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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Pretoria  – March 16 2017






IN what can only be described as a despicable  and down-right disgraceful display of utter arrogance and insensitive apathy-  the African National Congress illegal regime yesterday and the far left militant EFF black supremacists in parliament at last   clearly revealed to the world their true disgusting and shameful attitude towards the escalating murders against the white farming community in South Africa. Farm murders were discussed in Parliament for the first time in 20 years on 14 March 2017. What was supposed to be a sensitive matter of urgency to be discussed in the highest legislative authority in the country as it not only involve the needless deaths of the food suppliers- but also involves food security as a whole- turned out to be one of shameful disrespect for human lives, a careless attitude towards the ailing food supplies-  and a total racist anti-sentimental approach towards the white Afrikaner community as a whole.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald, Leader of the FF Plus was presenting the house with full details of farm murders in South Africa.  In his speech he outlined the excessively high percentage of murders on farms and the brutality thereof in many instances, which creates the impression that it isn’t ordinary crime, which has necessitated the FF Plus to call for a debate on farm murders.   Dr. Groenewald said in his speech that the uncomfortable truth about farm murders can no longer be ignored. He also emphasized that not only white people die in farm attacks, although they make out the minoroty, according to statistics. He said where the world’s average figure for murders is 7 in every 100 000 of the population, it is 33 farmers  in every 100 000 in South Africa. Regarding police, the figure is 54, while for farmers it is 133 farmers being murdered in every 100 000 of the population. “This means that it is nearly three times more dangerous to be a farmer in South Africa than it is to be a police officer.



South African Whites Prepare for Anarchy

Of note is the fact that the agricultural sector contributes 6,9% to the country’s GDP, and provides work to approximately one million people. Nearly everything you ate or drank today, apart from water, was produced by farmers. “Figures obtained from the Police, show that since 1991 there has been 2 393 murders and 14 589 farm attacks. “There is a perception that only whites are murdered in farm attacks. This is not true. Research shows that 40% of all victims of farm attacks are black. “Where police statistics show that there was a decline in attacks last year, it should be kept in mind that farmers are increasingly taking steps to safeguard themselves. “Yet, former president Thabo Mbeki undertook to establish something in the place of the commando system which he had disbanded. Sector policing would have filled this role. This is however not effectively enough. Many of the police offices in rural areas have not yet started with it. “Of those police stations which do have sector policing, approximately 50% do not meet the minimum requirements. I had a call from Upington yesterday where there is only one vehicle and four police members to service an area of 184 farms. “It is clear that sector policing is not successful, and I call on government to give attention to it. “The generalisation that farm workers who are treated poorly is the reason for the attacks, is also not true. The Police’s research shows that less than 2% of the attackers and victims are known to each other. Furthermore, that about 2% of the attacks are politically motivated,” Dr. Groenewald said.

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Albie Sachs (ANC Founder)
Alec Erwin
Alfred Beit
Arthur Chaskalson (ANC Attorney)
Arthur Goldreich (ANC Founder)
Barney Barnato
Barney Simon
Bram Fischer (ANC Attorney)
Cecil John Rhodes
Conrad Koch
Dennis Goldberg (ANC Founder)
Ernest Oppenheimer
Gill Marcus
Harold Wolpe (ANC Founder)
Lionel Bernstein (SACP and ANC Founder)
Harold Hanson (ANC Attorney)
Harry Oppenheimer
Harry Schwarz (ANC Attorney)
Helen Suzman
Helen Zille
Ina Perlman
James Kantor (ANC Founder)
Jeremy Cronin
Joe Slovo (SACP and ANC Founder)
Joel Joffe (ANC Attorney)
Muff Anderson
Nadine Gordimer
Pieter-Dirk Uys
Philip Tobias
Rachel (Ray) Simons
Raymond Suttner
Richard Goldstone
Ruth First (ANC Founder)
Ronnie Kasrils (ANC Founder)
Rowley Arenstein (ANC Attorney)
Sammy Marks
Solly Krok
Tony Leon



He said that it is not ordinary crime when people are tortured until they die, where a woman is raped for hours on end while her husband is forced to watch, where people’s heads are crushed and they are set alight, or where an electrical drill is used to drill holes in a woman’s feet after she had already been tortured in other ways. ” In one instance in Parys, a farmer’s testicles were cut off and eaten by the attackers after they had cooked it. This is the shocking and uncomfortable truth of farm murders which can no longer be ignored,” Dr. Groenewald said. Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Groenewald, FF Plus Leader. ( Link)

However- even sick and deranged acts like these did not catch neither the attention nor the sympathy of some of the the hardened ANC communists. While the debate was on-going- church leaders were outside the parliament- praying that the regime would listen to the plea of the farmers. This did not even deter the distasteful way some ANC rogues gave their answer.  During the Parliamentary debate while reference was made by MP Pieter Groenewald of the FF+ to the escalating and brutal killing of white farmers in South Africa- he was interrupted by a loud and clear statement coming from ANC MP and Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Mduduzi Manana, shouting: “Bury them alive.” “Incitement to murder is a crime in itself,” FN Spokesperson Daniël Lötter, said on Wednesday morning. “There we have a deputy minister sitting in Parliament and committing a crime for the whole world to see. And the Speaker does not ask him to leave the house, in fact she does not even reprimand him. Which is exactly why the world cannot be expected to have any respect or trust in the current South African Parliamentary system. If Manana is a supporter of the brutal killing of fellow South African citizens, he does not belong in government, he belongs in jail. Suspend him now!”

