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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Pretoria– May 19 2017






YOU as a white tax paying citizen are hit hard- and we mean real hard in South Africa to pay taxes. South Africa equals Denmark as one of the highest tax paying countries in the world. You are taxed on your salary. Then you are AGAIN taxed  humongous at the petrol pump to pay THEIRroyalties.”  AND again you are hit with 14% VAT when you purchase goods at the grocery store. Then AGAIN year-end if your salary exceeds a certain amount earned. Then there is the ” hidden taxes” and the municipal taxes too. O- Then we have this thieving banks that also hit you HARD with “service fees” for every time you use that credit card, bank card- and because you are arrogant enough to have an account with them. Out of every R 10.00 you earn- these thieving despots take away R 6.00- and you only take home R 4.00 of your R 10,00.

Then there  is the “others” that do not pay a single cent tax- “others” like the millions of free-loaders that live on “state-grants”-, free education, free electricity, free services , etc-  but mean-while earn a decent living by doing direct street sales next to the road but do not declare their earnings as they reside in squatter camps, have a nice home in a white suburb which they rent out- and generally are seen as the ” previous disadvantaged. ”

Then you have the millions of Chinese that do some brisk business in all the “China towns” but because they only work cash- NEVER declare or pay a dime in taxes due to the “back-door” agreement the communist ANC have with their paly-pally Chinese. Then we also have the millions of illegal immigrants that never declare or pay taxes. Let us not forget the thousands of Taxi operators that also work strict on cash and not ONE pay a dime to the state coffers but enjoy all the free royalties the taxpayer have to offer. Only the local whites, businesses and a portion of the Indian , colored and blacks that are registered pay taxes. THUS we have a problem – and a HUGE problem of tax evasion here.And that tax evasion problem NEVER gets to be properly addressed- but the law obeying hard working citizen are thoroughly controlled and taxed into carrying the huge burden of all these “ free-loaders.”

Now we know a major portion of taxes goes for BLACK uplifment, free service deliveries for black residential areas and squatter camps, social grants, the mediocre-operating near imploding  state departments, useless black holes like SAA, SABC, etc….and then to enrich the thieves running the country into the ground. I.o.w they only support THEIR supporters in exchange for votes at election time- those “voters” that never pay taxes! The question now is just WHAT is this devious regime doing with that taxes they just keep raking in out of YOUR pocket? What do they do for YOU as a WHITE citizen – and how much of your white taxes come back to you which you benefit from?  Let us have a very view examples where your tax money goes to:


A CLOSE friend of Jacob Zuma was paid an R81m advance on a R1bn tender by an entity of the department of water and sanitation. Philani Mavundla (49), a construction magnate who once offered to pay Zuma’s portion of the security upgrades to his home in Nkandla, is involved in a joint venture which was awarded the R1bn contract to build an acid mine drainage plant in Springs, east of Johannesburg.

However, documents City Press has obtained show his joint venture company was paid the R81m advance before he even broke ground on the plant – which is expressly forbidden by the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA). Yet, a spokesperson for the department’s entity insists the advance payment was regular. Mavundla, the former mayor of Greytown in KwaZulu-Natal, was awarded the contract by the Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA), which falls under the department of water and sanitation. It is tasked with managing and delivering bulk water-supply projects around the country.

A senior TCTA official told City Press this week: “The media has neglected this organisation, but the rot that is here is enormous. The acid mine drainage projects alone are worth R12bn. Companies have received projects which did not go out via public tender. People are carrying money out of this institution in bags.” This is the latest instalment of City Press’ Watergate investigation, which has previously exposed the scale of corruption in bulk water delivery projects, as well as how Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane’s young companion has been effectively running her department, and how Phase Two of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project was stalled by Mokonyane in apparent efforts to ensure that business people close to her got a slice of the R26bn deal.

Last month, City Press also reported that Treasury shot down Mokonyane’s attempt to consolidate the TCTA and the Water Trading Entity into a parastatal with its own board, budget and balance sheet. The TCTA has also been implicated in further alleged wrongdoing after it paid another company, Intelligent Water Solutions (IWS), R12m before a contract was even signed. Invoices that City Press has obtained show that IWS started submitting invoices from June last year, but the contract with TCTA – for the “maintenance and operations of another acid mine drainage purifying plant” in Germiston, eastern Johannesburg – was only signed in August. The remainder of the R36m they initially billed for was paid by TCTA at the end of August. The entire 36-month contract awarded to IWS is worth R234m. IWS claims the advance payments were agreed to by TCTA.



