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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Potchefstroom May 23   2020






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South Africa’s ban on the sale of cigarettes could continue under level 3 lockdown

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Draft level 3 regulations allow alcohol sales, but renew tobacco ban

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Tax shock: Covid-19 and cigarette and booze bans cost SA almost R300bn







THE ANC’s “Corona Command Council“- that rouge unit of 6 power mad communist degenerates that holds a whole country of over 60 million people at ransom- decided that they further will antagonize us as free citizens and push public tolerance to the limits by announcing that they consider to push the liquor and cigarette ban up until their “level 1” which only will be instated around February 2021. 


Scene in South Africa is set as such:

1)UN says something sinister happening.
2) Ramaposa visiting Putin during lockdown
3) Ramaposa dressed in miltary commander clothes
4) Soldiers all over SA in control
5) Populace subdued and in turmoil wanting a solution.
6) Parliament locked down
7) 6 people running country in secret.

Is the Scene set for radical change from a socialist government in waiting?



Dhlamini-Zuma- a decrepit old fool playing dangerous games

 Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma- the ANC’s own most glorified  kitchen girl- has told the National “Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) “ that the sale of tobacco and alcohol should continue to be banned until the country reaches Level 1 of the lockdown. News24 was reliably told that Dlamini-Zuma was supported by Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi when she told the NCCC this week that she believed it would be  “too much of a health risk” to allow the sale of cigarettes and alcohol on 1 June when the country is expected to go to Level 3 of the nationwide lockdown. However- in contrast what the ill-informed monkeys in the ANC ivory towers “believes” a growing body of scientific evidence suggests smokers are less at risk of contracting Covid-19 than those who do not regularly ingest nicotine. But the case for cigarettes (and other nicotine products) as a defence against the disease has so far gained little traction in SA. At least 28 studies across a range of countries have found fewer smokers among Covid-19 hospital cases than in the general population. Greek academic cardiologist Konstantinos Farsalinos and others popularised the theory with a paper published in early April. They examined Chinese studies covering almost 6,000 Covid-19 hospital admissions, which showed that while smokers make up 26% of the Chinese population, only 6.5% of Covid-19 hospital admissions smoked. If their conclusions are correct and nicotine is indeed a powerful prophylactic against Covid-19, the implications for SA are huge. It is one of only three countries in the world to outlaw all trade in nicotine products in an effort to combat the disease (the others are Botswana and India). The thinking behind the ban has, however, been poorly explained. Dlamini-Zuma is not likely to be pleased with the news that her actions AGAIN may have deprived South Africans of an effective means of protecting themselves against the depredations of the coronavirus. The medical establishment is also flustered by the findings, which means every possible alternative explanation has been advanced.


Image may contain: text that says 'times Times LIVE LIVE 2 hrs Co-operative governance minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has tabled draft level 3 regulations that propose lifting the ban on alcohol sales, but extending the prohibition on cigarette sales. i TIMESLIVE.CO.ZA Draft level 3 regulations allow alcohol sales, but renew tobacco ban'


No photo description available.

And THIS is the female impersonator that now have the  ultimate power to decide the future of South Africa in a time of an alleged “crisis?” G-d help us!

Dhlamini-Zuma- a blundering fool who in all her stupidity – is busy playing a very dangerous game- economically, politically – as well as socially. BUT the ANC played their game very clever! Their “Disaster Management Act “ the hastily concocted law designed for the “Corona” -thing  delegates all power to the ” Minister of Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs” -iow Dhlamini-Zuma!! And as long as the ANC rat pack are dragging this “lock-down ” out- this illiterate individual will be dictating the speed of the country’s downfall. Now South Africa is drifting endlessly is a state of “Disaster Management” with rules rather  fitting a State of Emergency- or Martial law. Legally she cannot be removed.  For some very strange reason this 6 idiots of the NCCC also  thinks they are “invincible.” However- making the village idiot Queen does not make her suddenly matriarch material.


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Tweet Magnus Heystek @MagnusHeystek The reference to the revolutionary Marxist Amilcar Cabral by Dr. Nkososana Dlmani-Zuma in her speech last month now starting to make more sense. She referred to "economic class suicide"--coul this be what she and the ANC is planning for white-owned businesses? 8:17 23 May 20 Twitter Web App 127 Retweets 341 Likes'

Image may contain: 2 people

She still is the village idiot- powers or not. And what we have seen so far is that Me. ” Cobra Touch “ is abusing these sudden unlimited  powers the rat pack handed to her for her own political party (and family) benefits. Dhlamini-Zuma and her 5 cronies on that NCCC are going to pay a terrible price for their power madness. With it- they are going to drag the whole of the ANC down the cesspool as well (hopefully.) The South African public is on the verge of a national revolt against the ANC. Leaderless and with a spineless president lurking out of sight behind the steering wheel of a very unstable political and economical scrappy car- nothing can spark a political drama in South Africa quite like an ill-executed ban on alcohol and cigarettes by secondary power mad “ministers” now  playing god over even secondary powerless presidents.

CARTOON | Dlamini-Zuma remains resolute on cigarette, alcohol ban


Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has found herself at the center of controversy once more, after the COGTA Minister allegedly told the NCC that booze and ciggies should stay banned ‘until Level 1 of lockdown’. If these plans came to fruition, it would be a massive slap in the face for the drinkers and smokers of South Africa. Citizens have been promised that their two guilty pleasures will be back on supermarket shelves by Level 3, yet discussions within the Cabinet seem to indicate that Dlamini-Zuma is pushing for even stricter measures. On Friday afternoon, however, the heat was being turned up against Dlamini-Zuma. Even if her desire to push the sale of alcohol and cigarettes to Level 1 is just her personal opinion, it still remains an unsettling development for some. The minister has illegally forced  herself into a very powerful position recently.


Image may contain: text

LAUGHABLE as it may look- this bunch of arrogant  ANC misdirected fools still think they are in control of the people’s minds. Since this “Pandemic” stunt they like totally lost most of their supportive base. What we now observe is that the ANC desperately tries to cling to power by enforcing “strong arm” tactics by bullying the public with erratic “laws” , threats, heavy fines, arrests and militant actions. The longer this lockdown continues, the more people will die of starvation, malnutrition, and suicide. The ANC misfits are  deliberately trying to weaken the economy and implement a socialist state. It is going to back-fire miserably in their faces.


