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Article posted by: White Nation Editorial  – December 26  2016









DONALD TRUMP– once a respected business man and Real Estate tycoon once was regarded as the American example of prosperity- the face of a prosperous country. He represented this what every American would only dream about and millions were proud about. He was hailed as one of America’s success stories. However today that same man and same name are shamelessly  shamed and demonized the same way as he was glorified by the same powers that once hailed his successful career. 

The Illuminati is at war against Donald Trump– or so it appears at least. The Illuminati is at war against Trump because -if we have to believe what we read and hear- Donald Trump arrogantly decided to stand up to the powers that once was his mentors- powers that assisted him in getting into the pole position to obtain wealth beyond imagination. Donald was/is a globalist front man- no doubt about it– but what we are uncertain of at this point- is whether all the “rebellious” attitudes Trump portrays against his once bed fellow partners are for real- or are we observing yet another classic “bad cop-good cop ” conspiracy here? All this venomous leftist attacks- are they not maybe a first-class Jesuit staged distraction? I’m not sure what to make of all of this. On the one -side Trump has all these Jews around him- he literally is marinated with them. He openly advocates his admiration of Israel and even allow his blood-line to be impurified with them. On the other-side we have the Kazarian dark powers gathering to oppose his every move- conspiring against him, defying his rightful ascension to the most powerful military throne- seeking every opportunity to destroy his credibility. So now we have Jew vs Jew. I never thought I would live the day to witness something extraordinary as this. This then stirs an unmistakable gut feeling that everything is not as “kosher” as it might appear on face-value. More sinister agendas are breeding below the visible surface than this obvious we only could see. Are we to see only this we are “allowed” to see again?

As I  have mentioned- on the surface the Illuminati is waging a full-scale war against the Don.They are waging a war because he knocked-out their high priestess Hillary in the 12th round of the election- sending her THREE times to the canvass. Now I dunno how the Illuminati hierarchy or score-cards work- whether the Don was supposed to make way for a “higher” prime evil to take the throne- whether the Don was supposed to “stand down” against a troll with a higher stance in the organization than himself- or whether this all is a neat Illuminati ploy to play Hillary as a red herring in order to  factually get their REAL conspirator on the throne – no one can say for certain. The “controllers” have an appetite for playing the “two opposite sides” of the equilibrium game for millenniums now. The Republican and Democrat Party BOTH are being controlled by the Jesuits– funded by them- and instructed by them. Don belongs to the Republican party- who is following orders from the globalist controllers. So- where does this place the Don on the chess-board then one may ask?

BUT if that is the case- you must give these conspiring secret society buggers a good hand for playing millions of Americans AND Trump supporters across the globe for a real bunch of fools. Every moment of every day I notice how we- especially on the Alternative Media and social sites– are bombarded with information on how the dark ones again ” rebelled ” against Trump. We read how Cocaine-sniffing monsters  like Elton John, Garth Brooks, Idina Menzel , Ice T,  John Legend,  Adam Lambert,  David Foster, The Dixie Chicks, Mötley Crüe,  Zara Larsson and many more coke-sniffing so-called “celebs” running the “show-biz” that flatly “refused” to participate in Trump’s inauguration. Now we also are WELL aware of the fact that these “celebs” also are throttled on a choke-chain by their Hollywood mobster Jesuit handlers – and one wrong squeak from their lips and unwanted ‘accidents” may also befell the hapless “ Hollydroids.” So they will only sing the lyrics written for them on the tune their mobster Jesuit commanders play for them. This why all of a sudden every Holly-mobster lapdog suddenly “refuse” too participate in Trump’s inauguration. They already received their late-night instructions. They too are shit-scared they might find themselves shyed from future contracts and most probably end up with a “suicide” note dangling from their scrawny necks.

