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Article posted  by: White Nation Correspondent Pietermaritzburg  June 11  2020




The ANC’s devious secret plans to exploit the “Covid-19” situation to “expropriate land,pensions and “radicalize” private businesses

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THE reality of the mess , the immense powers they amassed on themselves- the irrationality of the bans they imposed – the devious agendas behind their prolonged lockdown , the abuse of power , arrogance and the lies they fabricated to destroy the economy which the  ANC created during this “Covid” lockdown now slowly start to emerge in Patliament and in the courts of justice. And as reality of how scrupulous their actions was-Dlamini Zuma and other ministers, including Presidensial  clown Jackson Mthembu, have appeared to avoid public opportunities to properly explain why.

The Cigarette saga

The bell has rung for round one of a courtroom clash between the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) and COGTA Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Already, it would seem that the industry giants have delivered the first blow after they delivered their arguments against the government’s cigarette ban. Arnold Subel took to the dock for FITA, outlining the case his client was totally and honestly  trying to make. As the main perpetrator of the NCCC – and the Cabinet minister who announced the extended ban on smokes – Dlamini-Zuma is the politician in the firing line. Subel slammed NDZ for a ‘dismal failure’ to explain the prohibition of tobacco: “If government restricts what is otherwise legal, then criminalise it and outlaw it. The regulator should provide a rational basis behind such a measure. The Minister should provide reasons and she has failed dismally. Dlamini-Zuma’s agenda is to get people to quit smoking – but is this ever going to be successful?”

Another issue raised early doors relates to how smokers have been completely cut-off from a product they have a dependency on. Millions of South Africans who are addicted to cigarettes were forced to go cold turkey, and withdrawal symptoms from nicotine can cause various health problems. Dlamini-Zuma was branded ‘arrogant’ by dismissing the harmful impact  of the NCCC’s cigarette ban: “Their ban on tobacco products is probably the most dramatic, as is shutting down the industry. This has been done with no proper reasons given. All they’ve focused on is lip service but no proper proof. It is arrogant of Dlamini-Zuma to contend that people can give up smoking in a couple of days and ‘get over it’.” Subel took another bite, arguing that the minister had ignored experts and created non-sensical reasons to bring a cigarette ban in through the back door: “When the President announced the ban would be lifted, he must’ve been acting on advice from experts. Minister Dlamini-Zuma is not the expert. There needs to scientific proof for this and we haven’t gotten that to date… The argument that by banning sales you were going to stop smoking is a non-sequitur.Dlamini-Zuma argued in her submissions to the High Court that the temporary ban would help smokers quit the habit, and also disrupt the illicit cigarette market, which drained billions from the State’s revenue annually.” Subel described that argument as “all over the place”, telling the court that no consideration was given to the health effects of tobacco withdrawal.

It was a feisty start to proceedings, which are set to continue through Wednesday. Subel’s attack on the cigarette ban didn’t stop there, and he listed a range of contentious issues with the legislation:

  • Subel asked the court that if there is “inconclusive research”, why is there a cigarette ban?
  • He argues that the ban is irrational because Dlamini-Zuma cannot prevent everyone from smoking.
  • Only South Africa and Botswana have banned the sale of cigarettes – which is not in line with global trends.
  • FITA told the court they need to see the documentary support for the studies that grounded the state’s cigarette ban.
  • Subel states that the unbanning of alcohol will have a far greater impact on SA’s health services” than cigarettes.
  • Lastly, 600 000 people signed a competition arguing against banning cigarettes – Subel says they were ignored by the state.

The Pretoria High Court has adjourned its proceedings on Wednesday afternoon, following the legal submissions made by the Fair-Trade Independent Tobacco Association (Fita) and the government of South Africa, as represented by Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. The parties will soon learn if the cigarette ban stays or goes. However, it was far from a civil affair on Wednesday. Advocate Arnold Subel tore strips off Minister Dlamini-Zuma earlier, claiming she was ‘arrogant’ to pull tobacco from the shelves and suggesting she’d ‘failed dismally’ to manage the situation. In the afternoon session, however, the NCCC leader’s legal team launched their defence.

