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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Tennessee USA– March 11 2017






” The illusion propagated that there is a ” looming ” race war in South Africa is a blatant lie and malicious  propaganda. People must start to see from “outside the box” and get the “bigger picture.” The real truth is that there is a political instigated offense waged against whites from their own parliament – which now is cleverly disguised and propagated as a “race war”  – specifically with the aim to instigate clandestine division and racism between white and black for selfish personal political gain by the current communist regime for the hidden agendas. There never was a “race war” since 1960- up to today. BUT through the usage of continues “strongs” such as “race war” on a regular basis in articles- the subconscious mind pick up these terms- and slowly a term is changed into an action….and a real race war erupts. They call it “psi-ops.” This is precisely what the South African media does. It instigates a race war that never was.   When such a war erupts- conflict erupts between two factions that never intend it to happen. The real agenda- the political onslaught against the white minority-  then are cleverly disguised under the race war- and the black majority are exploited to exterminate the white minority. This way the “controllers” hide their motive and agenda behind the race war- and get their ” final solution” without a possibility of being pointed out as the real agitators. This cleverly concocted propaganda are aimed to instigate continuous  tensions between white and black to keep them divided in order for the communists to rule.When tensions subdue a bit- they (ANC communist chess masters and their media) create , instruct , organize and finance farm murders and anti-white race-based laws specifically to escalate race tensions again.  “  –Andrew K.

THEY always came when the sun sets and after dark. Like prowling werewolves on a moonless night they roam the land in packs of up to 20 – armed with deadly weapons to murder and torture. Their minds are a turmoil of jealousy and hatred. Their lust for revenge and blood are driven by political monsters who control their lair. Their sole mission is to steal, rape, torture and murder the unwary and  most defenseless . They prey on preferably the old and the weak. They are the mindless animals set loose by the earth villains in control to exterminate the white race. They are the brain-washed androids exploited to act as foot soldiers and assassins for the bigger  revolutionary “cause.” They are the ““expendables” to take the rap for their psychopathic mind controllers in parliament. They are the pre-programmed scavengers that pry on innocent blood- they are the useless idiots- the true dogs of Jacob Zuma’srainbow “perdition. 

Like phantoms they move towards their unwary target. Their attack  well planned and like a pack of wolves they quietly move into position .Their eyes full of revulsion as they peer into the darkness at the farmhouse in front of them. Every movement on the property are scrutinized until they are satisfied the environment is safe and their prey pose no immediate thread to their repugnant agenda. Then they quickly move into position to attack. In a well-orchestrated military-style operation their plan sets into action. First two of them armed with deadly assault rifles and machetes brake into the house- and surprised their hapless victims with a sudden brutal assault.

Like black predators they pounce their defenseless quarry and constrain each victim with ropes, electrical cords , belts , shoe laces or whatever can serve as a method to render their victims helpless and defenseless. The rest of the pack also now entered the dwelling. It is  then that the brutal , vicious and inhuman torment on their victims starts. They spare no resources in their sanguinary zest for murder and destruction of human life. Like blood-thirsty demons from hell they dehumanize, torture and destroy their victims in such a horrendous way that it can be compared to a Russian Bolshevik or medieval torture chamber.When they have completed their disgusting exercise after hours of mad brutality and left- their handiwork left behind equals that of either a hurricane or an abattoir- depending in which mood they were.


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It sounds like a scene from a horror movie and could well have been- if it was not an extraction from the true reality of what is happening on white farms in South Africa. Every night another farm in South Africa is under attack. Every night these predators target a white victim. Every night the horrors continue to play themselves out somewhere on a remote farmland and every day the inhuman barbarism of the previous night’s sadism from these savages are evident on the news and social sites. Like in the colonial times of Tanganyika and Kenya during the sixties when Kenyatta’s Mau-Mau gangs brutalized, raped, torture and murdered white farming communities in the most atrocious ways- the same hatred, cruelty and bloodletting repeats itself in South Africa today. Nothing has changed. Africa is  what is always was- a vicious and unforgiving continent inhabited by the worst kind of savage and ruinous beasts.It never will change. It’s aversion and hatred towards the white colonial was and still is openly revealed in the attitude of it’s rulers and methods used by these savage predators to murder and maim white victims. This is a perfectly strategical planned operation by the black communist elite to intimidate white communities and sow fear in the hearts of white farmers. It worked through the ages all over the African continent –  and it will work again. The sole aim of these barbaric methods is to drive white farmers off their land.

The strange unholy gruesome murder of white farmers is becoming increasingly alarming and irksome. Just yesterday- March 10 2017-  another elderly white female victim of 60 years – Nicci Simpson– was brutally attacked on a remote farm in Kalabasfontein near Westonaria. Black predators again used the most brutal way to inflict the worst pain on their defenseless victim. They first killed her dog- then constrained her by fastening her to a chair. After she was rendered helpless- their bloodthirsty Satanic ritual of torture started. They took sharp objects and stabbed her in her hands. If that was not brutal enough to quench their bloodthirsty appetite- they took an electric drill and start to drill holes in her kneecaps and feet. After what must have felt an eternity they left her and stole her meager belongings…then like the disgusting cowards they are- they fled- leaving an old woman behind with broken ribs, shattered kneecaps, broken hands and a psychologically ruined life. The suffering elderly lady only was discovered late afternoon in a state of shock. (Link)

