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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town– May 22 2017





THE unthinkable has happened now; The Western Cape is now officially a disaster area! The Western Cape experience the worst drought in a century. In times like this every-one must put their hands together and work as a unit- but it must be noted that the DA was seriously warned in 2011 by the FF Plus that, among other things, the influx of people to the province  is way too much (almost doubled the last 20 years), and urgent plans have to be made to create a disaster plan  in case of drought.Too many illegal aliens from the neighboring Eastern Cape were bused in by the ANC dreg lords to try and capture the Western Cape as well. 

Not only were they  warned, there were also concrete suggestions about what to do. Nothing has been done. The DA was too busy all these years sucking up to pink Babylonian games and black arses for political points. So much money was wasted on fun and games that they did not expect Rome to start burning- or in this case- turning into a desert.Now all of a sudden plans are being made in a jiffy to adopt crisis management proposals  – the very proposals made seven years ago to the city already-  but was brushed off the table due to near-sighted political clowning . Who the hell want to listen to advice from a “racist” white party in any case? This is the PINK province with a PINK  capitol and PINK legislators! Now they are sitting with a “desertification” disaster on their doorstep due to a high pressure system in the Atlantic ocean driving away the normal winter climate that brings forth the rainy season. 

 Now the dams only have 21.2%- but only collectively 11.2% usable  drinking water left- and it is depleting at an alarming rate. According to the city Council of Cape Town there is just enough water until the end of July 2017. The Council now are thinking of imposing level 4 restrictions– iow NO bathing, NO car washing, NO swimming pool top ups, NO watering gardens- only use  water for cooking, drinking and the bare necessities. The council now want to impose water restrictions to only 100 liters of water per person per day. How are they going to impose this in black residential areas and squatter camps to control their pets only they will figure out. How  they  are going to explain THAT little bit of ” crisis management” to their unruly and undisciplined black electorate in the black rural areas that are so used to anarchy if they do not get what they want is still any-ones guess! Already the scum bosses from COSATU warned that when the taps run dry only the rich (whites) will be able to purchase bottled water while the poor (blacks) will start to suffer. Can you smell the instigation for an anarchy in the air already?

Now to implement the proposals given to the city clowns 7 years ago will cost a helluva lot more.  And it’s a little bit too late. About eight months ago Cape Town mayor Patricia De Lille was asked questions about the water situation. The most important was whether there was any “Plan B”-  or any plan in case of a water emergency. The only ” intelligent” answer was that “the rainy season was on its way! ” Now THAT is the idiots we choose to be our so-called “leaders.” On second thoughts politicians never were the brightest stars in school as well. Liberals on the other hand are not the brightest either. Mix the two and you have a recipe for a disaster- as the Western Cape now experience.

This is indeed a crisis that was warned against almost seven years ago- and was simply ignored. The cheap party-politicking game to lure more and more voters to the ballot boxes and powerful positions linked with ” bling-bling” life-styles was once too attractive to set aside funding for a drought-disaster plan. Politicians just are not creatures that can think technically- their whole mind is too clogged and populated with greed and the lust  for power. If this monkeys in the Western Cape legislature were less greedy and more awake- they could have allocated enough funding each year to start a reverse osmosis plant to turn seawater into fresh water- which would have been already finished by now.

BUT sucking up to black arse was much too important. Millions was spent and wasted on useless ventures and “black upliftment. “  Pleasing the ever demanding black hole was more important. Riding around in “posh” cars and giving useless speeches was too important to worry about small insignificant matters such as “disaster management” plans. Too much money was wasted on unimportant projects to try to win votes. Sitting all day in grand auditoriums and talk rubbish, dancing like clowns during debates, wasting millions on wine and dine, –  and running in the streets with the hooligans also was more important than sober planning. Flooding the Western Cape with alien Eastern Cape parasites was much too important.

Having all kinds of homosexual ” pink city” fantasies and throwing thousands of rands after Babylonian cultures and useless “diversity”  venues was much too important. NOW this useless black and white liberal DA cretins will start paying the price for their little “ fun and games.” Their OWN black shenanigans are going to devour them when the taps run dry. Their own mindless electorate will start to burn, destroy and create chaos in the streets again when there is no more water. The DA themselves will become their own worse enemy- much to the delight of the bigger predators such as the ANC and EFF that cannot wait to turn the human disaster facing the Western Cape into cheap political exploitation to recap the Western Cape.

Here is the report in Network24: “Helen Zille, Western Cape Prime Minister, declared the province a disaster area on Monday. The Western Cape is experiencing its worst drought since 1904, said Zille. No new scheme will be used within the next six months to replenish the extinct water resources in the Western Cape, said the national minister of water and sanitation, Nomvula Mokonyane, last week. The average level of the Western Cape’s dams is currently around 20%. In Cape Town, however, plans are already under way. Tenders for the construction of desalination plants at Koeberg and near Atlantis will be advertised by July. It should deliver 450 megaliters of water a day and will be about R15 billion cost. The City of Cape Town also plans to treat wastewater from the Zandvliet plant and pump it back into the water system. It can supply 220 megaliters of water. In the short term, the first phase of the Voëlvlei Completion Scheme, where excess water from the Berg River Dam to the Voëlvlei Dam is pumped, will be put into operation.”

WHY we do still vote for half-wit miserable politicians to run and control our lives-  is still one of the world’s deepest and unsolved mysteries!In reality we do not need politicians at all-  as they are the only human spectacles of a  society that do absolutely nothing worthy – bar destroying other peoples lives with taxation, corruption and thievery to enhance their own miserable existence.

 SOURCE: White Nation