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Article compiled  by: White Nation  Editorial – April 29  2017





YOU know- if there now is ONE thing that REALLY p*sses me off- it will be the way these mangy white trash that calls themselves “ progressive liberals” and black racist imbeciles  that calls themselves “ liberation movements” are treating white conservatives in South Africa- and for that matter- across the world! WORSE even are those white Babylonian dush bag maggots that really are like tee-totally lost between space and time- and have the audacity to puke some heavy criticism against fellow whites- just because other whites does not share the same pink “ politically correct “ Sodom and Gomorrah sediment as the ” progressive liberals.” 


After almost a month since the debacle at SPUR in the Glen shopping complex, Johannesburg, the group called for apologies to the South African public on the supposed Freedom Day. SPUR has plunged itself into controversy after the banning of a white man from returning to the group’s restaurants, after he was protecting his child from the assault of a much older black child. When he asked the mother of the suspect to control her child, she made a racial incident, but Spur did not act against her. As a result, many whites started a boycott action against SPUR. There will now be a panel who will come up with recommendations on the incident and how it was handled, but there is no word of apology to the white man who is banned from all Spur restaurants.It is felt that such a lame excuse is unacceptable because it means nothing and probably the audience who distanced themselves from Spur will not return.

Now why suddenly does SPUR come groveling  back and try to seriously lick some white arse with their lame-duck ” apology?” The reason is simple: SPUR took a mother of a knock on the stock exchange ( and still continue to do so) after millions of whites across South Africa decided that enough is enough. News in the grapevine has it SPUR will be shutting down more than  30 outlets due to the boycott.  It’s got monkey sh*t to do with SPUR suddenly developing a conscience or a guilty complex for their discriminatory action against a white customer. THAT already was spelled out straight and forward by both the CEO Pierre Van Tonder and shareholders of SPUR– they prefer to foster a deep “ politically correct” attitude towards black customers at the expense of white customers! Whites are- like the Afrikaans term say now  Gatvol”  for the way these (white) wet pink pansies are treating them- especially the so-called ” corporate” sector.

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BUT SPUR was not the only corporate discriminators that turned their backs on whites. If you can still remember the Steve Hoffmeyer saga- and the “Stem” indaba. There we also had FNB, Standard Bank, Williams Hunt and  Landrover making it quite clear that they detest conservative whites and their historical values. Then we also have Woolworths that refuse to appoint whites- as also did Engen refuse to sell more franchises to whites.

Irrespective of what their “excuses” are- one thing is crystal clear- there is MUCH discrimination going on against mainly conservative whites. And none so much as in the media. Media 24 , Huffington Post, Washington Post , CNN and the British Daily Mail already are old monkeys in the art of discrimination against whites.YET it was white money that brought them all where they are today. 


This is another heavy discriminatory level- the taxation of mainly whites to feed the poor ” disadvantaged” black multiplying population. The British media mongrels for years pumped a lot of very unsavory bullsh*t to the uninformed international world that ‘ apartheid” was such a demonic system. Very cleverly these media monkeys hid the fact that MOST of the “apartheid” budget ( sponsored mainly by the white tax payer) was directed towards BLACK upliftment programs to build schools, universities , libraries and clinics. It REALLY was not the South African white man’s fault that the British Secret Service made it their solemn goal to instigate black disillusioned hooligans to burn all their schools and libraries. Looking back at the fact it was the BRITISH aristocracy that wanted to keep black South Africans stupid and illiterate- and not the white Afrikaners– thus the instigation to burn all their schools and libraries.When was the last time you read about this communist ANC hoodlums setting millions of rands aside for WHITE upliftment…build them schools or libraries? When was the last time ANY of these corporate scumbags donated money to white impoverished people? 

BUT up to today the main contributors of tax in South Africa ( and I believe in all white-dominated countries) are WHITE tax payers. The main “beneficiaries” are the NON– white parasites, leeches and blood suckers that calls themselves ” immigrants” or “refugees.” Although the pendulum in South Africa have swayed towards black contribution as well- there only is a mere 13% tax paying milking cows in South Africa- which include the majority of whites and business. Yet whites are banned from the job market and thousands of black useless and jobless aliens are welcomed on a weekly basis into South Africa to come and leech on the socio, welfare and economic structures. Whites themselves get f-all for one single penny they have to pay on taxes.

