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Article posted  by: White Nation correspondent Adelaide AUS  August 08   2017





SOUTH AFRICA– the so-called “democratic” dream of the Jesuit world-  is a failed state with a parliamentary collection of thugs inviting the criminal world all over the world to rape their very dilapidated  constitution, murder their citizens and burglar their resources to leave behind a devastated nation in poverty, conflict and moral decay.

I do believe what I see, what I hear and where I live in this demoralized desert of black and some white South African haters and criminals. Even exploiting the church community to condone crime, murder, extortion, lies, gay marriages, murder by abortion, legalized prostitution, corruption, destroying infrastructure by incompetent,lazy and corrupt state employed workers.

Lately calling on the church community to take care of matters that the state collects taxes for. We live in fear of organized, orchestrated attacks and murders on white citizens, marginalizing whites by making them stand last in the row for jobs, promotion, education and denying them the constitutional right to be first class citizens, according to the constitution.

Even those who voted for “freedom” and a better life are running out of water, electricity, jobs, houses, medical care, education, safety and much more. The government totally ignore the bill of rights, the legal system and the safety of its citizens by flooding our country with drugs, illegal immigrants and international crime syndicates. The legal system supports the actions of high ranking officials and turns a blind eye on illegal practices by law enforcement agencies like police, traffic department, ext. Municipal decay falls on death ears and most municipality’s are bankrupt and services non existent.

While corruption is widespread at all levels and is undermining development, state capture is a far greater, systemic threat. Resistance and capture is what South African politics is about today.  Commentators, opposition groups and ordinary South Africans underestimate Jacob Zuma, not simply because he is more brazen, wily and brutal than they expect, but because they reduce him to caricature. They conceive Zuma and his allies as a criminal network that has captured the state. This is akin to a silent coup. At the nexus of this symbiosis are a handful of the same individuals and companies connected in one way or another to the Gupta-Zuma family network.

Well-placed individuals located in the most significant centres of state make decisions about what happens within the constitutional state. Those who resist this agenda, like Jonas, former finance minister Pravin Gordhan, former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor, and former cabinet spokesman Themba Maseko, are removed, redeployed to other lucrative positions to silence them, placed under tremendous pressure or hounded out using trumped-up charges and dubious intelligence reports. This is a world where  trust is maintained through mutually binding fear. The ultimate prize was control of the National Treasury to gain control of the financial intelligence centre, the Public Investment Corporation, the boards of key development finance institutions.The cabinet reshuffle in March 2017 has made possible this final control of the National Treasury.

Vriende, dit wil julle graag sien!!!!!!

Posted by Jack van Niekerk on Sunday, July 30, 2017

South Africa is now  heading for a disaster with the speed of a Trans Union Express with no brakes. The total state structure is busy  fragmenting – and rapidly falling into pieces. All that are now still keeping the South African Titanic afloat- are the few remnants of privately owned corporate businesses…and that also are dwindling fast. While dimwit useless  political idiots like Zuma, Malema, Maimane  and Mngxitama are screaming their heads off in trying to gain  some prominence by bashing whites in their very tiny little world of power-hungry corruption- the rest of South Africa’s financial  and service structures are in an implosion mode. Mandela’s lies now eventually comes out in a very disturbing legacy- the capture of the state by both the Rothschild Jews and the Indian Guptas. AND the Chinese are not tagging along far behind either. “Racism” appear to be the main topic in that country- and all while every dumb jackrabbit are screaming “racism” and “hate speech” against whites- the rest of the misdirected chicken coop are suffering through their owndemocratically chosen” idiots on top who impoverish them into squatter status and meager state grants.

This is what really is happening in South Africa:

Sibanye Gold to cut 7 400 jobs…….
AngloGold Ashanti cutting 8 500 jobs..
Pick-n-Pay cutting 3 500 jobs….
Anglo American Platinum cutting 2000 jobs….

General Motors closing shop…

BMW sell out to Chinese…

Isuze selling out…

Swiss investor Lonza, pulled out…

Citroen is leaving SA…..

Renault is leaving South Africa..

Dodge leaves South Africa…

Peugeot is leaving South Africa…

Ford is leaving South Africa..



Huge exodus of international investors from the JSE- foreigners have dumped an unprecedented net R286 billion in SA equities and government bonds…

Unemployment is at 13-year highs and growing….

