“Scare people with a virus. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline. Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs. Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports. No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in.Then… ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in ANTIFA to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Loot, Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. We are being conditioned, manipulated, and programmed by multiple agendas as never before… time to DO OUR OWN RESEARCH and MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS, rather than eat everything spoon-fed to us!”



HE ANC honkies pretty much now dominates the South African Alternative, Social and satirical news these days. Not because of general politics or for any remarkable achievement as they never were credited for even any mediocre achievement in the history of their  disastrous rule this past 25 years- but rather for their utterly  well documented incompetence,arrogance,  looting and mismanagement characteristics they so many times again displayed recently during their  frivolous bans, regulations, hair-brained policies – and tyrannical dictatorship by a motley crew of six incompetent court jesters during this past “Covid-19″ lockdown. 



Posted by King Chip on Sunday, April 12, 2020


AND at the helm of this mishmash of dunderheads you will find the same group of 3 jackass stooges – ” Cobra-TouchDhlamini-Zuma, “ Bang-Bang Capone “  Bheki Cele and their witch doctor Frankenstein” Zweli Mkhize – under the leadership of their unfit socialist sultan “Squirrel ” Ramaphosa  – still screwing around  vital economical decision making like a bunch of retarded  simian anthropoids – still  tampering and fiddling around  with  an explosive device  that already destroyed  the economy for which the ANC misfits  are to carry the full blame for. And very soon one of this 3 miscreants are going to figure out how to push that self destructive button.

Hoe word ons regeer deur dié mense 🤔.Wat 'n grap.Ek sak my kop in skaamte.

Posted by Chris van Beljon on Wednesday, June 3, 2020

THIS is the kind of idiots leading South Africa into the abyss…

AS-IF they not already have done way past the point of collateral damage to the country and the economy  this past 3 months of the most brutal “lockdowns” in the world- these schlemiels of purgatorious ascendancy still proceeds with their unrealistic  schemes of political amusement that would leave even the most hardened critic gobsmacked. In their glutenous zest for ultimate “socialist” power , money racketeering ventures derived from this “virus” situation- and misplaced Orwellian authority against many advisors’ better judgement and experts’ warnings  – the “Corona Council “ Czars now even keep on “extending” the agony and suffering millions of people have to endure under their prolonged “lockdown” by adding month after month of “extensions” and even manufacturing new “levels” such as an “advanced level 3″ to drag the already destructive “lockdown” on and on. The ANC has a tainted history of not paying any attention to public recommendations or advice. Like the greedy fools they are they simply keep on blundering ahead with their own personal enrichment agendas, schemes, scams and scandals- even if it cost the country dearly in the end.

Questions to the President

Mr President, at the beginning of the pandemic, you asked all South African’s to make massive sacrifices. Many have done so and lost their jobs. However, you have not played your part by being transparent with how you arrive at decisions. Why have you withheld all but the very top level COVID data from the public, including the model on which the decision to implement a lockdown was based? Why do citizens who have sacrificed so much not have a right to know this information?

Posted by John Steenhuisen on Thursday, June 18, 2020

And the worst simpleton of them all- Dhlamini Zuma- have all the power of decision as long as this unrealistic “lockdown” continues- and still is hell-bent to cling to her ill-affordable , irrational and self imposed “tobacco ban“simply in order  to hold a stranglehold on legal tobacco sales and have supreme power and the monopoly over all the illicit cigarette sales in South Africa. Like the weasel she is- she keeps on twisting and turning in the courts- using tax payer’s money to oppose and appeal every decision handed down against her illogical and erratic decisions.  Whether these “Corona Council “ demonic concubines and their tomfool gangster boss  – in their very limited mental capacity – try to play a “ Stockholm” game of antics on the people is not quite sure- but what they in reality achieve- is only to infuriate the populace more and more to the level of social disobedience and a violent retaliation.  How does the ANC plan to neutralize such an event? Easy- misleading propaganda, sweet talk, food parcels , fake promises and intimidation. That is the Africa way to “control” the masses. And as ever does the Squirrel already start his “plan of action” to “unite the tribes” again  in typical ANC-style- try to shift the blame of their own mismanagement, brutal oppression and total incompetence this past 3 months – onto white “racism” again. How devious and pathetic can a supposed to be “president” get indeed! But then again- Ramaphosa never was, is- or will fill the boots of a true president. He rather is more like an opportunist looking for the quickest and easiest way to make millions of dollars- carelessly ignoring the ways and means he have to explore to reach his objective.But what happens in South Africa at present- highlights two very important flaws in our modern Westminiter system of rule: 1) The Republic system of governance is a total failure- and 2) Never deviate from the Magna Carta system of rule- simply because in both these scenarios  does the ultimate power rest upon a single decision making entity- which in this case and many similar cases in history- proof to be futile if that entity makes  a wrong decision.

