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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Johannesburg  July 16  2017




THE farming community of Balfour in Mpumalanga was shocked after four people of the same family were murdered in cold blood by black thugs on a farm outside the town. Louis Smuts, 48, and his wife Belinda, 42, were found on the farm Modderbult about 20 km outside the town on Tuesday morning.

Louis’s parents, Gert, 78, and Paulina, 77, were also killed. All four had head shots execution-style. Their deaths brings the number of people killed on farms nation-wide on 11, says Ian Cameron, AfriForum’s head of community safety. During this period there were 30 farm attacks by the hand of renegade black thugs. Trauma councilors from AfriForum went on Tuesday to Modderbult to assist Louis and Belinda’s shocked children, Marcel (21) and Cherize (18). “They are now forced to become grown ups, because their family has been wiped out,” said Nantes Cellar of AfriForum.  Police spokesperson Brig. Leonard Hlathi said two black thugs  were arrested, reports Alet Joubert. The Toyota Prado in which the attackers fled, were found in Balfour. Wouter Nel, chairman of the Balfour Farmers Association, said Belinda’s body lay in a couch in the living room. There was a blanket over her, but her head stuck out. Paulina was shot in the main bedroom and a blanket also was thrown over her lifeless body.

Louis, who was a boilermaker  in Balfour’s bloody body was found out close to the back door. “They threw a black sail over him,” said Nel. According to him, Gert was shot dead in an apartment about 30 m from the main house in which he and his wife lived. “We suspect it had happened Monday night (Monday), because Louis’s cattle were not locked in the bead as always.”  Ryno Janse van Rensburg (39) A colleague from Louis – who drove to town with him every morning, waited for him at the farm gate on Tuesday morning. “When he did not arrive and did not answer his cellphone, his  colleague climbed over the gate and walked home. The front door was open and then he came down on the people, “said Nel. Ex Col. Sakkie Louwrens of theHeritage Protection Group (HPG), – a crime-fighting organization established by former police officers,-  says attacks on farms and farms have suddenly begun to increase dramatically recently. HPG works closely with the police countrywide. Cameron says it seems that the government “is not prepared to protect citizens”. “How many people have to be killed in the country before the ANC actually will be taking action? Communities will have to start protecting themselves in accordance with the laws, “said Cameron.

 Another white couple was assaulted on a farm in the Koster district in North West on Tuesday. According to the police, four black thugs  attacked a white farmer after 7:00 when he opened a farm gate, reports Susan Cilliers. The farmer was forced back home where he and his wife were tied up. Three cellphones, three firearms and money were robbed.

On Sunday, – the community of Tzaneen was ripped by a horror attack on a white couple on a farm. The woman was allegedly raped several times and the thugs severely assaulted her husband.

On 10 March this year, a white man  was viciously attacked on his farm. It was just after 10 am as he was locking my front gate to go out. Three black thugs in their mid 20’s who had been hiding in the corn fields across the road, pounced on him and the one began slashing at him with a knife, severing the tendon in his hand. His keys were was ripped from him where-after he was dragged into the yard where he was kicked and beaten, then dragged into his home ,tied up and tortured for 6 hours whilst they tried opening the safe.

As he  was unable to produce the key the one used the knife blade, slicing into the victim’s head and cutting chunks of flesh from his arm , Holes were drilled through both the hapless victim’s  feet with an electric drill as their frustration grew. Finally a plastic bag was placed over his head and was told his throat was going to be slit. Fortunately they were disturbed as they left in a rush, leaving the victim  bleeding profusely. The victim was fortunate in getting out of this alive, and spent 10 days in hospital after his knee was repaired with steel plates and pins. Many farmers and their wives have been viciously attacked , murdered, with women being raped before being killed. This specific attack  was widely publicized in the media. To date the police have not been to see the victim  for an identikit of his  attackers.

