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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town  – April 29  2017






THEY are at it again. They have been doing this since the Jewish-orchestrated communist take-over of a once prosperous country in 1994.Month in- month out- year in – year out- for 20 years they came in their masses- illiterate, lazy, jobless and profane in their mad zest for destruction.

Like a swarm of mindless locusts they gather in black squatter camps. Frenzied by accumulated hatred spawned by misplaced hellions despots in red and black political berets- they become a massive herd of bloodthirsty carnivores out to commit carnage, destruction and mayhem. In their hundreds, their thousands they gather- chanting war cries, spewing venom- spreading their poisonous hatred from black township to black township. In the front-line they position children- children that does not even realize the true meaning of a riot- but children behind which the real instigating culprits can hide and exploit as a effective political media tool should they encounter any violent retaliation from the powers to be.

The lines are drawn- the madness escalate- the cowards lurk behind the black uneducated children..instigating them, poisoning their minds to revert into becoming a generation of  puppets for the Zionist controllers. This story-line has been written before.It has been written in the 60’s. It played itself out in the 70’s with deadly consequences such as Sharpville. BUT the rules of engagement has slightly changed. The children of 1970 now are the soldiers and policemen. Although the same instigators- the British M5, M16 and CIA– again are using the same tactics they used in the 70’s to bring about a regime change- and the children they exploited for their dark agendas in that by-gone era-  now are the ones that dictate the direction of events.


The Jew in London and New York became fed-up for the communist Zuma dynasty that became too greedy. They became agitated that Zuma and his ilk turned away from their masters and sided with the Chinese plunderers. Their stolen minerals are in danger of being lost to a more deadlier foe than themselves. Thus an end to the ANC rule must be brought about. Mantashe -on a few occasions already – warned that “outside” powers are working hard to dethrone the Zumanites even before “ Jesus had come.” AND he is  is absolutely correct. The same powers that worked as “agents” in black townships, instigating blacks and especially children to become unruly destructive tools in the hands of the puppet masters in Britain and the USA- now again are at work .


Zuma and his mafia gangsters knows this operation all too well- as they themselves were involved in using the same dirty tactics together with these “ powers” to topple whites from power in South Africa by the usage of black unruly anarchists and traitors such as De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Pik Botha, Neil Van Heerden , Mandela, Gorimer, Zille, Zach De Beer, Albie Sachs, Joe Slovo  and hundreds more slithering reptiles. The tell-tale signs are too obvious. It happened pre 1994 in South Africa- it happened in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine- now and now Syria. First destroy the morality of the people. Then attack their sovereignty. Destroy their infrastructure. Divide their nations. Sow discord among their cultures. Create race division between different races. Devaluate their currency. Bring about poverty and hardship. Render the people desperate. Create wars and rebellions.  Instigate anarchy  to drain their finances and make the country ungovernable through their unions by means of violent riots. This is an age-old agenda of the communist masters in London. It worked with Robespierre and the fall and execution of King Louis v11 and his whore-wife  Mari Antonette.. It worked in America that lead to the civil war between the Jewish funded Union and conservative Confederates. It worked with the Bolsheviks and the assassination of the Romanov royal family- placing Russia firmly in Jewish control. It worked in Vietnam, Nicaraqua , Afghanistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Kuwait, Libya and Syria. All countries that have some sort of mineral riches to offer. That is why it will not work in Antarctica. There s nothing for the Jew to plunder.

This past 20 years South Africa has seen more than it’s share of violent riots. The deadly consequences also were evident like in Sharpville. The Marikana massacre near Rustenburg was the most prominent evidence of this. AND still Ramaphosa, Zuma et al who were responsible for this- are playing “ King “ and “Queen” in South Africa. No “Marikana” special holiday were called for. Nobody were attacked in the media like with Sharpville. And always the “ whites” are blamed. In the Marikana case there were no whites responsible to blame. Thus the massacre are quietly down-played and never mentioned in the media again. It was not Sharpville where all the blame could be placed on white policemen- irrespective whether their lives was at stake or not. . Keep on blaming those whites- play for a bit more time- redirect the anger of the masses away from the core of the problem to “ white racism”play for time, play for time- play for a little bit more time. The murderers now are the gatekeepers of the kindergarten.

And these mass psychopatic murderers knows the game very well. They know the rules of this engagement. They have been there. Zuma et al know their time is limited. They know it only is a matter of time before they will be booted out the same way they were booted in- by British and American Jew-controlled pounds and dollars. Always the same modus operandi are followed- black illiterate masses are used to destroy the economy- and white scape goats are blamed for each and every miserable misconception and maladministration.Thus Zuma cares less what happens now- whether South Africa are downgraded, marches planned against him, riots and anarchy are escalating, white genocides , rising crime, etc. He is on a last one-man mission- a mission to enrich himself and his devious clan.Gluttony  is an age old “African thing.” Feed the king!

