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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Tennessee USA July 30  2017





SOUTH AFRICA – since 1994- became notorious in the world arena for many reasons- not only for it’s bourgeois “democracy” and it’s Mandela worshiping alone- but as reality dawns on the misguided South African rainbow chicken coop-notoriety started to show it’s ugly head in many other aspects of the so-called “ democratic” pipe-dream. After the Mandela drug started to work itself out- reality dawned and South Africa now sports the top position in the world as the “ crime capitol.” South Africa also has the notorious honor of being the rape capitol of the world. Then it sports the dubious honor as one of the most corrupt countries with the most incompetent sub-intelligent parliaments in the world.  But the most disgusting notoriety all came  from all the white murders happening there- and especially the murders and attacks on elderly white farmers- which appear to be  soft targets for black thugs that now are running rampant in the rural areas of that country. South Africa became a hunting ground for black vagrants from Africa- and whites became prime targets during the all-year round white hunting season. 

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2017 is one of the bloodiest years so far in terms of farm attacks. This year alone has seen 246 attacks leading to 47 deaths. There has been a constant rise in attacks since 2011.

Every month the tally of murdered whites climbs. Every month statistics show that at least 68 attacks on whites alone occur- and every month about 18-24 whites are brutally murdered- especially among the white farming community. But this tally runs back a long way- it already started when the demon Peter Mokaba hollered that first psychopathic phrase of ” Kill the farmer- kill the Boer” from that FNB Soweto podium in 1994. THEN somebody should have taken some serious steps to stop the anthem of the white genocide that was to follow. But nobody did nothing. With the great hero Mandela driving the chicken coop- and his cronies Mbeki and his lapdog De Clerque standing beside him- everybody was too “opiumized ” by the “glorious” appearance of their new-found demi-god drug. The reptile media was rolling over the edge with all spurf hotel accommodation booked to the hilt for international worshipers and media ghoulish reporters alike.

Unopposed this black communist heathen Mokaba then jumped into top gear- and at every occasion his ugly mug appeared in the media- he made a point to barf the “ Kill the Boer” chant as well. Yet still nobody paid any attention what was happening right under their noses- least the poor naive white Afrikaners themselves to say the least. It became a house-hold chant especially for the black misdirected chickens. During  any situation from there-on that they feel ” offended”– they started to chant “Kill the Boer.” ” Kill the Boer ” became a notorious culture among blacks during riots in South Africa.

It became a national phrase for mass murderers such as Jacob Zuma when they need cheap political points. It became a political chant for inferior idiots to rally militant support and searching for fame and fortune such as Malema. It became a racist hate chant for thousands of black killers on the social sites such as Facebook and Twitter. “Kill the Boer” became a national culture among most black racists.AND it was not only a local warmongers and black les miserables that used that deranged phrase for personal gain- international “celebrity” baboons such as Bono of U2 happily chanted along with Malema to ” Kill the Boor.” The sick culture then crossed South Africa’s borders- and today thousands of illegal Zimbabweans are in South Africa to ” Kill that Boer“- and killing them they do! Still the hippocracy of the international ghouls continue- and still they sit in silence with blank expressions on their faces like a pack of stray dogs taking a sh*t on a soccer field-  all while thousands of whites are brutally murdered, discriminated against- and pushed out of the job market by the same black despots that still are chanting  ” Kill the Boer.” 

Racism against whites are rife in South Africa- as Ernst Roets of Afriforum explains. Penny Sparrow had to pay the ultimate price and was fined for “hate speech” on the end. On the contrary was Velaphi Kumalo merely slapped on the wrist for his share of black racism- and is back at work. Double standards and discrimination against whites are a common occurrence with the ANC communist regime .

When Julius Malema was taken to court over the many times when he incited genocide and black hatred of whites – he got off each time. These courts will always rule against white people. These courts and the legal system and justice system is a joke.  Some disgusting fat blob in South Africa named Dean Hutton has put together a display containing only the words “Fuck White People.” A court has ruled that the display is not hate speech.