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THIS is the reality of the situation in South Africa. THIS is the reality uneducated and uniformed minions across the intentional world does not know about, the media does not write about- and the evil ANC communist regime does not want to speak about. BUT the regime and it’s lapdog media has lots to say about so-called “hate speech”- again targeting the white community for their villainous propaganda. Sickening attacks and deliberate atrocities like the case above are hidden from the international world- or conveniently “overlooked.” This is the deliberate orchestrated naked black racism you never read about in your main stream media. This is why sudden anti white ”  hate speech” laws have to be implemented onto the social media and control over the internet activities must be enforced   in order to suffocate the messengers of this vile attacks on whites. The truth must be the first victim in this clandestine and cowardly onslaught against the already battered white population of  South Africa. No matter who investigate- no matter how many evidence are on the internet- no matter what political party or government objects- these villainous communist  mass murderers in South Africa will proceed with their agenda of the “ final solution” against white Afrikaners until someone somewhere got rid of them by a civil war or a government overthrow.




BUT this elderly lady was not the only white victim this past week that had to endure the profane wrath and misplaced hatred by the hands of misdirected black terrorizing savages. In South Africa three white victims are brutally attacked, tortured- or murdered every day. How many whites are willfully attacked in other Western countries each day by black savages? How many whites are brutally murdered in race hate related incidents every day in other Western Countries? Just last week another farmer was shot and paralyzed for the rest of his life in yet another farm attack on whites in South Africa. And then there is the incident this past week where  a  Glenhills white male victim  was brutally assaulted by a black thug wielding a pickaxe on Umhlanga Rocks Drive on Saturday. Warren McAllister said he had nine stitches to the top of his head after being struck with the handle (which was covered in metal) of the pickaxe. He also suffered severe bruises to his back, legs and upper body. (Link)Then also there was another white farmer that was attacked, bounded and stabbed in the heart in Warden(Link). AND in Swartfontein at the Paul Steyn farm near Bethelehem in the Free State anther white farmer was attacked. On another farm the elderly 79-year-old farmer, Piet Jacobs, was brutally murdered on his plot in Hartswater during the past week-end.In the Brits region a white male was stabbed next to his little daughter  by a black taxi driver that went into a road rage. And last night February 11 2017 another elderly white farmer of 62 had to pay the ultimate price for De Klerk and the NP’s Broederbond  treason in 1994 when he was murdered by black thugs  on his farm Rayton/Valtaki area. The brutal bloody murder is one among several other similar killings of white farmers in the country. The day before yesterday  a white  owner of a lingerie store in which two people were found dead this morning tells the story of the gruesome scene. Maureen Esterhuysen said she was home outside Pretoria when she received the call from “our employees who couldn’t get into the shop.” “I found this very strange.” She immediately called the center management to open the store on her behalf. Therein, the staff found the body of their 64-year-old white manager who was shot dead. ( Link) 

Violent criminal mentality in South Africa – shocking video

On Wednesday, a white woman (29) and her daughter were wounded after unknown black thugs fired shots into their home situated in Heidedal, Bloemfontein. Around 23H00 the owner of the house went to investigate why somebody was shining a bright light onto the house. He saw a gunman outside and immediately ran back into the house, telling the occupants to lie down. “Shortly thereafter, several shots were fired at the house and the residents,” said Sgt. Fikiswa Matoti, provincial police spokesman. The woman and child were wounded in the foot and taken to the hospital. Matoti said police do not know the motive for the attack. It is also unclear how many people were involved in the incident and what make of car they got away. Police are investigating two counts of attempted murder. (Link)  The local community newspaper, South Cape Forum, reported that a white couple was attacked at their residence outside Riversdale. On Saturday March 11, a couple were overpowered and attacked by six black thugs  at their home. The thugs all dressed in orange overalls, tied up the couple, and ransacked the house. The thugs fled with a vehicle, three laptops, a hard drive, and a camera. The police were alerted and are investigating the incident. The vehicle was found abandoned. The thugs are still at large. (Link) 


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AND a white Pretoria resident is in a critical condition after he was assaulted by a black thug during a brake-in and robbery incident in Rietfontein. A 58-year-old white resident of Rietfontein, Pretoria was brutally assaulted at his home with an iron object during a house robbery. The black thug gained entry through the back security door. It was forced open with an unknown object. The victim was surprised by the thug in the kitchen of the home where a struggle ensued between them. The victim was found by his friend when she returned from work. He was found with several wounds to the head and in a critical condition. He was transported to the hospital for treatment and remain on critical condition. (Link) Nicky Haddad was murdered on 12 March 2017 on his farm in Kroonstad by two black thugs from Lesotho. (Link) AND in Witrivier another white farmer was attacked by three black thugs and struck with a piece of rock on the head on March 12 2017. Frikkie Liebenberg (62) of Vaalbank in  Bronkhorstspruit was attacked and murdered by black thugs on his farm on March 11 2017.In Danville- Pretoria  another white man was murdered by a black thug with a hammer.


And two weeks ago a beautiful white girl- Alice Maree (21) – was repeatedly brutally raped  in her work office by a black thug- one Papa Mokati- to such an extend that she subsequently succumbed to her injuries last week.(Link) Most of these sick deranged black murderers will not even see the inside of a court or a jail cell….let alone prosecuted.