That’s something the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) know all too well. They are currently dueling with Dlamini-Zuma and the government in court, blasting their decision to reverse the sales of cigarettes at Level 4 as “unconstitutional”. The group has warned the NCC leader that time is running out to explain herself, and she’ll need to provide some concrete reasoning for the smoking ban soon:

“Our understanding is that the issue is now before the National Command Council where it is being debated, however to date no definitive decision in as far as the sale or prohibition of the sale of cigarettes, with many on the NCCC in support of the lifting of the ban on the sale of cigarettes.As per the court order of 12 May 2020, Dlamini-Zuma has a deadline of Tuesday 26 May to hand over to us the record of decision and the reasons, if any, for the promulgation of the current regulation 27 of the Level 4 regulations, after which time we will immediately supplement our court papers and have the matter heard.”

Predictably, the loudest noises of dissent are coming from across the political divide. The DA have already sunk their teeth into the whole “ban booze and cigarettes until Level 1” debate, and they’re not letting up in their pursuit of the president. Dean Macpherson echoed sentiments we heard earlier, saying that Dlamini-Zuma’s all-too-public views on these coveted items are creating an ‘internal political crisis’ for the ANC: “It’s becoming clear that SA has a political crisis within Government. Cyril Ramaphosa has been reduced to a spectator while his detractors run rings around him. Throw into the mix a public health and an economic crisis, and South Africa really needs to start asking questions about where we are headed.”

Dean Macpherson

Image may contain: 2 people, meme, text that says 'I have nothing against tobacco... ANC MINISTER ZUMA CIGARETTE TYCOON ZUMA Some of my dearest relatives are selling tens of millions of bootleg cigarettes during my lockdown! #NDZMustFall'

21 Portland Rd, Mkondeni, Pietermaritzburg, 3201:- The Zuma’s cigarette factory’s address. – Call anytime..

Image may contain: text that says 'online Today We are all tired. We are all in this together my brothers and sisters. Black and white our government wants to divide us but lets give them the opposite. Lets unite once and for all. If anyone at a spaza shop wants you to pay R600 for cigarettes we burn it down together. We have the power and we will stop this! 22:09'

Spaza shops are been set alight in Kraaifontein, Western Cape… Things are gonna get bad.. Thank you Cyril and Dlamini



Level 3 trades ignored and wiped off the table by Cobra Touch Dhlamini – Zuma..

Image may contain: text


” Good day fellow smokers.

A few days ago talked to a manager (who I know a while now), from a big well known supermarket, I asked him about the 1st June and will we be able to buy cigarettes on which he said yes, they already got the mails to go ahead and order. He said they ordered extra coz people will most probably buy more than usual. So my question…. wtf is really going on?”

Het vandag weer sigarette gaan koop in n township. Daai manne maak reg! Hulle sê as die president nie vanaand drank en sigarette opstel nie, gaan hulle die week begin afbrand! Spaza winkels, Pick n Pays en Checkers is in hulle visier! So, Ek hoop van harte die President en ou Kopdoek het mooi besin! Anders sien ek groot moeilikheid van alle oorde in die land!

YOU as taxpayer will have to pay for the stupid ban of cigarettes and liquor

Image may contain: 2 people, text

The South Africa Revenue Services (SARS) has predicted that it will lose around 15% to 20% of its tax revenue this year as a result of the nationwide Coivid-19 lockdown. The responsibility of filling the gap will now fall upon the South African taxpayers, says David French, Tax Consulting Director at Mazars. He added that there is also a real question as to whether there will be a large enough taxpayer base left at the end of the lockdown period to make a meaningful contribution to SARS’ collection efforts by the end of the financial year.

Image may contain: text that says 'Police Stations are now fully stocked with alcohol and tobacco products. Just dial 10111 and ask for sales.'

We’ve heard the dissent from business, and the rage from our political opposition. So what about the people of South Africa? Sure, Dlamini-Zuma has her supporters on social media, but they’ll do well to stop critics from voicing their frustrations – and one particular petition is now spreading like wildfire. A campaign to remove Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma from office has been launched this week. Since her alleged Level 1 plans were reported by various media outlets, the petition racked up 40 000 signatures in just a few hours – it’s likely that the number of backers will breach the six-figure mark on Friday. NDZ is accused of ‘abusing her power’, and the creator of the petition states that she is ‘withholding information’ from the rest of the country. Yet Dlamini-Zuma is, if nothing else, a very principled and tough-talking politician. Sadly, herless-than-secret stance on some of South Africa’s favourite viceshas alienated her from a large section of society. A little understanding goes a long way, and the minister will have to read the mood of the nation properly before trying to force through any divisive changes to the lockdown guidelines.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

ONE very disgruntled – but correct member of the public- Gordon Fox wrote:


” You told us the “lockdown” is for just 21 days. You extended it and we stayed silent. You started to set up” phases.” During your ” Phase 5 ” it means as the public basically you were f*cked! , – my business and everything that goes with it. We were informed “phase 4 ” may open us as well as we were allowed to buy cigarettes. It did not happen. We were informed that during ” phase 3 ” we can buy cigarettes and drinks again. We got stuck, paying the ridiculously higher prices for the illegal products just to try to live a “normal” life. Now, dear bumble head Dhlamini-Zuma, – you agian made a 180 degree turn-around and do you not want to lift cigarette and drink bans but maybe only in “Phase 1? ” If you have success with this crazy idea of ​​yours dear bimble head- -well, I’m not going to take responsibility for what I might do. I got stuck, tried to work together, went through severe stress and tension to be a legitimate and obedient citizen of the country. However, you are now abusing your powers and thinking that you can push the citizens of the country into a corner.”