THIS past two weeks we again observed the classic communist operations from their anarchist cook-book to overthrow a regime again. This time it happened in two as yet unknown little towns to the world:  Lichtenburg and Coligny. Again it was the illiterate black masses that were exploited. Again it was chaos and destruction that were used to destroy the infrastructure of this two towns. And again the usurpers and instigators were hiding behind mindless children to do their dirty work. AND as always an “excuse” are fabricated to hide their devious agendas. This week they could not decide whether it should be “service delivery,”  water- or a “white racist” that allegedly killed a black child. No marches and violent  riots were planned as yet for the 20 whites that were brutally murdered by black thugs in farm attacks this week.



Lichtenburg has erupted into a war zone this past week. This follows after a violent protest on Friday, 21 April 2017, when trucks were set alight. The info on the situation currently in Lichtenburg is very sketchy and an update will follow. According to a source in Lichtenburg, some local residents has called for back-up due to the extend of violence in the areas. Thousands of unruly black anarchists invaded the streets of the small town- destroying everything in their destructive wake- looting shops and create chaos. Most roads are closed including Lightenburg, Coliny and Biesiesvlei same as Friday massive Protests and burning things and damaging everything in their path including cars. They also damaging cars that try to drive around or past them. South African Police Service is present.

The apparent service delivery demonstrations had now adopted a new level of barbarism. Black thugs “protesting  ” at Lichtenburg pounced on a chicken truck and threw some of the chicks out of the truck. Afterward, they set the truck on fire while leaving most of the chicks inside the truck. It caused several thousand chicks to be burnt alive. After that, the “protestors” forced other vehicles off the road, causing them to drive over the discarded chicks. About 300 of the barbarian black thugs started this violent protest last week, and according to reports, they have been busy “protesting ” since then. The road to Ottosdal is closed as it is too dangerous for motorists to pass by the violent protesters.

The small farming town of Coligny, North West, resembled a war zone on Tuesday afternoon with large clouds of smoke billowing from different parts of town. All entry points into town were guarded by armed white farmers and residents who said they were protecting their properties. They would not allow anyone entry, including white people they did not know. “It is dangerous around here. Please find alternative routes,” they advised motorists trying to enter town.

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Inside the town’s residential area, white farmers and residents stood at different points guarding the properties after three houses were burnt and damaged earlier this week. They said a bottle store was among several businesses cleaned out by protesters. There were also unconfirmed reports of three trucks that were torched this morning.

Residents of the illegal black Tlhabologang township, which is divided by a railway line from the town of Coligny near Lichtenburg, are calling for the arrest of a farmer they alleged had “assaulted “ a 12-year-old boy he found in his maize fields last Friday. According to a black racist community leader, Jonny Leteane, the boy has died. He said the protest “is not going to end until the perpetrator is arrested”. “The community is really angry. We are, however, condemning acts of violence and damage to property but we have some elements among us who are drunk and using our genuine protest for their criminal acts,” Leteane said.


The 12-year-old whose death allegedly led to the devastation in Coligny, committed suicide. After he and a friend where caught stealing sunflowers on a farm, the friend chose to make a hasty retreat and got away, but he was told to get into a pick-up to be taken to the police. Farmers across the country are experiencing problems with large portions of their crops being stripped by black thieves. The boy did not want to see the police, and when the pick-up slowed down, he jumped off and broke his neck. A lawyer pointed out that he had committed suicide in essence. “Even a twelve-year-old knows that one can die if you jump from a moving vehicle, and therefore it can be seen as suicide,” a lawyer explained to Die Vryburger. Meanwhile, two men, presumably white workers on a farm, reported to the police, where they were arrested and charged with murder.

Police were patrolling the town while a helicopter hovered over the tense area. Coligny resident Adrian Groenewald said he received an alert from the residents’ WhatsApp group that his house was going to be attacked. “I quickly told my wife to pack up whatever she could and we drove. Minutes later we could see the flames of our house from a distance,” he said. City Press walked into the property about two hours later. “They have cleaned me out. My computer, my internet hardware, television set and all other appliances are gone,” he said as he walked through the ransacked house.

In front of the house, the thatched-roofed storeroom was still in flames and the roof had collapsed. “I have good relations with the community and I don’t believe it is my neighbours who did this. They must be people from far away. “I consider myself lucky that they only burnt the storeroom, stole from the house and did not torch my son’s carpentry workshop and the actual house,” he said. Groenewald’s house is among the few that are on the outskirts of the mainly white area close to Extension 6, which is an RDP housing settlement.


