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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Adelaide– February 22 2017













“THE ILLEGAL communist regime  of Jacob Zuma may radiate, yet in his absence to a response of the  11 farm murders in the first two weeks of February, it is seen as a silent approval for our people to be killed worse than animals. “ So said the Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad, the HNP, AWB, Verkennersbeweging, and the VVK (Volksraad Verkiesing Kommissie) in a joint press release. The statement quoted Zuma where he sang the war cry: “We are going to Shoot them … they ‘are going to run … You are a Boer … Shoot the Boer … the Cabinet will Shoot them …”. Zuma’s subjects are beginning to carry out his intentions. This is not only “a crime” it is slaughter.

” There is a one-way war against us,” – the statement said. The statement said the Boer-Afrikaner Volksraad directly communicated to the Government demanding independence for the minority in their own homeland. “The international community has until May 31, 2017, to mediate the dispute. If not, our people will be called to urgent meetings, people must decide on a way forward. Meanwhile, people are urgently required to register with the VVK as a voter to help make a democratic decision and join the ranks of people organizations such as the AWB, HNP, and the Verkennersbeweging. Our future will be determined in 2017!”

” Zuma promotes racial divisions and fuels racial hatred with his comments that land is the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment and that the land in South Africa was stolen. With these remarks Zuma targets whites in South Africa as if they are the cause of poverty, inequality and unemployment. It is also often said in Parliament that ‘whites had stolen the land’. This fuels racial hatred and the Freedom Front Plus will be submitting a complaint to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) to investigate Zuma,” Dr. Pieter Groenewald, parliamentary spokesperson on land affairs for the Freedom Front Plus said. “The fact that Zuma had made this comment in Rustenburg in the presence of traditional leaders makes the situation worse when the consequences of the comments made by the Zulu King regarding foreigners in South Africa, are kept in mind. It is also clear that Zuma is trying to trump the EFF on the land issue which quickly inflames emotions and tempers.

“With regards to land the opposite is actually true. Land requires hard work and expertise to cultivate it and to ensure production. The mere ownership of land will not suddenly eradicate poverty, inequality and unemployment. Zuma and the ANC do not know how to address poverty and unemployment and whites are now being blamed for it in an irresponsible and emotional manner. It is a dangerous recipe which creates racial conflict,” Dr. Groenewald said.(Link)


However- the despot Robert Mugabe has called on South Africans to direct their xenophobia at whites instead of blacks. ‘I give poison not for you to swallow but to give to someone else’ he told the applauding staff at SADC Headquarters in Botswana. Speaking as Chair of the African Union as well as of SADC, Mugabe said South Africa needed a second liberation which would transfer wealth to blacks marginalized because whites owned most of the land and got most of the employment opportunities. ‘People are unemployed . . . the wrath of South Africans needs to be more directed towards the whites than the blacks’, he said. ‘You can’t live in palaces while others are living in shanties’. (Link)


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Former Miss World Anneline Kriel has suggested  Jacob Zuma face charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court for failing to protect farmers in South Africa.Her call‚ which includes the deployment of the military to protect vulnerable farmers‚ comes after a string of farm murders and the release of quarterly crime statistics‚ which revealed that there had been 116 more murders than the same period last year.

If the President and the ANC are against these killings then they must act accordingly. If the ANC can deploy the army at the State if the Nation Address he can surely authorize protection for vulnerable farmers by support for local farm watch organisations and deal with these murderers‚” Kriel said. She said Zuma’s inaction served as tacit approval of the murders. “Should we assume that he and the ANC are condoning them? If he remains silent and impotent on such an important matter then he himself is complicit in the murder of these helpless individuals and should face the full might of the law either in South Africa of in the International Criminal Court in The Hague‚” she said. South Africa recently signaled its intention to withdraw from the ICC‚ but a court ruled this week that this could only happen with parliament’s approval. Kriel said: “South Africa is a society with unreported murders in all walks of society. Yes‚ every gruesome murder is shocking and unacceptable‚” she said. Repeated attempts to get comment from The Presidency were not responded to. (Link) 

Middelburg, South Africa, August 2016. A black man is stopped by two whites, while he is on their property. He is in possession of suspected stolen copper cable. They would like to take him to the police station, but he threaten to kill their families and burn their crop fields. Obviously it is not racism, they are whites. His threats are not taken lightly, perhaps because the two whites are among the potential victims of the genocide under way in South Africa. So they decide to take him to their farm, and there they placed him in a coffin and threaten him to death. And this is racism, because he is black.
And so, now, the two whites are on trial, while the Black Communists protest out of the court against racism. They raise the placard “Kill White” together “Life Sentence for the Racists“, while they are beating two white dolls, nailed to a cross. All very “anti-racist.”


