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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent London – May 22 2017







ANOTHER proof emerged that Jews are the ones behind the destruction of the white societies. “The Norwegian people have very little experience dealing with minorities” So we have a BIGjob to do” in bringing minorities to them, according to Ervin Kohn (Twitter).

Kohn is the President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.
The question is, since when did Norwegians decide they needed an organization to solve the “problem” of racism in their country? After all, isn’t Norway a homogenous country? Not for long, if Kohn has his way!

Ervin Kohn – President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism

What’s wrong with this picture? Well, do you see how many White children there are in it? This is a disgusting example of just how racist Norwegians are. How DARE these White Norwegians children be a majority in their own country? It’s time to condition these awful young bigots that the time to have their own country is over. There can no longer be any country in there world where there are too many White people …because that’s ” racist!” Norway is just TOO white for Kohn and his organization. So they’re now planning to “enrich” the Norwegians with an onslaught of third-world immigrants! And according to Kohn “this will be beneficial to the society, as a whole.”

To understand his interpretation of “beneficial,” just take a look at Sweden; which recently conceded 55 of its own communities to Muslim gangs. Not to mention a crime wave that’s sweeping through the country exponentially! Or the fact that it’s poised to become an economic third-world country by the year 2030. Or how about Britain, with its concession to Sharia Law in a growing number of its own communities? In addition to its social strife, crime, unemployment, and a displacement of the British [White] middle-class. If all of this is so “beneficial”, why doesn’t Kohn work toward benefiting Israel? Why is he so worried about Europe? Then again, maybe it’s time for Europeans to stop being so selfish in hogging-up all of these “benefits” and “enrichments” for themselves? Perhaps it’s time for Europeans to round-up coalitions [made up of minorities] to advocate for immigration to ISRAEL. After all, hasn’t Europe been “enriched” enough? Why don’t we see these same Jews trying to ” diversify” Africa with white people?  We saw what the Jews  such as Kissinger ,Oppenheimer , Morimer, Suzman , Slovo and many others did to South Africa and the white genocide now happening there. Is this what we want for Europe as well?

We saw what the Jewish European Union  and Merkel did to Germany . The irony of history is that the conservative German movements in Germany are being battled by Muslim Arabs. In World War II, it was the Mufti of Jerusalem who worked together with Hitler and formed a unified front against the common enemy – the Jewish infiltrators. Today, it is the Muslim Arabs who were allowed into Europe by the jewsih EU and their puppet regimes and especially Germany that are creating havoc on the streets of German cities. (Link) The only question that remains is how long will Germany exist as we know it today until it becomes a Muslim dominated country? We saw what happened to France. The answer is that Jews are behind the onslaught and extermination of the white Christian race.

In case you didn’t realize it yet, there is an ongoing genocide against the European people. Jewish activist Barbara Spectre wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration:

Jewish activist Anetta Kahane wants to destroy Europe via non-European immigration:



. With idiots like  Kohn and his progressive vision, it shouldn’t take too long to turn Norway into the politically correct hell hole he sees as his idea of “Nirvana.”  The main problem is that progressive vision is actually a disease and  Kohn is suffering from this terrible affliction.Our white culture is the envy of the world and now the world want’s to steal it from us and claim it as theirs. As We Europeans wake up to see what the world and especially the Islamist, Zionists and all the white guilt nut jobs are doing and what they are trying to steal and how they want to wipe us from history. A history WE formed and a history We are proud of. We need to work together and stand against the European Genocide. Embrace our ancestors and embrace all Europeans world wide that shares the love of OUR culture, history and peoples.


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