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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent London – May 19 2017






SOUTH AFRICA is truly infested with vile- if not downright despicable mentally retarded imbeciles who does not waver the chance to incriminate white people at the slightest opportunity. Such is their so-called “police”  – a bunch of racist criminals who skulk behind their badge to enforce not the “law”- but their own personal jealous vindictive hatred against white people.

In the latest incident South African communist  police arrested a white farm woman who shot on armed black thugs who attacked her. (Link) She apparently wounded one of the criminal wretches. The family was attacked by their three black armed thugs at their farmhouse on Wednesday night at 21:00. The latest farm attack is linked to another attack on an elderly white couple about three weeks ago.

The woman tried to defend the family in their farmhouse in Ugie in the Eastern Cape during the attack in which her husband and daughter were shot. The farmer, his wife and their teenage daughter were home together when the attack took place. The black villains  first hit the door and broke it afterwards. After the father and his daughter were shot, the woman grabbed her husband’s  firearm and let fly on the attackers. The girl was shot in the chest and her father was shot in the leg.

THEN came the unexpected surprise: The police arrested the woman after the incident because she handled her husband’s firearm!! She was only released when police were threatened with legal action. The victims received poor medical care in Maclear because an ambulance operated by black “administrators” did not have enough fuel to transport them to the Queenstown hospital and no doctor to take care of them . The three black thugs were still not arrested. They apparently fled into a waiting black taxi. The farmer and his daughter are in a serious condition.This is the SECOND time this thugs in blue arrest a white farming member for defending their own lives. YET the South African media, EFF vigilantes and black politicians have a mouthful to say about 2 white farmers  in Coligny – rather than whites attacked by black thugs across the country. We understand the Dutch/Roman law specify that a murder case have to be opened until the woman is proven innocent- but that still gave no motivation  to arrest her.

IN another similar incident that hit the headlines  a 70-year-old white farmer shot and killed a black thug that attacked him -aged 31 – on his farm in Palmietfontein, in the Brandfort area on Monday, August 29, 2016. The farmer was driving out of his property, when a black thug pointed a firearm through the window. The farmer managed to get out of his vehicle through the passenger side. The farmer acting in self defense shot at the thugs and wounded one of the attackers. The injured suspect died on the way to a hospital.(Link) The farmer was taken to the local police station and a case of murder has been opened against the farmer for the death of the black perp who died.

Carl Gutter (70) was attacked by five black thugs during August last year and could be charged with murder for shooting a suspect. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) dropped the case against the four farm attackers. On that fateful day, Gutter was about to leave his farm, when a suspect, knocked on the window of the vehicle and pointed a firearm at him, Gutter managed to escape through the passenger door. A fight ensued, and shots were fired at Gutter, who shot one of the suspects in the back. Original reports indicated that the thug died in Police custody.


The thugs also attacked Gutter with a grass cutter and he sustained several injuries to his hands and back. The four thugs were found in a veld near the farm shortly after the incident and arrested. A firearm was recovered close to the area were they were caught. The wounded thug, Saniboy Segalo – died in Police custody after not indicating that he had been shot. The four thugs have now been released from custody and when Gutter saw one of them in the nearby town he was shocked to learn of their release and the imminent possibility of facing a murder charge. Misdirected NPA Adv. K. E. Leshie-Shalie decided that the chances of conviction in court won’t succeed because the combined statements of the four suspects compared to Gutter’s statement shows that the four accused was telling the truth. And this intelligent decision after the farmer was hacked with a grass cutter and shot at. Was he shot at with a legal registered weapon?

ALSO now white South Africans finds themselves  in the midst of yet another racist battle against the dark omens of the deceptive regime and vigilante EFF hooligans in a case where an elderly white  farmer also was attacked by a black thug on his farm. Five white farmers started to track and hunt the black attacker down. The attacker was captured and he later died in police custody. Now the 5 white Parys farmers are on trial for murder. The question now is : How come all black thugs that are handed to the police suddenly die in their custody?? Who is killing the black thugs? BUT the white farmers get to be blamed! The question now must be asked if  the police themselves are not not the killers? Are the white farmers being set-up to take the rap and promote “white racism? Far fetched it is not – not at all! Something here does not smell Kosher- something with this picture just ain’t right!


With NO formal autopsy report ever made public just how these farm killers die- especially when they are aliens such as Zimbabweans which the local black South Africans nurture a hatred against there is no evidence that the police ever was involved . These aliens infiltrate the country illegally- so there is no record of them, no ID- no address-no nothing. Thus nobody would be able to track them or their families. If such an infiltrator “disappears”- no-one will ask questions and the docket also will “mysteriously” disappear. Who is going to miss them anyhow? They simply did not exist. BUT for media and regime propaganda purposes they get a name. Their real murderers  on the contrary will stay unknown- a “black ops” to promote a white genocide.Conveniently and deliberately planned the white farmer that gets the blame. Is it then so far-fetched to make such an allegation or ask such a question? Then also the current police track record of police brutality and brutality especially against whites make this question  so much more credible.