One of three thugs shot dead by the response officer  in Old Howick Road – in spite of being severely assaulted with a hammer in the face. The description and modus operandi fit that of several criminal incidents in Hilton.(Link)

IN South Africa the corrupt law rather protect the villain than the citizen. In an eerie case to substantiate this truth- a father and son in KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga were charged with murder after they killed a black thug who broke into their home during nighttime while they were asleep. When the son woke up- he found the thug in their home armed with a gun. A tussle ensued whereupon the son called his dad to come and assist with the villain. In the tussle the thug was killed when the father and son stabbed the thug and he was fatally wounded. ( Link) The question now is what the hell was the thug doing in their home in the first place? Why were they arrested while protecting their property? Were they supposed to invite him for a cuppa tea while they load their valuables into his knapsack?  BUT that is the corrupt South African law today- the villains have got more rights than the citizens. To add to this sickening culture does the media itself write their articles in such a contorted way that the victim become the villain- and the villain become the victim- depending which race was the ” agitator.”

This is but a very, very few incidents that played themselves down on white farms in South Africa. We did not even include or mention all the attacks and murders against whites in the towns and  cities. Every day the tally of attacks and murders just grow and grow. Everyday the same tale of race hatred by blacks against whites escalate. Every week the psychotic monsters behind their laptops instigate yet another malicious propaganda article against whites in their deranged media outlets. By twisting and turning real events into false race-related incidents-  these scum from the media writing these articles instigate hatred and murders such as the Westonarea incident against whites for their own selfish gain. Every week the statisticians on the social sites sits down and count the cost of innocent white human lives.AND every month the black remorseless dictators in control proceed to instigate race hatred against whites in speeches and “laws” from their “untouchable” lairs in Cape Town. Mean-while the blood-thirsty predators that roams the countryside are psy-opsed and brainwashed more and more by these same destructive propagandists in control  to go out and kill more whites- and the ramifications not only against the whites themselves- but against the general food production community in South Africa are disastrous.



This murders against whites and especially targeted against whites farmers came a long way- in fact it started in 1994 already when a delusional international world was glorifying their self-made terrorist icon Nelson Mandela. Along a highway on a grassy hill, thousands of white crosses — each one representing an individual victim of brutal farm murders, or plaasmoorde in Afrikaans — are a stark reminder of the reality facing European-descent farmers in the new South Africa. One of the iron crosses was planted last year in memory of two-year-old Willemien Potgieter, who was executed on a farm and left in a pool of her own blood. Her parents were murdered, too — the father hacked to death with a machete. Before leaving, the half-dozen killers tied a note to the gate: “We killed them. We’re coming back.”

The Potgieter family massacre is just one of the tens of thousands of farm attacks to have plagued South Africa since 1994. Like little Willemien’s cross, many of those now-iconic emblems represent innocent children, even babies, who have been savagely murdered, oftentimes after being tortured in ways so gruesome, horrifying, and barbaric, that mere words could never adequately describe it. The death toll is still rising. Like countless South Africans, Andre Van den Berg has lost multiple relatives to violence in the so-called “Rainbow Nation.” In separate incidents, according to Van Den Berg, a motorcycle exporter and former military man who now lives in the United States, two of his female cousins were brutally and repeatedly raped in front of their husbands by black thugs. One of the women was pregnant with the couple’s first child. All five victims were murdered. After sodomizing and killing the husbands, in both cases, the ruthless attackers raped Van Den Berg’s cousins again.

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Enduring the horror for hours, one of the women was eventually shot. The other had a tire filled with gasoline put around her neck and set ablaze — the agonizing punishment known as “necklacing,”-  which was once commonly meted out to black opponents of the predominantly black African National Congress (ANC) now ruling South Africa in an unholy alliance with the South African Communist Party (SACP) and an umbrella group for labor unions. Nelson Mandela’s wife, Winnie, was known for publicly supporting the barbaric act. Nobody was ever arrested in connection with those two farm attacks. Before Van Den Berg lost his cousins, his father was killed by a truck driver in a suspicious accident. The drunken suspect, apparently a respected black figure within the ANC, was arrested at the scene. However, under pressure from the ANC, the killer was released on $100 bail. Again with help from the ANC, Van Den Berg said, the driver fled and was never prosecuted for the killing. No explanation was ever given by authorities, despite repeated appeals for answers.


After being deported back to South Africa from the United States over an alleged failure to report a change of address, Van Den Berg’s brother was killed, too. Within a year of his arrival, he was brutally murdered. Witnesses watched the murder unfold and told police, but as has become typical, nobody was ever prosecuted. A male cousin of Van Den Berg’s, meanwhile, was shot in the chest while being robbed. And as is often the case, the murder was labeled an “accident” by authorities. “It’s racial crime,” insisted Van Den Berg, an Afrikaner descendant of Dutch settlers, in an interview with The New American. “The ANC people are using genocide — they’re pro-genocide. Long term, they want all the property that belongs to the whites.” The black-led ANC-communist regime is “twice as racist” as the former white-led apartheid government ever was, he added. And along with its supporters, the South African government is willing to do “anything” to accomplish its goals.