Image may contain: 3 people, textImage may contain: textNo photo description available.Image may contain: text

Image may contain: textImage may contain: textImage may contain: text

Image may contain: textImage may contain: textImage may contain: text

Image may contain: textImage may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: one or more people and text

De Je Vu? The ANC will NEVER explain to you why they keep this brutal human right abuses of “lockdowns” and “bans” dragging on week after week. Maybe the Zuma family can give us a much better explanation when their contraband operations will allow their matriarch to drop her bullsh*t “bans.”

Gordon Fox in this regard is absolutely right by that statement. The ANC and their devious NCCC has been lying to the public from day ONE already when they already broke their own promise, turn back on their word- and exceeded the 21 day lockdown by simply “extending” it past the 21 days into nearly TWO MONTHS now- and still they are playing their evil little abusive games- now heading for February 2021.They now are operationg illegally in no-man’s land- pushing their own devious agendas according to their own time-frames.  The public must reject this evil regime and their hiodden corrupt agendas which they hide under this “Corona” farce. Dhlamini-Zuma ostensibly is now the most hated individual in South Africa- followed closely by the other stooge Bheki Cele. Six individuals that baths in the  sun rays of ultimate power– holding more than 60 million people at ransom with their childish and many a time erratic “ bans” such as Ebrahim Patel’s “Shaira” garment sale prohibition. They have effectively turned more than 60 million law abiding citizens into criminals– just in order to try to survive all these dammed “bans” and the never ending “lock down.”

Image may contain: text


Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma under the national disaster act rewriting unconstitutional by laws for her own personal gain and power. Stripping South African citizens of their human rights. Irrationally misusing her powers in a position for her own past struggles seeking revenge through a pandemic to ensure that hardships fall on the people of South Africa. She has during this time withheld information under false pretenses to the county declaring it as classified whereas the “DISASTER  MANAGEMENT ACT,
NO. 57 OF 2002 7. Contents of national disaster management framework.—(1) The national disaster management framework must provide a coherent, transparent and inclu-sive policy on disaster management appropriate for the Republic as a whole” and used illusive information to the tobacco ban which was to be lifted under level 4 restrictions overriding  Cyril Ramaposa’s call to keep the ban against a 2000 call to keep the ban against millions of smoking South African citizens. Covid-19 is a supposed to be “ life threatening “ pandemic not a tool for government to play dictatorship with their power. During this “pandemic”  the stupid regime clowns  has opened the gateway of the underworld illicit dealings which is highly questionable where the true source originates from. Dlamini-Zuma in her current position is not fit for writing these laws with her underlying personal issues and vindictive mindset. She blatantly does not hold each and every citizen of South Africa interest at bay which is humanly unjust. Please let this petition show that we as South African citizens still have the right to fight back and will not stand for such immoral equality, our voices won’t be diminished under a time OUR LIVES MATTER!  If you want to sign a petition in an attempt to remove this useless she-creature- clock on THIS link.

Don’t expect tobacco sales to be unbanned before 2021


“Don’t expect tobacco sales to be unbanned before 2021.” This is according to Free Market Foundation chief officer, Leon Louw, who said talk of the Covid-19 pandemic being around for the next few months could mean smokers should prepare to pay up to R20 for a cigarette or R200 per box in the black market for months to come.  “Indications are that the ban on the sale of tobacco products will be extended beyond Level 4 of lockdown and into Level 1,” he warned.  Calling the tobacco ban “rushed and ill-conceived”, Louw said the law of unintended consequences was at play.  “As at the end of April, Treasury has lost in excess of R300m in excise duty from tobacco products, the illicit trade has been handed the market on a plate and is charging extortionate prices. People have not stopped smoking. Government has turned 11 million smokers into criminals overnight,” he said. He said the significant results in combating the illegal trade have been thrown away. “The future looks bleak for the legitimate industry including all of the informal traders and small retailers who rely on tobacco sales to make a living. This will be very difficult to combat in the future. The illegal tobacco trade has cost South Africa more than R40 billion in lost taxes since 2010,” he said.

He questioned claims that tobacco products increased the spread of Covid-19. “Where is the evidence that tobacco products increase the spread of Covid-19, or why tobacco products are singled out when other goods are shared such as food, drinks or communal toilets? Why aren’t they banning sugar since studies of Chinese Covid-19 patients shows that the death rate was three times higher in patients with diabetes?” he said. Recent research by UCT’s Research Unit on the Economics of Excisable Products has proven the majority of smokers in South Africa continue to purchase cigarettes under the lockdown, and that they have simply switched their buying behavior from law abiding, tax compliant shops that employ vast numbers of South Africans, to the illegal market, and often travel long distances to procure illegal products. South Africa is only one of three countries in the world to have banned cigarettes during the pandemic, along with Botswana and India.

According to Louw, the government has yet to provide evidence to suggest smoking has any impact on Covid-19. “The World Health Organization has not released evidence or data on how smoking impacts the virus and has not taken a position on whether countries should ban tobacco sales. Even if certain studies attempt to make a connection between smoking and Covid-19, why haven’t other countries followed their advice and banned tobacco? “It appears that government has ignored the advice of its own Medical Advisory Committee. So what is the source of their advice? The public – smokers and non-smokers – have a right to know,” Louw said. He added the government was also ignoring the mental health aspects of a sudden withdrawal of nicotine, which are well documented. “Nicotine withdrawal has been forced upon millions of smokers, with no regard for their mental health. This ban is unnecessary, unprecedented and has no basis in scientific fact. Government is accountable to the people – the day of reckoning will arrive. Public goodwill and support generated in the first three weeks of lockdown is disappearing fast. They better have a very good explanation,” Louw said.

Fighting to keep their power mad “lockdown”

Cyril Ramaphosa has filed a notice with the Constitutional Court, opposing the DA’s challenge of the “Disaster Management Act. ” The Squirrel is calling on the apex court to refuse the DA’s application for direct access. The regime  argues that Parliament, and not the judiciary, can devise mechanisms for oversight over the executive. In court papers filed on 19 May, Ramaphosa and Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma argue that the DA’s application is “not urgent”  and does not warrant the Constitutional Court’s truncated time periods. They argue that the legislative powers of the Disaster Management Act (DMA) are” justified ” to respond promptly to national disasters. In a 111-page affidavit to the Constitutional Court, DA interim leader John Steenhuisen argues the DMA violates the constitutional principle of the separation of powers, because there is no effective parliamentary oversight. Steenhuisen said the Act allowed for the unconstitutional delegation of Parliament’s powers to the executive and gave Dlamini-Zuma “exceedingly broad powers”. The DMA also did not allow for the oversight role that the Constitution required in a state of emergency, he submitted.