ANC: white children on the cross


mbete shit

  • Baleka Mbete- ANC speaker in Parliament




Another horrific farm attack in Nottingham Road, KwaZulu-Natal on February 17 that left one dead and another missing. Concerned neighbors went to the home of Roger (63) and Christine (56) Solik after they received no response to their telephone calls. When they got to the house, it was noted that the door was broken and the place ransacked, with blood all over the place. Their car was missing. The police were notified and a search operation began immediately. Later on that day, the body of Christine was found, in the Inzinga river, her hands were tied and her body was severely beaten. The couple’s car was found abandoned near Taylors Halt. Her husband Roger’s body also was found drifting in a river.  The police confirmed that no arrested have been made and a case of murder and house robbery has been opened. (Link)

A Farm attack by black thugs occurred on the farm “Rietpoort” near Nigel at approximately 03hoo am on February 26 2017. 3 Black thugs attacked a white farmer and robbed him of his pick-up: Rustler LDV reg: KTR 441 GP and an undisclosed amount of cash. Thugs still on the run.

AND on the farm “Klipplaat” near “Eersbewoon”  two black thugs attacked a farm caretaker on the farm by hitting him with a piece of wood over the head at 02hoo on February 26 2107. Luckily alarm was made in time and the two thugs fled into the field.


The domestic worker of a family in Alliance Road, Selcourt, was surprised by armed black thugs at her employer’s home at about 11am on Tuesday and forced to take them to her employer’s bedroom.  SAPS spokesman Capt Johannes Ramphora says a mother (32) and her son (5) were in the bedroom at the time. One of the thugs, who was allegedly armed with a firearm, was wearing gloves and a mask. The thugs asked where the woman’s husband was and she informed them he would return home in 30 minutes. Ramphora says one of the thugs took the TV set while the other opened drawers in the bedroom. They took a laptop, TV, jewellery, a cellphone and a camera from the house. “They loaded the stolen goods into a white Kia sedan and drove off,” says Ramphora.(Link)


 An innocent white man was shot to death in Rayton– East of Pretoria on Friday night while he enjoyed time off with his wife on their wedding anniversry. Leon Otto (43) was shot when two black thugs entered the house and shot him once in the head and three times in the abdomen. No-one was apprehended yet.

An elderly white woman has died after being raped and strangled in Uitenhage. Police spokesman Sergeant Majola Nkohli said the 95-year-old woman’s body was found on the floor of her lounge in Luyt Street, Uitenhage at about 5.30pm on Thursday. “A neighbour was bringing some food for the elderly woman when she discovered the body,” Nkohli said. “It is believed that the victim was raped and then strangled with a telephone cord.” Nkohli said the motive was unknown as nothing appeared to be missing from the house. He asked anyone with information to contact Warrant Officer Jacques Nell at 041 996 4581.(Link)




This elderly gentleman who resides at Gulu went to Gulu Mouth this afternoon to simply look at the sea. This is what happened to him. He was attacked by three black youths armed with bricks and knives. He fought back and stabbed one in the head. They stole his pick-up ,  his wallet – and all his keys. We suspect his left arm is broken (smashed by a brick) and he was also smashed on the head with a brick between 3-5 times. He has severe lacerations and is in terrible pain. Fortunately he was not stabbed in his upper body. He had to walk back to Aqualea, at Gulu all the way from the mouth in this condition. No-one stopped to help him.(Link) 

SEVEN black thugs attacked a farm near the Bloempoort road near  Pretoria, assaulted the white parents and raped the daughter.(Link) 

Kimberley: Elderly white man shot black thug in house robbery. ( Link) 

White woman brutally raped by black thugs on a Settlers school terrain. ( Link) 


