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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Durban   – March 23 2017







ONE just cannot stop shaking your head in pure amazement how low and unprofessional the South African media can stoop. BUT then again- it’s the South African media we’re talking about. The South Africa media level of intelligence and professionalism is like WAY behind the rest of the world- ( that will now exclude CNN which again is lagging WAY behind Playboy and Hustler when it comes to moral values.)

ON the other hand one must sort’a understand why the South Africans have such poor ‘Les ingognito” correspondents posing as “reporters.” Looking at the degrading level of school syllabuses they present to kids these days in schools- one can figure that the South African education system- since the ANC took care of it-  became one terribly screwed-up chaos compared  against educational programs presented in tertiary institutions of other world countries- especially Western countries. Now then we can safely deduct  why the correspondents in the South African media also match the same degree of intelligence the schools cultivate to pass- one below zero.

The South African media reporters only appear to have TWO main topics they can/may/are allowed/ are capable of reporting about: The ANC scams- and the white “racists.” More than that seems to fall TOTALLY out of their scope of competence. Now I dunno whether they are ” on tap” with their readers ( which appear to be just as mentally restrained as the correspondents writing all the crap) , – bar reading their WhatsApps – totally lost the ability to read books to enhance their limited mental capability -or maybe it could be that the South African newspaper-side of the media industry  are busy imploding due to their racist approach towards whites. Whatever the reason- the South African media in general now are reverting ( like CNN)- to spread devious false information and racism (scraping the barrel) in order to survive. O- By the way- this poor Afrikaners  must be on the alert for that Afrikaans ” Fruity-Tutti” news site that pretend to be the “voice”  for the Afrikaner which they like to visit so much. That lot are at the FOREFRONT of clandestinely demonizing white Afrikaners by running a racist incident over and over. Just a word of caution! 

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Strangely enough, a little while back in South Africa, white students that had their faces painted PURPLE for a Halloween themed party, was all over social media, called racist, everyone was up in arms. It was on every news channel, the whole world were watching every move. Now this came up………..no comment……..everyone is silent????


Take for instance the latest “shebang” this past week.It happened like this-(True version):

A white man , his wife and his daughter was having a nice chau at one of South Africa’s ( American licenced) SPUR steakranches at The Glen in Johannesburg. Now- while this man was having his nice meal (we hope it was not spitted on)- another black woman was sitting nearby with her child- also a daughter. The kids started to have a tussle about something- whereby the black girl ( TWICE the age of the white girl)-stood up and slapped the white girl twice. The white dad stood up and request in an orderly manner from the black mother to keep her child in restrain- where-upon the black mother scolded at the white man saying: “Go f*ck yourself!”


Now- ostensibly the white father stripped his nut and flew up and took the black “ innocent” mother at task for swearing at him. Conveniently the black mother’s friend then start to copy a video only  AFTER the ” innocent ” (previous disadvantaged)  black mother told the white father to “ Go f*ck himself” – which logically (and conveniently) was NOT captured on the video. One word after the other flew between the two parties.

LET’S HAVE A LOOK AT THE VIDEO( Remember the first part where the black “madam” swore the white “racist” was not taken):




Normally in the olden days this would have counted for nothing as kids go- but today- especially in the Jew-concocted ” human rights” South Africa- a power keg of black racism– the most minute incident like this are blown up by the villainous media  with their selective false reporting – to be one helluva ding-dong to specifically make whites look bad . It is also here  where the SOUTH AFRICAN media vultures came into play with their skunk works and half-wit intelligence to score yet another hit against the white “racist” on the prowl. By writing total lies and twisting facts into half-truths they change the culprit into the victim- and the victim into the “racist.” This is what the South African media wrote to their gullible racist readers ( Please pay attention at the words I high-lighted. These terms or “strongs” were placed specifically to instigate hate against whites.) :