On the end of the day it appeared that the rising America’s got talent child-pop star Jackie Evancho and  Andrea Bocelli would be the chosen ones to perform- BUT  the Illuminati appears to strike again and Bochelli since decided to pull out as well. Regardless of Bocelli’s personal politics, an Inaugural appearance may represent the equivalent of stepping in a giant pile of shit with his agent, organizers and yea…the “dark side.” Bocelli said there was no way he’d take the gig … he was ‘getting too much heat’ and he said ” no,” a source told the gossip column. Yet another source offered a slightly different account: Trump suggested to Bocelli he rather not participate because of the backlash.  Part of the problem is that misdirected fans who had never considered Bocelli’s politics previously may forever hate the artist.  And for reasons that have nothing to do with Bocelli’s music. The inaugural events will kick off on Thursday, January 19th, when Donald Trump and Mike Pence will lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. There will then be a welcome concert at the Lincoln Memorial, although the musicians who will be playing at this particular concert have not yet been announced. As of this writing, only three performances have been confirmed for the official inauguration event: Jackie Evancho,  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and finally  The Radio City Rockettes.

NOW here is not where this so-called “war”against Trump stops. From the highest level of ‘commoners” in the organization there also is a sudden “resistance” to attend Trump’s inauguration. ALL 5 previous presidents– or should I rather say “previous Illuminati puppets” – refused to attend the Don’s most glorious day. From the old decrepit Jimmy Carter– both the Bushes and as expected- spider man Obama also conspired and decided that a bit of fiddling in their back-yard garages on the day Trump will get blessed with the golden touch of Midas  – does not seem to be such a bad idea after all.  Of course we wouldn’t expect Bill Clinton to be there, because Trump publicly humiliated his wife, not once, but THREE times. What is quite uncanny though- is that Trump and the Clintons have been big bed-buddies since way back. Trump even invited them to his wedding. Now if that again was another sales-gimmick or “true friendship” I cannot say- but Trump and Hillary have been close compadres for many years now- even before the Billy-goat appeared on the scene. AND as we know Trump’s libido- they may as well be a little “closer” that just friends- who knows? The Bushes are kind of a surprise, but they were also vocally anti-Trump during the campaign, so it’s not that big of a surprise. Ol’ ” I’m not Muslim” Obama is as petty as petty can be, so we shouldn’t expect anything more from him. However, it’s kind of sad that the current President isn’t going to even give the appearance of supporting his successor. To be fair, the spokesman for the Bush family said that George W. Bush will decide in the new year whether he plans to attend, but apparently his father cannot attend due to his age (92). I’d say that is actually a pretty solid reason. In any case, this has not been a traditional Presidential race, so the Inauguration will probably not be traditional either, starting with the lack of former Presidents in attendance.

BUT the libtards came out with another devilish Ace from their sleeves to leave the poor Don in arid territory. A large-scale counter attack concert is being organised to compete with the Don’s inauguration day, according to reports. Democratic concert promoter Mark Ross, son of the late Time Warner CEO Steve Ross, is reported to be putting together a “We the People” concert to take place in Miami on 20 January 2017 — the day the Don  is due to be sworn in as President. While there has been no announcement as to which acts might perform, sources told Politico Playbook  Ross was getting “lots of interest” from “heavy hitters” keen to be involved, and that he was in the process of lining up funding. According to Politico, sources involved in the organizing of the event said: “The talent is banging on our doors to do this.” It comes amid reports that very few acts are flocking in the same way to perform at the Don’s  own inauguration day concert. Vince Neil has also dropped out, and the Rolling Stones, who earlier this year issued a statement saying Mr Trump didn’t have have permission to use any of their music during public appearances, are said to have turned down the offer. Nonetheless the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, despite the Mormon community’s opposition to Mr Trump’s candidacy, have reportedly agreed to perform at the event. On Thursday, Donald posted a tweet suggesting “A-list” celebrities wanted tickets to the inauguration, but that he didn’t want them there. He wrote: “The so-called ‘A’ list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE.” 

The so-called “A” list celebrities are all wanting tixs to the inauguration, but look what they did for Hillary, NOTHING. I want the PEOPLE!