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Another elderly farmer –Piet Jacobs– was murdered at Harswater in the Northern Cape. His body was discovered by his son on February 24 2017. He was badly beaten and stabbed with a knife. Info still scarce. ( Link) 


The body of a white woman- Madelein Pienaar– was found in Riversdale underneath the Gourits railway bridge in the Western Cape. It is still unclear who murdered and took her there. Her Toyota Yaris was found on top of the bridge (Link)


Scarcely a week after four whites were brutally murdered by black savages in Mpumalanga- or yet another white woman was brutally attacked by black thugs. Emily Schoeman was brutally attacked on a chicken farm where she worked. Schoeman works for a farmer and was on her way to the chicken pens to get eggs. She was bush-whacked when she entered the house and struck several times with a vase on the head by black thugs , She was threatened with a 9 mm pistol and forced to hand over the keys of the safe. The black terrorists then fled with money, her pick-up- and several bank cards.( Link)

Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn survived a horrendous farm attack near Dullstroom over the weekend. They were tortured then shot by black savages and dropped off next to the R33 (Belfast-Stoffberg Road), where they were later discovered by passersby. They both sustained gunshot wounds to the head. Mr Lynn had a black bag tied around his neck whilst Mrs Howarth had a plastic bag shoved down her throat. Both victims had burn wounds. Mrs Howarth never regained consciousness since she was discovered groaning in pain next to the road. She had multiple skull fractures after the ordeal. Mr. Lynn is recovering in hospital. He still has a bullet lodged in his neck. The couple’s vehicle was discovered abandoned in Middelburg in front of a tavern this morning. She subsequently died in hospital due to her injuries. Mrs Howarth will be remembered as a ‘straight shooter’ and strong woman with a heart of gold who made an impression where ever she went. She was a well known face at sheepdog trials and had a passion for Border Collies. . (Link)

Marie Verwey (Supplied, Netwerk24)

Marie Verwey, 80, apparently asked her home-care nurse to help her just before she was stabbed to death. Verwey was found murdered in the Villa Merwe guest house in Paradyskloof, Stellenbosch, on Thursday. Nicole Geldenhuys, 32, who was Verwey’s home-care nurse and her boyfriend, Romeo Hendricks,   40, –  both coloreds-appeared in the Stellenbosch Magistrate’s Court on Monday on charges of murder, housebreaking with intent to rob and robbery.  They were arrested at their home in Lovers Lane, an informal settlement in Paarl, on Saturday at about 04:00.  Prosecutor Licardo Davids said they would oppose bail.  Geldenhuys had confessed to police that they had planned the robbery, Davids told the court. When he heard this, Hendricks looked at Geldenhuys and told the court he knew nothing about the murder. (Link) 

On Thursday, February 23, around 16H30, Mr. Kenneth Leggo (74) was attacked and overpowered by two black thugs on his property situated in Tzaneen. The thugs attacked Leggo with a saw and a knife before fleeing with three vehicle batteries, two solar batteries, a Dell Laptop, a computer screen and two mobile phones. Mr. Leggo managed to crawl to a neighbor’s house during the night and was taken to the hospital around 04H00 this morning. Thethugs are still at large and the police are investigating the matter.(Link) 

An elderly white woman has died after being raped and strangled in Uitenhage. Police spokesman Sergeant Majola Nkohli said the 95-year-old woman’s body was found on the floor of her lounge in Luyt Street, Uitenhage at about 5.30pm on Thursday. “A neighbour was bringing some food for the elderly woman when she discovered the body,” Nkohli said. “It is believed that the victim was raped and then strangled with a telephone cord.” Nkohli said the motive was unknown as nothing appeared to be missing from the house. He asked anyone with information to contact Warrant Officer Jacques Nell at 041 996 4581. (Link) 

Two white women and a teen-age boy were brutally assaulted by black thugs with a pick-head at Hartebeespoort near Pretoria. According to the victims the boy heard the dogs bark outside their home in Ifafi. He went to investigate as they expected guests. When he went outside the black thugs ambushed him and forced the 3 victims inside the house where jewelry and other possessions. (Link) 