His neighbour, who had also come to check on her house, came out running and crying, saying she could not find her dog. “My dog is gone. It is dangerous here,” she said, calling on those who came with her to get into their cars, fearing other people would come and attack them. “Let’s go! Let’s go! Those people are coming,” she said, weeping. They drove off believing that their dog had perished in their partially burnt house. About 20km from Coligny, police remained on high alert amid service delivery protests.


A wave of violent protests swept through Lichtenburg since last weekend with reports of more than 30 000 live chicks burning to death when the truck ferrying them was torched together with two other trucks on Friday. A police van was overturned and an armored police vehicle torched in Lichtenburg on Monday with more shops looted overnight. North West police spokesperson Sabata Mokgwabone said three houses were torched. “Three trucks and a tractor were burnt earlier before they turned to the houses. “The situation remained tense and one could see these people were up to something,” he said ,adding that police were monitoring both Lichtenburg and Coligny as well as Itsoseng township where there were incidents of looting yesterday. Meanwhile, in Coligny, the protesting community sat on railway tracks looking at the groups of white people guarding their houses. “Niyaba saba na? Hhayi asibasabi, siyabafuna! [loosely translated to: Are you scared of them? No we are not! We want them!],” chanted those on the railway line.

SOUTH AFRICA already have the dubious honor of being the crime capitol of the world. For too long now the British media have been going around  spreading false propaganda that “Apartheid” was the worst human atrocity- next to the alleged “ holocaust” hoax of the Jews.”Apartheid” was created and exploited by the British and American Jews to force a regime change in South Africa in order to plunder the country’s resources at will all while their “front men” in the communist ANC are keeping a close watch over that “ white racists” and keep the unruly black masses “ under control.”

What in reality happened is that the cleptocrats in the ANC terrorist organization became more and more greedy each day- to such an extend that they started to challenge their Jew masters in London and New York for the spoils of the captured treasures of the country. As we all know- the Jew and his capitalist gluttony are inseparable- and this act of “ treason” from Zuma and his useless ilk was “unacceptable” behavior that could not go  “ unpunished.”  Their black concubines have become harlots- wandering astray and start to sleep with Chinese men. Now again hundreds of M5, M16 and CIA secret service operatives were deployed in black townships again to start yet another round of violent riots under the cover of ” service delivery” protests to start making the country once again ungovernable by destabilizing law and order.(Not that there were any ” law and order” under the ANC communists anyhow.) – JUST as they did pre-1994 to oust the shrewd National Party.

AND as with the “Apartheid” regime- again their “strong arm” in South Africa- the Afrikaner Broederbond  thugs will have to be activated again to “organize” the next regime “transition” (CODESA) .Another series of “ secret meetings” will follow in remote farm sheds and behind closed doors in their Free Mason meetings  as these “controllers” now will make decisions how to get rid of Zuma and his cronies in the most “ democratic” way.

Meanwhile– as  before – are they shrewdly using illiterate black children to act as their cannon fodder in the front lines again. They again want some black kids to be harmed or shot at – like in Sharpville– in order to initiate a media war against the ANC again as they did against the National Party- exploiting the death of Hector Peterson to set of more and more riots across the country. South Africans must again hold their breath and brace themselves for another round of preliminary clan wars between the greedy British Jewry– and the greedy African despots. Zuma and his ilk is prepared. They knew a show-down with the Jews was inevitable sometime. On the tax payers back Zuma already ordered hundreds of light/medium infantry vehicles to be manufactured for inter-city wars- and neatly stashed them away in their hundreds in neighboring Zimbabwe, Swaziland and other countries to be deployed quickly as needed.

Meanwhile the people living- or trying to live a peaceful existence in ” middle earth” are the ones suffering the most between this paradox of selfish plundering between two of the worst damning curses in the history of the country.South Africa this past 20 years under communist rule never had one day of peace- but was ravaged on a daily basis with violent blacks striking and rioting. One farm murder followed another- one rape after the other. Crime become a black culture and white hatred a  common political hegemony.  Only now are these demonic obsessions to destroy the last remnants of a once beautiful country escalating to cataclysmic proportions.The next civil war will be between black and black….and it’s closing in fast.

The law specifies that any person that commits a crime against the state can be investigated and punished with jail sentences if found guilty. The question now is what happens if the STATE commits crimes against it’s people? When are we going to see those responsible the likes of De Klerk, Roelf Meyer, Pik Botha, Neil Van Heerden, Tienie Groenewald, Zuma, Rhamaphosa, Mantashe, Malema, Rob Davis, Joemat Petersen and the rest of the NP, ANC and EFF  ilk ALSO investigated and being punished with the same jail sentences? OR is the “law” only applicable to the “Goya- the “cattle” ?”