companies.”

The biggest beneficiary is Gold Leaf Tobacco, part-owned by Simon Rudland, who survived an attempted hit as he arrived in his Porsche for a meeting at the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) offices in Johannesburg in August last year. Gold Leaf’s market share has increased from 12% to 30%, Carnilinx’s from 2% to 10% and Best Tobacco Co’s from 2% to 9%. International cigarette giant British American Tobacco has seen its market share plunge almost two-thirds, to 24%. Van Walbeek and his team said:”It was an error to continue with [the ban] into level 4 lock-down. The government should lift [it] as soon as possible.” BUT as we now know- Dhlamini-Zuma has got other deeper and more notorious reasons for keeping that ban in place. That the reason why she is f*cking around with opposition parties and would-be  legal actions against her ban. Already two cigarette companies and a lawyer firm that tried their luck in questioning her power and the validity of the “Command Council” was sent away with their tails between their legs to go and lick their wounds.

But then you still have village idiots such as Modidima Mannya that recons  ”  It is one of the pieces of legislation passed by our democratic government to give effect to the permissible encroachments on our rights, authorized by the Constitution. Those questioning government’s motives for restrictions on the sale of tobacco and alcohol have challenged it.” and ” We must always be reminded that the current government represents the majority who are black and that both colonialism and apartheid institutionalized the idea that black people could not be trusted. The tobacco they want to force down our throats are from the land they have taken from us by force.” The poor bloody fool is too racist and near-sighted to even notice the “bigger picture” here.” This ban of cigarettes and booze has nothing to do with the “land”, apartheid” , “colonialism“-  or anything with Mannya’s own personal little racist narratives for that matter- – but everything with smuggling contraband across the old smuggling routes and money- LOTS of money. Mannya’s attempt to appear intelligent only expose him as one of the standard black racist heathens in South Africa that normally has a lot of testosterone to piss against whites in ironically- a language that belongs to whites on a laptop and web designed by whites. . But then again must we excuse Mannya- nobody is perfect- and was it not the master trickster PT Barnum that once said that there is a fool born every minute? In the  South African context that ratio /number changes to every second it appears!

Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: possible text that says 'WE are NOT "all this together" !! Politicians and local officials not given paycheck. They have NOT plowed under their fields or slaughtered their livestock or dumped their milk. They have lost homes or businesses. They have not laid awake all night wondering how they will feed their families pay bills. As they continue enforce some of their draconian restrictions, not one of of them is suffering from their own decisions. They are not now. NEVER WILL BE...any part of the "WE" in this.!!!!'Image may contain: text that says 'It went from flatten the curve to not until we find a cure. From social distancing, to stay at home until we say so. From weeks, to we don' know how many months. From we're in it together, to snitch on your neighbors From liberty, to comply or be fined and go to jail.'



Parel, Patel, Patel and his “Ramadan” Shaira law

ANOTHER shrewd “Fincklestein” that abuses his newly found power for personal gain is that shrewd little Indian- Ibrahim Patel. Now Patel- under normal circumstances just another “nobody” in the Ramaphosa dynasty- suddenly became very prominent during this “Covid” hoax as one of the “Big Six” on the notorious gang of the  CCC.  In private life Patel is a hard bitten communist and very prominent Muslim worshiper.

Patel made his mark when he out of the blue slammed the country with a barrage of non-sense “laws” around the sales of specific garments and what you are supposed to wear , sizes, cuts of the garments, etc during this “terrible” times of the “virus” and what not which he gazetted. We are not even going to bore our readers with that list- but it resembles your monthly grocery list and to us- totally irrelevant. Now for any normal observer- as DA leader John Steenhuizen already and correctly pointed out- this “laws” are totally irrelevant to the “virus” theatricals and like John said- Patel must’ve tapped resources from Alice in Wonderland to come up with such down-right childish bans. To us rational people this clothing bans are totally out of place and a direct abuse of power from Patel. However- from another angle Patel did not do this for curbing  the “virus” – or even  in the best interest of the country or it’s people at all- but solely  for the Muslim faith that is.

