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Article written and posted by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg 29 June   2020





Unemployment in SA now touching 50%

SA taxis will operate at full capacity and travel long distance without permits from Monday says taxi association

The ANC became to expensive for South Africa

South African consumers will pay for NERSA’s bungle ups around power supply tariffs.

Black racist demon Lesufi to approach ConCourt to challenge Orania’s Afrikaans-only town status

Black arse kissing L’Oreal will remove words like ‘whitening’ from skin products

Fauci changes tune, now says second COVID-19 wave may never happen – and mask-wearing is symbolic

” Farm Murderers Paid by ANC & EFF To Kill” Says Zimbabwean Truck Driver in SA, on His Way To Canada!

Zimbabwean smuggling cigarettes to SA says “It’s going so well, I can’t even meet the demand”








William Saunderson-Meyer wrote:


THE “coronavirus’”  greatest threat to South Africa’s future may not lie in any swathe of death that it leaves in its wake. Nor in the pandemic’s crippling of the economy, which will take years to recover from.

Look what our Government is doing behind our backs

Posted by Vincent Cook on Sunday, June 28, 2020

Potentially more devastating is the opportunity it provides an innately authoritarian and interventionist African National Congress regime to use the disease as a cover to attempt some far-reaching social, political and economic engineering. There are many on the radical left, both within the ANC and civic formations ideologically aligned to the Economic Freedom Fighters, to champion such a potentially destructive course of action.Although not the first to do so, the Black Management Foundation’s Dumisani Mpafa articulated this strategy of burning down the house to be rid of the mice, during a webinar held this week by management consultants BEE Novation, on the relevance of black empowerment in the light of COVID-19. Mpafa, the BMF’s deputy-president, nailed his ideological colors to the mast by greeting his audiences with the salutation “comrades” and said that the coronavirus was a “gifted chance”, since black empowerment had so far disappointed. “We are dealing with a solid economic architecture, so strong, unless something drastic happens, you can’t sabotage it. You’ve got to bring it to its knees and start afresh.” In the ruins of the old, SA will have a chance “to start all over to build a new economy”. Very stirring, revolutionary stuff, albeit from a leader of a managerial forum. (Please see the response from BEE Novation disputing this quotation and its interpretation here, as well as WSM’s reply. BEE Novation points out that Mr Mpafa used the term “colleagues” not “comrades”. – PW)

No words necessary.He's got their number. .

Posted by Chris Swanson on Saturday, June 27, 2020


It’s also a statement, a way of thinking, that riffs with the cynical dogmatism infamously articulated during the Vietnam war. Entirely seriously, a United States officer explained to the media that a village “had to be destroyed in order to save it [from the Viet Cong]”. Such die-hardism is widespread in the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) lobby. Many of RET’s fervid proponents remain powerful within Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration, including their stalking horse for the presidency, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. COVID is a chance to fan those RET embers. Dr Mukovhe Masutha — an old gabba of Jacob Zuma and now reincarnated in Ramaphosa’s administration as a manager in the ANC’s policy unit — recently argued in Mail & Guardian that SA’s “neoliberal economic order … will gradually undermine the very democracy that many South Africans died for”. It would instead deliver “a tyranny of investors and lenders”. Masutha wants the National Command Council (NCC), which started off as the National Coronavirus Command Council but has surreptitiously “shed ” its medical aspect, to be made permanent. This will ensure the “rapid implementation of the government’s programmes of action”. The State of Disaster, he enthuses, is an unprecedented opportunity to refashion every aspect of our society: “It is time for us to guard against the tyranny of the markets … even if it means risking everything”.

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RAMAPHOSA these days are hell-bent in shifting the blame of his own and his party’s failed policies as well as the disaster they created with their “Covid-19” mismanagement onto whites, “Apartheid”and “racism” again. This again shows that the Squirrel was, is and never will be presidential material as he now is sucking up the arse of a dead horse to try to salvage the terrible disaster they created during their brutal misplaced and enforced “lockdown.”Long before Corona came along, this guy and his ANC buddies broke SA economically! He has done nothing to fix it. It has in fact made the impact of the virus far, far worse than it should have been. He has done zero to address this and to start fixing it! Suddenly he is a hero.  How??

