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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg May 29   2020





Presidency: Cigarettes will be back at Level 2

South Africa’s army is in a ‘critical state of decline’ – here’s how bad things are right now

South Africa’s black racist policies: Leases up for grabs — but black landlords only

Britain: Say “No” to vaccine in the UK and face jail as well as financial ruin – New Law.

Why you need to Ditch WhatsApp and get Telegram instead

ANC Government officials spent millions on bling-bling flight tickets while you were locked up.

While Cape Tonians suffer under the virus attack- their Council bosses gets pay raises.

Dudu Myeni declared a Tsotsi.

Nappyhead Dlamini Zuma Under Fire As Woman Exposes Her Links To The Only Brands Of Cigarettes In Black Market








THIS week as Ramasquirrel announced the dawn of level 3 from their illegal and prolonged “lock-down” – we saw another erratic ban- this on cigarettes- being imposed and kept in place for no apparent reason at all bar that of hidden agendas from the ANC itself. By and large South Africans supported the national coronavirus lockdown at its start. While there were grumbles about the alcohol and tobacco bans, those voices were muted while they still had enough of their go-to crutches to keep them occupied. As the days drew longer and stocks dwindled the angry voices grew louder. The national lockdown, with its increasingly bizarre regulations, was starting to feel less like a way of saving lives and more like a foray into controlling them.

What more can one say?

Posted by Walter Leon Hayes on Monday, May 25, 2020


Hidden Agendas


Posted by Sumer Sum-Sum on Sunday, April 26, 2020

Rockefeller Reveals 9 11 FRAUD and New World Order

Rockefeller Reveals 9 11 FRAUD and New World Order

Posted by Tupac's Killuminati Soldiers of Truth on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Is not a secret any more🤐

Posted by Carlos Manzano on Thursday, May 3, 2018

Italians breaking protocol and found the truth hidden from the public by the WHO

If they get to contract the Covid-19 … which is not a Virus as they have made us believe, but a bacterium … amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation that also produces inflammation and hypoxia. They will do the following: They are going to take Aspirin 100mg and Apronax or Paracetamol . Why?because it has been shown that what Covid-19 does is to clot the blood, causing the person to develop a thrombosis and the blood not to flow and not oxygenate the heart and lungs and the person to die quickly due to not be able to breathe.

In Italy they screwed up the WHO protocol and did an autopsy on a corpse that died from Covid-19 … they cut the body and opened the arms and legs and the other sections of the body and realized that the veins were dilated and coagulated blood and all veins and arteries filled with thrombi, preventing the blood from flowing normally and bringing oxygen to all organs, mainly to the brain, heart and lungs and the patient ends up dying, Already knowing this diagnosis, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately changed the Covid-19 treatment protocols … and began to administer to their positive patients Aspirin 100mg and Apronax . The result: result: The patients began to recover and present improvements and the Ministry of Health released and sent home more than 14,000 patients in a single day.


They put Covid-19 on my Dads death certificate.With no testing. This is what doctors told us WHY they did it…I want you to know.

Posted by Lena Kay on Thursday, May 21, 2020


URGENT: transmit this information and make it viral, here in our country they have lied to us, with this pandemic, the only thing that our president comes out to say every day is data and statistics but not giving this information to save citizens,. Will be that It will also be threatened by the elites? . We do not know,-  suddenly all the governments of the world, but Italy broke the norm because they were already overwhelmed and in serious chaos of daily deaths .Now the WHO would be sued worldwide for covering up so many deaths and the collapse of the economies of many countries in the world ..Now it is understood why the order to INCINERATE or immediately bury the bodies without autopsy and labeled them as”  highly polluting .”

And the ANC simply keep on shifting the goal posts as they wish and go along


Posted by Burgerlike Beskerming on Friday, May 29, 2020


Helping South Africa to go up in smoke

The smoking ban has helped South Africa to go up in smoke.This is near Mapungubwe where Zimbabwe,RSA en Botswana border each other. Each one is carrying 2 master cases of about 10 000 cigarettes.

Posted by Andre Snyman eblockwatch on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

FROM the start this “lockdown” was initially advocated as only lasting 3 weeks at most- but then the ANC which is an organization notorious with corruption and scandals- start discovering how BIG bucks could be made from the sudden “pandemic”– and Ramasquirrel and his cronies start introducing more sinister agendas. This again start to lead to sudden “extensions” beyond the projected 3 week “lock-down”– and South Africans were placed under a strategic communist-like Orwellian set of rules ,  nonsensical bans and regulations. 3 Weeks turned into one month – one month turned into two. As  more and more baseless “explanations” continue- the “lockdown” now are dragging along for the third month and there is horrifying roamers floating around on social sites that the “lock-down” will continue until February 2021 while the ANC are busy to secretly exploit this “Corona” situation to turn South Africa into a fully-fledged communist state. Factors that supports such a terrible notion are:

1) The UN says something sinister is happening in South Africa.
2) Ramaposa visiting Putin during lockdown
3) Ramaposa dressed in military commander clothes
4) Soldiers all over SA in control
5) Populace subdued and in turmoil wanting a solution.
6) Parliament locked down
7) 6 Individuals with strong links to  the Communist Party are running country in secret.


Arrested by cops for allegedly shopping at Woolworths

A young man claims he was wrongfully arrested after getting into an altercation with police who told him and his mother they must buy food at Shoprite instead of Woolworths.Video: @Zeph_Munati

Posted by South Africa Live on Tuesday, May 26, 2020



On 29 April, in a televised briefing of the regulations for Level 4 of the lockdown, NDZ claimed that government’s decision to prohibit the sale of tobacco products was partly based on “more than 2,000” public submissions supporting such a ban. In this briefing, NDZ said: “Even in the public comments, there was quite a lot of opposition.” She went on to say that government took that into consideration. But her responding papers to a court challenge by FITA paints a different picture. According to FITA, the applicants in the case, there weren’t more than 2,000 submissions attached as evidence. Instead there were only 1,535 submissions and of these, 47.2% had nothing to do with cigarettes or smoking, 23.3% were in favor of smoking and only 29.6% supported the ban. This amounts to just 454 sub Clearly the minister was lying to South Africans in order to further her own pre-determined agenda.


