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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Pretoria August 01   2017






THE movie “Krotoa”, that was released recently and dealing with the Khoi girl named “Krotoa ” (Eve), – is causing quite a storm in South Africa. Not because of the artistic quality, unfortunately, but because of the fact that history is being terribly distorted yet again by the villainous liberals behind the movie- and distorted to serve contemporary interpretation and to depict the European settlement at the Cape as badly as possible.

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On Morning Live this morning, it was even referred to Krotoa as a Khoisan “princess who was abducted  by Van Riebeeck at the age of 11,-  and subsequently was raped by him and forced into slavery! What absolute unacceptable and willful piece of deliberate liberal nonsense! BUT let’s see what we really know about “Princess Krotoa”:

Krotoa was a niece of the beach scavenger   (strandloper) Autshumao. When referring to the “chief” or “captain” Autshumao,it also is totally off the mark and again a piece of liberal distorted mambo-jumbo. The beach scavengers were the rejects  of the Khoi society who had no cattle – or did any work at all. They literally wandered on the beach, scavenged on shellfish and lived on seaweed and kelp. The beach scavengers  were the outcasts of the Goringhaicona tribes . Around 1630 an English ship anchored in Table Bay for fresh water and loaded  Autshumao on the ship, changing his name to “Harry,”-  and taking him to Bantam in the East. In 1631 he returned to the Cape – and on his return trip had the ability to speak a few words in English and Dutch. Autshumao was not a leader or chief – and Krotoa was nor was  a “princess. “ They literally were the scavengers  of the Khoi society.

Liberal Roberta Durrant– director of this false propaganda piece

And this is what Van Riebeeck found in Table Bay in April 1652. Krotoa was born around 1643. One of her sisters married a Khoi chief – Damon. She was about 10 years old when she arrived at the fortress with her uncle Harry. She was definitely a smart child, because she mastered the Dutch language relatively quickly. The appearance of material and beads and mirrors and shiny objects  attracted her to Van Riebeeck’s household, – where Maria was grateful to have at last an interpreter in the household.

It was during this period that,- according to the liberal commentators behind the film, – Van Riebeeck would have “enforced ” himself onto the Khoisan girlfriend. How he had to manage that caper  in a wood and mud fortress where he and his wife resided in  only two rooms without anybody in the know about this so-called “affair”-the liberals only will know.  The fact that the son, Abraham van Riebeeck, was born in  the Cape on October 18, 1653, is definitely indicative of the fact that there was nothing short of the Van Riebeeck marriage. To try to demonize  Jan van Riebeeck for the sake of disgusting liberal propaganda – and claim falsely  him to be a child molester and rapist – is to say the least is despicable beyond imagination. But then again liberalism is diagnosed very close to schizophrenic disorder.

Krotoa also failed to escape from the “terrible treatment “ she would supposed to have endured. Indeed, it was so comfortable for her at the Fort that her brother, Doman, even said to her: “I’m a Hottentot and not a Dutchman, but you, Krotoa, just want to keep searching youer own blessings from the Dutch! “To what extent Krotoa made herself home among the “frightening ” Dutch who abused her so much, -she suggested that her uncle Autshumao / Herrie to be  banned from Robben Island because he was not “trustworthy. ” It was done and in an attempt to escape, Herrie subsequintly drowns. She thus betrayed her own family for self-interest! Not the markings of a “princess” by a long shot!

Was Krotoa thus detained at the Fort against her own free will? Not at all! . On many occasions she discarded   her European dresses, donned  her animal skins and beads-  and disappears for long periods back to her own people. In the year of Van Riebeeck’s departure, when she was 19, – she was baptized at her own request and renamed as  “Eva”.

Van Riebeeck’s successor, Zacharias Wagenaer, immediately recognized hertrue self for what she was. He never trusted her and in 1664 he consented her to marry the Danish soldier, Pieter van Meerhoff. This was the first marriage at the Cape between a European and a Khoisan. From this marriage three children were born, the third one on Robben Island where Van Meerhoff was the  island guard. In all probability, Wagenaer’s idea was that Van Meerhoff would keep her on the island  where she could not cause any further problems.

And now there is a very interesting fact coming up :  It is well-known that Eve turned  to prostitution during an expedition in 1668  after Van Meerhoff’s death. Her youngest three children, however, are referred to as Van Meerhoff’s. Would this mean that she even sold herself as prostitute to passing sailors, or where would the other two children come from? We also know that two of her children were described as “Khoisan” – while the other seemed to be more white. Far from being forced into sexual abuse, Eve was  well-known that she was a supreme loose woman who, often after drinking Van Meerhoff’s death,- staggered  into the streets and fall asleep in the dust.

For a few cups of Dutch “Arak” ,(booze)-  she would dive  under the karosh with any sailor that happen to pass by. At a dinner venue at KCommander Wagenaer (where she is still allowed to sit and be serve at the table), she behaved  so badly  that the Commander warned her that she will be punished. Then she also abandoned  her children and walked away to her own people for months all while the Dutch had to take care of her children in the Fort. Eventually, she became such a big problem that her children were taken away from her – and she was banned from Robben Island where she dies at the age of 31 on July 29, 1674. She was buried in the church of the Castle of Good Hope.

After her death, the Company’s registrar wrote a paragraph that clearly indicates what the feeling in the Cape Colony was regarding her: “Together with the dogs, she returned to her own vomit,” he wrote. “It shows us that the innate nature, regardless of how well it is covered with adopted moral principles, ultimately always returns to its natural state.” Krotoa / Eve was by no means the “innocent ” victim of the “cruel colonialists. “ She was an oppertunist that was out to enjoy  the benefits of the European settlement, but did not want to accept the responsibilities. Without shame, she betrayed her own people in her own interests – and screwed up instead of using the opportunities she had as the only person in the Cape who could communicate with everyone,. Due to this opportunity she started to glorify herself as “indispensable. “-and thus made herself sorepugnant that she became an embarresment. In this regard, we see exactly the same behavior in a majority of South African “previously disadvantaged” leeches today.

Krotoa / Eva’s three children from Van Meerhoff were later sent to Mauritius with the outcast Bart Borms. Her daughter, Pieternella, was married to Daniel Zaayman, . They returned to the Cape and lived near Stellenbosch. The Saaiman / Saayman / Zaayman families of South Africa originate from them. There is no record that as what happened to the rest of the children. So PLEASE dear reader- if you ever see this movie- don’t be fooled and beware that this is yet another devious liberal piece of trash propaganda that were caste with the specific aim to demonize th ancestry of whits in this country again- and enhance the black ” previous disadvantaged” scavenger as the “victims.Really not worthy wasting your hard earned money on!

Die film Krotoa en politieke korrektheid.

Dan Roodt gee raad oor die nuwe film Krotoa en waarom 'n mens dit behoort te vermy. Wie finansier al die polities korrekte loketmislukkings?Video – Die film Krotoa en politieke korrektheid.Hier is die YouTube adres:

Posted by Radio Vryheid on Friday, August 4, 2017


Special thanks to Daniel Lotter of Front National for this interesting information.


SOURCE: Front Nasionaal