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When top ANC government leaders, including South African President Jacob Zuma, chant about exterminating whites, “some people think they’re just singing songs,” Van Den Berg said, becoming visibly uncomfortable at the thought of it. “But I think they’re very serious about that. That’s why we have all the farm murders…. What they do, their followers will follow.” In its defense, the ANC regime points out that crime affects “all South Africans; “– and it is true, the country has one of the highest murder rates in the world — blacks, whites, people of Asian origin, and others are all terrorized by it. But respected independent experts who have investigated allegations of anti-white genocide in the Rainbow Nation have concluded that the government is not being honest about the wave of genocidal white murders. The ANC’s national spokesman declined repeated requests for comment.



Following a fact-finding mission to South Africa a few years ago, Dr. Gregory Stanton, head of the non-profit group Genocide Watch, announced his conclusions: There is an orchestrated genocidal campaign targeting whites, and white farmers in particular. The respected organization released a report about its investigation shortly afterward. On a scale the group developed to identify the phases of genocide, South Africa has been moved to stage six: the preparation and planning phase. Step seven is extermination. The eighth and final stage: denial after the fact. Among the startling discoveries, long known to South Africans and analysts monitoring the powder keg, was evidence pointing to the ANC regime itself. “There is thus strong circumstantial evidence of government support for the campaign of forced displacement and atrocities against White farmers and their families,” Genocide Watch leaders said in their report, entitled Why Are Afrikaner Farmers Being Murdered in South Africa? “There is direct evidence of SA [South African] government incitement to genocide.”

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According to experts and estimates compiled by citizens who track the killing spree, at least 4,000 white farmers in South Africa, known as Boers (from the Dutch word for “farmer”), have been brutally massacred over the last decade. Some estimates put the figures even higher, but it is hard to know because the ANC government has purposely made it impossible to determine the true extent. With the total number of commercial farmers in South Africa estimated at between 30,000 and 40,000, analysts say as many as 10 percent have already been exterminated. Even more have come under attack. It is worse than murder, though. Many of the victims, including children and even infants, are raped or savagely tortured or both before being executed or left for dead. Sometimes boiling water is poured down their throats. Other attacks involve burning victims with hot irons or slicing them up with machetes. In more than a few cases, the targets have been tied to their own cars and dragged along dirt roads for miles.

The South African government, dominated by the communist-backed ANC, has responded to the surging wave of racist murders by denying the phenomenon, implausibly claiming that many of the attacks are simply “regular” crimes. Despite fierce criticism, authorities also stopped tracking statistics that would provide a more accurate picture of what is truly going on. In many cases, the murders are simply classified as “burglaries” or even “accidents” and ignored, so the true murder figures are certainly much higher than officials admit. The police, meanwhile, are often involved in the murders or at least the cover-ups, multiple sources report. A white South African exile living in the United States told The New American that when victims are able to defend themselves or apprehend the would-be perpetrators, many of the attackers are found to be affiliated with the ruling ANC or its youth wing. Experts are not buying the government’s cover-up. “The farm murders, we have become convinced, are not accidental,” said Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch during his fact-finding mission to South Africa. It was very clear that the massacres were not common crimes, he added — especially because of the absolute barbarity used against the victims. “We don’t know exactly who is planning them yet, but what we are calling for is an international investigation.”

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Indeed, most unbiased analysts concede that the thousands of brutal killings and tens of thousands of attacks are part of a broader pattern. And according to Dr. Stanton, who was also involved in the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa and has decades of experience examining genocide and communist terror, the trend points toward a troubled future for the nation. “Things of this sort are what I have seen before in other genocides,” he said of the murdered white farmers, pointing to several examples, including a victim’s body that was left with an open Bible on top and other murder victims who were tortured, disemboweled, raped, or worse. “This is what has happened in Burundi; it’s what happened in Rwanda. It has happened in many other places in the world.” Speaking in Pretoria at an event organized by the anti-communist Transvaal Agricultural Union, Dr. Stanton also lashed out at the effort to dehumanize whites in South Africa by portraying them as “settlers.” The label is meant to paint Afrikaner white farmers — descendants of Northern Europeans who arrived centuries ago, some as far back as the 1600s — as people who do not belong there. “High-ranking ANC government officials who continuously refer to Whites as ‘settlers’ and ‘colonialists of a special type’ are using racial epithets in a campaign of state-sponsored dehumanization of the White population as a whole,” Genocide Watch said in its latest report. “They sanction gang-organized hate crimes against Whites, with the goal of terrorizing Whites through fear of genocidal annihilation.”

It is the same process that happened prior to the infamous genocide against Christian Armenians in Turkey, Stanton explained. The dehumanization phenomenon also occurred against the Jewish people in Germany under the National Socialist (Nazi) regime of Adolf Hitler, well before the Nazi tyrant began implementing his monstrous “final solution.” Unfortunately, South Africa might be next in line. “Whenever you have that kind of dehumanization … you have the beginning of that downward spiral into genocide,” Stanton noted, adding that the situation in South Africa had already moved well beyond that stage. The next phase before extermination, which began years ago in South Africa, is organizing to actually carry it out. “We are worried that there are organized groups that are in fact doing that planning,” Stanton continued during his speech. “It became clear to us that the [ANC] Youth League was this kind of organization — it was planning this kind of genocidal massacre and also the forced displacement of whites from South Africa.”


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Muslim racist Lindsay Maasdorp from the left wing extremist group “Black first-Land first”: Advocates white farm murders- but the media stay mum about the flagrant hate-speech against whites.