In addition, Steenhuisen argued that the National Assembly was not allowed to scrutinize executive action, as was constitutionally required. The government’s legal team, however, has countered that the DA supported the enactment of the DMA in 2002 and failed to take any legislative or judicial steps to address its shortcomings. It also argues that the DA waited for two months of the lockdown to make its urgent application. “There is no justification amid the current crisis to compel Parliament and the national executive to respond to the application within only five days,” the state argues. The government had until 25 June to file its responding affidavits. In a separate application – filed with the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria to challenge the curfew, transport and exercise regulations – DA MP Glynnis Breytenbach said the regime under the Covid-19 regulations resembled a state of emergency, but was not subject to the same safeguards. She added that, under the DMA, Dlamini-Zuma had broad and intrusive regulatory powers that were not subject to parliamentary oversight. The government has, however, disputed this, saying that a state of emergency would have suspended important provisions of the Constitution.” “The government also argues that the DA overlooks provisions afforded to Parliament to scruitinise lock-down regulations.”


Bumble head top mobster Cele wants to arrest you for having cigarettes in your vehicle without a till slip


Smokers caught with cigarettes outside their homes will be forced to produce till slips. That’s according to police gang lord Bheki Cele, who on Friday was addressing a press conference on crime during lock-down. Cele was responding to a question from a journalist about what would happen to people caught with cigarettes during lock-down. He was also asked about the rationale behind people being arrested for transporting alcohol in their vehicles. He was asked: “A police spokesperson in KZN was quoted as saying that smoking cigarettes in your house is a crime. People have complained about officers confiscating their personal cigarettes during stop and search operations.” “The regulations say that the sale of tobacco and related products is prohibited. Does that mean that possession of personal cigarettes is a crime?”

In response the top mobster in his usual arrogance  replied : “Alcohol is very clear, you go and read your regulations. Regulations say there shall be no transportation of alcohol … Whether it’s in your basket, whether it’s in your pocket, so long as you create some form of transport, you shall not be allowed,” said Cele. He said consumption was allowed at home. “It is not illegal to smoke cigarettes in your house. The only problem is when we find it in a car and you fail to show us where you did you get the cigarette … and when.” “If you say you have bought the cigarette, here is the receipt, we’ve got two options there: to get you, and go and get the person who sold the cigarette to you.” “But if the cigarette was there in your thousand looses and you’re smoking in your home, really, we’re not coming into your house and arrest you,” said Cele. Earlier in the 75-minute briefing he was asked about the lifting of the ban on sales. Cele as usual evaded the question. This comes after media reports that co-operative governance & traditional affairs polish tin  Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma again in covering her sonny Edward’s illegal cigarette distribution racket – motivated for a continued ban on the sale of alcohol and cigarettes under level three lockdown during a meeting of the national coronavirus command council this week. Cele said that the controversial ban had been “discussed time and again”. “I’m sure the announcement will be made. But Cele does not make announcements on those matters; the Squirrel [Cyril Ramaphosa] or the minister responsible for the regulations [Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma] will. Just wait.” “Ours, as the police, is to enforce what would have been decided upon [about] cigarettes and alcohol. I might suspect what direction that decision might take, but it is not for me to make those announcements,” he said.

In the same press conference, Cele said organized crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown to expand the illegal trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes. His admission about the increase in these crimes appears to give credence to critics of the regime’s strict ban of both products. Critics have constantly argued that the ban would open space for contraband. “We know criminals are opportunistic, so organised crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown, especially the ban on alcohol and cigarettes.” “They have expanded their trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes,” said Cele Cele said about R2.67m in “contraband” items had been confiscated on SA’s borders. He said they have also observed an increase in smuggling contraband liquor and tobacco products between SA’s land borders with Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe, as well as the sale of these products on the black market. “Our lockdown partners, the SANDF, have disrupted some of these operations, mainly along SA borders with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Eswatini,” said Cele. He said they had confiscated contraband, including alcohol and cigarettes, worth about R1.07m in March and R1.6m in April. His admission also comes after research showed the ban on cigarette sales did not necessarily stop access to the products.


The mobster revealed that 230,000 people had been charged for contravention of the lockdown regulations, including “liquor-related offenses and cigarette-related offences, illegal gatherings, failure to confine to place of residence, cross-border and interprovincial movement, business-related and transport-related of fences and fraudulent or no permits”. The provinces with the most arrests for contravention of the lock-down regulations “almost mirror the provincial infection rates, with Western Cape in the lead, followed by Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng”, said Cele. So, who keeps receipts for cigarettes? If you bought cartons before lockdown, will Cele’s thugs arrest you for not producing a receipt? What nonsense. While citizens confront mortality, unemployment, bankruptcy, depression, and anxiety, it is beyond dystopian to harass them for proof of cigarette purchase. The ban and the ’till slip’ law are devoid of science, precedent, or common sense. The virus will be with us for months during which rules should be based on facts, data, sanity, and compassion. Loony aspects of lockdown drove harmless people into the hands of criminals who, gleefully supported by the government, prosper while normal lives were ruined. The government was carpet bombing its own country. By the time the tobacco ban was lifted, it might have cost the economy R450 billion – enough to replace all shacks with houses, or give all unemployed people informal jobs.  Fueling the rage of 11 million victimized smokers, and millions more subjected to their rage, Cele briefed media thus: “It is not illegal to smoke cigarettes in your house,” he said, “only … when you fail to show us when and where you got the cigarettes.”

