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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Witbank– May 19 2017






SPUR in South Africa are facing financial dilemmas- so much that the big cannons such as Allen Ambor  suddenly are jumping ship. Yea- we know- they will present many reasons bar the truth for doing so. Question is why suddenly now announcing the selling part just when the Texamo bomb exploded and horrible aftermath now faces Spur? However– fact of the matter is their downward spiral started when they exposed their real liberal anti-white undergarments- undergarments that have been hanging out for quite a long time but cleverly disguised under a “ democratic correct “ dress.Yea- we know there are many poor waiters and staff that are now battling to make ends meet- but unfortunately this is what the “Big wigs” should have taken in consideration before they pulled the trigger of the gun they themselves held against the company’s head.

Grand Parade Investments [JSE:GPL] announced in a Sens statement that – through a wholly owned subsidiary – it has acquired 3 099 176 ordinary shares in Spur Corporation for a purchase price of R32.50 per share with effect from May 8 2017. In addition to this trade, GPI has acquired an additional 5 018 555 ordinary shares in Spur during the period starting in September 2016 to date. According to Grand Parade, the additional purchases were a combination of direct purchases and acquisitions on market through the order book. GPI said that, through a wholly owned subsidiary, it now holds approximately 17.48% of the issued ordinary share capital of Spur.  GPI is a Western Cape-based black owned and controlled holding company listed on the JSE with investments and operations in the South African gaming and leisure industry. “The acquisitions represented an opportunity for GPI to increase its interest in Spur. The acquisitions were in-line with GPI’s strategy to grow and diversify its investment portfolio beyond the gaming sector, focussing on businesses that meet management’s target IRR and other strategic objectives,” said GPI in its statement.(Link)


For years Spur has been supportive of the ANC racist “politically correct” BEEE policies- and donated to every-one bar white impoverished people- now they are getting something back they never expected would haunt them- something called KARMA. Neither the malicious far left media (who again was gearing up for another month of “racist” bleating propaganda)– nor the liberal “ political correct” management of the franchise expected the sudden ferocious retaliation from their normal passive  white “ sin-bins” at all.AND what followed  caught the anti-white liberal dregs and their devious media  totally off-guard. They are still staggering around like a bunch of drunk harlots after a  a roller-coaster ride  from the aftermath.

A detrimental white boycott campaign was launched  after a racial incident where a white man was banned from Spur, while a black woman was praised for her racist actions. The white back-lash now causes collateral damage to the outlet and are about to bring Spur to its knees,-  to such a point that the chief executive and founder eventually sells all his shares and withdraws. The last time we experience such a white back-lash was with the “Boycott NASPERS” action which led to the media giant also suffering heavy losses in their newspaper sales. Up to today the white back-lash against NASPERS still continues.

Ironically stupid tactics made Spur CEO- Pierre Van Tonder still want to act “brave”, act “hard ball”-  and keep that “ stiff upper lip” that pink liberals are so well-known for. Obviously he was not paying very much attention in class- and still underestimate the power of a white back-lash.  THAT is a very dangerous attitude to implement to say the least especially in the corporate environment where white financial power do the talking . Sez a very heroic De Vos: ” If the boycotters want to peck on someone, they’d rather come and peck on me!” WHOA– what a man- what a true leader! Let us give him a standing ovation.

Fact is however that De Vos’ bravado is only limited to his little office in Johannesburg. Fact is that  the Spur group feels the damaging effects of a white boycott after a SPUR-racial contest video has made the round in social media. “Unfortunately it’s the franchise owners who get the worst.” , says Van Tonder. “They promote the economy. They ensure that work is being created. If you want to peck on someone, hit me. ” We believe Van Tonder because Mr. “Up there” is getting a fat salary cheque every month.That the reason why he can get so cocky. He must have had a chicken blood transfusion sometime in the past. A real little rooster crowing on his own dung heap.Unfortunately his treacherous action now are dragging the whole franchise into a financial abyss. Still the misdirected liberal culture prevent him from “doing the right thing” and resign to save the company from a total implosion. NO– greedy as libs go he will foolhardy shrug his shoulders arrogantly and announce  that it “unfortunately” is the franchise owners that have to carry the brunt of the onslaught. Typical cold-hearted lib arrogance to say the least. Hundreds of franchises can close shop and thousands of dedicated workers can loose their jobs- just as long as Mr. “Big-shot” remain in his lucrative office he cares a sh*t.


The boycott at Spur restaurants has probably cost the company now up to millions of rands. Van Tonder was taken to sword  and his company dumped on the racial heap on how HE reacted after a furious conversation between two parents on 19 March at the Texamo Spur in Oakdene, Johannesburg. Spur finally apologized to the (black) woman and the (white) man was banned from  all Spurs in the country. Van Tonder boasted that the man’s picture will be exposed on all Spur franchises to “name and shame” him. It caused indignation throughout the country.

