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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pietermaritzburg    July 22  2017





WE all are well aware that if there is ONE very big criminal department in our country- it is the Revenue Service. This state-protected hoodlum factory apparently can decide how much they again want to rob you to feed their mafia bosses in control- and feed the Guptas. SARS had another one of their scrupulous brain storms again on how to suck more out of the already overburdened public- and this is the newest devious plan they fabricated: If you have a good job overseas‚ living in a country where the tax rate is 25%‚ but your salary falls into South Africa’s 45% tax bracket‚ the taxman now wants to come after you to collect the difference of 20%.

Jerry Botha‚ a managing partner at Tax Consulting‚ said the draft tax law amendments for 2017‚ which have been published by National Treasury‚ propose a far harsher tax treatment on people earning their livelihood abroad. He said the draft law recommends that the exemption section 10(1)(o)(ii) be completely repealed. “This means foreign employment income will become fully taxable‚ and the only relief may be claimed is foreign taxes paid as a tax credit. For example‚ where the employee falls into the 45% tax bracket and pays 25% tax in the foreign country‚ the SARS will now collect the difference of 20%‚” he explained.

The current tax law determines that South African tax residents abroad must disclose their world-wide income to the South African Revenue Service (SARS)‚ and may then claim an exemption on their employment income physically earned outside South Africa. The then Minister Pravin Gordhan announced in his 22 February 2017 Budget Speech that changes to this section were on the horizon. The suggestion was made that the exemption should not apply where the employee is not being taxed in the foreign country.

There are limited options for South Africans abroad‚ should this law take effect‚” Botha said. “One alternative would be to properly emigrate‚ in which case there is a deemed disposal capital gains tax event. SARS probably anticipates this likely move‚ as the 2016/17 tax return now has a specific disclosure hereon‚ which never previously existed. “Other taxpayers are looking at establishing tax treaty residency in another country‚ but this is not as simple as getting a tax residency certificate somewhere else. Anyone who has been through a SARS process (on this) would know how complex this may become.

Botha said this move by the taxman could see more South Africans doing a cost estimate and possibly returning home. “We have seen some expatriates indicating that with full tax on international employment income‚ which is what is effectively proposed‚ coupled with the high costs of international work‚ coming home may be their only alternative‚” he said. The comment deadline on the draft law is 18 August 2017. It is set to take effect from 1 March 2019.

In another move from this devious government thieves- The South African Revenue Service (SARS) did introduce a system of strict new “administrative penalties “ against non-compliant taxpayers from 23 November 2009. Now this again is another devious move from the racketeering criminals in Pretoria to again try to choke the mother-sh*ts out of you. In effect, taxpayers have until 20 November 2017 this year – the final deadline of the 2017 Tax Season – to submit any outstanding returns in order to avoid being penalized under the newest scam  penalty regime.Some taxpayers already received hefty fines up to R 16 000.00 classified as “ Admin Penalties.”  Some people’s IRP 5 tax amount ( like one specific tax payer) to be paid is R 250.00- while their “administrative penalties “ are a wopping R 29 000.00!!

This is just another move from the government thieves to enforce their dictatorial reign on the already overtaxed South African working class. The criminals in Pretoria sits there- scheme out a new scheme- make it “law”and blatantly screw the mother sh*ts out of you. Because technically only 4% of South Africans are registered tax payers- SARS now have to sharpen up their witch hunts and suck out more from the dwindling tax paying base to be able to keep on feeding the government thieves and their Gupta pals. South Africans (the few selected that are forced to pay taxes) are among the highest tax payers in the world- yet this state criminals blissfully proceed to find new ways to tax overburdened taxpayers even more. 


What is an “Admin Penalty?” 

This is how the shrewd SARS criminals define their ” Admin penalties:” An Administrative Penalty (Admin Penalty) is a penalty levied under Section 210 of the Tax Administration Act. The Act prescribes the various types of non-compliance which are subject to fixed administrative penalties.
Currently the penalty is collected only for non-submissions of returns. Taxpayers who do not submit their returns will be charged this penalty and have to pay it to SARS. Top Tip: Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the admin penalty it is advisable to submit the outstanding return to stop further admin penalties. The penalty will reoccur for every month the return(s) remains outstanding. Administrative non-compliance penalties comprise fixed amount penalties as well as percentage-based penalties.
The penalty amount that will be charged depends on a taxpayer’s taxable income and can range from R250 up to R16 000 a month for each month that the non-compliance continues.” ( Link) 
They also made it clear that SARS now will do their utmost to try and enforce their racketeering with threats: “It must be acknowledged that the existing penalty system that SARS applies is proving to be an inadequate deterrent for non-compliant behaviour. In 2007/08 more than 5.3 million returns due to SARS were outstanding and SARS had to institute legal action against 81 000 taxpayers.
The new penalty system, applicable in terms of Section 75B of the Income Tax Act (No. 58 of 1962), provide for recurring monthly penalties for each month that an income tax return is outstanding. The penalty amounts are determined according to the taxpayer’s taxable income and range from R250 a month for taxpayers with an annual taxable income of up to R250 000, to R16 000 a month for taxpayers with taxable income over R50 million. A full schedule of penalties is available on the SARS website,”
MEANWHILE the commi rats now are pushing to take some of that money SARS are stealing for you- to bolster political parties– how rich!

ANC treasurer general Zweli Mkhize has made a submission to parliament calling for funds from the state to be used to bolster cash reserves to political parties. Mkhize said political parties were subject to strict regulations that made funding transparency difficult. Speaking to Sunday Times, Mkghize said donors feared making donations because of these regulations. “You can’t on the one side have very strict regulation, and you don’t have a source [of income] on the other side. If you want to put regulation and transparency, you must know, that some people will fear [making donations],” Mkhize said. “At the moment the party funding from parliament is very little compared to what we have to go out and raise,” he said. In addition, Mkhize said the funding from the government should be used for political and administration work instead of caucus-related activity.(Link) 

If your money is not squandered on scrupulous politicians who steal it- it is squandered/wasted on “bling-bling” parties. If it is not wasted on “bling-bling” parties- they now want to steal the same taxes you are threatened with to bolster devious political parties that cares a sh*t about you anyway to stay in the gravy train seats.  It really is time the gullible public start to revolt against this racketeering criminals in Pretoria who steals the food off our children’s’ plates!