Luister wat se die bliksem

Posted by Ronel Storm on Thursday, June 4, 2020

As Herman Mashaba points out. He should be fixing both issues at the same time. Instead he has used Corona as a convenient smoke screen to divert everyone’s attention away from the massive crimes against SA he and his party are responsible for. If this guy is your hero, the bar has been set very, very low. If we want to fix SA, we should be holding the ANC and Ramaposa accountable, not putting them on a pedestal. We pray for the day he , that treacherous power-mad she-viper Dhlamini-Zuma and his whole  psycho-maniac party “clique”  will be dragged before a true human rights court and charged for High Treason as well as gross human rights violations against mankind. This week already genocide cases is to be opened against the Squirrel, the Oppenheimers and Rothschild family including the crown.Now one can understand the crown family withdrawing from the crown.Cases are linked to de Beers cases

Posted by Veronica Roos on Tuesday, June 30, 2020




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The Squirrel Cyril Ramaphosa, who some will have us believe is playing a devilishly clever game against former wrecker  Jacob Zuma’s state capture clique by merely pretending to support their RET goals, sings from the same hymn sheet as Masutha. A couple of weeks back, speaking to the KwaZulu-Natal “command council”, Ramaphosa said the pandemic “quite frankly” gave SA an opportunity to “reconstruct the economy and to ensure that RET “must underpin the economic future”. Political economist Moeletsi Mbeki, also one of the BEE Novation webinar panellists, reiterated his long-held views that black empowerment — and arguably, by extension, RET — was never about the creation of new assets by encouraging entrepreneurship. It was all about the redistribution of existing assets among an elite, without the addition of any economic value. BBB-EEE was a corporate ploy to buy the political support of the ANC leadership. The new black wealthy class, he laments, has continued the tradition of betraying the poor and, like its wealthy white predecessors, keeps its money offshore.

Doctors are reporting Opening unused CV-19 test kits and finding that they already register as a POSITIVE!!ANNON

Afterwards, I spoke with Mbeki specifically about the recent weaponizing of BBB-EEE during COVID, by declaring that race criteria will form the basis on which national disaster funds will be disbursed to financially stricken SMMEs. It’s a policy that has passed High Court support, while the Constitutional Court rather strangely has declined to hear an urgent application on the matter. The priority, says Mbeki, is obvious. It should be to save jobs and businesses during the pandemic. That black-ownership criteria had instead become a political tool indicates how distant the ANC leadership has become from the lives of most South Africans. “They have no clue of how small businesses survive, they have no clue of how the real South Africa operates, they have no clue of how the common people live.” So, when Cyril talks RET, says Mbeki, it is nothing more than to play to the gallery — except that “Cyril is so out of touch with reality that he’s not sure which gallery it is”.

Image may contain: text that says 'DON'T BE AN IGNORANT MASK-HOLE YOU'VE BEEN LIED TO! You can not catch Covid-19 from person person. You not catch Covid-19 from touching surfaces. Viruses are dead expelled from healing cells. Everyone has thousands viruses inside their body. Government & MSM News are lying to ALL for CONTROL, neglect elderly sick, cull small businesses & social engineering. Research alternative views, knowledge & information Dr. Andrew Kaufman MD Mark Devlin Coleman UK Column News Amazing Polly Dr. Rashid Buttar Dr. Mohammad Iqbal Adil NHS Consultant Surgeon'

The commentariat’s mistake is to analyze the situation in terms of personalities and their relative power in the ANC alliance. Too much attention, says Mbeki, is given to pondering the strength of Ramaphosa within the ANC. “The ANC itself is enfeebled. The players within the ANC are not substantive. “COVID can very easily be a tipping point to disaster. The ANC has, for instance, totally ignored massive rural/urban migration, something that should have been central to government policy.” When something like COVID happens, such policy failures become more obvious. The government reaction, a “recipe for disaster” is then based on the belief that “through the army, it can compel the people.” The NCC is a “huge, huge, huge risk” for SA. The ANC knows it had lost the trust of the people and is now turning to structures that bypass accountable democratic structures. Fortunately for the ANC, the official opposition is weak. “Had it an effective opposition, it would be in deep trouble,” says Mbeki. Mbeki is too sanguine in this apparent assumption that the struggle between the RET and mixed-economy factions of the alliance does not much matter. That it is all simply hot air emanating from what is, in any case, a steadily deflating balloon. That time is on our side. How it is resolved — which largely depends on where Ramaphosa truly stands and whether he can survive as president — will shape the South African post-COVID terrain for a generation. At this moment, the lay of that land looks to be sloping downhill.

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With the biggest taxi Association SANTACO now threatening to operate in full capacity from Monday June 30 again- we could expect two scenarios developing  which will end in the same result: 1)  The ANC will leave them to operate as they are shit scared to take them on- which will end up everyone else also follow suit , throwing off this hellish “Covid” burden-  and go on with their normal lives as well. This will lead to the Mafia on top to activate their security forces to attack the populace with the usual jack-booted arrogance and intimidation again- which will end up in a civil war- and Police state declared. 2) The illegal regime will immediately move SA back to level 5 and all it’s draconian restrictions to use it as a convenient tool to instate Marshall Law bans again- which also will lead to a revolt from the populace – civil disobedience and a civil war. Which ever way this scenario will take SA- Ramaphosa- who will not hesitate to use brutal force to protect the mob’s interests- will unleash all hell on the citizens of SA to promote his socialist agenda.


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