Genocide Watch first raised its alert level for South Africa from stage five to stage six when then-ANC Youth League boss Julius Malema began openly singing a racist song aimed at inciting murder against white South African farmers: “Shoot the Boer” and “Kill the Boer” were some of the lyrics. Malema got his phrease from the first black despot Peter Mokaba- who initialized the chant  in 1994. Described by the anti-genocide group as a “racist Marxist-Leninist,” Malema has also been quoted as saying that “all whites are criminals” and threatening to steal white farmers’ land by force. He said the farm murders would stop when Africans of European descent surrendered their land. After the calls to genocide made international headlines, the South African judiciary ruled that the song advocating murder of whites was unlawful hate speech. Genocide Watch moved South Africa back down to stage five. Incredibly, however, the president of South Africa, ANC’s Jacob Zuma, began singing the song early this year, too. “We are going to shoot them with the machine gun; they are going to run; you are a Boer [white farmer]; shoot the Boer,” the South African president sang at an ANC rally in Bloemfontein in January, an incident that was caught on film and posted online. Since then, the number of murdered white South African farmers has been growing each month, according to reports. Other senior government officials, meanwhile, have openly called for “war.” South Africa is now back at stage six. “This is the kind of talk that of course is not only pre-genocidal, it also comes before crimes against humanity,” Dr. Stanton said, urging everyone to remember that they are all members of the human race. “Those who would be deniers, and who would try to ignore the warning signs in this country, I think are ignoring the facts.”

There is also increasing “polarization,” where the target population — white farmers in this case, and even moderates of all races — are portrayed as an “enemy,” Stanton explained about the march to genocide. And that phenomenon is ever-more apparent in South Africa today, with the situation starting to spiral out of control.Meanwhile, the South African government is stepping up efforts to disarm the struggling white farmers — stripping them of their final line of defense against genocidal attacks. This is being done by introduced “gun laws.”  The farmers must hand in their weapons to the police- but in most cases- never get licences again- or the process are deliberately delayed– which means in most cases they never get them back again due to deliberate bureaucracy. As has consistently been the case throughout history, of course, disarmament is always a necessary precursor to totalitarianism and the eventual mass slaughter of target groups. In fact, arms in the hands of citizens are often the final barrier to complete enslavement and even extermination. “The government has disbanded the commando units of white farmers that once protected their farms, and has passed laws to confiscate the farmers’ weapons,” Genocide Watch noted on its website in an update about South Africa posted in July. “Disarmament of a targeted group is one of the surest early warning signs of future genocidal killings.”

Even mere possession of an “unregistered” or “unlicensed” weapon — licenses have become extraordinarily difficult to obtain, if not impossible — can result in jail time. And in South Africa, especially for whites, prison is a virtual death sentence, with widespread rape and HIV infections being the norm. Those who do surrender their guns may find themselves defenseless in the face genocidal terroragain, a potential death sentence. South African exiles who spoke with TNA said that many of the guns confiscated from whites by officials have later been found at the gruesome murder scenes of white farmers. The United Nations defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.” The term also includes actions other than simply wholesale slaughter, though. According to the UN, among the crimes that can constitute genocide are causing serious harm to members of a specific minority group; deliberately inflicting conditions on the minority aimed at bringing about its destruction in whole or in part; seeking to prevent births among the targeted population; and forcibly transferring minority children to others.

South African Sonia Hruska, a former Mandela administration consultant who served as a coordinator in policy implementation from 1994 to 2001 before moving to the United States, told The New American that many or even most of those conditions have already been met — and any single one can technically constitute genocide if it is part of a systematic attempt to destroy a particular group. “Acknowledge it. Don’t deny it,” she said. Other activists and exiles agree. Meanwhile, Hruska and other experts say that the government is encouraging the problem, actively discriminating against whites, and in many cases even facilitating the ongoing atrocities. “Forced displacement from their farms has inflicted on the Afrikaner ethnic group conditions of life calculated to bring about its complete or partial physical destruction, an act of genocide also prohibited by the Genocide Convention,” Genocide Watch said in its most recent report. “In our analysis, the current ANC leadership also publicly uses incitement to genocide with the long-term goal of forcibly driving out or annihilating the White population from South Africa.” Of course, not all South Africans — especially city dwellers — are convinced that there is an ongoing genocide in their country, or even that one may be coming. The vast majority of blacks and whites would simply like to live in peace with each other. However, virtually everyone who is paying attention agrees that without solutions, the precarious situation in the “Rainbow Nation ” will continue to deteriorate, going from bad to worse, sooner rather than later.


Communist Threat: Land, Mines

Behind the genocide lurks another issue that is inseparable from it — the ongoing communist effort to completely enslave South Africa under totalitarian rule. In fact, aside from “white supremacists, “ who have seized on the problems in the “Rainbow Nation ” to spread hate against blacks, most activists believe the stirring up of racial tensions is not an end in itself. Instead, it is a means to the ultimate end of foisting socialism on the nation while eliminating all potential resistance. The issue of land distribution, which has become one of the key drivers of the downward spiral, is among the greatest concerns. The white minority in South Africa is blamed for still owning much of the land despite ANC promises to redistribute it to blacks. The fact is that most of the land is owned by the state and international Jewish corporate moguls– not white Afrikaners. But the redistribution that has occurred — as in neighboring Zimbabwe — has largely resulted in failure, with redistributed farms often failing quickly while producing little to no food.

