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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Potchefstroom– March 05 2017





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ABOUT  three weeks ago on the 30th of January the leftist South African government and general leftist libtards and useful idiots from across the racial and religious spectrum of the fucked up leftist “Rainbow Utopia”  added their screeching voices to the international outrage over President Donald Trump’s executive order that banned travellers and immigrants from seven Muslim countries from entering the US. SA ire at US travel ban

Yet again the Left the world over conveniently suffered from historical amnesia and forgot how they used to put travel bans on their own citizens in countries like East Germany, Cuba, North Korea, etc and are still maintaining those travel bans to this day. Under the Hukou system of Communist China, people cannot even travel freely from the farm to the city and need government permission to do so. They complain about Trump building a wall, but forget their own Berlin Wall they erected. Anybody trying to migrate from the Socialist Utopia of East Germany was summarily shot and in Berlin there is a memorial to these poor souls whose only wish of escaping the epitome of leftist junk rule, was met with a death sentence at the Wall. Victims of the Berlin Wall Memorial In the Muslim countries that Trump mentioned, there are draconian travel bans on women. Women aren’t even allowed to own passports, drive a car or go to the shops without the permission of a man.

Our very own ANC government chooses to forget how they put travel bans on their supporters and prevented their own members from escaping their hell camps like Quatro in Angola, but choose to remember the pass laws of Apartheid that required blacks to carry travel documentation so one could distinguish between our own blacks and foreign blacks, basically to protect the jobs of our own blacks. However the left will never admit to these facts, because if they do there hypocritical bullshit fantasy world will come crashing down.. Worse is that they choose to completely ignore it, because as Dr. Jamie Glasov says in his book, “United in Hate”, “the left never looks back”. All their mistakes, all their genocides are brushed over and excused with, “It’s in the past, we are talking about now.” Be it as it may, the Left still continuously and hypocritically denies what is ACTUALLY happening in these totalitarian societies they so worship.

On the one hand they will pose as the champions of gay rights and women’s rights, but will ally themselves with the barbaric deniers of these rights such as the Castro regime and extremist Muslim societies the world over. Castro literally murdered thousands of gays. In 1965, the Castro regime established prison work camps known as Military Units to Aid Production (UMAP), where homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other “undesirable” peoples deemed out of line with the Communist ideology were forcefully sent. There were thought to be 200 such camps across Cuba until their abolition in 1968. Reports from those who experienced the era say that police would also round people up on the streets, targeting men who looked “effeminate” or like “hippies”. This is how Fidel Castro persecuted gay people


Yet when Castro died, the left were in mourning for weeks over their tyrannical father-god, the South African ANC regime, named no less than four streets (Pretoria, Cape Town, Ladysmith and Klerksdorp) as well as the Limpopo Health Department after him. There is also a street and a school in Windhoek, Namibia named after him. The left also prefer to ignore the hundred thousand Cubans in Miami who fled Castro’s regime and all voted for Trump, not for the Satanic Communist whore Hillary Clinton. One can also see this leftist hypocrisy with the current wave of Xenophobic violence in South Africa where local blacks (as in 2008 and 2010) are driving out, beating and killing foreign blacks from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia, etc. Just a month after white Cape Town women marched against TrumpThe only people who marched against the xenophobic violence in South Africa were the black foreigners and victims on the receiving end of the wrath of their fellow black Africans from South Africa. Where are all the white South African Libtards with their pink beanies now marching against the current black on black xenophobia we have seen the last few days?

In fact on Friday the 24th of February, these immigrant hating BLACK THUGS  from South African are planning a march against illegal black immigrants from the rest of Africa, yet they have no problem with the illegal black immigration of blacks into Europe…and the silence of the Left is deafening. Planned black against black immigrant march condemned by Institute for Justice and Reconciliation These libtards with their constant hypocrisy and double standards make me sick. It is sometimes very difficult for ordinary people to grasp the mindset of the average Libtard like the “pink pussy cap” wearing LWB’s who are against Trumps travel ban, but with their silence, condone the xenophobia of the South African Noble Savage…or how they can one moment support and fight for human rights in their own societies, but support rival societies where these human rights get trampled on like in Europe where they support the flooding of their own societies by the rival and evil extremist Muslim societies.

