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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Pretoria  – April 05  2017






“I never enjoyed life the way Zuma and Guptas are doing. We are sick and tired of a president who sold our country. We thought Zuma was a leader, only to find out that he is a hypocrite. We beat the apartheid government, we will beat the ANC government if they continue doing what they are doing now. Remove Jacob Zuma,”-  Sipho Pityana

THIS COMING Friday undoubtedly will be named “ Black Friday” if we read the signs of the times correctly- that is. When I say “Black Friday”– I mean it in every sense of the word. It literally will be black taking up arms against black. It will be black blood that will be flowing- and it will be a black day for many black people. Across South Africa millions and millions of mainly black people will not go to work on Friday in protest against Jacob Zuma. Are we to see a re-occurrence of the “Marikana massacre ” on a much grander scale?

Jacob Zuma- mobster, con artist, hard line communist, fraudster and manipulator of many will be at the root of this black Friday. If black people are to die this Friday their blood will be on his hands- as is the blood of thousands of whites that have been brutally murdered this past 10 years under his guard. What IS this man- a monster without a conscience? What type of creature allows thousands of innocent people to be murdered without batting an eyelid? What type of creature would allow his own people to be slaughtered by the rest of his people? What creature REALLY lurks inside the body of Jacob Zuma that willfully allows slaughtering of people to continue?

The answer is a cold blooded warmonger. People don’t realize this- but Zuma is a cold blooded master killer and strategist that will allow nothing to stand in his way of reaching his personal objectives. Remember– Zuma was the head of intelligence in Umkhonto We Sizwe for quite a long time. AND while he was serving in that capacity- many roamers was going around of brutal interrogation methods against his own people in notorious camps like Quatro. Remember how he shrewdly organized a soft  “Koo de etat” against fellow communist Mbeki-  and ousted him behind his back? Zuma has been battling the constitution and the judiciary for years now – and so far he has outwitted both sectors of the law in South Africa. Zuma now made sure that he encircled himself with the most incompetent half-wits who can easily be manipulated by him. Anybody with a bit of intellect might become a opposition “liability”- like Gordhan. Thus we are now being ruled by a bus full of monkeys with a pirate as the driver! 

Zuma also has deployed 3 military-style attack strategies :

DIVERSION: He used deception eg the Nenegate scandal which was a test bed for sentiment and institutional response/acknowledgement to pay Nkandla.

PROPAGANDA: He is using populism for example getting groundswell support of the uneducated masses to give him a solid voter base.

SCORCHED EARTH POLICY: He broke down and looted the state machinery, captured the state, support looting, placing his own people in power and exploiting the treasury for his own personal gain.

In this latest of actions Zuma has implemented phase 1 of his “ Scorched Earth” tactic. 1) He eliminated hostile cabinet members and SACP/COSATU affiliates. In a brilliant and unexpected way Zuma now has built a buffer of support and protection against a vote of no confidence. He stands to loose 60-80 ANC votes which would carry the vote (since the ANC leads the house by 49 votes.) By getting almost TWENTY supporters in parliament he potentially avoids a motion of no confidence!

By appointing his own choice selected cabinet- ( over which he personally exerts control and influence)– Zuma now has all power to pass or stop legislation in his favor. This enables him to further loot the Treasury and capture the state machinery. This move debilitates and immobilizes the nation and it’s resources to be spent at leisure to fight for his survival – and preventing demise in so growing his power base and destabilizing the nation. Furthermore did he infiltrate and destroyed the state machinery. It is a fact of life especially in politics that people can be bought and manipulated if given money and power. By systematically corrupting the system– Zuma built and still is building a political and economic architecture aligned to his own personal values and purpose. It takes 201 people in parliament to support his cause. He already has mind-f*cked the illiterate ( rural) populace. By getting the majority support in parliament and in his party- he will have the ULTIMATE control! 