JOHANNESBURG On a day where South Africans should be celebrating the rights of all people, a video of a white man threatening to attack a black woman inside a Spur restaurant at The Glen has gone viral on social media. In the video, the two could be heard arguing about one child bullying the other. Apparently the man had approached the woman to alert her that his child was bullied by her child, to which the woman responds that his child was the one who started the bullying. (NO mention of her swearing him,-Ed) The altercation took a turn for the worse when the man threatened to hit the woman while she accuses him of bullying her and reminds him South Africa is a democratic country. When all this happened, there was no sign of the restaurant manager, with only a few waiters who tried to move the man away from the woman. People sitting next to the lady and her kids stood up to the man and tried to move him away but he came back to push the table, a move which incensed the woman. The woman could also be heard saying “just because I’m black you think you can attack me”. Meanwhile, people on social media have reacted with anger, calling it racism. Spur has released a statement on its Facebook page condemning the incident. It says that staff and management tried to intervene, but were pushed away numerous times. “We are very disappointed that children were exposed to this type of behavior.” In the statement, the restaurant says it does not condone any form of racism or violence.” (Link) 



AND:” A video of a white man threatening a black woman inside a popular restaurant has caused outrage in South Africa. The film of the incident at a Johannesburg branch of the Spur chain of restaurants has been widely shared. In it, the two can be heard arguing and hurling insults at each other, while a group of children are sitting at the table watching the row unfold. The video appears to have touched a nerve in a country where racism is still a sore point.”(Link) ( -and there we thought using race in articles was “taboo?”)

Even the BBC(also quite expected as they simply hate white South Africans)-gave  their little Red Bullsh*t a bit of anti-white “wingz:” (Link)

THEN SPUR– in all their beautiful “Rainbow ” diplomatic political ” correctness” start back-paddling like hell  -and  FORBID the white client to EVER visit their steakranches again JUST in case “someone” point a finger to the “holy steak” and accuse them for becoming rotten and turned into being “racist.” (Link)  ( In South Africa being accused of “racism” is more sinful than blasphemy.) The black woman-( who factually STARTED the confrontation by swearing the white chap) – was being apologized to-  and nothing was done against her utter despicable racist behavior that started the whole shebang in the first placeSO– it is much more “convenient” and democratically “accepted”  to punish the white “racist” (everybody does that – it’s a South African culture to blame whites) – than to even attempt pointing a finger to a protected black domestic pet. AS you can see- note how devious “Eye Witness News” are playing the sublime race card– using very clever “psi-ops” tactics to instigate hatred and whip up misplaced emotional retribution against whites! ALL the South African media outlets are doing precisely the same thing. Do you see how these media buggers twist the truth to fit the political correct “occasion?”




Spur in a statement apologised to the woman in the video, Lebohang Mabuya, and confirmed that their own CCTV footage showed the man in the video had grabbed her child “in an aggressive manner and his actions are unacceptable”. In a statement, Spur said: “We have reviewed our CCTV footage of the incident and can confirm that Ms Mabuya’s version of events is accurate. “We affirm our decision to ban the male customer from our stores. Physical aggression towards our customers‚ particularly against women and children, will not be tolerated. “We acknowledge that the staff and management of the store did not sufficiently assist Ms Mabuya. We have addressed this with the store management and we are reviewing our internal procedures to ensure that restaurant staff are better equipped to manage an incident such as this. We also recognise that Ms Mabuya apologised in recent media statements for her inappropriate language used in this incident.”

Spur CEO Pierre van Tonder also said they planned to offer Mabuya and her family trauma counselling and any other support where possible. “I would like to again make it very clear that as an organisation we do not condone any forms of violence against women or children‚ irrespective of the circumstances. “As an organisation we have learnt a valuable lesson and it is my priority at this stage to ensure that should something like happen again‚ our staff will be sufficiently prepared.” Additionally, though, it has also been alleged by an eyewitness that the woman swore at the man before the subsequent exchanges were captured on film. Poor Pierre- as a white liberal this must have been the worst day of his life!