News 24:

” The controversial Fuck White People artwork displayed in the South African National Gallery was not in contravention of South Africa’s hate speech laws, the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court ruled on Tuesday. The court compared the work by genderqueer artist Dean Hutton to the messages of struggle expressed by ANC liberation stalwarts like Albert Luthuli and Nelson Mandela, the Cape Party said in a statement.“(Link)

Then we have the now well known “coffin case.”  This case is the leftist media’s prime baby for months now to get as much “racist” scoops as possible. Two white farmers accused of forcing a black South African into a coffin and threatening to pour petrol over him and burn him alive have pleaded not guilty. Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Martins Jackson were arrested last year after a video of Victor Mlotshwa in a coffin began circulating online. The farmers face charges of assault, attempted murder, kidnapping and defeating the ends of justice. The high profile case drew protesters from across the political spectrum. Supporters of South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) and opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) were holding separate protests, both demanding justice for Mr Mlotshwa, asking the judge to find the pair guilty and give them long sentences. Mr Oosthuizen and Mr Jackson previously said they didn’t mean the victim any harm and said they believed the impact of their actions was negligible.(Link) 

BUT also the leftist media are against whites in South Africa.   Former HuffPost SA editor Verashni Pillay was on Monday appealing a Press Ombudsman ruling that a blog published on the website constituted hate speech. Pillay was arguing whether white men could be singled out for different treatment in an effort to overturn the conviction.(Link) 


SO- let us have a run-down of a VERY few cases (Barely the tip of the ice berg) – we quickly picked up in the media about the ” Boer” that “must be killed”:

On Friday, July 28, four black thugs attacked an elderly white couple on their farm De Mist, in the iLembe District, Kwa-Zulu Natal. Bob and Denise Gawler, both 80 years old were overpowered by armed black thugs  who tied up Denise and shot Bob in the stomach. The thugs ransacked the house and fled with the couple’s White Toyota Hilux and firearms. The following day, Saturday, July 29, a family member found the couple and immediately alerted emergency services, community security, and police. Unfortunately, Bob passed away from injuries sustained during the horrific attack. The police are investigating the matter, and the suspects are still at large. (Link)


Jason Windrow ( 40) of the farm  Bluewater  in the Mooipaas area was ambushed by blacks thugs and shot dead at his gate. He was found this morning deceased outside his farm gate where thethugs  had tied his gate with wire – so when he got to the gate between 8 and 9pm last night he had to get out his vehicle and were ambushed and  shot  twice. Sources say he was shot once in the stomach and once in the head. Windrow was a chicken farmer.(Link)

The elderly white owner of the “Alwyn en Seuns” shop in Wolmaransstad was murdered last week in his house at 19h00 local time. Black thugs entered his home and slit his throat. His wife and daughter were forced to accompany the thugs to the nearest ATM to withdraw money for them. 5 Black thugs were arrested for the murder. ( Link) 

The elderly Me. Pretorius was attacked by black thugs on her farm near Alma in the Northern region of Transvaal on the 19th of July 2017. Luckily ground forces were on the scene quick enough to scare away the thugs before serious harm could be done.(Link).

Johan Botha’s farm near Bolito was set alight by 6 black thugs crossing the border  from Lesotho 0n August 01 2017. They plundered his house and tied up his farm workers.(Link)

The cries of a white farmers wife brought neighbors to the scene where they found her tied up and her elderly husband murdered in the shed in the town of Petrus Steyn on July 15 2017. The body of Jan de Kock (69) of the farm Groot Waag was found tied with steel wire to his Quad bike. He was overpowered by three black thugs when he went to inspect his cattle at the paddock. Three black thugs accompanied him back to the house where his wife was tied up. His wife Marietjie was in a terrible state of shock- but unharmed. De Kock’s Ford Ranger was found by police with the keys still in the ignition in Vereeniging.(Link) 

Raymond Tzouganatos (31) was killed cold bloodily two of the Johannesburg Metro Police black officers  in a roadblock in Johannesburg on June 28 2017. According to statements from the JMPD Tzouganatos tried to burst through the blockade whereupon two black  JMPD officers draw their fire arms and shot numerous times at the car. However his mother said he was sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle and it was there that blood was found. The case was referred to the IPD for investigation. ( Link) 

A white farming couple was attacked and robbed by four armed black thugs on their farm in the Vaal-Eden district near Parys on July 26 2017. The Vaal-Eden farm guard was notified when the woman made an emergency call to the police and said they were just robbed by four black thugs. The Vaal Eden reaction unit reacted quickly but the thugs got away. ( Link) 