Zuma already captured the critical departments – and after the Treasury’s capture- he will target the Police, Communications, Transport and Defense. This 4 areas are critical to control ANY revolt by the masses. The first three forms part of Zuma’s cleverly appointed new ministers in his strategically cabinet shuffle. We know the current Defense minister is no other than ex terrorist Mkonto We  Sizwe member Mapisa-Nqakula (wife of ex terrorist Charles Nqakula)– and someone working very comfortable close to Zuma. This means the stage is set for the next military move by Zuma. AND that will be as blatant as any totalitarian dictator  we have seen in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the previous USSR.

Zuma’s Cabinet reshuffle in the early hours of Friday morning, in which he made 20 changes to his administration, has been condemned by civil society, labour organisations, opposition parties and business. It also drew the wrath of S&P Global ratings, which downgraded South Africa’s sovereign currency rating to sub-investment grade, or junk status. Former home affairs minister Malusi Gigaba, who admitted at a press briefing on Tuesday that he repeatedly met the Guptas and even celebrated Diwali with the family at the center of state capture allegations, took over from Gordhan. Sfiso Buthelezi, an ANC MP, is his deputy. “Zuma would not carry out a controversial Cabinet reshuffle such as this one without lining up his support within the party to push back against the backlash,” Ralph Mathekga, a political analyst at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, a Johannesburg-based research group, told Bloomberg on Wednesday.

Zuma- if not stopped in his tracks NOW– will very quickly move to destabilize the nation- which includes creating diversionary tactics of turmoil. This will require the treasury, police, defense, communications and transport ministers to collude in quelling the turmoil. This is where this coming Black Friday plays such an integral part in Zuma’s plan to declare an all-out war against the nation- even against his own race. WAR not only consists of the physical injury- but in this case we are talking about the FINANCIAL injury as we already have seen this past week. Nedbank, FNB and Barclays also have been downgraded by S&P- and it will not be long before Moodeys and Finch follows suite. This could mean the Reserve Bank could be downgraded in the process. For me and you it immediately means a sharp rise in interest rates and commodity floor prices, petrol- and inevitably- FOOD. Many, many people will be affected and the poverty rate will climb sharply as well.

Zuma REALLY f*cked it up this time- and from all the scandals he committed in his ten years of corrupt rule- this one will be the worst! He literally will be suffocating a whole NATION! Zuma is a leech- a parasite that live off his host- in this case MANY hosts. He’s got no conscience, respect  or pride. This is why Zuma keeps a low profile and stay out of the lime-light. Like a predator he awaits his prey to make the first move before he pounces! The machinery already was put in place when the cabinet was reshuffled- and the new gears are willing , eager and ready to start turning the machine against the populace on their master’s command.


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According to the Democratic Alliance (DA) party, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has indicated that it won’t protect those taking part in the Friday Shutdown March from ANC’s threats of violence. Information released by the leader of the DA, Mmusi Maimane related that the route for the Friday Shutdown March for Change has been amended due to ANC threats of violence. “Following a meeting held this morning with members of the South African Police Service, we have been informed that the SAPS will be unable to protect our marchers and ensure their safety from threats of violence from the ANC,” Maimane disclosed.

Reports have it that the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) warned those that would participate in the Friday Shutdown March that they’ll be attacked. The Youth League’s Sifiso Mtsweni was quoted to have said: “…The President of the African National Congress and the country will serve the remainder of his term as President of the ANC, and President of South Africa We want to say to Mmusi Maimane, and his DA friends, we are waiting for you, on Friday, you will find the ANC youth league with sjamboks, and all weapons available at our disposal.”

