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Article posted by: White Nation Pretoria – January 10 2017











MY dad use to say when a white man is good- he surpasses the utmost parameters of excellence- BUT when a white man turns bad- he even surpasses the mentality of a syphilis-ridden two-bit whore hiding  a packet of Minora blades up her vag! In this case his proverb  is quite to the point and nothing but the truth. Two of South Africa’s most WHITE notorious rhino killers, Deon and Nick van Deventer – who also happen to be brothers with long criminal records and a gruesome history of rhino poaching,-  were re-arrested after a high-speed car chase near Louis Trichardt late Friday afternoon.

The fleeing suspects were finally arrested by uniformed officers who stopped the vehicle on the Makhado-Vivo road outside Louis Trichardt (Makhado).The bag that was retrieved was found to contain one rhino horn. Investigators suspect the horn might be connected to a poaching incident in the Witpoort area that occurred last week where a rhino cow and her calf were shot and dehorned.   “Forensic tests to confirm this will be conducted” Mojapelo added. Both brothers served time in the Kroonstad prison for killing two rhinos at Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park in KwaZulu Natal in 2006. They were caught red-handed by police and Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife officials, minutes after killing two rhinos.

Officials found four rhino horns, three illegal firearms and ammunition, knives and gloves used to remove the rhino horns, two-way radios and various documents. In 2007 they were sentenced in a Free State court to 10 and five years respectively, for poaching and illegally trading in rhino horns. Part of their sentences was suspended. In 2010, one of the brothers, who ultimately served five years of an eight-year sentence, reneged on a previous plea-bargain agreement to testify against a major rhino horn-trafficking syndicate, claiming intimidation and threats made to his life. The syndicate included well-known South African professional hunters and outfitters. Investigations also linked the brothers to a killing spree of at least 19 white rhinos in different provinces between December 2005 and August 2006, including eight rhinos at Kruger National Park, as well as more dead rhinos on private farms in Limpopo, and Mpumalanga.

The Zimbabwean caught with them is called  Tinashe. He is renting a cafe which is situated on a State Land in Swartwater (Limpopo/Capricorn) just between Tomburke  and  Alldays. The  Lease-  which remains questionable prevent locals to get rid of him due to corrupt Land officials responsible for managing state properties in Limpopo. The cafe in question host lots of Zimbabwean nationals, who are also suspected of dealing with diamonds as well.Apart from the cafe he is renting, the thug has no any other source of income BUT he has accumulated a questionable wealth and fleet of cars.

In Pretoria, South Africa, Al Jazeera secretly filmed a conversation with the manager of a Chinese restaurant who owns a collection of rhino horn bracelets and ivory chopsticks. The restaurant manager told Al Jazeera that when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited South Africa last December a delegation accompanying him asked to be taken shopping for illegal souvenirs to smuggle home. “They loved those ivory accessories,” he said. “Also rhino horn, but they didn’t buy much. They bought ivory mostly.” The illegal spending spree was confirmed by a second source.  The Chinese government has pledged greater action on wildlife crime and did not respond to requests for an interview regarding our investigation. In South Africa, one rhino horn trafficker bragged to Al Jazeera about his close connections to Minister of State Security David Mahlobo, who runs the country’s intelligence services. “He came to my massage parlor every week or at least twice a month,” said the trafficker. “I know him very well.” Mahlobo has denied (as expected) any relationship with the businessman. (Link)

Should the international community take a closer look at South Africa’s role in rhino horn trafficking?

In 2003, an unexpected criminal element was taking root in South Africa. Certain safari operators were found to be using legal trophy hunts as a front for running rhino horn to Vietnam. Six years later, the wildlife trade monitoring network TRAFFIC noted in its report ahead of CITES CoP15 that the bogus hunts were taking place on “the same game ranches repeatedly”. It seemed that some of South Africa’s game ranchers were making the most of their access to aircraft, guns, veterinary drugs, and connections to the professional hunting fraternity.

The first of South Africa’s rhino horn trafficking rings to make international headlines was referred to as the “Boere Rhino Mafia” in a 2010 Mercury investigative piece (Tracking down the ‘Boere rhino mafia’). This crew’s unsavory operation began to unravel in 2006 with the arrests of brothers Nicolaas and Gideon “Deon” van Deventer. In an interview with photojournalist Ian Michler, the van Deventer brothers admitted to killing calves as well as adult rhinos. They received jail sentences after confessing to shooting 19 white rhinos. They used a variety of weapons borrowed from fellow hunters and illegally loaned from gun shops.

Eighteen died within close proximity to where they were shot and one escaped wounded. Of the total, 16 were adults and three were calves, killed because they kept milling around their dead mothers. Eight of the rhinos were shot in the southern reaches of the Kruger National Park, two in Hluhluwe–iMfolozi and the rest on private game farms owned by people known to the syndicate members.”

Information received from the van Deventers led to the arrests of George Clayton Fletcher, co-owner of Sandhurst Safaris, and Gerhardus “Gert” Bartlomeus Saaiman, owner of Saaiman Hunting Safaris, Saaiman Game Ranch and Saaiman Aviation. A third brother, Frans Andries “Andre” van Deventer, was also nabbed.

Multiple charges were brought against the “Boere Rhino Mafia”, including racketeering, money laundering, various counts of theft, malicious damage to property and contraventions of the various provincial Conservation Acts and the Aviation Act.

  • According to South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority, “hunters, a pilot, middlemen (agents) and buyers illegally hunted rhinos … The Aerostar was used to locate the rhinos in various National Parks around the country. It was also used to transport poachers to different national parks where the rhinos were spotted.”
  • In May 2010, over R40 million in properties belonging to Fletcher and Saaiman were seized by the Asset Forfeiture Unit.
  • In October 2010, Gideon van Deventer reportedly told prosecutors he was no longer willing to testify. He said that two private investigators have been visiting him in prison, offering him money not to testify – and threatening to harm his children if he does.
  • The case was “struck from the roll” by Judge Nomonde Mngqibisa of the North Gauteng High Court. The court ruled that to delay the case any further would be unfair to the accused. The judge pointed out that the State’s case was based on the testimony of a convicted criminal. “She said while she understands he is making it hard for the state to prepare for trial, the three accused – George Fletcher, Gerhardus Saaiman, Frans van Deventer – as well as their families, are living under the stigma of the charges which were levelled four years ago. The judge said they are losing their social standing because of delays caused by a man in prison.”

The defense team apparently included attorney Terry Price, who was also responsible for getting socialite Paris Hilton’s marijuana charges dropped during her World Cup visit. By 2011, Saaiman and the third van Deventer brother, “Andre”, were starting a hunting business in the Republic of Congo, according to the website. Saaiman reportedly encountered a problem with his firearms paperwork. He blamed “a conflict with a wildlife conservation organization in a neighboring area”. “He says this NGO is unhappy to see a hunting operation set up shop in Congo and has been problematic, possibly exerting its influence with the local police.” But a year later, all seemed well with former rhino horn trafficking suspects Saaiman and van Deventer, who had since changed the name of Saaiman Hunting Safaris to Congo Safaris.




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