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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town – May 17 2017







THE South African  Department of Home Affairs is taking steps to remove all visa requirements for African (black only) visitors. The White Paper supports the movement that will allow all residents of Africa to move freely across national borders.

A “reliable “ travel system will be developed to ensure that only bona fide travelers will be allowed. The Department of Home Affairs has since been Dhlamini-Zuma’s Department, which is struggling with fraud and bribery by officials, so how to manage a “trustworthy” system will only be known to them. Observers point out that Africa is in any case flooded with millions of illegal “visitors” who are murdering, house breaking  and running illegal drug/child cartels in the country.

Sez Daniel Lötter of Front National SA :” We are immensely concerned about certain stipulations in the White Paper on Migration, which was adopted by the cabinet six weeks ago already, but not yet been made public. In this document a process is outlined according to which all visa restrictions for citizens of other African countries, will be scrapped. According to the White Paper, South Africa “fully supports the vision of an Africa where its citizens can move more freely across national borders, where intra-Africa trade is encouraged and there is greater integration and development of the African continent”.

Home Affairs minister Hlengiwe Mkhize is expected to announce details on the new immigration dispensation in her budget speech in Parliament later today. It is expected that the new policy will find its way into legislation by next year. This means that the unemployed, hungry masses from other African countries, such as Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Somalia etc will be allowed free access to South Africa to put even more strain on our already struggling economy and labour market. The potential of xenophobic violence and crime against minority groups in South Africa will escalate tremendously. In short, we are going to be trampled by the masses of Africa!”

BUT as we all know by now- the ANC communist dregs pay little attention to public opinion- and like all the previous decisions they took that eventually ended up in disaster( for everyone else bar themselves) – this caper will ostensibly also be pushed through their monkey-parliament in no time- irrespective of the consequences that may befall the hapless chicken population in the “Rainbow ” pen later on.

The banality of this bunch of commi hooligans that use South Africa as their personal monopoly board is simply mind-boggling to say the least! This poor country already has the notorious fame of being the most hazardous country in the world when it concerns crime, rape, robberies, white genocide and drugs, farm murders, job losses, down gradings, black on back xenophobia, sky high impoverishment, cash heists, hi-jacks,  human /child trafficking and bank robberies- yet this poor misdirected chicken coop “guardian” want to fling the gates wide open for more weasels to enter- how bloody ignorant and stupid can one be? Not even to speak of the socio economic and welfare impact on the already overburdened taxpayer. Did you notice- ONLY black Africans will have that royalty of crossing the borders without visas NOT whites. Now we ask – where does this bloody racism and discrimination against whites stop and secondly- when? How the hell can they still be in power? They should all be languishing in JAIL!

FIRSTLY there is BEEE- that totally bars whites from being appointed in big corporations. Then there is the anti-white sentiment in the mainstream media that always are out to demonize whites. Then we have the discrimination against poor white squatters- who- unlike their black counterparts- are not allowed free electricity , water and sanitary services. But LO-that only is the tip of the ice berg: When these black political heathens opens their traps- it’s “whites this and whites that” – and now they want to disown whites from their property as well. Furthermore are there the discrimination against white orphanages- which does not qualify for either government or corporative financial support anymore. Then there is the white genocide against whites which this same black thieves in parliament are denying ever exist- and then also the vindictive onslaught against whites in the social media with the most recent ‘hate speech” assault. And so we can go on and on how this far-leftist psychopaths in control are doing their utmost to exterminate the last white footprint in Africa.

Ironically it is this same whites that are milked to the bone in taxes to pay the salaries for these black despots now manufacturing all this anti-white schemes! How utterly despicable can you get? Obviously not despicable enough for the black racists in control.South Africa already have sunk to the bottom of the black demoniacal quagmire- yet these racist oafs simply keeps on bashing whites and give preference to blacks that already “ have it all.” The fact that there are still so many blacks suffering in poverty is because of their own uncontrollable breeding culture- not the whites! Opening the borders will have the same effect as opening the lid of the African Pandora’s box- if not worse.South Africa will not be crime-ridden anymore- it will be crime INFESTED! But they could care less. As they will sit there in their million dollar ( corruption organized ) Nkandlas, polishing their new government supplied (tax burdened) SUV’s – and watching how the weasels destroy their “beloved ” black chicken coop- they simply will wait for the chaos to subdue….then simply blame it on those whites again!

SOURCE: White Nation