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Article posted  by: White Nation Editorial  Pretoria  June 07  2020




Ever wondered why we have the longest lock down. Well there we have it, out of the president’s mouth……A strong platform to get rid of SA businesses?!

Posted by Mark Meyer on Sunday, May 31, 2020


RAMAPHOSA and the ANC are  busy with a very devious, shrewd and the most criminal maneuver to expand their loathsome communist tentacles to capture the whole of South Africa under their psychopathic tyranny.  And these vile wretches are exploiting the “Covid-19 “ hoax to entrap all of South Africa to do just that. They must be stop and fast- or South Africans soon may find themselves enslaved under a very cruel and despotic rule such as they already experienced   during this “Corona” lockdown. But this time it may be permanently. LISTEN and listen carefully what the commi crook say in the video above….they are exploiting  and deliberately dragging out the Covid hoax to implement a full socialist state under the blatant lie that they are “serious” about the safety of South Africans.

ALREADY the psychopaths in the regime os preparing their draconian tyrant rule by now want to track you down and force a vax onto you- all neatly hidden under the so-called “Covid 19” excuse. Switch off your Google Map location tracking App on your cellphones. This was why ” RICA “ was implemented- NOT to find your cell phone when it was stolen- but to find YOU when you get “lost” to them – and to get all your newest details for tracking purposes. 

Using cooked Covid stats to capture the Western Cape

For example: The Democratic Alliance (DA) insiders fear that the African National Congress (ANC) is muscling in on the Western Cape, using the province’s COVID-19 crisis, the Sunday Times reports. The Western Cape is South Africa’s coronavirus epicentre, with over 30 000 of the country’s 45 973 known cases and accounts for 77% of the fatalities. It is also the only province out of the nine not governed by the ANC. In response to the Western Cape’s towering numbers, national government has sent top officials to the province, including Cyril Ramaphosa and Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize, who visited on Friday. More ministers will be sent to the province, according to Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu, who said there was nothing political about the move. “The Western Cape is where we have the highest number of infections and the highest number of deaths. It goes without saying that the national government will send ministers there. We must drop politics out of this. We must not be political in matters that affect our ministers.”– sez ANC hammerhead Jackson Mtembu.

Premier Alan Winde has also cautioned against politicizing government’s response to the pandemic in the province. However, according to the Sunday Times, insiders in the DA have likened the step made by national government to an effort to micromanage Western Cape officials. An unnamed official quoted by the publication expressed concern at the lack of consultation with the office of the premier. “It seems there is a coup d’état from national to administratively start taking over certain aspects of the Western Cape by neutralizing the provincial government.” The publication says the ministers set to descend on the province in the coming days include controversial figures such as Police Minister Bheki Cele and his transport counterpart, Fikile Mbalula. Also said to be on their way to the Western Cape are Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan as well as Barbara Creecy ,Ebrahim Patel and Ebdamage was done- just to walk in and scoop up the  Environmental Affairs, and Trade and Industry respectively. Winde, on Saturday, confirmed that national government had indeed deployed cabinet ministers to the province, but also stated that he and Ramaphosa had not discussed details. “We didn’t actually talk about that [the mandate of the ministers], so I am not too sure. Obviously, I would hope that kind of consultation happens before it actually gets deployed. And who gets deployed where and for what reason,” he said. As of Saturday night,according to the Goevrnment (read ANC’s stats)  the Western Cape had recorded 30 379 coronavirus cases, which accounts for 66% of the country’s total, and 729 deaths out of South Africa’s toll of 952. Now you can put two and two together yourself: The Western Cape is the ONLY province NOT under the tyrannical rule of the ANC. Suddenly the Western Cape allegedly now sports the highest Corona cases according to the unreliable government stats. Can you see how this devious agenda is unfolding to capture the last free bastion from the people by exploiting this “Covid-19” hoax and why this “Corona”thing is being dragged out for months on end?