Black thugs attacked a white man after they entered his small holding and kicked down the door of his dwelling. ( Link) 

A white Vaalbank woman was brutally attacked by eight black thugs on July 21 2017. Nobody was arrested as yet. ( Link) 

A heroic white  husband was killed while attempting to protect his wife during a robbery by black thugs at their Marianne Drive, Hibberdene home early last night.“Three men threw a piece of wood through a window and then entered the house while the man (65) and his wife were watching television,” said police spokesman, Lieutenant-Colonel Zandra Wiid.The man fought the intruders in a valiant effort to keep them away from his wife. He was stabbed and died at the scene. His wife was also seriously wounded and was taken to hospital.” The thugs fled, taking a television and cellphones. No arrests have been made.(Link) 

Robbie Blaine (60) of  Wauldby, Stutterheim was attacked by three black thugs on Saturday.(Link)

Basil Peinke (72) of Stutterheim also was attack on his farm by black thugs this past week (Link) 

Marius Clarke and his family from the Donnybrook region in Kwa-Zulu Natal was attacked by three armed black thugs on July 08 2017. Brooks and his family fought back and subsequently killed one of the thugs.His elderly father was tied up with cable ties before Brooks arrived at his farm. The other two black thugs fled the scene after their cohort was fatally injured. ( Link) 

Another white farmer was attacked by black thugs and stabbed with a garden fork on his farm on July 27 2017 ( Link) 

Another elderly white farmer was attacked by two black thugs in the De Wildt area- and had his head split with a pick. Albert Louw (60) was attacked at around 02h30 am on July 18 2017 by two black thugs – but fought back until the thugs fled. ( Link)

A black policeman was arrested after an attack on a local white farmer on July 15 2017. ( Link) 

Another elderly white man (60) was attacked , stabbed with a knife in the face- and robbed by three black thugs in his Erasmia home in Pretoria in July 2017. ( Link) 

A white biker of the Christian Bike Church was murdered in front of his wife in the Hiberdene area in Kwa Zulu Natal. Jan Bakker of the Midrand Biker’s Church was attacked next to his wife Michelle by a black thug that suddenly from no-where appeared out of the bushes while the couple took a stroll on the beach to have a look at the whales in the area. They went to look at the whales when the black thug appeared from no-where. Jan and the thug went into a quarrel and the thug stabbed Jan four times. The thug grabbed their binoculars and ran away. ( Link) 

Another white farmer was murdered in cold blood after being stabbed to death on a street corner in Margate over the weekend, KwaZulu-Natal police said. Details of the incident is still sketchy but police is leaving no stones unturned to get to the bottom of it. KwaZulu-Natal Police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Thulani Zwane said “The motive for the killing the farmer  is still unknown.”  The incident happened on the corner of Uplands and Erasmus roads on Saturday night. Police are appealing to the general public to help apprehend the perpetrators of this act. Saps is asking anyone with information to come forward. Netcare 911 paramedics attended the scene and found the dead farmer lying on the ground having been stabbed severally on the head. No arrests have been made so far.(Link) 

Port Elizabeth police are investigating a case of house robbery after an elderly white lady was held up and severely beaten by black thugs on Friday morning. Police spokesperson, Captain Johan Rheeder, said the woman was approached by a black thug  at her home in Haworthia Drive in Malabar. Rheeder said the thug was wearing blue overalls at the time of the incident. “She walked to her kitchen door and the suspect was there waiting for her. He fled with a cellphone, laptop and her purse containing her ID booklet,” said Rheeder. He said that the woman was tied up with a rope and hit in the face several times. Rheeder said the woman was in shock and was taken to hospital.(Link) 

An elderly couple from the Eastern Cape managed to shoot and kill four black thugs on July 11 2017 who tried to attack their farm in the early hours of Friday morning. Mr. Andre Strauss (84) and Mrs. Jacqueline Strauss (76) say they heard some noise outside their farm house just after two o’clock in the morning on Friday and they woke up.  They prepared themselves for the worst, but they were fortunately able to shoot and kill the four armed thugs  who were trying to come into their house through the kitchen window. (Link)

NO Supporters of South Africa’s governing African National Congress (ANC) and opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) were holding separate protests against these black murderers, NONE of them demanded  justice  to be done , asking any  judge to find the black murderers  guilty and give them long sentences. Do you now see the total onslaught from both the media and political racists against whites here? 

