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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Johannesburg – March 04 2017



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” SOMETIMES I feel like giving up on South Africa. Sometimes I feel that you are fighting a lonely un-thankful battle- a battle against your own race that foolhardy cares a sh*t what happens to themselves in this God-Forsaken country-. Sometimes I feel that the whites in South Africa must go and serve the god they deserve. Sometimes I feel that after 8 years of battling the odds of careless white Afrikaners, disgusting white liberal seed of Satan- and the oppressive regime- that this aggravation is not worth it. Sometimes I feel the hours and hours of time I wasted in trying to make white South Africans aware of their own demise just isn’t worth it.

Sometimes I feel it will be better for me to do like most of the white Afrikaners do- and turn a blind eye to the ignorance and treason of my people,- pack my bags- and leave for another country. For so long I tried to get people of my race to join the resistance and help in fighting the injustice against our people- but alas- after so many requests- still nobody answered the call. I have arrived at the conclusion that the white Afrikaner is a docile and passive “reader”- who prefer to sit back and watch the world go by in front of his/her computer screen. I have seen SO many good spirited activists come and go- and all for the same reason- they were neglected by their own people to fight a lonely war all by themselves. You can name them- there are many- and for every good activist the treatment always were the same. They were demonized, scolded at, treated like dirt- and accused of many terrible things they did not do. All this by their own people. One after the other they left….never to return…

If only this stupid near-sighted Afrikaners could see what damage they REALLY caused to their own people.Blinded by their own arrogance they stumbled from one disaster into the next. Like mindless sheep they followed the National Party wolves into a trap that resulted them to loose their country- their self respect , their inheritance – and today- their lives. If they only heed the warnings- only supported their activists- there could have been a resistance that could have spread like wildfire- and formed a impenetrable shield against the communist oppression. Instead of taking notice what happens in their country- they allowed thousands upon thousands of black rioters fighting for THEIR rights to invade the streets on Saturdays – all while white Afrikaners sit at home and prefer to watch their silly games on TV . Instead of supporting the Red October march for their people most Afrikaners preferred to support the march to the Hypermarkets for their monthly groceries , hair salons and monthly manicures.Do we still have to figure out why there is discrimination, oppression and a white genocide in South Africa? They say charity begins at home- not at the supermarket. Somehow the Afrikaner have as yet not learned this lesson. Instead of supporting their people in telling the world what’s going on in South Africa- they prefer to sit and watch ” 7e Laan” diversity and homosexuality on TV.

Instead of supporting and uniting behind them- you always got a group of white misdirected terrorists the likes of Konrad Koch, Carina Papenfus, , Max Du Preez ,Elsabe Zietsman, Piet Croucamp and many others that through subversion- made it their mission to attack and belittle this rebels- launching one smear campaign after the other- trying to make them out to be the laughing stock of the country. Then you have the common white trash like this bunch (…/)- white scum that have the arrogance to deliver their own people into the hands of the black murderers of the white nation through treachery- in return for a few shekels of Judas silver. Like the wretches they are- they skulk behind their screens and keyboards to sow destruction and diversion. Then I saw these white “secret society” Afrikaner ” Broederbonders”-  the De Klerks, Meyers, Wessels . Botha et al dregs from hell that sits in dark offices- playing little Free Mason games in remote secret farm sheds at night when they don their devil’s garb and start their rituals. They are the ones pulling the strings- they that deem themselves little gods and decide who lives and who dies. They are the ones that have all the riches and the power. They are the mass murderers of their own people.

You try to help the poor by opening a site where people can donate- then you get blamed as being a “thief.” You run a social site exposing the horrible murders- then a white menace would stick you in the back and your site gets locked by another white menace in control. You run a site to bring out the voice of the white people- then a piece of white scum would hack and destroy it. You organize a march for your people- then white criminal heathens would sneak around and take photos for the enemy to arrest you. You organize a gathering to to try and set up an organization to protect your people- then white faceless treacherous thugs acting as “agents” would inform the Stassi police to come and arrest or disrupt you. At gatherings of white nationalism you are lucky if 20 white Afrikaners rock up. You vote for a white political party to help you- then they simply turn around and sell you out. WHO then is the REAL murderers and biggest threat to the white nation in South Africa…the Nguni scavenger- or the white predator? You ask for those psychopathic whites to show their faces- only to be met by silence- for they are cowards without a cause. THAT is your cut-through white today in South Africa- their mind-set is TOTALLY f*cked-up- to say the least.