Just LOOK at these photos and snippets I posted in here about the naked black racism against whites. Do you think the vile media serpents and this two-faced corporate buffoons ever acted against any of this black racists in this pictures the way they act against whites? I don’t think so!  AND this is only the ears of the proverbial black racist hippopotamus. As for me- SPUR can now go screw themselves. They used to be a good family restaurant and I used to take my family every Saturday night for supper to the Cape Gate Cahokia SPUR this past three years. It was a culture with us to go and relax there. Alas- I will now rather visit Ocean Basket or any other outlet that so far have not express anti-white tendencies.  I think last Saturday was the last time I went there. Their cowardice and anti-white approach sticks sideways in my stomach. If they do not like whites- then surely they do not like my money as well- PERIOD!

To me it’s a matter of principle and I ask all whites to follow suite and boycott them from here-on. If you are too coward to stand up for your principles then you have lost your conscience as to where you came from. I am not a sorry arse or feel guilty either because I’m white – and neither because a terrorist regime and their Broederbond media tries to mnd f*ck me to feel “ guilty” about my skin color. Regrettably this groveling before the black racist feet and arse-kissing venture to score brownie points by  turning against the whites must at all costs be seen as an anti-white sentiment. We as whites are too “forgiving” – and that is our Achilles Heel. Pay these corrupt racist corporate businesses the same respect they dish out to you- BOYCOTT them! If we as whites are not good enough to be protected as well- then so is our money  too. 

As for the skunk media – calling a white a rat long enough will definitely intrude in the weak minded population’s subconscious minds and turn them to hate the white “rats” even more. Can you now understand why there is so much hatred, attacks and brutal murders concentrated against the whites in South Africa? The real instigators and culprits behind the white genocide can be found in the media houses in South Africa- those little irritating sub-schooled  gremlins behind their little laptops. THEY are the ones fueling hatred, division and racism in South Africa with their distorted false propaganda they keep on for days on end. AND this is not the first time this anti-white sentiment and demonizing of whites as “racists” happens- it is a common monthly occurrence in South Africa since the hoax “Penny Sparrow” false flag operation started last year.

NOT long after the incident- ( like in within 24 hours)- the extremist left-wing black radicals also had their little squirt of testosterone to urinate on the internet deck:

-as expected- the death threats followed  ( Now this is not racist- it is deemed mere an “opinion” if you are black- especially if you are EE EF EF) :

AND as expected- that fiery ball of fat – ol’ Julius “Telly Tubby” boy Malema–  had his bit of stinky farts to pop as well:


What would a “racist” row now be if the EE EF EF was not in the show as well eh? Did you notice all the naked BLACK racism and threats  in this clips? Yet no media ghoul spit a spat against it! Luckily not all blacks have numb nuts like the EE EF EF bottom dwellers- and some even saw what is going on:

  • and the truth that were hidden by the media- never were exposed to the public:

SO– as you can see- the poor white in South Africa are constantly attacked by the terrorists in control, the half-wit media “correspondents“- racist black misdirected pets on the social media- and the far-left extremist racists in the political cesspool.BUT we can write Gigabites full of this utterly disgusting hippocracy and media conspiracy against whites going around in South Africa- they will never stop. They are totally mind fu*cked by their dog handlers in their parliament – paid and kept on a choke chain by their liberal racist editors. The demonizing of whites must go on- it’s the culture- it’s the norm of the day. Even two-faced corporations such as FNB, Woolworths, Engen, Standard Bank, Landrover and SPUR turn cowardly demons against whites-  rather than against the protected black pets that can strike , burn and murder their corporations, buildings and staff. Not even to speak if ol’ Julius and his merry gang of thugs in parliament start to lambaste the poor buggers for being “racist.”

Wtf?? Just listen to what was said at this Numsa meeting? Why are they not convicted? why have we not heard about this in the news ? Why is this not mentioned in any of the major news papers?

Posted by Tim Barnard on Sunday, March 19, 2017





Bradley du Preez (20) was taunted in the smoking section of the Little Eagle Spur at the Lemon Tree mall in Alberton by four black men and two black women who threw him with a spare rib bone. An argument and scuffle followed and the restaurant staff asked him to leave. Bradley paid his bill and then, on his way out, flung a bottle (other reports say a half filled beer glass) at them and the four males proceeded to assault him, hitting and kicking him to death. The two females remained seated. The men casually returned to their seats and continued eating and drinking. The restaurant owner locked the doors to prevent them from escaping. The six were very aggressive and refused to pay. Everything was caught on camera.

