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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town  – April 21  2017





YAPYou read it correctly! Beware- Zuma’s commi regime and their lapdog Jew handlers ( their smart term is ” lobbyists”)– are on the warpath again to disarm legal white gun owners!

You see- the communists( which are driven by liberal Jew controllers)– are making sure white gun owners are constantly harassed and ” monitored” so-that there are not too many guns floating around in white hands that “might” lead to a white up-rise/ revolution/rebellion that could unseat the current corrupt  terrorist regime. In order to execute their vindictive controlling measures- obviously their need to be a “law“- and that is there where the devious Jews come in handy- THEY are the ones manufacturing the “law” that will keep those “racist” white “supremacists”  in check.( They make sure you never see their faces or know their identities.) They then order their black puppet regime to pass it through that unruly chaotic brawling “parliament” of theirs- and see there- another “law” hit the books again!


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Now their mangy street dogs in their police vans have some “power” and “authority” again to organize and start another barrage of witch hunts to harass legal white gun owners again with umpteen ” search” operations in their never-ending quest for those elusive illegal ” weapons of mass destruction!” This they already have done TWICE this past 10 years- and many white farmers/gun owners were chucked into the slammer for lengthy periods for petty and most of the times trumped-up bourgeois charges such as having so much as an AIR RIFLE on their premises- or vintage guns dating 300 years back.

If they cannot find those ” elusive” red herrings – they blatantly  will  PLANT some damming “evidence” for you! ANYTHING to make a charge stick and get another white removed from society. Then they will charge down on your house amass with 20 or more heavily armed parasites descending on one lonely white gun owner.BUT never did we read that these same despots launched the same witch hunts in any black township or Cape Flats colored gang infested region. The reason is simple: The Jew want the white Christian to be disarmed. The ANC commi lapdogs in the police are too sh*t scared to start stirring a black or colored hornets nest out of fear that they themselves will be burned with a necklace or shot execution style. Thus they preferably will zoom in on those white soft targets. Whites are too “law abiding” and too much of cowards and fearful to oppose or even try resisting these Government “G-Men.”On the other hand are there too many “organizations” set up by these unbelievable dumb capitalist and naive whites themselves that controls white weapons- as in contrast which no other ethical group even care to set up. Then you have that ever pestering white traitors , pimps and “agents” that also are sticking knives in their white countrymens’ backs by chirping to the enemy about you having guns on your premises. Whites sometimes are their own worst enemy. 


Now many of you might not know it- but when that hard-line communist Mbeki took power- he immediately disband the “commando” farm protection units. However– at the same time he opened up all the old gun smuggling routes the ANC themselves used in their hey-days to smuggle guns into the old South Africa. (Link) Now that tells us a very interesting tale: Again weapons must be taken out of reach of the white man- and the smuggling routes- well- add 2 and 2 together. They already then were preparing to disarm whites in their bourgeois ” gun free” South Africa.

Now after the poor Lilly-livered “law abiding” whites handed in their guns- the majority of those guns found their way across the borders of Zimbabwe, Swaziland and Lesotho via those same illegal gun smuggling routes to secret training camps the ANC communists run across the Yosini border in Mozambique, Angola and Zimbabwe . That the reason why many whites could not get their guns back – and the record department of the police in such a (deliberate) mess. Gun smuggling by the ANC and their cronies are RIFE– in and out of South Africa. (Link)  Guns that are deemed too old or out dated in army camps and police services also find their way to these neighboring countries to supply new young and upcoming communist cadets with enough fire power. Many of those white guns again found their way into black squatter camps where it then is “rented” daily  to “customers” for cash heists, armed robberies, gang infested areas, car hi-jackings and so on. You can pay as little as R 1000 for a Kalashnikov AK 47 in a squatter camp or black surburb through the right ” contacts.”(Link) AND the Stassi police – those same vultures that arrest you for that Air gun or 300 year old vintage Lee Metfordthemselves are deeply involved into this gun racketeering. Your gun that you handed in- also are “rented out”  from the police store rooms for the same reasons and yea- for farm attacks. (Link) Sometimes the police themselves do a bit of “side-line” jobs in the cash heist and bank robbery business. (Link)  THAT is the “New” South Africa where the Jew created and play his little “ democratic” games.

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In the most recent ploy by the Jews and their ANC commi rats an “amnesty” period of six months until September 30 2017 now are ” granted” for all ( read white) South Africans to again hand in their guns. Do you believe the arrogance of this this bullsh*t?? The ANC commi rats did not falter or veer from their ever-lasting witch hunts either. The Fricks and Fracks in their little police cars already started their vindictive witch hunts on April 11 2017 in the Cape Town metropolis area. Intimidation, searches and direct confrontation all are in the order of the day- and areas such as Durbanville and Kraaifontein are much sought after areas to hunt those ” white supremacists” down. Sometimes up to  20 vultures decent on one white home. The South African Gun Owners Association launched a complain about this and for now the house searches has stopped. SAGA pointed out that this operations definitely are politically motivated- iow racist driven. 

They advise gun owners the following:

  1. If you are in possession of the old green licence- it is still valid.
  2. If these vultures harass you in your home- please make contact with SAGA
  3. If the vultures attack your house- they must identify themselves by legal documentation as well as a valid court order to search your house- iow a valid search warrant.
  4. If you are requasted( intimidated) to sign any document- please first contact SAGA at 0826522150 (Damian Enslin) or 023 358 9903 (Jonathan Deal) and lastly-

It is ironic that with all these ” gun free” crap from the Jews and commi rats violent crimes has escalated to proportional levels since the state capture of the ANC terrorists in 1994- but lowhite gun owners are targeted for disarmament! Meanwhile the gangsters, thugs, farm murderers, cash heist operators , bank robbers and car hi-jackers all have a ball of a time as their homes never get searched and weapons never get confiscated! Anyhow- whites will be bloody stupid and naive to be caught a second time for the same hoax again. BUT then…you are talking about the white South Africans- well….patriotism and logic somehow are two terms they now-and-then occasionally use  over a beer or two and only during rugby matches. South Africa truly are a gangsters’ paradise.


SOURCE: White Nation