A good case is the Coligny affair now hitting the headlines where the MEDIA already found the two white farmers “guilty” of “murdering” the young black thief. AGAIN- NO autopsy report was made public that could proof just how the black thief actually died. IF assaulted like claimed by the media and some strange unknown (black) “witness”– marks will be present. If he fell off the truck as claimed by the defense- a broken neck vertebrae will show evidence. But as always the autopsy report are kept “secret” which tells us what? That there is some devious conspiracy going on against the farmers to fuel hatred for a MUCH bigger agenda- white genocide . Meanwhile the whole racist South Africa ASSUME the two white farmers killed the young thief.

No-one care to listen to their version of what happened- but blissfully racist instigators in the EFF turn a small town in shambles on the basis of an ungrounded and unsubstantiated ” assumption” blown out of proportion by the malicious MEDIA?  As with the other cases where the perps mysteriously died in police custody there is but not a single thread of proof that the police factually did the killings themselves- out of sight-out of blame in a tiny little cell. The perfect murder. Then the white farmer get the official blame and charged for the murder. How convenient!  NOBODY dare question the police themselves. Either they will be met by obstinate silence–  or they will face the “ full force of the law”– iow arrested and also “disappear” or commit “suicide” while in “ police custody.”


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About 932 people mysteriously died in police custody in South Africa in 2011-12, a report by the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) has revealed. ( Link)  Ironically only 73 people died in SA police custody from 1963 to 1990. (Link) By April 11 2013, it was reported by the SABC that  ‘at least’ 720 people had died  ‘due to police conduct’ in the 2011/2 book year: but that only 36 people were convicted for those offences. The SABC quoted the Independent Police Investigation Directorate spokesman Moses Dlamini.( The Sunday Times quoted ‘at least 900 people’) .The IPID also revealed that it had received almost 5,000 complaints against the SAPS during the 2011/12 financial year (which runs from March 2011 to April 2012). (Link)  Now we can add the 2013, 14 15 and 2016 stats to this- it becomes HORRIFYING what “experiments” these thugs in blue conduct on their “ lab rats” in those dark cells at night! Police custody appears to be a very dangerous venture these days.


IN South Africa hundreds of white farmers and their families are attacked and murdered on a daily basis- yet this racist idiots in blue have the audacity to arrest a person that was defending his/her own live, family and property. JUST because these criminals in blue have the “law” that empowers them to do whatever they bloody-well like? There IS no more “law” in South Africa- bar the communist ANC jungle “law” that targets mainly whites for persecution. How disgustingly low can you get? The police in South Africa are no law enforcers or public protectors no more. The police force in South Africa today are the biggest organized criminal syndicate that is sponsored by the devious communist ANC regime. There is no respect for this thugs in blue no more. They abuse their misplaced power to intimidate, oppress and victimize against especially white people. Bar their racist attitude against whites- are they deep into mob criminal activities as well such as gun smuggling, bribery, cash heists, burglaries, hi-jacks and assisting in farm murders.

The world over, organised crime has always played on people’s fears and, as carrot to stick, to the almost unquantifiable desire of the desperate for hope. In times of conflict, recession or depression, civil war and government weakness, organised crime has flourished. In South Africa, there are thought to be many strands of organised crime, from home-grown cells to established groups from Russia, China and eastern Europe. Even the ANC regime and it’s hundreds of tentacles are deeply involved in organized crime- and their police force are but one of such tentacles. Dealing in the prime tenets of such organisations: commodity smuggling, money laundering, prostitution, arms dealing and people smuggling, an over-stretched, under-funded South African Police Service, infected by an ambient corruption, struggles even to identify, let alone close down, such groups.This then inevitably led to the police force changing it’s colors and turn to crime as a resort of income and rather join the rank and file of criminals rather than stand against them. The culture in the present South African police force is one of ” If you can’t beat them- join them.” Even their police watch-dog – the ICD- are championed by no other than an ex-killer and terrorist Robert McBride! FOUR police commissioners already got sacked for corruption. Where does that then leave the ” rank and file?” 


As in reality, many of those new police recruits drawn into the orbit of organised crime are brought there through sustained threat to their or their family’s well-being or lured into the entrapment by criminal colleagues. Entire communities can be terrorized and compelled to comply with the wishes of an “all-powerful “ crime lords in blue. In small, rural communities, even the judiciary and senior police officers can feel alone, unable to confide in their superiors for fear that they, too, are in the pay of the state-organized criminals. As news stories and criminal cases against the most senior echelons of South Africa’s police service continue to appear, seemingly weekly, in South Africa, clearly such fears are not without grounds.

Some of South Africa’s most high-ranking police officers have been exposed as murderers, rapists and thieves but none have yet been fired, officials have admitted. Opposition MPs said the revelation that crime fighters are themselves criminals demonstrates “serious mismanagement” of the police, whose reputation remains badly damaged by the massacre of 34 striking mineworkers at Marikana one year ago on Friday. The parliamentary portfolio committee on police heard that a major general, 10 brigadiers, 21 colonels, 43 lieutenant colonels, 10 majors, 163 captains and 706 warrant officers have been found guilty of serious offences.

In total 1,448 members of the police have convictions, according to an audit up to January 2010. The crimes include murder, attempted murder, culpable homicide, rape, attempted rape, assault, aiding an escapee, theft, housebreaking, drug trafficking, kidnapping, robbery, malicious damage to property – and being involved either directly, assisting- or cooking up farm murder statistics.   In South Africa today it is more appropriate for whites to shoot the police first and ask questions later-  as they pose a greater threat to white security than the criminals themselves.

SOURCE: White Nation