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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Johannesburg –April 16  2017





NORTH KOREA has made a failed attempt to launch a missile just hours after telling the US it was prepared for war. The launch attempt took place in the Sinpo area of the North, a day after a huge military parade took place in Pyongyang.

The US military said the launch took place at 10.21pm UK time (5.51am local time) but the missile “blew up almost immediately”. US officials said they are certain the missile was not an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM). They added that the missile was launched from land, rather than a ship or submarine. There had been fears of an attempted missile launch as Saturday was the 105th anniversary of the birth of the country’s founder. South Korea’s defense ministry said in a statement: “North Korea attempted to test an unidentified type of missile from Sinpo area in the South Hamkyong Province this morning, but we suspect the launch has failed.”The White House said US Vice President Mike Pence, who arrived in South Korea on Sunday as part of a tour of Asia, has been briefed.


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Secretary of Defense James Mattis said President Donald Trump is also aware of the launch. The North launched a ballistic missile from the same region earlier this month ahead of a summit between the the US and China. On that occasion a ballistic missile flew for about 37 miles (60km) before landing in the Sea of Japan. Mr Trump has put Pyongyang “on notice” over fears the country is developing a weapon that could threaten the US. On Saturday morning, North Korea warned America to end its “military hysteria” or face retaliation. The reclusive state said it was prepared to respond to any attacks with “nuclear attacks of our own style”.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader presided over a military parade marking the “Day of the Sun”, the 105th birthday of Kim Il-Sung.Goose-stepping soldiers and marching bands filled the square, next to the Taedonggang River that flows through Pyongyang. Tanks, multiple rocket launch systems and other weapons followed, while single-engine planes flew in a 105 formation overhead. China, Pyongyang’s sole major ally, has warned that the tensions must be stopped from reaching an “irreversible and unmanageable stage”. The US, which has moved an aircraft carrier and several other warships towards the Korean peninsula, has previously warned that its policy of “strategic patience” with North Korea is over.

The UK Foreign Office said it was “concerned by reports of a missile test by North Korea” and was “monitoring the situation closely”. North Korea’s  forthcoming missile launch will be aimed towards South-East Asia and Australia for the first time, the US has warned. The warning was delivered in person in 2013 to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, by a senior official in the previous Obama Administration, Kurt Campbell, during a visit to Sydney.

Ironically enough- all while the United States and Britain are fretting over North Korea and Iran developing nuclear missiles- these two devious governments themselves are eerily quiet about the development of their OWN nuclear programs! They want other nations to destroy all their nuclear capabilities- but they themselves refuse to destroy their own- in fact they proceed to develop even more destructive missiles in their hidden bunkers!  Trump slowly are beginning to expose his NWO underbelly and display that age-old “skull and bones” characteristic we already observed so many times in his “deep state” predecessors the likes of  George Bush. Did America exchange one warmonger for another? I tend to think so!

North Korea, which claimed to have successfully tested a nuclear weapon in 2009, has for years worked to improve its long-range ballistic missile capability. Previous missile tests have been launched east, over Japan. But US intelligence suggests the launch announced for mid-April will be aimed south for the first time. “If the missile test proceeds as North Korea has indicated, our judgment is that it will impact in an area roughly between Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines,” Dr Campbell, the assistant secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific, said yesterday.”We have never seen this trajectory before. We have weighed into each of these countries and asked them to make clear that such a test is provocative and this plan should be discontinued.”After the meeting Mr Carr told the Herald: “The North Korean nuclear and long-range missile plans represent a real and credible threat to the security of the region and to Australia.”


The launch would be “in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.” Mr Carr said he and Dr Campbell had “shared views on how both the US and Australia could engage our regional partners and allies to encourage North Korea to abandon its plans”. The announcement from Pyongyang startled observers because it came less than three weeks after it had sealed a new agreement with the US in return for food aid. South Korea has called the move a “grave provocation”. Japan’s Defence Minister, Naoki Tanaka, said yesterday Tokyo was prepared to shoot down the North Korean long-range rocket if it threatened the country.





Kim has accused President Donald Trump of provoking his nation with a series of increasingly aggressive moves, including sending the USS Carl Vinson to the Korean peninsula

It’s one thing to bomb Syria. The only consequence, apart from spending $59 million to launch 50 Tomahawk missiles, is pissing off Putin. And if you’re a skeptic like me, you probably aren’t buying the “Russian / U.S. tensions are at their highest level in years” bullshit to begin with. If you’ve ever watched the Godfather II, you know this is just another Trump misdirection to get people off of the real story: the Russian collusion criminal investigation that the FBI and the Senate are conducting.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un unveiled his deadly Special Forces unit, pictured, for the first time at a military parade during the country's Day Of The Sun celebrations this weekend

But North Korea is another thing altogether. Kim Jong-un is no Bashar al-Assad. He’s not just your typical, run of the mill psychopath; he’s a psychopath with nukes and a rather large conventional army less than 50 miles from the capital city of South Korea. Bombing him can be hazardous for the health of the entire globe. Forget what the Chinese might do, Kim Jong-un can, in a matter of minutes, reduce Seoul to rubble and kill perhaps a million people, not to mention take out the 11th largest economy in the world. And that’s just for starters.