Thousands of people joined the Boycott Spur group on Facebook since the incident in support of that white man. . Screensavers of Van Tonder’s Twitter comments have captions such as: “He is a coward. Crawl away so people can not see what he’s twitting and how he crawls.Daniel Lötter, spokesperson for Front National, who supports the boycott, says they will support the escape action until Van Tonder apologizes for failing to act consistently and resign. Unfortunately an injury to one is an injury to all. As long as we support the franchises- libdems such as Van Tonder will stay in power. Thus the power base must be destroyed. AND that is what is happening now. Van Tonder never in his wildest liberal dreams expected that just the opposite of the anti-white action he planned would happen – and it was  his anti-white Afrikaner attitude that would cause the racist pie  to explode in his own face . HIS face is the one that now that are exposed on every white internet user’s web-wall to be “named and shamed.” 

The people talk about the incident when they eat here,” says Rita Benecke, a franchise owner.  She says her three Spur restaurants in Vanderbijlpark’s revenue have tumbled between 20% and 35% in the last few months. Mark Farelly, chief executive officer of the restaurant group, said the franchise owners affected would not be thrown for the wolves. “We are compiling marketing packages that will help them bring back customers,” he says. Benecke says, although the Spur group has listened more closely to shareholders in the past, they now listen to the franchise owners’ needs. “They try to look after us and keep us alive. Meanwhile, I only focus on keeping the service at my restaurant of exceptionally high quality. If I walk the extra mile, people will see and come back, “she says. Another Spur Franchise- Morne Brown– say he have to look his staff in they eye when he dismiss them due to a tumbling business. He owns Spur franchises in places like  Lichtenburg, Secunda, Kroonstad, Upington and  Kathu. His experience is echoed by fellow franchise-holder Ranson. He has owned his Spur in Welkom for 34 years. “In 34 years I have never seen anything like it,” he says. “We are battling. We are suffering. This month we are down about 23% in turnover as of yesterday.” The white boycott now are forcing Spur on it’s knees.Not only that- but suppliers also now feel the pinch of the white boycott as well. Other Spur peristalses such as Panarottis Pizza Pasta, John Dory’s and The Hussar Grill will soon feel the pinch too.Already roamers have it the Nigel Spur has shut it’s doors.The domino effect will follow soon.


Lötter says they are very sorry for the franchise owners. “We regret their situation, but they must now exert pressure on their headquarters to bring about change and stop Van Tonder’s stubborn action.” According to Farelly, the last few months has been turbulant, but it is not exclusively because of the boycott. Actually everything went wrong. “Good as South Africa’s power rating to junk status and Pravin Gordhan’s dismissal (as finance minister) has had an impact on consumers who are already struggling,” he said. The Spur group, which has existed for 50 years, apparently starts in June with an in-depth investigation into the incident at the Texamo Spur. On April 27, he said in a statement. Elmien du Plessis of the law faculty on the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University was asked to compile a panel of experts to investigate all relevant aspects of the incident and its handling. The video footage will be watched, and eyewitnesses and interest groups who attend the boycott will be asked to participate. According to the statement, the panel will be completely independent and have unrestricted access to all facts and recordings of the incident. The panel will then make recommendations to Spur about the steps that it can take when there are such incidents.

YET through all this “beautiful” lip service and “good intentions” to save their furry arses from liquidation we have not ONCE note that Spur apologized to the white public for attacking their race by only banning a white man. That would be “ politically incorrect” and again ignite a black back-lash from black racists and political heathens such as the loud mouth EFF rats. So- Spur now finds itself between the devil and the deep blue sea – so to speak. No matter which direction Van Tonder and his ilk jump- both sides are going to burn their arrogant back-sides. Ironically it was by WHITE money that Spur has grown to the level they now are operating. Now they try all kinds of sleaze-bucket tricks and dilapidated excuses to lure white customers back. Meanwhile the main cock on the heap- Van Tonder- still are adamant that he will foolhardy pursue his personal liberal agenda and still refuse to allow the white man back in his restaurants. Poor Van Tonder- somehow the misdirected chap think Spur to be the only food franchise in town.