  • The SA economy is going nowhere, and its growth rate is far below its African and EM averages…
  • Government finances are perilous – its debt is at record levels and growing, State owned enterprises (SOE’s) are bleeding us dry and corruption/wasteful expenditure is widespread and unchecked…..
  • Lack of clear policies across various sectors has led to a plunge in confidence and a widespread private sector investment strike….
  • Government, business and labor are focusing on narrow self-interests instead of working together in unison for the best of the country as a whole…
  • Most interventions by the government in the economy are focused on regulation and red tape, as opposed to growth enhancement and confidence building….
  • Protracted political tensions generate policy uncertainty and impede structural reforms.
  • The economy has failed to benefit from the collapsing rand (the rand is no longer a traditional shock-absorber)…..
  • South Africa’s cash-strapped armed forces are in a “critical state of decline” that will take at least a decade to fix even with urgent action, according to a military strategy review seen by Reuters…
  • South African Council of Churches say South Africa may just be a few inches from the throes of a mafia state from which there may be no return — a recipe for a failed state…
  • The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Thursday admitted that it was on the brink of financial collapse…
  • The domestic steel industry is bleeding and stakeholders fear its death unless emergency protections are introduced soon…
  • South African Post Office on the brink of collapse..the financial situation of the post office is dire. It is seriously dire…
  • The Democratic Alliance (DA) warned that South African Airways (SAA) faced “”imminent liquidation” and that the standing committee on finance needed to push forward its September 20 meeting with the airline to August 31 “before it collapses”.
  • In a briefing ahead of the Budget, Pravin Gordhan said: “There is no doubt about the fact that South Africa  is  in a financial crisis.”
  • The state-run corporations that have shaped South Africa’s economy and been part of its everyday life for nearly a century are mostly in a state of collapse…
  • South Africa’s Power Grid Is on the brink of Collapse…

  • KwaZulu-Natal’s medical practitioners say the province’s healthcare system is on the brink of collapse…
  • Once a beacon of hope for the people of North Gauteng, trouble-torn Steve Biko Academic Hospital is on the verge of collapsing because of constant equipment failures, staff shortages and postponed procedures over the past year, role players say.
  • Gauteng’s public health service has run out of life-saving drugs and its laboratory services are on the brink of collapse.
  • Mbombela – Rob Ferreira Hospital is on the brink of collapse.

  • Higher education is on the brink of collapse, says Maimane
  • North West welfare on the brink of collapse
  • The ANC in Johannesburg says the city is bankrupt and will no longer be able to provide services to residents. The party says the city survives on borrowed money. The ANC expressed its concern about this issue earlier in a media briefing in Johannesburg today. The ANC regional chairman in Johannesburg, Parks Tau, says the city is experiencing poor earnings due to under-billing, which is about two commas four billion rand and subtraction of more than three billion rand. Tau accused Mashaba of being unable to manage a city as large as Johannesburg.(Link) 

It does not matter from which angle you want to look at it-it does not matter what feeble excuses white liberal trash want to dish up about their “wonderful” pink democracy-  looking from a distance at the South African picture – it becomes very much clear the whole South African infrastructure is on the brink of an apocalyptic financial collapse. Only foolhardy liberals , greedy politicians- or seriously mentally constrained retards would deny it….PERIOD!   Unfortunately it appears that South Africa is filled to the brim with all three mentioned categories  too. There is not but ONE state entity that is in good working order anymore – and not been  smut with maladministration and corruption. BUT like on so many occasions in the past the so-called “ruling” racist ANC Robben island criminals again are trying to focus the attention of the dumbstruck black voting populace on “racism” again to divert the attention from all their mismanagement, ineptocracy and corruption- rather than showing them the real truth- that the ANC never was a capable government to begin with. The power that came with the soft Koo-de-etat by the Jesuits in 1994 brought them unexpected power and riches which they now cling to

. Now again this devious conglomeration of ex-Robben island bandits are trying the same old stunt by demonizing whites again.The African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal says while it’s accepted a court decision to extend Penny Sparrow’s time to pay a fine for her racist comments, it still believes she deserves a jail sentence. A KZN court on Thursday granted Sparrow a two-year extension for her to pay an R150,000 fine for calling black people “ monkeys. “The ANC has welcomed the decision by the court but says it will not rest until every cent is paid. KZN spokesperson Mdumiseni Ntuli says: “In our view, it’s still important that she’s made to pay that money, even though we’re not happy that she was fined. Because we believe the conduct she displayed warrants an arrest, jail sentence as opposed to money that must be paid.”