Democratic Alliance interim leader, John Steenhuisen, has accused Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma of lying to the nation about the reasons behind the continued ban on cigarette sales. He said that in an earlier statement, the Minister said the decision was partly based on some 2000 objections received earlier from members of the public. However, Steenhuisen said in court papers opposing a legal challenge by the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association, Dlamini-Zuma attached submissions that show that there were not 2000 submissions, but 1 535. He said of those, 47% had nothing to with cigarettes or smoking, 23.3% were in favor of smoking and only 29.6% supported the ban which he said amounted to just 454 submissions. “Clearly the minister was lying to South Africans in order to further her own pre-determined agenda,” Steenhuisen said. “The question is when the minister said on live television that government took that into consideration, debated the matter, looked at it, was she implicating the rest of the National Command Council in this lie, or did she herself deceive her cabinet colleagues?” “Either way, this conduct renders her wholly unfit to occupy the position of a cabinet minister, and particularly one with such sweeping powers under the Disaster Management Act,” the DA leader said. He said it was, of course, immaterial whether 2,000 or 454 people wrote in to support the ban as this had never been the basis for the formulation of any other lockdown regulations. Steenhuisen said had the president himself not assured South Africans mere days earlier that cigarettes would go back on sale under Level 4, the submissions opposing the ban would most likely have dwarfed any support. “But, the fact that Minister Dlamini Zuma took the decision to make up a number of alleged supporting submissions and then lie to the people of South Africa in her briefing should be grounds for immediate suspension from her position,” he charged.

No photo description available.
Image may contain: text

Despite the jury being out on whether smoking worsens Covid-19 symptoms, the government insists it is right to continue to ban the sale of tobacco products in lock-down. On Wednesday, the government filed papers in the Pretoria High Court in response to an application by the Fair Trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) to have the ban overturned. Fita approached the courts on May 4 after co-operative governance and traditional affairs (Cogta) minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma announced that in lock-down level 4, tobacco product sales would remain banned. Announcing his decision that SA would move from level 5 to level 4 in April, Cyril Ramaphosa said the ban would be lifted. He later came out in support of Dlamini-Zuma. In its response to Fita’s legal challenge, the government and Dlamini-Zuma filed a trove of documents, including 3,674 pages of government records outlining how it decided on the ban.

Image may contain: text

Fita chairperson Sinen Mnguni said the association was perusing the documents and would respond in court. In her court documents, Dlamini-Zuma said the rationale for the ban was to “protect human life … and to reduce the potential strain on the health-care system”. “The constitution imposes positive duties on the state to protect, promote and fulfil the rights in the Bill of Rights, including the right to life and the right to have access to health-care services.” “The state has a duty to take steps to prevent the spread of disease and to reduce the burden on the health system … any decisions concerning lock-down measures must be taken with this duty in mind.” She said, like the rest of the world, SA faced an unprecedented crisis. “Covid-19 poses a clear and present danger to human life and our country’s health-care system. Covid- 9 is a new disease. As a result, scientific knowledge is still evolving.” “Studies about the potential lines between the use of tobacco products and Covid-19 are still being undertaken.” “However, from the studies that have been done so far the evidence is that the use of tobacco products increases not only the risk of transmission of Covid-19, but also the risk of contracting a more severe form of the disease.”

Dlamini-Zuma said this heightened strain on SA’s health-care system by increasing the number of people who required intensive care unit treatment and ventilators. She argued that banning tobacco products reduced these risks. “Empirical evidence shows that the health benefits after stopping smoking begin soon after quitting.” “A report by the Human Sciences Research Council indicates that 88% of smokers were unable to buy cigarettes under lock-down level 5, suggesting the temporary ban was effective in reducing access to cigarettes and usage.” She said with infection numbers rising, government had to take a “cautious approach”. Dlamini-Zuma said the health-care system and health workers had to be protected from being overburdened and overwhelmed. “It is well known that tobacco use affects the lungs … this is the case even without Covid-19.” “According to the World Health Organisation, the tobacco epidemic is one of the biggest public health threats the world has ever faced, killing more than eight million people a year.” “[More than] seven million of these deaths are the result of direct tobacco use, while about 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.”


She argued that the economic cost of tobacco use placed a substantial strain on health-care systems when it came to treating diseases caused by smoking.Dlamini-Zuma said it was logical that with smoking known to lead to respiratory diseases, tobacco use “may lead to increased risks in relation to Covid-19″. She said when government considered the ban, it looked at various scientific studies which had examined links between the disease and tobacco products. “Of course, as Covid-19 is a new disease, scientific studies to assess the links … are still in progress. Conclusions are necessarily evolving as more research becomes available.” “However, it is possible to draw some conclusions from the data that has been generated so far.” She said data showed the severity of Covid-19 in patients who smoked was more severe than in non-smokers, with more smokers requiring ICU admissions and ventilators, and more smokers dying. Dlamini-Zuma, without naming any studies, said a survey of 1,099 patients with Covid-19 found that, “among the patients with severe symptoms, 16.9% were current smokers and 5.2% were former smokers, in contrast to patients with non-severe symptoms, where 11.8% were current smokers and 1.3% were former smokers.” “In the group of patients that either needed … ventilation, admission to an ICU or died, 25.5% were current smokers and 7.6% were former smokers.” “Another study found that, among the patients with severe symptoms, 16.9% were current smokers and 5.2% were former smokers.”

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says 'renowned Dear Mr President, Please contact this man Dr Dave Montgomery specialist physician in the USA. He was asked on CNN yesterday what is it that explains why frican-Americans are over-represented as Covid-19 victims. He did not say that it was disadvantage. or poverty... OR SMOKING... He said that it was OBESITY Being FAT... because the blood clots in OBESE PEOPLE when the body's immune system responds to Coronavirus.'

“A systemic review concluded that smokers suffered more severely from Covid-19 … .” Tobacco use, argued Dlamini-Zuma, was directly related to Covid-19 co-morbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. “People who have co-morbidities experienced a higher mortality rate from Covid-19.” “This means that the use of tobacco products puts people at increased risk if they do contract Covid-19 … meaning that they are more likely to occupy ICU beds and ventilators.” She said SA had roughly eight million smokers, “and if a conservative estimate of 1% of the eight million smokers were to contract Covid-19, 80,000 smokers will be infected countrywide.” “If an estimated 10% were to need ICU, this would translate into 8,000 people needing ICU hospital beds and ventilators in the whole country, which would greatly exceed the current availability of approximately 4,000 ventilators.” She said smokers of dagga and tobacco products in poor communities were at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 because of sharing infected saliva. “Cross-infection is concerning during this time of the pandemic. Zuma’s lawyers have been busy fabricating all this “stats” without any solid proof.

