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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Johannesburg June 06 2017






“BUFFOON BOB” MUGABE- that black lunatic despot of Africa- just had yet another fanatic attack of psychosis. Between him and South Africa’s “Slick Dick” Zuma  it is quite hard to differentiate which one acts the most like a deranged homoerotic clown with a roll of bob wire stuck up his black furry arse these days- to say the least! BUT they bloody-well understand the technique on how to screw up a whole country totally  in record time – and still have the audacity to shift the blame onto someone else ( usually whites) quite conveniently – that much we must admit.

In an effort to equitably distribute land to its black citizens, the rag-tag Zimbabwean government now want to bring in new Zimbabwean land grabs as it told white farmers in the country to vacate all farm lands (again) so black Zimbabweans could use them. According to a report from Zimbabwean news media, the 93-year-old decrepit fossil Robert Mugabe had on Friday asked white commercial farmers to give back lands to Zimbabweans. Now we do not actually understand what black Zimbabweans want to do with all the (productive) land- bar invade it, steal everything movable- squat on the land until all the food on the trees and in the soil has been gargled through their throats- then simply leave the once productive farm land barren again.

Mugabe told white farmers, defying orders to hand over their land, that he stands by an August deadline for them to clear out and pave the way for his black resettlement land reforms. “We set ourselves an August deadline for the redistribution of land and that deadline stands,” the dictator said while addressing thousands of his ruling Zanu-PF party misdirected supporters in the farming town of Marondera. Now where have we heard this schytsophrenic rhetoric again? Oh- yea- that sounds so much like Julius Malema when he also barfed the same tune: ”  Lands And All That’s In It Belongs to Us The frail nonagenarian said white commercial agronomists who still remained should be made to leave before the agreed date so the people could get back their heritage. “

The Buffoon Bob went on raving: “We told (former British premier) Tony Blair to keep his England and we keep our Zimbabwe because land is our heritage. We have discovered that in Mashonaland East province alone where Ray Kaukonde was the resident minister, there are 73 white commercial farmers who are still occupying some farms when our people do not have land,” Mugabe said in the local Shona language. Kaukonde was kicked out of Zanu-PF heathens  in 2014 on allegations of siding with former vice president Joice Mujuru who now leads the opposition National People’s Party.

Mugabe’s latest delirious  ranting to forcefully return lands to black Zimbabweans have received huge criticism from opposition parties like the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) which referred to the new and grab policy as racial. The political despot has severally been accused of owning multiple farms that could be given to citizens who needed lands for farming. Although the dictator himself  has not publicly declared his wealth, the opposition recently accused him of being a multiple farm owner in sharp contrast to his one-man-one-farm policy.


Following the new Zimbabwean land grab tactics, 2,900 of the remaining 4,500 white commercial farmers will have to surrender their lands without compensation to black unproductive and illiterate settlers. “We, the principled people of Zimbabwe, we, the true owners of this land, shall not budge. We shall not be deterred on this one vital issue, the land. The land is ours,” Mugabe spit venom in front of  his delusional supporters, adding that the deadline would allow new owners of the land enough time to prepare and plant for the new crop season, which should start in October. “White farmers defying the order to leave lands under the Zimbabwean land grab policy would face up to two years in jail,” he said .

Land issues have been central political cheap-skate racism in Zimbabwe like it is in South Africa today. Fifteen years ago, the government began seizing property from thousands of white farmers and giving it to blacks as recompense for the abuses of colonial rule. As a result of this, white commercial farmers have in their thousands, lost their landed properties. They were left without sources of income during the fast-tracked agrarian reforms that that were masterminded by Mugabe’s administration in 2000. Today Zimbabwe are staggering under the worst starvation in decades. Millions of Zimbabweans illegally cross the Zimbabwe/South African border (or shall we rather say what is left of it) at Musina and surroundings to escape a certain hunger death. Most of the Zimbabweans also are jobless.

 “No money is fit to replace our inheritance .” – Bob rambled on. But now, as agricultural output stalls, the Zimbabwean land grab policy isn’t doing much good as blacks who were able to get their lands back, quietly reach out to white farmers who were thrown off their land. This is because these black farm owners either have no experience – or lack the adequate finance to cultivate large farm products. Hence, they needed the help of the whites. Meanwhile, “Buffoon Bob”  has cautioned newly resettled black Zimbabweans who were allegedly accommodating former white commercial farmers who lost their properties during the land reforms and were entering into farming contracts with the displaced white farmers that they risked losing their land to the (Bob and Grace ) government.

NOW this sounds so much like South Africa’s own “Buffoon”– that “Slick-Dick” Jacob Zuma’s rheutoric. One wonders if the two and their ” padawan” Telly-Tubby Malema attended the same mountain cave for training? The most amazing thing is how these tin-pot dictators stay in power. When the white government was in power South Africa was a healthy country. When Ian Smith was in power Rhodesia was a healthy exporting country and seen as the “breadbasket” of Africa. BUT the wolves in sheep’s clothing in Britain could not get rid of the white governments fast enough- only to be replaced by bank-rolled illiterate greedy despots the likes of Mugabe, Zuma and Malema. In 400 years Africa has not moved forward one single inch .

Yet white liberal “advent children” of the lesser god still – in their delirious state of mind- support these ostensibly Caballah-controlled greedy despots and misplaced black”democratic” thuggery, theft, plundering and genocides? Today both Zimbabwe and South Africa are on the edge of a total financial apocalypse- yet no-one seems to care- but Verwoerd was assassinated after falsely being accused by the British “deep state” for “racism”, discrimination- and the same kind of “atrocities.” Yet these despots commit 10-times worse human rights abuses- not only against whites- but also against their own people….but strangely still are well alive and kicking on British secret funding? And this still are the status quo while that “Great redeemer”- that “Savior of the white nation” in America- Donald Trump– is in power and Britain supposedly now did the “right thing” and withdrew from the Jewish Caballah EU? What is wrong with this picture? Why do we not see the sanctions and resolutions against these despots like we did see against the white South African governments? Am I missing something very important here?Is it because South Africa and Zimbabwe are run, controlled and intimidated by the British and American secret societies?

Now the question is as to WHY are these thugs still allowed to rule? Is this not a proof that Britain keeps them in power in exchange for mineral ” favors?” Is this not proof enough that somebody in the Jewish Caballah specifically see to it that this greedy sub-schooled Hyenas stay in power? Worst of all- is this not irrefutable proof that “Democracy” is just another clever Caballah-smart term  for the destruction of the white race? WHEN will the white arrogant and ignorant white man in the street wake up one day and realize he was responsible for the destruction of his own race?


SOURCE: White Nation