It was hidden away on page 12 of the Afrikaans newspaper “Beeld”. Only the local paper the Alberton Record ran with it. They were granted access to the video. It is not available to the public, because it is part of the court case.  This is the report after the newspaper viewed the video. CCTV footage reveals deadly assault

Was this a senseless racist killing or a drug hit?

The names of the suspects are: Julian Lopez, Ruddy Pholo, Lyll Mkandala, Cisely Molete, Gbadamosi Gbenga, and Ryan Pillay. The name Pillay is an Indian name. Lopez is the mother of one of the accused (not sure which one) and could be Spanish, Portuguese or colored. The rest sound all black.
Numerous narcotics were found in a car used by the six suspects.  According to this report, five of the suspects were known to Bradley du Preez and his family.

Spur Assault: Employees tried to rescue Bradley

A family member of Bradley made contact with the RECORD stating that the five, known to the family, have not only been told by Bradley’s father that they are not welcome in their home, but that they also have prior convictions.   All I know is that if this was a case of six whites kicking a black, Indian or colored to death, it would be front page news all over the world and called a “racist attack”.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

” Every racist incident, whether real or perceived, is blown out of proportion by the Media, especially radio stations like 702 Talk Radio (a.k.a. “702 Race Radio”), and enjoys headline status for days on end. Politicians are also guilty of using such incidents for political gains. This leads to a plethora of hate speech and racist posts by blacks on social media, which inevitably goes unpunished as there is a warped belief that “Blacks can’t be racists”! Conversely, racist attacks by Blacks on Whites seldom, if ever, make the headlines. It also appears that, reporting such incidents to the SAHRC, is a waste of time. This scenario is akin to the situation in Rwanda, in the months leading up to the genocide of 800,000 people in that country. That genocide was triggered by a radio station! I believe it’s time for the MSM to reconsider their behavior and their propensity for widening the racial divide and fanning the flames of racial hatred in SA!” – Shane Janse Van Rensburg


“We are too forgiving as the black nation. That is the outcome of reconciliation without justice. White racist bastards all belong in the cemetery. How dare you?? Some whites are arrogant, I hate them. We must no longer take this nonsense lying down, we must kill, if necessary to defend black bodies.”

-Lindokuhle Ntuli ( President Student Council University Organge Free State)

NO racism charges or media uproar about this remark followed

WHILE hundreds of white farmers and their families are brutally assaulted and murdered in this god-forsaken hell-hole they call “Democratic” South Africa- their murderers are mostly getting away without even this despicable serpents in the media houses saying a word about it. However the sick hippocracy that also cloud  the murky  political influenced  anti-white judiciary system also is regrettable.  When a white “ aggressor” is involved against a sorry-arse black- the whole law book are thrown at the white ” perpetrator”– like in the case of the Orange Free state “ coffin” drama. In this case the poor whites already languish in jail for over two months and now they have an “attempted murder ” case against them too.You can read the sordid rape of justice case against the poor whites involved  at this link


AS you can see- the REAL racists and keepers of racism in South Africa are not the whites after all- but…yes…YOU guessed it- the MEDIA and black POLITICIANS! My advice to all white people from now on will be straight and simple- stand together against this evil media propaganda- do not support or purchase their stinking racist tabloids or subscribe to their websites- and boycott ALL these anti-white treacherous corporations that turn demon against whites to cover their tills. Ten to one you can expect black staffers to start spitting on food ordered by whites in these restaurants and fast food outlets- just out of vindictive spitefulness. I will never support any business again that have blacks preparing MY food UNLESS I can watch what they do. I’m not taking that chance to enjoy a hamburger with some slimy African “Gop” sauce mixed with my Mayo inside it…no way Goze! Your white voice in South Africa means nothing in any case- so…Let your wallets start to do the talking!

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