The ANC thugs specially created  the Penny Sparrow case to divert the attention away from Jacob Zuma’s nuclear deals with the Russians- and by bombarding the public for days on end with the case of so-called “white racism”– Zuma was able to slip away “unnoticed”  to Russia to have secret talks with Putin about the unaffordable nuclear power stations which will cost billions to build -from which Zuma , Joemat Petersen et al will score hefty back-handers and the country cannot afford. After that Zuma et al dug into the oil reserves and Joemat Petersen sold ALL South African oil reserve stock at a meager street market price of $ 29.00 per VAT!!! Then she and Zuma cavorted and she ” quietly disappeared” from the political scene to go and spend her share of the loot. How convenient- no charges, no arrests, no jail sentence…just good ol’ ANC commi policy: “La Cosa Nostra”- OUR “thing.” 

Mean-while many more black racists such as Velapi Khumalo got away scott-free without being dragged to court and charged with hefty fines such as Sparrow received. Khumalo said on his Facebook: “”I want to cleans this country of all white people. we must act as Hitler did to the Jews. I don’t believe any more that the is a large number of not so racist whit people . I’m starting to be skeptical even of those within our Movement the ANC. I will from today unfriend all white people I have as friends from today u must be put under the same blanket as any other racist white because secretly u all are a bunch of racist fuck heads. as we have already seen.” But then again black racists such as Khumalo cannot be used as a diversion in communist politics – as that would invoke the rage among their black supporters and end up in the ANC loosing the next election .SO– let us go “white bashing” again…as always.



People better take a look at what happened in Haiti. Whites were selectively murdered, raped and driven out of Haiti. The same happened in Kenya and Tanganyika. Black hatred and envy knows no boundaries and have not changed across the ages. Nothing about their anti-white sentiment is new.

The country teeters on the edge of an economic cliff. At the bottom is the debt rating known as junk, which economists say is a distinct possibility in coming months. South Africa would have to pay much higher interest rates to borrow money. Spending on health and education, already squeezed by falling revenue, would have to be cut, heightening widespread unrest. What happened to Nelson Mandela’s plucky and inspiring African nation and all the lies before the 1994 election as “promised” in the video in this article? It was all a political pre-planned scam orchestrated by the Jews and Afrikaner Broederbonders. No matter what the public vote or opinion would indicate- the numbers on the voting board still would have been rigged to suit the Jew plunderer’s agenda.

But there is a consensus among analysts that one of the biggest problems is  Jacob Zuma and the current ANC communist rulers. The main problems are basically FOUR-fold: 1) Jacob Zuma who runs the country like his personal ATM machine- 2) The small band of ex-cons from Robbin Island that are plundering the state coffers empty for their own personal enrichment,3)  The leftist  media that tries to run and dictate the country’s future  from behind their falsified poison laptops- and 4)  The majority black masses that became the biggest international leeches with a culture of parasitism on state grants and “free bees” while burning the country to cinders  and pay no taxes at all. NO white man, “racist”, “hate speech”, “Apartheid”, Jan Van Riebeeck or Verwoerd ever was responsible for the mess South Africa currently finds itself in. THAT notorious honor  solely belongs to   current communist Jews in control, ANC ineptocrats and their maladministration…and the white disgusting liberals. The logic is quite simple:   You cannot take a criminal from behind the bars one day-  and the next day inaugurate  him as “governor “  of the correctional services. BUT that appears to be the case in South Africa. And that maybe is the reason that more dangerous criminals are ruling the country – than petty  criminals sitting behind bars! 

After the British demonized “apartheid”  ended in 1994, the illegal ruling African National Congress and business adhered to an unwritten agreement: No matter how much socialist rhetoric the government used publicly, it would always maintain fiscal rectitude and a support a strong Jewish controlled central bank. In other words: What the Jews told the ANC crabs at CODESA was quite simple: You take the country and we keep the money! AND the whole “democratic” farce already started off with corruption when the NP and ANC worked in cahoots  to rob the Federal Reserve with R 4 TRILLION rands of gold.

Zuma seems to have blown up that “understanding”  by starting to meddle with the Chinese- which immediately send warning signals to the Rothschild Jews to begin “corrective” actions. AND preemptive “ corrective actions ” they took by starting to downgrade South Africa’s credit ratings through their credit institutions such as S&P. Moodies and Fitch- which immediately saw to it that South Africa reaches junk status in no time and investors and companies start to pull out in droves. Not that Zuma’s  Chinese masters would mind at all– as they quickly reacted by starting to set up Chinese companies to replace the previous National Party’s Jew masters and start to purchase closed mines at garage sale prices.