May is the month of Ramadan- and during Ramadan you are not allowed to eat between the hours of sunrise and sunset-and therefore we have the sudden “curfew” forced upon us just after sunset. Further-more -according to Shaira law– you are allowed only to wear certain garments cut to certain requirements from the Koran for men and women- garments that match certain prescriptions. Therefore what mister Patel went and did- was factually forced Shaira law onto South Africans without them even being aware of it. Now with THAT we have a huge problem. Patel was abusing his powers to force a Muslim religious customs onto ordinary citizens. That is a total abuse of our sovereignty, freedom of choice and religious preferences. We must inform Mr. Patel that South Africa is NOT Saudi-Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Syria where he can simply come and play political  “ISIS” to decapitate our constitution (for what it is worth these days under ANC tyranny) , – and abandon our Western Roman laws and values  as he pleases. We as Christians reject his blatant arrogance and will not comply with his Muslim traditions and ideologies. As far as we are concerned- Patel can take that set of Camel jockey “laws” – and shove it up his back-side.  Again– like Dhlamini-Zuma did Patel exploit this farce “virus”-thing to promote his own private and personal agendas.

The ANC’s own private agenda to create “Youth Brigades under the “Corona” veil?

We are most concerned about an advertisement of the Gauteng Department of Education that invites unemployed youths between the ages of 18 and 35 to apply for the opportunity to be trained as members of so-called ‘COVID-19 school brigades’. According to the advertisement, members of the ‘brigades’ will be deployed in schools to support the Department in performing ‘certain tasks’. It isn’t mentioned whether schools will have any say in the deployment. We are of the opinion that the specific role and powers of the ‘brigades’ are not clearly defined. “Many schools enjoy active parental and community involvement and the duties of such an additional role can easily be filled from within the community itself,” says Henk Maree, spokesperson for AfriForum. Additional causes for concern include: Security forces such as the SANDF and the SAPS, who are supposed to be well trained in managing crises like these, are currently widely criticized for their poor and unfit actions after various incidents. This raises the question of how a few weeks of training could prepare members of these ‘brigades’ adequately to not overstep their authority ‒ especially in vulnerable communities such as schools. The militaristic undertones already created by the term “brigade” is alarming, especially as no parent would wish to expose their children to a militaristic environment in which ‘brigade members’, with only rudimentary training, are barely older than the learners themselves.

Image may contain: text




Mbhazima Shilowa @Enghumbhini

So if it is OK to allow all factories, mines and shops to open, why not metro rail, shosholoza mail, schools & legislatures. To hell with government keeping us indoors like we are kids. We will not allow a dictatorship to rule us! No more working from home, straight to office.

Not tolerating criticism- double standards:


An acting Johannesburg high court judge has agreed to step down after been subliminally forced from the bench after posting expletive-laden comments about “Cyril and his goons” on Facebook — in  criticism of the lame duck government’s recent shutdown measures. Nathi Mncube, spokesperson for the office of the chief justice, told Business Day on Sunday that, after being made aware of advocate Gillian Benson’s Facebook posts, Gauteng judge cader president Dunstan Mlambo had “immediately discussed the matter with her and both agreed that it will be in the best interest of all concerned to have her acting appointment revoked”.

GILLIAN BENSON: I will not apologise for criticising lockdown ...

Gillian Benson wrote: ” A couple of weeks ago I openly criticised our government on my personal Facebook page. I have since apologised for that. In the instant of posting that comment I was hugely frustrated and emotionally distraught and like many people do, I reacted. I vented on Facebook without first thinking it through. Who hasn’t said something they regret in a moment of anger? Furthermore, we live in a thriving democracy where criticism of our leaders, political or otherwise, should not be discouraged. A very well-known journalist, Karyn Maughan, approached me for comment on the 16th May which I subsequently provided on 17th May. That article was published in the Business Day yesterday on the 17th May. In this article Karyn refers to me as an ‘acting judge’ and that I have agreed to step down from the bench.

Firstly, I am an advocate. My last stint as an acting judge was in February 2020. At no stage did I hear any matter for the State, but even if I had, I would have exercised my judicial impartiality as I have done with all matters that I have dealt with. Judicial officers are human beings and are entitled to their opinion, however strong they may be, but this does not mean that having an opinion makes one unable to adjudicate a matter judiciously. You may recall that even our Chief Justice of South Africa, Mogoeng Mogeong, expressed his strong belief in his religion and this certainly did not disqualify him from sitting as head of our apex court. No one can fairly say that he has not been unable to carry out his judicial functions as Chief Justice. Be that as it may, the current lockdown has caused great angst for individuals such as myself, in our personal lives and beyond. Whilst professionally I am unable to earn a proper income, the regulations have had a far greater bearing on other aspects of my personal life as well as on other South Africans

In addition to the stress which the lockdown has caused many citizens, there have been senseless regulations drafted, which continue to affect parents like me who are in the midst of divorce proceedings. We require permits to travel with children between parents but can take them to busy malls without permits, for instance. The latest amendment provides that we require these permits, but magistrates refuse to issue them on a daily basis. This has affected not only me, but many of my clients. This is but one of many examples of our regulations which are illogical, irrational and inexplicable, but gazetted with seemingly no foresight of the effect that they might have on the general populace. I, like many other South Africans, started lockdown on a positive note, using much of my savings and my newly freed up time to assist in feeding the poor. I was deeply saddened when I had to put a stop to that, as I discovered that this was declared illegal in the absence of a permit. To outlaw the feeding of the poor for want of a permit to do so, is an outrage.