Despite the atrocious track record so far, extremists, including elements of the ANC-dominated government, are now hoping to expropriate land from white farmers more quickly, with some factions even arguing that it should be done with no compensation at all. And the communist agenda here, as in virtually everywhere else where forcible land redistribution has been adopted, has even broader goals than just enriching cronies.“Whatever system of land tenure is adopted in South Africa, the communists — in the long run — have in mind to take away all private property. That should never be forgotten,” Stanton warned, noting that he has lived in communist-run countries before. “Every place you go where communists have taken over, they take away private ownership because private ownership gives people the power — the economic power — to oppose their government. Once you have taken that away, there is no basis on which you can have the economic power to oppose the government.”

Of course, this would not be the first time a similar tragedy has happened in southern Africa. When Marxist dictator Robert Mugabe seized power in Zimbabwe (formerly known as Rhodesia, once one of the richest countries on the continent — “the breadbasket of Africa”), he began a ruthless war against the white population and his political opponents of all colors. The country promptly spiraled into chaos and mass starvation under the Mugabe regime when the tyrant “redistributed” the farms and wealth to his cronies, who of course knew nothing about farming. The regime butchered tens of thousands of victims, and estimates suggest that millions have died as a direct result of Mugabe’s Marxist policies. Many fled to South Africa. Whites who refused to leave their property during the “redistribution” were often tortured and killed by the regime or its death squads. With Mugabe still in charge, the tragic plight of Zimbabwe continues to worsen today. But the mass-murdering despot is still held in high regard by many senior officials in the ANC. “As a group, Afrikaner farmers stand in the way of the South African Communist Party’s goal to implement their Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist New Democratic Revolution and specifically the confiscation of all rural land belonging to White Afrikaner farmers,” Genocide Watch officials noted in their most recent report. Due to the malicious false propaganda- the mind-set of the Hyenas on the prowl are now on a stage of arrogance and madness- as refelcted in a speech by ANC cader – KwaZulu-Natal ANC chairperson Sihle Zikalala- when he  has called on white landowners to “apologize ” for taking land from “African farmers??”– , saying refusing to do so would set the country on the path to self- destruction. “Who gave the white landowners a mandate to take the land? They did not pay for the land to begin with, and developed it using black labor. “African farmers, who are owed an apology for having their land taken away, accept this situation and continue to live in challenging conditions on the land they are entitled to.” (Link)  

In a recent article – Government aims to strip farmers of all their possessions – there is a warning for farmers not to negotiate how much land should be forfeited, but to rather focus on changing the negotiation provision on how a future for commercial farmers can be achieved. The expropriation of land in South Africa according to Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party is to take away white-owned land and give it to blacks. What about stated owned land, currently the government does not know how much land it owns. Read – Expropriation of Land Equals Poverty In the video, Malema said, “The EFF will tamper with the white privilage. The land must be returned to the black people. I am not worried about white people, I am worried about black people.”


Furthermore are whites also targeted for poverty as the ANC hoodlums now are putting the screws on companies to lay off white skilled workers in exchange to make place for unskilled black workers.  A South African utility company has been given an ultimatum to reduce it’s number of white employees by 44.3% over the next five years. This means 3,389 whites have to go. It is part of the Federal “Black Empowerment” program. For years, Eskom has been under orders to only hire non-whites as new employees. The firm says it is having major problems finding enough qualified non-white applicants. Currently, Eskom’s middle managers are 30% white and it’s skilled labor force is 21% white. The South African government has also ordered Eskom to reduce it’s safety requirements to make it easier for non-white applicants to qualify for jobs. Eskom is ordered to reduce the number of white engineers by 1,081, and the number of white skilled laborers by 2,179. South Africa is currently experiencing a rapid collapse of it’s electrical infrastructure and power routinely goes out all over the country.(Link)

Beyond land, there is also the mining sector, which is crucial to keeping the rapidly deteriorating South African economy afloat. With the recent labor unrest and miner strikes focusing international attention on the “Rainbow Nation,” there are still more questions than answers. What has become clear, though, is that at least certain factions within South Africa’s ruling black  elite are seeking to exploit the crisis to advance the cause of nationalization. Politicians and aspiring power brokers seized on the escalating crisis — multiple gold and platinum mines were idled because of the ongoing strikes — to whip up hysteria for political purposes, analysts said. In mid-September, over a thousand soldiers were deployed to support an embattled police force, as the ruling ANC regime and its communist partners sought to blame business for the tensions. The ruling alliance consisting of the ANC, the South African Communist Party (SACP), and the Conference of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) implausibly claimed after an inquiry that mining companies were to blame for the chaos: “It is therefore our considered view that employers have an interest in fanning this conflict to reverse the gains achieved by workers over a long period of time.” According to the ruling alliance, the mining businesses were deliberately stirring up union rivalries to suppress wages and benefits. However, credible analysts largely rejected the allegations as preposterous; the firms in question have already lost huge amounts of money as many of their mines remained shut down because of the strikes. Stock prices plunged, too.