With his inauguration now less than a month away, the President-elect has continued to make statements and post tweets that have pointed to what he might do as President, provoking reaction from all sides of the globe. He sparked fears about a new global nuclear arms race on Thursday, posting a tweet that reverberated around the world in which he called on the US to expand its nuclear arsenal.  On Wednesday Mr Trump said he still planned to ban Muslims from entering the US following the latest terror attack in Berlin, saying the incident “proved him right”. Meanwhile Prince Charles has issued what many have viewed as a veiled warning about Donald Trump’s presidency, citing the “rise of populism” taking hold across the globe. IF Trump survives his first term in office without been assassinated he will be lucky, In PC we have one of the main Illuminati figures  and top elite of the elite 300 now “diplomatically” warning the Don he is skating on thin ice. Donald better watch his step. If the Black Pope– the Illuminati boss– decides it is time “to go”- then Trump are going to have one helluva ride staying alive. If “they” succeed in assassinating him -well –  then Hillary Rotham Clinton  ( the dangerous and dumb people’s choice) will have her go at the chair and we REALLY dead-set for one MOTHER of a civil war- or even worse- we don’t have to speculate or worry about allegiances anymore- America will go straight into a world war under that she – battle droid – starting with the invasion of Russia  or visa-versa!!.




NOW- I am not against Trump or being a Trump “basher”– but there is some important facts that have to be looked at from the proverbial “ out of the box.We cannot on face value accept that Trump will be the glorified “ Moses” that will lead America out of the Obama desert without asking some questions and draw some conclusions. That is what makes us different from the main stream gullible androids. We are  independent thinkersnot sheep.  We don’t believe everything we hear or see without investigating. The other day I was talking to an old friend of mine- sort’a religious type guy. I said to him that strange things are happening in the world today and it appears that the world is fed up for the liberal oppression that is destroying our societies. I mentioned that the American mind-set now also changed and the selection of Trump shows some radical changes in American politics. Well- he is not a man of many words though- and after he looked at me a while he simply said this few words: “ The Good Word teaches us in Proverbs that nothing under the sun is new. What is- was already..” Now I could at first not get the pitch- but later on it dawned on me. When I looked at Trump’s punch-line ” Make America great again”- similar words of yet another orator came to my mind: ” Deutschland uber alles!” It was then that I start to do a few comparisons. After each global war technology suddenly took a giant leap forward. After the second world war we were exposed to the cruel reality and the horrible destructive force  of the A-Bomb, computers entered the market- and hundreds of new technological advances were made like the microwave, TV and Cellphones – and you can name as many as you want. On the end of the money-line it again was only a few globalists that had the cream scooped off the top after all their new weapons and gizmos were thoroughly tested in war conditions- and the rest of the populace had to end-up with the indigestion. Who gains most and benefits most from any war? The bankers and “elite” suppliers...that’s who. Common people like me and you are not allowed to ask any questions- our sons and daughters are sent to war to die for the cause of globalist bankers and corporate slugs- and our old civilians, women and children bombed and murdered back home with no-one to protect them. This all normally because we are naive and listen to rowdy narrators and the media. Trump for one- entered the political arena too fast- and became the winner too quick...JUST like Obama. He speaks the language many oppressed white Americans want to hear. He has the right sales-pitch. He is a fast talker and a good salesman. He is flamboyant and have an answer for everything from the podium. AND that is what is worrying me….he’s careless  and sometimes emotional flamboyancy in  addressing some  serious issues. 

THE second world war was created around one man- one man that also defied the global powers- one man that also came from no-where and became an international threat to global “stability.” One man united a fragmented nation under one slogan and created a super power that  nearly dominated the world. One man ignited world war 2. One man that was hated by every-one else. One man was hated and despised by friend and foe alike, BUT through one man many made billions of dollars from that war. He also was a man that only “cared” for his “people.”  He was one man that defied all odds and fought the global Illuminati powers. He also was one man that ruthlessly wiped out any threat to his country and his nation. He was one man that also put his country and his people “first.” The people loved that man and sacrificed much for his ideologies.  He was the man that used the slogan “ Deutschland uber alles!” On the end of the day “Deutschland” was totally destroyed through his dictatorial reign of his people. BUT his rise and fall were well planned…well planned by those powers that allowed him to rule…powers that allowed him to destroy the world so they can plunder other countries- powers that made millions of dollars from sales of oil, transport, medicines, arms and clothing. . He was “in” on the game. He knew what part he had to play. On the end he was whisked away to a secret hiding place in Spain while his “ people” back home were decimated by the Illuminati Jesuits, murdered, raped, starved and incinerated by the thousands. A German genocide was in the offing. Where was that man then when he was needed the most?  His people  were left poor and their country destroyed to cinders and their cities a heap of rubble. Germany never became a dominating world power it used to be again. BUT the globalist powers made BILLIONS out of  the blood of the German people and all the other countries that were part of the war and today- today she suffers under the burden of alien infestations.