Cele spats non-sense dribble out of his league

Following Police Mobster  Bheki Cele’s nonsensical remarks about cigarettes recently, be aware that the lockdown regulations explicitly prohibit ONLY the *sale* of tobacco products in section 27, NOT possession. Even if possession of a box/carton of cigarettes (especially if unopened) could be used to *infer* purchase thereof during the lockdown, the burden of proof would be on the SAPS to prove that an offense had been committed. Interestingly, the regulations don’t prohibit the *transportation* of tobacco products (as they do with alcohol in section 26), so any confiscations of cigarettes in transit are technically *unlawful*. Anyone could stand in the street holding cartons of unopened cigarettes out in the open but until and unless they sell them, no offense has been committed. If the police confiscate your cigarettes or attempt to act against/charge you for possession thereof, such confiscation or arrest or criminal charging is ultra vires (unlawful) and becomes grounds for you to file a civil lawsuit against the SAPS (which is legalese for “sue the pants off them”).

Ban on tobacco- a boost for illicit companies?


Gold Leaf Tobacco Corporation (GLTC) in 2018 represents 73 percent of the market for illegal cigarettes and was on track then to become the biggest tobacco company by sales volume in the country, especially if there is another tax increase on legal cigarettes in February 2019. Ipsos said GLTC’s biggest challenger is Best Tobacco Company whose brand, Caesar, also retails for R10 on average and was then the second fastest growing cigarette brand in the country, after RG. With the lockdown, the market share for all these companies is now totalling 100% of the entire market – selling at between R120 and R250 a packet with no tax paid, 11 million smokers in SA, consuming let’s say conservatively now half a packet per day at lets say the lowest selling price at R120, the illegal trade is profiteering R660 million rand per day. Even if the main person is caught, court cases can go on for years and the person will be able to afford legalities, spread fake news, buying of judges, buying protection. Perhaps by an election. This again proofs that the ANC’s own insane “bans” not only will back-fire on them as a party- but on the economy as well.


No photo description available.

BIGGEST HORSE SH*T FOR THIS WEEK: ” The government’s approach to the tobacco ban is said to be motivated by the “belief that smokers would require ventilators more than anyone else should they contract Covid-19.” Cobra Touch Zuma is hell-bent to protect her family’s illicit business! Gold Leaf belongs to NDZ’s son. Carnilinx Tobacco Company belongs to Adriano Mazzoti. Mazotti funded NDZ’s bid for presidency. Despite two months of the ban fresh batches of cartons are being delivered to our traders. Soon the only cigarettes on the market will be the ones belonging to those linked to NDZuma.  The corruption is far too big far too deep too lift the ban on cigarettes. This is all gonna come out eventually and unfortunately those involved will not be charged, justice wont be served because that has become the culture of this despicable disgusting criminal ANC. Once again no arrests will be made.

In a response to the proposed extension of the tobacco and liquor ban the DA responded with a hard slap: ”  Cele is ‘smoking his socks’ if he thinks smokers should give cops receipts. There is no regulation making provision for any person to be compelled to provide proof of purchase for their cigarettes,” said DA MP Andrew Whitfield. He said the minister’s latest comments joined a “long list of irrational and petty ministerial edicts which cause confusion in public and among the police officers deployed to enforce the regulations”. The DA demanded that Cele publicly retract his comments and apologize to the nation for them.

ANC hiding mega corruption under this “Covid” veil?


” More and more shocking allegations of extensive corruption under the guise of the Covid-19 pandemic have come to the attention of the FF Plus and the party is seriously concerned about the looting of the disaster fund and the state coffers, which could easily and very soon become an even greater crisis than the pandemic itself.  “– said FF Plus leader Peter Groenewald. ” This epidemic corruption could do even more damage to the South African economy than the Covid-19 pandemic. When the already scarce tax money is misappropriated and the looming famine becomes critical, South Africa will have serious problems on hand because there will simply not be any money left. In terms of the disaster regulations, government entities are allowed to speed up tender processes and deviate from the normal procurement procedures. It now appears that some of the government departments are abusing the leeway for deviations to award irregular contracts that relate to products and services that have nothing to do with combating the pandemic.”– he said.

The Ace Magashule Covid saga

The Free State retains Ace Magashule’s legacy of fraud and spends R80 Million ro disinfected to , but the CCP virus only lives on surfaces for 3 to 9 days, and schools are closed for more than 65 days (7 weeks)! So why the need to disinfect? Once again, the CCP virus is the gift that keeps on giving the ANC government and its cadres mega bucks while they are deliberately dragging on  the lockdown, – as the comrades have not yet exhausted all the opportunities to steal money from tenders  which they believe were issued for distribution from the CCP virus. These COVID-19 tenders are issued without even a tender process being followed, as they now classify  it as “an emergency”-  and the winners of this mega scam are kept secret!


It is now becoming crystal clear that astronomical amounts are currently being stolen during Cyril Ramaphosa’s reign of tyranny and deception, as evidence begins to emerge. Network24 reported that so far that R90 Million has been spent by the Free State provincial government, after signing a contract last Thursday with the incredible price of R80 Million, to disinfect Free State schools despite being closed for two months. In addition, hundreds of thousands of rands will be spent on disinfecting state buildings and offices. Andrew Visagie, the spokesman for the provincial treasury department, confirmed to Network24 that the amount of R90 million has so far been spent on “emergency conditions”  on the CCP virus. The money was paid to 74 providers. and Visagie also said that the amount of R90 million is just the beginning and will continue to rise.


Morena Ntsika, a spokeswoman for the Smart Start Up Foundation, a group of Free State businessmen, says it’s always the same group of people, obviously ANC criminals, who gets tenders in the Free State. His group wants to know who are the 74 entities that received tenders, but the Free State government doesn’t want to say who they are. His group now wants more clarity through a PAIA application and they also want to find out how much more will be spent. Ernest Mohlahlo, acting head of public works in the Free State, tried to defend this CCP virus’s emergency spending when he was contacted by Network24. He said civil servants are supposed to go into Level 3 soon and that they need to clear everything before they start working. But why on earth would it be necessary to disinfect the CCP virus if it only has a maximum life of 3 to 9 days on open surfaces, and all these offices and schools are closed for almost 2 months? The Daily Maverick also reported that the Eastern Cape Education Department has signed a R160m contract with a subsidiary of Ayo Technologies, which belongs to the notorious Iqbal Surve, a notorious  businessman attached to the Zuma camp. This is presumably for online “learning services. ” More motivation to keep the dead-lock on the counrty.  These are just a few examples that show how important corruption is to the ‘business model‘ of the ANC regime and its cadres, but there are other reasons why the opportunistic ANC is milking this CCP virus.