WHAT sometimes amazes one- is the type of challenging arrogance and downright deep rooted racist attitude Ramaphosa displays when he speaks about /neglect to speak about whites in general- or when  white parliamentary  counterparts especially DA John Steenhuizen or VF Plus Pieter Groenewald tackles him around issues “Ramapoop ” deems a bit ” sensitive” to his liking. Cyril s little rant this week  in response to the FF+ question about doing away with BBBEE and AA  nearly sent the Squirrel into a Hitlerian fit as he waved his hands and just about pounded his fists on the table as his voice was audibly louder with each syllable he spoke. He speaks about” inclusiveness “ but wants all whites out of their positions in the economy.  Blames colonials whites Apartheid and now Covid for South Africa’s economic hole we re in- but NEVER a single blame to  the ANC and their unholy tripartite alliance failed policies and all their cadres ‘ corruption . Unbelievable- another close- to -pure anti -whites racist rant in public view.  It could have been laughable if he wasn’t so serious to do whatever it takes to deconstruct society and the economy for his pie in the sky “Black Utopia ” and force through change,regardless of food security issues and economic disaster which are real consequences -and would surely follow.


Image may contain: 2 people, indoor, text that says 'to remind everyone never forget Dr Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, in the latter's memoirs, wrote: brutal honesty, Ramaphosa told me of the to deal with the it would be boiling frog alive, which is done by raising the temperature slowly. Being cold- not notice temperature increase, if the temperature suddenly, the frog will jump out of water". meant black majority would transferring wealth, land, and economic power from white to black slowly incrementally, until the whites they have gained in South Africa, but much from at any given to cause them to rebel or fight raised AS P THE A'

We quote the Squirrel:  “Everyone who says things are fine and ‘hunky-dory’ are living in a world that is very strange to OUR people. I would have hoped that Honourable Pieter Groenewald and his ilk would come forward and say that we realize that we have an historic problem, that apartheid denied black South Africans from land ownership.” “I would have preferred that they came forward with proposals rather than problems. We want solutions.” “OUR people have been patient ‘forever and a day’.” You could  actually hear the discontent in his voice when he addresses this white members of parliament- and when he speaks about the people of South Africa- he usually clearly draw the line between the “them” and the “us” when he refers to the people as “our people”– which clearly indicates he only is speaking about the black people he associates with- and does not include any of the other groups as part of “his” people. .This attitude of him smacks of sheer arrogance and racism.  Shall we ever forget the time he explained how white people must be ” boiled like frogs” or the time he arrogantly told John Steenhuizen in parliament to “Shut Up!?”


Image may contain: outdoor

I just LOVE Cape Town!!

Further-more does Ramaphosa continuously refer to the “apartheid” years and how the “privileged” whites “oppressed” the poor blacks during those years and all the “injustices” inflicted upon the poor “suffering” blacks. That is an age old well ridden and thoroughly beaten horse of the ANC when they feel either “offended” or are in the market for a bit “tender love and money.”  He again pulled the same idiotic rhetoric in parliament this past week on an answer to a question by Pieter Groenewald from the Vryheidsfront again. Ironically coming from Ramaphosa is this rhetoric more than just far-fetched- as Mr. Squirrel himself was groomed by the WHITE Oppenheimers- and it was through the Oppenheimers that our Squirrel-boy amassed his riches through blue chip shares he received in abundance  from this crypto Jews. Furthermore was the Squirrel a snitch for the white government as well during the “apartheid” years in order to stay out of the Robbin Island hotel for terrorists where all his murdering buddies were waiting for him. Working for the National Intelligence branch  of Neil Barnard our “esteemed” president snitched on many of his previous “comrades.” Ramaphosa- among many other ANC relics- also had a very comfortable few “privileged” apartheid years behind them. But because Ramaphosa and communist hippocrates like him are black, are scrupelous commi ponzi politicians- and hungry for power wolves- this parody does not fit the ANC orchestra’s maneuvers in the dark. But Rama have a long history with this crypto Jews. Lately we notice he is more than just “good ol’ pals ” with the Soros and Gates  (money) gangs as well. One just wonders why? Does evil attracts evil by nature- or is is just that the smell of money usually attracts Ramaphosa?