The ANC’s military veterans wing in KwaZulu-Natal is deploying 600combat ready” former guerrillas to “defend” the governing party’s Luthuli House against the “enemy” marching to demand Jacob Zuma’s resignation. The former liberation movement soldiers, led by Umkhonto weSizwe Military Veterans Association KwaZulu-Natal chairperson and provincial public safety ministry head Themba Mavundla, also threatened to take up arms should a Parliamentary vote of no confidence in Zuma be successful.
Addressing a media briefing in Durban earlier today, Mavundla lashed out at senior ANC leaders who had been critical of Zuma’s recent Cabinet reshuffle, saying they and ANC members who were joining the outcry against the president had “literally sold their souls and abandoned our national revolution for a small frame in the anti-government media”. “Perhaps unwittingly these comrades are turning into unpaid supporters of the enemy forces that are opposed to the popular ANC agenda of radical economic transformation and that are unfortunately assisting the visionless opposition to sabotage our democratic dispensation,” Mavundla said.
Flanked by other KwaZulu-Natal and regional military veteran leaders, Mavundla also slammed the ANC’s alliance partners – Cosatu and the South African Communist Party – for their calls for Zuma to step down, saying that they should be raising their issues in the alliance liaison structures rather than in public.
We were shocked when our comrades overnight took over the programme of the DA of wanting to divide, destroy and annihilate our time-tested movement,” Mavundla said.
Pressed on what action they wanted against ANC leaders like secretary-general Gwede Mantashe and treasurer-general Zweli Mkhize, who had publicly questioned Zuma’s decision to fire finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas, Mavundla said that they were satisfied that those who had spoken out had been “handled” at the party’s national working committee meeting. “It is not too late for them to return to the movement and live within the disciplines of our movement,” Mavundla said.“If we have got challenges, let us resolve them internally without any public breast-beating and grandstanding. Otherwise history will judge them harshly.” Mavundla refused to say if the 600 KwaZulu-Natal MK members being sent to Luthuli House would be armed or what action they would take, beyond saying that they were “combat ready” and would “do what we do best”.
Mavundla said that marchers would not be allowed to enter or come “anywhere close” to Luthuli House or the ANC’s KwaZulu-Natal provincial headquarters on Friday. Describing the vote as “wishful thinking” 

Mavundla said that should the opposition succeed, “we will do what we do best, defend the people of South African and the ANC”. The question now is since when are private armies allowed to operate within South Africa’s borders and why are whites jailed for lengthy terms on bourgeois charges if any weapons are found in their possession – while black renegades have the right to set up “private armies” armed to the teeth? Where are the two-faced police with their double agendas now? 

Meanwhile the Zulu IFP leader Mangosutho Buthelezi warned the DA not to march to the Lethili-House vipers nest. Will he ever forget the Shell-House massacre when the ANC murderers shot and killed 11 Zulu marchers in cold blood while communist Nelson Mandela protected them and kept the police and media at bay for days to allow all the illegal weapons to be taken away by Joe Modise, Rashid Aboobaker  Ishmael, (Mastermind behind the Church Street bombing which killed 11 innocent civilians)  Sepiwe Nyanda – and National Intelligence operators – who hide it in Centurion at a supply depot for months?

The rand is currently trading at R13.85/$, from an intraday low of R13.42 and R13.49 just before the news that  Jacob Zuma has survived an internal ANC call for him to stand down.( IOW he threatened them shit-scared!)  A weakened South African Revenue Service will do nothing to help South Africa off the back of a damaging downgrade to junk -or sub-investment grade -by ratings agency S&P last night. Tax collection across all categories except dividend tax is slowing down. Sars has faced an exodus of key skills while its investigative capacity has been denuded because of fighting over an alleged “rogue unit”, which three different inquiries have found no evidence of. A very expensive new operating model has confused staff. The era of big busts in the underworld and low-tax sectors appears to be over. Instead, personal income tax payers have been excessively and unnecessarily loaded with R16 billion in new taxes with the top tax bracket now paying Scandinavian tax rates, which are among the highest in the world.