“Racism”– The ANC’s old tool now polished for a new job

“Racism” was one of the key pillars exploited by the illegal ANC rubble to stay in power and derive multiple “donations” from bleeding heart liberal countries abroad. It always was a “winner”– and the ANC will exploit this loathsome lie as far and as long as it brings them unchallanged power and uncountable funding. Such then is the case again when they quickly exploited the George Floyd false flag debacle to further and expand their own best interests as well.

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“Black people are not slaves”– they are just submissive minions to the ANC regime...but not slaves.

The ANC is a very dubious and distrustful criminal element and they will exploit any situation as long as it serves their own selfish best interests. Ramaphosa is not worth a donkey’s arse as president- but rather abuse the position he bribed himself into to become stinking rich and promote his own private “socialist” agendas-  and the criminals he is representing is some of the worst kind of underdeveloped greedy and corrupt human trash imaginable.


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AND Ramasquirrel and his fake ANC misfits are screaming against white “racism” but conveniently ignore – and deny- this brutal murders on white farmers ’cause it does not fit the fake narrative of “Black Lives Matter?”

On Saturday, June 6th, Cyril Ramaphosa, the so-called “President “ of South Africa, made a speech about “Equality” and essentially about “White Privilege. ” He had the gall to get up on his Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment High Horse and tell the world how the “Corona-Virus and George Floyd” moment was the time for Black People to “Rise Up” against (white)“racism “and reclaim their “Dignity”  But, back at home, he calls the death of a black man, Collins Khosa, who was beaten to death by BLACK policemen for drinking a beer during lockdown, “regrettable ” and Collins Khosa’s murderers got off, scot free. Nobody marched and told us that his life matters. 11 Black people have died at the hands of Black South African Police members and Military personnel during the first month of Covid-19 Lockdown with the excuse that they were violating the Lockdown regulations. No one marched or told us that their lives matter.

RAMAPHOSA constantly is using white “fear mongering ” and whip up emotions to drum up support for his own selfish agendas

Ramaphosa again is targeting whites to be the scapegoats for the ANC’s own mismanagement and corruption


On May 31st, Julius Malema bellowed that the Black people of South Africa should resist the return to “normal economic” activity and the easing of Lockdown and rather allow the “White Economy” to collapse. Mzwandile Masina, an ANC Mayor, echoed this sentiment and called for the nationalization of the “Cream” of the economy to favor the majority (Blacks) after the pandemic is over. Meanwhile millions of Black people are going hungry due to the very Lockdown.I’m guessing their lives don’t matter….and on the very day that White people are being lectured to about their privilege:

67 Year-old Edi Neumeister (white) is hacked to death with a machete, in his home on his farm, by a black man. Schalk (64) and Lana (63) Coetzee (white) were attacked in their home on the farm by 3 black men. They were brutally beaten, tied up with barbed wire and tortured with boiling water. They are both currently in hospital. Pieter (65) and Ann (61) Nel (white) were attacked in their home on the farm by 3 black men. Pieter was shot twice, and Ann was brutally assaulted while still in her bed. Pieter is currently in critical condition in hospital. On Friday,

June 5th:

Kobie (60) and Annie (58) Smit (white) were attacked and brutally assaulted in their home by a black man wielding a machete.

On Monday, June 1st:

Dr. Roelof Botha (59) (white) was hacked to death with a machete by 4 colored  men on the road just outside his farm….and so on and so forth!

Ramaphosa is a big time crook with multiple investigations such as diamond smuggling, gold smuggling, drug peddling, gun running ,  botched Koo-de-Etat, mass executions at Marikana and back door deals under his belt. He is one of the Oppenheimer charlatans that was groomed to play a major part in the final hand-over of South Africa to the New World Order psychopaths. Behind his ” charming” smile he is nothing but a hard line chauvinistic racist communist  and greedy moneygrubber of the highest order that would sell his own soul for a pot of gold. Typical to his nature the Squirrel will exploit others to do his dirty jobs while he himself will hide behind the curtains- at the ready to emerge when the damage was done to scoop up the takings. We already saw that during the Marikana massacre and we again see this characteristic during the “Corona” lockdown. Presently in the Covid scenario he is using Nkosazana Zuma to fulfill that role for him. Nkosazana Zuma on the other hand again is a greedy unfit  below average Zumanite – manipulated by her mentor and ex-husband Jacob– that will destroy everything in her path as long as the clan could benefit prodigiously from the spoils– irrespective how many people suffer in her destructive wake. To Ramaphosa she is the prefect fool for the job. Strangely these criminals are using each other in a very weird co-operative manner: The Zuma clan is exploiting Ramaphosa to get all the  power and get rich- and Ramaphosa again is exploiting them for precisely  the same reason.