Now- how do they say…pictures sez it all!

Ramaphosa also appear to suffer from  a serious case of amnesia – as he quickly “forget” to mention little things such as 60% of the “apartheid” budget went to black upliftment, the general Fiscus and GPI of blacks in SA was the highest of any black  in Africa, thousands of alien African immigrants from neighboring Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique and Namibia flocked to SA to come and work in the mines on the Witwatersrand for a living, more black people drove cars in SA than any black in Africa combined, all blacks had jobs, 5 independent homelands were created for blacks to rule themselves as sovereign nations, the biggest medical training facility in the Southern hemisphere by name of MEDUNSA in Garangkuwa and the biggest and most modern hospital in the Southern hemisphere- Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto also was build through white taxes for blacks, hundreds of schools, libraries , clinics and medical centers were build for blacks-(which Ramaphosa’s own generation burned to the ground because of their evil “Liberation before Education” mindset) – and that most of the black people oppressed and killed was by the hand of blacks themselves if we just can refer to the Dieplsloot Hostel wars and ethnic cleansing in the Natal Midlands in the 70’s and 80’s between the Xhosa and Zulu tribes. Shall we now ask the Squirrel just how much of the ANC’s budget goes for poor white upliftment, where is the white self independent homeland for whites? How many whites are allowed to work in the goevrnment and big corporations? Did “Apartheid” ever enforce race discriminated laws such as “AA” and “BEEE?”  Did “apartheid” ever revert to courts to prevent poor black people from getting food aid? Dod “apartheid” evet discriminated against black orphans? Did “apartheid” ever discriminated against black organizations and slandered them as “racist?” How many schools, clinics or facilities did the ANC build for poor whites so far? How many infrastructures such as electricity , sanitation , housing and water did the ANC  donate to impoverished white, Indian or colored impoverished people? Before the Squirrel-man start blaming and  pointing fingers to “apartheid” we suggest he take a good hard look at his own party’s race discrimination , oppressive rule and lack of equality. And to use his won words we will tell Ramaphosa that before he again want to drag ‘apartheid” into his little bad placed and foundation-less argument to enforce his own communist agendas- he better “SHUT UP!!”

No photo description available.

Ramaphosa ostensibly- when referring to those ” dark” apartheid years never will mention that he himself is no “angel of light” – but rather more like  a devil in disguise and was in hot water plenty a time for gold smuggling, diamond smuggling, drug running, weapon smuggling, rebellious uprisings, botched Koo-De -Etat- and also pedophilia. But it appears that the longer time went by and the older and more wise generation comes to an end- the lesser these old ANC criminals and Ramaphopsa himself- will take responsibility for their own devious and ghastly human rights deeds and atrocities  of the past such as all the car bombs they planted, limpet mines in dustbins, necklacing of their own people, murders of Zulus at Shell House, Marikana, Quatro camp and hundreds of other human rights atrocities they themselves are guilty of during their “liberation” hey-days. It’s then no wonder all of this macabre ANC wretches such as Mbeki, Sisulu, Zuma, Modise, Slovo, Kasrills et al quickly jumped for “amnesty” from the TRC hearings  in 1994- to avoid being hooked, reeled in  and jailed like all the white “apartheid” human rights abusers were.  Only “apartheid” seems to have survived in their memories as “apartheid “so much now as then- makes the poor whites “cringe” in fear and defense when the word is spatted against them- and brings the “poor” and “suffering” ANC rat pack  millions of rands to line their pockets  in the form of  “compensation“donations  from all the “ bleeding heart” liberal twats abroad . And the Squirrel himself  has more than enough skeletons rattling in his graveyard to keep any old TRC quite busy for sometime. In his book ” High Treason” the German author Gunther Schicklegruber described much of the ol’ Squirrel’s  dark and buried acorns  – now preferably “forgotten” while we again are dusting off and  revamping  that age-old “apartheid” horse.