South Africans are now forced to pay for the maladministration and mismanagement(corruption and theft) of Zuma’s ANC incompetent les misrables. The taxman on Monday announced that he and his team had worked to the last minute of the end of the tax year last Friday and collected a provisional amount of R1,14 trillion –- but this is R30 billion short of the promised R1,175 trillion in the Budget of 2016. Back then, it was an article of faith to overshoot revenue projections year after year.A trillion rand may be an impressive number, but yesterday’s numbers mark one of the lowest levels of revenue performance since Sars was restructured by former Sars commissioner Pravin Gordhan. Zuma – on the other hand- are laughing in the face of South Africans who now battles to make ends meet between the oppressive regime and their taxes- and the petrol pumps which steals the food off the plates of their children. With more than 46% of the population dwindling under the bread-line- Zuma’s glutenous tax hysteria are choking many poor South Africans to death. BUT Zuma cares a hoot. Forbes estimates that the corrupt  Zuma has been listed as South Africa’s richest person in the latest Forbes’ 2016 report. According to Forbes, the con-master has an estimated worth of $13.2 billion. The report took into consideration his investments home and abroad with the United States being the home of 90 percent of his investments.All in all Zuma and his cronies in the ANC are in conclusion nothing less than a bunch of arch fiends that revels on the backs of other people’s suffering!

Well- BLACK Friday now is around the corner. The illegal and corrupt regime of Zuma and his ilk have declared war against the populace. It will be black against black- JUST as the Boer Seer- Seer van Rensburg-  had predicted years ago. Across the country the (black) nation are gearing up to protest against a despot that exploits South Africa and the Treasury for his own selfish expansion of his dynasty. Friday will determine just how far the dictatorship will go .South Africa under this despot’s rule is set for a Tunisian Spring– and the flint might just be around the corner precisely 48 hours away when Zuma will be facing a power-play against a nation tha lost confidence in a man that cares less for his country- lest his people. ANC ally, the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu), has called on Jacob Zuma to step down. “Cosatu no longer believes that the president is the right person to lead the country and the movement … the time has arrived for him to step down,” said Cosatu general-secretary, Bheki Ntshalintshali. “Cosatu no longer believes in his leadership abilities.” BUT already the criminals in Lethuli House are closing ranks around their mentor. The ANC is calling for unity in the wake of the outcome of the party’s National Working Committee meeting, where the party backed Jacob Zuma in order to retain power and a seat on the gravy train.

NOW maybe the world will observe just how murderous “ democratic” their glory-boy ANC terrorists really are. Now they will maybe observe what type of psychopaths really are in control- who even by loosing in a “democratic” election- will NOT relinquish power- solely out of fear that Zuma then will be prosecuted for not only all his corruption charges- but also for crimes against humanity.  His deeply hidden brutality which he mastered and displayed in this early years in the camps like Quatro will again be displayed on a national scale on Friday- irrespective HOW many blood will flow. Zuma has turned South Africa into a mob-state and will now ensure his own mob rules will be enforced- even if it means to be over the barrel of a gun. That is the way it always was done in Africa- and that is the way Zuma will ensure the (black) populace understands the game from here-on.Fear is the ultimate weapon to enforce obedience– that is what Zuma intend to use this coming Friday. As for Zuma- he keeps his silence. To him this is just another “ little hurdle” to overcome- as his aid de camp  young boy Gigaba put it their view in context yesterday “ Not to be carried away by the “noise” outside – because they would soon pass. “

But then again Gigaba already started his career with a lie. South Africa was downgraded to junk status by one ratings agency and placed under review by another on Monday and now it turns out that the ANC regime were aware of the looming decision… and didn’t say a peep. Gigaba, briefing the media on the downgrade on Tuesday, revealed that Standard & Poor informed him about the decision on Friday. At a Saturday briefing, Gigaba said he had spoken to rating agencies. However, on Tuesday, he said: “I did not mention S&P. Because when I walked in to office on Friday, they had already taken their decision [to downgrade to junk. They did afford us the courtesy of informing us. We felt at that point it was not necessary to talk to them because we were not going to change the decision.” So already he is trending in his master’s footsteps by revealing only this information he “deem” necessary for the public to know. 

Friday will – IF the planned marches go ahead according to schedule- determine whether a political tyrant  and dictator will be willing to allow his minions to injure /or massacre his own people in order to rule “ till Jesus come.”