4 hours back listen to this !!!!!!!

Posted by Zag Steyn on Monday, June 1, 2020

Adv Marumo Moerane – Dhlamimi-Zuma’s representative – told the court that Dlamini-Zuma had to act on the basis of ‘probable science’, given that there was a limited time frame to make these decisions. He argues that NDZ ‘could not afford’ to hesitate, and made a quick judgment call on a matter that would prove to be divisive. “We don’t have the luxury of having inquiries that will take time and consume resources of the state. Actions have to be taken on the basis of what is known. The state must be guided on what science says is probable. We are dealing with a new [pandemic] which is ravaging, not only this country, but the whole world.” “The responses have to be proactive and the responses have to be swift. Though the body of knowledge is increasing, what science tells us is probable has to guide the reaction of the state. A failure to take action would have been would be in breach of [Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s] constitutional duties.Marumo  However, Moerane was struggling to impress Judge Mlambo, who snapped at the lawyer for “testing his patience”. The Magistrate was frustrated when the defense began reading out the submissions he’d made to the bench, without actually presenting any new information. The whole exchange was bizarre, to say the least: Judge President Mlambo tells SC for gov & Cogta: “You are testing my patience. Don’t tell us to read, make your submission and counter them but not by making us read.


The court’s final judgment will not be shared in an open court, even though the matter was heard publicly. It’s unclear when we will get a definitive answer on the status of our cigarette ban, but given the urgency of the case, it’s likely that we will have the matter settled sooner, rather than later. On Tuesday 9 June, judges will start to read through the legal arguments around the ban on the sale of tobacco, ahead of the oral hearing on Wednesday. The case has huge implications: if the judges go against government and declare the regulations banning the sale of cigarettes illegal, the legitimacy of all of the other regulations may be questioned too. Crucial to all of this is public opinion. And while government may have tried to  prepare a proper legal case, it has been striking how often government ministers and spokespeople have tried to avoid discussing the issue, effectively failing to make its case in the court of public opinion. This could seriously add to divisions in our society around this issue and the lockdown more generally. The debate about the ban on the sale of tobacco has been easily the most contentious issue of the lockdown. This is partly because of what it is, a ban on a substance used by around nine million people, and partly because of how it has been handled, and the mixed messages that swirled about. There has always been speculation and sometimes even suspicion around the relationship between Cooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma and  Cyril Ramaphosa. They competed against each other for the leadership of the ANC and the result was very close. It is thus natural to wonder if a struggle for political power is still underway.


When can smokers expect to be able to buy legal cigarettes- in short!

Posted by Millner & Son Attorneys on Thursday, June 11, 2020


Image may contain: text

In a week when US President Donald Trump received his first fact-check label from Twitter and an SA judge ruled that some of the lockdown level 4 and 3 regulations are unconstitutional, we should not forget that people have been arrested here for engaging in the spread of so-called “fake news” around the Covid-19 pandemic. Our strict lockdown regulations curtail freedom of expression, so the government should lead by example and apply the same rigorous controls to its own advice. A ban on tobacco sales has extended into level 3 lockdown, but it has now been revealed that smokers might actually be protected against contracting the novel coronavirus due to the nicotine in their bodies. This makes it high time the government admitted its mistake and apologised for its own fake news, and thinking it could dictate what is and what might be factually accurate. An open mind, a lively discourse and personal freedom are the necessary ingredients that will see us emerge as a free society on the other side of this pandemic. The calamitous decision-making around the allowability of cigarette sales during the lockdown is by now well-known.  Cyril Ramaphosa famously announced that sales would resume when SA entered level 4 lockdown, only to be rebuffed by his minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. More recently Dlamini-Zuma announced that the ban on tobacco would continue all the way down to level 1.

