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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town  – March 07 2017






SIX  black thugs have been arrested for the murder of 67-year-old farmer Anton Phillip Verwey in Ixopo, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Monday. He was found lying on his stomach with two open wounds to the abdomen early on Monday, Major Thulani Zwane said. Six suspects, aged between 14 and 24, were apprehended, Zwane said.

Magma Security spokesperson Shaheen Suleiman said that, along with Ixopo police and the Kokstad dog unit, they had arrested the first suspect within four hours of the murder. The group was allegedly found in possession of Verwey’s two bicycles, plasma TV, computer, laptop, cellphones and other belongings, Zwane said. Ixopo police were investigating charges of murder and house robbery. KwaZulu-Natal police commissioner Lieutenant-General Mmamonnye Ngobeni condemned the farm attack and praised Ixopo police for their quick response.(Link)

MEANWHILE the farm murders on white farmers in South Africa went into over-drive- with black gangs running amok on white farms without the fear of being caught- or even properly prosecuted. This deranged and murderous culture is a direct result of black despots such as Julius Malema,Andile Mngxitama  and Jacob Zuma– who openly instigate farm killings and land grabs. AND it mostly are the elderly farmers and old women that are targeted by these black cowards during the night. Looking at the statistics it can clearly be seen that farm murders are on the escalation- all while misinformed sources such as Africa Check ( a George Soros funded  tabloid)– are widely  being used as “barometers ” to the real extend of the truth. The general excuse when confronted with this brutal onslaught on white farmers- always are ” Everybody in South Africa faces crime.” BUT what those misinformed orators do NOT say- is that NO white was involved in those crimes- but factually most of these farm murders are committed by black gangs. Not ONE incident was ever recorded of a white gang that attacked a black farm or black residence- raping and killing the residents the way blacks do to whites. But then again- one has to follow the scarlet threat to the source of this diabolical onslaught- and it will lead you STRAIGHT to the South African PARLIAMENT and it’s conglomeration of political racist instigating collaborators and genocidal maniacs.

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So far White Nation again has done a quick fact finding mission  of how many  killings on whites in general it could pick up on the websites- and only since the beginning of March 2017 this is what we came up with:

Bruce and Denise Harvey attacked at Nie te koop farm Heatonville.Bruce was stabbed in arm and stomach with screwdriver by three black thugs.Their white Fiat Uno was stolen.

A Young farmer- Mr. CT Steyn of Warden in the free state was stabbed twice in the heart by invading black thugs- normally described in the South African Media slang as ” robbers.”(Link)

A 79-year-old white farmer, Piet Jacobs, from Hartswater was stabbed and murdered on his farm.( Link)

Four black thugs, three men and a woman, viciously attacked Jaco Albertse (27) on his farm Rhino Ranch situated in Hluhluwe, KwaZulu-Natal on March 1. Albertse was busy putting up fencing around the farm, and while in his car, the thugs  pulled him out of the vehicle. Albertse managed to draw his handgun from the vehicle and when the suspects could not take the gun away, they ( suspected the female) chopped his hand off with a machete. ( Link) 

A Brits farmer suffered under the hands of two black thugs who stabbed him with a screwdriver in his head and arm. Two thugs attacked Marius de Villiers who lives on a farm in the Brits area on Saturday March 4. The thugs fled with nothing, and the farming community together with the police responded to the incident. Although a search was undertaken, the suspects were not caught. (Link)

At about 7pm on Sunday night February 05 2017  a all alert went out for a imminent farm attack at the Dasssenberg Area N7 Malmesbury 59km outside Cape Town.Key responders went in action. Gang of approximately 20 black thugs  moved through the area. On my farm was 2 security guards stabbed and shot.(Link)

Police in Port Elizabeth are investigating a murder after a white man was found stabbed to death in a park near the Greenacres Hospital. Paramedics from Netcare 911 responded to the stabbing incident shortly before 6pm on Saturday night and found that the man had sustained a large laceration across the abdominal area. The man died on the scene before their arrival due to the extensive injuries he sustained. (Link)

AND in Bloemfontein a white innocent man was shot from behind by a thug (Link) 

In Pretoria a white dad and his 16-year old son was involved in an attempted hi-jack by a gang of black thugs. The thugs fired 9 rounds of ammunition onto the car the victims were driving. (Link) 

In Ottoshoop the elderly  Piet Swannepoel(73) was attacked and robbed in his home by three black thugs. ( Link) 

On Dorsfontein farm in Oudshoorn a white farmer was attacked by a black mob of thugs and his property torched.  When Johan Swanepoel tried to flee, four black thugs pelted him with stones and assaulted him with pipes, hitting him across his back. It was on Sunday February 26 around 09H30 on his farm situated in Dorsfontein, Oudtshoorn district that a sudden attack against him occurred. (Link)


