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Article compiled  by: White Nation  correspondent Berlin–May 04 2017  2017




WHEN a Muslim invader spotted a woman with her 2 young children, he immediately brandished a large knife and began brutally stabbing her in the head and neck in front of her horrified children. As soon as police arrested him, they discovered that the grisly attack was all because of the simple way she “insulted” his “peaceful” religion.

Thanks to communist lapdog Chancellor Angela Merkel and her liberal constituents, over 1 million Muslim “asylum seekers ” have been given free rein of Germany. Although they are the minority, these devout foreign devils are quickly transforming the nation into a Sharia state, where Islam’s most inhumane punishments are being carried out. In fact, the threat of Islam is so great in Germany that the Christian refugees who’ve fled persecution in Muslim countries are finding the same religious oppression in what should be a haven country.

On April 30, German outlet Abendzeitung reported that a 29-year-old Afghan “asylum seeker “ stabbed a 38-year-old woman in broad daylight while she was walking with her children in Prien. Bystanders watched in horror as the illegal invader brandished a knife and relentlessly stabbed the mother in her head and slit her throat. Of course, the heavily censored demon German media was hesitant to publish too many details concerning the suspect and his victim. Soon, however, the sordid specifics unfolded.

RT reveals that the victim was a fellow Afghan native who was attacked by her countryman for converting from Islam to Christianity, a crime for which the Quran commands execution. Although it is unclear if the suspect had known the woman in Afghanistan, evidence alludes that he was carrying out the attack to properly punish her for offending Islam and breaking Sharia law. German online newspaper Bild reports that the woman and her children, aged 5 and 11, had just left a church service at a nearby chapel when the devil struck. The attacker focused his stabbing on the woman’s head and neck, refusing to stop until a policeman and several passersby intervened.

As disturbing as it is that the Islamic attacks rampant in Muslim countries are becoming more common in the West with Muslim illegal enforced immigration, perhaps the most enraging aspect is the officials’ reaction to the growing migrant crime problem. The police admit that the man “shouted something in his mother tongue” just before launching the deadly attack, according to RT. Of course, it’s safe to say that he declared his dedication to Allah, which is the standard when it comes to Muslims carrying out terrorist attacks, especially on ” infidels. ” In addition, the police are claiming that they still cannot pinpoint a motive and have instead placed him in a closed psychiatric institution.

Police spokesman Andreas Guske pandered to the “politically correct “ left, alleging that they can’t possibly know what the migrant shouted before killing his victim. However, even he couldn’t deny that the attack was religiously motivated.

“For us, only facts count. But there is evidence of a religious motive for the deed we are pursuing. But this is only one of the versions we can follow,” the police source told Focus. “Prien is a village, and one can assume that asylum seekers of one nationality must know each other.”

This is what happens when leftist try to prove that Islam means “peace. ” Their willingness to refute the violent commands in the Quran and the prophet Muhammad’s literal modeling of these scriptures is resulting in the slaughter of innocent civilians and the imposition of Sharia law.

Image result for MERKEL WITH BURKA


Quran (4:89) – “They wish that you should reject faith as they reject faith, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.”

Sahih Bukhari (52:260) – “…The Prophet said, ‘If somebody (a Muslim) discards his religion, kill him.’”

The left has invited in a barbaric religion and law that has only left the comfort of its tyrannical regimes to faithfully establish itself in the West. As long as Muslims reside in non-Muslim lands, it is to carry out their duty to “fight until there is no more disbelief and the religion, all of it, is for Allah.” Their motives aren’t hidden but printed in their own religious manuals. It’s time to stop listening to filthy liberals who ignorantly wish to believe the best about Islam and start listening to the most devout followers who put their god’s commands into practice.




AND if this is not bad enough-  did Merkel’s pro-Islamist Jew EU-concocted Bundestag  used public funds to encourage women to wear the Islamic headscarf in a show of “tolerance”. The 18-second advertisement is sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and was paid by German taxpayers. However, the advertisement has aired amid growing unease about the Muslim veil in the country. Just last week, a German restaurant owner threw out a woman for refusing to take off her hijab.


German ad campaign

In the clip, a blonde-haired woman wearing an Islamic headscarf whilst showing off her bare legs encourages her fellow Germans to “enjoy difference” and “start tolerance.” The controversial video starts off with the text “Turkish women wear the hijab” as the woman wearing the hijab faces away from the camera. She then turns around, revealing her German identity, and tells the camera: “Me too! It’s beautiful!” The advertisement propaganda campaign to embrace the hijab comes amid growing concern in the country over the prevalence of the religious veil. 

New York Fashion Week

Numerous cases have emerged of alleged “discrimination “ against Muslim women who wear headscarves and face veils in public in Germany. Last week, a restaurant owner in northern Germany expelled a Muslim woman who refused to remove her face veil, which set off a social media storm.  In July, a Muslim law trainee in Germany won the right to wear a headscarf to work when a court ruled there was no legal basis for the state of Bavaria to ban her from doing so. Commi lover Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat party, ( The devil posing as the angle of the light?) – which has been struggling in the polls following its open-door refugee policy, has also pushed for a ban on burqas in public places. Several officials believe that full-face veils do not help Muslims integrate into Germany


The 18-second ad encourages

Tensions between German citizens and Muslim immigrants have been ongoing, particularly after the country took in over one million illegal aliens last year. Last Thursday, a mass brawl broke out between far-right German locals and aliens  in the town of Bautzen. According to a Deutschland Trend poll in August, 30 per cent of Germans want the burqa and niqab banned in public places, while 51 per cent want them entirely forbidden. (Link)