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A white Port Elizabeth woman has been shot and wounded in an armed robbery by black thugs in Deal Party. Police spokesperson, Captain Sandra Janse Van Rensburg, says the incident happened shortly after nine on Tuesday morning when the 41-year-old woman was walking to a drop safe to place an undisclosed amount of cash inside. She says two men, who had been waiting in the car on the premises, approached the woman and demanded the cash. Janse Van Rensburg says a shot was fired and the woman was wounded in the right leg. The thugs fled with the money in white VW Polo. (Link)


At about 9.30pm yesterday (20 February) West Suburbs Roodepoort Neighbourhood Watch(WSRNW) received a call from one of their members informing them of an armed robbery on Lichtenstein Street.  The threeblack thugs  stopped at the house in question in a black Mercedes-Benz. The safety gate was open and they kicked open the door. The white owner of the house got involved in a fight with one of the thugs and was shot three times – in his leg, side and arm. The thugs  then fled with only a TV and cellphones. WSRNW searched the area and secured the scene until the police arrived. The victim was taken to Netcare Milpark Hospital. (Link) 


Farm attack, 70-Year-old Farmer beaten Tzaneen. Photo: Boere Krisis Aksie

Two elderly white farm people are still in shock after they were attacked by black thugs on their farm. Richard (72) and  Anita Wiggil  were brutally attacked by blacks on their farm outside Haenertsburg in Limpopo. They were continuously hit, kicked and bounded. They thought they were about to die. (64) (Link) On January 19, a farm attack in Richard Juggling, Haenetsburg, Tzaneen, Limpopo around 3:00 left both the farmer and his wife in a serious condition. Mr. and Mrs. Wiggle both aged 70 were victims when four black thugs broke into the main house by smashing a bedroom window. The first thing thethugs did was take away the cell phones and immediately assaulted the elderly couple and tied them up with cable ties and electric cords. The thugs  began searching the house, an employee by the name of Alex was also tied up and had his phone confiscated. The suspects made sure that they left no evidence and cleared their tracks before fleeing in the Wiggle’s pickup van. The suspects threatened the couple and told them they would come back and kill them. The employee Alex managed to free himself and rushed to help the farmer and his wife. As all the cell phones were taken, they were not able to raise the alarm. The Wiggles and Alex walked approximately one kilometer to get help from a neighbor. The neighbor assisted and the police were alerted. Both the farmer and his wife sustained head and body injuries and were taken to hospital for treatment. (Link) 

Young white woman died mysteriously after she was raped by black thugs two weeks ago. ( Link) 

A sixty year old white female has been left fighting for her life following a house robbery in Sylvania Place in the suburb of Umgeni Park, north of Durban. Marshall Security and emergency services were called to the scene after the home owner’s son found his mother lying on the floor of her home, unresponsive and in a critical condition. Reports from the scene indicate that an unknown number of black thugs  forced entry into the home during the last 24 hours, violently assaulting the home owner and strangling her, before ransacking the house and fleeing in an unknown direction. Advanced life support paramedics worked fervently to stabilize the victim before she was rushed by Crisis Medical ambulance to a nearby hospital for further care. The scene was secured and handed over to the South African Police Services for further investigation and processing. (Link) 

Another white couple were brutally attacked ij their home in Boksburg. In a titanic struggle Johan Du Toit (64) fought off the black thugs,- but were repeatedly struck over the head with a blunt object- and stabbed with a knife. Him and his wife Marisca (48) was ambushed when they arrived at their home in Short street Boksburg on a smallholding. He managed to obtain his hunting rifle which scared off the thugs. He is in a stable condition in hospital. ( Link) 

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JAN DOUWES(65) was murdered on Wednesday February 8 2016 in Gordonsbay. He was found murdered in a kneeling position. (Link) 