Many people, far more prominent than I, have expressed their own frustrations and displeasure with these regulations. Former Minister Trevor Manuel has sharply criticized government regulations and said that the Disaster Management Act does not mean that accountability over government is suspended. He has called many of the regulations “irrational” and “nonsensical”, stating that “We must not be tolerant of this type of behaviour and we need to demand checks and balances. We need to go back to rationality”. Tito Mboweni also does not support many of the regulations, albeit that he is bound by the collective. We have also been advised that renowned scientists like Dr Linda Gray are also critical of the regulations and the indeterminate period of lockdown.

Furthermore, Judge Fabricius ruled last week in the Khosa case that the regulations have led to a “communality of failure”. He stated “there is no point” to some of the regulations. Thus, like me and every citizen in this country at present, even the judiciary have been critical of the regulations, and will continue to be no doubt as the litigation against the government continues. Many high profile and excellent senior counsel, who have similarly had acting stints, have expressed their disagreement with many of the regulations and the affect that they have had on our countryCassim SC stated his own views publicly in his now well-known letter to our leaders. We cannot buy open toe shoes, but we can buy a new canary. If that does not justify some form of criticism, from me and every other citizen in our private capacities, then I simply do not know what has become of our democracy and our entrenched right to freedom of speech, amongst other rights.

I have followed Karyn Maughan’s own articles and posts about the regulations for several weeks now, and was amused at her reference to the “wheels having come off Cyril’s bus”. She has publicly stated that “we are being fed a false rhetoric” and “shame that those in authority have to be ordered to do the right thing”. She stated further that it was a “great acknowledgment by the President about the irrationality of certain regulations”. Would this criticism render her unable in the future to report on the government in an unbiased manner? Surely not. I may be an advocate. I may have acted previously as a judge. But I remain a human being first and foremost. And I remain entitled to criticize any legislative measures implemented which I do not agree with. To bully and vilify me for expressing my opinion (as Karyn did), is rather hypocritical. There are millions of South Africans expressing their displeasure right now at these regulations. I will not apologize for expressing my own view and will continue to do so. The choice of adjectives and nouns that I chose may have been unfortunate, but when an irrational regulation with no basis whatsoever and clearly with no thought as to the best interests of parents and children, hinders my contact with my own child, I will remain upset and deeply so. Criticism of choice of language should not be used as a tool to stifle dissent.

As even our President has said:

“Some of the actions we have taken have been unclear, some have been contradictory and some have been poorly explained and some have evoked a lot of anger and opposition in many of you.”

I am but one of the many.

Yours sincerely
Adv G Benson

BUT Benson is only one complainant in a long string of legal complainants that voiced their “concerns” against the tyranny of the ANC. We already saw the BAT advocates, RHK attorneys, The Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) , Solidarity and a string others attempting to muscle the ANC corruptocrats.  In the ANC gang-land they know how to handle little rogue legal firms and advocates. The communists have a wonderful cure for “concerned” legal companies that want to pit their wit against the corrupt state mechanisms. . They loosely refer to this tactic as  “Bribery” in business slang. In other words- the ANC gangsters made them an “offer” they simply cannot refuse – so to speak! Now you will find  that all of these legal firms suddenly will decide to announce their silent “retreat” from any intended legal action against the state. They say actions speaks louder than words- BUT then again does MONEY speak louder than actions where the state is involved we suppose eh? It is a historical fact that attorneys and judges quickly can change their “moral values ” and ethics (if they do posses any) when the “ Big Bad ” dollar starts to interfere in the proceedings.



However on the same level it must be pointed out that hard bitten communist judge Jody Kollapen ruled in favor of racist discrimination against whites not allowed to receive food aid parcels during this “Covid-19” exercise. Kollapen was not contacted or a decision made to revoke Kollapen’s acting appointment by Dunstan Mlambo as yet for this utter racist judgement.! Hippocracy seems to form one of the main cornerstones onto which the ANC built their ivory tower of absolute tyrannical rule.