Thousands of North Koreans lined the streets of the capital Pyongyang as soldiers and tanks rolled through to mark the 105th birthday of Kim Jong-un's late grandfather

This isn’t merely foolishness personified; it’s outright insanity. Playing chicken with someone like this is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. There’s no way this ends well, not for us, not for South Korea, and not for the roughly four billion people who inhabit this planet. Someone has to convince Trump that this isn’t some Celebrity Apprentice episode. He’s not firing Gary Busey or Meat Loaf here; he’s considering launching a preemptive strike against a nuclear power. Even Dr. Strangelove would’ve walked away.

A Pentagon report singled out the Special Forces soldiers as 'among the most highly trained, well-equipped, best fed and highly motivated" forces in North Korea's army

I have spent a considerable portion of the last year and half documenting the many flaws that Trump has: from his xenophobia to his shady financial dealings to his lack of intellectual curiosity. But the worst flaw by far that Trump possesses is his incredible thin skin. The things that tend to bounce off others as mere nuisances, stick to Trump like Velcro. He considers the smallest of slights as a personal attack, and he never forgets or forgives anyone who crosses him. It’s bad enough that such a trait is anathema to a successful business career; as a world leader it is a disaster waiting to happen.

In Saturday's parade celebrating the 105th birthday of North Korean founder Kim Jong-ul, his grandson also unveiled 'game-changing' intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM), pictured

We have already seen examples of Trump’s ill-suited temperament when he dissed the President of Mexico and openly called NATO obsolete. His refusal to even shake hands with Angela Merkel in the Oval Office last month was the sort of thing even a child would know not to do. But as embarrassing as those episodes were, they pale in comparison to a confrontation with North Korea. You can shake and make up with rational people; you can’t do that with a mad man. And that is what Kim is: a mad man with a lot of fire power and the willingness to use it. You don’t provoke people like this. Just the opposite: you do everything possible to deescalate the situation before something happens that can’t be undone. I’m not suggesting appeasement, but throwing the first punch should never be the first option out of the gate.

The intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) heightened fears the reclusive state is preparing for a possible attack on Washington Pictured: Another set of missiles paraded through the streets of Pyongyang

A lot of years have come and gone since the Cuban missile crisis pushed the word to the brink. We were days away from nuclear Armageddon. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and doomsday was averted. We could be 48 hours away from a repeat of that scenario. Only this time Kennedy and Khrushchev aren’t in charge. Frick and Frack are. One thinks he’s God; the other knows it.

Meanwhile US Vice President Mike Pence has warned the 'era of patience' with Kim Jong-un is over and insisted America's commitment to South Korea is 'iron-clad'. Pictured: North Korean troops 

At the height of the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union had one thing in common: they were smart enough to know that if either one of them attacked the other, both would be wiped out. That deterrence was called MAD (mutually assured destruction) and, ironically enough, it kept the lid on the nuclear arsenals of both super powers. There is no such deterrence at work here. Not only are we dealing with a maniac who doesn’t know that his provocations could lead to his own destruction, he probably welcomes it. Only an overly insecure and naive person would encourage him.

US officials feared Kim Jong-un would mark the national holiday by launching its sixth nuclear weapons test, since the country has used previous holidays to showcase its military prowess


Pyongyang has yet to formally announce it has an operational ICBM but experts believe they the new rockets could be liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missiles, or an early prototype.  Submarine-launched ballistic missiles were also on show for the first time, indicating an improving technological capability that could help it evade anti-missile systems.Meanwhile a gleeful looking Kim, wearing a Western-style suit as he stood over Kim Il-sung Square, saluted formations of soldiers who yelled, ‘Long live!’, to their despotic ruler. Kim has accused President Donald Trump of provoking his nation with a series of increasingly aggressive moves, including sending the USS Carl Vinson to the Korean peninsula.

One of Kim’s top officials, Choe Ryong Hae, today vowed North Korea would ‘beat down enemies with the power of nuclear justice’.  US Vice President Mike Pence today warned the ‘era of patience’ with Kim Jong-un is over and insisted America’s commitment to South Korea is ‘iron-clad’. Pence, speaking in the perilous Demilitarized Zone separating North and South Korea, reiterated that ‘all options are on the table’ to deal with the threat posed by Pyongyang. After travelling to the region with his family, Pence said Donald Trump is hopeful that China will now use its ‘extraordinary levers’ to pressure the North to abandon its nuclear and ballistic program.

This morning he warned Kim Jong-un not to ‘test the resolve’ of the US President and insisted any use of nuclear weapons by the secretive state would be met with ‘an overwhelming and effective response’. The visit came shortly after a failed North Korean missile launch that some claim may have been ‘thwarted by cyber attacks from the US.’  Trump has ordered a naval strike group, led by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier, to the region, though the vessels remain a long way from the peninsula. But this morning, Japanese media claimed both China and Russia had dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels from their navies to chase the ‘armada’ amid mounting concern over the US deployment. The claims were made by multiple sources of the Japanese government, according to The Yomiuri Shimbun. The question now is not “if”- but “when” one of the two masochistic idiots will press the wrong button first that again will dumb us into a bloody disastrous nuclear war!


Thousands of North Korean troops armed with rifles took part in the show of force, which saw North Korea flaunt sophisticated new military hardware