Every penny are either directed to the ” Nkandla mob”– or to millions of starving  alien African/Pakistani/ Arab or Indian scavengers that now are polluting the South African landscape- while not one single penny are spared for more than 400 000 white impoverished people in more than 60 squatter camps. The ANC communists feel nothing for poor white squatters. So why must I give this hideous ex-terrorist communist regime one single  cent of my hard earned money as “taxes?” They already plunder our bank accounts through hidden levies and taxes at the petrol pump and their stinking VAT. This criminals in that whorehouse in Cape Town already stole 700 BILLION rand since 1994 and they get away with it. So now  they can go take out personal loans to recap that money they stole- and refund the tax office with that.They stole and sold all our reserve oil to the value of R 7 BILLION. BuzzSouthAfrca reported that the new Energy Minister in her first briefing to MPs, confirmed that secret sale of SA strategic fuel stocks. Contradicting her lying predecessor, Tina Joemat-Pettersson’s claim that the nation’s strategic fuel stocks were merely “rotated,”– Minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi specified that the country’s strategic fuel stocks were sold in a secret deal. Even the radical EFF stated that The occurrence of this is a threat to the country. Dating back to the year 2006, it had been estimated that a ‘no stock’ fuel crisis circumstance could very well result in a loss of GDP to the country that can amount to R1-billion a day,

They plundered the state offers and the state pension fund.  I am not going to pay for their thievery- no way Goze! Me as a white does not qualify for any of their grants or have an equal opportunity as blacks in the job market- so they do not qualify for my taxes- point! They say to me I shall not work- I say to them they shall not drive new  R 7 million SUV’s! I say to them you are ultra corrupt and do not qualify to receive one single dim of my taxes.A kleptocratic occurrence of such dramatic proportions can only happen under an equally kleptomaniac Zuma.


Whites are discriminated on every level of society- but ironically that was just the same reason why the international world acted against the white government- because the British media made them believe whites are discriminating against the poor blacks. YET today reversed discrimination in South Africa are RIFE against whites- now the international world suddenly have attacks of Parkinsons disease! If whites already are not murdered to near extinction- this devious leftist reptiles go on with their derrogative and discriminatory actions against whites. Whites now are pushed out of every level of society-all their historical values are destroyed and now their property also are in the cross hairs of this liberal trash and their black political harlots – and they are totally alienated from their own country by these liberal and black political scum. Even the freakin CHINESE have more rights than the homogeneous whites!And who is sitting behind this discrimination against whites and all the anti-white “hate speech, anti-racist and BEEE laws?” None other than the bloody JEWS and their disgusting lawyers, prosecutors and legislators like the anti-white ” Human Rights ” court!


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My point is this- white people in South Africa(and across the world)- must now stop being wet pillow slips- and start to stand up for their rights. This criminal derogation  bullsh*t of the “ progressive left” and African warmongers that keep on slandering whites as “racists” and ” white supremacists” must now be taken on and fiercely fought against. If corporate maggots such as SPUR can willfully discriminate against whites- then boycott the vermin and never return to their stinking premises again. If your regime like the ANC are discriminating against your race in the job market and you are not liable for any support from their side due to their discriminatory skin issues- then STOP paying bloody tax wherever you can.

I mean- If my skin is not good enough for your liking- then SURELY my money will also not be good enough.If the media proceed to slander whites and attack conservative nationalism- then STOP subscribing to their evil little websites- easy as THAT! If they keep on slandering and calling us names like “racists, white supremacists, far right wingers, etc”- then fight the scum on their own level- start labeling them and hang them on the big bell as well! If needs to- open a ” Credit check” website where you publish all the names of corporations and devious liberal whites for the rest of the white conservative population to start boycotting. They exploited us for our money to bring them where they are today- so let us bring them down by withholding our money again!



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For years they have been discriminating against whites, calling us names. manufacture “laws” to oppress and discriminate against us, launch witch hunts and incarcerating us,  stepping on us and use us as their freakin slaves to serve and feed their devious ” black lives matter” agendas. It’s time to put our feet down and sayTHIS IS THE END!” Let the SPUR incident be the beginning of the white revolution against a system that have no sympathy or place under the sun for whites. Let us start hitting back- and hit hard against those leftist scumbags that offends our race, our heritage, our history, culture and moral values. If we start calling THEM slanderous names- immediately the psycho media jump onto us- but they can proceed to fling slanderous names in our direction at will? Why should whites always be treated like cast-away dogs- only to be kicked in the face every time the black despots or liberal trash feels they want to freak out? Why must whites always eat the  ” humble pie” while the communist trash on top gorge themselves on riches stolen from whites? Why must whites always keep quiet and listen to black despots such as Malema and Zuma threatening them? Why do whites allow white commi criminals such as Rob Davis to table racist anti-white BEEE laws to impoverish them? What is WRONG with this picture? 