SO “Ramaplonky “ must but rather abstain in future spilling his guts about that “dreadful”apartheid” years.- ’cause he  is a hardened hippocrate in that department. “Apartheid” put HIM on the road to stardom for one. BUT it was during this past grueling “lockdown” that the Squirrel exposed his brutal inhuman dictatorship abilities and careless nature  on  a level never seen before- as we all already experienced what a true socialist dictatorship is like. Just add to this all your property , assets and freedom taken away leaving you destitute and without a voice and soldiers patrolling your streets ready to pounce you for cutting your grass outside “curfew” times not wearing Long Johns, Gumboots  and  Burka as described by his “essential” laws-  and there we have Cyril’s perfect land of blood and money, – futuristic (Chinese) cities and trains included!

TYPICAL to Ramaphosa’s shrewd nature he swiped at whites with a forked tongue- telling whites to fly to hell and face BEEE discrimination with the one side while asking them to “help build” the country that eventually will become their worst nightmare and black oppressed socialist slave camp with the other. Quote: Cyril Ramaphosa has called on white South Africans ‘to assist in creating an inclusive economy, rather than holding on to the privileges of the past’. Ramaphosa was responding to questions during a hybrid sitting of the National Assembly on Thursday afternoon, when he was questioned on how to grow the economy by Freedom Front MP Pieter Groenewald. “OUR people have been patient ‘forever and a day’… they have been waiting for solutions. I am saying let us work together… [find] real solutions that are going to be impactful on the livelihoods of OUR people.” “An inclusive economy is what should be occupying you, honourable Groenewald, in your mind and everything you do, ‘rather than let us continue holding on to the privileges that white people have always had in this country’,” Ramaphosa said. Ramaphosa’s first virtual question-and-answer session went smoothly and, despite some disruptions, the president had sleek (aka WEAK) responses to questions. Quote: “ “If anything, it needs to be enhanced. We need to ensure that the BLACK people, who were under apartheid rule, excluded from playing an important role in the economy of their own country, ‘are given their rightful position in playing an important role in the economy’. This is something that has to be done without any fail,” EFF leader Julius Malema accused Ramaphosa of putting profits before lives by easing Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

Our Politicians are THUNDEROUSLY SILENT on the killings / genocide happening in South Africa! All Members of parliament have a right and duty to comment on global affairs! But they are FAILING to do so!

Posted by Kulbir Chawla on Wednesday, June 17, 2020


It truly leaves one gobsmacked to hear Ramaphosa and his commi ilk spewing their arrogance on the floor and then shrewdly comes around and blames others again for the f*ck-up they have made of the economy. ..truly it does!  Somehow Ramaphosa recons he and his mob owes South Africa- and irrespective of good scientific, political, expert or public opinion- they simply blunder ahead and do whatever they wish whenever they wish. And when they again screwed-up- they simply pick another scapegoat and start shifting the blame again. This past 3 months they brutally abused their powers and  destroyed our social lives, infringed into our privacy and rights, incarcerated everybody for 3 months without a trail, destroyed thousands of businesses, forced thousands out of their jobs, made people suffer 3 months without an income, force people into poverty and starvation- to become nothing more than mere animals, dehumanized people to wear silly masks like the slaves of old were forced to wear, banned about everything on the retail market , dictated what you should wear, eat , drink, socialize and G-d knows what else. They lied to us and changed their tune about the lockup crap from three weeks ” extending” it to nearly FOUR MONTHS now- and still there is no end to their “Covid” theatricals in sight. Then after they TOTALLY screwed up the country, economy and it’s people- arrogantly pops around and shift the blame onto “racism” and “apartheid”- and still wants to destroy the economy even more by plundering your pensions, disown you from you property,  steal your Health Care contributions-  and enforcing  Cyril’s pipe-dream “BEEE” racist utopia!


Fuck need we say more. Now I heard it all. Was this hoax behind the agenda to fuck up the economy to get back at white people and jan van riebeeck.? Understand he has no economic skills but being a businessman worth 4billion plus (obviously his net worth wasn’t earned it was dished out for favours) because if earned he would not utter bullshit like this. Fuck me a grade 4 kid probably has more economic skills than this

