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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg   July 19  2017





SOUTH AFRICA is heading for certain food disaster as many black misdirected political heathens such as Zuma, Nkwinti, Malema and Andile Mngxitama proceed to instigate race hatred and illegal land grabs. Farmers now are anxious about the growing number of brain-washed black South Africans forcefully ‘reclaiming land’ without giving owners any compensation. As can expected are many of this so-called “claims” also false- especially when “ancestral” claims come into the equation.


The backdrop of high input costs, low returns and a weakening rand is also scaring many in the profession into walking away whilst they can still recuperate some value from their operations. These findings have been published in South Africa’s largest agricultural magazine, Landbou Weekblad. They estimate that more than 20,000 farms are currently up for sale – the highest number in the last 20 years. Leading SA agriculturists have expressed their concerns that many farmers could be tempted to simply give up over the next year:

Agri-Sector Unity Forum chairperson Japie Grobler:

For a lot of farmers, the true costs of production are not calculated. What about overheads like electricity? It is going to be especially tough this year with the low prices and very high costs of production. We are going to face a lot of farmers not being able to farm for at least another year.”

Chief Economist at Agri-SA Hamlet Hlomendlini:

Being unable to recover from the drought might be one of the reasons leading to some of the farm sales that we see in the market. Fears of expropriation without compensation might also be the reason.”


With 5% of all employment in SA being farming-based (double that of the mining sector), it’s obvious that a mass exodus easily has the potential to derail our economy even further.Hamlet Hlomendlini did offer a slightly more optimistic interpretation of the farm sales data, though. He added that the spike in sales wouldn’t be all doom and gloom if they were being bought for farming purposes.

It could be a case of larger farms buying out smaller ones, centralizing the industry and consolidating its value. Land seizures do remain a very real threat to some owners, however. Farming is currently balanced on a knife-edge, and it requires a lot of tough, rational leadership to steer it back on course.

However– taking in consideration how power-mad political despots such as Mngxitama keep on fueling hatred and illegal land invasions- the future for South Africa’s food production and feeding the ever exploding and uncontrolled black masses looks grim indeed:

“We’re taking back the land, says BLF as it prepares for land grabs .  ‘AfriForum is a bunch of land thieves. In fact, with the way they are continuing, I will organise to make sure that they leave this country,’ Mngxitama said. Black First Land First (BLF) leader Andile Mngxitama on Wednesday said his organisation was gearing up for extensive land grabs across South Africa, which will be intensified next year. “Black people are landless, we don’t have the land. We are just taking small pieces here and there, but we are [now] taking more and more. “You will see that the campaign is going to intensify … 31st December is the night when we are going to make sure that we are ready. We are setting up land expropriation committees across the nation, identifying white-stolen land,” Mngxitama told reporters in Pretoria. “We are going to move in. So you will see in the beginning of January 2018, massive land occupation. But even this Saturday, we are having a land occupation in Ekurhuleni, so that is continuing. This is just part of the rehearsals, and we are setting up a college of agriculture to teach our people how to do land [farm] in an alternative fashion.”

Mngxitama said his organisation had been served with a letter of demand from the “racist, extremist, criminal organisation called AfriForum” ordering them to stop making the threats of taking back the land. “AfriForum is a bunch of land thieves. In fact, with the way they are continuing, I will organise to make sure that they leave this country. We are not going to allow land thieves such as AfriForum to try to bully us again using the courts. When have received a letter of demand from their lawyers saying we must refrain from saying we demand and we’re going to take the land, that’s absolute nonsense,” said Mngxitama. Accompanied by other BLF leaders, including his deputy Zanele Lwana, he addressed journalists at the Competition Commission shortly after a closed-door meeting with Commissioner Tembinkosi Bonakele. “One of the many important questions we discussed with the commissioner relates to penalties of companies that have been found to be involved in corrupt activities. We raised the issue of the 10% which is currently prescribed by law of their turnover. That 10% is the maximum that the the commission can impose and as BLF we are agitating for 100% of annual turnover, and not just of the last year,” said Mngxitama.(Link)

CLEARLY Mngxitama. – who sincerely want to be patronized in the political spotlight- do not feel much for his own black “suffering “ followers. Not only are we looking at sharp rises in food procurement- but also thousands of job losses that this little black Stalins do not take in their miscalculated political equation. It never crosses their puny little minds that by pushing the white professional farmer off the productive land and replace them with incompetent black starving squatters- it will be the majority black invaders that will suffer the most as South Africa will be turned into the same wastelands as Ethiopia and Zimbabwe. 