The government has been dogmatically antismoking long before the Covid-19 pandemic. For those who perceive the government as a parent and the citizen as a child, this makes sense. But for others who regard the government as an institution not meant to “lead” us, but to render a very specific service, this is outside the bounds of acceptability. Where our liberty and constitutional or property rights are at stake, the government must intervene. But dictating the lifestyle choices of consumers is not part of the social contract we concluded with the state.  That smoking isn’t exactly ideal for one’s health is a fact nobody — not even Big Tobacco — disputes. But this is wholly beside the point: adult consumers should be free to make informed decisions for themselves about a legal and already tightly regulated product. The debate around smoking has now taken an interesting turn amid the pandemic. Prof Francois Balloux of University College London claims there is “bizarrely strong” evidence that the nicotine taken up from smoking might be effective protection against Covid-19. Much of this is ascribed to the fact that smokers represent a disproportionately small percentage of all Covid-19 infected.

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Inside South Africa's Covid lockdown Longest lockdown @9 weeks+ Strictest lockdown outside of Wuhan Most arrests for lockdown regulations @230 000 Third highest death rate at hands of police @13 Numerous human rights violations registered at UN for toxic lockdown Economy will take 15 years to recover Number of infections? Not sure anyone's keeping track that number anymore'


At the very least — and much to the SA government’s dismay — researchers at the universities of New York and West Attica have concluded that smoking is not a risk factor for Covid-19 hospitalization. Indeed, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has gone as far as removing smokers from the list of people at risk of serious illness from the disease. And at most, some claim nicotine might be beneficial in combating Covid-19. Neurobiologist Jean-Pierre Changeux, from Paris’s Pasteur Institute, suggested this might be due to nicotine hindering the virus from entering certain cells in the body. The presence of nicotine might also be impeding the immune system’s over-reaction to Covid-19, which is itself harmful. Thus, it might now be that nicotine is the missing ingredient in the search for a treatment for Covid-19. It is something we should be open to discovering without letting dogmatic puritanism stand in the way. The same principle should apply to other, perhaps questionable, cures and treatments for Covid-19, such as the “Covid organics” touted by Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina. Regardless of the eventual conclusions around smoking and Covid-19, it is not for the government to decide what risks people take in a free society. The government can provide us with information and warn against reckless behavior that might endanger others, but it ought not try to regiment society in accordance with the preferences of the political elite. The surprising revelations around nicotine should make us seriously reconsider the “fake news” paranoia that has gripped the world, and SA in particular. Here we have what many would rightly consider an absurd claim — nicotine might prove beneficial to avoiding Covid-19 — and would no doubt ordinarily be considered fake news but for the scientific and medical credibility it has since garnered, including via a peer-reviewed study.

Image may contain: text

Shifting the poles and changing the winds to fit their sails

Dhlamini – Zuma and her cadres continuously keep on shifting the poles of excuses and changing the winds to fit their own sails as to why cigarettes were banned in the first place. First they alleged that if smokers were to contract the hoax “Covid-19” virus- they would fill all the hospital beds and occupy all the ventilators. Then they start changing their narrative by saying if smokers should contract this non-existent virus- it will be on an “epidemic ” level. Then they again changed their punch- line by saying that the ban was imposed for “Health” reasons. In court again they changed their tune by stating that the ban was imposed to “force people to stop smoking. ” As time went on more lies and excuses were put forward to keep the ban in place. This strange behavior from DZ and her cronies immediately puts them in the spotlight as to why Dhlamini-Zuma is so hell-bent in protecting that ban? One of the questions that keeps nagging logic is why- if they were so “concerned” about peoples health- would  they allowed tobacco products to be exported still?