Taxpayers are facing a fresh government overspending scandal – and this one could be even costlier than Nkandla. A shock report seen by the Sunday Times has warned that a new facility being built for Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini near Nongoma could cost R1-billion, about eight times more than the R129-million approved for the first phase of the project. As part of the project, intended to improve the reed-dance venue, contractors also intended replacing “poor soil” in the area with “imported suitable soil”.

Questions are being asked about the price tag for a new building project, this time for Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini. The Sunday Times is reporting that a new facility near Nongoma will cost around R1 billion. With taxpayers already angered by the Nkandla scandal, the paper says even the Zulu royal house has expressed shock at the price tag. According to the report, King Goodwill Zwelithini is urging that the project to go ahead despite the price.

The paper says the new project is intended to improve the reed dance venue. Included are plans to replace poor soil in the area with imported soil. An audit report tabled in Parliament has revealed that consultants have inflated their normal prices by as much as 200%. The project was apparently put on hold to allow the audit to take place. The king has already been paid by the state around R550 million over the past decade.(Link) 




The Northern Cape police commissioner Risimati Shivuri used a helicopter intended for fighting crime to fly 4km for a Wimpy breakfast, according to the Sunday Times. The report stated that Shivuri used the state helicopter to visit the Wimpy in Colesberg last week.
It further stated that, in the same week, Shivuri used the helicopter to fly 30km to fetch a “jacket he forgot” at Gariep Dam.
The SAPS did not deny Shivuri’s “alleged antics”, stated the report. The helicopter was intended to be used for “crime-prevention operations”, according to feedback. The DA has requested the Independent Police Investigative Directorate to investigate the matter, stating that the two flights cost the taxpayer R1,500 and R6,000 respectively. The opposition party said the province only has one helicopter and one plane “meant for chasing car thieves and tracking criminals”. Fikile Mbalula, the Minister of Police, recently stated that he plans to launch an age of e-policing. His goal is to raise the public perception of the South African Police Service and help stamp out corruption.(Link)


The possibility that the public service’s pension fund will be used to save SAA from its maladministration bankruptcy by involving the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) as a business partner is totally unacceptable and must be avoided at all costs said Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF Plus parliamentary spokesman on transport. Adv. Alberts said it is heading in exactly the same direction where Transnet’s pension funds were stripped to save the entity from ruin and left thousands of Transnet pensioners in an appalling condition of poverty and misery.(Link)



The Democratic Alliance  has investigated South African minsters’ vehicle expenses and has found that more than R40m has been spent by government on luxury cars. The party’s research covers vehicles purchased by ministers from 2014 to date. It reports that R10m has been set aside for ministerial car purchases in the 2016/2017 budget. DA’s Shadow Minister of Public Service and Administration, Desiree van der Walt, said: “After submitting a range of parliamentary questions across all governmental departments, the DA can reveal that the government has spent a total of R41 960 075 on the procurement of luxury vehicles for Ministers and their Deputies between 2014 and 2017.  It is revealing that these ANC ministers continue to spend such outrageous amounts of public money on luxury vehicles, when millions of unemployed South Africans struggle to put food on the table.  “ ExMinister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, has been calling on austerity measures in government spending since 2013. It seems that his colleagues are simply refusing to listen.” The worst offender? The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, which splurged a staggering R5 505 351 on cars for minister Gugile Nkwinti and his deputies.

Most noticeable for conspicuous consumption by his choice of wheels is Deputy Minister of Mineral Resources Godfrey Oliphant, who drives a Porsche Cayenne purchased for R1,3m. Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane drives a Mercedes Benz in the R1,2m price range. Minister of Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa has two BMW 5 Series, each worth about R750 000. But they are by no means alone in their taste for expensive cars. The communists among the group aren’t too worried about what the proletariat might make of their lifestyles, with Jeremy Cronin and Blade Nzimande also succumbing to the lure of a shiny luxury vehicle. There are many ministers you’ve probably never heard of – because there’s not much for them to do – who are also on this list, driving around in top-end models from Mercedes, Audi, Lexus and others. The details of South African ministers’ car spending, highlighted by the opposition DA, is contrasted with the state of the economy: millions struggle to put food on the table and unemployment continues to soar. This car list is another indicator that the country’s leadership has lost its way and is a far cry from the movement led by individuals committed to ensuring a better life for the downtrodden and disadvantaged.