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Racism, Nepotism…and double standards: How  foundations of racism forms the basis of the ANC’s red  ivory towers

Cop smoking during lockdown and tobacco ban

Must be part of the 90% group who got them illegally…

Posted by South Africa Live on Monday, May 18, 2020

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At first the (Communist) ANC Government asked the public to contribute to their Solidarity fund which is to support small businesses suffering under the lockdown rules. First up was billionaire Johann Rupert who pledged R1 billion who was soon matched with the Oppenheimer family and later a promise from Patrice Motsepe, a black BEE Billionaire.

What is the current status of this fund then?

Today the fund stands at R1,8 billion, with only the Oppenheimers R1 billion showing. Where is the Rupert Family’s R1 billion ($53m)? Here’s the thing. Right after Rupert made his pledge, a document from the Government leaked revealing that all Covid 19 relief funds, including that from the US, would ONLY be for black people and businesses which had at least a 50% black shareholding. Rupert immediately then said if that’s the case, he wont be donating his R1 billion, but then the ANC made an announcement that this memo was only an” internal suggestion “- but it was never adopted. Rupert replied that he would personally oversee where his money went. Motsepe looks like he only played the media as he never paid his promise. Everybody was happy again, but when reality hit the road, people realized that the application forms asked applicants their race and people soon came to realize that whites are excluded, so a human rights organization took the Government to court.

This week, the ANC-influenced kangaroo court ruled that in fact, ALL Covid 19 relief funds will indeed only go to blacks. Whites cant claim a cent. That’s where your tax dollars are going. Reverse apartheid. Next up: “No Food for whites.”  . Whites only make up about 4.5 million of the 56 million population (actually when including all the illegal blacks, its closer to 70 million), of which close to 1 million live in horrible poverty conditions in squatter camps. So upon the news of the court ruling, whites decided to hand out food parcels to poor stricken people (whites and blacks). Yesterday the racist pseudo Government put a stop to that too. If you are caught handing out food to the poor, you will be arrested. People and organizations who wants to feed the poor must apply for a permit from the Government and then bring the food to a dedicated location of the Government, where they will decide who gets the food. Since the food program also falls under the Covid relief program, this means that the food will ONLY go to blacks. Whites are prohibited to hand out food parcels to white squatter camps, or we will be arrested. All food MUST go to the Government and they will only give it to blacks. We now sit with up to a million + whites, who don’t have an income, live in squatter camps and depend on food donations, but wont get any from the Government, and our hands are cut off to try and help. So- whites must pay taxes so they could in the end benefit nothing from it as the ANC now are hunting black arse to stay in power and only support poor black people.

3. The parliament has been temporarily dissolved and replaced by a council of six racist and incompetent people only called the NCCC (National Coronavirus Control Council) This council is not representative of all parties. It is not even representative of the entire ANC. It’s only representative of a very small communist elite and very corrupt portion of the ANC. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is up front and center on this panel of corrupt six. She is involved in the trade of illegal cigarettes and she is the one that is upholding the cigarette and alcohol ban. The DA, FF and the EFF are now taking the ANC to court to try and create a more level playing field. The other political parties want to be part of this secret group of six individuals. If you read the articles in News 24 that started surfacing yesterday you will see that the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has indicated concern about South Africans liberties and freedoms being abused. In other words he is concerned something sinister is going on. At the moment there is no parliamentary oversight on any decisions made. There is no accountability and no checks and balances the way it should be in a free and fair democracy. The DA, FF and the EFF all are  fighting against this because at the moment their powers as independent political parties representing a big part of the South African government has been relinquished. They have no powers! As it stands these six corrupt individuals are making up laws and regulations in secret behind closed doors. They do this as they see fit and without any oversight from parliament. Even the minutes of these meetings are being kept secretive.

The curve of madness

According to the ANC government’s own advisers, the CCP virus is completely overblown compared to other diseases. Many of the country’s top scientists, including some who serve on the advisory committee of the Minister of Health, Mkhize, believe that the closure has no purpose anymore and that the ANC government is no longer listening to their advice. TB that was largely pushed aside by COVID-19 claimed the lives of 63,000 people in 2018, so the latch state “cure” will surely be worse than the virus itself. Prof. Shabir Madhi, a vaccine expert at the University of the Witwatersrand and a member of the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC), formerly head of the National Institute of Communicable Diseases (NICS), says the government is going to kill more people with the restriction, and the consequences, as COVID-19 itself will kill. Madhi also says that a restriction can never be a magic bullet, because the spread of the CCP virus cannot be stopped at all. Even the government has said that the only thing that can curtail it is to “flatten the curve of the spread of the virus“. Prof. Madhi says the same number of people will contract the virus in the next year or two, and all the government is doing now is to slow the spread somewhat, but it can never be kept. So it is also logical to conclude that a restriction will not save lives either, if the same amount of infections occur, there will also be the same percentage of people who will die from COVID-19. Initially, it only slows down the infection rate, and deaths associated with it because like the flu, most people will get it at some point.