The wealthy are leaving. And they are leaving the Ramaphosa/ANC-visualised upcoming socialist state in droves. The lockdown has put a temporary stop to that, but we can expect a sharp increase once Level 2 is reached. To be considered a “millionaire” a person must have nett assets of US$1m (roughly R17,6m). In 2018/19 about 4800 millionaires left South Africa. Currently about 38400 are left. Whether we like it or not, these are to a large extent the people driving our free market system and providing employment in the private sector. Of the 38400 left many are black tender-preneurs and BEE-beneficiaries and not entrepreneurs. South Africa’s  economy is on a fatal downward spiral- already surpassing the point of no return with each month seeing more and more companies closing down and more and more people without jobs. The ANC thus are deliberately abusing the “Corona” scenario – dragging it out as long as possible to destroy the middle class that forms a safety barrier between the ultra few rich and the impecunious poor masses- and to  impoverish the nation.  Famine WILL become a reality under ANC/Chinese control unless we can stop this Maoist and socialist madness. And the only secure way to do that is to either by a democratic solution (which the ANC communists will not allow neither tolerate) – or if needed be as a final and last resort- forcibly remove the ANC from power. It is a question of about 1000 power hungry mad individuals that want to destroy the total livelihood of over 60 million people. And the ANC’s agenda is to push for this socialist agenda before the next elections. The “Corona ” scenario came as  a gift to them and a perfect chance in a perfect environment to slow down and collapse the whole economy, apply draconian and inhuman “control” measures- and forcibly oppress and persecute the people of the country to submit against their will to their hidden ideologies.

The Zumaenic  onslaught against the smoking public

Fun Fact: Although the ANC and especially the ever lying  MEDIA spreads the lie that  Nkosazana Zuma is  a “Doctor” – does the facts speaks the totally opposite:


Image may contain: text

Pulled from Health Professional Council.Her  Registration Erased. Our Minister of Co-operative Governance is not a registered medical Doctor at all. She is not a medical Doctor  as her license has been erased and she was removed from the medical roll. MEC Medical Dr Mbombo – Western Cape . No details from the medical council on registration . Executive Medical Dr Keith Cloete MEC Advisory Erased from medical roll. Executive Medical Dr Engel brecht MEC advisory board Environmental diseases erased from Medical roll. This gets me thinking. We have Medical Doctors not registered or details can’t be found in posts of power as Health MEC with no registration. And THIS is the idiots “advising” the Squirrel with all kinds of dribble their little laptops manufacture to totally destroy YOUR social lives and businesses!!


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Pampers pers NO SMO Pampers Guaranteed to keep baby's smile outside while keeping the poo inside!!'

ONE of the most revered methods used by totalitarian Tyrants in the past to neutralize a nation was to deny the populace their “luxuries” and  enjoyable rights- similar to the bans the ANC now impose on the people of South Africa. Throughout history, several countries have tried to enforce similar bans on what their people can and cannot enjoy. Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and a few other notable human rights abusing regimes are well documented for this tactics. These generally resulted in two things: massive growth of organized crime and a thriving black market. Even many hard line Muslim states have realized that it is close to impossible to enforce a total ban on alcohol and most have systems where you can get a license to purchase from state-run liquor outlets, or, a nearby Emirate where the laws are more relaxed so residents or visitors can take a short drive to partake. This has also served to individually commercialize the different Emirates as commercial, industrial or tourism-based economies and served as a way of making the close neighbors work in seamless symbiotic relationships that hold their alliance together.

Although there have been several western countries to implement alcohol bans, most have been short lived and largely enforced to deal with shortages, such as in Canada, where it was used as a wartime austerity measure from 1918 to 1920 during World War 1 to ensure adequate grain supplies for their war effort. The exception is the United States. The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1919 banned the manufacture, transportation and sale of intoxicating liquors. And, while it was popular with the puritanical movement sweeping the nation at the time, it had one serious ramification: the rise of organized crime. The banning of alcohol created a massive market made up of everyday people who believed that the regulations were unreasonable and infringed on their rights; that the state was playing parent and turning ordinary people into criminals. In stepped the Italian and Irish mafias, who rapidly consolidated the market, creating criminal empires. Once two-bit criminals were all of a sudden not only masters of vast fortunes, but even publicly revered and adored for providing what many regarded essential services. In South Africa’s case the spotlight again focuses on that age old thieves of the state capture- the Zuma family.


Now again we see the name “Zuma” pop up everywhere- from the Matriarch Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma that are acting as the enforcer who keeps tobacco competition in a lock down- up to sonny Edward who plays a major role in distributing illicit tobacco products.  In South Africa as ever again- especially with the Zumas in the game- it develops a situation where the state and organized crime share common ground again- and as with the patriarch Jacob– the state in the form of Nkosazana Zuma again appears to be  covering up and protecting organized crime. On the end of the day the only ones gaining from this diabolical co-operation will be the Zuma clan again at the cost of 60 Million + people’s rights. One wonders why Dlamini-Zuma is so worried about 11 million people smoking in SA and not so worried about the other 47 million people in SA? Why is she hammering on the no smoking ban? Why is she scared of only 11 million people smoking in SA? Show us the figures of how many smokers died of Covid 19 thus far and how many of them were in townships? Her lawyers are even going to court – on our tax money paying for the regime  to not allow us to smoke in my own home?

1) “I am a psychiatrist of 35 years standing and a past president of the College of Psychiatry (CMSA). Patients suffering from longstanding psychiatric illnesses have a much higher incidence of smoking, perhaps related to the impact of smoking on the dopamine neurotransmitters. Forcing already vulnerable people, whose mental states have already been made more fragile by the imposition of the lockdown, to stop smoking by going cold turkey is wrong and dangerous.  There is no convincing evidence that stopping smoking for 1 to 4 month reverses the well known physical problems associated with long term smoking (10 years +). No doubt smoking is bad for ones health and may lead to more severe corona 19 infections.