These two tsotsi’s need to be traced and charged the same way white kids were charged with “painting face to represent alternative race” which according to blacks is an offense.

FN Leader, Hannes Engelbrecht pointed out that the Parliamentary Code of Conduct for MPs address behavior such as that by Manana clearly. “His action in Parliament yesterday is in breach of every single stipulation of section four of this Code of Conduct,” Engelbrecht said. “Manana quite obviously is not interested in the welfare of all the citizens of this country. His statement was racist, discriminatory, criminal and not worthy of the public trust that was put in him. Front National cannot accept such behaviour. It, in fact, hints at the possibility that the South African Government willingly tolerates the crisis around farm murders in the country, if a Deputy Minister can state it in as many words and not be called to order. We challenge the ANC leadership to give us evidence of the contrary by immediately suspending Manana as MP and Deputy Minister.”(Link)



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The Code of Conduct states:


4.1 Members must:
4.1.1 abide by the principles, rules and obligations of this Code;
4.1.2 by virtue of the oath or affirmation of allegiance taken by all elected Members, uphold the law;
4.1.3 act on all occasions in accordance with the public trust placed in them;
4.1.4 discharge their obligations, in terms of the Constitution, to Parliament and the public at large, by placing the public interest above their own interests;
4.1.5 maintain public confidence and trust in the integrity of Parliament and thereby engender the respect and confidence that society needs to have in Parliament as a representative institution; and
4.1.6 in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, be committed to the eradication of all forms of discrimination.


Robbers machete sisters in cold blood to death, others… (Graphics)

BUT lo this did not make any impression on the disgusting bunch of hooligans that act as the so-called “ chosen government” in that building- nor did they pay any attention to the praying clergymen and women outside. Like a pack of Hyenas they acted in disregard to the murder of many of the food suppliers. . When Mr. Groenewald asked for a minute silence to pay respects to the hundreds of white farmers that are murdered on a daily basis- he was jeered and mocked from the black ANC benches. The most vile language was used and absolutely no humane expression were detected among the  bunch of wild terrorists sitting in that benches.When Groenewald finished- he pointed out this barbaric behavior of the ANC and commented about it- where-after he was mocked and laughed at again.

THIS now dear reader- is the type of psychopathic remorseless  mobsters South Africans- whites , Coloreds and Indian minorities – and especially white South Africans-  have to deal with every day. These mobsters have no guilt, no conscience- and no regret what type of tyranny they impose on the populace. To them it revolves around the pig through and their own selfish racist agendas. As long as they can squeeze the last drop of blood- they last penny of taxes- and the last ounce of minerals out of the populace- they are quite happy to sit like overstuffed toads in parliament- laughing , joking and jeering at murdered people– irrespective of their race. This is the type of gangsters FW DE Klerk and his ugly bunch of retard Nationalists sold the country to. This is the bandits Kissinger, Oppenheimer, the CIA, the British M16 and trolls like Chester Crocker helped to come to power. This is the disgusting wretches the white liberals worship.

We can ask ourselves what would have been the reaction if 4000 BLACK farmers were brutally murdered by white gangs?Will they still make jokes and scoff? We could ask ourselves what would the consequences be if 4000 white AMERICAN farmers were brutally murdered by Afro-American gangs? We could imagine what would be the aftermath if 4000 innocent Muslims were brutally murdered by other religious groups. We wonder what the outcome would have been if more than 70 000 JEWS were attacked this past 20 years by Arabs? I believe you all know the answer. World War 3 would then not be such a remote possibility. Why then do YOU sit idle and watch how these despots allow so many white innocent farmers and whites to be assaulted and massacred in one of the worst holocausts since the British concentration and so-called German death camps? Where do you draw the line between a Jew being massacred- and a white Christian being massacred? What would happen if the white Americans brutally killed 4000 Hispanics in their homes America? But this is what the international world did to South Africa- dumped a lot of hardened criminals onto the hapless population- and now simply turn their backs on the mega f*ck-up they created- too damn selfish arrogant to admit their Mandela hoax was one major disaster!

I believe in the sick world we find ourselves today- we are being oppressed and discriminated against by the Corporate “elite” moguls that pay these disgusting characters to deliberately assist them in exterminating 3/4 of the world’s population (95%)-to meet the deadline of their devious “Agenda 21 “– a very sick  plan developed by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Division for Sustainable Development as part of a sustainability policy. Killing the  farmers…spray crops with deadly ” Chem Trails” ...fiddling with the weather patters- spread GMO poisonous seeds… vaccinate most of the population with cancerous cells- all forms part of the “ depopulation” plan to decrease the food production cycle in order to bring drought and starvation about to ” cull” the “ unnecessary eaters” of the world by 2030. Who will be the winners- no-one but these big corporate “elite” thugs and their henchmen. Now South Africa are left at the mercy of a bunch of murderous clowns that reason murdering white farmers is one big joke!


Braam- my life as a paraplegic

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As for those white South Africans that still had a ray of hope and a pipe-dream that the so-called “ constitution” will protect their rights- this spectacle in parliament on March 14 2017 should give them a rude wake-up call what nightmare  is still in the pipe-line – and how much they can trust this conglomeration of genocidal paid mass-murderers in their parliament  to “protect” the rights of a race they rather would see “ buried alive.BUT the biggest culprits in this white genocide are not so much the ANC communist wretches with their procrastinated brain cells- as it is the big corporations, the people who VOTE them into power-  and then the disgusting MEDIA scum who keep propagating race hatred against the white population. SO– if they do not have any compassion or respect for the white people of South Africa- why then should the white people obey and have any respect for them?

SOURCE: White Nation