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Another white farmer- Jaco Albertse was attacked by black thugs on his farm. He survived but is in hospital. ( Link) 

And a young white female – Alice Maree (21) -was raped and murdered in Theunissen by a black thug that was on parole for a previous charge. (Link) 

A white CoupleHenry and Eva Kirstein was attacked by black thugs on their farm outside Pretoria . Henry was subsequently shot to death. ( Link) 

Black thugs in Nigel taunted a white farther while they assaulted him. “ So you think you are a big man?” the armed black thug  taunted as he kicked a Nigel father in the face, while his partner and their terrified children feared for their lives. “If I had tried to be a hero, all of us would have been shot dead. I can guarantee that,” said businessman Alex de Sogus. He and his family were ambushed as they were about to do the school run on Thursday morning. (Link) 

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AND still in Nigel– a white Farmer and his wife – Johan (59) and Jeanette Meyer (54) were brutally attacked on their farm Rietpoort – and Johan shot THREE times in the head by black thugs during a farm attack ( Link) 




IT was an afternoon of hell for an elderly Heatonville couple who became victims of a farm attack this afternoon. It is believed the three black thugs, after rummaging through their house, brazenly sat down at the kitchen table and helped themselves to cheese and liver pate before their victims arrived home. At about 5pm, Bruce and Denise Harvey of Plaas Nie te Koop farm in Heatonville arrived home from town. Bruce attended to his generator outside while his wife Denise proceeded to enter their home. Once Denise entered she noticed their fruit bowl had been moved before a man appeared from behind the door, grabbed her, forced her into the bush and sat on her in an attempt to keep her from getting away. At the same time another thug attacked Bruce while he was bending over. The thug  jumped on Bruce and stabbed him with a screwdriver in his elbow.(Link)

A white businessman was killed during an attempted robbery at his Hillbrow business on Wednesday, Gauteng police said. Two black thugs entered the shop in Kotze Street at 11:00 and claimed to want to pay a lay-by before holding an employee at gunpoint, Captain Kay Makhubela said. A second worker then pulled out a firearm and fired at th ethugs. As they ran out of the store, they shot the owner at the entrance.(Link)



Black thugs attacked another farm at Willem Station in Warmbaths last week Wednesday. Sandra Joubert and another member was on the farm when the attack occurred. ( Link) 

The body of a young white man who was found burnt beyond recognition and dumped in Elandspark was finally identified since the discovery on Thursday, January 26, at around 7:30 along Rand Airport Road. Cornelia Rudman, from South African Search and Rescue, informed the COURIER about the news after the newspaper followed up on developments as various efforts were taken to try and get the young man identified but difficulties were experienced. According to the Moffat View SAPS’ Constable Phystos Masola was near to giving the government mortuary permission to bury the deceased as the family could not be found.(Link)

A white couple- Renier and Nicoleen Basson of Melkbosstrant in Cape Town was shot by black thugs during a house robbery. ( Link) 


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SO– as you can see- we count 21 attacks by black thugs on whites since only the 1st of March- thus 21 attacks in 7 DAYS!  That gives us THREE attacks per DAY on whites in South Africa. How many blacks are attacked per day by whites in South Africa? At the current rate that will give us 93 attacks by blacks on whites by the end of the month. And that is not even all of them as we did a quick survey. Not to speak of those not even recorded. Now can the useless South African political heathens in Cape Town, the white liberal human feces- the skunk media correspondents and the black radical “ you stole our land “ social site racist warmongers explain to us just how many black people/families did you count this past 7 days that were attacked and some brutally murdered by whites during the night? I believe you will find NONE. AND this is described by the scrupulous heathens in control as just ” normal crime?”  BUT because criminals such as Zuma and that Neanderthal Malema keep on fueling hatred and racism against whites on a continues basis- more and more equal black Neanderthal minds are now start to “ think alike.” Murdering a white has become a very deranged culture in South Africa- just like it was this past 300 years in Africa itself. NOW the Zuma despot regime want to start disarming whites again with their bourgeois ” gun licence” laws. How quaint indeed. As-If the whites have not already learned THAT bullsh*t lesson to have their guns confiscated “legally”  a few years ago. But then again- whites are not that smart either. They still will hand in their guns!

TALKING ABOUT GUNS- You have not heard the most insane part yet……




Carl Gutter (70) a farmer from Palmietfontein near Brandfort was attacked by five black thugs during August last year and could be charged with murder for shooting a thug. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) dropped the case against the four farm attacking terrorists.