Meanwhile, multiple communist agitators within and outside the ANC renewed their calls to nationalize the mines. The move, however, was hardly a surprise. Consider that even before seizing power, state ownership of the sector was established ANC policy. “The nationalization of the mines, banks and monopoly industries is the policy of the ANC and a change or modification of our views in this regard is inconceivable,” Nelson Mandela said in a 1990 statement from prison. They are still at it today. Marxist agitator and former ANC Youth League boss Malema, famous for corruption, inciting genocide against white South Africans, and demanding that the regime nationalize virtually the entire economy, inserted himself at the center of the growing labor unrest. He called for, among other schemes, nationwide strikes and the nationalization of the whole mining industry. After Malema was expelled from the ANC earlier this year, the suspiciously wealthy communist racist — he lives far beyond his means and was recently charged with corruption — has started to attack South African ANC President Zuma, a polygamist and fellow open communist who also regularly sings the infamous hate song calling for the extermination of whites. After strikers were killed by police in Marikana, Malema, apparently upset that Zuma had not sunk South Africa into total communist tyranny quickly enough, said, “How can he call on people to mourn those he has killed? He must step down.”

Observers, even those within South Africa’s ruling alliance, however, suggested the unrest was actually being carefully orchestrated by power-hungry elements within the communist-backed ANC itself. Even top officials within the alliance are suspicious about what is going on. According to COSATU President Sdumo Dlamini, for example, Malema supporters within the ANC were hoping to plunge South Africa into deeper chaos to solidify their power. “We also understand that there have been certain individuals behind him who are funding this for their own political ambitions,” Dlamini said. “Julius Malema may be the point person running at the front, but we know that there are big guns ( British elites) behind him.” And big money, too. Dlamini said COSATU was “very angry” that unsuspecting mine workers were being used as pawns by opportunists, sometimes even being killed in the process. “This is a systematic, orchestrated, long-time plan that is unfolding now,” he added. “The ANC as the ruling party shouldn’t be afraid to be bold, condemn and expose…. The ANC must continue to identify and deal with those who fund this chaos.”

Communists, of course, have historically been known to create the superficial impression of internal division to further their agenda while collaborating together behind the scenes — the use of strategic disinformation, as defectors have called it. Obviously, there are occasions when would-be communist despots fight among themselves as well. It remains unclear what, if anything, may be going on outside of the limelight between the ANC, the SACP, and other totalitarian forces working to crush individual liberty and all resistance within South Africa. Other analysts attributed the expanding labor unrest to widely different causes, ranging from anger over the ANC regime’s lawless corruption to genuine grievances about dangerous working conditions and low pay at the mines. Tribal tensions have also been cited as playing a role, though just how significant is difficult to determine. Numerous observers have attributed the violent tensions to rivalries between the ANC-linked National Union of Mineworkers (NUM), which is the largest member of COSATU, (and Cyril Rhamaphosa was the caretaker of) – and its increasingly influential rival known as the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (AMCU). Some experts said the crackdown on protests was an effort to quash the AMCU before it further splintered workers’ support for the ruling ANC-SACP-COSATU alliance.

Critics have accused the AMCU, which touts itself as anti-communist and has long criticized the established powerbrokers for corruption, of fomenting the unrest. The South African Communist Party even called for AMCU leaders to be arrested after the incident, and among the ruling communist establishment, fears about the renegade union are reportedly growing. The chaos has been ongoing since early this year, but it exploded and entered into the international headlines in August after dozens of striking miners were killed in what has since been dubbed the “Marikana massacre.” Police, who were reportedly fired upon by armed demonstrators, returned fire, killing more than 30 people. Top government officials — many of whom have personal stakes in the situation including shares in the mining firms — have vowed to crack down on the strikes. Proud communist revolutionary Jeff Radebe, the “Justice Minister” in the ANC regime, said at a September 14 press conference that authorities were intervening because the mining industry is crucial to South Africa’s crumbling economy. “The South African government has noted and is deeply concerned by the amount of violence, threats and intimidation that is currently taking place in our country,” he told reporters, warning that anyone taking part in “illegal gatherings” would be “dealt with” very swiftly. “Our government will not tolerate these acts any further.” This much reminds us of the Sharpville massacre which is screened every year on “Youth Day” on national TV to remind the black South Africans of the “dreaded Apartheid”- but the Marikana masacre- the ANC communists’ own Sharpeville- are being wiped under the carpet.

Critics of the harsh response warned that raids and use of force against miners would likely contribute to further unrest. Perhaps that is the desired outcome, with anarchy helping to pave the way for police-state measures. While the crisis was growing, however, Marxist genocidal forces seized the opportunity to unleash an even larger bloodbath.A newly formed U.S.-based group of human rights activists and South African exiles known as Friends 4 Humanity, founded to raise awareness about the genocide of the South African minority, told The New American at the time that the number of racist attacks and murders against Afrikaner farmers had surged dramatically amid the labor unrest. There were at least 30 documented attacks in the first two weeks of September — many resulting in multiple murders.“Since the beginning of 2012 we have noticed that murders increased to approximately one every second day, with some victims as young as six months,” said Sonia Hruska, the former Mandela consultant who is also a founding member of the new organization. “However, since the start of the mining unrest it has now escalated to as much as at least one attack a day with multiple fatal victims.”