As you can see…they are killing those ” Boors” all-right! Now I am well aware of the fact the other non-white readers will quickly add that there are more other people being murdered than whites- and I totally agree. However– we never hear of these stats. Non of the other races have people reporting it…so..technically “it did not happen. If the other races are too damn complacent and lazy to report all the murders among their communities as this ANC communist dregs wage a war against ALL South Africans- well then simply none of  other races are murdered. But then again we may ask just WHO are voting these communist trash into power every 5 years? It simply means those that vote them into power does not care that thousands of their own are also murdered…a small price to pay to keep the white “racist” out of power....not so? So- no murder occurred among the other pro-ANC races.

BUT when was the last time you heard about gangs of whites breaking into non-white residences and brutally rape those residents? When was the last time you heard about white breaking into black residents- assault the black families, burn them with hot irons, torture them with electric drills and rob them? When was the last time you heard about whites killing black people in robberies?When last did you hear white politicians sing: “Bring me my machine gun” or ” Kill the taxi man-kill the black“- or” One taxi-one hand grenade?” You know the answer- and if you deny it- you are nothing less than a pathological lair!

Heartless South African Hitman opens up about how much he gets paid per hit and what it's like killing people for a living. Spine chilling stuff!!Like our page, Viral Leaks for more

Posted by Viral Leaks on Tuesday, August 1, 2017


You see- that simply does not exist! The facts- sadly- is that the most murders and human rights atrocities against whites are committed by blacks-PERIOD! It is SO bad that the black regime even had to try it’s utmost best to hide these facts by cooking the stats, hiding the truth by banning the media from using race in their reporting because it will eventually show the world which race are responsible for the most crimes in South Africa. They label this hidden facts “ politically correct” as they want to propagate that only whites can be “racist.” The world was brain-washed that the whites were the bad-ass culprits who continuously ” oppressed” , discriminated against  and victimized poor blacks during the “apartheid” era.


Should the hard facts now suddenly emerge that blacks now commit  worse atrocities against whites under the bourgeois “democracy”– than whites did to blacks during “apartheid”– then sadly for the communist ANC , their liberal leftist media- and their Jesuit handlers the facts will point out that blacks are even worse racists than whites ever was- and their misleading propaganda campaigns all will become nothing but a concocted myth in the eyes of the world. Fact is blacks are worst racists and criminal activists in South Africa than whites ever was during “apartheid.” During the white rule their never was a law such as “WWEEE” or “white AA “ against blacks for starters. Blacks were NEVER barred from the job marker- but on the contrary did millions of jobless blacks from even neighboring countries flock into South Africa to come and earn a decent wage for their families back home. You’ll NEVER hear about the black ANC despot regime doing that for whites today.So- all this the boils down to one single fact: South Africa is a country filled to the brim with kleptocrat politicians, “white racists”, black murderers , Nigerian slum lords and psychopathic rapists. What a wonderful resume for foreign visitors to look forward to when they visit this God-forsaken Jesuit-created “democratic” hell-hole.

MEANWHILE StatsSA’s data showed a continuing theme among the country’s white population, which has been in steady decline over the past decade. The country ‘lost’ over 22,250 white South Africans over the past year, to an estimated 4.49 million total population. There were 4.52 million white South Africans in 2016, as reported by Stats SA. The data showed a big decline in the number of young white adults, while the only demographic showing any growth was recorded in the aging population – those people aged 70 and above. Emigration experts have reported increases in the number of South Africans inquiring about immigrating to countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the US, and even Canada. The main reasons cited include financial concerns, political concerns, high crime rates, concerns over the standard of education, and BEE requirements in doing business. More recent concerns include recessionary woes, and downgrades by top rating firms.(Link)

Conditions in South Africa are increasingly indicative of the last phases of an anarchy outbreak. More and more experts warn that the last 18 months’ drastic increase in assassinations and assassination attempts, as well as threats received by politicians, define a very dangerous and unstable political environment.  The further the pro-Zuma ranks turn their backs on Western management systems, the greater the enmity between their black power base and the white South African. The enmity within ANC ranks also causes violent rivalry for power to extend the line of stability extremely thinly. Various factors in the political arena should cause serious concern. Get your preparation done, time can go fast. Zuma and his communist tribalists are driving South Africa back to the old African trial system- and a certain disaster in the making.

