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Article posted by: White Nation  correspondent Durban – February 17  2017












Open Letter to Zuko UGabe Madikane

” Mr. Madikane,

I am very confused by your comments to rid our country of investors (business owners)  I am an investor in South African businesses, do you want me to sell my companies- I employ many people! I encourage free press, so to me the BBC report is welcomed and encourages healthy discourse. By speaking about investors with such disdain, it appears your real intent is to send foreigners out of the country.

Your association of “investor” as a “foreigner” is very interesting. Some might say it is narrow minded, and shows that you have been adversely affected by extremist rhetoric. Truth could be told I am both an “investor” and a “foreigner”. How can this be? Are not all Bantu foreigners since our forefathers had their own “great trek” to Southern Africa from other regions (primarily central Africa)? Did we not migrate to southern Africa and “take” the land ourselves just as the settlers took it from us in later years through battle, fair and square like many places in the world during this time. If we didn’t ‘take it’, then how did others later ‘take it’ from us? Why does our government own millions of hectares of resource-rich land that sits unused, yet they want to abscond land from people who are using it productively?

It appears that by your logic, you are labeling the Bantu as foreigners as well, thereby excluding them too from doing business in our beloved country. My guess is you have done this through temporary lack of clarity? You also seem supportive in imposing Apartheid-like tactics on minorities in SA by removing their rights and dehumanizing them. Are you planning to build torture camps too for those who don’t fit your exact specifications? As an African man I welcome all good people who love this country and who aspire to our common goals to improve education, accelerate job skills, encourage investment, teach land utilisation skills, reduce crime, and promote strong Christian & family values. Race should be transparent to us, it is one’s character that is important. We should welcome all people, there is strength in diversity.


People entering SA illegally should be treated humanely as they are returned to their country of birth, where they can proceed applying for legal work visas to SA. Everyone currently illegal in SA should be given a grace period to document their status, and given temporary visas contingent on productive employment and clean records. Anyone with criminal records should be returned to their country of birth. Effort should be made to avoid splitting families to the fullest extent. Movement across borders should be encouraged, but done legally, after all, isn’t Africa for Africans? I welcome everyone with Africa in their heart. We must move firmly to eliminate Racism, Discrimination, Arrogance, Extremism, Ignorance, Class Warfare, and Exclusionary Tactics – these will only serve to isolate us and increase the poverty levels in our already poverty-stricken nation. Let’s rebuild South Africa the right way, so the disadvantaged are uplifted, in a way that can be sustained. With an improved system, everyone should be given multiple chances to be free, and to advance themselves. The ‘keep them dumb’ policy of the ANC will be the shocking crime of humanity that will be oft written about in history books in fifty years, and hopefully government censors won’t be ghost writing our history then.

Lastly, we need a political party that doesn’t embrace corruption, follows a strict interpretation of the constitution, and utilizes positive energy to build success in our country, not harness fear and division to bully a country into mindless compliance.

To an enlightened day, and a bright future.

Love & peace

Menzi Solomon Shange ” 

idiot born



FOR those liberals who simply deny that anything is wrong in South Africa you guys simply live a lie and in a fairy tale land. I am a young South African abroad and feel ashamed to even touch a South African passport. I absolutely defend what my forefathers built in that country but today it is unfortunately labeled as “colonialism”. I simply refuse to defend what has become of the “new South Africa ” under the ANC government and so-called “democracy”. Democracy has only alienated the whites of South Africa and enforced a reverse apartheid upon them. I feel for the younger generation of whites who suffer now. Were they part of Apartheid? Simply, no! Unfortunately world media is not doing the same job like when they portrayed and exposed only the worst of Apartheid. Where are you now? Did you guys find a new way of paying the bills? A suffering nation of whites under the rule of a barbaric society and evil regime won’t make your headlines now? SHAME ON YOU!

I invite those people who refuse to see that the whites in South Africa face a critical situation for survival to take a trip to South Africa and have yourself an extended stay. Just be warned you might be left for dead in a bush tied to a tree. So let’s stop beating around the bush and face the facts of an ever increasing danger for white people in South Africa. These are only recent incidents in the so-called “Rainbow nation”. A mother of three was brutally murdered stabbed 21 times and her eyes were removed by the sick black savage. I invite you liberals to go and comfort those three children who lost their mother in the most inhumane way imaginable.

A family of four were shot in their heads execution style on a farm during a farm attack.

An eight-year-old disabled boy was stabbed 5 times during a house robbery.

Eleven farm murders occurred in 14 days.

In a shocking incident last year 9-year-old Kayla Meyer and 3 other family members including her mother, grandfather and stepfather were savagely murdered on their farm. After shocking incidents like these all hope in South Africa is lost to live like a “rainbow nation”. Don’t dare to try and teach pride into me about my country. For me it is a war-zone and I am a target. White people in South Africa can no longer allow another segment of South African society to reign over them. You can’t be a nation when another nation reigns over you. I speak on behalf of most white South Africans, we are fed-up with our situation. I for one vote out of this mess!”-Annon


Double standards, clearly there are when one considers the action and media coverage of racists rants.

Penny Sparrow – called black people monkeys. Covered by media, trended all over social media. Court action was taken against her.

Velaphi Khumalo – said all white people should be killed like the Jews. Some media covered the story and NO court action.

Matthew Theunissen – called black people the “K” word. Outrage over social media, covered by mainstream media and court action was taken.

Quabe (Rhodes must fall leader) refused to give a white waitress a tip until all land was returned. – Hardly any cover by media, and NO court action.

Andre Slade – refused to give black people accommodation, said they were inhumane. Media made sure the story went viral, and court action was taken.

Julius Malema – said white people should be killed. No media coverage did not trend on social media and NO court action against him.

Riaan Lucas celebrated the death of Joost van der Westhuizen because he was white. Some media coverage did not trend on social media and NO court action in progress.

The above is some of the examples of racists comments made in the past; can you see the double standards? The video covers the double standards of racism in South Africa.

Fair or unfair, you decide.


The double standard of racism in South Africa – video