Each farmer has about 15 workers on his land- excluding their families. By forcing white farmers off the land will ostensibly lead to more or less 60 blacks sitting without an income or food if we count the families of the workers in consideration as well. Food production will drop sharply and food will have to be imported at exuberant prices- which again- will hit the majority jobless blacks the worst. The history of the ANC’s hell-bent zest to disown white farmers and give land to so-called black “micro” farmers ended up in a total disaster as the ANC do not financially support their newly instated black farmers.

Furthermore does little of these so-called “micro” farmers know how to farm productively. Many a so-called black farmer was a miserable failure – and sold his land back to the white farmer then ended up back into the squatter camp he came from .Once productive farms turns into empty landscapes with ruined buildings. Even the ANC in all their incompetency had to admit land seizures was a failure. South Africa dropped from an 35% exporter of food products pre-1994- to a 14%  food importer post 1994. Today South Africa are heading for a second Zimbabwe-style African country.

This comes to show that racist political thugs behind the land-grab drive such as Zuma, Malema Nkwinti and Mngxitama in all their incompetent political selfishness cares a hoot about who will be suffering the worst ordeal on the long run...the white farmer…or their millions of starving black invaders. The question is what will Zuma and his ilk be “claiming” next when all food productive farms have been “claimed”- the veggie gardens in the back-yards of white home owners? BUT then again- that is the African intelligence  for you- a continent full of non-productive eaters that forever will be dependent on the Jew’s ” food-for-minerals” hand-outs due to their greedy black Jew-bank-rolled puppet regimes.

Farming in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the world. Farmers there suffer more murders per-capita than any other community on earth outside a war zone. Since the dawn of democracy in the country, farming South Africa has been slaughtered by black South African thugs  in ways that would do Shaka Zulu proud. Now add to that political criminals suuch as  Zuma, Nkwinti, Malema and Andile Mngxitama’s drives to instigate violent invasions by blacks to get rid of all productive white farmers- and most black South Africans will face starvation in 2020.


The communist ANC regime are waging a race war against whites- and specifically against white farmers in order to confiscate their land either by “law”– or by 3rd force activiteis. Christopher Wilson reports on brewing racial tensions in South Africa and the hope that exists in the growing popularity of the multi-racial, classically Liberal Democratic Alliance party. Racial tensions are becoming out of control as more and more people vent their anger at the minority and apartheid. While the Government and groups such as Black Land First Land continue to manipulate the masses with false propaganda of “white monopoly capital” and “land grabs” – the tensions are growing.  Zuma again said says  white money capitol  is a “reality “ in the country. Zuma engaged with African National Congress (ANC) Youth League supporters at a Nelson Mandela Memorial lecture in Nyanga on Monday night. The event was attended by among others, the party’s deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte and provincial youth league chairperson Muhammad Khalid Syed.

The ANC deliberately are instigating a race war against whites. The ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa told black people in the province to vote, or else the “boers” will come back to power, the Star newspaper reported on Monday. “If you don’t vote, the boers will come back to control us,” Ramaphosa reportedly said in Seshego.(Link)

The attack on the 77-year-old Mr. Martin Neal of the farm Droogekloof in the Warmbaths district no doubt illustrates that farm attacks have led to racism and hatred against whites. The deputy chairman of TAU SA’s Waterberg District Agricultural Union, Mr. Henk van den Graaf, who was on the scene and with Mr. Neal spoke about the attack, saying four black thugs  during the night broke into Mr. Neal’s house and attacked him in his bedroom.

They assaulted him so badly that his ribs broke, he sustained head injuries, and his jaw was broken. They threw him to the ground and tied his hands and feet with shoelaces. They threw a blanket over his head and told him that they were going to shoot him, to which Mr. Neal asked why they wanted to do it and what he did wrong. The suspects replied in English, “Because we do not like white people.”

However, they did not shoot him but left him on the cold floor and stole his two handguns, television, computer, mobile phone, safety radio and his Toyota RAV 4 vehicle. Mr. Neal, who usually walks with a cane, could not get up from the cold ground and spent several hours there until his domestic worker found him. The farm’s gate was not broken, and the lock was unlocked so that the suspects could easily get into the property and easily get out with the vehicle.

Mr. Van den Graaf said the police took hours to get there. “Mr. Neal was already long gone by the time the ambulance arrived, and the HPG security company completed their investigation at the scene before the police arrived a few hours later. The two constables of the uniform branch were extremely arrogant and unprofessional, and eventually drove recklessly away from the scene.” Deon Beukes, the chairman of the Community Police Forum, who was on the scene, has summoned complaints against the two black constables with their senior.(Link)


SOURCE: White Nation