On that fateful day, Gutter was about to leave his farm, when a thug  knocked on the window of the vehicle and pointed a firearm at him, Gutter managed to escape through the passenger door. A fight ensued, and shots were fired at Gutter, who shot one of the suspects in the back. Original reports indicated that the thug died in Police custody. Thethugs also attacked Gutter with a grass cutter and he sustained several injuries to his hands and back. The four thugs were found in a veld near the farm shortly after the incident and arrested. A firearm was recovered close to the area were they were caught. The wounded thug, Saniboy Segalo – died in Police custody after not indicating that he had been shot.

The four thugs have now been released from custody and when Gutter saw one of them in the nearby town he was shocked, to learn of their release and the imminent possibility of facing a murder charge. NPA Adv. K. E. Leshie-Shalie decided that the chances of conviction in court won’t succeed because the combined statements of the four thugs compared to Gutter’s statement shows that the four accused was telling the truth. And this intelligent decision after the farmer was hacked with a grass cutter and shot at. Was he shot at with a legal registered weapon? (Link) 

BUT that is not where the one-sided discrimination against whites stops. Watch this anti-white hippocratical justice in action:

 Petros Myeza was released on bail of R1 000 this morning at the Umzinto Magistrate’s Court. Initially, it was proposed that bail be set at R500, however, Myeza – who has 11 children – was told that even though he relies solely on a pension, his children could assist in raising the funds needed. Investigating officer, Detective Constable Nonhle Nomonde Myende of the Sawoti SAPS Detective Service, testified that Myeza was not a flight risk due to his age and if he were to be granted bail, would not face any danger from the local community. The state prosecutor told the court that Myeza unlawfully and intentionally shot and killed Duma, whom he had mistaken for a monkey. Following the shooting, Myeza realized that it was not a monkey he had shot but rather, his neighbor’s grandson. Speaking to the Mail after court, Myeza’s son, Protus Myeza explained that his father immediately gathered the community and explained what had happened. No further action on the case. No media fanfare and no EFF/ANC riots- demanding his life in prison .(Link) 


The Black racist EFF/ANC picketers were calling for Stephan Hepburn‚39‚ to be denied bail after he was arrested in connection with the murder of Jan Railwa‚ 25‚ at the Meisiesvlei farm in Tuinplass over a week ago. According to Limpopo police reports Hepburn — a hunter from Pretoria — claimed he mistook Railwa for a warthog the evening the incident happened.  On Monday the people marched across the street outside the court building while wearing their party T-shirts and holding placards. One of the placards had an illustration with pictures of a farm worker and a warthog.  “Basic education for Steven Hepburn. This is a warthog. This is a farmworker‚” it read.  Last Thursday the courtroom was filled to capacity as Hepburn made his second court appearance. The case was postponed until Monday after Hepburn changed lawyers. (Link) 

TWO precisely similar cases- while the BLACK man never were attacked by the political thugs and media demons- but  he was ‘forgiven.” The WHITE man on the other hand simply was hunted down and forsaken. There were no political thugs marching with placards with pictures of a child  and a monkey at Myeza’s appearance that read :  “Basic education for Petros Myeza. This is monkey.  This is a child‚” THIS is your typical South African anti-white racism in action- two sets of “laws” apply between being white- and being black. However it is not only in South Africa this devious conspiracy runs deep against the white Afrikaners, The BRITISH press ALSO are just as devious and guilty  as the political parties in South Africa. For 20 years white farmers and whites in general in South Africa- irrespective of their nationality- are murdered like flies- yet the British press kept a very silent stance about it. BUT when a white farmer in Kenya- Tristan Voorspuy was shot dead in the region of Laikipia in Kenya- suddenly the British press woke up from their slumber! ( Link). Can the pompous Brits please now explain to us what is the difference between a white South African Englishmen that got murdered on a farm- and a Kenian white Englishmen that got murdered on a farm that now suddenly get front page cover if they will please? Even the British parliament and security forces are upset about the murder of a white farmer  in Kenya and promised to bring the killers to justice- but in South Africa the police do not even attempt to hunt the murderers down unless the murderer/s are handed on a platter to them ( to be granted bail or released 3 years later again.) The British media just shrug their shoulders if a white gets murdered in South Africa….even if it is a British citizen!

