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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Witbank  August 11  2017






SOUTH AFRICA are renowned for many questionable things these days. One of the most notable legacies that will go down in the annals of history ostensibly-  will be the moronic utterances made by it’s sub-standard populace- and especially it’s current inane harbingers….

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“Accounting at school is simply a stepping stone to using an electronic accounting system later on. You don’t need to be a maths boffin.” “Later on in life you can become a bookkeeper‚ without knowing maths.“- Basil Manuel‚ executive director of union Naptosa (Link) 

Saying that he is very concerned about the ever increasing number of accidents on South African roads, especially at night, Minister of Transport Joseph Maswanganyi requested pastors and traditional healers on Monday afternoon to come together and fight against evil spirits causing accidents on our road. Minister Moswanganyi explained that if there were no ghosts on our roads, our country would be accident free.(Link)

” I will not step down,forget about it. In fact, f@ck you for thinking I would do such a thing,”Jacob Zuma (Link)

“You know criminals are also sleeping now, no one wants to be wondering in the streets breaking into people’s houses in winter. It’s cold, so it’s also quit. We don’t get that many calls out.”-SAP cop sleeping on duty. ( Link) 

” This continent  is the biggest continent in the world. All continents put together will fit into Africa”.-Jacob Zuma

Not all that visit our beautiful country come with the right intention, as they did 2,000 years ago by the person named van Riebeeck. He overstayed.”- ANC MP in parliament

” We will do an investigation and talk to the Department of Science and Technology on what is the cause of the lightning, and if it only happened to the previously-disadvantaged as I have never seen any white people being struck by lightning.”- KwaZulu-Natal MEC Nomusa Dube

” There’s no system that has worked successfully for Africans, except the Zimbabwean system.”- Julius Malema

” A shower would minimize the risk of contracting the disease (HIV/AIDS).” Jacob Zuma

“Shall I repeat garlic, shall I talk about beetroot, shall I talk about lemon… these delay the development of HIV to Aids-defining conditions, and that’s the truth.”-  Former Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang

” We can’t think like Africans in Africa, generally. We are in Johannesburg. This is Johannesburg. It is not some national road in Malawi.-Jacob Zuma

” The South African National Defense reported today that it has this year alone, so far lost more than 50 of its vehicles in a training field after the vehicles were painted camouflage. In a similar case, the SANDF reported last year that it lost more than 150 of its vehicles in the field during training.”Nosiviwe Noluthando Mapisa-Nqakula

” Women are a special gift from God. Without them we wouldn’t be here. Big ups to every pregnant woman out there. Take care of yourselves and your babies. Have less or no sex at all while you are pregnant. Your baby in you can also get pregnant if you have sex while you are pregnant, especially if SHE is a girl.”- SA Minister of Health Aaron Motshoaledi (Link)

“Some people in our country have their birthdays on the day they were born. We want to ensure that this is correct on their ID’s as well.”– Minister of Home Affairs Hlengiwe Mkhize (Link) 

“Why is it only men that have to take DNA tests every time people fight for child support? Women must also take these tests to prove they are the actual mothers of those babies. I will ensure the government passes a law like that. We live in a democratic country, don’t we?”-  Minister of Police in South Africa Fikile Mbalula (Link) 

“We were so stressed, we really did not know what to do anymore. So when our dog peed, we drank it’s urine. And the stress was gone instantly. And we were able to find our way back home. What am I saying? If you are stressed, maybe try it out, that can also help save a lot of water..“-  Minister Nomvula Mokonyane (Link)

“We all want to see this country going forward. But if our people don’t get paid for the work they do, how do we expect them to continue working. This is the very reason why most South Africans refuse to work after death. No one can continue working if they don’t get what is due to them.”- Public Works Minister Nathi Nhleko (Link) 

The South Africa Social Security Agency announced through its website on Saturday morning that it will be launching what it calls the “Grant for the dead”, before the end of this year.According to the information on their website, this grant is meant to “honor”  those who have passed on. A grand of R1650 per month; will be paid to a family, when a member older than 80, with a grade 12 certificate and some working experience and no criminal charges passes on. (Link) 

A foreskin can be helpful sometimes. Especially when a man forgets to buy a pack of condoms. He can just tire a knot at the end and engage in safe sex.“-  Minister of Health Aaron Motshoaledi (Link)


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Saying that she does not have a problem with people making a little bit of extra cash on the side, Minister of Tourism in South Africa Thokozile Xasa stated today that she is not against rhino poachers, but she is against people who poach without a license. After her statement, many people started asking if there is such a thing as a ‘poaching license’.“Yes, I think there is. We know there are no jobs in South Africa. And we are not trying to block people from making a living. We are just against illegal poaching. Get your papers right and we will not have a problem with you. You can then poach in peace.” She said.(Link)

“You know twins function in a special way. Normal babies take nine months to be born, twins take 18 months. You do the math.” Blade Nzimande- Communist minister of Higher Education


“Just imagine if we didn’t have criminals, we wouldn’t need police officers and security guards. Meaning some people would be without jobs. I wouldn’t also be here to entertain you. People would also be careless, they would leave their houses unlocked, and such, and such. But now they lock their houses for protection. They buy locks, security cameras, alarm systems and such other things to feel safe; and on the other hand, creating jobs for these security companies we have today.” Fikile Mbalula – “Funny Bunny” Police Minister (Link) 

‘ It is not that we are not trying our level best to deliver. People always complain about long lines that never move in our offices when they come to apply for ID’s and passports. This happens everywhere, even in other government departments. We are doing the best we can.But if you feel you are sick of our government and how we operate, leave. Go to another country like Cape Town or something.”- Minister of Home Affairs in South Africa Hlengiwe Mkhize (Link) 


Say no more. What a joke.

Posted by Mike Beyl on Friday, September 1, 2017




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SOURCE: White Nation