Dr Glenda Gray, chair person of the South African Medical Research Council and also a MAC member, wrote a column in the liberal ANC mouthpiece News24, stating that the government’s restriction measures are unscientific and insane. She writes that Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto is experiencing child malnutrition for the first time in decades. Dr. Glenda Gray also said what we all know – that many of the containment regulations are just thumb sucks. For example, we can only practice between 06:00 and 09:00, not buy cigarettes, buy cold pies, but not warm pies, buy shoes, but not with open toes, etc. Professor Landon Myer, an epidemiologist at the University of Cape Town, also told Rapport that the restriction served his purpose and that it should be lifted. Another MAC member, Professor Marc Mendelson, Head of Communicable Diseases and AIDS Medicine at Groote Schuur Hospital, also says the restriction measures and the phasing-out schedule are not guided by science. Professor Mendelson also says that the spread of this CCP virus is absolutely unavoidable and that up to 60% of the population will contract the CCP virus over the next two years. Professor Mendelson says the restriction should be reduced to level 1 immediately. Even Professor Salim Abdool Karim, chief COVID-19 adviser to the ANC government, told the Hanlie Retief report 4 weeks ago that South Africa has achieved everything possible with the restriction, and that he no longer knows what it is.The Western Cape government says that 94% of people who died of COVID-19 had underlying health conditions such as diabetes and tuberculosis. BUT the ANC is power hungry and it’s top members psychological status borders that of insanity. Hiding behind 70 000 soldiers to keep the public “in control” is not going to help much either- but on the contrary just antagonize the public more and spur them into a full scale civil war against the ANC rats themselves. It is going to back-fire for the ANC- and it is going to back-fire very badly for them. Like we always have said: The ANC has a tendency to f*ck-up everything they touch- they even have the ability to totally f*ck-up a f*ck-up!!-

Image may contain: 4 people, people sitting

The current scenario puts democracy itself at risk! For the first time in the history of South Africa very few individuals holds ultimate power. For the first time in history the ANC’s original manifesto of being a socialist/communist run country could mature into a reality. The other HUGE concern is the deployment of the entire SANDF (South African Defence Force) and Cyril Ramaphosa dressing up in army uniform and calling himself ” commander and chief ” of the armed forces. If this lock down carries on and they do not reinstate parliament we have a huge problem. South Africa would have lost its democracy and the people’s liberties and freedoms would disappear with the disappearance of democracy. If the DA loses in court this would be an indication of the six in power having control over the judicial system. If this happens we all buckle up for take off to “destination FUBAR on wholesale” I foresee three scenarios or variables of these scenarios happening. Scenario number one is the preferred one where parliament and democracy gets reinstated. But this would mean that Zuma has to have his day in court and the entire government including the six in power will be accountable for corruption and fraud charges. At the moment Zuma’s day in court has been put on the back burner in the midst of Coronavirus. But as soon as parliament reassembles and the courts are back to normal these procedures have to carry on.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Willem Petzer @willempet just drove through the CBD of Pretoria. There is NO SIGN of a lockdown whatsoever! Thousands of people on the streets not wearing masks, being jolly, smoking and doing whatever else. The only fools taken for a massive ride is the gullible middle class, obeying like sheep... 6:01 PM 16 May 20 Twitter for Android'

If scenario one plays out we are still facing Eskom, SAA, Zonda Commission and Junk Status after the Coronavirus lock down is lifted. The current ANC government needs an exit plan because these problems are looming. This is why at the moment while there is a” lock down”  the six decision makers are considering other possible scenarios after lock down is over. The Coronavirus bought them some time to breath and think. What people don’t know is that Cyril Ramaphosa flew to Russia to meet with Putin under lock down. He actually left the country to consult with Putin. This is the same country (USSR) that the old apartheid regime fought in Angola to prevent South Africa from becoming a communist/socialist state. Back then Russia backed the ANC and those ties still exist. ANC soldiers (MK) were trained in Russia back in the day. Scenario two would be a terrible one where they have a military state. South Africa will then be ruled by the army and democracy falls away. If this happens there will be civil unrest and a huge backlash from the international community. Scenario three is where they do not reinstate power. They decide democracy is a failed system and they would rather adopt the Chinese socialist model with the backing of China and its economic support. They can then build new roads and cities with Chinese money and the people in general are happier but our human rights and liberties disappear forever and democracy ends. Scenario number three will make all the problems of corruption and fraud go away simultaneously.