Killing the white frog…

One of the main reasons was to take this opportunity to oppress whites collectively, by bankrupting their small businesses, by extending the restriction and withholding the official government assistance of white people based on skin color, a racist position which even defended the ANC and won it in the Supreme Court, thereby proving that the courts themselves are corrupt and defenders of the ANC’s anti-white racism amid a pandemic that “knows no color”. The ANC continues its economic murder program against the white minority and even sends the police to capture a good Samaritan, who makes sandwiches for poor white people, as SAUK News in Krugersdorp reported on the Cradle of Hope Center, but liberal governments worldwide are too scared to be called “racists ” to care.

Protecting the family business

And then also there is Edward Zuma- sibling of Nkosazana Zuma- who’s illicit racketeering company is set to grow majestically and Zuma Jr ( as well as mommy-dear we presume) becoming stinking rich out of contraband cigarettes and booze as long and the “Lockdown” continuous to be dragged out and legal suppliers are kept on hold. Then-  last but not east-  another reason for the extension of the lock down is that the leader of the so-called COVID-19 “command council”Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma (NDZ), knows that the Zondo Commission on Investigation of State Capture, and the courts do not hear criminal cases while we are under lock state. As SABC News reported, the former man of NDZ, Jacob Zuma, is an accused in a criminal case before the court and is also being investigated by the Zondo Commission .


SOUTH AFRICA finds itself in a terrible situation at present- a situation that may spark civil unrest and a direct confrontation between the ruling oligarchy and the people. While liberal academics are “footjie-footjie” around with all kinds of “smart terms” and “politically correct” articles and narratives – a deadly time bomb is ticking on the streets. The ANC misfits long ago planned for such a final show-down- therefore the 70 000 extra soldiers at a staggering cost of R 4.5 Billion on the tax payer’s cost,  private armies- and now the so-called “Covid 19 Brigades” which the Department of Health want to create among school children. The ANC degenerates want to cover their back-sides on all fronts if and when such a civil revolt should happen- from school level up to the military. This “Corona” disaster presented much more back doors and opportunities of power and plundering to the ruling kleptocracy to gain ultimate power and get stinking rich  than it did any sufficient damage to the country. The country’s total destruction is not created by this “Corona” -thing at all- but factually by the same powers that are supposed to manage it. South Africa’s destruction is caused by the ANC- NOT by the “Corona” virus.
Image may contain: text that says 'South Africa's War On Crime Priority Ranking: 1) Cigarettes 2) Alcohol 3) Joggers 4) Surfers 5) Flip Flop buyers 95) Hijacking 96) Rape 97) Murder 98) Fraud 99) Corruption 100) State Capture'
Today South Africa faces six  possible options to try to rectify the terrible dilemma it now faces- and not one of them is anything close to easy- but each one is liable to end up disastrous for the country and it’s people:
1. The ANC and this “lock down” destructive agenda must at all costs be stopped and if possible- all NCCC members removed from power if the country has any chance to survive this total onslaught. The first option is to try and stop the ANC by political interference from the opposition parties in parliament. But as we have observed- it only is the Democratic Alliance and VF Plus that produce feeble “democratic correct”  attempts to rather snarl at the ANC bulldozers-  than factually take immediate and hard corrective measures to protect the country and it’s people from being obliterated  by power mad zealots. As for the rest of the “opposition” parties – are they non-existent bench warmers  and only exist to try to sit out their time in order to get a little more pension benefits before the final “show down.”  2. The Courts can be utilized to slow down or stop this runaway train from smashing the country into a communist wall. But then again- we have also seen that even the courts also are now too corrupt and politically influenced to hand down pro-ANC verdicts- asin the case with the racist food distribution saga and Jody Kollapen’s ruling on the matter. 3. International intervention is another option if some “Big Brother” in the Security Council in the United Nations table sanctions or any sufficient preventative measures to stop the communist ANC dead in their tracks. Again we know by now that the international world already turned their backs on their own miserable failed  “Democratic” creation down South- and cares monkey-sh*t what happens until the country is totally destroyed and the “Big Brothers”simply can walk in and pick their “ merchandise” at garage sale prices. 4. The people in South Africa themselves must unite and take a stand not to allow this rogue communist misfits to ruin their country any further. This can be done by voicing their distrust in the ANC regime through marches , petitions and verbal oratories. Again- as we have seen does the ANC tsotsi’s not pay much attention to public opinion. They have not been paying much attention in 25 years- and the chances they will pay any attention now is less than zero percent. This will then leave us with one final solution- 5) Public revolt and the forcible removal of the ANC as dictatorial rulers and a regime change as what happened in neighboring Zimbabwe. 6) Pretend all is well and will end well- ignore the ANC and try to go on with our lives as-if nothing happened and the ANC will take us through this catastrophic event safely. The only problem with that is the ANC could never and will never be able to take you through anything “safely.” Further-more will the ANC communists not leave you in peace to live your life “democratically- but will constantly interfere and harassing you with all kinds of discriminating and destructive “laws” to “control” you through their 5G masts and vaccination projects. Only a small clique will rule it all while the rest of the people will be financially enslaved.  They are paranoid, greedy  and control freaks. Taking the last option will leave millions of people  at the mercy of Shaira laws, oppression, impoverished, out of jobs, mass starvation, in a civil war, destitute – and slaves of a very brutal and unforgiving tyranny.
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The ANC- a terrorist organization turned “democratic” party never up to today denounced violence as a means to procure or retain power. And that is still their narrative and policy today. The ANC communists will never relinquish power without the means of violence- even a civil war. Jacob Zuma once mentioned the ANC’s official position when he said that they will rule ” ’till Jesus comes.” And that is what they also intend to do- IF not removed by the only way  and “negotiations” they understand – violently. The last election we all know was rigged and cooked so the ANC could walk away as winners. Today they still rule illegally and  by deception. Today they still cares less what happens to the country or it’s people. Today they are selling what’s left of the country after the British ghouls and Guptas ripped it apart- to the Chinese.  They care less what is left as an inheritance for your children. They never could do something honestly. The ANC’s 5 main pillars of governance consists out of bribery, looting, deception, lies and greed.
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SPEAKING of greed- the ANC apparently are not the only ones in this category….
MILLIONS of people now- because of this extended “pandemic” lockdown – are suffering terrible famine and poverty. Other countries long ago scaled down their “Corona” operations- even the WHO said South Africa must ease down on it’s brutal “lockdown“- but lo– the ANC is way too hard busy looting again to pay any attention. They still proceed with their lies and deception – trying to fool the people as long as possible in order to give them another few weeks/months and years if needed  to get their hands deep into the international and local relief funds. Ramaphosa and his very deranged ilk cares less if the country and it’s people suffers, or people loose their jobs, become impoverished, die through starvation- or  children suffer malnutrition- as long as the ANC cadres get their R1-2 million salary package every month and “perks” from the relief funding- so they are quite happy to keep on dragging this “lockdown” with all it’s draconian rules and regulations as long as possible- down scaling it little level by little level from 3D to  3C to 3B to 3A over a period of 100 years if that was possible. The ANC is treating it’s populace as common criminals- enforcing Police-State like house arrest scenarios without any court ruling or transgression committed. There’s a point at which people start having enough problems in lockdown that it will actually create more destruction and actually more death across time than the actual “virus “ will itself. The fallout is going to last for years because people’s lives are being destroyed by the ANC’s brutal crack-down on our societies. You keep people  locked up long enough, there’s a paradoxical effect. You actually destroy more lives than you do by letting them go out and protect themselves and opt into their lives to fight for what they believe in. And this is why the ANC must be stopped at all costs.
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Many people on our FB timeline have commented that the continued ban on the sales of alcohol and cigarettes “doesn’t affect them ” because they don’t drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. I’d like to give some insight to those people on how the continued ban on the sale of these products WILL affect us all. Jobs will be lost. The losses that SAB alone will face could potentially impact 250,000 jobs. Cigarette manufacturers and distributors will be similarly affected no doubt. Concerns are that as many as 50% of companies that buy directly from alcohol suppliers will close. Restaurants, clubs, pubs, bars and nightclubs will be most affected. How will this affect you, you may ask? Especially if you don’t drink or smoke. Quite simply put – there will be less money to spend especially on luxury items. Families who previously paid thousands per year for private tennis coaching, dancing lessons, private cricket coaching, private gymnastics lessons, horse riding lessons, music lessons, drama lessons, art lessons etc will no longer have the spare cash for these things. They won’t be buying weekly takeaways from Debonairs, KFC, Steers and Wakaberry. They won’t be eating out at our lovely local restaurants like Ciao Bella, Cantina, Grazia’s and Sanook to name just a few.