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NEED we say more…evil knows evil?

BUT Ramaphosa is a very shrewd con-artist and mind manipulator. That much the National Party idiot and traitor to his people Roelf Meyer already found out during the CODESA hand over spectacle when Ramaphosa literally bamboozled the poor back-stabber with empty promises into signing the final documents that would hand over the country to the ANC communists. And Ramaphosa still up to today are using the same tactics to bamboozle the less intelligent “majority” into believing all the bullsh*t he tells them.  AS always he tells them only this they need to hear and not this they are supposed to hear. He is an excellent world spinner and also a trained political lair. That we saw when he openly denied in front of the international world  that any farm murder takes place in South Africa. Ramaphosa is arrogant , calamitous and very notorious in all his dealings- whether that is for private gain or political advancements. Ramaphosa has a very deep rooted hatred against whites per se– and that hate he derived from being locked up at John Voster Square police station during the 70’s where he was interrogated for 3 months on charges of terrorism by the then National Intelligence operatives. What happened there and what was done to him during that interrogation process  no one knows- but that 3 months had a lasting effect on Ramaphosa’s outlook on whites  that eventually cultivated the  deep  hatred against white people that we see today. Ramaphosa never seek the presidential chair for the good of the country- but only to endorse his own private agendas , get the ultimate power– and walk out stinking rich.


Ever wondered why we have the longest lock down. Well there we have it, out of the president’s mouth……A strong platform to get rid of SA businesses?!

Posted by Mark Meyer on Sunday, May 31, 2020


Cracking down on Health Professionals that opposes this “lockdown”

Health care professionals will now be gagged even more as no dissent or opposing opinions are allowed. Only the hoax narrative is allowed to warrant what is being planned for you, your children, grand-children and everyone else in future. You will shut up, you will conform, you will be treated as a sheep without any rights. Scrap you “Constitution and your so-called Bill of Rights“, because coronaphobics will call the cops if you dare to stand up for your rights.

Lockdown fallout: Mkhize defends strategy as scientists are reprimanded for speaking out The Department of Health has moved swiftly to crack down on dissent among the ranks of expert scientific advisors who criticised the Covid-19 lockdown over the last 48 hours. Experts advising government who have voiced criticism over the implementation of certain lockdown regulations and the phased easing approach faced a hard-nosed dressing down from health officials during a heated ministerial advisory committee (MAC) meeting on Saturday night, News24 understands. They were told to stick to what they know and leave the economic interventions to other departments and raise concerns directly with the department, not through the media.

In an interview with News24 late on Saturday night Health Minister Zweli Mkhize defended the government’s lockdown strategy and said no region or district in the country can claim to conform to the ( fake )World Health Organisations’ six criteria to have restrictions lifted. He called the criticism “unfair“. The meeting follows explosive comments made by Dr Glenda Gray, the head of the South African Medical Research Council and chairperson of the MAC subcommittee on research. News24 reported on Saturday that Gray had criticized the phased lifting of the lockdown as “unscientific” and said that certain regulations such as restrictions on the sale of some clothing items, were “nonsensical” and not based in evidence, which has prompted swift backlash.

Leading the charge for the Department of Health was acting director general, Dr Anban Pillay, who told News24 after the meeting that the department and the committee were provided an opportunity to voice their views. “I only heard the explanation from Professor [Glenda] Gray and others… that they were concerned about the regulations… those economic regulations are not their mandate, responsibility or expertise, so I don’t understand why they would think they needed to be speaking out about it as MAC members,” Pillay told News24. The experts spoke to News24 in their personal capacities.