However forcing people with mental health problems to suddenly stop smoking has the potential to worsen their conditions and at worst increase the risk of suicide. This authoritarian action also has the potential of increasing domestic violence as a result of the irritability associated with stopping smoking. Stopping smoking is associated with the cilia in the bronchial tree resuming function resulting in significantly more coughing promoting the potential for the spread of the virus.  Any understanding of the behaviour of addicts will inform you that the sharing of cigarettes will increase with a deminished supply. Professor Irusen, your opinion is true in respect of the health effects of smoking but is approaching the complex issue from a very narrow viewpoint which unfortunately victimizes my patients and all smoking addicts. It is to be regretted that the voices of Psychiatric and Psychological Bodies have been so silent about this issue.
Francois Daubenton. M.B.B.Ch.,B.A., F.C.Psych.(S.A.)

2) Interviewed on 702 this morning:


So true

Posted by Zarina Ismail on Friday, May 29, 2020

Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, MPH is a cardiologist and research fellow at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens-Greece: here’s what he had to say. Cardiologist Dr. says clinical observations show very few smokers are hospitalized for the virus. Cigarette smoking is known to be the cause of certain respiratory conditions like cancers and other diseases. As COVID-19 started spreading it was assumed that smokers were at a higher risk of contracting the virus, and that if they did, they would exhibit harsher symptoms than non-smokers. However, new research has emerged to show that this may not be the case. Bongani Bingwa chats to cardiologist and anti-smoking researcher Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos who says the research looked at the potential benefits of nicotine and the the tobacco cigarette. Nicotine which is one of the compounds of tobacco cigarette may have some protective role to play in COVID-19. The research comes from clinical observations that very few cigarette smokers are hospitalized for COVID-19. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, Cardiologist and anti-smoking researcher. Farsalinos says he still doesn’t understand why the government in South Africa banned the sale of cigarettes. There is zero evidence that smoking will propagate or increase transmission of COVID-19. Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos, Cardiologist and anti-smoking researcher pointed out.


But Dhlamini Zuma is denying South Africans their rights because of her own dirty agendas? Although Dhlamini-Zuma vehemently denies any connection between her and Mazotti- even Jacques Pauw, the veteran South African investigative journalist, has raised the possibility that the continued prohibition on the sale of tobacco products during lockdown could be due to nefarious forces. According to Pauw, the continued ban could be due to links between Dlamini-Zuma and Adrian Mazzotti, described as an ‘alleged illicit tobacco kingpin’ by CapeTalk. Mazzotti allegedly funded some of Dlamini-Zuma’s campaign to become leader of the ANC in 2017, and photos have emerged of Dlamini-Zuma and Mazzotti together. The EFF, which came out in strong support for the continued tobacco ban, have also allegedly been funded by Mazzotti. NOW– Tobacco sales are prohibited, that means that production stops and Tobacco companies are not in Operation, can someone please explain to us why is Me. Zuma closing down all tobacco companies- even E-Cigarettes- BUT allow Amalgamated Tobacco Manufacturersat 21 Portland Street Mkondeni in Pietermaritzburg to operate at full steam?   This is the same company responsible for distributing illegal cigarettes such as Premium,  CK and other contraband  brands that we are able to buy at small retail shops at extremely high prices. AMT is partly owned by sonny Edward Zuma-yet there is NO police interference to this operation.

No photo description available.

ALL this money now going to Zuma , her family and her side-kicks while she keeps the ban in place!

The Hyenas are busy eating each other

Twice, we have expected Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to deliver the updated Level 3 regulations for South Africa. Twice, her briefing has been postponed.In the absence of clear reasoning or explanation, the dissenting voices have grown louder – with some claiming there’s a ‘low-grade civil war’ in Cabinet. But with delays on top of delays, opposition members of Parliament have drawn their own conclusions. Dean Macpherson is the shadow trade minister, and he voiced his frustrations on the matter earlier in the day. The DA representative says that Ramaphosa and his ministers ‘can not agree on a way forward’. “This is simply not good enough as many question marks remain regarding health protocols for each sector and trading hours for the liquor industry. These may be complex and require time to implement in many industries. To give such short notice may render many sectors unable to open due to lack of compliance.” “It’s clear that there’s a low-grade civil war playing out in the NCCC and Cabinet over regulations, which has resulted in the consecutive cancellations. That the Ministers and President can’t agree on what regulations should look like is now abundantly obvious, while the country is left wondering what Monday may look like.” The ‘government-sponsored chaos’, as Macpherson puts it, continues to rumble on. No new date has been set for the hotly anticipated briefing, and the Squirrel’s communications team say they will inform the nation when they’ve made a final decision. For now, speculation mounts as the vacuum of confusion grows larger.

DA hits hard at Ramaphosa for appointing bumble-head Zuma and showering her with ultimate powers

Leon Schreiber is the shadow minister of Public Service and Administration. Fully buying into the claims made against Dlamini-Zuma, he says that this whole saga shows up Ramasquirrel for weak leadership, and suggests that Cyril Ramaphosa can be held responsible for any unpopular decision made by his colleague: “Weak leadership and incessant infighting continue unabated in the ANC, more than a week after Ramaphosa spoke to the nation to say nothing. And the people of South Africa continue to pay the price. Ramaphosa chose to appoint Dlamini-Zuma as his COGTA minister. He chose to hand enormous power to her under the Disaster Management Act. He chose not to fire her when she imposed irrational and deeply destructive bans. Everything that NDZ does is because Cyril Ramaphosa voluntarily chose her.”

Of course, like any black market, product quality varied. Smugglers beat the US Coastguard in races across the great lakes from Canada, bringing with them bootlegged booze from genuine distillers or illicit moonshine stills manufactured, products that threatened to turn people blind, or worse. The sheer size of the market enabled criminal syndicates to thrive and expand, and bankrolled their futures in gambling, construction and other business areas. Apparently it was believed that the coronavirus thrived on joy, so depriving the nation of it would help stop the “pandemic ” from spreading-. In South Africa, a similar pattern started emerging soon after lockdown began. Alcohol and cigarettes sales were banned with nonsensical explanations as to how doing so would help in the” fight against Covid-19. “ Apparently it was believed that the coronavirus thrived on joy, so depriving the nation of it ( even if it means banning E-cigarettes!! ) would help stop the pandemic from spreading. But people would not be denied what they believed was reasonable. An already existing black market quickly stepped up to fill the void, particularly with cigarettes, while home brewing became a national pastime. Shady cigarette products with bad packaging and questionable quality took the place of brands established for generations. Suddenly, illicit cigarettes that were selling for R18 a box were being sold under the table for two, three, four and even five times their previous prices.

