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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Pretoria  – April 21  2017






ISN’T it just amazing how these communist vultures in control are using the media to mindf*ck the poor already financially battered public? They are just masters of deception- one must give them THAT much.

Now we all are quite aware of the fact that Jacob Zuma is a hard-line mobster boss who run the country like his own personal “hood” with his “captains” , cronies and controllers in the “right” places-  the whole caboodle. Through his and his clan’s obstinate idiocracy and greed we now find  ourselves faced with a financial apocalypse of our hard earned money and a total onslaught against our bank accounts due to the barrage of  downgrades this past week/s . Bar the fact that these thieves in control are stealing nearly 50% of our salaries in humongous and mostly illegal hidden taxes-  and also take the food away from the plates of our children at the petrol pump to feed their everlasting greed- they are literally waging a psychological war to rip us off even more at the petrol pump!

Now watch their latest psi-ops war they now start against the hapless public:


Following South Africa’s downgrade to junk status by several major ratings agencies, its first major impact is set to be felt by consumers with the fuel price expected to spike in May. With the rand hovering at 13.55 to the US dollar, petrol is expected to increase by 42 cents a litre and diesel by 39 cents a litre,according to debt counselling firm, Debt Rescue. The Automobile Association’s (AA) mid-month data is forecasting petrol to increase by up to 55 cents, diesel by around 39c/l, and illuminating paraffin by an estimated 41c/l.

Commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF), the AA said the rand’s weakness contributed three-quarters of the expected fuel price increases at the end of the month, with hikes in international petroleum prices accounting for the balance. “The loss of confidence by investors and the sovereign ratings downgrades by ratings agencies Fitch and S&P have led to the rand slipping heavily against the US dollar, down from around R12.35 at the beginning of the month to its current position of around R13.40.”

CEO of Debt RescueNeil Roets, said the increase would have an immediate impact on the prices of virtually all other goods and services because the South African economy was largely powered by diesel and all goods transported by road would reflect this increase. “For Malusi Gigaba and other members of president Zuma’s inner circle who played down the downgrade, the harsh reality of life is beginning to kick in. “The fuel increase is just the first of the dominos to fall. Growing unemployment and a slowdown in our already abysmal growth rate of 1.2% will soon follow as foreign investors seek greener pastures.” The increase in the fuel price is almost entirely due to the drop in the rand as crude oil prices had actually come down slightly over the past month, Debt Rescue said. “The rand will probably decline further in value against the dollar which is going to impact on everything from fuel to food because although South Africa is more or less self-sufficient in grains, all of the inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides and diesel have to be paid for in dollars,” said Roets.

“Consumers are already up to their necks in debt carrying a combined debt load of R1.66-trillion. With an increase in the fuel price in May there will be a commensurate hike in the prices of almost everything else because of the heavy reliance on road transport.” Debt Rescue said that the hikes will severely impact more than half of all South Africans who are three months or more behind in their debt repayments. Roets said that since the beginning of January there had been a marked increase in the number of consumers who sought relief by going under debt review. “We have seen an increase of over 20% over the past several months of the number of debtors approaching debt counsellors for help.”

This is what you can expect to pay

Fuel April official May official
95 Petrol R13.30 R13.85
0.05% Diesel (wholesale) R11.49 R11.88


NICE- ISN’t IT? Can you see how they exploit the media as a “first line” of attack against the public?The ministry of energy have not even as yet announced any price increase in fuel- yet the MEDIA, financial “gurus” and Automobile Association already give a PRECISE time as to  when the increase is due- how MUCH- and better even- a PRECISE motivation  of why the public will be screwed again! This all while crude oil prices dropped again slightly – and the rand gained some ground again after a miserable loss against the US greenback and many world currencies. How do they know all this precise data and information? (Link) 

BUT that is not all- WAIThere comes the BEST part of the screwing-operation:

SOUTH AFRICA supply petrol and diesel to it’s neighboring country- Lesotho at a second hand car dealer price. Now watch this:


THIS pictures were taken last week in Lesotho at a petrol station. (Link)

Can you explain this in any logical term? AND Lesotho is not the only black ruled country that receive this little ” hand-out”- SWAZILAND and ZIMBABWE also are supplied with  South African petrol and diesel at the same price! How come petrol and diesel that are supplied to a neighboring country- and not a rich one at that- are R 4.30 CHEAPER that the country supplying the fuel? Then also the black TAXI and black TRANSPORT businesses are getting government subsidies ON TOP of this scam? This all while white farmers– who currently are the food life-line of the country gets NONE.

This means – bar the naked discrimination against white farmers- whenever shrewd Zuma et al are spiking the petrol prices at their leisure to cover their plundering of the state coffers- IMMEDIATELY the Jew who runs the monopoly at  the food grocery store also is spiking his prices. Can you see the evil circle here? Should the petrol price drop sometime- the Jew will NOT drop or adjust his prices to accommodate the decrease in floor prices – but shrewdly and patiently await the next spike and then again he will spike his according to the percentage increase. Prices of food has been escalating a staggering 127% since November 2016- only in FIVE months! BUT as the Jew-boy say…...that is just ” business!” SO– who is getting thoroughly SCREWED in this little caper? You guessed right…the South African TAXPAYER and poor oppressed public!

Mean-while these ANC commi mobsters have now TWICE steal all the country’s oil reserves for own personal enrichment. First Mbeki and his gangster clan of Maduna et al robbed the oil at Saldanah– then comes Tina Joemat Petersen recently and sell our whole reserve stock of oil at a scrap dealer price $10 US BELOW market price! Up to today the shrewd thieves have not as yet being brought to trail- but Pneul Maduna and Joemat Petersen both was  dismissed in a soft “ retrenchment” deals to go and enjoy their share of the spoils of the oil heist – while Mbeki and Zuma saw to it that all traces are covered up and the whole scam being wiped under the carpet.

Give a bit of time- and the whole noisy affair will be forgotten until the next time. The scrupulous commi thieves knows the modus operandi too well already- and it works every time. Wipe your arse off against public opinion- keep a low profile for a while until all the noise has calmed down- then make a few bullsh*t statements- and all is well again! From on the following month the poor battered public will start to cough up more taxes and supply some heavy dough again to feed the ever  greedy black elite cleptocrats.

The only ones making brisk business out of this whole devious illegal  deal bar the shrewd ANC regime- is the Taxi con artists who hop over the border- fill up their tanks with South African supplied petrol- hop back into South Africa- and SELL the petrol at a lower price than South Africans pay for it-but still at a reasonable mark-up to make a good profit! They sell it for example at R 12.55 BACK to the South Africans across the border- make a profit of say R3.00 per liter. On a regular tank of 60 liters that would give  R180.00 per tank. Hop 5 times ( or even more) a day across the border and the taxi operator make a profit of  at least R 900.00 a day. (That is bar the passengers he transport to pay for his transport fees.) Multiply that R 900 time 7 days and he made a staggering R 7200.00 per week. Times that with 4 weeks and he made a monthly profit of R 28 800.00 odd for the month bar his profits on transporting passengers to-and-fro across the border. Now THAT is good economics- all thanx to Zuma and his thuggish ilk! Meanwhile MILLIONS are suffering poverty due to extraordinary high taxes and food prices created by these ever escalating fuel prices!

BUT the bottom-line is that this evil greedy government are using the media effectively to pummel the poor public into submission first and psychologically “prepare” them thoroughly before they go for the jugular.South Africans- being rated as not the most intelligent nation on earth since 1994 anymore- have been continuously exposed to the worst kind of financial rape in the history of that country. AND every time Zuma and his gangsters are plundering the country- someone has to pay for their evil misdeeds….usually starting at the petrol pump.  That “someone” always happen to be the poor illiterate and complacent gullible South African public.

SOURCE: White Nation