How does one understand libtards clapping hands and rejoicing when the planes flew into the World Trade Centres? Whichever conspiracy theory you believe in or not and who actually did it, the Left essentially rejoiced the destruction of their own society. How does one explain thousands of white European libtards inviting in, smuggling in, feeding and clothing the very extremist societies who want to destroy them, rape their women and slit their throats in the name of their god and his prophet? Or how does one understand the likes of Helen Zille, Nadine Gordimer and Helen Suzman…how they could be against the system of Apartheid in their own country, but never mentioned the gender Apartheid in Arab countries or the abominable caste system of India? At the root of the LWB’s affinity to these destroyers of their own societies are a terrible self hatred and a desire to destroy themselves. A lusting for her own self extinction.

These insecure, character-flawed Liberal White Bitches, Feminazis, Leftist Useful Idiots (I include the limp wristed male bitches here) are tortured daily by feelings of insecurity and inadequacy. They feel as if they do not fit into their own societies and cannot contribute to their own societies. In fact they simply feel USELESS, because they ARE useless. They feel as if their own societies hate them. So they withdraw themselves and start acting indignant towards their own societies. This leads to a downward spiral where their societies shun them and they become even more antagonistic toward their own people, ad infinitum. Because they are failed individuals who failed to rise to the challenges of secular modernity, they start to live in a fantasy world, a fantasy Utopia where there are no social ills, no individuality and where they have many “friends” who accept them and with whom they hold hands, sing Kumbaya all day and hug trees… but in reality they have no real personal friendships and the few friends they do have are only so, because they share a common bond of uselessness, the same feelings of rejection and antagonism to their societies.

They become convinced that it is incumbent upon society, and not them, to imbue their miserable lives with purpose and instead of looking at their own inadequacies and inabilities to deal with the complexities and opportunities of a white western capitalist democratic system, they see this society as “evil” for not accepting them. They are normally from a materialistic and privileged background and suffer from guilt feelings and “undeservedness”  and look for a “faith” to redeem themselves and in which they can repay their Karmic debt, but the libtard “progressive” religion is an earthly one that resembles a mutated carbon copy of the Judeo Christian imagery. Socialism’s secular Utopian vision, writes Jamie Glasov, “includes a fall from an ideal collective brotherhood, followed by a journey through a valley of oppression and injustice and then ultimately a road to redemption.” To counteract the humiliation of his alienation and rejection, the libtard develops a God complex and an attitude of moral “superiority. ” He “knows ” something that ordinary human beings do not. He is “above ” normal human desires and affairs. He becomes the self appointed “moral antennae “ of the human race that always must “ control” the rest.

Like a modern day Jesus the libtard identifies with the imaginary poor in his own society, the suffering of the downtrodden victims of the Western capitalist system and they somehow become his personal business. HE is their saviour. Yet at the same time he is utterly indifferent and completely blind to the real suffering of victims of the tyrannical regimes he so glorifies. Another major irritation for the anger filled and permanently gloomy Libtard is the presence of “Happy people”. No matter how comfortable and joyful life in a free society might truly be, he rationalizes and convinces himself that they are victims of Western society’s brainwashing. In other words they only “think” they are happy, but in reality they are not. They are suffering from a false consciousness instilled in them by the evil Western World and they can only be liberated from this mental enslavement by the revolution and rebellion against society the libtard has appointed himself to “lead.”

Leftist claim to be “champions” of social justice,-  but it is a selective social justice where they keep their own societies to a “higher standard ” than that of the Noble Savages they so love. Where the rival society is always good, their own society is always bad and responsible for all kinds of wrongs such as women’s rights, homophobia, gender inequality, environmental indifference, etc. but not because they really give a damn about these social justice issues…because they don’t; as we have seen, these are normally FAR worse in the rival African or Muslim societies they support, but because the rival society wants to destroy the society that does not accept them. They simply worship all the adversarial cultures their own societies disapprove of and fears. To them the tyrannical extremist regimes or societies that wants to destroy their “evil” society is not just the lesser of two evils, they are outright heroes that can do no wrong. In fact the evil they do is what attracted the libtard in the first place. It is the exact evil he/she wants to meet out against the society that alienated him, the society he now hates, but is too cowardly to do himself. Ultimately these Leftist libtards have a death wish. They hate themselves and want to destroy themselves, but before doing so they want to take “revenge ” on the society that rejected them and made them such hateful beings.


