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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Port Elizabeth – May 18 2017







GENERAL MOTORS (GM) informed employees and unions on Thursday morning that it is quitting South Africa. Besides its light commercial vehicle manufacturing operations in Struandale‚ Port Elizabeth‚ which it was selling to Isuzu‚ the US car maker intended to cease its South African operations by the end of 2017‚ GM said on its website.

The announcement of its exit from SA and India on Thursday followed a March 5 announcement that GM was exiting Europe by selling its Opel brand to the French maker of Peugeot and Citroën‚ PSA for $2.3bn.After a thorough assessment of our South African operations‚ we believe it is best for Isuzu to integrate our light commercial vehicle manufacturing operations into its African business‚” GM’s vice-president of its international operations‚ Stefan Jacoby‚ said in a statement on Thursday morning. “We determined that continued or increased investment in manufacturing in SA would not provide GM the expected returns of other global investment opportunities.”

GM South Africa committed to continuing to provide service and parts support for Chevrolet customers. GM South Africa informed employees and unions of the announcements this morning and will begin the formal consultation process with them immediately. “GM South Africa will also work closely with affected dealers on a robust transition plan. Customer support center resources will be expanded and all warranties and service agreements as well as ongoing service and parts requirements for all vehicles will continue to be honored.”The home page of GM SA’s website on Thursday morning was changed to a frequently asked questions site for owners of its Chevrolet and Opel brands.

The answer to the question‚ “What does this mean for me?” is: “If you are an Isuzu‚ Chevrolet or Opel owner ongoing aftersales and parts support will continue through the existing GM dealer network to the end of 2017. All existing warranties and service plans remain in place and will be honored beyond 2017. “From 2018‚ Isuzu dealers will provide after-sales and service support to Chevrolet and Opel customers until the details of our discussions with PSA have been finalized.”  GM said in its statement that Isuzu would purchase GM’s Struandale plant and its remaining 30% in Isuzu Truck SA‚ with sales through a national dealer network. Isuzu will also purchase GM’s vehicle conversion and distribution center and assume control of the parts distribution center. OTHER Jews from companies that also left or are queitly preparing to leave are:  Spur Alan Ambor. Checkers, Stuttafords, . Anglo American.De Beers. Christo Wiese, Steinhoff, International Holdings Ltd, Barclays (out of  ABSA) Citroen, Coca-Cola ,Dodge , Chrysler and suspected Toyota.




After years of speculation, Citroen is leaving SA. Peugeot Citroen SA MD Francis Harnie confirmed that the famous chevron-wearing marque will no longer be available in the country. “Although we will concentrate on the Peugeot brand, both Citroen and DS customers will be looked after,” Harnie said. “Each dealership will retail Peugeot models, but will all offer the entire after-sales service to customers of all three brands. Citroen parts will be handled as Peugeot parts in the future.” The decision comes as no surprise. This year, Citroen has sold just 440 vehicles in the country and had already said it will not bring its vital new C3 model to our shores.

Its withdrawal comes at a time when the brand is actually enjoying a resurgence elsewhere in the world. Citroen is the most recent brand to leave the country, after the departure of Daihatsu, Dodge and Chrysler. Director at the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa) Nico Vermeulen said that it was sad to see Citroen go because it was a great brand, with great technology. The auto maker’s departure from SA was a result of very difficult trading environment domestically, he said. The automotive industry in SA has taken strain this year. The latest figures from the Department of Trade and Industry show that new vehicle sales declined again in September, down 14.3% to 47,399 units compared to September 2015.

Vermeulen said that all importers in the country were exposed to very difficult trading environment and Citroën was not a unique case. Economist Jeffrey Dinham from Econometrix said that the direct impact of Citroën closing shop was negligible, given that car maker was a relatively small importer into South Africa. The larger impact was indirect, on business and consumer confidence. “Citroen, Peugeot South Africa, pulling out the country will worry consumer and business purchasers who will turn to more established brands that can ensure a presence in the country throughout the life of their vehicles, for maintenance, parts and of course resale values. This will impact smaller players in the industry, but benefit the larger car makers,” he said. According to the latest Naamsa report, Peugeot Citroen sold 75 vehicles within South Africa in November, placing them 24th out of roughly 32 manufacturers in SA.In comparison, market leader Toyota sold over 10,000 vehicles locally and exported over 4,000 in November.



While black communist anarchists destroy the South African economy- investors are pulling out e-masse. My dad use to say that when the Jew leave- you better pack your bags as well as a Jew can smell financial disasters a mile away! While investors are pulling out- Zuma and his very psychopathic  capitalist Gupta reptiles are moving in- expanding their evil financial stranglehold on the South African economy with the help of the evil union bosses- like they now did with Escom which their “protectors “- Price, Waterhouse & Cooper now suddenly “refuse ” to reveal. Piece-by-piece this villainous and scrupulous Indian mobsters are muscling in more territories and raking in South Africa with the help of their “confidante”- ZUMA – and his greedy ANC clique.

THIS fact is substantiated in a new twist of attack from Zuma’s own SON on the influential Guptas as well as his family, despite weighty allegations of certain unholy deals with the Gupta business empire, the mobster’s  son in an often bewildering interview on Power FM‚ Edward Zuma said he believed the Gupta family should be deported and appeared to suggest that his father should be arrested if found guilty.

“I would say‚ arrest all of them because to me they are all criminals.” “Everybody that is involved in that conspiracy‚” he said when asked who he was referring to. “But your father‚ the president‚ is fingered as suspect number one in state capture‚” interviewer JJ Tabane interjected. “My father‚ being the president‚ doesn’t therefore necessarily mean he is immune to this and that‚” Edward replied.But later in the interview he appeared to contradict himself: “The former minister is just dreaming. He wishes things were on his side… he is part of the problem. Ngoako Ramatlhodi is part of the problem… and we cannot solve the problem with someone who is part of the problem.(Link) 

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it’s not shocked by a decision by General Motors (GM) to disinvest in South Africa saying the only solution is for the country to build its own automotive industry.SURE….we know- an automotive industry sponsored by the Guptas and run into oblivion by the ANC cleptocrats and unruly union bosses  I suppose! Then we already have ANC Lynne Brown who secretly colludes with the Guptas in a heavy contract sleaze and malfeasance. (Link)The Gupta-gate power slowly are pushing international investors out and gaining ground to make South Africa their personal “Hood. -Ed