This brings in the next nagging paradox between their decisions and their motivations – and link between Dhlamini-Zuma, her stepson Edward Zuma –  and the illicit tobacco smuggler Adriano Mazotti. The only conclusion one can make of this is that tobacco products in South Africa were banned solely for the reason to exterminate local opposition to the Zuma trade while overseas this poses no problem. What also emerged is that some of the local tobacco manufacturers are in with this conspiring scheme and now start selling old brands under new names on the black market where they now make 10 times more profits under the tobacco ban than if the ban should be lifted. This then makes perfect sense why the ban must be kept in place at all times as all the notorious stake holders in co-operation with the ANC regime scores on a humongous level  from the ban.


LOCAL cigarette manufacturers now joins Zuma Inc. to sell their products under “new” brands on the black market at up to 500% mark-ups to make astronomical profits


No photo description available.

Ironically that even before and throughout the lockdown this specific South African brand was available at all shops at an astronomical price. How is it possible and guess just WHO is behind the distribution of this particular brand? Yea…YOU  guessed it!


But by keeping the ban in place law abiding citizens are now  forced to engage in criminal activities because of political  greed and the corrupt nature the ANC already displayed. This scenario – the money-line- sounds the most feasible explanation for the continuous ban- and also expose the ANC and Dhlamini-Zuma as common criminals that does not really “care” for people’s health at all- but uses that excuse to keep the ban in place for their own selfish greed.  The ANC also acts hypocratically in fabricating all kinds of nonsensical laws to arrest normal people for all kinds of nonsensical law breaking while they themselves are the biggest perpetrators of the laws they themselves fabricate. By coming down hard on tobacco users with all kinds of nonsensical laws and bans for the use of tobacco products  they intend to choke the legal industry to death- which again would give them an open door opportunity , a free hand on the monopoly board-  and millions of dollars in the black market trade.

Image may contain: text that says 'THE ANC'S REACTION TO A 1993 FUEL PRICE HIKE "The ill-considered and uncaring decision to increase confirms NP government does the interests of the majority of South Africans, who are poor and struggling desperately to government persists pressing with these indefensible hikes, they will be inviting a similar reaction to that when VAT was increased. Now is the time establish tradition of government that cares for consults with its citizens". (16 September 1993; ANC Statement; "ANC demands suspension increase") ANYONE SEEING THE IRONY? This is South Africa Like on Facebook'


No photo description available.

A BIT OF HELP TO OUR SMOKERS: DOWNLOAD AND ORDER RAW TOBACCO. (Click on picture below to go to their Facebook Site)

Posted by Tabak Boer on Friday, June 12, 2020

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BUT Zuma thought herself to be clever. If she thought by cutting the throat off the legal suppliers would give her own cronies total monopoly in the cigarette trade.-she was badly mistaken. As cigarette ban may be earning criminals R3bn a month, with syndicates rushing in. Criminal syndicates have coined at least R3 billion a month since the start of lockdown, an expert on the illegal tobacco trade believes.    South Africa is now the target of transnational criminal syndicates eager to get in on the cigarette rush. The ban on smoking during South Africa’s lockdown has earned criminal syndicates at least R6 billion so far, estimates Johann van Loggerenberg, author of Tobacco Wars. The smoking ban is “any entrepreneur or capitalist’s dream,” he says. A recent UCT study found that 90% of smokers have bought cigarettes during lockdown. That is despite the prices of illegal cigarettes typically being triple the price of a normal packet. According to Van Loggerenberg, the state earned around R1 billion per month in taxes on cigarettes. “Cigarettes are very cheap to produce – most of the cost is in the R17.50 VAT, plus little bit of a profit.”  Private criminals now joining government criminals at the trough. Dhlamini Zuma  thought she eliminated local legal opposition to her own illicit trade. All she has done now – was to create MORE opposition from her own kind of backyard! Soon the illicit trade also will have to compete against each other for the market share and lower their prices- which eventually will benefit the smoker again as prices will start to drop remarkably low again. How stupid can one get? She created a whole new network of criminals and the regime does not get a single penny out of it. Talking about cutting your nose to spite your greedy face.