Petrus Steyn: Bolaya Mabhuru “(kill the Boers)  – The cries of a farmer’s wife, tied up in her bathroom, led neighbors to her where they had to hear that her husband was killed in the warehouse. Jan de Kock (69) of the farm Groot Waag’s corpse was tied to its four-wheel motorcycle with tie-binders. His wife, Marietjie, was very shocked, but not injured. Neighbors rushed to the farm on Sunday after De Kock’s Ford Ranger double cabin with the keys abandoned was found by the police in Vereeniging . The Kock was thought to be attacked when he wanted to search for cattle in the meadow on Sunday morning. Three black thugs went back to the farmhouse where his wife was overpowered and tied up. “We heard aunty Marietjie shout:” Help me help me! “-after which we found her tied up in the bathroom. “She told me uncle Jan was dead and was in the warehouse. ” According to the  the preliminary investigation De Kock was severely assaulted and succumbed to his injuries.

Hoedspruit (Limpopo)On the farm Bushwillow Creeck. In the morning hours of June 27, 2017. Cornelius & Dianne v Eeden was brutally attacked by black thugs on their farm. . 3 Black attackers – 2 with balaclavas  and one with cap attacked the couple. Cornelius fell asleep in the TV room. He was attacked over there. The thugs  struck him over his head and arms.  Dianne was attacked in the main bedroom where she was fast asleep. The thugs tied both the victim’s hands and feet with cable-ties. The thugs were searching for food, weapons  and money.   Jewelery and computers were also stolen. They fled with Cornelius’s white Landrover Freelander. The SAPS and Hoedspruit Farm Guard were on activated . The  Landrover was found where they left it in the mountain pass.Another vehicle was used to transfer the stolen goods and fled.

An aged 67 year-old white farm owner was butchered to death, – his wife left unconscious with several machete cuts in their their Limpopo farm. The white community did not hesitate to confront the gruesome situation. No one who got to the farm could peer through the horrible sight. Dark clouds descended upon the evil world, just at that moment when several black thugs  invaded a large farm, with blood spilled everywhere. The victim was killed and his wife seriously injured after they were attacked in their home in Cheerio Farm, Haenertsburg, Limpopo police said.

A white male victim was attacked while having a barbecue at his home. Two black thugs jumped over the wall where he was having the barbecue and struck  him several times with a hammer. A TV and  2 cell phones were stolen. The victim’s little dog also was killed by the black thugs.

Mr. Dirk Swart, 64, died in his home in a attack on Saturday night. A nineteen-year-old   was arrested and will appear in the Bethal Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. According to Mr. Dirk Swart (jnr) his father die at 10.20nm that evening. He was allegedly shot in the head. Mr. Swart’s  wife, me. Helene Swart, was taken for shock on the same evening in the Mediclinic Highveld, but has already been released. She strongly supports her son, Mr. Dirk Swart (jnr).

Four black Zimbabwean thugs were arrested and charged for the murder of a white farmer- Paul Roeland – when he was murdered on his farm Success near the towns of Vrede and Cornelia in the Free State.

13 Days of violencEe against white farmers-

 Here are the victims;

February 1: Trevor Rees, 76, was attacked and tortured in the Underberg area in KwaZulu-Natal. He died three days later.

February 2: Nicholas Harmse died in a horrible attack in Kameeldrift – Westerly outside Pretoria.

February 2: A white man dies in another horrible  attack outside Pretoria.

3 February: Danie Kilian was killed at Leeupoort outside Bela-Bela (Warmbaths).

6 February: Pieter Hendrik Pieterse was murdered on a farm outside Lephalale (Ellisras). He was struck  with a wrench. A part of one of his ears has been cut off.

8 February: Niels Erichsen was attacked on a farm outside Rustenburg. He died days later.

February 13: Four members of the Smuts family were shot dead outside Balfour, Mpumalanga.

13 February: Ryno Janse van Rensburg was  killed on a small holding outside Bela-Bela.

The psychopathic international serial killers in Europe and America still sits in silence. The white genocide in South Africa continue to escalate. The communist black vindictive maniacs the international mass murderers hails as “democratic” are hell bent to see their evil manifesto of white extermination being executed.The obstinate and careless Afrikaners still refuse to start uniting against the extermination of their own race. The evil circle of lies, deception , corporate bribery and blatant discrimination goes on….and the Lucefarian anrti-white media silence prevails.  Mandela’s evil legacy surely are taking it’s toll.