Image may contain: 10 people, text

Soon questions started being asked more seriously. Why is this being done? How is it helping? Who is gaining from these draconian rules? With a history of wide-spread government corruption the focus swiftly turned toward a minister with a familiar surname. Yet another Zuma. It was a natural progression. The minister making the rules, who reversed an announcement on the sale of tobacco made by the president himself, already had historical ties with the industry. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma had previously been accused of using funds from self-described cigarette smuggler Adriano Mazzotti to fund her unsuccessful bid for the presidency of the ANC and South Africa. The public was reminded of this when DA leader John Steenhuisen in a tweet accused Dlamini-Zuma of putting money into alleged cigarette smuggler’s pockets with a photo of Dlamini-Zuma and Mazzotti together quickly stoking the fire.

Sonny Edward meanwhile is involved in a massive fight with Sars, which claims he is hocking contraband cigarettes and under-declaring turnovers to hide millions in profits. Zuma’s legal battle with the SA Revenue Service dates back to 2011, but it is expected to flare up again this week because his Amalgamated Tobacco Manufacturing (ATM) company appears to have missed a January 25 deadline to reply to Sars’s damning allegations. At the center of the dispute is a raid on ATM’s cigarette manufacturing business in Pietermaritzburg in 2011. The expensive plant was imported from China. ATM was incorporated in 2009.The company is registered as manufacturing and distributing of tobacco related products. A squad of Sars officials swooped on the premises, seized goods and machinery, shutting the plant down. ATM was later allowed to operate, but the legal wrangle has continued and Zuma and his partners are now immersed in a bitter exchange with Sars officials.  The Sunday Independent has seen papers where Zuma accuses the taxman of corruption, racism and running a smear campaign against him. In an affidavit penned by Zuma, he accuses Sars officials of being “underhanded.”  In March 2012, Zuma, in his capacity as a shareholder of ATM, wrote to then Sars commissioner, Oupa Magashula, asking him to investigate and resolve the dispute between Sars and ATM. Zuma’s partners in the enterprise include businessmen Paul de Robillard and Yusuf Kajee, who are also listed as directors of Fastjet Holdings together with Zuma. Zuma resigned as director of ATM in 2011.

The Sars investigations into undeclared profits in the tobacco industry were highlighted in Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s 2011 budget speech. Three years ago one of ATM’s directors, Kajee, was investigated by Sars for tobacco smuggling. The probe led to the liquidation of Delta Tobacco. Last year, close to 8.5 billion illicit cigarettes were smoked in South Africa and the government lost over R5 billion in taxes not paid. Over the past three years, this figure nearly tripled to R12bn. As a result of this non-compliance, Sars last year served dozens of tobacco traders with notices warning them of formal investigations and ordering them to ready their tax affairs for inspection. The letters gave the companies, including Zuma’s, until January 25 to respond.

Instead of making things better, a public statement by Mazzotti labeling claims that his cigarette business was capitalizing from the lockdown as “outrageous” and denying having a  relationship with the minister only added fuel to the fire. Mazzotti has also previously been tied to EFF commander in chief Julius Malema. Despite Cyril Ramaphosa’s spokesperson Khusela Diko stating that “attacks on minister Dlamini-Zuma are baseless, unfounded and border on malicious,” South Africans have real questions that demand answers. Edward Zuma, the eldest son of her former husband, ex-president Jacob Zuma; the man whose political maneuverings raised corruption in the land to such a level that it birthed the specter of state capture allegations, was himself at one time a director of Amalgamated Tobacco, accused by the South African Revenue Services (Sars) of smuggling and tax evasion. On Friday, reports said that Dlamini-Zuma was “adamant about [the] cigarette ban” being extended to lower lockdown levels despite previous assurances that it would be lifted at level 3 and even arguing against other astonished members of the Covid-19 national command council, including health minister Zweli Mkhize.

ANC Tobacco running for dollars- the wheels now are coming off..

NOW as we all are quite aware off does the ANC cadres jump into bed with any old money shooter , racketeer or loan shark just as long as the smell of the dollar, pound or Yen is strong enough to drag them out of their Lethuli-hole like rats after a piece of cheese. Ralph Mathekga wrote in his News 24 political review the following:

” Ramaphosa’s reputation as a constitutionalist is crumbling faster than the recent drop in oil price.If Ramaphosa was a share, I’d dump him immediately because the course he is on is unwinnable and at some point it will just be silly for people to keep on holding on to the fantasy that the president is an exceptional breed held hostage by the party that has gone rogue. The management of the coronavirus lockdown is one of the single most important moments that would have a lasting impact on how Ramaphosa’s legacy is written. Forget about job creation and all the economic stuff that the president is unable to deal with; the issue now is how Ramaphosa’s Corona Cabinet will come out of this with its management of the spread of the Covid-19 in South Africa. At this point, Ramaphosa’s Corona Cabinet is doing so badly that the courts are about to take custody of the management of the lockdown.

Having unleashed tyranny on the streets since the lockdown started more than 50 days ago, Ramaphosa’s Corona Cabinet has earned a not so glamorous mention by the UN Commission on Human Rights and also a sanction by a court here in South Africa. The High Court in Pretoria ruled in a potentially far-reachingjudgment that government must submit its lockdown plan to the court and address some specific issues relating to the conduct of its security forces. The case involves the death of Collins Khosa in the presence of South African National Defence Force (SANDF) members and other security forces who were patrolling the streets as part of one of the harshest lockdowns to have ever been adopted as a response to the coronavirus outbreak. In terms of its intrusion on civil liberties and the basic conditions of the existence of humankind known in modern democratic societies, South Africa’s lockdown is probably second only to that which was adopted in Wuhan, where the problem began.


South Africa went a bit further in terms of heavy-handedness. The fact is that the Khosa case is an inquiry about the role of the army in the death of a national who is served by the very army during peace times. This is a fact and it is happening in a democracy. Whether or not SANDF members are found guilty; we are a generation that has had to establish the culpability of the army in the death of a national whose tax goes to maintaining the same army. This indeed will make Nelson Mandela turn in his grave. This is not good for Ramaphosa’s legacy. The judge in the Khosa case ordered government to present its wider plan on management of the lockdown. This means that government would have to be more transparent regarding information it uses to make key decisions during the lockdown. Government lost control of the lockdown not only on the streets, but also in terms of its operational planning. The judgment in the Khosa case is compelling government to remove the veil of secrecy that government maintained since the lockdown started.