NOW that made me ponder a bit. There is so much similarities between THAT man we read about then- and THIS man we read about now. BOTH came from no-where- both defied all the odds and became leaders in powerful nations, both are good orators, both have the same vision- and both have their slogans of “ nationalism uber alles.” Both have the uncanny ways of ” uniting the people” by promising this they want to hear. Both are “ despised” by the liberal left and both are demonized by the world powers and their communist media. Ironically both walk the same road  under the protection of the  winged eagle- just like their predecessors did when they also conquered the world under the wings of that same eagle and  their logo – SPQR!

Do we have a replay- a reincarnation of yet another “World Reich” staring us in the face again? What are we to expect? Is all this ” media attention ” against Donald and all the ‘celebs” just another concocted conspiracy to create another conflict that will ultimately trigger another war? Donald already dropped “clangers” of nuclear wars. If Donald was such a staunch fighter for the white race- why did he not say a word as yet about the inhuman oppression and genocide of whites in South Africa under a blood-thirsty black despot ANC communist regime ? Looking back at history and drawing parallel lines we can then ask what is next- world war 111 and another go at world domination again? Another war and genocide planned by the Illuminati to “cull” a third of the world’s “unnecessary” eaters? What “technology” are we to expect if and after a  next war may erupt….Illuminati alien control…Planet X…Reptilians- the Annanuki maybe? Is this “war” of the Illuminati against Donald for real…or are we again subjected to another historical false flag operation a-la-Illuminati-style and Donald another puppet to lead us into world conflict? Is he the pawn to start a war so-that the Illuminati-elite again can start raking in the contract dollars? Are we being taken for a bunch of naive fools again? Did Donald REALLY win by a land-slide – and why suddenly did all he electorates vote for him unanimously? No hesitation and second thoughts against a man so heavily criticized for his policies that everybody want to leave town? I know I may sound paranoid- but this is questions we must ask ourselves after the “chosen one” has taken control of one of the most powerful military powers  in the world. After that he will be unstoppable….UNLESS Donald Trump himself are being exploited to open the way for yet another man…a more sinister man with more sinister agendas – a man who’s  name also starts with a double “D.”


With Donald’s undying love for the Jews and Israel will still determine just who precisely will dictate the US of A’s future policies. In the latest development we can observe Trump’s quick response to a Security Council resolution condemning Israel’s settlements in the West Bank. Resolution 452 adopted by the Security Council calls’ on Israel to cease building settlements in occupied territories. Trump attempted stop the UN resolution before it began by publicly urging a veto, then working behind the scenes to scuttle Egypt’s sponsorship of the draft resolution. Republicans have responded by threatening to cut off funding for the UN. Trump tweeted, “As to the UN, things will be different after Jan. 20th.” (Link)  Here we can clearly observe what Trump’s sentiments with regard to the Palestinians are- and his unsolicited support for Israel. This is irrespective of th gross human rights atrocities the Jews are inflicting on thousands of innocent Palestinian people through-out the years. Donald was quick to openly support Israel and the Jews- but up to now I have not heard a single word from him making promises or openly support white Americans. Don’t you find it quite strange? Donald Trump has a complicated history with Jews. On the one hand, his daughter Ivanka converted to Orthodox Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner, and he’s spoken fondly about having Jewish grandchildrenTrump’s cadre of advisers is not short on Jews such as Jason Greenblatt, David Friedman, Jared Kushner, Boris Epshteyn, Stephen Miller, Steven Mnuchin, Lewis Eisenberg and  Michael Glassner to name but a few.