AND these political criminals and their half witted “scientists “ are pushing the borders of civil tolerance with all the bullshit they now keeps on adding to their beloved “Corona” pet…

The ANC won’t have to relinquish power to China. They can hold onto power but change the system to a socialist system that’s endorsed by China. China does not have to rule South Africa. They will take ownership of the country through commerce and industry and back the South African Rand with their Chinese RMB. China already denounced the US dollar as the global currency and they are pushing for their RMB to be the global currency. Scenario number 3 would not be a bad one and it will surely be better than what he have had for the last 30 years. But there is one big pitfall. As soon as democracy disappears and China moves on South Africa the USA 🇺🇸 will make it their business to “fight for people’s freedom” or this is what they will call it to push their own agenda. The USA 🇺🇸 will find any opposition faction in South Africa to overthrow a socialist regime and reinstate democracy. Most likely the USA will look towards the Boers again to achieve this objective as the Boers are the arch enemies of the communists. South Africa could become a proxy country hosting a proxy war between two super powers China 🇨🇳 and the USA 🇺🇸 The result of scenario three becoming a proxy war is a major concern and this is not a far fetched idea. Yemen 🇾🇪, Syria 🇸🇾, Lynda and Iraq 🇮🇶 were all proxy wars fought in their countries by super powers and countries who funded these wars. Usually America, Iran, Russia and China would be involved in these proxy wars.

PAY ATTENTION PEOPLETheWorld Hell Organization smucks and the  South African ANC human rights rapists is trying to WARN you about  a prolonged time of poverty, oppression , persecution and suppression of Agenda 21 ahead! And guess just WHO is going to suffer the most- and just WHO will be the only ones benefiting from this fake globally instigated Corona” hoax while you are being treated as common criminals by your own governments?

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“In the event of a novel outbreak of a high-impact respiratory pathogen, early detection of the event through regular diagnostic testing may not be possible. Routine tests may not
properly identify novel diseases. In these circumstances, clinical recognition that something is not normal and rapid reporting of this to appropriate public health authorities
would be critical for enlisting the right specialized diagnostic expertise and for mounting a rapid response.”  (WHO annual report 2019 p 42)-

Are we now entering a possible  Event 201 scenario?


Event 201 simulates an outbreak of a novel zoonotic coronavirus transmitted from bats to pigs to people that eventually becomes efficiently transmissible from person to person, leading to a severe pandemic. The pathogen and the disease it causes are modeled largely on SARS, but it is more transmissible in the community setting by people with mild symptoms. The disease starts in pig farms in Brazil, quietly and slowly at first, but then it starts to spread more rapidly in healthcare settings. When it starts to spread efficiently from person to person in the low-income, densely packed neighborhoods of some of the megacities in South America, the epidemic explodes. It is first exported by air travel to Portugal, the United States, and China and then to many other countries. Although at first some countries are able to control it, it continues to spread and be reintroduced, and eventually no country can maintain control.

There is no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year. There is a fictional antiviral drug that can help the sick but not significantly limit spread of the disease. Since the whole human population is susceptible, during the initial months of the pandemic, the cumulative number of cases increases exponentially, doubling every week. And as the cases and deaths accumulate, the economic and societal consequences become increasingly severe. The scenario ends at the 18-month point, with 65 million deaths. The pandemic is beginning to slow due to the decreasing number of susceptible people. The pandemic will continue at some rate until there is an effective vaccine or until 80-90 % of the global population has been exposed. From that point on, it is likely to be an endemic childhood disease.



” I went to the white squatter camp who were told they wouldn’t get pandemic food aid from government because they are “racist” and don’t allow black people there. This was a lie as there actually are Black people living there. The truth is WAY more sinister though! They responded to the fact that they were told that they need to house some of the 19000 criminals released on parole during the lock-down! The poor old man was tricked by the reporter to make their unwillingness to take in the criminals into a racial issue.”–  Ronel S.



Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Oudmin. Roelf Meyer, wat deesdae by die In Transformation Initiative betrokke is, sê SAners is populisties wanneer hulle sê dat SA op dieselfde pad afstuur as Zimbabwe. "Ek sien dit nie. Ek dink ons is reeds op die regte pad om dit te vermy." 140 140 NetNuus'

OMG….artificial intelligence never was a substitute for natural stupidity. BUT then again we guess that is what  the

building blocks in the DNA of a liberal traitor are made of.