There are now a plethora of court cases whereby government’s lockdown measures are challenged. With the Khosa case having gone deeper into the regime of the lockdown than what the Khosa lawyers were asking for, government is headed for what it has become known for in recent years: embarrassing court defeats. At this point, there is no right thinking “top” scientist who is standing on the side of government in terms of the hard lockdown including ridiculous, vindictive measures such as the ban on the sale of tobacco and alcohol products. Scientists who advise government are now speaking against the Gestapo lockdown measures. All the time we were told decisions are based on hard science; it was just arbitrary decisions based on the narrow policy wishes of some of the politicians in Ramaphosa’s Corona Cabinet. Indeed, coronavirus is deadly and maximum caution possible should be taken by nations to ensure the survival of its citizens.

However, the fear of coronavirus should not be manipulated by governments to shut down democratic processes. When people ask for information as to why certain decisions are made by the Corona Cabinet; they are silenced by references to alarming death tolls in Spain and Italy. Do not ask questions, else you will die like the Spaniards and the Italians! Distasteful. The wheels are coming off and government must de-escalate its management of the coronavirus spread in the country, else the entire national response will be managed from the bench, as the lawyers would say. If government lacks a proper rectitude to manage the spread of the coronavirus because it keeps falling back on its old ways, the court will have to take over the custodian of the management of the response, of course together with everyone in society involving various sectors that were initially excluded from the process. It just might turn out to be a democratic process, a real opportunity for social cohesion where South Africans work together voluntarily to defeat the killer virus. That could be the foundation of a new order in South Africa; an order based on an understanding that the survival of the poor is intertwined with that of the rich, as the coronavirus has shown us. This could mean an equal society based on mutual existence of humanity. I wonder if the ANC as a party would be allowed into that order. – Dr Ralph Mathekga is a political analyst and author of ” When Zuma Goes and Ramaphosa’s Turn. “

Questions to be asked to Dhlamini Zuma:

1. If cigarettes pose a health risk to South Africans, why are we exporting it? Do you deem South Africans’ health more important than the rest of the world?
2. If cigarettes are not an essential product, are chocolates and other sweets then essential? Are snacks and junk food the essential that it is allowed?
3. If the health of smokers is so important, what about the health of diabetics? Or heart patients? What are you doing to protect them?
4. If your people are so poor, why do you force them to pay 10 times more for illicit cigarettes? Why not allow them to purchase it at normal price and save money?
5. How are you monitoring the black market sale of these illicit cigarettes?
6. How do you plan to recoup the revenue lost due to the sale of illegal cigarettes?
7. How many smokers have died so far of Covid 19 in South Africa and the rest of the world?
8. Can you prove that more smokers died of Corona than i.e diabetics? Or heart patients? Or any other comorbidity?
9. If smoking, and subsequently nicotine, is so dangerous then why is nicotine packs being tested as treatment for corona patients?
10. Why is South Africa only one in three countries in the world that banned cigarettes, while there are countries with much higher death rates than us?
11. Who is really benefiting from the sale of illegal cigarettes?
12. When you decided to ban smoking, did you think about the consequences of your decision?
13. Are you willing to take responsibility for the death of those who simply could not cope and commited suicide because of quitting cold turkey?
14. Are you ready to give medical assistance to those who decide to quit smoking?
15. Do you think we are not aware of the risks involved with our choice to smoke?
17. What would you do if all essential workers who smoke – especially doctors nurses police officers and retail workers – decide to down tools because they cannot handle the stress of Covid 19?
18. If sharing a cigarette scares you so much, what about sharing food? Or cups? Or a bed? Is that more acceptable?

Can we please ask all tax payers to stop paying taxes? Honestly. Maybe if we put a prolonged ban on our taxes and divide payment into “levels “ as well  to stop her and the rest of the corrupt ANC weasels’ salaries  like she puts on tobacco products – maybewe also could expect to create a parliament full of corruption quitters?

Let’s be honest: The ANC is a bunch of really low life creatures that for this past 25 years- has been totally destroying our country, our economy- and our social lives. They have corrupted, swindled and captured the whole country out of it’s riches and gold billion. They have plundered the state coffers dry and destroyed all our corporate resources.  Now they come for us- the public- to erode and destroy our last way of privacy by destroying our social lives, our middle class, our small and medium businesses- and our rights as free human beings as a whole.

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SO…The useless ANC suddenly realized they made a total f*ck-up of this “Corona” god of theirs- and in the process- UNITED the different tribes which spells for the ANC a DEFINITE problem. Now here goes Mr. Half Wit Pule Mabe and dusts iff that age-old “racist” horse again in order to sow a bit of division again the poor fool. Now we can expend another one of their dirty moves in the resurrection of another “BOEREMAG ” by the police and their dirty National Intelligence monkeys too-   we take it eh Pule???

But the ANC is not alone responsible for the terrible state our country finds itself in- the majority BLACK voters and the few white bum-nugget communists  voting them back into power time and again since 1994 – and working for or siding with them also have to share the blame. This past two months the ANC in all their demonic racism, nepotism, Orwellian control and dehumanization of the people of South Africa proofed to the people of South Africa that the ANC is nothing but a terror movement- only interested in promoting their own selfish dark agendas and oppressive ideologies. Such for example is the enforced wearing of a mask- which is noting but a symbol of slavery- closing your mouth as not to speak up against the “masters. “ From our side- we say to the ANC “  Go to hell!!”  We will not bow to your oppressive demi-god like authoritarian discriminatory, dehumanization and oppressive rule.  You can take your masks and shove it with your “Covid” fake virus up your backsides. We are free people- and we have all the rights to send you to Davey Jones‘ locker. Somehow this bunch of communist kleptocrats have the warped  illusion  South Africa belongs to them and they can abuse their positions and powers as they deem fit. What their sorry arses do not realize is that they are public officials appointed by the tax payer and also funded by the tax payer. Factually is the tax payer- the public- their employers. And it is the public that now decided enough is enough. The ANC has become way too arrogant and full of themselves- hiding behind their ” important” portfolios, self appointed powers, security forces – and high security walls.


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IT really is scarywalking down the street- watching all the monkeys with flap jacks slapped around their muzzles!!