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Cracking down on legal cigarettes to protect Dhlamini-Zuma’s illicit cigarette trade:


During COVID 19 crime prevention duties today, 06 June 2020 at approximately 10:00, members attached to Kimberley K9, Organize Crime and Crime Intelligence units conducted a visit to a local tuck- shop situated on the corner of Curry and Craven street in the Kimberley city center after receiving information about the illicit sale of cigarettes. Upon searching the tuckshop, the members discovered tobacco products being hidden and concealed in non tobacco boxes. The value of the cigarettes seized is estimated at R232 000-00. A 50 year old foreign male national who is the owner of the tuck-shop was also caught red handed while selling cigarettes to a customer who managed to flee before he could be apprehended. The owner was arrested and charged with Contravention of Regulation 45 – the prohibition on the sale of tobacco and tobacco products of the Disaster Management Act Regulations, 2020. The group leaders of Group D, Brigadiers Nicky Mills and Bossie Jacobs (Snitches) issued a stern warning to the public that the police will continue to vigorously enforce the Regulations of the Disaster Management Act during level 3 of the lockdown period.

THE malicious government propaganda networks already starting a fake news propaganda campaign against booze to mind f*ck the masses. This is done to also bolster the tobacco ban to stay in place as well- especially to influence the upcoming tobacco court cases. For 60 odd years people drank and smoked. It did not bother anyone. For 25 years it did not bother the ANC miscreants. But now all of a sudden all their spitefulness and sick mentality to deprive citizens of their constitutional rights are covered with a “Covid 19 ” blanket. How long still does this very deranged communist wretches want to keep that “virus” alive?

The Covid Scandal

The country of South Africa has now been on a draconian ANC  lock down for over 70 days. The county’s economy has plummeted to a point it has never been before since its inception. People have been out of work since the first hard level 5 lockdown was declared and all their hopes lie on the 500 billion rands the illegal government promised it would use to relieve any inconvenience caused by the “virus. “ The Squirrel  announced this 500 billion as a “Social Relief Fund. ” Its main aim was to help out (only black)  businesses that were going to be set back by the lockdown, Support social development in buying food parcel and also increase on the Sassa grants. The break down of the funds was not clear enough to the citizens. Most of the ones who had applied for UIF since they were not employed got very little. The department of Social Development which its sole purpose was to distribute food parcels to all poor South Africans and also tend to the R350 unemployment grant that was to pay the unemployed has not done its work.

All of this has made the distribution of the funds very scandalous. The Squirrel is caught up in the middle of this because he was part of the first announcement of these funds and he is not saying anything about their misplacement. Food parcels distribution has been handled with the greatest unprofessional methods. The members of the ANC themselves were found in possession of these parcels. A counselor in the Pretoria was found selling food parcels for R50 to the needy. He never intended on distributing them to the public as per the instructions. Another counselor in Nelspruit was recorded having the food parcel truck come and deliver the parcels at his private home. The same parcels that are meant for the poor South African citizens. The story of the R350 is a very deep one. The ANC regime released a statement saying that every unemployed South African who is above 18 and not getting any sort of grant from the government will receive the money.

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And so these loathsome vigilante ANC tyrants are cooking the figures just to throw South Africa into further turmoil again.

About 5 million South Africans applied for the grant when the applications opened on Monday 11 May 2020. It is now 7 June and millions still haven’t even been replied to. The 1st day of payments was suppose to be on the 15th of May for all applicants. The day came and no one received the money. By the 31 May, the cadre  of social development Lindiwe Zulu announced to the media that so far 10 people were paid. These 10 people that were said to be paid were nowhere to be found. Around the start of June, a few people reported getting their money and last week. Sassa CEO Busisiwe Mamela said they had paid 100 000 applicants. The numbers just do not add up. Out of millions of applications, after more than 70 days since the start of the lockdown and the 500 billion fund was announced, only 100 000 were paid? The ANC has been caught multiple times with their hands in the cookie jar. Many scandals and money being stolen or gone missing has been reported. What happened to all of the 500 billion that was allocated to the social relief fund pocket? Why hasn’t the minister of finance come out and addressed the nation with regards of how the money has been spent so far? Is Cyril Ramaphosa part of all this scandals as he has been very quiet about the whole matter ?

