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Article compiled  by: White Nation  Editorial – May 01 2017




THIS morning I was browsing through the web in search for interesting news from around the world. Merely by accident rather than deliberately I came across an article in the Mail On Line– written by a little pink tard – one Jennifer Smith.It is an article describing a rally in Pikeville Kentucky:

Her heading immediately starts off with:” Dozens of white supremacists descend on small Kentucky town to give Nazi salutes and wave Confederate flags at rally to spread their message.   ” Now- at first glance you can immediately gather this poor pathetic example of a Homo Sapiens was trying her uttermost to demonize conservative white people again. Then she went on blabbering about ” Dozens of white supremacists flocked to a small Kentucky town on Saturday for a protest which was interrupted by anti-fascist demonstrators.” Can you detect the leftist sentiment in her little rant?White Supremacists” and ” Anti-Facist?”

Then she went on stating ” The party is passionately anti-abortion, anti-immigration and pro-faith. It works specifically on behalf of white Americans who it says ‘have been abandoned by the system and actively attacked by globalists and traitorous politicians,’ for decades. Anti-fascist protesters, who had also come from out of town, thwarted their plans.  They pitched up to the rally site wearing colorful pride t-shirts and carrying signs which read: ‘No one wants you here’. The two sides hurled insults at one another from behind barricades set up by local police in anticipation of the event.” So- Jennifer indicates that the conservatives are now “fascists” as well- and the liberal fanatics that “thwarted” their plans are ” anti-facist.”

It is very ironic that the little pink-ish  WLB correspondent Jennifer and the liberal ilk quickly can blast and label conservative people as ” white supremacists” and “fascists” – but in contrast become eerily silent when far left wing fanatical maggots do the same like they did by creating mass demonstrations and chaos in the streets across America when Trump was to be inaugurated as president. We did not read about “ left wing supremacists” or “ leftist radicals”  that gathered and created chaos- waving the Jew Union flags at all- but we read a lot about ” the unhappy people.”

It is hate instigators like little pink Jennifer and her cronies from the liberal fanatical club that keep this old world divided, in chaos and at war. Very interesting is the fact that we had so many wars, rebellions , chaos and disruption in many countries this past 50 odd years. Just guess who was in control of all these governments that created these wars and human suffering in all the countries ? DEFINITELY not the “ white supremacists” or the ” fascists.” On the contrary it was and still is LIBERAL fanatics in world governments that instigated all our wars, rebellions and the overthrow of healthy sovereign governments.These bourgeois  ” guardians” of humanity always create the illusion that they are the self-appointed “Brotherhood” to save the world. “Guardians” on a puppet string of the world bankers such as Barbara Spectre, Tony Blair, Bush, Hillary Clinton, Angela Merkel, Nicola Sturgeon, Obama and many more. Meanwhile they are the ones creating all the human suffering across the globe. AND as always they will deviously shift the blame of their atrocities on someone else.

It is leftist fanatics that created destabilization and wars in the Middle East. It was leftist liberal madmen that were behind the assassinations of JFK, Benazir Bhutto, Verwoerd, Ghandi and many more world leaders that stood for their countries. It was liberal despots that orchestrated the 9/11 massacre of innocent Americans. It was liberal freaks like George Bush that invaded Afghanistan, started the desert war in Iraq under false pretenses, created chaos and a koo-de-etat in Libya- and created ISIS to destabilize Syria. It was liberal reptiles such as Albert Pike that created the Illuminati and organized world-wide secret societies such as the “Free Masons” and ” Knights of Jalta” to “control” the world.It was and still is leftist liberal global racketeers such as George Soros, Rothchilds and Rockefellers that fund wars and destabilations of healthy mainly white dominated countries.

It still is liberal psychopaths that now are busy destroying Syria and amass on Russia’s borders to invade the Ukraine.It is liberal communists like Angela Merkel , Hollande and Sarkouzy that promoted the invasions of millions of alien Muslim killers into white Europe to destroy Christian countries , their values and infrastructures. It is liberal freaks that attack Biblical moral values and introduce heterosexual, bi-sexual and homosexual Babylonian sins. It is the liberal leftist conspirators that promote interracial marriages to exterminate pure bloodlines. It is the liberal vermin that introduced slander terms such as ” hate speech, racism ” and “white supremacy” to demonize conservative values.

. It is liberal mass murderers like Stalin, Churchill and Rooseveld that murdered thousands of innocent German civilians in their bombing raids on towns such as Dresden and the Indian massacre. It is liberal thugs that instigated and developed the atomic bomb and massacred thousands of innocent Japanese civilians. It was a liberal  Judeo-Bolshevic Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) and Karl Marxthat started communism. It was a liberal Jew  -Jacob Schiff that ordered the murder of the Russian Romanov family.  It was liberal conspirators that wrote distorted history books about the so-called “ Holocaust” of the Jews in German camps.. It was liberal conspirators such as Al Gore and Bill Clinton that started the “Earth Warming” hoax to tax hard working citizens into near starvation. It is liberals such as Bill Gates that promotes vaccination to infect millions of new-born babies and children with deadly viruses to “cull” the world population. Everywhere a liberal got his hands into a country- all hell and chaos brakes loose. They thrive on chaos and lawlessness to enhance their demonic hidden agendas. They worm themselves into your governments- and once there- start to instigate mayhem, chaos and destabilization of your governments.

Liberalism are behind all these anti-gun lobbies to disarm mainly white conservative people. It is liberals and leftists that control petroleum , energy, water and assassinate inventors of free energy. It was liberal greed and conspiracies that handed South Africa on a platter to communist killers which now destroyed that country’s infrastructure , instigated a white genocide and pushed the country into junk status she now find herself in- NOTwhite supremacists”– but LIBERAL greedy fanatics such as De Klerk, Pik Botha, Oppenheimer et al! YESno-where in all these crimes against humanity do you read about a “ white supremacist” that were behind any of these. All the murders and massacres were at the hands of leftist LIBERALS. Even the history about Hitler was so concocted and distorted by the mainly liberal Jewish “historians.” 

It is in this false sphere of lies and deception that the new generation of misdirected and ill-informed “correspondents” the likes of Jennifer grew up- and become puppets on the strings of their evil liberal masters.  BUT then again- I suppose even looking at the pathetic comments in Mail On Line on this specific article- I suppose that is exactly the conglomeration of subhuman idiots that keep Mail On-Line and the liberal heathen world in business. They say it is a proven  fact that liberalism is a mental condition bordering to schizophrenia. ONE glance at articles and comments such as this one – and Mail-On-Line simply confirms that fact! Whenever a liberal leech finds someone that differs in opinion he/she immediately are demonized and labelled with derrogative slander.

THAT unfortunately is the creepy “ progressive left” for you. Cowards that skulk behind their little laptops and political parties -instigating division and chaos- NEVER at the forefront of the battle. They always pretend to be such hard working “activists ” for the “previously disadvantaged“- ( just as long as they themselves can benefit from it.)  AND always they keep on attacking mainly conservative people and and nationalist values. Unfortunately this old world is littered with liberal rodents and leftist scavengers such as Jennifer. You can name them- the list is long. As long as these human feces will share the world with us- there will be no peace or prosperity in any country- for these carnivores  thrive and enrich themselves on the suffering and rotting corpses of other innocent human beings. The war between the good conservatism and evil liberalism will go on until the last days. They say the road to hell is paved with liberals.  I sincerely believe liberalism is a curse of human society- the seed of Satan- and it started with Satan in the garden of Eden– and only will be destroyed with him in the last days at Armageddon.


SOURCE: White Nation