They have destroyed our country, our economy, our Defense Force, our Education institutions, our Health Care, our Revenue Service, our provincial infrastructure, our municipal services, corrupted our legislative organs, destroyed our major corporate institutions such as Eskom, Armscor, Yscor, our transport such as Transnet, our telecommunications , our food supplies and about every state department and entity they could lay their greedy paws on. Now they move in for the jugular- the final kill– our  private properties, pensions , health care and own private societies. Still we watch them bulldozing through our lives , leaving a trail of chaos and destruction behind- and we do nothing. Why? Because they are ruling by fear- ruling by threats, ruling by fear mongering and persecution. And they hide all this plundering and human rights abuses under the veil of “democracy ” and a bloody non-existent virus? The ANC rule by two sets of rules- one set of rules “indemnifying” ANC card swipers from all prosecution- and one set of rules to prosecute those opposing their “indemnification. ”

Game of Thrones


Ramaphosa- a very devious and slick con artist as he is-who bribed his way into the presidential chair-  now all of a sudden want to mind-f*ck the populace even more with his master deception by leading a “Day of National Prayer” to initialize and (sanctify) the dawn of level 3 of their enforced dehumanizing “lockdown!” Now let me get this straight- Ramaphosa- a very slick individual, ex-gun smuggler, diamond smuggler, gold smuggler, drug peddler, mass killer, leader in a botched koo-de-etat, police informer and deep racist  that just the other day still wanted to “boil some white frogs”– now all of a sudden had a “change of heart” – and want to turn “pulpit pigeon???” You could have fooled me! Ramasquirrel may fool a few slap-stick spaghetti “Christians” and lost church congregations with this fake facade. The rest of us more alert watchers does not easily believe that Cyril – a hard-line atheist and  socialist- suddenly were blinded by a ray of light from heaven while he was on his way to his bank to deposit more stolen relieve funds from abroad-  and told by G-d to change his ways. We are believers all right – but we are not blundering idiots and neither are we  that gullible. In Cyril’s corrupt world of high profile  deception where the stakes and the mortality rate are high and  shooting Aces from the sleeves the only way to secure your bet – playing pulpit pigeon better be one of the Aces or your arse surely  is  going to be wasted- especially by dirty gunslingers the likes of Ace Magashule and the Zuma-gang.  And Ramaphosa already is surrounded by the gang- even has got one of their powerful ducks sitting on his lap (mostly on his head) by that as well- flanked by another Zuma confidante in Bheki Cele that could turn this country into a cauldron and civil war with his armed soldiers  in hours. And they already are plotting, conspiring against him.

The Squirrel is in a very precarious position. A macabre “ Game of Thrones ” are being played our during this “Covid” fiasco- with a systematic power shift from the Venda back to the Zulu. It is for this reason that Cyril handed the scepter of ultimate power to Dhlamini-Zuma to rule supreme. The Squirrel knows that he is solidly checked and mated! For him this “Corona” is “Game set and Match.” He has no powers at all but being a rubber stamp to whatever  the Zulu kingdom dictates to  him. One wrong move and he might find this “Covid” game much more complicated and much more dangerous than the illusionary  virus ever might be- especially for his own health that is.  Ending up in the cold boot of a car – riddled with slugs – and parked  in some distant parking lot is definitely not part of or on  one of Cyril’s future agendas. Dean MacPhereson from te DA do not realize how nearly he nailed the truth when he said there is a ” low-grade -civil war”  going on. The actual truth is- there is a high tension mob war and transfer of power  going on. ”


Leon Schreiber  again was  a bit off the mark when he mentioned that  ” Everything that NDZ does is because Cyril Ramaphosa voluntarily chose her.” Cyril NEVER would “voluntary” choose Dhlamini-Zuma as he is a Venda- and she a Zulu. They are arch enemies- a feud going way back to the time of Sjaka Zulu and the “Mfekane “  genocide. The Squirrel is way too shrewd and greedy to voluntary choose the devil to be that close to him and still be stupid enough to take orders from him. Ramaphosa – totally  surrounded by the Zulu Impi- was FORCED to hand her all the powers against his will that is. South Africa effectively now are  being ruled by another Zuma  and the Zulu kingdom- with South Africa at stake. Wearing that mask symbolizes your status as being a slave to the Zulu king.  Meanwhile South Africans are suffering terribly- socially and financially – because of the rival wars between the tribes going on. It is time we- the people- are taking back our country from this greedy tribes as quick as possible. Other than that- you all will soon be forced into slavery by a very vindictive and very unforgiving tribe- trust me on that one!. “Covid-19” soon will proof to be a regime changer as we already predicted a while back. As for the cigarette ban- it has nothing to do with health or any crap Dhlamini-Zuma want to sock you with. It all revolves around TWO factors- making the Zuma clan rich through illicit cigarette trading- and secondly- to defy Ramaphosa’s order that tobacco can be sold during level4 or 3. This little vindictive Zulu matriarch must be removed very quickly or the country shall and will suffer more of her erratic power plays.

Deep is the rabbit hole

Below this powerful Bilderberger group which consists of 300 of the most powerful banking tycoons in the world- we have the South African version of the Bilderbergers– aka the Afrikaner Broederbond – which control South Africa for the Bilderbergers. We normally refer to them as the “Stellenbosch Mafia- because that is precisely what they are...mafia mobsters! “ They are the Ruperts, Oppenheimers, Bekkers, Ackermans, Bassons and a few powerful other greedy and shady money grubbers. Now in-between the Bilderbergers and the Stellenbosch Mafia there still are a lot of other smaller secret “societies” which we really do not have the time and/or  space to discuss here. The tentacles of this octopus really are wide. Below the Afrikaner Broedrbond(or AB)- begins the “ Middle Earth” controllers so to speak. Here we find two very prominent and powerful black dynasties- The Mandela clan and the Zuma clan. The Mandela clan’s prominence- bar a few mining and other racketeering businesses- lies in the political sphere where they are revered as iconic “ democratic” entities. They act as the show piece- the “interface” of South Africa.  The other group- the Zuma clan- in contrast again controls the “underworld “ so to speak- and it is here where all the shady deals, racketeering, embezzlement, corruption, political assassinations, tender fraud, scandals, state captures, etc are cultivated.