We expect Dhlamini-Zuma to oppose the court ruling if it goes the smokers way. At appr. an estimated profit of R 500 000 profit per day out of the illicit tobacco trade she surely will try to stall the lifting of the ban by at first want to “review” the case- then appeal against it before lifting the ban- anything to get a little bit more out of the deal. Already her lawyers have on Wednesday pleaded with the Pretoria High Court to refer the matter regarding the prohibition of tobacco products sales back to the Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma for “reconsideration,”–  should it find that regulations 27 and 45 were unlawful or invalid. This is precisely what we expected would happen: She would ask for a “review”- then start stalling the process or manufacture another set of “laws” that will keep the ban in intact. IF the court should refuse to send the case back to her and declare the ban unlawful or unconstitutional- she still is the only one having the powers toi lift the ban. That means she could take her time until hell freezes over before lifting the ban- or either play for enough time so she and her witch doctor in the Health Department could manufacture enough stringent “laws” to basically choke the legal cigarette suppliers in such a way that they no longer want to supply the legal route anymore – but rather also would opt joining forces with her and her cronies in the black market where everybody “ important” gets a cut ( paying “protection ” fees) – and the public pays through their necks to be able to either afford a packet of cigarettes- or quit smoking altogether. On the end of the day the onus will rest upon the public to get rid of her en her cockamamie greedy henchmen- not the courts.

This woman is NOT to be trusted. The surname “Zuma” already should sent the alarm bells ringing. She is dishonest and unreliable. This woman must be thoroughly investigated by a private and independent non-governmental  institution for her links with the underworld. Zuma also contests the previous ruling of the High Court that the whole lockdown is invalid. She  has said it is in the “public interest ” for the Supreme Court of Appeal to urgently hear the appeal against the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, judgment declaring  the lockdown regulations invalid. Public interest….or the ANC’s interest? Why is she fighting or opposing every court judgement?  She is seeking loopholes so she and her notorious greedy  gang could proceed with their evil reign- “legitimately”– that is. OBVIOUSLY Zuma does not pay for all these court cases. The tax payer does and she is taking money even from the poorest who is paying VAT even on food, fuel taxes included in taxi fares, Vat on electricity, tax on alcohol cigarettes etc. So it is so easy for her to take tax payers money to appeal every court case against their irrational regulations.  She defies all court rulings, defies parliamentary requests- defies the constitution. She deems herself “untouchable” – above the law the “president in waiting”– protected by all her communist ANC cronies. THAT is the ANC’s way- the Zuma’s way- and the way this old country slowly was destroyed this past 25 years….always a one-way street towards the corrupt regime’s money-bin.

Forget about any ANC or EF thieves being arrested. According to Hyphenated-Zuma, they are apparently entitled.Pure hatred 👇

Posted by Jillian Alcott on Monday, May 4, 2020

The Hair salloon saga: Dlamini-Zuma  faces another court battle for violating Constitution

The DA has officially acted on a promise to take Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to court over the current ban on hairdressing and personal care. Shadow trade minister Dean Macpherson described the ban as ‘unconstitutional’ and said it unfairly hindered thousands of professional workers. At Level 3 of lockdown, all forms of hairdressing businesses remain off-limits. Unless you live with someone who’s a dab-hand with the scissors – or you’ve been forced to pick up the graders yourself – South Africans are now into week 11 without being able to get a haircut. The DA’s argument isn’t a cosmetic one, however. They are more concerned about the people whose livelihoods depend on our trims and styles. Last week, Macpherson gave Dlamini-Zuma a deadline to explain why personal care services must remain closed. She missed the cut-off point like she deliberately miss many other crucial appearances , and it’s lead to more litigation.