Spur quickly point out that they are helping communities and supply funding to help impoverished children- which is quite true in some sense. On their “Fill a Tummy- Feed a Mind” website (Link) they advertise :”  ” We’re taking the long-term view – South Africa can only grow if we are able to address the developmental challenges facing its citizens. By starting with children in the first six years of life, we are laying a stronger educational foundation upon which a healthier, more prosperous and better society may be built.” Then they go further and state:  The Spur Foundation is the entity through which Spur Corporation’s corporate social investment initiatives are carried out. The Foundation was established on International Mandela Day, 18 July 2012, with a donation of R670 000 by the Spur Group, resonating with the ‘67 minutes’ theme of Mandela Day, and the founding of the Spur family in 1967. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported, and continues to support a number of causes and recently launched the “Full Tummy Fund ” to continue investing in our beneficiaries. The Spur Foundation’s motto ‘Nourish, Nurture, Now!’ is reflected in the socio-economic development initiatives it supports. These initiatives aim to uplift and improve the lives of South African (Non white) families, especially children, in line with its core value of generosity and Ubuntu.” ( can you read all the marinated commi propaganda such as “Mandela day”  and “Ubuntu?” NOTHING of white history like Verwoerd” day  or ” Vierkleur” day or any white Afrikaner historical theme there. Yet they want to lure AFRIKANERS back to rescue their sinking ship- how utterly arrogant!

Sez Morne Brown:  “ That [racial] incident happened out of Texamo Spur. Spur Corporation made a call [to deal with it]. What did Morné Brown do wrong?” he asks. “We did a lot for our community. Our hands were open to support everyone. The Spur outlook is to be involved in your community and help when help is needed.” Support everyone? REAL Facebook stuff from Spur- good intentions one might say. Did you notice how the children again are pushed to the front to whip up some sentiment? You can now add your “Awww- how sweet” part if you want to. The only snag in this whole ” Humanitarian” charade is that again Spur allow it’s liberal under garment to hang out and choose to act “ democratically correct.” I.o.w…NO WHITE  welfare organization appear on their list! What Spur does NOT advertise on it’s web page- the face of a WHITE child- or mention a WHITE organization it supports. It dearly lacks credibility in that area. Only non-whites qualify for Spur donations- it appears. Interestingly when you open their website you only see WHITE faces of the top management – bar one Indian girl- Nazrana Hawa. The rest are Lilly-white pink liberal white pro-diversity anti-white bashers. Go check for yourself if you see a white child on their web-site- or a black face in their management. So much for Spur’sdemocratically ” correctness. Not ONE black face in their top management. BUT this was and is  is always the way with liberal hypocrisy- their cunning way of deception. I.o.w white liberals rule and blacks drool. 


Sadly all this twists and turns Spur now try to throw their white customers off the track will not help. A little too late for Spur to repair the damage their loud mouth CEO created. Whites on the social sites are but fed-up for always being targeted by the evil ANC regime, blasphemous and anti-white racist media- and pink liberal misdirected coop dwellers such as Van Tonder and their discriminating companies such as Spur, Woolworths, Edgars, Landrover, Media 24, FNB, Wimpy, Engen. KFC, Nandos and many more that on a daily basis want to put whites on the altar of their “democratically correct” Babylonian masters. Whites in general are side-lined out of most basic humanitarian royalties and on a daily basis demonized to carry the burden for all this government’s F*ck-ups.

BUT whites- inventive as they are- found a powerful way to hit back at this villainous liberal thugs- the Social Network and Alternative Media. AND there they quickly organized and as one force strike back at those deranged conventicles that constantly discriminate against them due to their skin color by hitting them where it really hurts- on their wallets and bank accounts. Spur is but only one company that will go down quickly through white boycott- then the rest will be targeted one-by-one and also sent to Davey Jones’ locker for ever trying to assist in the white genocide promoted by the communist black despots in charge. Liberal outlets and media scoundrels still try to make this boycott action of whites off as a “temporary” set back by ” white far right wingers” in thier neo-con media outlets- but that is a far cry of what Spur franchises experience. Then again the  liberal mind always was a questionable one- no touch with reality and deceptive in all their propaganda.

Say Dirk Herman of the Solidarity movement: ” The trade union Solidarity is not a “big advocate” of the boycott against Spur, but Spur does not have to be ” politically correct”. Solidarity also approached Spur to advertise in their publications in the light of “criticism against them recently”. Dr. Dirk Hermann, chief executive of Solidarity, says he boycott Spur; He “simply lost his appetite to dine there”. “Racism is highly subjective across the country. It’s about the bigger conversation and not the finer details of Spur’s incident. ” He believes Spur has “all incredibly poor dealings”. “Their public relations were poor. They chose the side. They alienated people with anger. White people are constantly bullied. Spur does not understand the anger. “

The white people in South Africa had about enough of this constant discrimination against them- and now they have taken up the most powerful weapon in the arsenal they still possess- their MONEY! And they united , organized and act as as one force that is  on the war-path to destroy as many anti-white companies that discriminate against their race as they possibly can. Van Tonder and his clique and some Spur franchise owners are still under the illusion that the boycott only is a “temporary” thing that soon will “blow over.” They just have to ” sit it out.” How little do these liberals know the Afrikaner. I hope they have the patience for a VERY long ” sit.” These people are adamant once they set their sights on an ultimate goal- and they will not stop until the last Spur has closed their doors. According to them Spur now can go tap on their black supporters to survive- the same supporters they “protected “ in that Texamo Spur incident.