You can see the Zuma dynasty as the “dark web” of the South African economy- and Jacob Zuma as the “Black Pope” of the ANC. The Zuma network is vast- it stretches from the most upper levels of the ANC in Lethuli-House right down to the lowest “impi “ in city councils. It was for this reason that Jacob Zuma mentioned that they (Not the ANC – but de facto the Zuma dynasty) will rule “until Jesus comes.” That is why Zuma laughed at South Africa’s prosecuting organs- and up to today- have not even see a jail cell for all his 780  corruption charges. That is why he told Julkius Malema in a meeting a few years back the HE– JZ- is ruling the country. And he was not lying. Through his underworld connections with powerful mobsters such as the Shaiks, Guptas and others . Zuma fused his arse into South African politics as the “Cappa Di Tutti”– the “Boss of Bosses. And he wields enormous political power from this platform. From here he easily could even discharge Thabo Mbeki as president and usurp the throne. He was THE most powerful man in South Africa- both  boss of the most powerful mob in the country- as well as the boss of the country. He was “untouchable”- literally and figuratively speaking.


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With Zuma recalled for political reasons to safe face and allow some “credibility” in the ANC- Ramaphosa– a fledgling rogue that was cultivated and groomed by the Oppenheinmer clan- moved to become president. But one obstacle was standing in his way- a ZumaniteNkosazana Dhlamini Zuma. Ramaphosa made an erroneous mistake by bribing the ANC rat pack to elect him as president in NASREC above Dhlamini-Zuma. That mistake would come  back 3 years later on to bite him in the arse in 2020.  Another grave mistake Ramaphosa made was to belittle Zuma in public by saying Zuma’s rule produced “ 9 Lost years” for the country. To Zuma that was a direct insult. Zuma never lost his power as the clan chief of one of the biggest Nguni clans- the Zulus– and nor did he loose his power in the shady underworld as well. Ramaphosa to Zuma is a small fish from a small fledgling tribe- the Vendas– a tribe who’s ancestors were hunted down and murdered by the Zulu king Sjaka a few hundred years ago in the Mfekane genocide . So Zuma do not see Ramaphosa as a threat at all – but more of  a nuisance – and for such a “subordinate” to disrespect a powerful Don  from a mighty tribe in public  is simply bordering to inexcusable insubordination and calls for some “corrective” measures to be taken.

Now this female dufflebag is in charge of the disaster management act, NOT the Squirrel. So when he announced the lifting of the ban on cigarettes, she had to put him in his place and take it away again as she is the one in charge when the disaster management act 2020 is in place. This is the same Zumanite  who ran against him for the presidency, and is now legally his supervisor while this “ counsel” is in charge. This power trip should have been foreseen by the Squirrel, and a state of emergency should have been called instead . In terms of the  disaster management act 2020, there is no parliament, no president, – only this incompetent  “ Carona Command Council ” that is in charge (5 members making all the decisions), and she is the minister in charge with the Squirrel as her second chair. Legally it can only go on for 3 months, but she is allowed to extend it on a monthly basis there after until infinity and beyond- or unless been stopped by a populace that cannot take this political tyranny and human rights abuses anymore.

One just can wonder what type of psychopath would abuse your political powers to withhold a WHOLE  country’s rights or prevent people from earning an income for months on end for his or her own selfish  agendas – and then rule by means of tyranny to enforce that same agendas? Ostensibly this tea-girl and her 5 NCCC racketeers are just that type of conscienceless psychopaths that would deprive people of their human rights on the grounds of baseless “assumptions”, defunk “models”, fabrications, illogical “projections” – and not only that- but even go to court and fight those SAME deprived people – using their OWN tax money-  to try to deprive them even more of their rights-  all in order so your own personal bank accounts could be stuffed. She is not fit to even rule a cage full of goats- let alone a country. Only ONE question still remains: Why the hell do you still LISTEN to this bloody blundering FOOL????? Why do you still tolerate this blatant abuse of your human rights ? Don’t you realize that it is Your submissiveness that  gives this Zumanite more power? Good Lord people….haven’t you had ENOUGH destruction from this corrupt and disgraceful  family yet??? Your whole country was screwed into the ground by one Zuma.  Now you again get screwed by yet ANOTHER Zuma! How long DO you still want to be slaves of this opportunist Nkandla  tsotsis? Start your OWN bloody black market operations! Damn! Must the bloody Pakistanis and black people  come and teach you whites EVERYTHING? She has got all the power to drag this bullshit out for a lengthy period. And if YOU do not stop her-  just GUESS what this little fat gremlin will do? You guessed it! You have not heard the last of the Zumas yet! 

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ONE wonders where Cyril got HIS cigarettes from...Natal…Zimbabwe…China…Mazzotti- and how come is Cyril smoking during this so-called “Ban???” Again…this “Corona” all is a bus load full of hippocray and bullsh*t!”

Ramaphosa simply had to be shown just who is the boss. Within the Top Six of the ANC Zuma has lots of powerful support in secretary general Ace Magashule. On the Corona Council Ramaphosa is flanked by two of the most powerful adversaries from the Zulu Kingdom- Dhlamini Zuma and Bheki Cele- one controlling the political sphere- the other the Police Force. Maybe it is therefore that Ramaphosa seeks the support of the Church and want to visit the ZCC to recruit religious allies. Like we mentioned- in Cyril’s dark world of dirty politics shooting Aces from the sleeve is the only sure way to win the game and stay alive. But Cyril became a powerless president that continuously have to look in his rear-view mirror which Zumanite is trailing his arse again. Now we sort of understand why Dhlamini Zuma acts the “government“-  counter-acting Ramaphosa on every occasion- and Ramaphosa simply is a rubber-chap to whatever the Zulu kingdom prescribes. Dhlamini-Zuma de facto is the “shadow president” in waiting…and Ramaphosa is well aware of that fact.  The “Corona” – thing is nothing about the “virus ” at all- it all revolves around who is wielding the power.  To us outsiders this “Corona” farce  is a nuisance that destroys our social lives. But to the mobsters “ up-there” – it is a powerful game of thrones that must decide just who is boss. . What is happening during this “Corona” thing- is like Dean Macpherson mentioned- there is a “low grade civil war” but a “High Grade Tribal war” going on. As for us here in “Middle-Earth” ....well…this “Corona” -thing might still drag on for a few months to come depending how long this clan-wars will continue. And it appears that booze and cigarettes will be the ultimate weapon deciding factor in the end…ironic isn’t it? But HEY…during the next election (IF there will be one)- the black masses will still think this sh*t  is MUCH better than “apartheid” – and if they don’t – well…there ALWAYS is the BRITISH PRESS that will quickly remind them!