On Monday morning, Macpherson filed the DA’s case at the Western Cape High Court. He and his colleagues want the ban on the hairdressing industry set aside and declared unconstitutional – in the same manner the Pretoria High Court ruled last week that all lockdown laws violate the Bill of Rights.Dlamini-Zuma’s indefinite ‘ban’ violates section 22 of the Constitution which allows citizens the right to practice their trade, occupation or profession freely which may be regulated by law. It is simply unjustifiable that almost every other industry is allowed to operate subject to health projects except the personal care industry.” “The blanket prohibition on the entire personal care industry is irrational and arbitrary, which is prohibited from operating indefinitely subject to the whims of some unidentified Minister that should provide ‘directions’ for the industry. This ban can’t be considered constitutional if ‘regulated law’ undermines a right to trade indefinitely.” Macphereson said.

Image may contain: text that says 'LEADING CAUSE OF DEATHS PER DAY IN SOUTH AFRICA CAUSE OF DEATH DAILY DEATHS AIDS Heart Disease Cancer TB Malaria Murder Car Accident Stroke Drowning COVID-19 347 215 129 115 82 58 38 6 4'

Ramaphosa bouncing around as he revealed that the Corona Council had no legitimate authority to take crucial decisions

If a State of Emergency was declared, Cyril would’ve been in charge for 3 weeks, after which the National Assembly had to weigh in. The ANC opted for a State of Disaster (pertaining to floods, drought, fire) instead, where the Minister of COGTA would be in charge and hers and the NCCC’ powers, be unlimited. Some “cleva” likely spotted the distinction between the two and the ANC grabbed at the opportunity, since most of them are of the firm opinion that Hyphenated-Zuma is the “rightful” president of SA. The National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) was NOT established in terms of the Disaster Management Act. This was revealed in  Cyril Ramaphosa’s answers to DA MP Glynnis Breytenbach.

Breytenbach posed two written questions to Ramaphosa on the topic of the controversial NCCC, a body established after the declaration of a national state of disaster. Its legal standing has been questioned while lockdown regulations seemingly emanate from it. In one of her questions, Breytenbach asked on “which existing Act of Parliament, regulation or provision of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa” did Ramaphosa rely on when he established the NCCC and from which existing Act, regulation or provision of the Constitution does the NCCC derive its power, responsibility, functions and duties.” Ramaphosa’s full response to this question read as follows: “The National Coronavirus Command Council [NCCC] – originally known as the NCC – was established as a ‘committee of Cabinet’ by the Cabinet in its meeting of 15 March 2020.” The NCCC faced criticism for taking far-reaching decisions related to the nationwide lock-down to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country. But the government changed tune, saying the NCCC “did not take “ decisions. Cyril was lying again as ever.  Factually- the made it!

Breytenbach also asked, in both questions, whether the NCCC had taken over or was duplicating the powers, responsibilities and functions of the Inter-governmental Committee on Disaster Management and the National Disaster Management Advisory Forum or National Disaster Management Centre. These bodies are established in terms of the Disaster Management Act. “No,” was Ramaphosa’s full response both times the question was posed. Again he was lying – as Dhlamini-Zuma, Patel and Bheki Cele all was pumping out “ bans “, “curfews ” and “restrictions” and a neck-braking pace.  Breytenbach also asked for details on the powers, responsibilities, functions and duties of the NCCC and in which ways do these specified powers, responsibilities, functions and duties differ from each of the Inter-governmental Committee on Disaster Management, the National Disaster Management Advisory Forum or National Disaster Management Centre. “The NCCC co-ordinates government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The NCCC makes recommendations to Cabinet on measures required in terms of the national state of disaster. Cabinet makes the final decisions,” Ramaphosa responded. AGAIN he lied because all the bans, wearing of masks, essential goods, freedom of movement and the lockdown itself was instigated and brutally enforced by this Corona Council members.


No photo description available.