They won’t be going for week-end get aways to BnB’s or coastal hotel resorts. They won’t be paying private school fees any more. They won’t be buying expensive cars and trading them in every five years. They will realize that they can cope without a domestic worker or gardener / garden service. This can only result in high crime rate because if my kids were hungry I would steal to feed them. They won’t be visiting their hairdressers or beauty salons anymore. Box color or “ageing gracefully” will become the new trend. They will learn to shave their legs and other bits instead of their bi-weekly wax treatments. They will downscale their properties and won’t be able to pay rent at the rate that property owners are used to receiving. Do you see where I’m going with this? Notwithstanding the above, now let’s take a moment to consider that government themselves will be losing huge revenue from tax on sales of cigarettes and alcohol. This will no doubt result in a higher tax rate for all of us. Including non drinkers and non smokers. So please. If you think for a minute that the continuing ban on alcohol and cigarettes won’t affect you, think again. Stop making silly jokes about other people’s livelihoods. Stop making judgmental comments about other people’s perceived addictions – just because you don’t drink or smoke. And it goes without saying (but I’m going to say it anyway!) that the same principles above will apply to all the other industries that are not permitted to trade under our current circumstances. We are all in this together.

It is time the people reject this ANC’s “pandemic” reign of terror , fear mongering by their media and irresponsible goons such as Cele and Dhlamini Zuma- and go on with their lives. Disregard all their barfing and” bans. ” They are slowly killing you and destroying your livelihood- surely and systematically. For long enough have we walked around like puppets with bloody silly  “masks” around our facesinhaling 500 liters of carbon dioxide we exhale every day- making us sick. They force you to wear a mask- but what they do not tell you is that a normal human being inhales oxygen- but exhales CARBON DIOXIDE.  By wearing a mask all day cause the mask to capture that greenhouse gas  as there is no way for the dioxide to escape- which in turn  forces you to inhale your own carbon dioxide– which in turn suffocates the brain from fresh oxygen. Therefore do many people now experience headaches, nausea and many faint in the process. It is because of carbon dioxide poisoning and a lack of oxygen to the brain. This now “conveniently” are classified as symptoms of “Covid-19.” That is utter bullsh*t!! It is BECAUSE of wearing an insufficient mask all day without proper in-and-outlet valves that causes this symptoms. It is the same effect equal to  that of a deep sea diver inhaling oxygen and then through the same pipe inhaling his own carbon dioxide breath as well.  SO– according to their narrative you can rather  have permanent brain damage or even die through  your own carbon dioxide poisoning than through their fake “virus?”  They are cleverly exploiting their own manufactured global “pandemic” to enslave you totally through bullshIt propaganda , fake “evidence”, cooked “Corona” stats,  mass media brain washing and fear mongering.This is why they must be stopped immediately. And Ramaphosa and his ilk wants us to believe they “care” so much about our “health” they have to keep on dragging this “Pandemic” lockdown in for months to come? More people are going to get killed by this “lockdown” theatricals  that by the alleged “virus” itself. The only positive thing that came out of this “lockdown” is that for the first time in 25 years the ANC has managed to unite the country as one- everybody now hates them cumulatively!
Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Runner's lung collapse while jogging with face mask. Doctors now warn NOT to wear mask during exercise Helo'
Anybody that still supports the ANC after this two grueling months of communist oppression , dehumanization , witch hunts, erratic “laws”, exuberant fines, crack downs on our booze and cigarette suppliers, unnecessary clamp downs on our freedom of movement, arrests, “essential products”, business closures,  police brutality , bans , curfews, “social distancing, ” -and discrimination under their incompetent stassi NCCC-rule  surely is either a complete fool, a naive idiot-get paid by the ANC to pretend- or live 100% off state grants. Next- if they are not stopped- will follow bans on growing your own vegetable gardens because of the “virus, ” your December holidays will disappear because of the “virus,” you will not be allowed to have your own watering systems because of the “virus”, you soon will not be allowed to leave your house permanently because of the “virus”,  you will not be able to generate your own electricity because of the “virus,” you will not be able to socialize anymore because of the “virus”- you will be persecuted for trying to tell the truth, not allowed to kiss your partner anymore because of the “virus” and so on and so on.