Two Glenwood women endured a harrowing armed robbery when black thugs  burst into their home and dragged them by their throats on 17 February 2017. Blue Security operations manager Brian Jackson said the residents, one of them a 70-year old woman, were at home at a complex in Bulwer Road just before 7pm when a gang of armed thugs held them up. “Three thugs- , one of them armed with a firearm and wearing a reflector vest similar to those worn by car guards,-  walked into their lounge and held them up. Two of the thugs grabbed the women by their throats and started choking them,” he said. “The armed thug, who seemed to be the gang leader called the orders and demanded that they hand over cash and other valuables. The gang then dragged the women by their throats through the house as they searched for valuables to steal.” Jackson said a neighbor was walking past the home and got caught up in the assault. “The armed thug grabbed him and shoved him onto the ground before fleeing the scene with the rest of the gang. Residents gave chase along the freeway in the direction of the CBD, but lost the suspects as they fled towards Warwick junction. No injuries were reported,” he said. Four cellphones, a laptop and cash was reported stolen. The SAPS Durban flying squad and the Umbilo police attended the scene of the crime. (Link)


And in another attack on whites a guest house owner nearly were decapitated in his house by black thugs . (Link) 

 Roelf Pretorius  (57) of Daggafontein near Springs was shot dead in cold blood by black thugs in his own car ramp at home. He still wanted to give the keys of his car to the  two black hi-jackers,- when one of the thugs decided to shoot him in cold blood there and then. This all happened while his three young children were watching in horror. Ironically enough were his son Roelf Jr (31)  in the East Rand  hospital a week ago after he was shot by the same thug as well. (Link) 

Three or four black thugs  attacked Hannes Harmse and his wife on their farm outside Derby on the Ventersdorp road on, February 14, 2017 around 07:15. The thugs wore balaclavas and after assaulting the couple fled with three firearms. Responding swiftly to the incident the police and farming community began searching for the suspects but they remain at large. The investigation continues. (Link)

An eight-year-old disabled boy was sitting outside with Santie – a 38-year-old female – at their home in Ermelo Road, Strubenvale, Springs. Around 10H00 two black thugs wearing blue overalls and balaclavas entered the yard and forced them inside the house. The thugs demanded money and Santie told them she had none. One of thethugs went to the kitchen and found a knife, he then stabbed the boy five times on his hand, chest and on the back of his body. Santie sustained some bruises on her hands. The thugs proceeded to the bedroom, ransacked the room, and fled with a laptop and a tablet. Santie and the young child were taken to hospital for treatment. The police are investigating the incident. (Link)


A Gang of black thugs threatened to rape a white woman and jabbed a gun against her 8-year old daughter’s head. The family reside about 10 km from Hartebeespoort dam. She and the child had a night out with her brother in-law. Upon arrival at home- her brother-in-law went to his bedroom and sat on the bed talking on his cellphone. Suddenly a black thug stuck his claw through the window and held it against his head and ordered him to put his hands in the air.The rest of the thugs broke open the glass pane door- entered the house and bound the woman and the little id with shoelaces. They threatened to kill the family execution style.  On numerous occasions did the thugs push the barrel of a gun against the little kid’s head and threaten to shoot her and her mom if they do not tell them where is the keys for the safe. They then start to plunder the house. Only when the woman’s husband arrived and start calling their names did the thugs flee.(Link)

An Afrikaner man, Fritz van der Westhuizen – has died after he was brutally attacked by black terrorists on a Thabazimbi farm. (Link)

FOUR black African  thugs  were arrested  for the Modderbult farm murders. The Modderbult farm murders happened in Balfour where a white  family of four was brutally slaughtered. According to SAPS, the victims include an elderly man Gert Smuts (78), and his wife, Paulina Smuts (70). The couple, their son and daughter-in-law, Louis (47) and Belinda Smuts (42) were found murdered inside their house . While the police discovered two firearms and jewelry abandoned at the murder scene, they found that the vehicle of the victims, a Toyota Prado was missing. Thereafter, an intensive manhunt for the suspects commenced. Through the assistance of Tracker, the vehicle was spotted in Balfour. SAPS narrated that the occupants opened fire at the police when they approached the vehicle. “…The police retaliated wherein one of the suspects was shot and wounded, one arrested and some managed to abscond the scene. Inside the vehicle, police found a 9mm pistol and a laptop,” SAPS related. The manhunt for the remaining suspects continued and now, Hawks have arrested four foreign thugs linked to the Modderbult farm murders. As learnt, the foreign thugs include two Nigerian nationals and two Mozambicans. (Link)

SOUTH AFRICAN BLACK HIPPOCRACY.  ANC and EFF members gathered outside the Modimolle Magistrate’s Court on Monday in solidarity with the family of a farm worker who was murdered after he was allegedly mistaken for a warthog. The picketers were calling for Stephan Hepburn‚39‚ to be denied bail after he was arrested in connection with the murder of Jan Railwa‚ 25‚ at the Meisiesvlei farm in Tuinplass over a week ago. More than 20 white people were brutally murdered by blacks this past two weeks- BUT none of this villainous two-faced Hyenas in red pajamas marched for any black murderer to be denied bail. 