The South African public has been bombarded with media reports about government projects or branches using up millions, even billions of rands of taxpayers’ money. These range from irregular and wasteful expenditure at provincial and municipal level, to infrastructure projects which often balloon well beyond their original budgets. So when broken down, how much do these billions of rands translate to an individual’s direct exposure to them? In 2015, BusinessTech broke down the costs for a number of scandals, including the widely publicized Nkandla saga, the Prasa Afro 4000 contracts, and e-toll guarantees.

Over and above 2015’s list, however, 2016 has added a few more high-profile scandals into the mix, most notably presidential planes and questionable Gupta contracts. Here are six more cases of public spending or wasteful expenditure where taxpayers are footing the bill – and how much it is costing you.

For the calculations below, we used three groups of individuals: the bulk tax base, who account for almost 93% of all taxes; the SARS registered tax base; and South Africa’s eligible tax base.Determining the exact number of taxpayers is a tricky affair. In 2015, union Solidarity found that approximately 3.3 million taxpayers paid 93% of all income tax in the country.

SARS has a registered tax base of around 15.4 million (out of approximately 60 million) people – while the eligible tax base of South Africa (adults between the ages af 15 and 64) is at 33 million.This is how much – in theory – that individuals paid in some of the more high-profile cases of public spending or wasteful expenditure in South Africa.

Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula has confirmed that Jacob Zuma will get a new jet plane to replace Inkwazi, and that R300 million has been budgeted for the purchase. Analysts and aerospace experts have said that the purchase is completely unnecessary, and that the president’s plane is nowhere near the end of its lifespan. Regardless, the purchase of a new jet will go ahead, with a R100 million budget for leasing other planes until it arrives.

In September, Treasury blocked Eskom from extending a coal contract with the Gupta-owned Tegeta Exploration worth R855 million, as it continues an investigation into the power utility’s other contracts. While this prevented further money being pumped through to Tegeta via Eskom, two previous payments were made to the company to the tune of R586 million and R253 million. The coal being supplied by Tegeta is not up to required standards, according to experts.

After much to-and-fro between SAA and National Treasury over the past two years, SAA has finally been granted a R5 billion guarantee by the state to ensure its fiscal viability. The airline has made a R6.5 billion loss over the past two financial years, however, and without the bailout from Treasury would likely crash and burn. The bailout has been criticized by opposition parties, saying that with president Jacob Zuma’s friend, Dudu Myeni still involved at the airline, it’s sending billions of rand into a hole.

Reported cost Cost per taxpayer Cost per SARS registered taxpayer Cost per citizen
R100 million – R10 billion R30 – R3 030 R6.50 – R649 R3.00 – R303

DA mayor in Tshwane Solly Msimanga is investigating a number of contracts in the municipality, after he uncovered a contract worth R100 million, where money was paid, but no work was actually done.Msimanga said that the contracts could amount to over R10 billion as more and more dodgy deals come to light.


A report by Carte Blanche found that Eskom’s hydro-powered Ingula plant in Kwazulu Natal, is more than R27 billion over budget and will be at least four years late when it finally comes online, in 2017. The initial budget for the project was R8.9 billion, and has since ballooned to R36 billion.


Auditor-general Kimi Makwetu reported in June 2016 that irregular expenditure among South Africa’s municipalities has more than doubled over the last five years, hitting R14.75 billion in the last financial year. Fruitless and wasteful expenditure was up to R1.34 billion, while unauthorized expenditure hit R15.32 billion. These categories don’t necessarily represent illegal activity, but show poor accounting and administration among municipalities, where money can easily bleed out without a trace.(Link) 

This only is the very tip of the ice-berg- the very points of the ears of the hippopotamus how this ANC regime swindle you out of your taxes- and how they waste your money.BUT you are threatened with jail sentences if you do NOT pay your taxes. Is this fair? How come are you threatened with jail sentences if you do not pay your taxes –BUT these scrupulous con-artists and thieves do not get threatened with jail sentences if they steal and waste your taxes as well? 


The other question is: While whites are paying a mayor portion of this taxes so much wasted by these cleptocrats on themselves– just how much of this taxes has been allocated for white upliftment, white poverty stricken areas- and white benefits? You know the answer.

SOURCE: White Nation



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