Posted by Johan Louw on Tuesday, June 16, 2020


But that is how we have learned to know the ANC,- corrupt, opportunists, exploiting the black masses to stay in power,  ill disciplined, incompetent, vindictive, irresponsible, greedy, tribalist power grubbers- and always shifting the blame onto someone else (normally to the whites or “apartheid.” ) The question is just HOW much “kak”and destruction CAN one still create and shift onto the term “government” to conveniently hide your own erroneous greed and subversive actions? Apparently with the ANC misfits such as Ramaphosa and Dhlamini-Zuma there is still an abundance of misconduct to come yet – according to their anarchist’s cookbook. And then ironically does the Squirrel come around on National TV and pleads  the youth of South Africa to repair the total destruction , chaos and dismal failure of the fiscus  he himself and his  rapacious party have created.Their arrogance to shift the onus again onto other people to sort out their erratic plundering and maladministration leaves one in disbelief to say the least. And if left alone to proceed with his hair-brained “BEEE”  or “Fourth Industrial Revolutionary” madness- Ramaphosa and his happy band of communist marauders will take the country step by step closer to a total economic melt-down and Tunisian Spring final event within the next two years.

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Now why dont this video go viral???

Posted by Joshua Tobias on Friday, February 8, 2019



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Long before Corona came along, this guy and his ANC buddies broke SA economically! He has done nothing to fix it. It has in fact made the impact of the virus far, far worse than it should have been. He has done zero to address this and to start fixing it! Suddenly he is a hero. How?? As Herman Mashaba points out. He should be fixing both issues at the same time. Instead he has used Corona as a convenient smoke screen to divert everyone’s attention away from the massive crimes against SA he and his party are responsible for. If this guy is your hero, the bar has been set very, very low. If we want to fix SA, we should be holding the ANC and Ramaposa accountable, not putting them on a pedestal

Image may contain: text that says 'FARM KILLINGS IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS 5 The Eastern Cape. The Free State. Gauteng. KwaZulu-Natal. 38 44 12 Limpopo. Mpumalanga. The Northern Cape. North West. 6 9 4 23'

AND Ramaphoria keeps on denying there is farm murders taking place in SA- just “Covid-19” deaths and Black Lives matter

Ramasquirrel  appeared on National TV to address the nation this week- and his rhetoric was as such:


2. He remarked that is is over 100 days  since they started this  state of disaster
3. He is “happy”  for the steroid that helps covid19 patients reduces 35 percent of death rate
4. Since the start of outbreak “over 84000 cases” (with unreliable Chinese testing machines and pumped-up figures)  of covid19. Over 55 percent recovered. There are 34000 cases now That are active. The cost of human lives could have been more worse
5. The Lockdown was put to slow the infection of virus rate
6. He “thanks ” South Africans for their help and understanding (which no one has a clue what he is talking about nor understands his ill-conceived persistence of this “lock-down ” either)
7. The infection rate was doubling alot. Government used the time to minimize the impact on health sector
8. Covid19 will remain with us for ” many months or years” (Depending how much money the ANC “elite” will make out of the hoax)
9. The infections has been “rising” alot (to keep the hoax alive and well)
10. Western Cape has been hardest hit (So the Corona Czars could place the WC back to level 5 and destroy the WC economy once and for all with a lengthy “lockdown.”)
11. Community transmission is low but very high in Western Cape( Keep the attention on the WC)
12. Eastern Cape infections are also rising
13. Many people are worried about loved ones.
14. The country is gradually opening up. The infections will now rise (Simple- because we are now entering normal WINTER flu cases)
15. Through our behavior we can reduce the likelihood we will infect others
16. Studies show a face cloth works (They needed “studies” for such an elementary conclusion???)
17. Millions of South Africans now wear masks. There are some that don’t wear masks (While they inhale their own poisonous carbon dioxide that is twice as deadly as their fake virus)
18. Don’t share masks. U must wash the mask. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and maintain social distancing (Wash a paper mask???? )
19. Social distancing is very important he says (Social distancing – iow train the people to keep at least a 1 meter distance from each other so the 5G towers could pin-point and identify  them more easily for “control “purposes through their cellphones when they get switched on?) )
20. Ramaphosa says extreme measures were needed to slow the infection rate
21. Level 3 from 1 June 2020 was implemented. (That would now be the additional “advanced level 3”-for tobacco sale stalling  that is)
22. The power to defeat the virus is in OUR hands ( He’s not lying- when he say “our”- he actually means “THEM” – and “they” are making the most of it by deliberately dragging it along for the next few months until September- it appears.)

No photo description available.

