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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent  London February 09 2017





FOR so many years this question has been asked by many, many people. And as always you have two sides of the equilibrium– those that say there is extra terrestrial life forms in space- and those that brush it off as another conspiracy theory.


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THEN you have the faithful ones that reasons that extra terrestrial life forms must be the fallen angles as described in the forbidden book of Enoch– manifesting as aliens.

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Nobody in the modern world even knew we share a planet with some strange characters. That was until the author- Erich Von Danniken- brought out his best seller “ Chariots of the Gods.” The book took the world by storm and everybody suddenly became ” alienized”– searching for aliens around every bush and standing on rooftops with placards shouting “ ET- take me home.”

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Then the storm subdued a bit- until July 7, 1947 – when allegedly an alien spacecraft crashed near the town of Roswell in America- which gave birth to the notorious “Area 51”– a secret base the American Government use for all it’s clandestine operations and to build very strange aircraft today. Whatever the case- it appears that these creatures are real-as  too many evidence and footage are available on the internet. Now again you have your regular pranksters that photograph flying pot lids and saucers- and you have those that use a bit of innovation and call in the assistance of Photoshop….agreed.  But ALL these “sightings “ cannot be discarded as a hoax or contributed to Photoshop and pranksters. Will it be fair for God almighty just to create life forms on the smallest planet in the smallest galaxy among millions upon millions of other much bigger interstellar celestial constellations? BUT let us have a bit of a closer look at cases that COULD maybe proof we are not alone. Since the blockbuster movie “ “E.T” and “Close Encounters of the third kind” of Stephen Spielberg– the world  literally was gripped by “E,T” mania again. But who IS the real “E.T’s?” Who is this ever elusive creatures only governments can see and talk to? 

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On December the 11th 1984, a television producer and UFO researcher called Jamie Shandera was surprised to find an envelope left anonymously for him to find. The envelope would prove to be a revelation for Shandera who found that it contained copies of top secret documents intended for the former President Dwight Eisenhower. These documents referred to the presence of extra-terrestrials here on Earth and strongly suggested that the president had been dealing with them.


President Eisenhower’s great-granddaughter speaks out about the secret alien meetings

The FBI took it upon themselves to investigate the documents but following a thorough investigation they claimed that the documents were nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Most people accepted the FBI’s explanation at face value and it might have been the case that nothing more would have been said about these unusual documents. However, this story has remained prominent for ufologists over the years because of the regularity in which other credible individuals have elaborated on Shandera’s story and furnished it with important details. One of these individuals is Timothy Good – a former government consultant in the United States.

President Eisenhower suddenly went missing on the evening of February 20th 1954. In order to dispel the rumors that he was taken ill or that he had died, his official staff said that the president was undergoing “emergency dental”  work. But according to Good, this story is nonsense. Eisenhower had actually been hurried away to an emergency meeting with delegates from an alien race from the Pleiades star cluster. These aliens, whose vivid blue eyes, pale skin and blonde hair has earned them the sobriquet of the ‘Nordics’ are believed to be a peace loving species. They offered humanity assistance with technology and medical knowledge so long as human beings agreed to turn away from fossil fuels and nuclear weapons technology. Their terms were not agreed to at this meeting.


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Following the refusal of the Nordics proposals, a second alien race is said to have made contact with humanity and offered their own deal. This race, known as the “Tall Greys “-(or simply the Greys) offered Eisenhower access to highly advanced technology on the proviso that the United States would give the Greys leeway to abduct and perform experiments on civilians before wiping their memories and returning them to Earth. It is said that Eisenhower grudging accepted this deal. While it might seem extraordinarily callous for a sitting president to put his civilians in such danger, others have been sympathetic to Eisenhower’s dilemma. The deal came as the Cold War was growing tenser and it is assumed that if Eisenhower had refused the offer from the Greys that they would have contacted his counter-part in the Soviet Union and gifted them with extraordinarily advanced technology instead.

The Nordics continued their contact with human beings despite the fact that the government of the United States had entered into a pact with the Greys, an alien species the Nordics distrust. One such Nordic alien is referred to as ‘Valiant Thor’ who first appeared in 1957 in a quiet field, where he found a policeman and demanded to be taken to the president. Over the next three years, he attended meetings of high political importance in the United States and met with various other private individuals, including the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry. Perhaps most compellingly of all is the testimony from Eisenhower’s own great-granddaughter, Laura – who says that she has no doubt that the meetings between her great-grandfather and the two alien races took place. “It’s like there is this whole other reality going on that we don’t hear about!” she said, “These timelines and the deeper history connected to secret societies, connected to these deeper ET agendas that have been around for thousands of years!” According to Laura Eisenhower, the deal with the Greys has led the United States into a number of bizarre and highly dangerous secret space programs. She says that the actions of her great-grandfather should now serve as a warning about the dangers of the power and influence of the military industrial complex. (Link)

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The UFO phenomenon, whether for believers or survivors, tends to be relegated to small town hicks, paranoid university stoners and their dropout brethren. The simple truth is, critical thinking in the information age has refined our suspension of disbelief into a sharply honed skepticism and natural scoff. The very notion that we’ve been visited by intelligent lifeforms from another world is, along with myths of Norse Gods and witchcraft, consigned to Hollywood films and teen fan fiction, and that’s okay, right? Wrong. Spoiler alert: If you think you’re safe at home, behind locked doors, think again. The next time you open your eyes, you might find yourself naked in the woods, missing three weeks of memories and carrying a whole new set of nightmares. To celebrate the revelation Russia’s known about the existence of Alien civilisations since 1969 here are the 10 most compelling pieces of evidence They‘re here, they‘ve been here, and they‘re here to stay.