Yet the majority Afrikaners have this uncanny tendency to forget very quickly. They appear to suffer from a type of autistic syndrome. They have a very short memory capability- and forget their mistakes and what they read and see very easily. They never learn from it.I weep for the Afrikaner- for they have lost their ability to differentiate between common sense and blatant deception. They abandoned their morals and ethics- they turned their backs on the One that gave them plenty- they turned to worship the modern liberal Marxist ideologies the communist present them. In the Western Cape they even have become idolizers of the Babylonian interracial culture. . The result as always was unavoidable: The activists left their people to fight their own selfish battles alone. How many activists and leaders COULD have taken up the torch, and with a united front behind them- stood up against the criminals in charge? BUT alas- like Dan Roodt, Sunette and Steve– they were left all alone in the amphitheater to face the wrath of the black Czars and their media gladiators- all while the scared white chickens kept their distance as mere spectators. …blissfully cackling it away on their beloved social sites.

I have seen more Afrikaners unite behind the demise of ONE sport hero on Loftus- than Afrikaners unite behind the demise of a THOUSAND white farmers. I have seen more Afrikaners gathering in their thousands for a rugby match than Afrikaners gathering at a bourgeois kangaroo court to support their people who were falsely accused. I see more Afrikaners supporting their provincial teams than Afrikaners supporting their people in jails. I see more Afrikaners donating for “nice-to-haves” in shopping malls than donating to poor white squatters. I have come to the realization that the white Afrikaner is so deep embedded in the New South African culture- change would almost be impossible. They have become leaderless nomadic aliens in a country they once called home. Sometimes I believe the Afrikaners are suffering because they deserve it. I sometimes believe the Afrikaners are oppressed because they want to be.

I start to see the truth why people like Sunette Bridges and others gave up on their people- turned their backs against the white Afrikaner- and left for better pastures- for the selfish bickering Afrikaner will get no further than what the parameters set by Facebook and other social sites allow their abilities to unite and defend their God-given rights in this country to be. . When all crap are wiped off the table and you look at the bolts and nuts left behind- you find that the white Afrikaner does not really care about himself, what the future holds- or in which direction the needle of the compass of the communist dispensation directs the course of the Afrikaner that still play musical chairs and sings ” Glory Hallelujah- Kumbaya My Lord ” on the deck of a sinking ship. They talk about God…they talk about YehashuwaYahweh…they send so many “Sweet Jesus” messages on the social sites and how we must love each other and care for the widow and the orphan – but they cannot even stand together and protect their own people in peril in old age homes and squatter camps. O when will the delusional white hippocracy ever end?

The Afrikaner do not want to know the truth- they rather prefer to play Ostrich politics and pretend nothing is happening. JUST as long as you do not touch their beloved sport in the Colosseum – irrespective if Rome is burning behind them. What they do not see- they do not have to worry about. The question I have to ask myself is if this really is worth it? For this reason I believe I will have some serious thought about the people of this country- if there is any hope- and if destiny did not select the obliteration of this careless and godless nation by natural choice. If whites in South Africa thought Zuma was a bad omen- wait till they meet his successor. He will be TWICE as bad as Zuma. BUT that will be the punishment because the Afrikaner has turned his back on his only Savior and start to worship the demi-gods in the superficial arenas of Ba-el.. There is a saying that harsh problems need harsh solutions. Maybe that is what the Afrikaner need to wake him up…..a genocide. Maybe they need to face to worst omen their nightmares could produce to wake them up- for they have become complacent- complacent and sickening lazy to stand up in order to protect their own survival into the 22nd century. Maybe a harsh introduction to reality will wake them up- or become extinct.

Sadly- the once proud Boer and the Afrikaner have become nothing but a minute reflection of what their ancestors once was- for they have morphed into advent children of a lesser NSA god. AND all while they are playing their Mr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde games hundreds of their countrymen are getting murdered on a daily basis and loosing their land.Yet no-one seems to care. Even now when they are about to loose their land and be disarmed again no one has the guts to stand up and say ” Enough is enough!”  I am starting to be ashamed for my own people- ashamed that my people has become so cowardly and gutless. It appears that we are nearing the end of another chapter- a chapter that will only have one more epitaph left to write for the Afrikaner of South Africa in two simple words- ”  Afrikaner – Adieu!”

  • One Fed-Up white Resister




SOURCE: White Nation Network