Let us stand together- and through our social networks name and shame these villains – and expose them in our quest to protect our white heritage and this of our children.If the blacks can riot and destroy everything in their wake because they feel “offended”- then WHY can’t whites retaliate against a system that offends them? Is it because we are too bloody lazy and complacent? Is this the reason they are stomping us into the dirt and laugh in our faces? Is this why they are exploiting us as their blooming slaves?Is this why they always are demonizing us?  The irony is that very little people actually realize what the real agenda is here. You see- there is was and is no natural racist issues between different races- none so between whites and blacks in South Africa either. However- these liberal scum and communist ghouls makes it their mission to create racial tensions between white and black specifically by discriminating against white people. The created racist terms such as “racism, hate speech, right wingers, etc” specifically to lambaste and demonize  whites only.

Before 1994 you did not even know what the term “racism” meant. But by constantly propagate this term against whites it now has a negative derogatory connotation. It is their agenda to keep division between black and white to prevent this two sides to unite against the REAL  common enemy- communism.This devious agenda creates a feeling of hatred against black people- which is wrong. The hatred must be directed towards these political and liberal scumbags – irrespective of their skin color- that exploit and promote racism through the media, from political pedestals and social networks for their own selfish political benefit.Even hard-line libs such as Helen Zille acknowledge the fact that “white bashing”  is destroying South Africa from within.


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ALL three major political parties in South Africa are guilty of this.Exploiting whites as scape goats for all the wrongs , discrimination against whites and promoting racism against whites by continuously high-lighting minor racial issues in the media even where there is none – all form  part of the liberal communist conspiracy to create division and evoke hatred against black people. This ploy create the illusion among black people that these political filth actually cares for them- where-as in reality these bags of political feces cares less about whites or blacks- just as long as division keeps them in power. They exploit both sides for their own selfish interests. IF Zuma, Maimane and Malema actually cared about blacks- why then are more than 60% blacks still squander in impoverished conditions? They are specifically kept below the bread-line  in order to force them on state grants. There they are kept and threatened should they ever consider voting for another party- they shall loose this grant. After a while most blacks now become too independent on this monthly grant, become lazy and complacent- and keep on voting for the communists in control. The entrapment operation was successful. Now the last phase gets activated and that is to blame the whites again for the black impoverishment.



The time has come to start taking the war to all these leftist scum the way they were doing it to us this past 20 years. This include all these pink poofter artists, singers, politicians, correspondents , media and corporate vultures. If they do not have the balls to stand up and say they are not willing to discriminate against whites because of their skin color- then stop supporting the buggers! Start protesting with your wallets! AND for those pulpit pigeons that want to tell us “ let bygones be bygones” – and “ two wrongs never makes one right”– I say “Hey…you go preach that doctrine to those filthy liberals first- and IF it work on them- well- then I will be first to register for your next sermon- PERIOD! ( Ever wondered why these ” holier-than-thou” pigeons always come to preach to those that have excellent conservative moral values- but very ” diplomatically” avoid those that have NO moral values?)

AS for SPUR, Kentucky, McDonalds and all these sleaze-bucket American fast food gumballs- you can from now on fly straight to hell!  We will never again support your racist “ black lives matter” policies , discriminatory “ politically correct” attitudes and chain stores again. For all we care they can shut down all your bloody outlets! Maybe THEN white business , black business and colored business can start flourishing again and never worry about all the monopolizing alien vultures that choke our financial progress as South Africans  in this country. All while homogeneous business suffer and many whites , blacks and coloreds suffer in poverty- this corporate thugs are plundering our bank accounts by escalating floor prices above reason. They ensure they run a total monopoly and create intertwining networks so we as normal citizens have no choice but to purchase from them or their affiliated companies alone.

AND IF there still is some dimwit (liberal) whites that care a hoot about visiting these criminal outlets- well- then do not complain if your sauces are a bit more ” spiced” with African gop, feces, menstrual blood – or whatever “grrrravy” the racist black gooks can cook up especially for a white “ supremacist” out of sheer vindictive spitefulness in the kitchen for you. Then you fully DESERVE it!  As for me- NEVER again will I take my family where a black cook is driving my plate behind close doors again- racist or no racist!


SOURCE: White Nation