What have we learned from this “Covid-19” illusion:

1. There never was such a biological virus as a “Covid-19”– the term “Covid-19” was a term given by the Chinese for their own 5G radiation f*ck-up-

2. This “pandemic” was a vehicle for deeper and darker agendas by the Western world governments themselves to:

a) Promote their own tyrannical agendas-

b) Plunder other countries for donations that went straight into the pockets of dirty politicians-

c) Destroy other economies in order to rake in companies that went down die to no production-

d) Enslave their own people in a game of thrones-

3. The mass media is totally unreliable , the government’s mouthpieces and people’s enemy#1-

4. This “pandemic “ was all about the oppressive lock-downs and not the “pandemic” itself- a smoke-screen to install 5G towers –

5. The “Pandemic” was created to serve as a foundation to launch massive vaccinations of healthy people for tracking purposes-

6. The “virus” only served the purpose to impoverish the majority and enrich the minority such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, George Soros, et al-

7. How effectively a lie could be turned into a disaster in the hands of the global psychopaths-

8. The United Nations and their ankle biter World Health Organization are two of the most despicable organizations that has no sympathy or respect for huma lives-

9. Scientists was exposed as totally unreliable primates that rather would promote lies than concentrate on factual evidence-

10. The power of the Alternative Media  to debunk Main Stream Media fabrications is awesome-

11. We are deliberately  being herded like a flock of sheep against our free will by means of lies, conspiracies, deception and forced legislation by the global corporate “controllers” through their corrupt governments and politicians to “accept” their evil “New Normal” tyranny.

12. The ANC communist regime fully support the global destruction of our free nations and our country – thus they no more honor their democratic mandate they got during the elections-

13. The ANC overplayed their hand, became reckless, selfish, power mad , arrogant – and started their own  personal war against the citizens of South Africa- soldiers, private youth militia , tanks  and all. They no longer represent the people of the country and thus must be ousted and never allowed to govern South Africa again.

14. In the worst times of trouble it was the so-called “government”  of South Africa that inflicted the most harm to the people- not the virus.

15. It long ago is not about the “virus” anymore- but all about the “lockdown” and enforced socialist control.

16. Never ever again must we allow such a disastrous man-made  event to again control our lives and never ever again allow tyrants such as the communist ANC to tear away our freedom and force us against our will to bow to  their personal greedy whims and insane “rules ” and “bans.”

17. How much more the ANC prioritizes the freedom of convicted criminals above the freedom of South Africa’s law abiding citizens.

18. Everybody realizes that there is a scheduled conspiracy by the World Health Organization and United Nations involving this “Corona“-thing in an “exercise” that will last  until February 2021-yet the ANC keep on playing games, eye-blind the populace,  pretending they “evaluate” the levels according to their (cooked) stats while  holding the whole country at ransom with all their “Covid” theatricals.

19. Nkosazana Dhlamini -Zuma is the worst kind of omen ever to be placed in control of our lives-

20. Our whole social lives and businesses was totally disrupted and many destroyed not by a fictitious “virus”– but by an incompetent communist mob that drove their own personal agendas-

substantiating  the fact that this “Covid-19” disaster only high-lighted and underlines how seriously South Africa now needs an urgent  regime change.

21. The NWO control freaks is using their own created  “pandemics” such as their “Covid-19” to wage a war against the free peoples of this world.

No photo description available.

THAT is the sordid tale of South Africa under the ANC commi rule- from a world leader down to a begging bowl in 25 years of monkey business!


Image may contain: one or more people and shoes

CAN you ever believe it? South Africa REALLY have descended to the bottom of the barrel under this corrupt ANC hooligans that police now were taken off serious crimes to confiscate cigarettes, liquor and ……wait for it……..GINGER BEER!!!! No wonder this slime pit became the laughing stock of the world- because friggen MONKEYS are now in control!

Hitting back at the ANC tyrants: Democratic Alliance wins first round in Court Case:

The DA has won its first legal victory against the ANC governments COVID response, restoring the rights of NGOs to feed the poor and destitute. The High court in Pretoria yesterday gave the government five days to put structures in place to regulate the behavior of the police, military and metro officers. Judge Hans Fabricius also reprimanded Bheki Cele, minister of police and Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, minister of defense and military veterans, saying that it appeared as though they had forgotten that they are part of a democracy. Nowhere in the legislation are the police or military sanctioned to do whatever they want to and torture people.  The two ministers also have five days to draw up a code of conduct applicable to the lockdown. Judge Fabricius further ruled that South Africans have a right to life, dignity, the right not to be tortured, treated in a humane manner and may not be humiliated – this is not negotiable.