But against this backdrop of well educated and well skilled whites leaving the country in droves the discrimination , anti-white racism and murders on whites go on unchallenged. And they have no regret…no conscious..and no  guilt for doing such dastardly deeds- for Africa was a savage continent before the white man first explored it- and it is fast changing back to the savagery of it’s ancestral beginning. If it ever was the so-called “ cradle” of mankind- then “mankind” surely had a very unstable and disastrous genocidal beginning. The remnants of that chaotic beginning surely must be quite visible in the logic of many liberals of today. With the military aid of the Jesuit corporate criminals in Europe it now only became a more dangerous continent. It is fast in the process of inhalating itself back into the stone age. It is then no wonder that the signs of the Jurassic mentality is so evident when you listen and look how most African countries are “ governed.” South Africa is no exception to the rule.



This is what blacks do to white property/animals in South Africa. The prehistoric mind at work.

With  murderous mindless dinosaurs roaming from the parliament to the rural bush veld – from the cities to the savannas-  the strong evidence is there that this horrendous acts does not belong in a civilized society in a modern era. The mentality behind these atrocious vile acts belongs to a mentality that was found only in the early Jurassic era- where carnivores with a very low intelligence preyed on other animals outside their own specie with only two things in mind: To hunt and devour the last morsel of food- and to spawn the next generation of predators. This is precisely the case of South Africa as well. And the international world – especially Europe- decided they will only shrug their shoulders and not get involved in the mass killings of their own kind by these vagrant predatory animals  attacking white farms at night . South Africa in 1994 joined the rest of dark Africa in it’s quest to reverse time back 300 years before Jan Van Riebeeck set foot in the Cape Colony- and move back into the stone age of clan wars, slavery-  and black genocides again.

The face of the South African dictatorship: Skunks controlling the South African Facebook removed posts like this and banned the user for speaking out against blatant oppression and discrimination of whites.




Shall we hereby then ask Zuma. Mantashe, Malema, Nzimande, Mnxitama and all the blacks that feel “offended” or “oppressed” to heed to the call of your brothers in “ancestral” lands where there is no “racist” whites that can “oppress” you? If you don’t- you are nothing but a blatant lair depending and need whites to be your host to leech on. C’mon- take up the challenge!!




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Posted by Piet Van Tonder on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Welcome to your new South Africa under old African management.

What the Western society did for Africa this past 300 years is irrelevant. They do not understand civilization. They do not invent medicine. They cannot grope the technology. They do not want to embrace prosperity from the Western societies. They care less for Western laws and Western-style property ownership for they are nomads by ancestral decree. Like Jacob Zuma mentioned on  various occasions- “It’s a Western Thing- Africa is for Africans- let Africa solve it’s problems the African way….through the law of the spear! Maybe Europeans should adhere to his advice and leave Africa to solve it’s own problems. Let us stop all the humanitarian aid to Africa. Let us stop our financial support to African despots such as Mugabe, Zuma and Malema.


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Let’s stop our technology in Africa and let Africa develop their own electricity, alphabet , communication and mathematics. Let us stop supplying Africa with millions of dollars worth of mechanical equipment, medical technologies, clinics and hospitals.  Let’s stop our  transport technology, rail roads, shipping docks and airports. Let’s stop our education systems in Africa..our schools and universities. Let’s stop supplying cell phones and cars…electrical equipment and corporate technology. Let’s stop our farming education, implements and grain supplies. Let’s stop our monetary systems used in Africa. Let’s deport all Africans back to Africa and by doing that – at the same time resolve our own black and Arab social burdens that arrives  on our shores on a daily basis by the boat loads. Let us tell them to scram back to Africa- for Europe is for Europeans. Let us leave Africa to move back through the crack in the Bermuda Tri-Angle-  and solve it’s own problems in it’s pre-historic ways. Let Africans solves their problems like Tsjaka Zulu did – let them resolve their issues Rwanda-style. Give them their own chosen Idi Amins to settle their disputes. Let’s give them back their Mugabes and Zumas- let Africa solve it’s own problems. 

My mond het oop gehang toe ek die video kyk.

Posted by Elsa Strauss van Blerk on Sunday, July 20, 2014

SOURCE: White Nation