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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria   July 24  2017




A NEW attack on Christianity in South Africa has begun- and like the treason by another AfrikanerFW De Klerk who sold the country to the communists- this new anti-Christian movement also was started by yet another AfrikanerHans Pietersen– who made it his sole quest to destroy principals of public schools who still cling to Christianity as their foundation.

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Another 14 public schools receive “notifications” from the devious Organization for Religious Education and Democracy (Ogod) on Monday because Pietersen believe the principals of the schools are guilty of “unconstitutional religious practices.”  One of these principals  is Schalk Malherbe of Jim Fouché High School in Bloemfontein. A Facebook photo of Malherbe was included in the letter Pietersen and his gangsters sent in their witch hunt to Malherbe as a “formal notice.”  In this picture he wore on his school’s jacket and held a wooden board stating: “Me and my school,- we will serve the Lord.” There is also a reference to Joshua 24:25. Furthermore, Pietersen also fumed about the school marketing their “Heart” project on the internet, the use of other Bible verses, the use of the phrase “Soli Deo Gloria” – and the improper promotion of the Christian prayer.

Jim Fouché High School is already in the process of planning a new strategy on religious education on the advice of the Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (Fedsas). Malherbe told Rapport: “The Heavenly Father I worship is someone who knocks and does not kick down a door. He is a gentleman. “Therefore, our school will never act unconstitutionally. We are a public school and we will remain within the parameters of the law. Our doors are open to anyone and we will never be rebels about it. We are willing to work together. “

After similar letters from Pietersen’s demonic Ogod to six schools, the High Court in Johannesburg on 28 June decided that one religion should not be promoted in a public school above another. It is not yet known whether these six schools will appeal against the ruling by August 5. Meanwhile, the new targets in Pietersen and his “Ogod’s “ vision appear to be the same the same as Malherbe’s. According to Pietman de Villiers, chairman of the governing body of the Hoërskool Rustenburg, they have already seen flare warning lights and after capitulating to this new satanic movement’s demands- they are now under Fedsas wing.

We have Christian values, but we give space to everyone,” says Johan Roothman of the AG Visser Primary School in Heidelberg. “We are very comfortable with what is happening in our school because we do not force anyone in any direction. “There were formerly children of other religions in our school, but this year there were only Christians.” Another capitulating Afrikaner- Hennie van der Mescht, principal  of the Bloemfontein Primary School, sez he also does a “serious review”.We would like to adjust our policies,” he says. “We have never received a complaint, but we will only have to look better in the future. A value system is nowadays more important than a religious system.

Ogod’s complaints against George Germishuys of Durbanville High School include the online use of terms such as “Christian value system” and “Christian values” as well as encouragement to attend services of the Durbanville mothering  community. “Once parents enroll their children at our school, we first ask if they are comfortable to be exposed to religion at school,” said Germishuys. “So far there have been no complaints over there.” If these 14 schools do not make “corrections” within 21 days, they will probably run the same path as the previous six. Hans Pietersen, so-called chairman of Ogod– and self appointed “prosecutor” of Christian schools- , keeps track of the above schools because “the spread of that attitude is dangerous”. “Several parents have approached me to put schools on record as quickly as possible,” says Pietersen. “One of the claims is that Ogod only attacks Christian schools. “It’s not true. The verdict was against, and applies to, any school that promotes any faith above another. “ Pietersen says that the Schools Act, contained in the Constitution, has always been clear that one religion may not be preached. The folowing (mainly Christian-based) schools that were in this misdirected Afrikaner’s sights for with-hunts are:

1. The Randhart Primary School in Alberton 2.

The Baanbreker Primary School in Boksburg 3.

The Garsfontein Primary School in Pretoria

4. Linden High School in Johannesburg

5. Oudtshoorn High School

6. The Langenhoven Gymnasium in Oudtshoorn

These schools are now in Pietersen’s sights- and as you clearly can see- they are mainly Chritian-based schools as Pietersen is sh*t scared to attack any Muslim or Hindu-based schools. Again it’s a treacherous Afrikaner that again want to destroy Afrikaner values and primarily destroy the foundation that the Boer people cement their beliefs on.This is not an attack on so-called ” non-constitutional” values- but Pietersn’s real hidden agenda is to destroy Christian morals and values that forms the basis of the Boer/Afrikaner society- like his predecessor FW De KLerk did by handing over a healthy Boer/Afrikaner country to the Hyenas. This is specifically constructed to destroy the Boer/Afrikaner from within- to start at tertiary level to cultivate a new godless society of tomorrow that will not have any Christian values no more- but will rather worship a “universal” god. 

The following schools to destroy are in this dangerous Afrikaner’s vision:

1. Bloemfontein Primary School

2. Constantiapark Primary School in Pretoria

3. The Wonderboom Primary School in Pretoria

4. Hugo Rust Primary School in Wellington 5. The Primary School General Hendrik Schoeman in Hartbeespoort 6. Louis Trichardt Primary School

7. AG Visser Primary School in Heidelberg

8. Stellenbosch Primary School

9. Jim Fouché High School in Bloemfontein

10. Pioneer High School in Freedom

11. Rustenburg High School

12. The Afrikaans High School in Kroonstad

13. The Brebner High School in Bloemfontein

14. Durbanville High School in Cape Town

AGAIN– as you can see- there are NO Muslim or Indian schools in his “vision”– but purely CHRISTIAN schools. Pietersen with all his hidden agendas and lies cannot fool any-one. He operates under instructions of a much darker powerJUST like his predecessor- FW De Klerk operated with deception under the instruction of darker powers.  Again a liberal Afrikaner are exploited to do the destruction of the Boer/Afrikaner culture from within- and this time to try to tear the heart of the upcoming youth out of their religion. When he and his cohorts are finished with the public schools- surely the private schools will follow next- then private institutions..churches and the rest. .

It is as clear as day that Pietersen is not acting alone he works on instructions from a “higher” command who is funding his “project ” and also fund his court cases. He cannot tackle this huge venture man alone…he just hasn’t got the financial backing to do it- thus “someone” else are behind this drive and Pietersen is a mere puppet front-man. As the Afrikaner history has proven- are they very unreliable back stabbers and traitors- and Pietersen is no different.

Ostensibly Pietersen is a prophet of the Babylonian cultures that promotes mixed integration- all masqueraded under the false pretension of working according to the ” constitution.” He did not wake up one morning and thought ” What a wonderful day- let me go destroy the Christian religion in the schools.” No– he was specifically approached to go out and start his devious work. He was the perfect “lone nut” to go and do the “dirty” work. It all was neatly pre-planned. This is now been going on for a while. He is being dictated by sinister powers the same as they are behind Malema and Mnximata.

Boer/Afrikaners must wake up and stop this serpent in their garden very quickly if they still value their children to be brought up in the values of the One true God- or be re-directed to serve a lesser god and take a fall like they did with De Klerk’s deception – and end up with the disastrous consequences they now have to face for their docile , careless and naive approach when it was crystal clear their country and their sovereignty was at peril at CODESA. It started with ONE man doing the spearheading- and ended up with THOUSANDS of evil ones tagging along behind him. If Muslims can defend their religion with all power and means- so can you as Christians. Stop this man before he does some serious collateral damage to our nation again. Don’t be caught unawares again…if not for your sake- then for the sake of your children. 

( ” Give me the youth of today- and I will show you the leaders of tomorrow”– Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin)

SOURCE- White Nation