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Article compiled  by: White Nation  Editorial Cape Town– February 25 2017


THE white people of South Africa did what they thought would be the honorable  thing – and allowed that voting  for a democracy in South Africa must continue. What they received in return for their gullible compromise was anything but appreciation. What they on the contrary received for their compassion to allow the sun to shine above the heads of all races and ethnic groups- was nothing but ungrateful  vengeance and disrespect. What they received in return was the start of the extermination of their race. What they received was a regime that based it’s power on pure undiluted race hatred and vengeance. What they received was a regime that have no compassion for them and started to wage a war against them. What they end-up with was nothing short of a white genocide.

Is it then right that they now are being murdered on their farms and economically sidelined via government programs of Black Economic Empowerment? Is it  fair that the white citizens of South Africa should be blamed as scape- goats and made to pay for the ANC governments inability to lead their people to a better future?  I believe the solution is to allow the white people of South Africa to have their own independent state,– so as to remove the ability of any black South African communist government abusing them as a scapegoats for their own ineptocracy, corruption, maladministration and shortcomings to effectively rule in all honesty and transparency a country! This will ensure that they, – the white people of South Africa,- have a real chance to develop themselves and their own independent state as guidelines being described by the United Nations.This is the only way they can make a positive contribution to the region as a whole.

The white Boer/Afrikaner have the full right to claim their own independent state. Taken in consideration that the British illegally and willfully stole the two Boer republics with a shrewd conspiracy- it is nothing short of correct that the white Boer/Afrikaner can claim this that has been taken from them- JUST as Zuma and Malema now want to ENFORCE land to be given back to blacks as it was supposed to be  “stolen” from them! So- what is the difference then between Zuma and Malema’s claim- and the white Boer/Afrikaners’ claim then? The same principles apply ( although Zuma want to use a foolish concocted ” law ” and false propaganda to get his agenda fulfilled)- in both cases. Both parties claim land was stolen from them. Both parties insist the stolen land must be given back– but only blacks have the right to claim their land back- it appears. Why should whites- that were in the Cape Colony before the Nguni tribes-and were responsible for designing and developing the infrastructure the black population inherited in 1994-  not be legible to forward the same claim? 

Why does Zuma and his ilk play this false  game of hippocracy? Is it because the majority blacks do not pay taxes- and the whites does- thus Zuma will sorely miss the white milking cow that feeds his black incompetent electorate? Is it because if there is no whites anymore- the ANC cannot shift the blame for their own ineptocracy onto the whites anymore- or fabricate bourgeois “laws” of “racism, hate speech” and other silly legislature to demonize whites again? Is it because Zuma is sh*tting in his pants by the idea that an independent white state may cause a stronger military power to emerge that might have the ability to challenge his criminal  rule? Is it that Zuma is frightened that a white state may grow to a superpower among all the other failed South African provinces and will expose his own gangster-rule as incompetent?Is it that Zuma and his mob are afraid that a white enclave may draw much more investment opportunities than a corrupt “Democracy?” OR is it that Zuma and the gangsters in Lethuli-House want to complete their hidden agenda to exterminate the last white footprints from Africa- and a white enclave will surely be the death-knell of such an idea? 

IF you have to wonder about Boer/Afrikaner culture and their broader white culture that are very different from African culture:  Did not Merkel say just the other day that the European multiculturalism has failed and that other ethnic groups will not assimilate white culture of the countries where they have taken root but rather segregate themselves into ghettos and neighborhoods where they feel more comfortable? You cannot force people to adopt foreign cultures ! This is apparent – so why should Afrikaners be forced to adopt the African culture ? Does not our diversity make us stronger..?It is the current ANC regime that refuses to accept this truth and seeks only to squash and belittle the white culture. Imagine a country that could exist if they had adopted and professed a different ideal.It is way past the time of working together in the current political set up – and only if the white people of Southern Africa can achieve a state of self determination, can they possibly be in a position to contribute to the enhancement of the country as a whole.

In the current political sphere of race hatred they will be drowned and made insignificant to a  worthless status to anyone! You can only work from a position of strength.  The whites have a lot they can contribute – and can seriously make a huge difference  in South Africa- but for the vindictive hatred and discrimination coming from all three racist-driven political parties now brawling like a bunch of drunken thugs in their parliament for the prime position next to the trough. ! Then maybe people will realize that all races can co-exist and  live together,-  but only so long as they respect each others values in their own independent states! SO– where are the new Boer/Afrikaner leaders now- have they all grown yellow back-bones? Is  there not ONE Boer/Afrikaner leader brave enough to stand up and fight against the injustices committed against the white Boer/Afrikaner nation? Did the once proud and mighty Boer/Afrikaner nation who fought the mighty British Empire and 5 of the most militarized nations now suddenly become nothing more than a nation full of cowards that only could  huff and puff on a social site – to be mocked by even the most disgusting leftist liberals –  now to be led by WOMEN ? Where is the modern Moses that could stand-up for the Boer/Afrikaner and say ” Let my people GO!?”

NO nation or race should rule or have the right of decision over another. NO political party should rule a state or a country. NO singular entity should have all the power to wield an ax of oppression over other people alone. Even the misdirected liberals of today profess this possibility-  but have no practical solution or methodology of purpose to bring this utopia about.Mankind can raise to the challenge or drown in his inability to try. If we could get the Jew-vulture and all his taxes and unions out of our countries- if we can stand together and form a wall against scrupulous corporate banking thugs that bribe politicians to oppress us- and impoverish us through credit schemes and loan-sharking- the future will be in our hands to dictate our own course to prosperity. The ANC communists made sure all Boer/Afrikaner leaders and activists were effectively  neutralized through demonetization, incarceration and assassination.

Thus the Boer/Afrikaner nation now are leaderless and subjected  to disarmament, jobless, without a heritage, national flag, pride, language or historical origin- constant discrimination – and genocide. That was their agenda all along. Now they move to dis-own them as well- thus rendering them as nomadic aliens in their country of birth.  How long will the Boer/Afrikaner allow this deliberate extermination of their nation to proceed? Sometime we as the free people must take a stance and realize that we ourselves- through our own passive carelessness – give more power to the real oppressors through our obstinate silence. It is time the black populace start to wake up to the realities of survival and WHO are their real enemies – and the white Boer/Afrikaner to become actively verbal and demand the same “rights” Zuma and Malerma now demands….a piece of land that was stolen through the means of a conspiracy– but a land  that rightfully belong to them.


SOURCE: White Nation