 The Letsitele community was rocked this morning on February 12 2017 at the news of another brutal farm attack on a couple in that area. The incident took place at approximately 03:00 this morning on the farm Gunyala 71 at the home of Ben and Martie Nel. Information available at the moment is that there were two black thugs who entered their home. It is unclear at this stage what exactly was the motive, or what has been stolen other than a VW Golf, navy blue in color with registration number CDC334L. Members of the Farm Watch and SAPS are still combing the scene. We have received confirmation that the female victim was sexually assaulted and that she is currently being treated at Letaba Hospital. We have also been informed that a massive search is currently underway for the suspects. (Link)
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In another farm attack at a farm “Potlootspruit” near Lydenburg two black thugs were apprehended. Various stolen goods were found in their possession. (Link) 

A trail of blood from a burglary scene resulted in the arrest of a man east of Pretoria on Monday night. Brinant security group spokesperson Martin Barnard said a black thug  and an accomplice had broken into a residence in Edelvalk Street in Monument Park around 22:00.  He said they broke a glass door to gain access into the house. “One of the cthugs somehow cut his Achilles tendon,” said Barnard. He said the family who were in the house at the time, had locked themselves in the bathroom. “The thugs fled the house with a tablet and a phone.”  The tablet was later recovered in the veld not far from the home. Barnard said officers responded to a community group Whatsapp message. He said a resident had typed “help” and the address. “The response found blood in the house and followed the trail to a thug lying in the veld not far from the scene,” he said. Barnard lauded the officers who responded though the the homeowner was not a client.  He said the thug was handed over to the Lyttelton police.” Police spokesperson Captain Dave Miller confirmed the arrest and said a house breaking docket was opened at the station. “The suspect was taken to hospital for medical attention and is under heavy police guard,” said Miller adding that the thug would appear in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court as soon as he was fit to. (Link) 





Members of Nigeria’s community in South Africa have raised concerns over renewed anti-immigrant violence, appealing to authorities to intervene before the situation gets out of control.

A white Port Elizabeth woman has been shot and wounded in an armed robbery by black thugs  in Deal Party. Police spokesperson, Captain Sandra Janse Van Rensburg, says the incident happened shortly after nine on Tuesday morning when the 41-year-old woman was walking to a drop safe to place an undisclosed amount of cash inside. She says two black thugs, who had been waiting in the car on the premises, approached the woman and demanded the cash. Janse Van Rensburg says a shot was fired and the woman was wounded in the right leg. The thugs fled with the money in white VW Polo. (Link)

ANSIE STEYN from the town Sundra walked out of a place she visited when she was approached by a black thug that wanted to rob her handbag. A tussle ensued and Steyn was critically wounded after the thug stabbed her with a sharp object. She subsequently died in the arms of her brother on the scene due to the  injury. ( Link) 

Killing whites in South Africa became a black cultural ” cherry-picking” hobby. With an utter useless goat herder as a “president”  denying that there is a white genocide in progress- and a racist pack of vindictive half-wit wolves playing the  “ government” of the day-silencing the media on any black-on-white attack-  it is then no wonder the predators from hell are roaming the streets and rural areas in search for easy killings. NO-where in the world does whites get assaulted and murdered on such a humongous scale than in South Africa. With demonic influences  such as Zuma, Malema and Andile Mngxitam instigating on a constant basis  violent “repercussions” against the white “settlers”– killing whites are therefore “justified” for the so-called ” atrocities” of “apartheid.AND the werewolves roaming the landscape in search for blood heed to that calls. The onslaught against whites and attacks on farms already are an organized and well planned  military-style operation through-out the country. (Link)