Promoting Black lives- Bashing white lives to a socialist dream


ALREADY Ramaphosa is igniting the anti-white racist fires by promoting “black awareness” with the  pro- George Floyd ANTIFA rallies in America. Ramaphosa openly supported ANTIFA and declared a ” Black Friday “commemoration” for Floyd. Ramaphosa also likens George Floyd to Steve Biko–  comparing the killing of  Floyd to the killing of anti-apartheid terrorist Steve Biko. Ramaphosa also said that Floyd’s killing “Opened deep apartheid wounds for all of us. Clearly Ramaphosa- hippocrate as he is- is now turning on the race button to start his little socialist vehicle to create race division again. Ramaphosa is aiming for a socialist revolution whereby he could activate a National State of Emergency to transfer South Africa’s democracy into a full Socialist State. For that he uses the radical EFF bumble heads.


The EFF are kicking things off on Monday  08 June 2020 from 9am. Their intention is to surround police stations around the country and storm the US Embassies in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. It may start off “peaceful” but it will definitely get violent. ANTIFA South Africa are building strength and numbers and have planned a “protest” from Tuesday 1.10PM. Literally any March from here on, no matter how “peaceful ” the intention will be open to a potential false flag attack or instigation! The ANC and their cronies  are looking for an excuse to go feral! The masses needs to be  manipulated to attack the government so Ramaphosa can institute Martial Law. THAT is the reason why he and the rest of the ANC commi ilk keeps on “extending” the “lockdown”- to give then enough time to instate anarchy and activate a Martial Law– which will centralize all power around the few ANC “elites.” 

Hundreds of people get on the ground and renounce their white privilege.

Posted by KnowNews on Friday, June 5, 2020

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«Это – твоё будущее, бейби» 🙁

Posted by Vitaliy Dzyuba on Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I am sorry

I don't know how else to say this… I, apologize…..👉 Here’s my podcastiTunes – –

Posted by David J Harris Jr. on Thursday, June 4, 2020

OUR white societies are SMUT with white liberal viruses. And ironically  it is THEY who are pushing for the extermination of the white race.

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THIS is the type of idiot the NWO wants- undisciplined and without moral values….degrading women to mere sexual animals.

Already this “lockdown” gave them enough exercise and time to institute the army, laws and bans to expand their evil Martial Law agendaRamaphosa and his commi cronies did not manufacture umpteen new “laws” and “bans” that would be declared “nil and void” after the “Corona“-thing. NO– they manufactured that “laws” and “bans” to STAY specifically to apply in a State of Martial Law scenario that soon will follow- expected February 2021. Already we expect things to start escalating back to “level 5″ in September 2020. He did not recruit 70 000 soldiers just for the purpose to serve for the “Corona“-thing either. NO– he recruited them among many others to act as a “ring of steel” to quell a civil unrest and instate Martial Law. You people must start looking at all this strange changes from outside the box. Ramaphosa in lining you up for a socialist one party state crack-down. STOP FOLLOWING THEIR ANARCHIST LAWS AND BANS LIKE SHEEP! Start to make plans to work around the time when Martial Law will be imposed upon you because YOU white man- will be their target to carry the brunt of their evil agendas.



People don’t understand what the real reason is for these riots and the constant bashing of whites. It is a undeclared Marxist revolution exactly the same revolution that happened in Bolshevik Russia and in China and Cambodia etc. The blacks and non-whites are the peasant classes and the whites play the role of the “aristocracy “or “ruling elite”  in this new revolution. And just like in Bolshevik Russia the ruling elite are made into hated people, derided taunted and slowly but surely set up to be totally genocided. Then the order will be given and they will fall upon us in all our countries and slaughter us till the last man or woman. And yet people are oblivious they cannot SEE that this is what is happening they help these events along because they are blind. Marxism is the beast the bible speak of that was wounded-  but it never died it just morphed and now it is going into the “Final Battle.” 

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Fears of a ‘coup’ as ANC leaders swoop into the Western Cape