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Article posted  by: White Nation  correspondent Cape Town June 29  2017







SOUTH AFRICA is a country now fully under control of a terrorist regime brought about by the psychopathic mentally deranged corporate vultures such as Oppenheimer, Rupert, Soros & Co. Big Corp organized and funded the rise and eventual introduction of the brutal ANC terrorist organization into becoming the “ government” of South Africa.

Since this despicable bunch of Dar-Es-Salaam dregs of society were given a blanco cheque to do whatever they want with the country- the gates of hell literally were opened up and the worst kind of evil demons were released onto a very naive and unprepared South African public. Behind this grotesque false glorification of Babylonian abominations were the British Jewry and their deceptive Secret societies, Intelligence agencies such as the CIA, MOSSAD , FBI, South African Intelligence Service, –  and media hounds of hell. South Africa was exposed to a “ blitzkrieg” of millions and millions of the worst kind of anti- Biblical  atrocities and Gomorrahn cultures in a short space of time. The demonic influence from Europe and America was so overwhelming that even the most hard-line church denominations and so-called “Christians” buckled under the sheer  magnitude with which these Luceferian liberalism engulfed the country’s moral values.

The main target was to destroy the Christian foundation of the South African society, (Link)– to drive a wedge in-between a God fearing nation and their one true Creator,(Link) – to create division between brother and brother- to alienate father and son. Once the core of the South African society were destroyed – the rest of the social structure would automatically implode with time- and that was precisely what happened. The introduction of the Babylonian cultures quickly derailed most South African Christians- and with false “Liberation” theologians such as Allan Boesak, Desmond Tutu and Beyers Naude– the “church” slowly were exposed for what they really were under the Nationalist Party government- a hypocritical conglomeration of false doctrines  that were instructed and coerced by the Free Masonry in London and  Stellenbosch.

Together the Baptist, Anglican , Roman Catholic and Three Sister harlots operating in South Africa pooled their resources together to bring about the unification between good and evil under the banner of the South African Council of Churches. Hand in hand with the communist prophets and the World Council of Churches they expanded their onslaught across all denominations in South Africa The dark powers in the air mustered all their evil powers to crush the Christian foundation once and for all. They all formed part of a very diabolical agenda to be activated once the communist warlords took control. From without the British Jewry opened up the gates of hell to release their most powerful demons from Africa to invade the sanction-protected country and take control of the finances and government- all while the “church”– in reality the scarlet whores–  toiled relentlessly from inside to destroy as much Christian values from within.


AND the Illuminati gods of destruction – Rothchilds, Rockefeller, Soros, Oppenheimer, Windsor and JP Morgan– looked upon South Africa and said: ” That country has been protected for too long by our own hand- our own doings. Let us now then create division among it’s people. For too long they have been working together, fighting together- and living in harmony. Let us create  a division between the races of that land so they will hate each other.” And the lords of perdition in the castles of Britain and America called upon their first powerful demon – a wretched dark alien named “Apartheid” – to go forth and destroy unity among the races of South Africa.

The demon then went forth and  spread his deceptive media tentacles across the land- sowing discord and false doctrines in the ears of the population. He spread the malicious propaganda seeds of  hate, envy, jealousy  and distrust in every dwelling and every channel across the land. The demon then returned to his lair where-upon the masters of perdition asked him: “Have you sown discord among the people of that land? Have you create division among it’s races?”Indeed my lords- this I have done. In my name the majority of the people became envious and jealous against the minority. They seek their blood in revenge for past wrongdoings that never existed my lords..“- he answered.

The lords of the dark netherworld were pleased at this. “ Well done our obedient slave. You have done good. “ The masters of perdition then called upon their second powerful demon- one called “ Liberty”- to come forth: ” Arise demon- go forth and brake down the chains of unity between the church and the people. Let the church and the leaders lead the people astray..” The demon spread his wings and caste his ewer of poisonous elixir  upon the churches and leaders. From the ground manifested  the false prophets, the bloodthirsty liberation movements – and the political lairs. From their mouths they spew false liberal doctrines, malicious accusations – and instigated racial hatred. They wore scarlet garments with blasphemous graffiti written all over them. With their tongues this of vipers they spoke derogatory  words such as “racism,far right wingers, white supremacy” and “ Kill the Boer- Kill the farmer.” The demon then also returned to his lair.    “Have you done which was requested from thee?” the lords of chaos requested from the demon. “Yes my lords- the people of that land now are in turmoil and have risen against their white government.They murder each other with car tyres -they burn their educational institutions – and even send their own  minor children into the streets to die for my cause.” the demon answered.


The lords of perdition looked upon the demon with pride. ” You also have served your masters well.” The masters of perdition then looked upon each other. ” Now that we have sown discord and division among the people of that land- let us now destroy their God and their faith. Let us destroy their pure blood-lines and so alienate them from their ancestral bondage”So the lords of chaos called upon their third powerful demon- called “ Diversity.” The demon lifted  his serpent-like head and spewed venom across the South African landscape. From the earth came forth the seed of satan itself-those serpents masquerading as political leaders, newspaper columnists, liberal activists – and human rights propagandists. From their mouths they advocated interracial marriages, homosexuality, false religions, adultery, heathen cultures, despicable deeds against children,bestiality,  demon worshiping and lawlessness. From podiums they promoted racial division and worship of the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah. The demon then lowered his head.