23. Government has done a lot of screening for the virus(and still came to fake and unsubstantiated conclusions)
24. There is a shortage of test kits etc (and intelligence)
25. Health care workers and elderly will be tested. The situation is improving. But there is a delay in testing ( as there is in correct governance)
26. Government will work on testing challenges (and still end up with fake conclusions to fit their own narratives)
27. Covid19 is a economy crisis and health crisis. Everyone is affected (especially the ANC’s bank accounts)
28. There is many businesses and individuals that have had no income during the Lockdown (Simply because the cadavers in control were reckless and screwed up millions of jobs in their haste to start making money out of relief fund donations)
29. The opening of accommodation hotels and conferences and cinemas and sheathes and casinos and hairdressers and personal care services… Spas and massage parlors and sit Down restaurants and contact sports only for training. It can reopen and strict “covid19 ” protocols must be in place. Date will be announced soon when they can open. They employ over 500 000 people.(that had to sit 3 MONTHS without an income while the ANC card waving cadavers and  “ministers” were receiving their FULL pay  every month coming from this same suffering businesses and people the ANC just pushed out of their jobs)
30. Government is working with many international agencies (Such as the unreliable British Royal Institute, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , China and Fochi)
31. He then spoke about gender based violence and killing of women and children he is appalled what is going on (But cautiously neglect to mention farm murders as that does not exist in South Africa)
32. He Thanks the police for all they doing (will that now be the unlawful arrests of innocent citizens, killing of citizens, drug peddling- or the illegal “confiscation” and   trading in liquor and cigarettes they have “confiscated?” )
33. He says the criminals that hurt women and children must receive harsh sentences (after which he will again release them by the thousands )
34. Violent crimes have gone up and abuse since level 3 on 1 June 2020 ( Makes sense- That must be after he already released 2000 hardened criminals on parole just a few weeks ago.)
35. Alcohol abuse and gender abuse violence is a problem
36. He encourages responsible drinking
37. The road ahead will be long and difficult he says (Because he and his devious gang plans another grueling “Level 5” lockdown for September 2020 when the 5G towers will be switched on and people REALLY will be getting sick and maybe die due to Radio Wave poisoning which the Squirrel will again blame on “Covid-19” to make the people suffer again while he and Patrice Motsepe makes all the millions)
38. We have learnt we are a resilient people and we go on and we will overcome (Pep talk to prepare the “sheep” for the next round at the slaughter house)
39. He deliberately (and maybe under instructions from his nappy-head boss) – did not mentioned anything  about lifting the ban on cigarettes.

BASICALLY-If you wipe all the junk off the table his only punch-line was this: ” More than 80 days of restriction failed to limit the spread of the virus as desired, but cost thousands of jobs, millions more on state grants, thousands of small and medium businesses liquidatedand left a gap of R300bn in the already troubled economy.Like we SO many times already mentioned: The ANC have this unique ability of turning everything their paws touch into sh*t- they even manage to turn a global disaster into sh*t!!

Image may contain: one or more peopleImage may contain: 2 people, text


THIS is Africa……this is why 90% of African states failed miserably…..Africa has been invaded by clowns….and SA is fast tracking the rest of this legacy with It’s OWN clowns now in control!

Ramaphosa’s announcement of a further lifting of lockdown restrictions is an admission that the lockdown serves no purpose and has failed. He seems to have finally realized just how devastating this lockdown has been – and will continue to be – for ordinary South Africans, but it’s happened far too late. Everything he announced this week could have – and should have – been announced almost two months ago. It is unclear at which level of the lockdown we now find ourselves – not that it makes much difference, as the lockdown is now de facto ended. But this ending comes too late to save thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. The Squirrel’s words of commiseration for all the industries and businesses that haven’t been able to operate and whose employees have earned no salary these past 80 days ring hollow indeed, as it is his government’s irrational lockdown that has caused this misery. The truth is that the world’s longest hard lockdown, and not ” Covid19,“- killed our economy and ruined the lives of millions of South Africans.

No photo description available.Image may contain: text


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Mummy, can you get pregnant trough anal sex? Of caurse my child. Where do you think politicians come from?'