A Good example of this pending danger of power madness is the recent case in Boschkop Pretoria where  nineteen innocent people were arrested for having a party at an estate in Mooikloof in the far east of Pretoria on Saturday evening. The Pretoria East Rekordreported that ten men and nine women, aged 25 to 35, were taken into custody after police received a tip-off- as expected- a WHITE pimp  according to Boschkop police spokesperson Sergeant Yeroboam Mbatsane. “They face charges of contravening the disaster management act that classifies the gathering as illegal under the lockdown regulations,” he said. Station commander Lieutenant colonel Raymond Monyayi thanked the pimp after that  for stabbing their fellow citizens in the back with the police. The group will appear in court on Tuesday. In SA 14 times more people were summarily arrested  than actual Covid cases. Lockdown arrests were 18 times more than actual contact crimes. More innocent have a criminal records for running, smoking, or making an honest living. The South African  Police are brave when arresting honest folk, not so much arresting criminals or farm murderers.  This is the future  trend that will soon follow – you freedom and rights will be taken away by power mad politicians, police and especially liberal white pimps that will act as “eyes and ears” of the oppressive regime.  This is the totalitarian state rules and regulations by which the ANC tyrants will rule.  So the filth will go on and on adding more and more ridiculous” restrictions “ because  of the “virus” until you are completely controlled slaves in their absolute power and at their mercy which they now call the “New Normal!” Can you see what’s happening here? Everything , your freedom.our human rights, your social life- is now suddenly linked to the “virus.”

The communist strategy working to a “T. ” The effects of Stockholm syndrome is being affirmed, resulting in normally sensible people saying: “Oh, thank you, Mr President, You’re so kind!” – after the lockdown was relaxed going into stage 3 by Ramaphosa. How do they do this? By slacking the draconian hold they’ve enforced on the country just enough to pacify the sheeple, but still maintaining absolute control! We’re still being forced to wear the highly symbolic slave-masks. Travel is still severely restricted, allowed only with the expressed permission from the authorities. Absolute control over business is maintained, with minor token concessions. All under the guise of: “We’re doing it for YOU, it’s for your safety!” It’s heartbreaking that so many are so caught up by their cheap propaganda and blatant lies, that they can keep it up! Speaking out against their atrocities has actually been criminalized, and even this is accepted! For FFS people...WAKE UPand see what they are systematically doing to you! Break away from their destructive iron grip over your mind!!!

Image may contain: text that says '61% Amanda Delport 18:58 Amanda Delport dayago Watch in 3-4 months time Anon4lif3dom May 11:53 That which is stated in this photo is true, however, with "the we WILL mass sickness, only due to compromised #immunesystem but the #60ghz millimeter wave systems currently being installed all public buildings, schools, trains, planes These block rate of oxygen hemoglobin, partly due to structural isomerism, causing flu like symptoms; respiratory distress, tremors, cough, often death (check out Magnetobiology). level radiation removes iodine molecules the atmosphere causing depression and plethora of other issues. COVID is their scapegoat!'



AS for Dhlamini-Zuma- her days are over- her time spent-she overstayed her welcome- and like most of her yesteryear’s decrepit colleagues such as Jesse Duarte, Angie Motsekga, Naledi Pandor, Jacob Zuma, Blade Nzimande,Bheki Cele,  Tito Mboweni, Jeremy Cronin, Ace Mahgashule, Cyril Ramaphosa,  Gwede Mantashe and all the “has been” commi fools still plundering unchecked through our state coffers – past her expiry date and should be booted out of politics and if possible- out of the country back to the Bermuda Tri-Angle from which she managed to escape. She and the Robbin Island “Old Boys Club” is doing more collateral damage to our country, economy and our  societies than any virus cold dream of doing. The choice really is with us-the people- to decide where we want to place the future of our children? Remember- SIX incompetent  half-wit individuals at this moment are destroying our country and our social lives for their own selfish benefits. SIX individuals sway absolute power over more than 60 million. Through fake propaganda and fear mongering they are brain washing the masses to submit/succumb to every whim coming from that devilish ivory tower of theirs. How can this be possible? You can change all this. Do we want our children to fall in the hands of this utterly despicable terrorist organization to destroy our children’s future like they just destroyed yours this past 25 years and especially this past two months too- or do you want your children to grow up in a country governed by sound , intelligent and patriotic governors that actually cares for the future of the country, it’s people-and it’s natural resources? The choice is really yours!






Image may contain: text that says '280 000 People caught with the sale of cigarettes and alcohol in 60 days but SAPS can't even solve 6 farm murders in 100 days.'



Covid-19 Tenders is Nou Duidelike Bedrog, Baantjies vir Boeties en Diefstal! Geen Tenderproses nie, Wenners Word Geheim Gehou en Enige ou Verskoning Werk om Belastingbetalers te Besteel!–p?fbclid=IwAR2OSgLlHBLy-t_2-U1rpY6XxFmT9t200Uihpo6L8qMMUbMbzLwK1S12CY0

NDZ faces backlash over alleged plot to ‘extend ban on booze and cigs’