The masters of perdition and chaos gazed upon the land. ” Truly- you have created an emptiness , lawlessness and undisciplined behavior among the people of that land. We are very pleased indeed!” Then the lords of destruction decided to send in their  fourth demon- their most trustful demon- the demon that poses the power of deception and obedience – a demon called ” Democracy.” And the lords of destruction spoke to the demon these words:  ” Go forth- unify the people of that land under false pretenses. Let them obey our creation- fill their hearts with misplaced illusions and let them serve us as a unified  nation!” And the  battle-hardened demon stood up and spread his wings. Across the land he flew- blinding the eyes of the people from seeing the truth, corrupting their minds to believe the lie, destroying their will to resist temptation- and darkened their minds with erroneous perjury. From his chimerian soul of semblance he created demi gods called rugby, soccer, cricket and athletics to hypnotize the people and replace the one and only true God. With his artistic tail he drew a huge rainbow across the sky for the people to worship. The demon then completed his assignment and returned to his taskmasters.

The masters of dark drudgery was amazed at the powers displayed by their trustful demon. ” You have surely outclass all the other demons. We were left speechless by the sheer mastery of your art. Well done trustful servant!” The masters of perdition came together and peered into their cauldron of wickery. ” Let us finalize our plan. Let us now take control of that land. She now is a soft and appetizing fruit prepared by our obedient servants – ready  to be consumed. “ The lords of abomination then called upon their two representative ambassadors  of treachery. “ Arise! Go forth and gather the people and riches of that land. We will cloak you in the most prestigious garments for this occasion.We even will give you the power to beguile the most powerful skeptic of dynasties.  Bring that land of riches and of abundance into our hand-  and we shall remunerate you well!!” The two representatives- one called ” Deception” – and the other ” Treason”- then went forth. Between their combined powers they accumulate the most powerful and esteemed  leaders around them-  Botha,  Meyer, Viljoen, Rhamaphosa,Jordan and Sexwale  . With devious cunning they amass the people of the land to believe in their treacherous deception. Their awesome power to deceive and fool even the most influential kings  of the world in a display of unequaled political wizardry bequeath them the ability to rally the nation and the dark NP knights around an oval  table called CODESA.

Out of their forked tongues they speak with words and phrases that bedazzled the most critical of skeptics. With their charming smiles  and fluent skilled oratories they soothed the fears of the conservative heretics.-but their hearts was as cold as ice.The truth became a lie- and the lie became the truth. With their ability to graft around the protruding  curiosity of their political opponents-  they sublimely sold their concealed agendas to the masses as the truth. Gradually they presented South Africa and it’s naive populace to their masters on the altar of certain financial cataclysm.With insidious mastery they kept the eyes of South Africa and the international world focused and mesmerized on the table of capitulation- all while they secretly burglarize and hand to their masters  the Federal Reserve Bank and R4 trillion in solid gold! They spoke of peace, they promise tranquility and prosperity- they advocate “unity”, they quietly embraced the demon “democracy“- they even promised falsified Christianity. The silencing of the lambs had begin. While the nation was hypnotized by the wonders of their political perversion – they quietly sold the country to their masters and commanders- and the people presented to the corporate killers as a token of their obedience to the world controllers.

When all was said and done the two false representatives returned to their lairs- and was abundantly glorified and compensated with two golden Judas coins for their outstanding art of circumvention. Their masters was left speechless at the ease by which their rapscallions performed. In true conspiratorial style they showered their two obedient drudges and their collaborators in wealth and glory. It was the start of the final count down for the country and the nation. The masters of perdition gather for one last time and commanded their fifth and final demon- the one called ” Genocide”: ” Go forth thee- and eradicate the last remnants of the white Christian antagonists to our plan. Wipe them off the face of that land.Destroy that land if thou must- but let there be no adversary to our plan no more. But beware-  let it not be known to the world what thee have done!” The demon then entered the land- and behind him he sowed the seeds of destruction, mayhem and murder. From the earth he resurrected his demon force and their king. From the realms  of the undead he appointed political mass murderers, criminals and liberal destroyers of morals. Across they land they rape, burn, riot,rob and murder among the people of the land. From the darkest corners of the black continent he summonsed demons of purgatory to start a white genocide. From his seeds there came a ruthless king and a murderous clown. The land was torched and plundered- it’s jewels and minerals raped and sold. It’s people became minions of slavery and a bastion for alien criminals. The land was turned into a wasteland full of Hyenas and scavengers which preyed on the dead bones of a once prosperous economy.It’s people became poor and destitute. It’s politicians became the worst kind of financial predators. The Book of Abomination came to it’s last chapter.

The masters of perdition gather in front of their secret deity. Six masters of destruction, six demonic messengers….six conspirators that handed the country to the butchers. The masters of destruction bowed before their deity and god: “ O Lucifer- thy will for South Africa has been done. In thy hands we offer it’s people. Let it be done in South Africa as it is been done in hell.”