10. Drawings, Paintings, Carvings, & Other Records Of Ancient Times

With humans having walked the earth for an estimated 200,000 years, some might call the following a little short sighted. And yet here we are. I will take everything that came before the advent of television (1939) and stuff it in the first section. I do so with the utmost pride and sincerity. Sure, a lot happened during the first 199 thousand, 926 years, but sources being what they were, let’s just sum it up to one thing; drawings. A ton of them. All over the world, and throughout the ages, drawings, paintings, carvings, quilts and markings. They may each tell a different story, but in the end they all say the same thing, “we are not alone”.


First there’s this 15 thousand year old French cave painting. It is what it is, let’s not dilly-dally. The Lolladoff Plate  This 12 thousand year old stone dish was found in Nepal. Note the central disc and spiral out of which there seems to appear a reptile, followed by a ship (space vagina?) followed by bacteria or atoms and then another reptile and in the outer edge, at the center of it all. That’s right. A mother-flippin’ Alien.

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Sanscrit Scroll  Another example, one of literally thousands which we will not explore here, is this ancient Indian scroll. It depicts Vimanas. A Vimanas is a temple. It also means “flying palace” and they’re described in many of the Sanskrit epics, which are some of the oldest written texts of the known world. I could spend all day talking about these alone, so let’s move on to thousands of years later and across the globe. Sigiburg France Sighting

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In 1776,  castle in France, the Saxons had surrounded the French. They were going to storm the castle and in so doing they would win the war and stop Emperor Charlemagne from turning them into Christians. Suddenly there appeared before them giant “Flaming shields” floating in the sky. They burned red, orange, yellow, blue and white light. Upon seeing these strange flaming discs, the Saxons took it as a sign from the Gods, and they fell back… This battle united Rome under Christianity. A 12th century manuscript, the “ Annales Laurissenses”, depicts the events which took place. Madonna and Saint Giovannino The 15th century saw a plethora of alien doodles all over Europe. The Palazzo Vecchio in Florence has the now infamous painting of the Madonna and Saint Giovannino. Also known to us classless North Americans as Madonna and Saint-James. The original is depicted above, but what really blows one’s mind is the detail work. Zooming in we clearly see a bright disk like object in the daytime sky. It’s being watched by a man and his dog. Notre-Dame Basilica Tapestry

The next one from the same period still hangs at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Burgandy. Though it’s title is unknown we can see what appear to be… flying hats? For centuries scholars just assumed these were artists depictions of disk shaped “angel clouds”. Whether you believe these sightings to be “angel clouds” or aliens, I’ll leave to you, because everybody is entitled to chose their own brand of nonsense. On April 4th, 1561, above Nuremberg Germany another strange sighting occurred. This one can be seen in a famous 16th century woodcut by Hans Glaser. It was described as “A very frightful spectacle.” The sky appeared to fill with cylindrical objects from which red, black, orange and blue white disks and globes emerged.


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Crosses and tubes resembling cannon barrels also appeared whereupon the objects promptly “began to fight one another.” It is known as The Battle Over Nuremberg or the 1561 Celestial Phenomena over Nuremberg. Baptism of Christ  Jumping over to 1710, we’ve got the Baptism of Christ by Aert de Gelder. It’s still hanging in Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge, England and- “What the fudge?!” you ask? Oh, no don’t worry, just an angel cloud… by the way angels have been represented as guys with wings and hippy hair since Theodosius I . Why these people 13 hundred years later would represent them as angel clouds, and why they would represent clouds as disks at all, I’ll leave you to answer…

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There are literally hundreds of thousands of ancient world representations of what we now call aliens and I would love to go over all of them. There’s something almost soothing about knowing those encounters occurred several centuries before our great ancestors were even conceived. I mean, if they wanted to harvest us for organs or influence our cultures towards some kind of end game, they would’ve done it already right? If they are out there, the damage was done centuries before you or I were ever born, and there’s nothing we can do, so there’s nothing to worry about right? Wrong again boyo. Since the dawn of the atomic age these interstellar demon spawn have been stealing us from our beds, conducting horrifying experiments on our unsuspecting populace, kidnapping our children and corrupting our society from the inside. They’ve done so in close consort with various governments and officials. They’ve done so at the expense of our health, our environment, our genetic lineage and our sanity. Thousands know about it and even act as accomplices.


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They’ve snuck into our bedrooms as thieves in the night and taken our children, our parents, our wives and loved ones, with absolute impunity and with zero regard for our well being. Let’s explore some of the best documented cases. We’ve all heard about the 1966, Betty and Barney Hill abduction, we all know about the Roswell crash of 1947, I’m not even going to waste your time on those well worn trails, we’re going deep here people, so strap yourself in. Is there really such tings as aliens? You decide.


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