This brings us to another contradiction and the hypocrisy of the leftist or idiotic libtard who always talk about “Love” and “Peace”, but are filled with hate and wage relentless war on anyone not agreeing with them. As their leftist hero and god Ché Guevara said, “A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate” and “My friends are only my friends as long as they agree with me”. In fact Libtards are convinced that they love humanity as a whole, but it is an imagined love at a distance with imaginary friends, because in reality they are unable to form any meaningful love bonds on a personal level. The other day way had St Valentines Day. A day where couples celebrate their personal love for each other…A day that LWB extraordinaire and militant feminazi Eve Ensler (The Vagina Monologues) turned into V-Day Violence against women day…A day of gross generalization and a mass indictment of and hatred towards men. In an interview with William Plummer of “People” said Ensler about her fucked-up childhood and retreat into her own fantasy world where she had a vegetable fetish and created a fantasy characters with intimate relations to an eggplant…”I was very sad, very angry, very defiant. I was the girl with the dirty hair. I didn’t fit in anywhere.Source

Of course Ensler’s biggest fan is that Communist whore and Black Panther mattress, “Hanoi” Jane Fonda who states in her biography, “My life so far” that as a child, she suffered from a poor self image and lack of confidence in her appearance. Her mother committed suicide on her 42nd birthday by slitting her own throat. Jane Fonda was only 12 at the time. Instead of individual love between couples, leftist promote a beastly “Free Love” and sexual orgies and follow the ideals of the mother of the 60’s sexual revolution, the bisexual Margeret Mead who saw the promiscuous sexual attitude of the Polynesian Noble Savage (who also practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice) – as the ideal and not the conservative White Western Christian way. But even that view was flawed. Her bullshit book “Coming of Age in Samoa” (1928) which she wrote when she was only 24, became the ‘Hippy Bible,’-  but is based on almost pure fantasy as the New Zealand anthropologist Derek Freeman pointed out.

Mead had very little understanding of Samoan culture and she couldn’t even spell the Samoan words correctly. Freeman’s research stretched over four decades. He taught at the University of Samoa and Samoans themselves who have read Mead’s book, dismissed it as rubbish and a misrepresentation of their culture. He also interviewed the women she originally interviewed who admitted they were just pulling her leg and having fun with her naiveté about their culture, but when he tried to publish his finding in 1971, his manuscript was rejected by leftist American publishers. For decades afterwards and to this day these leftists try to discredit his work and push Margeret Mead’s idealistic fantasies to the fore. Yet at the same time the Western Leftists ignore the puritanical sexual repression and outright war on sexuality in the totalitarian societies they so glorify. In Stalinist Russia sexual pleasure was portrayed as “un-socialist “ and “counterrevolutionary.”  Mao Tse-Tung introduced the unisex “Mao suit” and Islamist societies cover their people in layers of cloth. It is an artificial and unnatural enforced sameness with the imperative to erase attractions between private citizens. Normal sexual human beings are reduced to obedient desexualised robots.

However it does not help to point these things out to the libtard. To the Leftist idiot, this denial of the truth and dismissal of presented facts become a life and death struggle. Everything is at stake when his political or social reality is confronted. If he admits that he was wrong, admits the truth, he will admit that his entire life was wasted on bullshit beliefs. He has no other choice but to keep on lying to himself, keep on denying and keep on dismissing. Nevertheless the manner in which the Libtard pseudo “intellectuals” idealize the Noble Savage is a crucial lens through which to observe how the libtard is not “progressive” at all, but backwards.

They long and dream of the reversal of civilization and a return to the stone age. They long back for the purity and innocence of childhood and becoming a child again where they will be taken care of by a “father-god “ who has everything under control and can make all the decisions for them. Ultimately they long for a submission to a tyrant father-god who has power to destroy the evil monsters under their beds, their evil societies that have alienated and caused them so much pain, torment and suffering. A father-god that can reverse the love between two individuals and the sexual act that gave birth to their miserable lives and finally remove their souls, erase them again and relieve them from the pain of living a life in an evil world they did not want to be in and a life they did not want to live in the first place.

Article by Mike Smith