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The three main political dregs in the South African parliament ensure enough legislation are manufactured to oppress, disown and impoverish whites on orders of their global “masters.” . New concocted “laws” such as the ” anti-racist” and “ hate speech” laws are specifically manufactured to keep the white voice subdued. Laws such as the ” land expropriation” law are manufactured to give the thieves in control the right to disown whites again. Thus taking away the right to work through BEEE “laws”– and taking away white property through “land laws” will ensure the white Afrikaner have no right at all to own land or to work to feed his children anymore- thus making him an alien in his own country. The onslaught against whites are orchestrated from the highest political spheres. The security forces  also are assisting the black marauding packs  of well-trained wolves. In many cases government issued automatic rifles and 9 mm pistols were used in the killings of innocent white victims. Further-more did  the communist criminals open the country’s borders for many would-be assassins to enter the country- and old weapon smuggling routes was re-instated by the black Count Dracula – Thabo Mbeki- who also made sure that protection for farmers in rural areas are taken away when he disbanded the old Commando protection units- thus leaving the white farmers at the mercy of Satan and his alliances. . To now go to a black squatter-camp and obtain an illegal weapon is as easy as purchasing a bar of chocolate. Black assassins can even “rent “ weapons from the police. Illegal weapons in black settlements never are  checked- where in contrast the villainous white haters in parliament make sure all whites are disarmed- and these that are lucky enough to have any weapons- are regulated by strict “laws”ONE small act of “negligence “ can find a white  ending up with  a hefty fine. (Link)


Through all this discrimination, the oppression, -the murders and act of war against the whites in South Africa-  the thugs in the United Nations, EU and parliaments across the world conveniently choose to ” look the other way.” Deliberately ignoring the white genocide in South Africa became a global passion. All those “ Free Mandela” screamers and their bourgeois “ human rights” Jew-controlled organizations, the media falsehoods…the “humanitarian” organizations such as the Red Cross- and the so-called “activists” for equal rights  suddenly became very quiet. They became deaf for the plight of the Afrikaner. The sound of the Shill are too overwhelming  to even detect a faint cry from a helpless victim on some distant farm in South Africa. South Africa used to be a peaceful and prosperous country with even millions o black foreigners going down South to earn a decent living in the mines. But this was not good enough for the British “elite” pigs – and millions and millions of British pounds found their way through  secret transfers to the pockets of paid front men to start instigating riots and chaos. Again it was the “mercenaries” in the Anglican Church and bourgeois “ NGO’s” that funneled the money from Britain.

“Apartheid” was conveniently chosen to be the scapegoat for this clandestine treason to hand the country into communist hands. Today those same corporate thugs are paying Zuma, Malema , Mngxitam & Co to carry on that chaos and destruction. The British and South African Broederbond NASPERS media played a huge part in the chaos that erupted after that- and still today this disgusting evil media hounds who refer to themselves as  ” correspondents” – lurking  behind their little laptops-  are still hard at work to create a civil war. It is a well known fact that the biggest racism actions are coming from blacks- and not whites- but because the leftist despicable media keep on propagating that whites are “racists”– the general “acceptance” is that whites are the ” oppressors”– and blacks the “victims.” The contrary actually is the truth. Blacks are the worst racists in today’s society. The fallen angels are hard at work in this godless world…controlling it from their various strongholds  in New York , Stockholm, Rome  and London. As for white South Africans – the curse  of being a white today in that country will linger on unnoticed. The killing of whites will go unnoticed as long as the fallen angel of war hold the reigns of the global corporate chariots and liberal white Judician  horses. Only an intervention from a higher celestial power will turn the tides in favor of the remaining whites in South Africa. As for the mean-time whites are massacred at a rate of two a day.

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South Africa is a country of many controversies. South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world, yet we feed our criminals KFC. This is Gauteng MEC Nkosi-Malobane handing over KFC to jailbirds during a Moroka Swallows Vs Sundowns soccer game at Leeuwkop Correctional Services. We are confused as to why taxpayers should fork out money for KFC when children don’t have school books & desks & people are homeless.  Millions of people are living in poverty- but criminals get KFC? Is this good? Will it help rehabilitate them?  Why do criminals deserve this? Please help us understand.



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“I HAD to do it….had to do it…had to do it…”