And what do we have to show for it? Nothing, is the short answer. The lockdown has only delayed the peak of the spike by a couple of weeks. The Squirrel conceded as much, saying infections are “growing exponentially. “ It is simply not true to say the cost of human lives could have been higher. We are only beginning to see the deaths, as we head into the peak. The Squirrel’s  claim that an increase of infection was” inevitable ” is also simply not true. Many countries have managed to contain the spread, through effective, targeted measures. And he would have us believe that economic devastation was also “inevitable.”  But this too is a result of rank failure on the part of the ANC government.  Ramaphosa now admits that only individual actions can slow the spread of the disease. If he had listened to the DA two months ago, he would have heard them  calling for people to be empowered with more decision-making control. Now that his “lockdown ” has destroyed the economy, he finally wants to “empower ” the people.


The ANC government’s violent record of police abuse and the low rate of convictions is a national disgrace which exposes the ANC’s shameful hypocrisy. Last week the ANC launched a campaign against police brutality. This, while between 2018 and 2019 almost 6000 South Africans suffered police brutality under the ANC-controlled South African Police Service (SAPS). This is exactly the same hypocrisy that we see from the ANC when they make bold statements about combating corruption and graft while their cadres remain the biggest plunderers of state funds. While the lockdown has seen an increase in complaints of police abuse fueled by the goof  Cele’s reckless comments and a state drunk on power, police abuse is nothing new to South Africa. During the lockdown, between 26 March and 17 April, the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IDPID) reported a shocking 30% increase in complaints of police abuse from the same period in 2019. The DA has done an analysis on the last 5 years of complaints of police abuse referred to IPID. This analysis has exposed a deeply entrenched culture of state sanctioned violence due a lack of accountability and consequence for police abuse and brutality.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, text that says 'Well done to these brave police officers for their dedication, long hours & team work in bringing these cigarettes in. finally feel safe now and can walk freely POLICE OUR HEROS Making S.A great again'

Over the past 80 days,this ponzi government has failed to use the lockdown for its intended purpose. It failed to increase the country’s healthcare capacity. It failed to ramp up testing to a meaningful level. It failed to shield its citizens from economic despair by implementing a relief package. It applied race-based relief assistance. It failed to share critical information with citizens. It recklessly blundered ahead and made baseless decisions without the proper consultation of parliament or taking the damage to people’s social structures in consideration. And it failed to recognize its own limitations. All this lockdown has achieved is to plunge millions into poverty and to bake a deep recession into our economy. And still the arbitrariness of regulations persists, with private accommodation businesses not allowed, as if the “virus “ or tobacco products can tell the difference. Early childhood development centers are still closed, even though young children are the least affected by the “virus. “ How then are their parents to go back to work? Dhlamini-Zuma foolhardy still persist to keep the cigarette ban in place. How can the thousands of tobacco farmers, farm workers,  transport companies and retailers then earn a living? Even after admitting the catastrophic mistake of this “lockdown, “-they continue to stand in the way of people earning a living. There is no shortcut to undoing this devastation. There is only the proper way, which is to immediately walk away from the suicidal policies such as EWC, the NHI and the prescription of assets, and then implement the economic reforms that we all know must happen. That, and to jettison this ANC government.

AND jettison this evil ANC virus is something everybody is about to do. People are “gatvol” for this flagrant discrimination, oppression and human rights violations from the ANC. On a certain social site page three questions were asked to respond to:

1) Should Nkosazana Dhlamini -Zuma be fired, 2) Will you vote against the ANC in te next by-election and national election- and 3) Do you agree forming a movement to push back against the ANC’s dictatorial rule is a good idea?  The questions was put on the page 7 hours ago– and this so far is the result:


More than   1000 positive  responses, 220 comments, – and 436 shares in just 7 hours and still counting. The tide against the ANC Czars are turning at last!



Budget 2020: A virus named the ANC has left the economy terminally illWouter Wessels: FF Plus MP and chief spokesperson of financeThe name of the virus that has infected and left the South African economy terminally ill is the ANC, and not Covid-19. The symptoms include persistent mismanagement and looting of the fiscus. It left the country powerless and without any reserves to survive the unforeseen crisis that eventually did hit the economy.

Posted by Vryheidsfront Plus / Freedom Front Plus on Friday, June 12, 2020

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Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Kissinger Quote from a speech the WHO Council on Eugenics, February 25, 2009: "Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations, it's game over. They will accept anything forcible blood or organ donation "for the greater good". We can genetically modify children and sterilize them "for the greater good". Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand make billions. And many of you in this room are investors. It's a big win-win. We thin out the herd and herd pays us for extermination services....!'