Trump does not mince his words when he addressed the Jews at the AIPAC hall- and so much arse-kissing of Jews you will not find easily elsewhere and I quote: “ I came here to speak to you about where I stand on the future of American relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the state of Israel. When I’m president, believe me, I will veto any attempt by the U.N. to impose its will on the Jewish state. It will be vetoed 100 percent. When I become president, the days of treating Israel like a second-class citizen will end on day one. And when I say something, I mean it, I mean it.We will move the American embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.And we will send a clear signal that there is no daylight between America and our most reliable ally, the state of Israel. I love the people in this room. I love Israel. I love Israel. I’ve been with Israel so long in terms of I’ve received some of my greatest honors from Israel, my father before me, incredible. My daughter, Ivanka, is about to have a beautiful Jewish baby. ” (Link)  So there you have it folks. Make your own deductions.  Listening to his speech it is quite hard to determine to which country he is swearing his allegiance and patriotic duty to – America or Israel? You get the feeling he is already lining up America to be ruled and dictated by Israel. Thus the poor Americans are going to be handed/transferred from the rule of old Jews – to the rule of new Jews.  Ironically did I miss Donald making any  reference in all his speeches that he will immediately withdraw American troops from the NATO forces on Russia’s borders who are poised to invade Russia at the flick of a button to start WW3. He  mentioned that he will withdraw all American soldiers from “foreign countries” –  but never specifically mentioned the Crimea ( which the Jews want with every piece of their shrewd souls) – and the troops in NATO. The other question is whether Trump will withdraw ALL American support from the CIA-created ISIS- whether he will order a full audit on the corrupt Federal Reserve– close down and investigate the CIA for all their terrorist acts- and investigate the Clinton Foundation. This is obvious concerns that have to be addressed. Trump continuously used the Obama-care and workers-issues as his punch-lines in his campaign- but never addressed any of the above mentioned issues. This vagueness of Trump is somewhat troublesome.


I have not as yet picked up ONE single line from Donald’s speeches about white Americans benefiting from his policies- have you? Although it  is generally assumed and “accepted” that the Don will “automatically” support white Americans- but he NEVER openly said it. Why does Donald not openly support and protect white American rights the same way he defends the Jew rights? How come must the Jew ALWAYS get preference above white homogeneous whites? We only “assume” he will look out for white Americans- and we all  know that assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups! THAT expensive lesson the disillusioned “yes” voting white South Africans learned the hard way with the two-timing pathological lair De Klerk as well. . The question is why do Donald avoid telling white Americans he support them? Is he also playing ” political correct ” games as well?  He cleverly abstain from using the term “white Americans.” Why? He wasn’t shy to name the Jews and the American Indians as beneficiaries from his new upcoming dynasty. So why does he not openly promote white American interests as well? Why does he not address white Americans per se like he singled out the Jews per se…but cleverly wiped white Americans under the ” all Americans” rug…nothing special…just the normal “Goyim” – the cattle- like the rest of the Hispanics, Negros, Arabs, etc?  So far I heard Donald making promises to the homogeneous Indians , Jews and other races under the “ all Americans” umbrella- but eerily enough avoided to directly address the fears of white homogeneous Americans. This “generalization” and “diplomatic silence”  about the white fears we also saw when Nelson Mandela had his inauguration speech. Whites  also were cleverly excluded in the “broader” context when the “rainbow” nation and “all South Africans” were promised  an empty barrage of bulllsh*t – and we all know what happened afterwards.  So- what DID Donald then promise especially white Americans to look forward to during his reign then- or is he also “cautious” not to utter some ” political incorrect” sounds that may “offend” the Jews, Hispanics, Negro’s et al? I mean – Donald got a HUGE portion of his votes from his WHITE constituencies…not so? What Donald will promise white Americans per se in his inauguration speech will have to be listened to carefully and scrutinized closely . I  can remember Donald saying in a “joke” in one of his speeches that he “need not to follow-up ” on his promises because he already “has won.” Well folks- they say their is some truth in a jest- is there not? What lies behind the Don’s real motives and agendas I will leave  up to you to ponder about –  as I sadly believe Donald’s shelve space for whites in his pantry deliberately are left still a bit empty.