However, the WHOLE Cabinet serves on the NCCC, according to answers from Ramaphosa to Breytenbach and from clown  in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu to IFP MP Narend Singh. Breytenbach and Singh asked what the composition of the NCCC was. Initially, all ministers except the following were included in the NCCC:

Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities Minister Maite Nkoana-Mashabane.

Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Minister Thoko Didiza.

Employment and Labour Minister Thulas Nxesi.

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe.

Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan.

Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille.

Small Business Development Minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni.

Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa.

“However, after two meetings of the NCCC, the Squirrel decided to ‘invite the rest of the members of Cabinet‘, as it became clear that they too were crucial to the national response,” Mthembu answered to Singh. “Other members of Cabinet were subsequently invited to attend NCCC meetings. It is supported by the Cabinet Secretariat and National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure [NatJoints],” said Ramaphosa. The letters informing ministers of their appointment to the NCCC is attached to Mthembu’s answer. The one with the initial members is dated 18 March, the one informing the rest of their appointment the next day. Neither letter mentions any legislation. Mthembu said the NCCC was briefed by Health Minister Zweli Mkhize at each meeting, based on the advice of “Health Expects [sic]”. “All NCCC matters that have police implications are referred to the Cabinet for decision-making,” Mthembu said.

The ANC busy turning South Africa in the biggest open-air foreign Gulag

THE ANC never cared about the country- nor it’s people. The ANC only cares about the party, the elite- it’s bank accounts and it’s own best interests. This fact again was substantiated during this past 3 months of pure communist hell they inflicted upon South Africans. It should give each and every South African a glimpse what Ramaphosa’s “New Normal” will look-like- military actions, persecution of the innocent, rules, bans and regulations that would  resemble only that of  a Russian Gulag prison camp. This past three months South Africans were oppressed like they never have been before. This past three months South Africa experienced one of the worst periods of human rights abuses  in it’s modern history under the most  tyrannical rule it’s people ever was placed under. Not even “Apartheid” can be equaled to what  the law abiding citizens were subjected to. Who will compensate the millions of people and thousands of businesses for their terrible financial losses created by the ANC honchos during this repugnant “lockdown” period seems to bother the Lethuli-Hell occupants less.

Image may contain: text that says 'Thank you Government for protecting me from a flu by completely destroying my livliehood, my job, my income, my family my health, my freedoms and liberties! CORONA VIRUS LOCK DOWN'


The orchestrators of this gross human rights abuses totally lost it-  and exploited this situation to not only to treat the populace as second class animals- but also to promote their own dubious agendas. Ironically- but not unexpectedly- does the “comradeship” in Lethuli-hell care less what the aftermath of their psychotic deeds will result into. Greed has consumed the so-called “government” lackeys from the top to the bottom. They totally destroyed the economy, obliterated more than 9000 small and medium businesses, render more than 13 Million people jobless, created more than 30 Million people impoverished and on state grants- and dehumanized a whole population to the level of mere animals and force them to wear slave masks as a token of obedience. President Donald Trump shared a tweet on Thursday that argued the mandated use of face masks represents a “culture of silence, slavery, and social death.”  “Masks aren’t about public health but social control,” a conservative columnist tweeted, linking to a Federalist piece. “Image of Biden in black mask endorses culture of silence, slavery, and social death.”



Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'We arrest 243,000 citizens and released 19,000 criminals during LOCKDOWN. We did an excellent job. The statistics look fantastic. Ons het 243,000 burgers gearresteer en 19,000 kriminele vrygelaat gedurende INPERKING. Ons het n uitstekende werk gedoen en die statistieke lyk fantasties'

Throughout their reign of terror this past three months they kept on lying to the people, used their deceptive mass media to brain wash the people with all kinds on nonsensical gibberish about a “deadly virus” that is on the verge of destroying the country and killing “thousands upon thousands” of people based on fake “assumptions” and unreliable  computer “models.” Like bats out of hell they swooped onto a hapless and unprepared populace with one objective only- to destroy the total socioeconomic structures of the people.  They totally ignored the parliament and trampled with their dirty boots on the constitution. They deemed themselves the ultimate power over human rights, sovereignty of the nation- and life and death itself...literally! They started to fabricate false information about the “virus”- adding fictitious “Covid-19” casualty numbers daily to create the impression South Africa- and especially the Western Cape- faces a total “extinction event.“Their scrupulous deception and flagrant lies shout to the heavens.