He further ruled that the police and military may use the minimum amount of restraint in the execution of their duties and that the military is poorly trained for the task. He goes further saying that the instructions to the military sounded more like a battle to take out the enemy than to assist during the crisis. Fabricius also said that the public has no faith in the government and the way they are handling the situation, criticizing the vague lockdown regulations and poor communication to inform citizens of these rules. This is a strong message to the power-crazy government, the police, military and even to various security staff who suddenly regard themselves as “state-empowered agents.” Meanwhile millions now are without a job, thousands of small and medium businesses went bankrupt, millions of people are on the starvation level, crime escalated beyond control, people lost their identity and were reduced to cattle through persecution, abuse, arrests and exuberant “fines”– looking like clowns and street robbers wearing childish masks, hundreds of deadly 5G towers jumped up from nowhere across the country, food supplies became near non-existent without “permits“, communist millionaires became billionaires, bumble heads and idiots are running the show and disregard the constitution as they please, courts became mouth pieces of the racist ANC undertones, minority groups are discriminated against on a gross scale,- and South Africa were sent sprawling onto the canvass to become yet another impoverished failed African  state! Buy least we are better off than during “apartheid.”


These are the so-called “experts” that advise the South African Government and who projected for SA: 40 000 to 45 000 deaths, 1 million infections and a dire shortage of ICU beds. It is due to their “expert”  and “scientific” projections that South Africans were placed under house arrest, destroying millions of jobs and the closure of thousands of businesses. They are not unique, because such “experts” did the same in every other country of the world. Such is the value of people referred to as “experts”. It has always been and always will be the value of “experts”. Experts are always presented as if they are omniscient little gods, while they are everything but. The real, true experts are never heard of and never consulted.  You should always ask yourself, who determines that someone is an “expert”? What are the criteria for being called an “expert”? When “experts” say something you should always see red flags and question everything they say. Real experts will never refer to themselves as “experts, “– because real experts understand how much we do not know.


David Biggs Wrote:

” It must be wonderful to live in a country where the government treats its citizens like adults. I am filled with admiration when I read how the Swedish government has handled the coronavirus pandemic. Almost alone in the world the Swedes decided against locking their country down. They studied the available facts about the new disease and told their people how to stay as safe as possible – wear a mask in public, keep your distance, wash your hands, sanitize and stay away from crowds. If practical, stay at home. The only rule they insisted on was a ban on gatherings of 50 people or more. Then it was up to the people of Sweden to behave responsibly. And they did. They didn’t need to call out the army and be herded about at the point of a gun like criminals. They knew the dangers and acted accordingly. As a precaution, the Swedish government set up a 500-bed military field hospital outside Stockholm in case things got really bad. At the time of writing not one of those beds had been occupied.

In contrast the ANC government set up a mysterious “Command Council”, which apparently has the power to overrule the decisions made by the State President. (Think cigarettes). Who are these powerful people and who elected them? Are they a part of our democratic system of government? What section of our much praised “Constitution” laid down the rules for the establishment of “command councils? ” Does this command council report to Parliament, or is it above parliamentary control? When our lockdown was originally announced, I noticed that traffic came to an almost complete halt in Fish Hoek. You could wander across the Main Road safely without having to look left or right. People were obviously staying at home. This week I ventured into town and was surprised to see all the traffic in full (almost) flow again. I think people have become skeptical about all this draconian control. We’re starting to think like grown-ups again. Maybe like Swedish grown-ups even.

People are asking why it’s necessary to ban surfing at the point of a gun. Is there any possibility of contracting the coronavirus out in the waves? Why are cigarettes banned? Is there any evidence that smoking increases the risk of Covid-19 infection? From letters in newspapers and comments on the internet it’s clear that the people of this country are becoming (if you’ll excuse the expression)”  gatvol.” Maybe if the authorities put away their guns and asked us politely to act responsibly we’d feel more like part of the solution and less like the enemy.

Last Laugh

In a cinema a woman found herself sitting behind a man with a large dog in the seat next to him. Every time the movie came to a sad part the dog whimpered softly and when the story took an amusing turn the dog grinned from ear to ear. After the show the woman tapped the man on the shoulder and said: “I was amazed at the way your dog reacted to the film.” “Frankly, so was I,” said the man. “He hated the book.”




White Nation