warthog case.png

Listening to Zuma and Malema that are now hell bent to take away all white property without compensation a-la Mugabe-style- one just can stand in total amazement about how the African mind reasons! What the poor Malema et al just cannot cope with and most probably did not figure out as yet- is that the so-called “law” this piss-niss of a president want to push through- calls for ALL property- not only white farms!! This includes Mr. Malema’s property as well IF Mr. “Big Chief” gets too agitated in parliament by our Telly-Tubby little fat man. ! The question these poor black sheep just cannot answer and must still grapple with- is just about how long will it take for Zuma-Zulu to start taking BLACK property without compensation? AND as history teach us- the Zulu have a LONG history of murdering and  well- “ disowning” other black tribes even BEFORE the white man ever set foot in Africa! Just think about Mfekane- where nearly ALL the other black tribes in Natal were nearly murdered to extinction by “ Lord” Tsjaka. What the poor blacks cannot phantom- is that this scrupulous agenda will start with whites just to keep Zuma & Co in power through the majority black vote all right- but once ALL whites eventually are pushed off their farms and the poor black faces starvation again like the rest of Africa- the bloody Zulu rulers will turn on THEM! Good-Bye “Democracy- Hello TYRANNY a-la Idi Amin-style! Poor gullible sheep they are! BUT then again black people are not that fond of reading history books as well. Apparently everything was burned to ashes together with their schools during their hey-day “ Liberation before Education” smart riots. Now they only go by ANC , SABC and EFF historical “facts.” 



Farmers in the Groblersdal area have stated that, ‘youth league members’ threatened to occupy their land. On Monday evening, the Facebook page of Front National, a white-rights party, announced that farmers in Limpopo were being threatened with land grabs by black radical left wing blacks  identifying themselves as members of the ANC Youth League (ANCYL). According to Front National, they allegedly had plans to occupy farms in the Diepkloof area 16km outside of Groblersdal. Front National and its affiliate, Boere Krisis Aksie, asked members of the community to keep themselves on standby to take quick action if necessary. Witing in Afrikaans on Facebook, they said: “We ask that if you respond to such a call and you are armed that you PLEASE ensure that your weapon is used for self-defence only and that it is properly holstered or in a rifle case, and that you carry your licence on your person.” n Tuesday afternoon, they said that their call had mobilized the community, but there had been no further attempts by anyone to set foot on farms. Everything is quiet and under control,” they announced.

It was also announced on Tuesday that the high court has granted AfriForum a court order preventing EFF leader Julius Malema from inciting any more land grabs. He is also facing a criminal case for telling his supporters to occupy any land they like. He warned outside court last year that he was not calling for the slaughter of white people, “at least for now”. The current ANC Youth League has no official program of land occupations and has not called for land grabs in the same manner as the EFF. Front National is a political party formed in late 2013 that contested the 2014 national elections. It promotes secession and Afrikaner self-determination. It says it strikes no distinction between English-speaking whites and Afrikaners. This whole land conspiracy is driven solely by the ANC, EFF- and South African devious media.


Now  the question is after the Zuma/Malema Pandora’s idiots have taken all the white land- to whom are they going to give it to? As I can understand are the Colored people the ONLY truly homogeneous people of this country that were born and bred- factually genetically created- in this country- but I never hear Zuma /Malema et al talk about giving the land they stole from the Koi and San– back to the colored community! NOPE SIRE–  the whites ” stole” the land from the blacks – who in turn stole it from other blacks – who in turn stole it from the Koi and San who never owned any land but were NOMADS! Interesting concoction this lot of black racist political hooligans in Cape Town want to ” copy-and-paste” here- isn’t it? Mean-while white people have to pay the price of a demonic dispensation the bloody Jews and National Party goons has bestowed on them 20 years ago. AND the murderous international world sits in silence– to scared of the Muslim invasion in Europe- and to freakin glad of the Trump presidency in America. Meanwhile South Africa- a hell-hole THEY created in 1994  – can go to smithereens.


For the many white Boers that are rotting in jails across the country on bourgeois charges  they give a damn- it’s not white Mandelas. For the umpteen murders on whites they feel cupcakes- it’s not blacks that are getting murdered by whites- so it’s not even newsworthy. Who cares to donate a single penny to more than 500 000 impoverished whites in squatter camps you and the British media have helped to create? A dog never comes back to his own vomit they say. SO– who cares about 21 whites been brutally attacked and murdered  in 7 days then? Who cares about the nearly 4000 white productive farmers and their families being murdered and the country edging close to a food crisis then?  After all- HUNDREDS “ of blacks are murdered in South Africa each year. ( No record are kept – thus all figures are guess-work) We will not say what race the ” robbers” that also murder these hundreds of other blacks are- shall we then- because that is a “deep secret” only spoken about in hushed tones n “ speak-easys” to avoid being targeted by the demonizers as ” racism.” We will only give it a smart term called “ Xenophobia.”  JUST now “somebody” might realize that more than 60% of the South Africans are deep rooted jealous racists– and more than 15% are serial killers. For 20 YEARS these black racists have been voting this political serial killers into power. Who is to blame for the white murders then? BUT the international world keep on looking “ the other way” and support these same mass murderers! Whites have no rights in South Africa no more, Their right to work, defend themselves, have a national flag, language, history, their right o own property- even their right to speak are attacked by the regime and the racist communist media. The message thus to the white man in South Africa is ostensibly clear:White man…shut up and bleed!!”


SOURCE: White Nation