Bottom – Line is whites are now “gatvol” for a communist bunch of demons in control that constantly blame them for all the mishaps in the country, demonize them and threaten them with new discriminatory “laws.” Whites in South Africa are “gatvol” for useless disgusting white liberals that constantly are skulking behind their corporations to discriminate against whites, have a mouthful to say against the Boer/Afrikaner culture- and instigate malicious actions against the Boer/Afrikaner people. White Boer/Afrikaner people are “gatvol”  against a destructive far-leftist media that constantly zero in on them and label them as “racists, far right wingers” and “right wing supremacists.” White Afrikaners are “gatvol” for these big corporations that support the illegal communist thieves in control’s BEEE racist laws and discriminate against whites not only  in the workplace- but act “politically correct’ the way Van Tonder et al does. For too long this liberal and communist secretion of society have been oppressing white Afrikaners and kept them alienated as skunks of society from the country that rightly belong to them as well. NOW they decided to stand up and hit back.

When Afrikaner activists such as Sunette Bridges, Dan Roodt and Steve Hoffmeyer dared to sing the “Stem” or fight for their people- this psychopathic mentally sick WHITE liberals and their media were the first to attack them and label them with all kinds of names- driving them out of the country, made a lot of noise against the Afrikaner nationalist flag, their language et al. In every court case a white is involved- these stinking liberals make sure that the case are highlighted for wees on end in the media. And behind all this extermination program  of the Afrikaner was these corporations such as Spur, Landrover, FNB, Standard Bank, Edgars, Woolworths, KFC and many more- supporting the illegal evil communist regime in oppressing the white Afrikaners. White Boers/Afrikaners are fed up for an international world that sold their souls to Mandela and black discrimination- but now all of a sudden have this stupor of silence about the humongous white discrimination going on against them.

Now the Afrikaner also decided to pay these liberal hounds of hell back the favor- and take the war to them.For too long this stinking ANC regime and white liberals have tried to silence the voice of the white Boer/Afrikaner– now the white Boer/Afrikaner decided to  silence their wallets as well.Spur will and shall fall- irrespective what Van Tonder and his liberal ilk advocate- and after Spur the next racist anti-white company also will feel the brunt. Already the social media are preparing for their next boycott against this two clothing outlets that refuse to appoint whites.Van Tonder do not realize what he has done. He simply was the flint to set off a whole chain of events that ultimately will see many Jew-controlled racist corporate vultures now coming down real hard.

AND their power stretches far wider than South Africa too. Calls for whites across the world now to boycott Spur and similar discriminating companies  in other countries already is out and abuzz on the Social Sites and AM. It now start to adopt international co-operation between white people to hurt this racist liberal companies in a combined effort as well.The white Afrikaner culture now  nourish the point of view that if companies keep on supporting BEEE racism and deny whites the same rights as other non-white groups- then their money power also will be withheld from these companies and directed in  support of white business only as well.

Sez one customer Riaan Crynauw: I don’t care if I have to drive 200 kilometers to purchase milk from a white farmer rather than from a racist BEEE driven company that discriminates against our people. It’s all about moral values and equality. You cannot discriminate against whites in the work place or act the way Spur acted against a white in public on the one hand- and expect that same white customer to come and support your racist company financially on the other. It’s pure evil hypocrisy!” Another white supporter- Annalize Liverstitch say: ” This is not right. In the past distance between us  was a problem for our people to stand together- but the internet and social media brought thousands of our people together and we can now organize to hit back at these companies that are tramping white rights into the ground.”The gauntlet to this companies are out there- the message is horrifying clear: “ Stop your vindictive racism against whites- or suffer the consequences!”

As long as we have fool hardy liberal racists such as Van Tonder running the show- Spur’s ranches will continue to stay empty I am afraid. The white mainly Afrikaner have discovered a powerful weapon- and they intend using it to maximum effect from here-on. You keep discriminating against them- they will keep on sinking your wonderful “rainbow” Titanic financially. For too long it was all flowers and moonshine to tag along the ANC communist agenda of BEEE white bashing. Bottom-Line- Spur found out the hard truth- the Afrikaners decided enough is enough-no more “bleeding hearts” and get murdered at a genocidal rate –  time to stand up and deliver. Now Spur also found out about a truth the British, the  commis in South West Africa – and many liberals found out at their own peril……DON’T F*CK WITH WHITEY!

SOURCE: White Nation