Ramaphosa already again is busy with his fear mongering– preparing the “nation” psychologically again for a “second wave” of jackbooted oppression, persecution and forced military-style tyranny .  They show  NO remorse, NO compassion- and NO shame on what they did to the country and it’s people- they rather will start to “substantiate” their evil deeds with all kinds of “excuses”- and start their age-old blame shifting game again- blaming the “virus” for their gross misdeeds against the people.

But slowly the truth now start filtering through of just how  devious and low they stooped and how much power they unconstitutionally raked onto themselves. Ramaphosa realizes their house of Tarot cards are busy falling apart- now he very shrewdly are pulling another dilapidated race card out of his sleeve and start to divert the attention away from all their terrible misconducts they inflicted upon the land this past three months by trying to focus the attention of the masses on the George Floyd fake leftist orchestrated debacle in America. “Racism” he hopes- will win the day again for his dastardly evil party.

But it will take MUCH more than his outdated “racism” strategy to save their dirty arses again from being kicked  this time. The People will NOT forget what he and his irresponsible gang of tyrants has done to them. And that will be a decisive factor during  the next elections- especially from the 13 Million plus smoking voters’ side. The ANC has done too much damage- bar 25 years of corruption, maladministration and blatant thievery they also meddled too much into the private lives of the people. Too much protecting the thieving cronies, too much Zuma- and  too little sympathy or will to govern the country will cost them their positions- either by ballot paper- or by force! But justice must be served- and Ramaphosa and his Lethuli-Hell ilk MUST be brought before a court of law to answer to the people for all the misery they have caused to innocent human beings. Their stolen assets must be forfeited and they must be held accountable for all the losses millions of innocent people have endured under their tyrannical reign.  The country must be given a chance to repair all the damages being afflicted on her this past 25 years due to ANC parasitism- and that would mean to rid itself of all the ANC rot and appoint a new and energetic government without this old ” past their expiry date” hoodlums from Robbin Island.

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Fact of the matter is that the Commie ANC leadership knows exactly that they have stuffed up a previously relatively functioning country beyond repair through theft , incompetence and systemic corruption. They are not lying to themselves. They also know that they do not have the capacity to fix the disaster of their own creation. They are just playing for time to steal by any means whatsoever what was left “unstolen” so far and cover these deeds with smoke and mirror announcements. Covid-19 now are fully exploited to make more money such as the cigarette ban- loans and donations- and underneath Ramaphosa is hard at work trying to torpedo the Western Cape with cooked “Covid-19” figures, high alcohol consumption propaganda- with the ultimate objective to put the WC back to level 5, destroy it’s economy, destroy all businesses and render the majority people without a job and poor for the final take over by the ANC and Rmaphosa’s failed  “Socialist” dynasty. For this reason all the ANC heavyweights amassed in the Western Cape this week to start that “take over” process.  If this takes some more blatantly lying and bullying – so be it.Our biggest threat does not come from an invading force- or from an unknown virus either- but out biggest threat comes from terrorizing tyrants in government itself. And the ANC has unmistakably made themselves enemy #1 of the people this past 3 months- irrespective how much smoke the deceptive mass media blows up their back-sides.  But that does not bother the ANC at all- their only sole objective id to get rich quick– careless how many people they destroy in the process. People to them are not humans- they represent mere numbers- useful idiots to bolster the communist dream and empower the elite whenever needed. . – It’s the ANC’s calling card.

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