Impeding the Plan

The New American magazine warned readers almost two decades ago that the ANC leaders of the anti-apartheid movement and their foreign backers, despite the establishment media’s bogus claims, were deliberately plotting to condemn that nation to communism. The signs were all over the place — literally. For example, Nelson Mandela made a public appearance in front of a giant hammer and sickle with SACP chief Joe Slovo. Now, after almost 20 years of patient waiting, that conquest appears to be nearing its final phases as anti-communist whites are slaughtered to make way for a collectivist “utopia” – ruled by the ANC and the SACP. Troublesome blacks – such as Joe Modise and Peter Mokaba- were exterminated by the ANC and its allies before 1994. Among South Africans and foreigners concerned about the ongoing problems and a looming calamity, however, there is a wide range of thoughts about what should happen. Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch promised the Afrikaners that he would visit the U.S. Embassy and bring the issue to the attention of world leaders. However, he also urged them not to give up their guns and to continue resisting the communist “ideology” espoused by so many of the political and party leaders that now dominate the nation’s coercive government ­apparatus.

So far, efforts to garner the attention of the “international community” appear to have been largely unproductive. The Dutch Parliament, though, narrowly defeated a recent bill calling for the government of the Netherlands to investigate and help combat racist violence directed at Afrikaners in South Africa by offering expertise and judiciary support while helping to preserve threatened basic rights, such as freedom of the press. Despite failing to pass, the effort was taken as a sign that world opinion may be changing, albeit slowly. Activists are also calling on European governments and the United States to immediately begin accepting especially vulnerable white refugees from South Africa as a high priority. There are less than five million whites left in the country, about 10 percent of South Africans, down from almost a quarter of the population decades ago. Analysts say that giving them asylum may prove tough politically — partly because it could expose the myths of Nelson Mandela and his communist ANC being “heroic” so-called freedom fighters. Even if it were possible, millions of white South Africans would refuse to leave the land of their forefathers anyway, at least at this point, knowing that if they left, the Afrikaner culture and language may disappear forever. “Up to a million people have already emigrated, almost as many as left Lebanon during the civil war. However, mass emigration would mean the demise of our nation, together with our unique language, history, literature and culture,Pro-Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG) chief Dan Roodt told The New American. “You must also remember that to most of the Western countries, we represent unwanted immigrants, despite being educated, law-abiding and Christian. Despite being persecuted, very few actually get political asylum as the mass media still portray South Africa as a model democracy.”

Like a significant subset of the Afrikaner minority, Roodt wants his people to have their own autonomous homeland in Southern Africa, a proposal that the ANC regime rejects out of hand. “Many of us want to stay and fight and turn the tables on this anachronistic left-wing, racist regime,” explained the controversial Afrikaner advocate. Other South Africans hope the international community will intervene to protect persecuted minority groups — either militarily if the downward spiral continues, or at least through sanctions and diplomatic pressure. More than a few sources who spoke to The New American said foreign action is a necessity: They view South Africa as a sort of “canary in the coal mine.” The “Rainbow Nation”  might be the first to go, but Western civilization, they say, will not be far behind. Unsurprisingly, the establishment press has barely reported a word about the looming potential catastrophe in South Africa.


However, there is hope: Activists say that if Americans get involved, even just helping to raise awareness, a bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions may well be averted. It will certainly not be easy to roll back the blood-red tide of communism and genocide in South Africa. The roots have been firmly planted, nurtured by Western governments and communist tyrants for decades. As long as despots such as Jacob Zuma, Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu, Andile Mngxitama, Blade Nzimande , Gugile Nkwinti and other radical far leftist warmongers still remain in parliament-as long as the Afrikaner Broederbond still have a stranglehold on South African finances , media outlets and politics-  and as long as depots such as Mugabe and Malema are funded and supported by the British “elite”– the white slaughter in South Africa and elsewhere in the world will continue unchallenged. But it is not only in South Africa this horrendous murders against whites occur. Across the globe in Europe and America there is a sudden vindictive attack on all that is white.  The message across the globe by the New World Order Jesuits is a chilling one- but a clear one: “ Exterminate the Aryan race!”  But for South Africans of all colors, and for humanity itself, activists insist that the battle must go on. It will.

Clearly by November 1986 the Afrikaner bond (New name for Afrikaner Broederbond) had already decided for the rest of South Africa that every other vote, political debate, referendum or speech was all maculatus …South Africa’s fate was cealed on the inside of a Afrikaner bonds meeting: 
it was decided that South Africa has to become just another failed African state on the way to revolution. For this it’s top members will be greatly rewarded….


 ” One day a Jackal was standing on the edge of a stream  when he noticed a scorpion on the opposite edge of the stream. As he stood there  watching the creature- the scorpion  called him.
“Hi Jackal” yelled the scorpion. “I want to be on your side of the stream,- but as you know scorpions cannot swim. Will you please be so kind as to come this way and take me to your side of the stream? The Jackal thought for a moment- hesitating- but then his good nature got the better of him and he jumped into the stream and swam to the other side. Upon reaching the opposite side- he told the scorpion to get onto his back. The scorpion obliged and the Jackal swam with  the scorpion on his back to the other side. Upon reaching the other side- instead of thanking the Jackal- the scorpion stung the Jackal. ” Why the hell did you do THAT for- I helped you to come to my side of the stream?” – the Jackal cried in agony whereupon the scorpion answered: ” You silly idiot- I am a scorpion– you are supposed to  KNOW that I was genetically constructed by nature to sting you!!”