Zuma’s  critics point to a litany of misdeeds, starting with expanding the civil service and stacking state enterprises with his allies to the point that nearly 40% of the budget goes to paying government workers. His sprawling Cabinet includes 35 ministers and 37 deputy ministers, whose perks include first-class international air travel, two cars each, free housing and domestic workers. His illegal regime  has guaranteed state-owned companies $14 billion in loans, even though many of those enterprises are in distress and may not be able to pay it back. It has also introduced a raft of bills — some of which have been approved by the Parliament — that raise doubts about the ownership rights and safeguards that had long helped draw foreign investors. Furthermore did he impose inhuman taxes on mainly the white working populace which his dictatorship already impoverished by racist BEEE laws – which now are raising many questions whether this new “democracy” is not an “apartheid” system in reverse?


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 But still the Britsh Jewry- who in the first instance saw to it that the white Afrikaners are demonized as the skunks of the world since Verwoerd’s assassination by the Jewish/CIA conspirators- proceed to induce this venomous hatred against the Afrikaner today as we see their M16 operatives and devious companies such as Bell Pottinger sowing discord and division between black and white in South Africa. Even today under the “new” dispensations of Trump and Theresa May this infiltration and covert operations from both the British and American secret services against the white Afrikaners continue. This also may be the reason why the communist dregs of COSATU now  all of a sudden are raising hell because of the white Afrikaner enclave Orania– to be declared non existent and be incorporated into the bigger Northern Cape. (Link) They simply cannot stand a whites-only enclave that prospers beyond expectation in the midst of a country in decay- and also because of their inherent hatred and zest to destroy everything white. ONLY black lives matter…even if it is destructive black lives.

South Africa since 1994 became the battleground between British/American  corporate evil – and Chinese state evil.It became a battleground for power between the small band of communist anarchists on top around the pig trough. It became a killing field of white farmers. It became a criminal infested hood for black, Chinese and Pakistani gangsters and thieves. It became a state being captured by scrupulous Indians and Jews. It became a wasteland controlled by greedy political hyenas and foreign vultures. It became a ravaged country that now  are drifting directionless in a stormy sea of corruption , political turmoil – and deadly financial imploding undercurrents. It became a country now preparing itself for yet another Middle-East war torn show-down with only foreign powers  deciding the future and writing the history.It became yet another failed pre-Western colonial African state run by black medieval Africans. The only small piece of salvation left is the bourgeois Jewish-controlled  Federal Reserve Bank with  all their fictitious money lendings, credit, loan sharking – and the dwindling white Boer/Afrikaner tax payer. Other than that the only thing left to invest in that forgotten Jewish destruction and African  wasteland – is silent prayers and words of condolences.

“Apartheid” in many ways protected the country and delivered one of the greatest images  of success- images  of independence, a healthy economy – and above all- self determination and sovereignty. “ Democracy ” was the answer to destroy that image and brought about chaos and destruction to a country that refused to bow down to the control of the controlling Jesuits from Britain and America. The black uneducated populace was the perfect wagon to drive the white government  out of position-  and instate  lesser intelligent – but more controllable half-wit African front-men into position.

About half a million white South Africans have left the country in the past three decades, and Stats SA estimates that a further 112 740 will emigrate in the next five years. The white population is also ageing as younger people are mostly the ones who go, leaving their parents behind.  Population growth estimates show that the white population declined by 22 250 people, from 4.52 million in 2016 to 4.49 million in 2017. Over the same period, the total population increased by 900 000 to 56.62 million. Frans Cronjé of the Institute of Race Relations said the white population structure resembled an hourglass after 1994, when many between the ages of 20 and 40 emigrated. Since then, the bottom and top parts of the hourglass have shrunk, because the white people who remained had fewer children. Taken in consideration the ANC cummunist regime as well as madmen such as Zuma and Malema advocates white genocide- you can add the figures of murdered farmers to the figures of the declining white population as well.

While the media again try to run the political show – and shift all the blame on the “state capture” by the Guptas– their newly appointed “fall men”- today the majority black South Africans who are mainly the biggest reason for the decline of the economy- in all their gullible idiocracy  now are paying the terrible price for being racist towards mainly whites-  and voting the same communist oppressors into power every five years instead of using common sense and elect a government that will look after the interests of all South Africans rather than look after their own  selfish interests, the interests  of Britain, America, China…and this of the Guptas. While the leftist destructive media are keeping their racist readers focused on the Reitz coffin case , “hate speech” and other  mediocre little “white racist” issues for months on end …..the country meanwhile  are sinking fast into it’s own “democratic” grave.

BUT HEY!!! While the country is singing it’s swan song- let’s be merry and gay – and dance to the tune…….

let's enjoy Our neighbours

Posted by Let's enjoy Zimbabwe on Thursday, August 3, 2017